“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Boise County Idaho Historical Markers

Emile Grandjean Marker Along Hwy 21 image, Touch for more information
By Rebecca Maxwell, September 20, 2009
Emile Grandjean Marker Along Hwy 21
Idaho (Boise County), Grandjean — 435 — Emile Grandjean
An immigrant from Denmark where he had studied forestry, he came to this part of Idaho in 1883 to mine, hunt and trap. Before Idaho became a state in 1890, he built a winter cabin below Grandjean Peak on a site later occupied by Grandjean Ranger . . . — Map (db m22638) HM
Idaho (Boise County), Horseshoe Bend — 278 — Horse Shoe Bend
Gold was struck in Boise Basin (over the ridge to the east) in 1862, and the rush to these new mines came through here. Traffic came by steamer up the Columbia to Umatilla, and thence overland. At first there were only pack and saddle trains, but . . . — Map (db m23235) HM
Idaho (Boise County), Idaho City — Boise County Courthouse
In July of 1871 construction began on this handsome brick building, which was completed by October of the same year. The building was built by C.S. and E.A. Kingsley as a general store. Several businesses have occupied this building . . . — Map (db m109935) HM
Idaho (Boise County), Idaho City — George Kettler's Blacksmith Shop1889
Originally George Kettler’s Blacksmith Shop with ox and horseshoeing sheds on both sides. In more recent years it was owned by Tom and Florence Adams. From 1948 – 1975 they published the “Idaho Mountaineer” newspaper and . . . — Map (db m110260) HM
Idaho (Boise County), Idaho City — 188 — Grimes' Creek
Named for George Grimes who, with Moses Splawn, led the party which on August 2, 1862 made the strike that started the Boise basin gold rush. The party was searching for a rich basin described to Splawn a year earlier by an Indian. Farther up . . . — Map (db m22600) HM
Idaho (Boise County), Idaho City — 186 — Idaho City
This roaring metropolis was founding early in October, 1862, about ten weeks after gold was discovered in Boise basin. By the next summer, this was the largest city in the Northwest, with 6,275 people -- 5,691 of them men! Families followed, and . . . — Map (db m22601) HM
Idaho (Boise County), Idaho City — The Idaho World
In September of 1863 the pioneer printers Joseph & Thomas Butler founded the newspaper called the “Boise News.” It was later changed to the “Idaho World.” The Idaho World boasts the title of Idaho’s oldest newspaper. . . . — Map (db m109942) HM
Idaho (Boise County), Idaho City — 266 — The Old Toll Road
The Old Toll Road to Idaho City crossed the ridge from Boise through the lowest point you can see in the skyline across the valley. Climbing the More's creek canyon wall, it crossed this highway about here and swung north. The road was built and . . . — Map (db m22599) HM
Idaho (Boise County), Lowman — A Community in TroubleMore Help Arrived Soon
At 4:00pm on July 29, the Lowman Fire exploded, consuming five square miles of forest. In two hours it grew into a fire storm that destroyed parts of the dispersed Lowman community. Saving lives was the first priority of fire fighters who . . . — Map (db m110747) HM
Idaho (Boise County), Lowman — 442 — Emma Edwards
A talented artist, Emma Edwards went to work in 1890 to to design Idaho's state seal when she was only 18 years old. Although her father had moved to California after serving as governor of Missouri (1844 to 1848), Emma preferred to spend much of . . . — Map (db m22637) HM
Idaho (Boise County), Lowman — Life in a Fire Camp
Imagine, the battle against this immense fire was launched from this small Ranger Station! More than 2,300 people came from all over the country to work on the fire lines. Many of them lived in “fire camps” scattered around the . . . — Map (db m110749) HM
Idaho (Boise County), Lowman — 444 — Lowman
In 1907, Nathaniel W. Lowman settled here, and four years later, when he started a post office in his large log house, this community was named for him. Only a few scattered settlers lived here then. Lowman got all its supplies once a year from a . . . — Map (db m22616) HM

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