“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Twin Falls County Idaho Historical Markers

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By Duane Hall, September 16, 2010
Marker Pointing to Balanced Rock
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Buhl — Balanced Rock
48 ft. high & 40 ft. wide Base is only 3 ft. x 175 in. wide A rhyolite monolith shaped by differential weathering — Map (db m70450)
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Hagerman — 330 — Fishing Falls
When John C. Fremont came this way mapping emigrant roads in 1843, he found an important Indian village at Fishing Falls (Kanaka rapids) about 4 miles above here. He reported that native salmon spearers there were "unusually gay...fond of laughter; . . . — Map (db m31652) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Hagerman — 206 — Payne's Ferry
A scow powered by oarsmen let Oregon Trail wagons cross Snake River here from 1852 to 1870. Then Overland Stage service from Boise to a rail terminal in Kelton, Utah was moved to this crossing, and M.E. Payne installed a large (14 by 60 foot) new . . . — Map (db m31653) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Hagerman — 204 — Salmon Falls
In 1812, Joseph Miller found 100 lodges of Indians spearing thousands of salmon each afternoon at a cascade below here. Each summer they dried a year's supply. After 1842, they also traded salmon to Oregon Trail emigrants. John C. Fremont marveled . . . — Map (db m31597) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Hagerman — 166 — Thousand Springs
Old lava flow changed the geologic structure of this area and thus created a multitude of famous springs here. Over thousands of years, volcanic activity repeatedly spread lava over the Snake River plain, slowly forcing the river southward in a . . . — Map (db m31595) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Hansen — Ancient Lake Bonneville "Southern Idaho's Largest Flood in World History"
The Flood that Reshaped Southern Idaho The Snake River Canyon is one of Idaho's most recognizable geologic features. Volcanic forces dating back more than 10 million years ago created the canyon. But it took the second largest flood in . . . — Map (db m70474)
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Hansen — 393 — Hansen Bridge
Until 1919, when a high suspension bridge was completed here, this 16-mile long river gorge could be crossed only in a rowboat. With 14 cables, each more than 900 feet long, a $100,000 suspension bridge was wide enough to accommodate two lanes of . . . — Map (db m62131) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Hansen — Rock Creek
The lush willow bottoms of Rock Creek provided Native Americans with a natural campsite. During the early and mid-1800s, Rock Creek was an oasis for the trappers, explorers and Oregon-bound emigrants attempting to traverse the arid Snake River . . . — Map (db m31522) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Hansen — 342 — Rock Creek Station
An 1864 overland stage station at Rock Creek, 5 miles south and a mile west of here, offered a desert oasis for 40 years before irrigated farming transformed this area. James Bascom's 1865 store and Herman Stricker's 1900 mansion have been . . . — Map (db m31521) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Hansen — The Desert Bloomed "The Miracle of Water and the Beginning of Idaho's Magic Valley"
Magic in the Desert Here, at the Hansen Overlook, you are in the heart of Idaho's Magic Valley. Once this valley was a dry sagebrush covered desert. Water from the Snake River magically transformed the desert seemingly overnight into one . . . — Map (db m70473) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Murtaugh — 284 — Caldron Linn
In 1811 the Hunt party likened the terrific torrent of the Snake River three miles east of here to a boiling caldron, adding the the old Scottish word "linn," meaning a waterfall. They had lost a man and a canoe in a roaring chute upstream. . . . — Map (db m31523) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Twin Falls — 411 — College of Southern Idaho
In 1964, Twin Falls County voters established a community college, and Jerome County soon voted to join their college district. Started in 1965 as part of a state and national effort to expand local educational opportunity, College of Southern . . . — Map (db m31519) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Twin Falls — Ira Burton Perrine May 7, 1861-Oct 2, 1943 Sculpted by Ralph Lehrman
I. B. Perrine was an early Twin Falls settler and developer who made his home — Blue Lakes Ranch — in the Snake River Canyon. His vision, planning and dedication led to Twin Falls growth from a desert outpost to a flourishing city. — Map (db m62964) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Twin Falls — Perrine Memorial Bridge
Lower marker: The structure you now see spanning the Snake River Canyon was completed in July 1976 at a cost of $9,700,000. It is 1500 feet in length with the roadway approximately 480 feet above the Snake River. This arch structure . . . — Map (db m62965) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Twin Falls — Robert Evel Knievel Explorer, Motorcyclist and Daredevil
Attempted a mile long leap of the Snake River Canyon on Sept. 8, 1974 employing a unique skycycle. The large dirt ramp is visible approx. 2 miles east of this point on the south ridge of the canyon. Donated to the community by Sunset Memorial — Map (db m62966) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Twin Falls — 172 — Shoshone Falls
4 miles east of here, the Snake River falls in thunder 210 feet over a rocky ledge higher than famous Niagara. Indians, trappers, and travellers all knew the "Great Shoshonie." Now the waters upstream have been harnessed for irrigation and power, . . . — Map (db m31520) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Twin Falls — Shoshone Falls The History of Shoshone Falls Dam
Shoshone Falls Hydroelectric Project. In 1900 Ira B. Perrine began seeking investors for a hydroelectric plant at Shoshone Falls, ultimately forming the Shoshone Falls Power Company on March 9, 1904. In 1907, the site was sold to William S. . . . — Map (db m62971) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Twin Falls — Shoshone Falls Project
Owned and operated by Idaho Power, the Shoshone Falls Hydroelectric Project located on the Snake River, is licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as Project No. 2778. The reservoir provides recreation opportunities for boating, . . . — Map (db m26478) HM

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