“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Madison County Illinois Historical Markers

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By Devry Becker Jones, April 24, 2019
A Changing Waterfront Marker
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — A Changing Waterfront
The view from the Alton waterfront has changed dramatically through the years. In the past, the view was dominated by Locks and Dam No. 26, a railroad bridge, and the old Clark Bridge. Today, all three of these structures have been removed, while . . . — Map (db m133282) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Alton and the Flood of '93
In the summer of 1993, very heavy and extensive rains began falling in the upper Midwest. This historic event pushed the Mississippi and Missouri rivers to record flood levels, and caused one of the most dramatic and damaging natural disasters in . . . — Map (db m133279) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Alton National Cemetery
Civil War Alton In spring, 1861, pro-Confederate militia in St. Louis, Missouri, threatened to capture the U.S. arsenal there. Union forces in Illinois commandeered the steamboat City of Alton, sailed south, and and at midnight on . . . — Map (db m133299) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Discover History All Around Alton
Rich in heritage and haunted by history, many threads of our nation's past can be discovered here in Alton. Located at the confluence of the Mississippi, Illinois, and Missouri rivers, Alton is one of America's great river towns. It was the . . . — Map (db m133286) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Elijah Parish Lovejoy
Elijah Parish Lovejoy (Nov. 9, 1802 - Nov. 7, 1837) was a newspaper editor, social reformer, and Presbyterian minister whose death at the hands of an angry mob at Alton, Illinois, made him an enduring symbol of the fight for human liberty and . . . — Map (db m133297) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Elijah Parish Lovejoy
[South side] Editor Alton Observer Albion, Me., Nov. 8. 1802. Alton, Ill., Nov. 7, 1837. A Martyr to Liberty "I have sworn eternal opposition to slavery, and by the blessing of God I will never turn back." . . . — Map (db m133298) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Freedom's Martyr Elijah P. Lovejoy
Considered by many to be the first casualty of the Civil War, abolitionist editor and Presbyterian minister Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy was killed defending the freedom of the press. Editor of the St. Louis Observer, Lovejoy wrote . . . — Map (db m133295) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Great River Floods
Throughout history, Mississippi River floods have been a part of the natural cycle of life [unreadable]. During each flood, residents have worked to lessen damage, and have slowly rebuilt their towns, their farms, and their lives. Today, a modern . . . — Map (db m133280) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Haskell Playhouse
This unique Queen Anne style playhouse was built in 1885 for five year old Lucy J. Haskell, daughter of Dr. William A. and Florence Hayner Haskell. It is believed Lucy's grandfather, John E. Hayner, commissioned prominent local architect, Lucas J. . . . — Map (db m133293) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — In Remembrance - Wood River Massacre - July 10, 1814
In remembrance of the pioneer days of this area and to the memory of the victims of the Wood River Massacre who were killed by Indians near this site on July 10, 1814 - Rachel Reagan, Elizabeth 7, Timothy 3 wife and children of Reason Reagan - . . . — Map (db m47661) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Lewis and Clark Expedition
Near here at Camp Dubois, the Lewis and Clark Detachment spent the winter of 1803. They left on May 14, 1804, ascending the Missouri River to its source. Crossed the Great Divide reaching the Pacific on November 7, 1805. They returned to Illinois on . . . — Map (db m2514) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Lincoln-Douglas Debates! Lincoln's Rise to Prominence
The two life-like statues represent a monumental event in our nation's history—the Lincoln-Douglas debates. For a decade, the Illinois U.S. Senate seat was held by Stephen A. Douglas, one of the most famous politicians of his time. . . . — Map (db m133288) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Lyman Trumbull House New Birth of Freedom
The stately house down the block once housed the co-author of the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery in the United States. In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free—honorable alike in what we give and what we . . . — Map (db m133291) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Ruins of First State Prison in Illinois
Ruins of first state prison in Illinois. Built in 1830-31. Unsanitary conditions aroused persistent criticism from Dorothea Dix, pioneer in prison reform. All inmates were transferred to Joliet prior to 1860. During the Civil War many Confederate . . . — Map (db m76506) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Ryder Building Lincoln Practiced Here Life Before Presidency —
Lincoln made frequent legal and political trips to Alton putting him in the heart of Alton history. For nearly twenty-five years before becoming president, Lincoln was a general practice attorney, representing clients in a variety of civil . . . — Map (db m133290) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Scott Bibb and the Alton School Desegregation Case (1897-1908)
Scott Bibb (1855-1909) was the plaintiff in the Alton School Case, a series of lawsuits that sought to retain Alton's desegregated schools, which had existed in Alton from 1872 to 1897, a short-lived outcome of the Reconstruction era. When Alton . . . — Map (db m133294) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Smallpox Island The Deadly Epidemic
A now-submerged island directly across from you is a mass gravesite for hundreds of Confederate solders. "In this sad world of ours, sorrow comes to all and to the young it comes with bittersweet agony, because it takes them . . . — Map (db m133283) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — The Cost of Freedom
More people died during the Civil War than during any other war in U.S. history. An estimated 200 Union soldiers are buried at the Alton Cemetery. More than three million fought in the Civil War. Two percent of the population—more . . . — Map (db m133300) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — The Duel That Never Happened
An island in the Mississippi River across from Alton was the site of one of Abraham Lincoln's less celebrated adventures. "I don't think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday." — Abraham . . . — Map (db m133285) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — The Journey Begins Here
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark of the Corps of Discovery stayed at Camp River Dubois during the winter of 1803–1804, on their journey to find an all-water-route to the Pacific Ocean. For five months, the Corps stayed near the confluence of . . . — Map (db m2400) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — The Legend of the Piasa
In 1673 Jacques Marquette reported that he and fellow French explorer Louis Jolliet discovered a Painting of what was probably two "Water Monsters" on the bluffs of the Mississippi River near present day Alton. By 1700 those pictographic creatures . . . — Map (db m89339) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Alton — Veterans Memorial
Plaque 1. This memorial is erected to commemorate the patriotism and devotion of our citizens who answered our country's call and served in the World War. Plaque 2. Let us have faith in that right makes might, and in that . . . — Map (db m55500) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Collinsville — Cahokia City of the Sun
Cahokia was the largest prehistoric Indian community in America north of Mexico. It covered an area of six square-miles, including at least 120 mounds of different size and function. Initial occupation during Late Woodland times (AD 700-800) . . . — Map (db m74881) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Collinsville — Grand Plaza Heart of the City
The heart of Cahokia was the Grand Plaza situated between Monks Mound and the Twin Mounds. Archaeological testing has confirmed that the plaza was, in part, artificially created by filling in low areas and reducing high points to create a flat, . . . — Map (db m74891) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Collinsville — Monks Mound The largest prehistoric earthwork in the Americas
Monks Mound is the largest prehistoric earthwork in the Americas. Its base covers over 14 acres, and it rises to a height of 100 feet. It contains an estimated 22 million cubic feet of earth, all hand-carried in baskets from the many borrow pits . . . — Map (db m62175) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Collinsville — Stockade A Walled City
The central ceremonial precinct of Cahokia was enclosed by a defensive wall, the Stockade (or Palisade). It was built of upright logs placed in 4-5 foot deep trenches and probably stood 10-15 feet high above the ground. It would take an estimated . . . — Map (db m74887) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Collinsville — Woodhenge A prehistoric solar calendar
At least five large post-circle monuments were built at this location from AD 1100 to 1200, each with a different diameter and number of posts. Woodhenge III is the circle most extensively excavated and is the one reconstructed here, in the original . . . — Map (db m62174) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Edwardsville — Benjamin Stephenson House 1820
Stephenson House built 1820 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places for Historical & Architectural Significance — Map (db m55340) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Edwardsville — Cleaon Etzkorn Bandstand
Dedicated on June 3, 1982 In recognition of 50 years of outstanding service to the Edwardsville Municipal Band during which he served 25 years as its director

Edwardsville Rotary Club serving the community as the major contributor to . . . — Map (db m54303) HM

Illinois (Madison County), Edwardsville — Edwardsville Home of Five Illinois Governors
Edward Coles 1822-1826 Ninian Edwards 1826-1830 John Reynolds 1830-1834 Thomas Ford 1842-1846 Charles S. Deneen 1905-1913 — Map (db m55040) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Edwardsville — Edwardsville National Bank Clock
First erected in 1923 at the corner of St. Louis Street and North Main Street Through funds raised by public donations, the clock was relocated in this Clock Tower park and presented to the City of Edwardsville in gratitude for its commitment . . . — Map (db m52630) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Edwardsville — First Cemetery in the City of Edwardsville
This tract of ground was the first cemetery in the City of Edwardsville. Buried here are the soldiers of our early wars and the pioneer settlers of this community. — Map (db m49810) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Edwardsville — Fort Russell
One quarter-mile to the west stood Fort Russell, a wooden stockade which served as a base of supplies and operations for the Illinois Militia during the War of 1812. From here, for months at a time, Governor Ninian Edwards administered the affairs . . . — Map (db m54759) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Edwardsville — In grateful memory of the early settlers.
In grateful memory of the early settlers. Who by courage industry and endurance transformed a wilderness into a land of order peace and plenty. — Map (db m48951) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Edwardsville — In Memory of Dr. Thomas R. Yates
. . . — Map (db m54292) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Edwardsville — LeClaire, Illinois
Social visionary N.O. Nelson founded the village of LeClaire in 1890, naming it after Edme Jean LeClaire, who inaugurated profit sharing in France. In contrast to unsanitary urban tenement districts, LeClaire was a model cooperative village offering . . . — Map (db m54856) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Edwardsville — Ninian Edwards 1775 - 1833
Territorial Governor 1809-1818 U.S. Senator from Illinois 1818-1824 Elected Third Governor of Illinois 1826-1831 City of Edwardsville was named in his honor in 1813 — Map (db m54296) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Edwardsville — Site of Abraham Lincoln's Speech
. . . — Map (db m52639) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Hamel — Truckin Down 66 - Cassens Transport and Hamel Tourist Haven Resaurant
It Began with Four Cars - Cassens Transport began in 1931 when Albert and Arnold hauld four new cars from Detroit to their father George's dealership in Hamel. By 1941, Cassens had a fleet of 35 car transporters operating from its terminal . . . — Map (db m77706) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Highland — Illinois Remembers POW/MIA
Capt. John Causey, Granite City SP4 Randall Dalton, Collinsville W01 James Dayton, Granite City — Map (db m133471) WM
Illinois (Madison County), Marine — Capt. Curtis Blakeman and the Marine Settlement
In memory of Capt. Curtis Blakeman and the Marine Settlement Just north of here, in 1819, a group of sea captains, Blakeman, Allen, Breath, Deselherst, and Mead from Connecticut, arrived and built log cabins, naming the . . . — Map (db m48946) HM
Illinois (Madison County), Roxana — Wanda Methodist Church
On this site religious services have been held since 1802 - Methodist Church organized 1809 - Fort Chouteau 7/8 mile south built for protection from indians 1811 - Salem Camp meetings held 1813-1861 - Wanda carried name of Salem until 1875 — Map (db m77724) HM

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