“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Pike County Kentucky Historical Markers

Daniel Boone's First Steps in Kentucky Marker image, Touch for more information
By Forest McDermott, October 12, 2008
Daniel Boone's First Steps in Kentucky Marker
Kentucky (Pike County), Elkhorn City — 2203 — Daniel Boone's First Steps in Kentucky
Boone 1st visited Ky. on hunting trip in 1767-68. Hunted Clinch River before coming to Russell Fork of the Big Sandy River. Followed rim of Breaks Canyon through present-day Elkhorn City. He tracked 50 miles along buffalo trace to a salt lick at . . . — Map (db m50654) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), Elkhorn City — 2130 — Elkhorn City’s Railroads
Two major railroads, C&O from north and Clinchfield from south, connected at Elkhorn City, Feb. 8, 1915, opening up trade from Ohio Valley to South Atlantic Region. Elkhorn City became important railroad town. Trains went through several times a day . . . — Map (db m89778) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), Elkhorn City — 727 — Known But to God
Here rests the body of a soldier of the Confederacy, struck down by an unknown assassin in May of 1865-apparently on way to home in the South. He was buried in a coffin made of boards rived from a great oak by four men of this community. After the . . . — Map (db m50655) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), Elkhorn City — 2131 — Richard Potter
One of the first pioneers to settle in Breaks Canyon area, Richard married Mary Ramey in 1821 and had 11 children; later married Mary "Polly" Wallace. He was a farmer, hunter, and a distillery operator. Richard acquired several thousand acres of . . . — Map (db m50656) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), Elkhorn City — Russell Fork Overlook — Breaks Interstate Park —
Russell Fork originates at the confluence of a number of small streams near Council Virginia. Typical of the Appalachian Plateau, the river valley is narrow and V-shaped. Flash floods are not uncommon. Major tributaries are McClure River and . . . — Map (db m90657) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), Elkhorn City — K-2073 — William Ramey
William Ramey, born ca. 1782, came from North Carolina. He purchased 200-acre tract near the mouth of Elkhorn Creek in 1816. Served as justice of the peace, sheriff, and commissioner of roads in Pike Co. Acquired thousands of acres by land surveys . . . — Map (db m50658) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), Hardy — 2062 — Site of Randolph McCoy House
House was located on Blackberry Fork of Pond Creek. It burned Jan. 1, 1888, during a Hatfield raid. Two of Randolph's children, Alifair and Calvin, were killed in attack; their mother Sally was badly injured. Randolph and other children escaped. . . . — Map (db m55887) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), McCarr — Hog Trial Site
In the fall of 1878, Randolph McCoy brought charges against Floyd Hatfield for stealing one of his hogs. The resulting trial occurred here and was presided over by the local justice of the peace, Preacher Anderson Hatfield. Preacher Anderson was . . . — Map (db m50667) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), McCarr — 2066 — Hog Trial/Election Fight
(obverse) In 1873 Randolph McCoy accused Floyd Hatfield of stealing his hog. A trial followed, presided over by Reverend Anderson Hatfield, justice of the peace. To be fair, the jury consisted of six Hatfields and six McCoys. One witness, . . . — Map (db m50663) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), McCarr — 2067 — McCoy Cemetery
Among the graves in the McCoy Cemetery are those of Randolph McCoy's three sons - Tolbert, Pharmer, and Randolph Jr. - all killed by the Hatfields. Also buried here are Alifair and Calvin McCoy, who were killed by the Hatfields when cabin was . . . — Map (db m50661) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), McCarr — 2047 — Pawpaw Tree Incident
This episode is result of August 1882 election-day fight. Tolbert, a son of Randolph McCoy, exchanged heated words with Ellison Hatfield, which started a fight. Tolbert, Pharmer and Randolph McCoy Jr. stabbed Ellison to death. Later the three . . . — Map (db m50662) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), Pikeville — 1913 — Feudists on Trial
Hanging site of Ellison Mounts, Feb. 18, 1890. Seven other Hatfield supporters indicted for murder of Alifair McCoy were sentenced to life in prison. By the time of his trial, Mounts had confessed. He was also found guilty, but the jury recommended . . . — Map (db m50815) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), Pikeville — 2251 — John Paul Riddle1901-1989
(side 1) Aviation pioneer graduated from Pikeville College Academy in 1920. Flew plane under Pikesville’s Middle Bridge on July 4, 1923. Trained as a pilot in US Army, he & T. Higbee Embry founded the Embry-Riddle Flying School . . . — Map (db m110100) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), Pikeville — 2145 — McCoy House
After Hatfields burned the McCoy home, January 1, 1888, Randolph and Sarah McCoy never returned to Blackberry Creek. Governors of Ky. and West Va. urged Hatfields and McCoys to move away from each other. McCoys purchased house near river bank on . . . — Map (db m50673) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), Pikeville — 1866 — Pike Co. Courthouse and Jail
Courthouse erected 1888-89 by McDonald Bros.; later renovated 1932-33. Here was scene of Hatfield clan trials for murders of Tolbert, Randolph, Jr., Pharmer, Alifair, and Calvin McCoy. The defendants lodged in adjacent jail; found guilty and . . . — Map (db m56342) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), Pikeville — 1533 — Pikeville Collegiate Institute
Established by the Presbyterian Church. Building erected, 1889. The brick was fired on the site, using clay from nearby riverbank. Structure served as school, chapel, and community center for many years. Designated on National Register, 1974; used . . . — Map (db m50816) HM
Kentucky (Pike County), Ransom — 2068 — Site of Killing of Asa Harmon McCoy
Asa Harmon McCoy, a Union soldier, was shot in 1865 by the Logan Wildcats. The Wildcats were led by Confederate "Devil Anse" Hatfield. Jim Vance was the suspected leader in the murder, although there was never a conviction. This was the first . . . — Map (db m50660) HM

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