“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Washington County Maine Historical Markers

Building A Community / Tout à bâtir Marker image, Touch for more information
By William Fischer, Jr., August 18, 2018
Building A Community / Tout à bâtir Marker
Maine (Washington County), Calais — Building A Community / Tout à bâtir

"...all set to clear the island, to fetch wood, to cut timber, to carry earth & other things necessary for the construction of the buildings." Samuel Champlain Journal, 1604 (translation)

Pierre Dugua's settlement . . . — Map (db m125214) HM

Maine (Washington County), Calais — Calais 100th Anniversary of Incorporation1809. July 31. 1909.
. . . — Map (db m125072) HM
Maine (Washington County), Calais — Civil War Memorial1861 — 1865

In grateful remembrance of The Men of Calais who upon land or sea hazarded their lives that the nation might be preserved and that government of the people, by the people and for the people should not perish from the earth. . . . — Map (db m125062) WM

Maine (Washington County), Calais — Congregation Chaim Josef1924-1987
A Synagogue near this site in 1924-1987 was the home of the Congregation of Chaim Josef named in honor of Henry Joseph Unobskey This was the only Jewish Congregation to exist in Washington County. Its members included residents of Charlotte . . . — Map (db m136995) HM
Maine (Washington County), Calais — Exploring the Coast / Exploration de la côte

"...I set out from Ste. Croix on September 2...with twelve sailors and two Indians to serve us as guides to the places with which they were acquainted." Samuel Champlain Journal, 1604 (translation)

In late summer . . . — Map (db m125217) HM

Maine (Washington County), Calais — Imagining the Settlement / La colonie telle qu'on l'imagine

This model shows the Saint Croix Island colony as depicted by Samuel Champlain. His depiction was idealized. Archeological research has revealed discrepancies in building size and location.

[Sketch caption reads] Plan for 1604 . . . — Map (db m125257) HM

Maine (Washington County), Calais — Lessons Learned / Leçons durement apprises

"The Sieur de Mons decided to remove escape the cold and dreadful winter..." Samuel Champlain Journal, 1605 (translation)

After the terrible winter, Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons, ordered his men to take . . . — Map (db m125245) HM

Maine (Washington County), Calais — Saint Croix Island

St. Croix Island has been presented to the United States of America as a monument to Sieur de Monts and Samuel de Champlain on the North American continent. The creation of this monument has been accomplished as a result of the public spirit . . . — Map (db m125115) HM

Maine (Washington County), Calais — Settling on Saint Croix Island / Colonisation de l'île Sainte-Croix

"...His Majesty commanded the Sieur de Mons to prepare a fresh expedition..." Samuel Champlain Journal, 1604 (translation)

The newcomers who landed on the island offshore came from France. Their leader was Pierre . . . — Map (db m125161) HM

Maine (Washington County), Calais — Strangers Offshore / Étrangers du grand large

In 1604, this was the land of the Passamaquoddy. In June, several families would have been camped here harvesting fish and shellfish. Nobody knows what the residents thought when a large ship landed at a nearby island. We do know they helped . . . — Map (db m125159) HM

Maine (Washington County), Calais — Trapped For The Winter / Prisonniers de l'hiver

"During the winter a certain malady attacked many of our people... We could find no remedy..." Samuel Champlain Journal, 1604 (translation)

When winter came, treacherous ice made crossing to the mainland . . . — Map (db m125238) HM

Maine (Washington County), Calais — Veterans Memorial

This memorial is dedicated to the men and women of Calais, Maine who served their country to preserve the traditional principles of freedom, justice and way of life in our area — Map (db m125045) WM

Maine (Washington County), Calais — Veterans Memorial

City of Calais Veterans Park Dedicated July 31 2009 ——————————— Designed by Mayor Vinton E Cassidy in honor of area Vets July 31, 2009 . . . — Map (db m125103) WM

Maine (Washington County), Calais — Welcome to Saint Croix Island International Historic Site / An Enduring LegacyBienvenue au lieu historique international de l'île-Sainte-Croix / Un précieux héritage

Share the dramatic story of Saint Croix Island. In 1604, over a hundred artisans, soldiers, and gentlemen sailed here from France in a bold attempt to establish a European colony north of Florida. They built a settlement on an island offshore . . . — Map (db m125121) HM

Maine (Washington County), Calais — World War II Roll of Honor1941 • 1945

Dedicated to the Veterans of World War II

May their names be honored through the years that unfold

[Honor Roll of Veterans] — Map (db m125068) WM

Maine (Washington County), Columbia Falls — Columbia Falls Town Hall
The Union Church was built in 1840 by the Union Meetinghouse Association to be used for non-denominational worship. In 1898 the bell was donated to the church by the Columbia Falls Women's Society. In 1903 the Church was deeded to the Town . . . — Map (db m55073) HM
Maine (Washington County), Columbia Falls — Early Settlers of the Pleasant RiverAmerican Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976
Early Settlers of the Pleasant River Known to Have Been in Action Against the British During the Revolution of 1775 to 1783 [Honor Roll of Veterans] — Map (db m55088) HM
Maine (Washington County), Columbia Falls — The Ruggles HouseColumbia Falls — Washington County —
The Ruggles House, built for Thomas Ruggles, a prominent citizen of Columbia. Architect and builder was Aaron Simmons Sherman. Restored 1950-1951 by the Ruggles House Society. A notable example of nineteenth century Adam style architecture and hand . . . — Map (db m55090) HM
Maine (Washington County), Columbia Falls — Veterans MemorialIn Loving Memory Of All
This monument erected by Greenwood Cemetery Society July 4, 1958 to honor the brave youth of Columbia Falls, who so unselfishly entered our Armed Force to help Keep America Free They left their families and their friends to . . . — Map (db m55089) WM
Maine (Washington County), Harrington — World War Memorial1917 - 1918
This tablet commemorates the names of those who served in the World War [Honor Roll of Veterans] — Map (db m55092) HM
Maine (Washington County), Lubec — Civil War MemorialLubec — 1861 - 1865 —
[North face] To her loyal sons who on land and water, imperiled their lives for the Union Appomattox • Antietam Stars and Stripes Shield Emblem [West face] "On fames eternal camping ground their silent tents are spread And . . . — Map (db m54889) HM
Maine (Washington County), Lubec — Dawn's First Light Shines on Free Masonry
This cryptic marker placed here by the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Maine, to commemorate dawns [sic] first light shines on Free Masonry on the East Coast of the United States of America — Map (db m54891) HM
Maine (Washington County), Lubec — Easternmost Point in the U.S.A.
West Quoddy Head 44°48"9'N 66°57"1'W Erected by the WQHLKA Inc. Spring 2005 with permission of the Maine Department of Conservation — Map (db m54818) HM
Maine (Washington County), Lubec — First Meeting Place of Washington Lodge No. 37 F.&A.M.
This tablet marks the site of the first meeting place of Washington Lodge No. 37 F.&A.M. 1822 --- 1922 — Map (db m54855) HM
Maine (Washington County), Lubec — Lubec Veterans Honor RollLest We Forget
[Honor Roll of Veterans] Revolutionary War • Civil War World War I • World War II Korean War • Vietnam War Peace Time Service — Map (db m54888) HM
Maine (Washington County), Lubec — War MemorialLubec, Maine — Incorporated June 21, 1811 —
. . . — Map (db m54887) HM
Maine (Washington County), Machias — Burnham TavernBuilt in 1770
Home of Hannah Weston Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution — Map (db m54731) HM
Maine (Washington County), Machias — First Naval Battle of the American Revolution
This anchor symbolizes the historic ties that Machias people have with the sea, and their commitment to liberty as exemplified in the first naval battle of the American Revolution fought in Machias Bay between the British ship Margaretta and the . . . — Map (db m55066) HM
Maine (Washington County), Machias — First Permanent English Settlement in Machias Bay1763 - 1904
This tablet marks the landing place of the company which made the first permanent English settlement in this town, May 20, 1763. The little band consisted of Samuel and Sylvanus Scott, Timothy George, and David Libby, John and Solomon Stone, Daniel . . . — Map (db m54739) HM
Maine (Washington County), Machias — Libby Hall
Former site of Libby Hall, which served as the Machais high school from 1850 to 1955. In September 1910, classes at the new Washington State Normal School, the future University of Maine at Machias, opened here. In January 1911, classes moved across . . . — Map (db m77197) HM
Maine (Washington County), Machias — The Machias RiverDowneast Fisheries Trail
Native Americans called the falls next to this sign Machias, the popular translation of which is "bad little falls." The name Machias now applies to the nearby towns and rivers. South of Bad Little Falls, river water mixes with sea water brought in . . . — Map (db m54743) HM
Maine (Washington County), Machias — Veterans MemorialTo Those Who Know War Best
In honor of those men and women of Machias who served God and Country that this flag might wave Erected 1958 to the memory of all servicemen of the town of Machias — Map (db m55070) HM
Maine (Washington County), Machias — World War I Memorial
To the men of Machias Valley who gave their lives in the Great War 1917 - 1918 — Map (db m55062) HM
Maine (Washington County), Princeton — Civilian Conservation Corps

This plaque was dedicated by Chapter 111 Alumni by former members members of the Civilian Conservation Corps in memory of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and members, who served at C.C.C. camps in Maine and throughout the United States . . . — Map (db m125224) HM

Maine (Washington County), Princeton — Princeton War Monument

Princeton proudly honors all war veterans that have served our country

Civil War 1861 - 1865

[Died at war or as a result of war] Corp. James A. Bates • Hiram A. Brown • Jones E. Brown Theophilus Brown • John Slater . . . — Map (db m125228) WM

Maine (Washington County), Weston — The "sleeping giant" view of Mount Katahdin[Ktotonuk] in Passamaquoddy, meaning highest land — K'taadn - this 19th century spelling is preferred by many Penobscots today —

For many Wabanaki people, Mount K'taadn (Ktotonuk) is a profoundly spiritual place. From around the campfire, you might hear tales of Pamola and Glooskap. Some folks imagine that Katahdin's ridges form the shape of a resting giant. (Hint: . . . — Map (db m125269) HM

Maine (Washington County), Weston — A rich fishing tradition continues year-roundGuides, sport and fishing camps

Brook Trout, Bass, Salmon, Togue, & White Perch Seasonally, fishing changes a great deal here in the Lakes. Winter brings ice-fishing for Salmon and Togue (Lake Trout). Ice-out is Salmon fishing time. In June, as surface water warms, . . . — Map (db m125303) HM

Maine (Washington County), Weston — Chiputneticook Chain of Lakes

Looking East into New Brunswick: The International Boundary runs directly through East Grand Lake and the Chiputneticook Lakes below you. The deepest parts of the lakes define the border between the U.S. and Canada.

Glaciers carved vast . . . — Map (db m125291) HM

Maine (Washington County), Weston — Rivers & Streams: Ancient Highways of the Wabanaki

Long before the Romans built their network of roads across Europe, Native Americans developed a vast natural network of canoe routes connecting the Atlantic to the great rivers, lakes, and forests of the lands we now call Maine and the . . . — Map (db m125284) HM

Maine (Washington County), Weston — Town of Weston Honor Roll1941 - 1985

Sheldon Barker • Michael Brewer • Alton Burns • Fred Butterfield, Jr. Ralph Butterfield • Clifford Carr • Ralph Crowell • Everett Daggett Raymond Darveau • Otis Davis • Emery Dwyer • Gene Dwyer Carroll Earle • Lawrence Earle • Elmer . . . — Map (db m125265) HM

Maine (Washington County), Weston — Welcome to Million Dollar View Scenic BywayWhat is a National Scenic Byway — Authentic stories. Treasured places. Scenic spaces. —

"A bold vision for America. To create a distinctive collection of American roads, their stories and treasured places." -Federal Highway Administration's vision for a National Scenic Byway program

Scenic Byways wind . . . — Map (db m125283) HM

Maine (Washington County), Weston — Weston & Danforth's architecturePlay detective along the Byway. Discover clues to the past in

Rural Weston, once home to classic farms: Big house, little house, outhouse, barn. In this sparsely-populated town of several hundred, look for a few remaining farms perched amidst fields slowly returning to forest. Local settlers . . . — Map (db m125267) HM

Maine (Washington County), Weston — When trees were used for tanning

In the 1880's, leather production was one of Maine's largest industries

An industry built on Hemlock, plentiful pure water and rail. Hemlock tan-bark makes a "tea" high in tannin used to cure raw animal hides. Entrepreneurs located . . . — Map (db m125308) HM

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