“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Genesee County Michigan Historical Markers

1834 Clark Dibble Settlement Marker image, Touch for more information
By Joel S., May 18, 2016
1834 Clark Dibble Settlement Marker
Michigan (Genesee County), Fenton — 1834 Clark Dibble Settlement
This is where it all began—the site on which the first settler, Clark Dibble, built a small home and mill dam, naming the town "Dibbleville". — Map (db m94779) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Fenton — 1837-Riggs Hotel
1837-Riggs Hotel 1900-A.J. Phillips Private Office 1906-A.J. Phillips Library 1987-A.J. Phillips Fenton Museum — Map (db m94732) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Fenton — 1838 Judge Daniel LeRoy's Law Office
Judge LeRoy was the first Attorney General for the State of Michigan. Upper Level 1868-Fenton Independent newspaper 1869-Ladies Literary & Library Association — Map (db m94727) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Fenton — 1840 Grindstone from Fenton Mills
The flouring mill produced 120 barrels of flour a day. It stood on the site where the Fenton City Hall is now. — Map (db m94776) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Fenton — 1889 A.J. Phillips Work Office
Initially producing wood products, Mr. Phillips invented the sliding window screen. The demand prompted a huge factory complex covering 12 acres. 1913-The factory was sold to Henry C. Koppin to hand assemble the "Fenton Cyclecar". — Map (db m94737) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Fenton — Dibbleville Business District II
"The Andrews Block" built by Clark Andrews in 1867
  1. 1869-Booth & Boutell Books & Watches
  2. 1869-Anderson's Mens Clothes
  3. 1872-Johnson's Crockery & Millinery
  4. 1869-Adams Hardware & Stoves
Map (db m94728) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Fenton — L164 — Fenton House
Constructed soon after the Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad reached town in 1855, this hotel has been a favorite resting and dining spot for over a century. It was said in 1883 that the guests were "entertained in a style unsurpassed in many large . . . — Map (db m94761) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Fenton — L1387 — Fenton United Methodist Church
In March 1837 the Reverend Washington Jackson formed a Methodist congregation in Dibbleville (present-day Fenton) at the home of Levi Warren. Warren donated land and the first church was built in 1853. Its brick walls collapsed during the . . . — Map (db m94759) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Fenton — L2058 — Old Prospect Hill Cemetery
Many of Fentonís early developers, politicians, businessmen, and veterans are interred in this cemetery, which was established in 1834. Clark Dibble, who made the first land purchase in present-day Fenton in 1834, and Dustin Cheney, who . . . — Map (db m135751) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Fenton — L2019 — Saint Jude's Episcopal Church
On May 3, 1858, the Reverend Henry Banwell held Fenton's first Episcopal service for the Ladies Mite Society. The society formally organized as Saint Jude's Episcopal Church on July 18, 1859. In 1860 members built their first church on this site, . . . — Map (db m94716) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Flint — L1678 — Genesee County Courthouse
Genesee County was organized on March 8, 1836. The previous year the territorial legislature had stipulated that the county seat would be located on the west side of the Saginaw Turnpike “on lands recently deeded by John Todd and wife” . . . — Map (db m121216) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Flint — L371 — St. Paul's Episcopal Church
The Reverend Daniel Brown came to this area in 1839 to help form a new Episcopal parish. He became the first rector of St. Paul's in 1840 when it received canonical sanction. The congregation met in a temporary chapel and then in a small church . . . — Map (db m121202) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Grand Blanc — S715C — The Buick Open
The Buick Open One year after Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club opened in 1957, Waldo McNaught used his unique position as club president and public relations director of the Buick Motor Division of the General Motors Corporation (GM) to . . . — Map (db m135748) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Otisville — L2180 — E. S. Swayze Drugstore
E. S. Swayze opened a drugstore on this site prior to 1870. When the store burned in 1874, Swayze built this one. Members of the Free Methodist Church used the second-floor meeting hall for services from 1887 to 1890. In 1903 Masonic Lodge #401 and . . . — Map (db m33728) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Otisville — L2191 — Laing-Mason House
This house was built in stages between the 1860s and the 1930s. In 1889 Dr. John B. Laing and his wife, Harriet, purchased the house. Raised in Vermont, Laing (1846-1908) came to Otisville in 1871 as one of the village's earliest physicians, and . . . — Map (db m33731) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Otisville — Otisville High School
The brick monument before you, came from the Otisville High School, built in 1920 and opened in 1921. It was located in town at the corner of Grove St. and Center St. (formerly State Street M-15). It originally housed grades kindergarten through . . . — Map (db m127140) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Otisville — The Country School
When you lived in a rural area say before 1950, in most parts of the US, you didn't hop on the school bus and ride miles to your local town school. At first, in the early years your family had horses and a wagon to get around. Then later you had a . . . — Map (db m120860) HM

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