“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Elko County Nevada Historical Markers

Beowawe Geysers Marker image, Touch for more information
By Duane Hall, July 5, 2013
Beowawe Geysers Marker
Nevada (Elko County), Carlin — Beowawe Geysers
From this vantage point one can see the steam rising from the geysers located near the base of the far hill across the valley. The U.S. Geological Survey has designated an area south of Beowawe a Known Geothermal Resource Area (KGRA). The area, . . . — Map (db m69117) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Carlin — C-41 — California Trail — Hot Springs
“The trail or road… ascends a considerable hill 1/3 mile ahead of us… the water here is cool, but too alkaline to be agreeable. Hot Springs in the river-bank, sulphur, &c.” — J. Goldborough Bruff, Sep 7, 1849 . . . — Map (db m81179) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Carlin — 112 — Carlin
Carlin, the oldest town in present Elko County, was established as a railroad division point in December 1868, by the Central Pacific Railroad. It was named, by Central Pacific officials, after William Passmore Carlin, a Union officer who served his . . . — Map (db m67264) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Carlin — 50 — Carlin Canyon
In December 1828, Peter Skene Ogden and his trapping brigade (Hudson's Bay Company's Fifth Snake Country Expedition) were the first European Americans to enter here. Joseph Paul, one of Ogden's trappers, died nearby - the first white man to die and . . . — Map (db m136726) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Carlin — Leaving the River, Climbing the HillCarlin
By the time emigrants reached this spot, they had enjoyed fairly good traveling for the past ten days or so, as they followed the Humboldt River road. But here they faced their first big physical challenge along the route. If they stayed along the . . . — Map (db m81204) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — About Your Journey ...
Whichever direction your travels take you, you're going to have a similar experience to what the California-bound emigrants had. You're going to see the same country, except for the towns and the ranch meadows. The big difference, though, is that . . . — Map (db m67507) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — Artzaina ZainThe Watchful Shepherd
Preserving our Basque Heritage Euzkaldunak Elko Basque Club Lowell Swenseid, Artist 2000 A.D. — Map (db m1344) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — C-38 — California Trail - Greenhorn Cutoff
About two miles southwest of this marker, the Greenhorn Cutoff ascended and wound through the hills for about twelve miles to avoid river crossings in Carlin Canyon. — Map (db m70353) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — 106 — Elko
On December 29, 1868, representatives of the Central Pacific Railroad started laying out lots for the future town of Elko. By 1870, the thriving town had 5,000 people. There was an immense volume of freight and passenger traffic over the stageline . . . — Map (db m1372) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — 107 — Elko AirportTerminus of the First Commercial Air Mail Route
On April 6, 1926, Varney Air Lines pilot Leon Cuddeback, carrying one bag of mail, landed his tiny Curtis Swallow bi-plane at Elko, Nevada, completing the first scheduled air mail run in the United States. The single engine, 90-horsepower . . . — Map (db m1371) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — Elko County High School
In 1895, Nevada established the County High School Act. Built in 1896, this was the first school building in Nevada to be constructed under this act. The structure served as the Elko County Library from 1917 to 1974, when the county offices located . . . — Map (db m1345) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — Elko Independent
Approximately 200 feet east of this site is the early location of Elko's first newspaper. Founded June 19, 1869 by former miner Edward Davison Kelly, when Elko was just six months old. The Independent has been in continuous publication ever since. — Map (db m89505) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — 47 — Fort Halleck Site1867 - 1886
Established as Camp Halleck by Captain S.P. Smith, July 26, 1867, to protect the California Emigrant Tail and construction work on the Central Pacific Railroad. The camp was named for Major General Henry Wager Halleck, at that time commander, . . . — Map (db m67526) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — Hoppe-Lienhard Wagon Group
This site is approximately 2½ miles from the Humboldt wagon trail. Hoppe-Lienhard traveled west with the Harlan-Young wagon train in 1847 to Fort Sutter. History reveals this party was part of the group which was responsible for the California . . . — Map (db m67461) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — Marking TimeSometimes time stands still !
California Trail ruts and swales wind across Northern Nevada some touched only by the forces of nature since they were made by emigrant wagon trains on their way west in the mid 1800s. Many of these irreplaceable historic trail segments lie on . . . — Map (db m67505) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — Missouri Flats1865 - 1872
During the 1800's this site was used as a bivouack-camp area for the "Sagebrush Clippers." These wagons served the mining districts of the area almost exclusively. The name of this colorful area was derived from the Missouri Mule, a cousin of the . . . — Map (db m105208) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — 229 — Oil From Shale
Directly south of this point and across the valley floor are the remains of a short-lived extraction plant, which reached the peak of its productive capacity in the early twenties. Driving of the main shaft began in 1916. Of several tries at . . . — Map (db m76742) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — Pioneer Saloon and Hotel
One of Elko's oldest saloons first opened in a tent in December of 1868 at this location. The building was completed in 1913 costing $50,000. The saloon featured tiled floors, metal ceiling, mahogany furniture and a mirrored back bar. With the upper . . . — Map (db m89424) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — 108 — Ruby Valley Pony Express Station
(Reconstructed) The original location—60 miles south. April 1860 - October 1861. — Map (db m1523) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — Sherman Station
Constructed on Sherman Creek in Huntington Valley, 60 miles south of Elko, by rancher Valentine Walther. It took Walther, family and friends seven years to complete and was finished in 1903. The house served as a home, post office, stage stop and . . . — Map (db m1431) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — The California Emigrant Trail Interpretive Center
You are at the entrance to The National California Emigrant Trail Interpretive Center. The purpose of the center is to gather and display historical knowledge about the emigrants who made the trek to California in the 1840s, 1850s, and 1860s. . . . — Map (db m67509) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — The End of the Hastings Cutoff
Across the valley you can see the canyon of the South Fork River, a major tributary to the Humboldt River. This portal is also the western end of the infamous Hastings Cutoff, which rejoined the main California Trail not far from the California . . . — Map (db m67506) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — The Humboldt River Highway
The California Emigrant Trail extended approximately 2,000 miles from the Missouri River to California. Today you are standing on a segment of the trail that followed the Humboldt River for about 280 miles across northern Nevada. It was the only . . . — Map (db m67508) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — The Star Hotel"Ongi Etorri"
Basque immigrant, Peter Juaregui had a dream to open and hotel and bar to provide his fellow countrymen with a familiar place to gather, share news of the old country and to live during the off season from their ranching jobs. On December 17,1910, . . . — Map (db m89425) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Elko — 3 — West End of Hastings Cutoff
     Across the Humboldt Valley southward from this point a deeply incised canyon is seen opening into the valley. Through that canyon along the South Fork of the Humboldt ran the disaster-laden route called the Hastings Cutoff. It joined the . . . — Map (db m67460) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Lamoille — 46 — Fort Halleck
Located about 500 feet south of this marker. Established July 27, 1867 by Captain S.R. Smith, built by the 200 soldiers under his command and named in honor of General H.W. Halleck, commanding the Division of the Pacific. The first buildings were . . . — Map (db m89506) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Lamoille — 109 — Lamoille Valley
Because heavy use denuded the grass from the main Fort Hall route of the California Emigrant Trail along the Humboldt River, many Emigrants left the river near Starr Valley. They skirted the East Humboldt Range and the Ruby Mountains along a . . . — Map (db m89412) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Montello — 73 — Unknown Soldiers
Ten soldiers who died during the 1918 Influenza Epidemic are buried here, but their identities are a mystery. During and after World War I, troop trains regularly ran through Montello. Ill soldiers were unloaded and treated by a Southern Pacific . . . — Map (db m81176) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Tuscarora — 48 — Tuscarora
This colorful historic camp originated with 1867 discovery of placer gold by John and Steve Beard. In 1871, W.O. Weed discovered the rich Mount Blitzen silver lodes, two miles northeast of the Beard Claims. The camp was named by C.M. Bensen, who had . . . — Map (db m89411) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Tuscarora — Zweifel Rooming House
The building was moved from Cornicopia Nevada to its present site in 1877. In 1881 it was purchased by Elizabeth Zweifel. Through the years it has served as a rooming house, post office, telephone office, justice court, law office and school house. . . . — Map (db m89477) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Wells — Historic Front Street
Originating about 1868, Wells, Nevada focused around the Central Pacific Railroad. Chinese, Irish, and Italian immigrants were very instrumental in building the railroad and still today have a heavy emphasis on the Nevada economy. You may note that . . . — Map (db m81177) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Wells — 45 — Humboldt Wells
These springs, seen as marshy spots and small ponds of water in the meadows here, are the Humboldt Wells, a historic oasis on the California Emigrant Trail. Here, during the period 1845–1870, hundreds of covered wagons each year rested and . . . — Map (db m1373) HM
Nevada (Elko County), Wells — Remember Metropolis
In memory of those valiant pioneers who settled and built a city here, giving so much to us all in their pursuit of happiness and security. Today, we enjoy the fruits of their efforts. The first settlers came in 1910, followed by many others . . . — Map (db m1266) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — 509th Composite Group – First Atomic Bombardment
“The Atomic bomb is too dangerous to be loose in a lawless world ... we pray that (God) may guide us to use it in His ways and for His purposes.” —President Harry S. Truman, August, 1945. In Memory. This . . . — Map (db m1278) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — Ancient Lake Bonneville
Lake Bonneville was a large ancient Pleistocene-era lake that existed about 32,000 to 14,000 years ago. For thousands of years, Ancient Lake Bonneville was contained by mountains acting as natural dams, occupying the lowest closed depression in the . . . — Map (db m131446) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — Can Anything Survive Here?
Summer temperatures in this high desert can exceed 100 degrees; winter temperatures may fall below zero. Rain and snowfall total a mere six to eight inches per year. Only drought tolerant plants such as Indian ricegrass, shadscale, and greasewood . . . — Map (db m67967) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — First Transcontinental Telephone Line
On June 17, 1914 The First Transcontinental Telephone Line was completed at this point on the border of Nevada and Utah. Construction forces of the Bell Telephone Company of Nevada and the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company met here, . . . — Map (db m131438) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — Historic Wendover Field
The history of the Wendover Field began when the United States Army designated the area near the town of Wendover as an additional bombing range. Though isolated, the area was well suited to fit the needs: the Western Pacific Railroad served the . . . — Map (db m131451) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — Lincoln Highway
In 1912, roads were dirt, bumpy and dusty in dry weather; impassable in wet weather. Asphalt and concrete roads were yet to come. To get from coast-to-coast, it was much easier to take the train. The Lincoln Highway Association conceived the first . . . — Map (db m131448) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — 46 — Pilot Peak
The high, symmetrically shaped mountain seen rising to the north is Pilot Peak. In the period 1845-1850, it was a famous landmark and symbol of hope and relief to the Reed-Donner party and all other wagon train pioneers who traveled the 70-odd . . . — Map (db m67544) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — The Hastings Cutoff- Taking the Long Way
In 1846, Lansford W. Hastings led a group of about 60 emigrant wagons on a route that diverged from the California Trail near Fort Bridger, Wyoming. After encountering almost impassable difficulties getting through the Wasatch Mountains via Weber . . . — Map (db m75419) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — The Victory Highway
The Victory Highway monument is a representation of the earlier bronze eagle markers of the 1920s. Original eagle markers were to be located at each county line with a plaque dedicated to the sons and daughters who served their country in World War . . . — Map (db m131450) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — Tough Traveling in the Desert
The Bidwell-Bartleson wagon train was the first emigrant party to see Pilot Peak in 1841. Four years later, Captain John c. Fremont also saw this distinctive landmark, but from the Cedar Range in Utah - some 75 miles away. He wanted to establish a . . . — Map (db m67545) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — Transcontinental Telephone Line
On June 17, 1914, AT&T erected the last of some 130,000 poles at Wendover, and the wires were spliced, joining more than 3,400 miles of telephone line. This splice connected the first telephone line from the East Coast to the West Coast across the . . . — Map (db m131449) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — Wendover Will Reclaims Skyline Once Again
Wendover Will has been greeting travelers to Wendover since 1952. His name comes from the founder of the State Line Hotel & Casino, Mr. William “Bill” Smith, who started the State Line Service, a cobble stone service station, on the . . . — Map (db m75211) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — Western Pacific Railroad
The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad financed the Western Pacific Railroad (WP) from San Francisco to Salt Lake City to compete with the Southern Pacific route. The WP, incorporated March 6, 1903, provided a standard-gauge-track connection to . . . — Map (db m131452) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — Where Did the Lake Go?
Imagine Lake Bonneville some 10,000 years ago as a vast lake larger than the present Great Salt Lake. Its eastern boundary would be the Wasatch Mountains at Salt Lake City and its western boundary the Toano and Goshute Mountains to your left. . . . — Map (db m67968) HM

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