“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Athens County Ohio Historical Markers

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By William Fischer, Jr., July 18, 2009
Enterprise Academy Marker (Side B)
Ohio (Athens County), Albany — 2-5 — Albany / Enterprise Academy
Albany (Side A) The village of Albany was established in 1838 as a market center for the surrounding agricultural area, which saw its first white settlement in the early years of the nineteenth century. Education was always a major concern of . . . — Map (db m52872) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Amesville — Ames Academy Bell1852 - 1955
Over a century its clear tone carried from valley to hill beckoning all to learn — Map (db m15536) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Amesville — Frank Henry Gifford1880 - 1963 — Farmer, Merchant, A Civic Minded Citizen of Our Community —
Over the years he contributed generously for the betterment of the village. His last bequest of land, building and money made the creation of this park possible. — Map (db m15538) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Amesville — Historic Amesville
Pioneers began arriving in Ames Township in 1797, making it one of the earliest settlements in the Northwest Territory. As early as 1804, the village purchased enough books to create a library. It is known today as the Coonskin Library because it . . . — Map (db m15537) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Amesville — 5-5 — Western Library Association1804 — The Coonskin Library —
In the years leading to Ohio statehood in 1803, Ames Township citizens decided to establish a stock-owned circulating library. Since cash was scarce during Ohio's frontier era, some citizens paid for their $2.50 shares by the sale of animal pelts, . . . — Map (db m15540) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — “The Berry”
The Berry Hotel, one of America’s premier hotels, stood here from 1892 to 1974. Athenian Edward Cornelius Berry, a free black who had been educated at the Albany Enterprise Academy, and his modest wife, Martha Jane (Mattie) Berry, built, . . . — Map (db m122455) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Athens County Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Memorial
The People of Athens County erect this monument in memory of those who volunteered as Soldiers and Sailors in defense of the Union and to perpetuate Free Government. The People will ever remember how much of our national . . . — Map (db m15558) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Athens County Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial
To honor and commemorate the Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Athens County, Ohio Daniel Anderson • Thomas Arnold • Isaac Barker • Ebenezer Barrows • Hopson Beebe • Alvan Bingham • Silas Bingham, Sr. • William Bodwell • John Bowman . . . — Map (db m15544) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Athens County Vietnam War Memorial
Dedicated to the memory of the Athens County residents who lost their lives in Vietnam November 1990 Richard A. Anders … 23 Joseph A. Bodnar … 22 Charles L Boling … 22 John W. Boyer … 27 Ronald L. Calentine … 20 Virgil L. Castle . . . — Map (db m15546) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Athens First Settlement - 1797
In the spring of 1797, Rufus Putnam sent eleven “substantial men ... possessing firmness of character, courage, and discretion” to found a settlement on the bank of the Hockhocking River. In 1800 the territorial legislature named the . . . — Map (db m42163) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — 10-5 — Athens National Guard Armory
In the first years of the twentieth century. Athens’ citizens formed a new National Guard company. The guardsmen initially held drill at the Campbell Block on Court Street, but soon the Athens Commercial Club began advocating for an armory from . . . — Map (db m122452) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Bicentennial of the Northwest OrdinanceOhio University
[Campus side of the marker] In commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 Ohio University, the first public university established in the Old Northwest Territory, was founded on the principles of the . . . — Map (db m15635) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Booker T. Washington
Front: In this house, on 11 August 1886, famed African-American educator Booker T. Washington married Olivia A. Davidson. Residents at the time were Mary Davidson Elliott (sister of Olivia) and her husband Dr. Noah Elliott, a veteran of . . . — Map (db m63680) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Cutler Botanic Gardens1823–1973
On August 20, 1823, the Board of Trustees of Ohio University, of which Judge Ephraim Cutler was a leading member, set aside 300 acres “west of the College green” for a botanical garden and the site of a medical college, in memory of the . . . — Map (db m10908) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — 8-5 — Dow Finsterwald DaySeptember 25, 1958
Golfing greats Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus first met on the golf course at the Athens Country Club in Athens, Ohio. The event was a celebration for native son Dow Finsterwald, winner of the 1958 PGA Championship. Due to the significance of . . . — Map (db m122477) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — First Settlers in Athens County
In Memoriam Honoring the first settlers in Athens Co. from the New England States Alvan Bingman • Silas Bingman • Isaac Barker • William Harper • John Wilkins • Robert Linzee • Edmond Dorr • William Dorr • Barak Dorr • John Chandler . . . — Map (db m15545) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Manasseh Cutler HallOhio University — 1816 —
Oldest building of the first institution for higher education of the Northwest Territory This tablet is dedicated to honor Manassah Cutler 1742 - 1823 Chaplain in the Revolutionary War Minister, Physician, Scentist, Teacher and . . . — Map (db m53820) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Memorial Auditorium
Memorial Auditorium stands as a testament to the dedication of Ohio University alumni, who raised funds for its construction. Completed in 1928, Memorial Auditorium was erected to honor those who have died serving our country; this includes past . . . — Map (db m53845) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Normandy ParkAt Ohio University
In honor of the War Correspondents who landed in Normandy, France, on D Day, June 6, 1944, with Allied Invading Forces; and others who joined them to report the Crusade Across Europe to bring freedom to that continent and the eventual end of a . . . — Map (db m53863) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — 4-5 — Ohio University
[Marker front] Manasseh Cutler, Rufus Putnam, Winthrop Sargeant, and Benjamin Tupper of the Ohio Company conceived Ohio University, which was encouraged by the Ordinance of 1787 and the Northwest Territorial Legislature in 1799, . . . — Map (db m15564) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — 9-5 — Ohio UniversityPeden Stadium
Ohio University’s Peden Stadium is the oldest of the Mid-American Conference stadiums and one of the oldest of its type in the country. It was dedicated in 1929 with a victory over Miami University. The stadium served as housing for the influx of . . . — Map (db m42162) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Ohio University 1915 Alumni Gateway
The Ohio University Alumni Gate was built with funds contributed by many alumni, with the original intent of honoring the class of 1815, which was the first graduating class. The largest contribution, however, came from Edward C. Berry, a black man . . . — Map (db m15562) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Ohio University Sundial
Site of first Ohio University building erected in 1807 Here Hon. Thomas Ewing was graduated in 1815 One of the first two graduates — Map (db m42164) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Ohio University's Distinguished Visitors
Susan Brownell Anthony Woman Suffrage Leader Visited October 19, 1878 "To secure both national and 'domestic tranquility,' to 'establish justice,' to carry out the spirit of our Constitution, put into the hands of all women....the . . . — Map (db m53838) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — Student Voices
College Green has served as a forum for the voices of Ohio University's students throughout its history. Whether supporting civil rights, advocating for the abolishment of women's curfews, or in protest, students have and will continue to play a . . . — Map (db m15570) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — The Elms
The elm trees President McGuffey planted near this path in the 1840s stood for over 100 years. Their beauty is recalled each year when the community members gather for the Concerts under the Elms. Dedicated by the Class of 2005 — Map (db m15571) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — The Kissing Circle
The Kissing Circle holds fond memories for decades of Ohio University Alumni, and symbolizes our affection and dedication to one another. May it remind future students, as it has those of the past, of valued friendships formed here and inspire . . . — Map (db m53075) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Athens — The Silas Bingham HouseCirca 1805
Silas Bingham arrived in Athens in 1797. His home, originally built on South College Street, is the oldest house in Athens and one of the few remaining examples of a two-story log building in the area. Since the commissioners held meetings in . . . — Map (db m10909) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Chauncey — 7-5 — Athens County Infirmary
In the first quarter of the nineteenth century, when the general public believed that the insane and paupers could be rehabilitated into productive citizens, the Ohio Legislature gave authorization to county commissioners to establish county . . . — Map (db m122758) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Coolville — The Coolville Bridge1930-2006
Two bridges previously spanned the Hocking River at this location, to carry State Route 144 traffic, connecting the Village of Coolville to the railroad at Coolville Station on the east side. The first bridge was a wooden covered bridge built in . . . — Map (db m130353) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Glouster — Glouster Korea-Vietnam War Memorial
Korea For those who made the Supreme Sacrifice Vietnam For those who made the Supreme Sacrifice “Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind” John F. Kennedy, United Nations, . . . — Map (db m15574) WM
Ohio (Athens County), Glouster — 3-5 — Hisylvania Coal Company Mine No. 22
Approximately 150 feet east stood the Hisylvania Coal Company Mine No. 22 tipple, in use from 1912 to 1925. The company name was derived from combining “Ohio” and “Pennsylvania,” home states of its founders. Coal came from . . . — Map (db m15573) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Glouster — Trimble Township War Memorial
In Memory of the men who made the Supreme Sacrifice 1917 World War I 1918 James Cox • Frank McCann • Roy Sampson 1941 World War II 1945 Virgil Brooks • Robert C. Brown • Ernest Burdiss • Paul Byers • Cloyd Clemons • Andrew . . . — Map (db m15575) WM
Ohio (Athens County), Hamley Run — Snake Ridge Lookout Tower
Reconstructed on this site, this lookout tower once stood off S.R. 278 southwest of Nelsonville in Athens County. Known as the Snake Ridge Lookout Tower this tower was originally built in 1939. Many of the lookout towers were built by the . . . — Map (db m28511) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Jacksonville — Todd and Tony Carr Memorial
Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Department In memory of Todd Carr Died June 27, 1989 and Tony Carr Died March 21, 1989 Volunteer Firemen Always there when needed — Map (db m15610) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Millfield — Millfield Coal Mine DisasterNovember 5, 1930
Ohio's worst mine disaster occurred in this Sunday Creek Coal Company mine when an explosion killed 82 persons. Among the dead were the company's top executives who were in the mine inspecting new safety equipment. Nine hours after the explosion, . . . — Map (db m15611) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Millfield — Millfield Mine No. 6 - 1205 Disaster
In memory of the Millfield Mine No. 6 - 1205 disaster Nov. 5, 1930 Roy Andrews• J. H. Bergin• Delmar Bower• John Bower• George Brown• Sam Brown• William Brown• Paul Burgess• Alex Burmich• Joe Butsko• John Butsko Michael . . . — Map (db m15614) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Nelsonville — Camp Site of Lord Dunmore1774
Rock weights were in drawbridge at Harper Street crossing of Hocking Canal. — Map (db m10892) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Nelsonville — Daniel Nelson
This tablet is erected in honor of Daniel Nelson founder of Nelsonville who donated the ground for the Fort Street Cemetery the Public Square and this lot for School and Meeting House purposes This stone was a part of the doorway . . . — Map (db m37040) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Nelsonville — E. M. Poston1862-1931 — A Native of Nelsonville —
Built the first A.C. electric generator, west of the Allegheny Mountains, on Myers Street in Nelsonville, Ohio, in 1888. — Map (db m37037) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Nelsonville — Fort Street CemeteryHistorical Site
. . . — Map (db m37283) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Nelsonville — Hocking Canal Site1840–1940
This section of Route 33 in the City of Nelsonville is constructed on the site of the former Hocking Canal. This early waterway, a tremendous factor in the industrial development of the Hocking Coal District of Ohio, was completed to this . . . — Map (db m34217) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Nelsonville — 1-5 — Hocking Valley Railway
The arrival of the Columbus and Hocking Valley Railroad in 1869 led to the decline of the Hocking Canal and assured Nelsonville's prominence as a major shipping point of coal and industrial products. The portion of the railway from Logan in . . . — Map (db m43240) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Nelsonville — 34 — Nelsonville"An Act of Devilishness" — John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail —
Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan and his Confederate raiders, wearied by the relentless Union pursuit, crossed the Hocking River into Nelsonville in the mid-morning of July 22, 1863. They found the town almost abandoned. Nelsonville's local . . . — Map (db m130371) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Nelsonville — 6-5 — The Hocking Valley Coal Strike1884-1885
Side A: Following a wage reduction from 70 to 60 cents per ton after many Hocking Valley coal mines consolidated in 1883, the Ohio Miners' Amalgamated Association struck on June 23, 1884. The operators responded by offering an even smaller . . . — Map (db m37019) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Nelsonville — Unknown Soldier Monument
In Memorial to all Unknown Dead in all Wars Known Only to God — Map (db m37282) HM
Ohio (Athens County), Nelsonville — Veterans' Memorial
Center marker: In Honor and Tribute To All Veterans of All Wars Aug. 20, 1972 Presented by Parade of the Hills Left marker: In Honor and Memory of the Vietnam Conflict Veterans Presented by Parade of the Hills . . . — Map (db m37021) WM

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