“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Columbiana County Ohio Historical Markers

Dustin Huffman Memorial Overlook Marker image, Touch for more information
By Dale K. Benington, July 15, 2011
Dustin Huffman Memorial Overlook Marker
Ohio (Columbiana County), Calcutta — Dustin Huffman Memorial Overlook
Dustin Marshall Huffman lived his life with a “Pay It Forward” attitude, always there to help out, even if it was for a stranger. He was pure goodness with a touch of orneriness and a smile that could light up a room. On June 30th . . . — Map (db m55113) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Clarkson — 10-15 — Death of Pretty Boy Floyd
(front) In these fields, formerly the site of the Ellen Conkle farm, notorious Depression-Era desperado Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd met his death at the hands of federal agents and members of the East Liverpool Police Department on . . . — Map (db m39894) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Columbiana — 11-15 — Harvey S. Firestone
Inventor, industrialist, and philanthropist, Harvey Samuel Firestone (1868-1938) was born on a nearby farm in 1868 and attended school in Columbiana. He founded the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in 1900 and soon after developed a method for . . . — Map (db m48139) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Columbiana — 8-15 — Log House Museum
Joshua Dixon selected this site in 1805 as the center for Columbiana. The first local post office, established at this museum location in 1809, pioneered free mail delivery in 1837. The museum, an early log home in the village, was moved here . . . — Map (db m268) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Columbiana — Site of Hanna Log Cabin
Built near this spring in 1810 by Benjamin and Rachael Dixon Hanna whose family were first settlers in this community in 1801 and 1802. They were the grandparents of Marcus Alonzo Hanna United States Senator from 1897 to 1904 — Map (db m48140) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Beaver Creek
The history of the earth is written in the rocks. In Ohio, nearly 500 million years of time are recorded in our bedrocks, reflecting the coming of inland seas, the upheaval of mountain ranges and the birth and death of vast swamps. By reading these . . . — Map (db m55084) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Beginning Point of the U. S. Public Land Survey
West Side:Ohio1112 feet South of this spot was the "Point of beginning" for surveying the public lands of the United States. There, on September 30, 1785, Thomas Hutchins, first Geographer of the United States, began the Geographers . . . — Map (db m33685) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Bradshaw's Hall
A town hall built in 1850, which served as a community building and home of the first services of the First Methodist Protestant church. The church was organized in 1855 and occupied the building until 1923 when it was purchased and torn down by the . . . — Map (db m44149) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Carnegie Public Library
At the beginning of the Twentieth Century, Andrew Carnegie, who spent time with relatives in East Liverpool during his childhood, donated $50,000 toward the construction of a public library. The building was dedicated on May 8, 1902. In the 1990's . . . — Map (db m44150) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Central School
Site of schools since 1820's Log House School. Union School in 1869. Central School built in 1894 for $65,000.00 and held 1,000 students. In 1971 following 77 years of service as East Liverpool's High School it was demolished. The ELHS Alumni . . . — Map (db m80712) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Ceramic Theater
East Liverpool's largest and most elegant theater opened in 1904. A stage theater with seating for 1200, it offered first run plays, star performers, high school graduations and movies. It was razed in 1961. — Map (db m44152) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Diamond Theater
In 1907, the First United Presyterian Church was converted into retail shops (1st floor) and a theater (2nd floor) called the Bijou, later renamed the Diamond. Vaudeville and 10 minute movies were featured. It closed in 1920. — Map (db m44154) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — 4-15 — First Paper Mill / Little Beaver Creek Bridge
Front Text: First Paper Mill The first paper mill in Ohio and the Northwest Territory was established in the valley below in 1807 by John Coulter of Virginia, Jacob Bowman and John Beaver of Pennsylvania. The mill was in St. Clair . . . — Map (db m62960) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — 9-15 — Gateway To The Northwest
Near this site on September 30, 1785, Thomas Hutchins, first Geographer of the United States, drove a stake: This was the "Point of Beginning" of the Geographer's Line for the survey of the first "Seven Ranges" of six-mile square townships in . . . — Map (db m44155) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — I.O.O.F. Building
Believed to be the oldest surviving commercial building in the city, this structure was built in 1874 by the Robert Hall Lumber Company. It has served as the headquarters for the Odd Fellows, as a bank and various other professional offices. — Map (db m44158) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Isaac Knowles - Knowles Block
This corner was once occupied by the ornate Victorian home of Isaac Knowles, the principal founder of the K.T. and K. Pottery Company. The home, built in the 1870's, survived Isaac's death in 1902 but was demolished prior to 1910. The home was . . . — Map (db m44160) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — J.C. Thompson Building
First opened in September, 1892, the J.C. Thompson building was originally home to the Crosser and Ogilvie store on the first floor and basement and Edmondson Photography on the second floor. Frequently appearing in photographs of the Diamond, the . . . — Map (db m44161) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — 18-15 — Land Ordinance of 1785 / The Seven Ranges
Side A:Land Ordinance of 1785In April 1784, the Continental Congress adopted the Report of Government for the Western Territory, a broad plan drafted primarily by Thomas Jefferson for organizing the United States' new western lands . . . — Map (db m44156) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Little Beaver Creek
Little Beaver Creek Established by the People of Ohio Has been designated A State Wild and Scenic River In the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System Under the provisions of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of . . . — Map (db m55087) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Lock 36
[Text on Canal Lock Stone Marker]: Lock 36 Sandy & Beaver Canal Dedicated in memory of Jack A. Lanam [Text on Display Panel, Page 1]: Gaston's Lock (Lock #36) . . . — Map (db m55013) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Locke's Building
Believed to be the second oldest surviving commercial structure in the city, this building opened in 1880 as a men's clothing store. The second floor has been the location of several photo studios and at one time was occupied by Gertrude Fryette's . . . — Map (db m44164) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Mary Patterson Memorial Building
This building was built in 1924 by local industrialist Monroe Patterson as a memorial to his late wife, Mary T. Patterson. The structure was a home for working women and served as such for many years. When the building closed, it was donated to Kent . . . — Map (db m44166) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — 16-15 — Ohio's Gateway
Fawcettstown, later to become East Liverpool, marked the first Ohio community to be encountered by early river travelers as they headed toward new challenges and new lives in the expanding nation. Indian canoes, flatboats, and steamboats carried . . . — Map (db m49713) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Potters National Bank Building
In 1881, the newly formed Potters National Bank, organized by local pottery manufacturers, established its new offices in a three-story structure on this corner. A newspaper, the Tribune was published in the basement. By 1901, the building became . . . — Map (db m80713) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — 12-15 — Riverview Cemetery
(front) Envisioned as a rural cemetery with careful attention to landscaping design and symmetrical lots, the Riverview Cemetery was established in 1883 on forty acres of land. The chapel was a gift to Riverview from the Grand Army of the . . . — Map (db m49715) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Site of The Taylor Mansion
John N. Taylor, an owner of K.T. and K. Pottery Company built a three story Victorian mansion on this site and was once visited here by President William McKinley. The home was demolished to allow construction of the new City Hall. — Map (db m44168) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — State Theater
This beautiful theater opened in 1914 with the name of The McKinley Vaudeville Theater. The name changed to the Strand with silent films. Renovated in 1928 it became the State Theater. The stage and movie theater closed its doors in 1970. — Map (db m44170) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Sturgis House
Originally the private home of the Erlanger family, this building became the Sturgis Funeral Home, famous for having displayed the body of Pretty Boy Floyd in October, 1934. — Map (db m44171) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — The American Theater
Originally built as a Vaudeville house, the American Theater hosted its premier performance on Christmas Day 1909. With the advent of film, the American was converted to a movie theater in 1918. A major fire destroyed the structure on May 24, 1950 . . . — Map (db m44148) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — The Lincoln Highway
The Lincoln Highway, America's first trans-continental route, was officially opened in June, 1915, amid widespread local celebrations. The highway (US Route 30) originally entered the city's East End, but later alterations caused it to cross into . . . — Map (db m44172) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — 13-15 — The Pottery Capital of America
For nearly a century, East Liverpool dominated the United States pottery industry. Drawn to easily accessible clay deposits and ready river transportation, British-born potter James Bennett established the first commercial pottery here in 1841. His . . . — Map (db m49711) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — 7-15 — Thomas J. Malone Bridge / Gaston's Mill
"Thomas J. Malone Bridge" This covered bridge stood in the 1870s over Middle Run, on State Route 154, between Lisbon and Elkton, Elkrun Township. It was converted to a storage shed and moved twice by the Elkrun Township Trustees. Mr. . . . — Map (db m44754) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — Traveler's Hotel
The Traveler's is the city's oldest surviving hotel. A portion of the present building was first constructed in the late 1890's as "The Landora". Later additions were constructed in 1910 and 1927. The Traveler's Hotel was a stopping point for those . . . — Map (db m44174) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Liverpool — W.L. Thompson Music Store
Constructed in the 1880's by Will L. Thompson for his rapidly expanding music business, this building was a showcase for band instruments, pianos and organs, as well as sheet music and similar merchandise. Thompson, composer of "Softly and Tenderly . . . — Map (db m44175) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), East Palestine — 20-15 — Log House Museum
Side A This circa 1840s log house, which now serves as a museum and home to the East Palestine Historical Society, was originally located at the corner of West Main and Walnut Streets. Some of its most notable and earliest residents were Dr. . . . — Map (db m111189) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Elkton — 1-15 — Church Hill Road Bridge / Timber Covered Bridges
This covered bridge, over Middle Run, Elkrun Township, Columbiana County, is the shortest covered bridge in the United States still standing on a once-used public highway, having a clear span of 19 feet and 3 inches. It is an example, rarely found . . . — Map (db m370) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Hanoverton — 5-15 — Birthplace of Catholicism in Northern Ohio
About a mile south in St. Paul's Cemetery, the Reverend Father Edward J. Fenwick, "Pioneer Apostle of Ohio," organized the first Catholic parish in northern Ohio. The first mass was celebrated in the log house of Daniel McCallister. A century and a . . . — Map (db m66536) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Hanoverton — 3-15 — Canal Tunnels
Southeast of this point are the Big and Little tunnels. They were links in the 73-mile Sandy and Beaver Canal which connected the Ohio River with the Ohio and Erie Canal. Shifts of Irish laborers worked night and day with hand drills and blasting . . . — Map (db m66538) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Hanoverton — St. Philip Nerisince 1817 — “The Birthplace of Catholicism in Northern Ohio” —
St. Philip Neri Parish Est. 1817 Church 1849 Bell Tower 1899 150th Anniversary 1999 — Map (db m118724) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Hanoverton — The Old Town PumpHanoverton Pump
The Old Town Pump the pump, located on Canal St. just west of the Mansion Hotel, was the first public well in Hanover. it was dug in 1845

A grateful community thanks John Wargo Walt Watson Joe Davis John Simonds for this symbol of our . . . — Map (db m119582) HM

Ohio (Columbiana County), Leetonia — 17-15 — Cherry Valley Coke Ovens
Believed to have been constructed in 1866, this facility is one of the largest of its kind in the nation. The complex of 200 ovens was erected by the Leetonia Iron and Coal Company, later known as the Cherry Valley Iron Works, to supply fuel for . . . — Map (db m66540) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), North Georgetown — Stage Coach InnWestern Inn
. . . — Map (db m123247) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Salem — 3-50 — Maple-DellBuilt 1848
Maple-Dell was the home of John Butler, a Quaker who expressed his religious faith by working for humanitarian causes. An early Goshen Township teacher, Butler opened his home to orphans, the homeless, and runaway slaves, and devoted 20 years of his . . . — Map (db m78944) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Salem — Salem
Founded 1806. Site of Ohio’s first Women’s Rights Convention April 19-20, 1850. — Map (db m120918) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Salem — 15-15 — Teegarden-Centennial Covered Bridge / Teegarden
Side A:Teegarden-Centennial Covered Bridge The Teegarden-Centennial Covered Bridge, constructed primarily of white oak is of Multiple King Post design spanning 67 feet. It was built nearly 100 years after the birth of the nation. . . . — Map (db m66539) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Salem — 14-15 — Unserheim
Unserheim, meaning "Our Home" in German, is the name of this ante-bellum Queen Anne style home, which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. From 1857-1878, it was home to Daniel Howell Hise, a Quaker and ardent . . . — Map (db m65429) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), Salineville — 52 — Monroeville-In A Trap — John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail —
By July 26, 1863, Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan was in a race that was rapidly coming to an end. Union pursuers seemed to be everywhere as the Confederates worked their way north from Nebo (near present-day Bergholz). After passing through . . . — Map (db m111195) HM
Ohio (Columbiana County), West Point — Morgan's Surrender
This stone marks the spot where the Confederate raider Gen. John H. Morgan surrendered his command to Maj. George W. Rue July 26, 1863 and is the farthest point north ever reached by any body of Confederate troops during the Civil War. — Map (db m36094) HM

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