“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Vinton County Ohio Historical Markers

Lockheed T33 Shooting Star and Marker image, Touch for more information
By William Fischer, Jr., August 15, 2009
Lockheed T33 Shooting Star and Marker
Ohio (Vinton County), Elk Fork — Lockheed T33 Shooting Star
Engine - Allison J-33 A-35 of 5,200 lb thrust Span - 38 ft.-10.5 in. Length - 37 ft.-9 in. Height - 11 ft.-4 in. Weight - 8,084 lbs. empty Max Takeoff - 14,442 lbs. Max Speed - 600 mph Cruising Speed - 455 mph Range - 1,345 . . . — Map (db m25043) HM
Ohio (Vinton County), Mc Arthur — Vinton County Civil War Memorial
In Memory of the Soldiers of Vinton County — Map (db m26514) HM
Ohio (Vinton County), Mc Arthur — Vinton County Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the veterans of Vinton Co. who honorably served and to those who gave their lives in the service of our country. — Map (db m25044) HM
Ohio (Vinton County), McArthur — Mc Arthur Well
Below this marker lies a legendary well. According to local lore, anyone who drank from this brick-lined well would someday pass this way again. The exact location of the well was unknown until uncovered by contractors on November 1, 2007 — Map (db m26513) HM
Ohio (Vinton County), Orland — The Cox Covered Bridge The Bridges of Vinton County
The Cox Covered Bridge was built in 1884 by the Diltz and Steel Company and uses a variation of the Vinton County Queenpost truss system. In late August 1992, workers from the Vinton County Engineer's office used an innovative method to move the . . . — Map (db m26500) HM
Ohio (Vinton County), Wilkesville — Henry Duc and the Defenders of Our Country
Henry Duc Founder of Wilkesville June 10, 1810 Born in France Departed his life June 21, 1827 Age 64 Came to America an officer in the French Fleet ————— To the Memory of Henry Duc Who . . . — Map (db m80626) HM
Ohio (Vinton County), Wilkesville — 3-82 — Morgan's Raid in Vinton County
During the summer of 1863, General John Hunt Morgan, a Confederate cavalry leader from Kentucky, invaded southern Ohio with 2,460 mounted men. Throughout the campaign Morgan's men plundered and looted before being captured by Union forces. On . . . — Map (db m52873) HM
Ohio (Vinton County), Wilkesville — 19 — Wilkesville An All-Too-Brief Rest John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail —
Confederate Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan and his men arrived in Wilkesville just before dark on July 17, 1863. The local home guard offered very little resistance to the invaders. The raiders plundered the village office and local stores. . . . — Map (db m108275) HM
Ohio (Vinton County), Zaleski — From Forest to Furnace
Hundreds of men labored cutting timber, working the furnace and driving teams of oxen hauling iron ore to the furnace. To fuel the furnaces, the forests were repeatedly cut, and the wood converted to charcoal. Each furnace required cutting 300 to . . . — Map (db m26506) HM
Ohio (Vinton County), Zaleski — 1-82 — Hope Furnace 1854 - 1874
One of 69 charcoal iron furnaces in the famous Hanging Rock Iron Region. Extending more than 100 miles from Logan, Ohio to Mt. Savage, Kentucky this area contained all materials necessary to produce high grade iron. The industry flourished for over . . . — Map (db m24757) HM
Ohio (Vinton County), Zaleski — Life in Zaleski
Although a small village today, Zaleski was once was [sic] a booming town of 1,500 people. With 15 saloons, seven general stores, three churches, two doctors, two newspapers, a schol, a Masonic lodge, two brickyards and a flour mill, it was the . . . — Map (db m26503) HM
Ohio (Vinton County), Zaleski — The Furnace Legacy
Business in the Hanging Rock region blossomed in the 1850s, and the area became Ohio's first chief industrial center. Much of the iron produced here was used to build the nation's growing railroad system. The railroads, in turn, provided . . . — Map (db m26507) HM
Ohio (Vinton County), Zaleski — The Hanging Rock Blast Furnace
The Hanging Rock blast furnaces varied little in their design. They resembled flat-topped pyramids built of sandstone block. The narrow furnace top rose 35-40 feet from the broad base. Inside the sandstone blocks was a lining of bricks made of clay . . . — Map (db m26505) HM
Ohio (Vinton County), Zaleski — The Hanging Rock Iron Region
Charcoal iron production in Ohio was centered in the Hanging Rock Iron Region, a geographical area extending from Hocking County to the Ohio River and including portions of Northern Kentucky. The region encompassed an 1800 square mile area that was . . . — Map (db m26472) HM

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