“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Perry County Pennsylvania Historical Markers

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By Craig Swain, May 23, 2009
Pennsylvania Canal Marker
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Amity Hall — Pennsylvania CanalSusquehanna Division
Built 1823-31; operated until 1901. It extended from Duncan's Island to Northumberland. In its 41-mile course, the Division embraced 13 locks, 7 aqueducts, old Shamokin Dam, and West Branch Towpath Bridge. Traces of the Canal can be seen at points . . . — Map (db m19709) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Dromgold — Dromgold Farm
The tract of land containing the Dromgold Farm was initially settled by Benjamin Cunningham in 1828. It remained in the Cunningham/Dromgold family until 2009, when it was bequeathed by Benjamin's great-great-granddaughter Gladys Dromgold Shaffer to . . . — Map (db m109885) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Dromgold — William Bigler
Governor of Pennsylvania, 1853-55; birthplace about one mile west of here. In office he opposed the chartering of wildcat banks and passage of "omnibus bills." U.S. Senator 1856-1861. A brother, John, also born here, was Governor of California. . . . — Map (db m23371) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — 6 — Clark's Ferry Bridge

The Clark's Ferry Bridge was part of the Main Line Pennsylvania Canal built in 1828. Mules walked on a cantilevered walkway outside the structure and towed canal boats across the river. The dam below the bridge was known as Green's Dam and . . . — Map (db m119917) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — 10 — Clark's Ferry Tavern

The Clark's Ferry Tavern, the oldest building in Duncannon, was originally built by John or Daniel Clark as early as 1788 and later enlarged. It served vital roles as a docking point for the ferry crossing the Susquehanna River, an inn, tavern, . . . — Map (db m119883) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — Duncannon

Formerly "Petersburg" Renamed for Duncan Family Founded 1844 — Map (db m119885) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — Duncannon Area Schools1892 - 1955
. . . — Map (db m119888) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — 1 — Duncannon Iron Works

A large industrial complex existed from the base of the mountain to Little Juniata Creek known as the Duncannon Iron Works. A single iron forge was built in 1827 by Stephen Duncan and John Mahon. In 1832 it was operated by John Johnson & Co. . . . — Map (db m119941) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — 7 — Duncannon National Bank

Built in 1889, this was the first building in Perry County to be devoted exclusively to banking. The Duncannon National Bank was the first National Bank established in the county and started operations January 1, 1890. Its president was John . . . — Map (db m119949) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — Duncannon Presbyterian Church AnnexBuilt 1889

1889-1926 Duncannon National Bank 1926-1936 Perry Co. Telephone and Telegraph Company 1936-1963 The United Telephone Company of Penna. 1963- Duncannon Presbyterian Church — Map (db m119955) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — 4 — Duncannon Square

Once lined with shade trees and featuring a public fountain in the town green, the Duncannon Square has been the center of activity since the very beginning.

The square featured the National Hotel in the northwest corner and the Laird Hotel . . . — Map (db m119912) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — 2 — Entering Duncannon

The Wister Mansion was at the intersection of New Bloomfield Road and Main Street, now the location of the American Legion. It was the home of John Wister who at age 14 became an errand boy at the Duncannon Iron Works and rose to become its . . . — Map (db m119906) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — 3 — Entering Duncannon

On February 4, 1887 a charter was granted by the Commonwealth for the construction of the Perry County Railroad from Duncannon to New Bloomfield. On September 12, 1889 the first locomotive entered New Bloomfield. The Duncannon Station sat just . . . — Map (db m119908) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — First Sunday School In Perry County

• • In • • the Church at the Mouth of the Juniata the forerunner of the Duncannon Presbyterian Church • • the • • first Sunday School in Perry County was organized in 1821 and has had practically a continual existence . . . — Map (db m119953) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — Lightning Guider Sleds
Produced between 1904 and 1988 by the Standard Novelty Works, located here. In 1920 the plant was credited with producing more children's sleds than any other U.S. factory; its capacity was then 1,600 to 1,800 per day. The company also made . . . — Map (db m19711) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — Pennsylvania CanalJuniata Division
This Division was built in 1828-33. It extended to the eastern end of the Allegheny Portage Railroad at Hollidaysburg, a distance of 127 miles. Just west of here, the Canal crossed the Juniata by an aqueduct which was used until 1901. Abutment and . . . — Map (db m19541) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — Pennsylvania Canal
This State-owned artificial water-way system, built 1826-1834, was designed to connect points like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Erie in a vast inland trade. It embraced six chief canal divisions and two railroads. Here the Susquehanna, Juniata, and . . . — Map (db m19708) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — Ross McHugh HoodJuly 17, 1846. - July 1, 1863.

Killed at Battle of Gettysburg. Buried with Unknown Co. G, 149. Regt. Pa. Vol. — Map (db m119891) WM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — 5 — The Railroad in Duncannon

The railroad steamed into Duncannon in 1848 and was a major factor in the growth and development of the area. In the mid-1800s the railroad ran through the center of town on Apple Tree Alley. Around 1865 the earliest station was built at the . . . — Map (db m119919) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Duncannon — Veterans Memorial

To Servicemen who served their country during all wars

To all Veterans who served — Map (db m119920) WM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Junction — Fort Robinson
Pioneers' stronghold built 1755 on land of George Robinson; in use for several years as refuge from Indian attacks. The site was about a mile away on the side road. — Map (db m90726) WM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Liverpool — Dr. Reifsnyder
Dr. Elizabeth Reifsnyder, M.D., a pioneer medical missionary to China for more than thirty years, lived in this house both before and after her work abroad. Born 1858, she died here in 1922. — Map (db m23370) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Liverpool — Elizabeth Reifsnyder, M.D.

To Perry County Womanhood as exemplified in the life of Elizabeth Reifsnyder, M.D. Born 1858 — Died 1922 Outstanding Woman of Perry County's First Century . . . — Map (db m119868) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Liverpool — Holman Mercantile Store ~ Willowbrook ApartmentsConstructed 1874

"The Leading Merchants" - In 1847, Jacob and Michael B. Holman founded a mercantile business in Liverpool, PA on the Kerstetter property on Front Street. Michael early left the partnership, and Jacob later brought his two sons Park and . . . — Map (db m119870) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Liverpool — Millersburg Ferry
The only surviving ferry service across the Susquehanna began as early as 1825. boats were poled by manpower until 1873, when the first paddlewheeler was acquired. In the 1920's, gasoline engine replaced steam power, and the paddlewheels were . . . — Map (db m23375) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Liverpool — Veterans Memorial

In memory of All Veterans who served our country — Map (db m119869) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Liverpool — William Grant Morris M. D.In memory of — Born April 4, 1851 • Died July 27, 1931 —

College of Physicians and Surgeons Baltimore, Maryland 1878. A rural doctor who ministered to those in distress throughout this countryside in all hours and seasons from 1899 until his death.

Erected in gratitude by his fellow . . . — Map (db m119867) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Loysville — Loysville Area Veterans Memorial
This plaque honors all the men and women of the Loysville Area who served in the Armed Forces during war and peace times but especially those who gave their lives in the fight for freedom and peace. — Map (db m90725) WM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Marysville — Rockville Bridge
The longest stone masonry arch railroad bridge in the world, one mile to the south, was built 1900-02. With forty-eight arches, it has a length of 3,820 feet. This was the third bridge constructed here by the Pennsylvania Railroad. A wooden . . . — Map (db m19540) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Millerstown — James A. Beaver
Civil War hero; Governor of Pennsylvania, 1887-91; a Superior Court judge, 1895-1905, was born in Millerstown Oct. 21, 1837. Site is marked by a plaque. His adult life was spent at Bellefonte, where he died on January 31, 1914. — Map (db m19675) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Millerstown — World War Memorial1917 - 1919
This tablet is dedicated in honor of those of Millerstown and vicinity who answered the call of our country and enrolled for service [Honored Dead] Wilbur G. Anderson • Robert H. Garman Edward S. Knight • Walter A. Smith [Honor Roll of . . . — Map (db m53676) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), New Bloomfield — Carson Long Institute
Founded by Theodore Kepner Long as a memorial to his son William Carson Long University of Michigan A.B. 1908 — Map (db m53665) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), New Bloomfield — Carson Long Military Institute
A military school since 1919, it is the oldest in Pennsylvania. Originally Bloomfield Academy, founded in 1837. Owned 1914-21 by Theodore K. Long and renamed as a memorial to his son, William Carson Long. First building, "The Maples" was completed . . . — Map (db m23364) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), New Bloomfield — Donald Campbell Willard
This tablet is erected in memory of Donald Campbell Willard University of Pennsylvania, A.B. 1910 in recognition of his loyal service as first president of Carson Long Institute — Map (db m53661) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), New Bloomfield — New Bloomfield World War I Memorial
1917 World War 1919 A deep sense of appreciation has inspired the erection of this tablet in honor of those who left New Bloomfield and Centre Township to promote world freedom and to preserve the safety and honor of their country D. Neil Harper • . . . — Map (db m23369) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), New Bloomfield — Perry County
Formed March 22, 1820 from Cumberland County. named for Oliver Hazard Perry, war of 1812 hero. Birthplace of two governors of Pennsylvania, one of California, and one of Minnesota. The county seat, Bloomfield (P. O. New Bloomfield) was incorporated . . . — Map (db m23367) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), New Bloomfield — Perry County Civil War Memorial
Dedicated to the Soldiers and Sailors of Perry County Who offered their lives as a sacrifice that the nation might live. — Map (db m23366) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), New Buffalo — The John Schaffer Tavern and InnAlso known by the names The Red House, The Evergreen Hotel and The Lodge House — New Buffalo, Pennsylvania —
This imposing three story, twelve room structure was built in 1828 by businessman John Schaffer who housed his family and offered food and rest to Pennsylvania Canal construction workers and later canal boatmen and passengers. Travel conditions were . . . — Map (db m118153) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Newport — Newport Fugitive Slave Rescue
In July 1841, three Md. slaves, Alick, Tom, and Ben, were pursued to Newport by bounty hunters. While Ben drowned as he attempted to cross the Juniata River, the other two were captured. Several Newport citizens aided the fugitives’ escape, and in . . . — Map (db m89724) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Newport — Newport Heritage Park
(Top plaque) Route of the United States Despatch Riders who entered Perry County through Sterrett’s Gap (originally Croghan’s Gap), crossed the Juniata River at Reider’s Ferry, bearing orders from the United States Government War Department . . . — Map (db m89728) HM WM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Newport — St. Paul’s Lutheran ChurchListed on the National Register of Historic Places — Newport Heritage Park —
This Newport Heritage Park location was made possible in 2015 by the generous community spirit of the congregation of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

First recorded Lutheran services were held in Newport homes and school houses by the Rev. John W. . . . — Map (db m89726) HM

Pennsylvania (Perry County), Sherman Dale — John Bannister Gibson
Born Nov. 8, 1780, in a house near here. Chief Justice of Pennsylvania 1827-51. This was also the birthplace of William Bigler, who was Governor of Pennsylvania, 1852-55; and U.S. Senator, 1856-61. — Map (db m23374) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Shermans Dale — John Bannister GibsonChief Justice of Pennsylvania — 1827-1851 —
Born November 8, 1780 in the home of his parents Colonel George Gibson and Ann West Gibson 124 northwest of this marker HIS FAME WAS UNEQUALED — Map (db m109884) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Sterrett's Gap — The Route of United States Army Despatch Riders / Confederate Soldiers Farthest Advance
The Route of United States Army Despatch Riders who entered Perry County through this pass, known as Sterrett's Gap (originally Croghan's Gap, named for George Croghan, pioneer trader and Indian intepreter), later crossing the Juniata River . . . — Map (db m53642) HM

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