“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Orange County Texas Historical Markers

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April 12, 2018
Site Of End Of The Line Station Marker
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11478 — Site Of End Of The Line Station
The original charter for a rail line through the Orange area was granted to the Sabine and Galveston Railroad and Lumber Company in 1856. About the same time the New Orleans, Opelousas and Great Western Railroad Company was building a line west . . . — Map (db m116867) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — American Legion Post 49 Memorial
. . . — Map (db m116358) WM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11468 — Atakapan Indians of Orange County
The Atakapan Indians, a tribe associated with southeastern U. S. bands, lived in this area for centuries. Studies have suggested their presence covered a large region of southeast Texas. Their name comes from the Choctaw Indians, and means . . . — Map (db m116693) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11471 — Black Education in Orange County
Schools for Orange County’s black children were held in churches and private homes as early as the 1870s. In 1887 a black school was opened in the Duncan Woods community, and another was soon established in Orange. Known as Orange Colored School, . . . — Map (db m116259) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 16630 — Black Education in Orange County
As early as the 1870s, Orange County's African American children attended school in private homes and churches. The Orange County commissioners established 17 school districts in 1887. Schools included the Duncan Woods No. 3, located in the Duncan . . . — Map (db m116303) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 15975 — Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown(April 18, 1924 - September 10, 2005)
Well known for his expertise on the guitar and his multi-genre music, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown had a recording career that spanned more than 50 years. Born in Vinton, Louisiana, he and his family moved to Orange when he was an infant. Here, Brown . . . — Map (db m116271) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 18169 — Cox House
The town of Orange began as a settlement in the late 1820s on a bend in the Sabine River. By the Turn of the Century, the town had expanded north of the river bend. Thomas C.B. Cox (1856-1929), a civil engineer for the Lutcher and Moore Lumber . . . — Map (db m116204) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 14044 — Dr. William Hewson and Dr. David Caldwell Hewson
Two in a long line of physicians in their family, William and David Caldwell Hewson were significant figures in Orange County. William was born in Philadelphia in 1801. in 1821, he married Mary Ann Bankson and they moved their family several times . . . — Map (db m116876) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 14608 — Emma Henderson Wallace
A native of Waxahachie, Texas, Emma Shirley Henderson Wallace (1876-1968) attended school at Prairie View College before becoming a teacher in 1896. She taught in Tyler, Ellis and Jefferson Counties before moving to Orange in 1901 to become one of . . . — Map (db m116194) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — Ever Changing Landscapes
The grounds were very important to the Starks. Much as the home changed throughout their lives, the grounds also evolved. Over the years, they added three greenhouses, or conservatories, a potting shed, lily pond, servants quarters, and more. . . . — Map (db m118243) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11479 — First Baptist Church of Orange
In 1879 the Rev. Andrew Peddy helped organize this congregation with 18 charter members. They met in the frame Orange County courthouse and were served for a time by missionary preachers. Sarah A. Finch and Anna and L. L. Bettis deeded a lot in . . . — Map (db m116190) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11481 — First United Methodist ChurchOf Orange
The first recorded Methodist activity in Orange was in 1859, when the Rev. Valerious C. Canon was sent here from the Woodville District. By 1871, Orange was on a circuit which included Hardin, Jefferson and Orange Counties. According to legend, one . . . — Map (db m116208) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11508 — George Alexander Pattillo
A veteran of the War of 1812, Georgia native George Alexander Pattillo (1796-1871) migrated to this area in the early 1830s. He served on the local Committee of Correspondence created by the Convention of 1832 and on the General Council of the . . . — Map (db m116654) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11494 — Henry Jacob Lutcher
The son of German immigrants, Henry Jacob Lutcher (1836-1912) became a successful lumberman in this home state of Pennsylvania. Attracted by the vast timberlands of Southeast Texas he and his partner G. Bedell Moore moved part of their operation . . . — Map (db m116245) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 13021 — Henry Jacob Lutcher Stark
On December 8, 1887, Henry Jacob Lutcher Stark was born in Orange to William H. and Miriam H. (Lutcher) Stark. His maternal grandfather, Henry J. Lutcher, had amassed wealth as a co-founder of the Lutcher and Moore Lumber Company and as a landowner . . . — Map (db m116270) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — Historical Sketch of Orange CountyOrange County Historical Wall — Orange County 1852-1982 —
The history of Orange County is actually the story of utilization and development of the natural resources of this part of southeast Texas. For more than a century and a half, lumber, agriculture, shipbuilding, oil, and finally chemically related . . . — Map (db m116339) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — History of Orange, Texas Rotary Club
The Orange, Texas USA Rotary Club was admitted to Rotary International on 1 June 1919. Its first President was H.J.L. Stark. Mr. Stark, together with other influential members of the City of Orange, believed that the community would benefit from . . . — Map (db m116336) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — History of Rotary International
The world's first service club, the Rotary Club of Chicago, Illinois, USA, was formed on 23 February 1905 by Paul P. Harris, an attorney who wished to recapture in a professional club the same friendly spirit he had felt in the small towns of his . . . — Map (db m116335) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 14583 — Hollywood Community Cemetery
Though rumors of slave cemeteries in Orange County abound, the burial ground on this site is the oldest known African American cemetery in the area. When Mary E. (Merriman) Boneville transferred 2.5 acres of land to William King, trustee of Mt. . . . — Map (db m116196) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11502 — Hugh Ochiltree(July 10, 1820-March 28, 1891)
A native of North Carolina, Hugh Ochiltree migrated to Texas in 1840. Settling first in Nacogdoches, he studied law in the office of his cousin William Beck Ochiltree, who became a prominent Justice and Texas statesman. In 1843 he moved to San . . . — Map (db m116641) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11483 — John Harmon
Born in 1790 in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, John Harmon lived at Poste de Attakapas, a Spanish fortification at the present site of St. Martinville. A veteran of the state's defensive actions during the War of 1812, he wed Elizabeth Compstock . . . — Map (db m116875) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11469 — Leonard Frederick Benckenstein(May 15, 1869 - Jan. 30, 1952)
A millionaire by his early thirties, Leonard Frederick Benckenstein made his first fortune in Detroit, where he was involved in the insurance, stock, and bond business. His friendship with prominent East Texas lumberman John Henry Kirby led him to . . . — Map (db m116209) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 14471 — Levingston Shipbuilding Company
In 1859, three brothers, Samuel, David and John Levingston, arrived in Orange from Ireland and purchased an existing shipyard, where they built wooden ships for more than thirty years. The some of Samuel Levingston, "Captain" George Levingston, . . . — Map (db m116219) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11498 — Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church
The earliest known Black congregation in Orange, Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church was started in 1871 as a result of the organizatonal efforts begun by Simon Jones, Peter Minor and William Ruben Minor. Joined later by William Edwards, Boyd . . . — Map (db m116286) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 14845 — Office of the Supervisor of Shipbuilding and Consolidated Steel Corporation
Orange's location at a bend in the Sabine River, adjacent to the immense virgin pine forests of southeast Texas, made it an ideal site for shipbuilding. However, by 1930 all of the easily obtainable timber was exhausted, and the associated sawmills . . . — Map (db m116218) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11500 — Old Niblett's Bluff, C.S.A.
On high point SE, across the Sabine in Louisiana. Busiest East Texas port of entry in the Civil War. Target for enemy movements west across Louisiana repeatedly in 1862-64. Confederate defense post. Supply depot to support constant troop movements, . . . — Map (db m116679) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11505 — Orange County
Formed from Jefferson County Created February 5, 1852 Organized March 20, 1852

Named for the fruit grown in the district since the earliest settlements near the mouth of the Sabine River. County Seat, Madison, 1852 Named changed to Orange . . . — Map (db m116304) HM

Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11506 — Orange County and the Civil War
Shortly after the voters of Orange County and Texas approved secession in 1861, three military companies were raised in the county for Confederate service-- The Orange Light Guard, The Orange Greys, and Hannah's Company. Additional forces, . . . — Map (db m116191) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 13970 — Riverside Addition: World War II Housing in Orange
The second World War catapulted Orange into a period of unparalleled industrial growth. In 1940, as the nation prepared for possible entry into the war, the U.S. Navy Office of Shipbuilding placed orders with three shipyards: Levingston . . . — Map (db m116222) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 12133 — Salem United Methodist Church
Six months after the news of the Emancipation reached Texas in 1865, the Louisiana-Texas-Mississippi Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church for African Americans, known as the Mississippi Conference, was organized on Christmas Day. In 1868, . . . — Map (db m116290) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11504 — The City of Orange
The first known settlers in what is now the City of Orange were John and Elizabeth Harmon, who arrived in 1828 with their three children. Known first as Green's Bluff, the small farming community that developed along a bend in the Sabine River was . . . — Map (db m129621) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11507 — The Orange Leader
Tracing its origins to 1875, this newspaper has served Orange for over a century. It began as "The Orange Weekly Tribune" operated by A. P. Harris, general mercantile merchant. Through subsequent owners and mergers with other newspapers, the . . . — Map (db m117250) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11514 — The Sawmill Industry in Orange County
Orange County's sawmill and timber industry began with hand-operated logging operations run by pioneer settlers in the 1820s. In 1835 Robert Boothe established the area's first mechanized sawmill, and in 1841 Paine & Bendy established the first . . . — Map (db m116671) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 12134 — The Woman's Club of Orange
Cultural opportunities were rare for women in the Orange Community at the end of the 19th century. On October 18, 1893, a small group of women met to form "The Ladies' Shakespeare Club" for the study of Shakespeare, history and literature in . . . — Map (db m116205) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — U.S. Navy in Orange, Texas
Orange, Texas has a long association with the U.S.Navy. Its shipyards build 39 destroyers, 93 destroyer escorts, 106 landing craft, and numerous other vessels in World War II. Orange was home for 250 "Mothball" ships of the Atlantic Reserve Fleet . . . — Map (db m116193) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11522 — U.S.S. Aulick
On September 9, 1940, a federal contract worth $82 million was issued to the Consolidated Steel Company to construct 12 Fletcher class naval destroyers here in Orange, Texas. This and other contracts coupled with the subsequent building of major . . . — Map (db m116221) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 15073 — United States Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility
At the termination of World War II, the United States had the largest naval force of any country in history. Prudent military leaders decided against scrapping surplus vessels, in favor of preserving them so they could be activiated quickly in case . . . — Map (db m116232) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11519 — W.H. Stark House
Eastlake detailing decorates the porches and gables of this ornate Queen Anne style residence, built in 1893-94 for William Henry (1851-1936)and Miriam (Lutcher)(1859-1936) Stark. A financial and industrial pioneer, . . . — Map (db m118244) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 15629 — Weaver Shipbuilding
Joe Weaver established Joseph Weaver and Son Shipyard in Orange in 1897. George Levingston, later founder of Levingston Shipbuilding Company, acquired an interest in Weaver and Son in 1898, and the company built barges for the Galveston Navigation . . . — Map (db m116231) HM
Texas (Orange County), Orange — 11520 — William Henry Stark
A native of San Augustine County, William Henry Stark (1851-1936) lived in Burkeville and Newton before moving to Orange in 1870. Here he worked in the early area sawmills and became acquainted with every phase of the lumber industry.

In 1881 . . . — Map (db m116243) HM

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