“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Washington County Texas Historical Markers

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By Jim Evans, June 8, 2014
Bassett and Bassett Banking House
Texas (Washington County), Brenham — 8297 — Bassett and Bassett Banking House
Benjamin H. and Thomas J. Bassett opened their newly-created bank and located their law office in this building soon after its completion in 1873. Built with bricks manufactured by the local Wild & Co. Brickyard, the Italianate structure housed the . . . — Map (db m74420) HM
Texas (Washington County), Brenham — 13541 — Blue Bell Creameries
In August 1907, the Brenham Creamery Company formed to purchase excess dairy products from farmers and produce butter for local sales. In 1911, the creamery began making ice cream, producing a maximum of two gallons each day. E.F. Kruse, who managed . . . — Map (db m74449) HM
Texas (Washington County), Brenham — 8327 — County Commissioners Court Texas Confederate
Composed of a chief justice (now county judge) and four county commissioners, these elected governing boards directed vital Civil War programs. Provided arms, clothing, horses and saddles for troops from county. Gave aid to wartime factories. . . . — Map (db m28943) HM
Texas (Washington County), Brenham — 8329 — Early Texas River Steamers
River-shipping efforts in pioneer Texas by steamboat were centered primarily on the Brazos (about 2 mi. E.), and Washington-on-the-Brazos (about 15 mi. N.) was an important distribution point for commercial interests. The Brazos flowed through most . . . — Map (db m71622) HM
Texas (Washington County), Brenham — 8341 — Glenblythe Plantation, Home of Thomas Affleck
In the 19th century, one of the world's foremost researcher-writers on agriculture and horticulture lived 1858-1868 on his 3,500-acre plantation 2 mi. S of here, developing famous "central Texas nurseries" and experimental fields for new plant . . . — Map (db m93503) HM
Texas (Washington County), Brenham — 8361 — La Bahia Road
One of the first overland routes used by European explorers of Texas, La Bahia Road was originally an east-west Indian trail in southeastern Texas and Louisiana. Earlier it may have been an animal trail. Although not as famous, or long, as El Camino . . . — Map (db m27787) HM
Texas (Washington County), Brenham — 8290 — Robert Starke Armistead (November 5, 1800 - June 14, 1866)
A native of North Carolina, Robert Starke Armistead moved with his family to Alabama in 1818. He married Ann Sylvesta Carney in 1826 and they came to Texas in 1835. Armistead served in the Republic of Texas army in 1836 and with forces defending San . . . — Map (db m93505) HM
Texas (Washington County), Brenham — 8392 — Schmid Bros. Building
Swiss immigrant Josef Schmid began a mercantile business in Brenham in 1880. He was joined by his brothers Benjamin and Sigmund to form Schmid Bros. in 1889, and in 1899-1900 they erected this building to house their business enterprises. Built in . . . — Map (db m74422) HM
Texas (Washington County), Brenham — 8308 — The Brenham Maifest
The Brenham Maifest has evolved from the German Volksfest, a spring festival carried to this area by German Texans who settled near Brenham. When the Brenham Fire Department assumed the duties of the Volksfest Association in 1880, the exclusively . . . — Map (db m28941) HM
Texas (Washington County), Brenham — 8287 — Thomas Affleck
Born and educated in Scotland, Thomas Affleck (1812-1868) emigrated in 1832 to the United States, where he became one of the most well-known agriculturalists of his time. A prolific writer, Affleck was associated with several agricultural and . . . — Map (db m28316) HM
Texas (Washington County), Brenham — 8400 — Washington County C. S. A.
Washington county was the most populous in the state during the Civil War. It served as a center for production, warehousing, transportation, communications, and had a large quartermaster depot. Local wartime factories made spinning jennies, lumber, . . . — Map (db m28809) HM
Texas (Washington County), Brenham — 8401 — Washington County Courthouse
Built in 1940 with funds granted by the Public Works Administration, this is the fourth courthouse to serve Washington County since its formation in 1835. Constructed during the tenure of County Judge Sam Low, the massive white limestone . . . — Map (db m111920) HM
Texas (Washington County), Brenham — 8403 — Waul's Texas Legion Campsite
In the spring of 1862 Thomas N. Waul (1813-1903) recruited men from Washington and the surrounding counties to form a legion for Confederate service. Composed of twelve infantry companies, six cavalry companies, and two artillery companies, the . . . — Map (db m28314) HM
Texas (Washington County), Burton — 8315 — Burton Community
John M. Burton (1806-77) of Georgia came to Texas in the 1820s, and to this area in 1834. When the Houston & Texas Central Railroad was being built in 1869, he sold land for townsite. Post office opened Sept. 23, 1870, with Charles Huberich as . . . — Map (db m106039) HM
Texas (Washington County), Burton — 8317 — Burton Farmers Gin
In December 1913 a group of local farmers met to organize the Burton Farmers Gin Association. This two-story corrugated metal-clad gin building was constructed in 1914. The gin's machinery was steam-powered until 1925, when an oil engine was . . . — Map (db m111945) HM
Texas (Washington County), Burton — NL109 — Burton Farmers Gin 1914 National Mechanical Engineering Landmark
This is the earliest known survivor of an integrated cotton ginning system widely used to process cotton from wagon to bale in a continuous operation. The gin machinery was designed and built in 1914 by the Lummus Cotton Gin Company and can . . . — Map (db m111947) HM
Texas (Washington County), Burton — 8363 — Gideon Lincecum (1793-1874)
As a boy Gideon Lincecum moved with his father to various frontier sites in his native Georgia and in Mississippi. It was during this time that he developed insights about natural habitats and cultivated an understanding of Indian culture which . . . — Map (db m93501) HM
Texas (Washington County), Burton — 8388 — Site of St. Paul-Rehburg School
Although the earliest written records of the St. Paul and Rehburg Schools date to 1880 and 1883 respectively, local tradition suggests they originated with informal classes held at the homes of pioneer farmers in this area of Washington County in . . . — Map (db m109025) HM
Texas (Washington County), Chappell Hill — 8319 — Chappell Hill
Founded 1847. Named for Robert Chappell, an 1841 settler. Early education center, with Chappell Hill Male and Female Institute, 1852, and Soule University, 1850. Male students marched away to Civil War in 1861. C.S.A. Quartermaster Depot . . . — Map (db m74273) HM
Texas (Washington County), Chappell Hill — 16205 — Farmers State Bank and Reinstein Store
Chappell Hill began as an agricultural community in 1847 but had no bank until a population boom in the early 1900s brought wealth and economic prosperity. Farmers State Bank organized in March 1907 and opened in September of that year with J. . . . — Map (db m111933) HM
Texas (Washington County), Chappell Hill — 8383 — Old Rock Store
Town's early masonry store, built 1869 by merchant John E. Glass. Has thick sandstone walls, massive hand-hewn and pegged pine timbers, doors and window shutters made with square nails. Tenants have been grocers and the Chappell Hill Post . . . — Map (db m111934) HM
Texas (Washington County), Chappell Hill — 8419 — Site of Soule University for Boys
Established in 1855 and chartered in 1856 to replace Rutersville and Wesleyan Colleges. Closed during the Civil War and later by yellow fever. Succeeded in 1875 by Southwestern University — Map (db m74266) HM
Texas (Washington County), Greenvine — 8342 — Greenvine Gas Discovery (2 mi. Northwest)
Apparently the first use in Texas of natural gas for fuel occurred in 1879 near here. William Seidel, a farmer, grist mill and cotton gin owner, and merchant, trying to dig a water well, struck gas at approximate depth of 106 feet. The gas was piped . . . — Map (db m28321) HM
Texas (Washington County), Washington — 8404 — Washington-on-the-Brazos
This village — site of the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence and first capital of the Republic of Texas — began in 1822 as a ferry crossing. Here the historic La Bahia Road (now Ferry Street) spanned the Brazos River. . . . — Map (db m72114) HM

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