“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Submitted by Allen C. Browne

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Calvert Memorial Park Sign image, Touch for more information
By Tom Fuchs, February 18, 2006
Calvert Memorial Park Sign
Nova Scotia (Victoria County), Baddeck — Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell, Teacher of the deaf Humanitarian and inventor, Became the first member of The Telephone Pioneers of America, On November, 2, 1911. The Telephone Pioneers of America, Are proud to dedicate this cairn To . . . — Map (db m79993) HM
Ontario (Algoma District), Sault Ste. Marie — Anna Jameson1794-1860
Born in Dublin, Ireland, and raised in London, this famous 19th century author, illustrator and social reformer joined her husband, Robert Jameson, Attorney General of Upper Canada, at Toronto in 1836. The following June, unescorted, Mrs. Jameson . . . — Map (db m105960) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Rosa Parks Montgomery Bus Boycott / Hank Williams Alabama Troubadour
Side A At the bus stop on this site on December 1, 1955, Mrs. Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to boarding whites. This brought about her arrest, conviction, and fine. The Boycott began December 5, the day of Parks’ trial, as a . . . — Map (db m86422) HM
California (San Diego County), Pacific Beach — The Ballad of P.B.
Pelican Brown was in search of a home where he could have fun and relax he looked for a beach that was pretty and a sea that was swimming with snacks. He flew up and down the long coastline looking both far and quite near then one . . . — Map (db m84187) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Allen Ginsberg(1926-1997) — Rainbow Honor Walk
Renowned poet, leading figure of the Beat Generation of American writers and artists, champion of freedom of expression and sexual self-determination. — Map (db m99801) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Robert Louis Stevenson Fountain
To Remember Robert Louis Stevenson To be honest, to be kind — to earn a little and to spend a little less — to make upon the whole a family happier for his presence — to renounce when that shall be necessary and not be . . . — Map (db m91022) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — San Francisco National Cemetery
“Let it be your greatest joy to teach my child that I was one who loved my country more than life. It is the only legacy I can bequeath to him, but it is one that a prince might well be proud of.” — From the diary of an . . . — Map (db m81648) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — The Bulldog BathsUptown Tenderloin Historic District
130 Turk Street c. 1923 Formerly housed the Bulldog Baths. This building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places — Map (db m63787) HM
Connecticut (New Haven County), Madison — James Madison Memorial1751-1836
Fourth President of the United States-Father of the Constitution-Author of the Bill of Rights-Madison Connecticut Incorporated 1826 — Map (db m66472) HM
Connecticut (New Haven County), New Haven — Walter Camp
Walter Camp " The Father of American Football" Walter Camp. Outstanding Yale athlete and coach became the single most important figure in the development of American Football. Recognized as the primary authority on football rules in his lifetime. . . . — Map (db m49710) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), 16th Street Heights — 1 — Racing at BrightwoodBattleground to Community — Brightwood Heritage Trail
Fresh Water Springs in this pleasant high ground once drew European settlers. Farmers called the area "Crystal Spring." In 1859 the half-mile Crystal Spring Racetrack opened on land to your left. For 75 cents, Washingtonians hopped a stagecoach . . . — Map (db m109288) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Adams Morgan — Lithuania's March to FreedomKeeping a Nation Alive — Adams Morgan Heritage Trail
Since 1924 this mansion has housed representatives of the Republic of Lithuania, even during the 50 years when the country was occupied by the Soviet Union. In the late 1700s, the Russian Empire annexed Lithuania's territory, ending the . . . — Map (db m82751) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Adams Morgan — The ›Duke‹ Ellington Memorial Bridge
Named in honor of Edward Kennedy Ellington 1899-1974 Native Son Composer - Performer - Playwright International Statesman of Goodwill — Map (db m67913) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Barney Circle — Heroes of 1814 — Star-Spangled Banner Historic Trail
Congressional Cemetery, founded 1807, is the resting ground for many War of 1812 figures. Among them are Navy Yard Commandant Thomas Tingey, the first architect of the Capitol, Dr. William Thornton, State Department Clerk Stephen Pleasonton, and . . . — Map (db m80481) HM WM
District of Columbia (Washington), Brightwood — 4 — Crossroads Create CommunityBattleground to Community — Brightwood Heritage Trail
The Grand, Neo-classical Revival style building that you see across Georgia Avenue north of Missouri opened in 1925 as the Bank of Brightwood, thanks to efforts of the Brightwood Citizens Association. Designed by Treasury Department architect . . . — Map (db m72818) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Capitol Hill — Cortelyou House1891 — Residence of George B. Cortelyou
This residence was designed by architect Appleton P. Clark, Jr. and built in 1891 for Daniel Birtwell. In 1900, George Bruce Cortelyou occupied the house when he became secretary to President McKinley. Cortelyou continued to serve in public office . . . — Map (db m69292) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Cleveland Park — 1 — 1. Roma Restaurant
Cleveland Park was named for Grover Cleveland who bought a country house on now Newark Street in 1886. In the 1890s, electrified streetcars ran on Connecticut and Wisconsin Avenues and led to the development of the Cleveland Park "suburb". Shops . . . — Map (db m112449) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — Jean Monnet1888-1979
Born in France, widely travelled, he died at age 90 near Paris, proud citizen of a united Europe he inspired and helped to create. Earlier, from his office in the Willard Hotel, he contributed greatly to America's victory program for wartime . . . — Map (db m6708) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — The Lee House
Erected 1858 Home of Rear Admiral Samuel Phillips Lee, U.S. Navy and Elizabeth Blair Lee, to whom it was given by her father, Francis Preston Blair. Admiral Lee commanded the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron during the Civil War. Home also of . . . — Map (db m4050) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — These Five-Inch Brass Trophy Guns
These five-inch brass trophy guns were captured from the Spanish Arsenal at Cavete [sic], in the Phillipine [sic] Islands on May 1, 1898, following the defeat of the Spanish Squadron in Manila Bay by the United States Navy. Admiral . . . — Map (db m71257) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Peace at Last!Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail
The Octagon Once was the city residence of wealthy Virginia landowner Colonel John Tayloe III. After the British burned the White House and other government buildings, President James Madison accepted Tayloe's invitation to use the Octagon as a . . . — Map (db m87563) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Fort McNair — Women War Workers 1861 - 1865
During the Civil War the Washington Arsenal was both the largest Federal arsenal and the one closest for shipping its war materials to the various fighting fronts in Virginia. Here thousands of caissons and limbers, wagons and ambulances, cannon . . . — Map (db m29739) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Gallaudet — Site of the Rose Cottage
On this site stood Rose Cottage, “The Cradle of Gallaudet.” Originally, it was the home of William Stickney, son-in-law of Amos Kendall. A large rose garden stood between the two men’s houses so the Stickney House, with 10 rooms, became . . . — Map (db m40432) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Georgetown — Dumbarton Oaks
In 1702 The Rock of Dumbarton was granted by Queen Anne to Colonel Ninian Beall — In 1717 Colonel George Beall - his son - added to his lands - In 1780 Thomas Beall - his son - sold the property to William Dorsey and in 1801 William Hammond . . . — Map (db m101367) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Judiciary Square — Major General George G. Meade Memorial
MEADE The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Major General George Gordon Meade who commanded the Union forces at Gettysburg — Map (db m29653) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), LeDroit Park — 5 of 19 — Griffith Stadium"Lift Every Voice" — Georgia Ave./Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail
“I used to come home every night, get a quarter from my mother, run to Griffith Stadium, and sit in the bleachers,” Abe Pollin once said. “I would look out at these good seats and say, ‘Some day, maybe I will get a good seat.’ . . . — Map (db m51732) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Logan Circle — 6 Logan
Built for Capt. Allen V. Reed, USN Circa 1878 Renovated 1986 by Allan Bortel & Associates — Map (db m80163) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Logan Circle — Major General John A. Logan
Logan — Map (db m18104) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Logan Circle — Vermont Avenue Baptist Church1530 Vermont Avenue, NW — African American Heritage Trail, Washington, DC
Vermont Avenue Baptist Church was formed in 1866 by seven formerly enslaved men and women meeting in the home of John and Amy Slaughter. They joined the Nineteenth Street Baptist Church for assistance in organizing their own church. Then, led by . . . — Map (db m54677) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), McLean Gardens — Evalyn Walsh McLean and the Hope Diamond
A Cinderella world once existed behind the stone wall you see straight ahead, occupied by Evalyn Walsh McLean. Evalyn was the only daughter of multimillionaire Thomas F. Walsh — he struck gold in Colorado — and Carrie Bell Reed, a . . . — Map (db m88717) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — General Post OfficeNational Historic Landmark
General Post Office has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935. This site possesses exceptional value in commemorating or illustrating the history of the . . . — Map (db m28536) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — Luther and Charlotte GulickThe Extra Mile — Points of Light Volunteer Pathway
Luther and Charlotte Gulick founded Camp Fire in 1910 as America’s first nonsectarian, interracial organization for girls. Boys joining in 1975. The organization provided opportunities and real-life lessons seven areas key to successful childhood . . . — Map (db m91876) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — The Daguerre Monument
This monument pays tribute to French Artist and inventor Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre (1787–1851), who revolutionized picture-making in 1839 by introducing the first practical form of photography to the world. Known as the daguerreotype, . . . — Map (db m80876) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — The Extra Mile — Points of Light Volunteer Pathway
Two Journeys Lie Ahead. One is the tangible journey of visiting this monument and taking inspiration from the noble achievements of the men and women honored by the bronze medallions that form the pathway ahead. The other — less . . . — Map (db m92238) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Petworth — 19 of 19 — Mr. Lincoln’s RideLift Every Voice Georgia Avenue — Georgia Ave./Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail
It’s the summer of 1862. Early morning, but already hot and dusty. You’re standing at this spot, when you see a tall man on horseback. It’s President Abraham Lincoln. You’re pleased to see him, but not surprised. After all, he rides by here often. . . . — Map (db m52973) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Pleasant Plains — 12 of 19 — Beyond the BasicsLift Every Voice — Georgia Ave./Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail
During the Civil War, thousands of once-enslaved people crowded into DC, desperate for shelter, work, and protection. Most vulnerable were orphans and children separated from their families. In 1863 the National Association for the Relief of . . . — Map (db m98365) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Shaw — 1 of 19 — Grief Turns to AngerLift Every Voice — Georgia Ave./Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail
Thursday Evening, April 4, 1968. The news that the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., has been assassinated in Memphis makes its way like lightning through the city. Nearby at 14th and U Streets — once the cultural heart of DC's African . . . — Map (db m84806) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Southwest — 11 of 17 — All Aboard!River Farms to Urban Towers — Southwest Heritage Trail
Before bridges spanned the Potomac, ferry boats took people and goods across the river. You could ride to Alexandria from Greenleaf’s Point (now Fort McNair), or between the landings where today’s 14th Street Bridge touches ground. Sailboats came . . . — Map (db m113550) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Southwest — Bartholdi FountainUnited States Botanic Garden
The Bartholdi Fountain was created by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi (1834 - 1904), the French sculptor who also designed the Statue of Liberty. It was first exhibited in Philadelphia at the International Exposition of 1876. The fountain was purchased . . . — Map (db m66372) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Southwest — Navigating the Potomac River
Beginning in 1815, steamboats ferried passengers and goods across the river and connected the waterfront to Richmond and other points via Aquia Creek. Today's riverside activities continue to include boat day trips, excursions, and pleasure cruises . . . — Map (db m112444) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Woodley Park — Walsh Memorial
It was on this site that the Reverend Thomas A. Walsh, the founder and first pastor of this parish, erected its first church. This plaque is in memory of him and all those parishioners, living and dead, who supported him in this undertaking. . . . — Map (db m87963) HM
Georgia (Carroll County), Carrollton — 022-1 — Charles Carroll of Carrollton
Carroll County, created by an act of the Georgia legislature in December, 1826, proudly bears the name of Charles Carroll, of Carrollton. Charles Carroll was born in Annapolis, Maryland, in 1737. He attended preparatory schools in this country . . . — Map (db m12872) HM
Georgia (Gordon County), Calhoun — Sequoyah
Originator of the Cherokee Indian alphabet. Two miles east of this spot is New Echota, the last Indian capital in Georgia, where Sequoyah lived. Here was published the "Cherokee Phoenix," only newspaper edited in an Indian language. . . . — Map (db m87047) HM
Georgia (Muscogee County), Midland — 106-12 — “Blind Tom”
200 feet east is the grave of Thomas Wiggins, (1843-1908). As “Blind Tom” he thrilled audiences here and in Europe with his remarkable musical performances. Born a slave, his native genius let him reproduce perfectly on the piano any . . . — Map (db m22770) HM
Georgia (Walker County), Chickamauga — MT-469 — Crittenden's Headquarters Shell Monument21st Army Corps
Field Headquarters 21st Army Corps Maj. Gen. Thomas L Crittenden, Daylight, Sept. 19, 1863. — Map (db m13209) HM
Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — Fairbanks Morse & Company Building
Fairbanks Morse & Company Building Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of Interior Built 1906 — Map (db m99883) HM
Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — Hotel Somerset
Hotel Somerset Built 1889 This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places — Map (db m99908) HM
Illinois (Cook County), Chicago — VisionaryJane Addams
Social Philosopher Jane Addams envisioned a peaceful world community based on cooperation, mutual understanding, and acceptance of differences. Pragmatist She advocated the participation of all citizens n the creation of a just and . . . — Map (db m99945) HM
Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — Birthplace of Herbert Hoover
Birthplace of Herbert Hoover First President of the United States born west of the Mississippi River. Marked by Pilgrim Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution — Map (db m86708) HM
Kansas (Leavenworth County), Leavenworth — 9 — General William Tecumseh Sherman"Local Lawyer & Total Warrior" — Historic Wayside Tour #9
The law firm of Sherman, Ewing and McCook was on the 2nd floor of a wooden building located in front of this pedestal. All four partners in the firm became general officers in the Union Army during the Civil War. The most famous member of the firm . . . — Map (db m42154) HM
Kansas (Montgomery County), Coffeyville — William Howard Taft27th President — United States of America
on this site, September 25, 1911, while on a train tour of eastern Kansas, President Taft addressed 30,000 citizens of the Coffeyville area. Dedicated September 25, 1991 — Map (db m60804) HM
Maine (Knox County), Camden — Edna St. Vincent Millay1892 — 1950
“All I could see from where I stood Was three long mountains and a wood; I turned and looked another way, And saw three islands in a bay. So with my eyes I traced the line Of the horizon, thin and fine, Straight . . . — Map (db m35439) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — 2 — HMS Macedonian MonumentThe Naval War of 1812 — Don't Give Up The Ship
Figurehead of HMS Macedonian. The classical head represents Alexander, the Macedonian who ruled Greece and much of the known world in the 4th century BC. It was carved in wood in 1810 to decorate the bow of the British warship named . . . — Map (db m63428) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — 1 — Mahan HallThe Naval War of 1812 in Annapolis — Don't Give Up the Ship!
U.S. Navy Trophy Flag Collection Congress in 1814 legislated that all flags captured from an enemy in war by the U.S. Navy would be preserved and sent to Washington. By order of the President this collection was relocated to the Naval Academy . . . — Map (db m63563) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — 9 — Maryland State HouseThe Naval War of 1812 in Annapolis — Don't Give Up the Ship!
The seat of Maryland government, the State House was at the center of the state's planning for the War of 1812, both locally and in coordination with President Madison's administration in Washington, D.C. Near constant fear of invasion by the . . . — Map (db m63499) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — The English Frigate “Augusta”Sixty Four Guns
was destroyed an sunk in the Delaware River by Col. Smith's American Battery October 23rd, A.D. 1777 ——……… —— This Cannon is one of the sixty four. — Map (db m100649) HM WM
Maryland, Baltimore — 1029 East Baltimore Street
The building's on the south side of this block have changed dramatically to meet the needs of an ever-changing city. First built a private homes, since the late 19th century they have housed community institution devoted to the spiritual, cultural, . . . — Map (db m97356) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Entering Fort McHenry ... A Deadly Crossfire
You are standing in the most vulnerable point of Fort McHenry, and potentially the most deadly. The main entrance was the weakest part of the fort's walls. Fearing a British land attack, the defenders built the Ravelin (the structure to your right) . . . — Map (db m66509) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Infusing Style and Sophistication:The Influence of Maximilian Godefroy
For its first 25 years, the burying ground remained a simple place characterized by plain grave markers. After 1810, tastes changed and First Presbyterian Church's leading public figures demanded the ornate. The most dramatic change was a new . . . — Map (db m6645) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Site of Poe’s Death
This structure, now the east building of Church Hospital, was erected in 1836, to house the Washington Medical College. Edgar Allan Poe, author, and poet, was brought here, ill and semi-conscious, on October 3, 1849 and died four days later. In . . . — Map (db m2426) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — The Guns that Won the Battle
The gun deck in front of you is a partial representation of the forts 1814 Water Battery. Made up of 26 cannons in two tiers, the Water Battery comprised the fort's primary means of defense.

The Cannons that stood here fired shot weighing 18 . . . — Map (db m60411) HM

Maryland, Baltimore — The Harris Bus
The race to invent a gasoline-powered motor vehicle began in earnest in the 1890's. Most investors started with the modest idea of a two-seater, but William Thomas Harris, an engineer of this city, was more ambitious. He proposed a 15-passenger bus. . . . — Map (db m6309) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — The Municipal Museum of the City of Baltimore
This house was built by Rembrandt Peale in 1814 as a Natural History Museum and Gallery of the Fine Arts. Robert Carey Long was the Architect. Purchased by the City of Baltimore, 1830, Jacob Small being Mayor, it was occupied as the City Hall from . . . — Map (db m6307) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Washington Monument
The Washington Monument, constructed between 1815 and 1829, was the nation's first formal tribute to the leader of the United States. Following the custom of the day, the design was chosen in a competition and the cost defrayed by a public lottery. . . . — Map (db m90316) HM
Maryland (Baltimore County), Dundalk — Hitting HomeStar Spangled Banner National Historic Trail — War of 1812
People living in the path of the British army as it marched toward Baltimore in September 1814 feared the worst. Some hurriedly hid valuables; others packed what they could and fled. Residents who remained faced the enemy with courage.

The . . . — Map (db m83039) HM

Maryland (Baltimore County), Dundalk — Proud of Our StandStar-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail — War of 1812
In 1814 Baltimore's defenders watched about 4,500 British troops march from North Point toward the city. Roughly 3,200 Americans, led by Brigadier General John Stricker, were sent to impede the advance. He positioned his men across a road at a . . . — Map (db m79757) HM
Maryland (Baltimore County), Hereford — Fosters "Masemore" Mill
Built in 1797 by Nicholas Foster and Christopher Walker. This mill was once the hub of an agricultural community. It is now a private residence within Gunpowder Falls State Park. — Map (db m98209) HM
Maryland (Baltimore County), Kingsville — Ishmael Day’s House
When one of Harry Gilmor’s Confederate Cavalrymen (on July 11, 1864) pulled down his Union Flag, Day shot him and then escaped to the woods. They burned his house and barn. — Map (db m1927) HM
Maryland (Baltimore County), Towson — Wartime SupportStar Spangled Banner National Historic Trail — War of 1812
Northampton Iron Furnace, operating from 1761 to about 1830 approximately a mile north of here, played a significant role in the War of 1812. Part of the prosperous Hampton estate, the foundry’s workforce was made up primarily of enslaved . . . — Map (db m83051) HM
Maryland (Carroll County), Taneytown — Everything from Bags of Flour to the President's Shoes
The arrival of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company in 1871 placed the town's merchants and farmers in an advantageous economic situation. Edward Reindollar expanded a grain elevator by including a steam flour mill in 1892, while Edward Zepp set up a . . . — Map (db m80556) HM
Maryland (Carroll County), Taneytown — The Heart of Our Town
Taneytown was founded in 1754 by Raphael Taney, a land speculator from St. Mary’s County. Some of the first buildings to line the dusty road were taverns-public houses where weary travelers could have a meal and spend the night. In fact President . . . — Map (db m65105) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Frederick — Confederate Sentinel
Erected A.D. 1880. By the Ladies Monumental Association of Frederick County In honor of the soldiers of the Confederate Army who fell in the battles of Antietam, Monocacy, and elsewhere and are here buried. Honor To the Brave . . . — Map (db m103172) WM
Maryland (Frederick County), Frederick — General LaFayette
Friend of America and Liberty Arrived at the bridge nearby on his way to Frederick December 29, 1824 —————— Created by a delegation of citizens including the gallant Lawrence Everhart who had come to escort him . . . — Map (db m2326) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Frederick — Jane Hanson National Memorial
First Lady Jane Contee Hanson, 1728-1812 In the unmarked mass grave behind this memorial rests Jane Hanson, the original first lady of the United States. She is buried here with 285 others reinterred in 1913 from Frederick's . . . — Map (db m103170) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Frederick — Laboring Sons Memorial Ground
Laboring Sons Cemetery A cemetery was established at this site in 1851 by the Beneficial Society of the Laboring Sons of Frederick to provide a burial ground for citizens of color. The Beneficial Society had been formed in 1839 “for the . . . — Map (db m110797) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Frederick — Monocacy Battlefield
. . . — Map (db m3294) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Frederick — The Everedy Company
Larry J. Lebherz and his brothers incorporated The Everedy Company here in 1923 during the height of the prohibition era. The operation began with the production of bottle cappers and later would be known for its stainless steel pots and pans, . . . — Map (db m104045) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Frederick — The News
“We are conscious that it is a considerable undertaking to assume the task of editing a daily newspaper. The duties of the position are rather laborious, requiring constant attention: yet we have fully calculated the chances of success and are . . . — Map (db m107233) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Ijamsville — George WashingtonStopped in a building two hundred yards west of here known as Peter’s Tavern — Thursday June 30, 1791.
Originally erected 1932 by the Federation of Rural Women's Clubs of Frederick County, MD., as part of a national movement to commemorate the bicentennial of Washington's birth through recognizing places noted in his diary. Replaced 2016 . . . — Map (db m102966) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Middletown — 29 West Main Street
The original frame house that was constructed on this site appears to have been constructed around 1850. Since about 1885, the first floor of the building was used for a variety of Businesses, including a confectionary, a clothing store, a harness . . . — Map (db m71439) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Thurmont — Blue Blazes Still
What the police discovered at the Blue Blazes Still was startling. This was not a small, family still but a big, commercial whiskey operation. Police found coils, cooling boxes, hoses, and eighteen 500-gallon-vats— the largest best equipped . . . — Map (db m79945) HM
Maryland (Garrett County), Grantsville — Casselman Hotel
The Casselman is a mid 19th-century hostelry, probably built in the early 1800's by Soloman Sterner, to serve travelers on the National Road. The stylistic features of the building show strong early 1800s Federal influence, but many of the specific . . . — Map (db m104844) HM
Maryland (Garrett County), Oakland — The Glades Hotel
Facing the railroad tracks directly in front of you was the Glades Hotel. Deriving its name from the nearby area called “Youghiogheny Glades,” the Glades Hotel was built in the mid-1850’s by Perry Lyle directly across the tracks from the . . . — Map (db m468) HM
Maryland (Howard County), Elkridge — Elk Ridge Landing
An important colonial port for shipment of Tobacco. Here in 1765 Zachariah Hood, Maryland’s “Stamp Act” agent, was hanged in effigy. Lafayette’s troops camped here April 17-18, 1781 on the way to engage Cornwallis in Virginia. George . . . — Map (db m3144) HM
Maryland (Howard County), Ellicott City — Fells Lane Community
You are standing at the site of the historic African American neighborhood of Fells Lane. The homes were demolished n the 1970s, and the street renamed Fels, after community activists fought for the construction of a new neighborhood. This . . . — Map (db m111831) HM
Maryland (Howard County), Ellicott City — Yates Market & Hardware8247 Ca 1850's       8249 Ca 1922
In 1905 SJ Yates opened his grocery store at 8247, formerly a home from the mid 1800’s. He used a model T truck to make free home deliveries. In 1925 he move to his newly-constructed building at 8249. In 1938 his grandson, Bladen, opened a hardware . . . — Map (db m111715) HM
Maryland (Howard County), Oella — Robert Bannaky
This plaque commemorates Robert Bannaky, the colonial African American father and farmer. He purchased this historic land in 1737, with the sale of 7,000 pounds of tobacco. Robert was from Guinea (present day Ghana/Nigeria region of Africa), . . . — Map (db m78504) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Bethesda — "All are Welcome to the Healing Plaza"Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
All are Welcome to the Healing Plaza This plaza is a tribute to the history and legacy of two great military medical institutions and their contributions to military medicine. Through this garden’s peaceful landscape, sculpture, and . . . — Map (db m70946) HM WM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Bethesda — A Totem For Healing
The National Library of Medicine's healing totem was created to promote good health, in keeping with the mission of the doctors and scientists who work here at NIH to advance our knowledge of health and medicine. Master carver Jewell James of the . . . — Map (db m77836) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Bethesda — The Mary Woodard Lasker Center for Health Research and Education
Mary Woodward Lasker (1900-1994), with her husband Albert, founded the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation in 1942 to deepen the national commitment to medical science, and to raise awareness of extraordinary basic and clinical research discoveries . . . — Map (db m73073) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Chevy Chase — Woodend Manor House
The Woodend Manor House was designed in Georgian style by John Russell Pope in 1927, on what was once the hunting grounds for Algonquin Indians. The house was originally the residence of Chester and Marion Wells, who wanted the house to recreate the . . . — Map (db m61560) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Gaithersburg — Wells-Robertson HouseBuilt: 1885
The Wells-Robertson House is sited on land that was once part of the 1723 land grant known as Deer Park. William R. Hutton, a well-known engineer, and his heirs began dividing and selling the land during the last half of the nineteenth century. In . . . — Map (db m101668) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Garrett Park — Garrett Park, Md.Incorporated 1898
In 1887, the Metropolitan Investment and Building Company laid out the town, named after Robert W. Garrett, President of the B. & O. Railroad. It was to be primarily residential, a short commuter train ride to Washington, D.C. Now, over one hundred . . . — Map (db m218) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Rockville — 17 — Baseball FieldNorth Washington and Hungerford Drive — SITE #17
The practice field for Rockville's African American baseball team was located between North Washington Street and present-day Hungerford Drive. The team played around the county and in Washington, D.C. from the early 1900s through the . . . — Map (db m102121) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Rockville — Beall-Dawson HouseSlavery in Rockville
Gettysburg Campaign In April 1862, Congress abolished slavery in Washington, D.C. District slaveholders were eligible for monetary compensation when they manumitted (freed) their slaves. Because the Beall sisters held several slaves who worked . . . — Map (db m5416) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Rockville — Higgins HouseArresting Civilians
Early Sunday morning, June 28, 1863, Confederate cavalrymen arrived at merchant John Higgins' house to arrest him, but he had already left for Christ Episcopal Church. Instead they captured Eblen, a 17 year-old Union soldier recuperating here. When . . . — Map (db m102790) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Rockville — Lucy Simpson's Rockville Institute
1887 Original home of Lucy Simpson's Rockville Institute a private school known as the “Little Red Hut” ——— • ——— Owned by the Darby family from 1914 - 1979. Restored and renovated . . . — Map (db m102789) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Rockville — Rockville's Pump HouseThe Growth of Rockville's Water and Power Services
The Pump House was built in 1897 under the guidance of Mayor Joseph Reading, the town druggist who was elected on the “Water Works Ticket.” Known as “Rockville Electric Light and Water Works,” it was an important step in the . . . — Map (db m108252) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Silver Spring — Canada Dry Building
Designed in 1946 by New York City architect Walter Monroe Cory, the Canada Dry Bottling Plant is the most architecturally significant Streamline Moderne industrial structure in Montgomery County and a landmark in downtown Silver Spring. The extant . . . — Map (db m75058) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Silver Spring — Rachel Carson House
Rachel Carson House Has been designated a National Historic Landmark This property possesses national significance in the commemorating the history of the United States of America. 1991 National Park Service United States Department of . . . — Map (db m75694) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Silver Spring — Silver Spring Shopping Center
The 1938 Silver Spring Shopping Center is a superb example of moderne architecture with art deco elements. Designed by noted architect John Eberson, it is a rare example of an early planned shopping center with parking forming Montgomery County's . . . — Map (db m75065) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Beltsville — Site of Rhodes’ Tavern
Lieutenant-General George Washington “dined at Rhodes” December 18, 1798, on his last journey from Philadelphia to Mount Vernon. — Map (db m2982) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Brentwood — Dueling Grounds
Near this site, more than fifty duels were fought during the first half of the 19th century. This is where gentlemen of Washington settled their political and personal differences, on what became known as "The Dark and Bloody Grounds". One of the . . . — Map (db m73141) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Brentwood — Fort Lincoln Mausoleum
The finest Community Mausoleum in the world, Embellished with cathedral -type, art stained glass windows of breath-taking beauty. A great memorial dedicated and perpetually endowed for all those entombed within its marble halls. Its interior . . . — Map (db m69730) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Brentwood — Living Sculpture
This unusual feature was created by the famous sculptor, Enrico Cerrachio. Should you walk across the arm of the cross, formed by the walkway, you will observe the that the eyes and entire head appear to turn and look directly at the beholder at all . . . — Map (db m69515) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Clinton — His Lordship’s Kindness
Name derives from 7000-acre grant by Lord Baltimore in 1703. Although present house, known as Poplar Hill for many years, may date from latter part of 18th century, it was believed built c. 1728 for Anne Talbot, niece of 14th Earl of Shrewsbury upon . . . — Map (db m72052) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — "The University of Maryland Is Deeply Rooted in History"City of College Park — Anacostia Trails Heritage Area
From its pre-Civil War roots as the state’s first agricultural college and one of America’s original land grant institutions, the University of Maryland has emerged as a public research university of national stature, highly regarded for its broad . . . — Map (db m13160) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — Trolley TrailCity of College Park
Electric trolleys or streetcars arrived in College Park along the Rhode Island Avenue right-of-way at the turn of the 20th century. The Old Town neighborhood developed as a streetcar suburb and trolley service continued until 1962, when the DC . . . — Map (db m115257) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Colmar Manor — Famous FootstepsBattle of Bladensburg — Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail
As the militia – local citizens—defended this road, then known as the Bladensburg or Washington turnpike, from approaching British troops in 1814, three historical figures stood in the thick of the battle at or near this point: . . . — Map (db m73241) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Colmar Manor — The Road to the CapitalBattle of Bladensburg — Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail
The War of 1812 raged on land and sea, touching every border of the young nation. On August 24, 1814, after two years at war, the Americans faced the British here at Bladensburg. While the American militia were unable to hold back the . . . — Map (db m77080) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Croom — The Sears House
It Came in the Mail! Sears Roebuck and Co. Mail order Homes. Simplex Sectional Cottages. The mail-order home in front of you was purchased by Mr. Lowe Steed from Sears, Roebuck and Company in 1923 for $400. It is a quaint, three room, no-bath . . . — Map (db m6327) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Glenn Dale — MariettaHome of Gabriel Duvall — (1752-1844)
Judge Gabriel Duvall built Marietta in 1812-13 and in the 1830s added a two-story wing on the north side. Duvall was distinguished for a lifetime of public service which included election to the Maryland state legislature and the United States . . . — Map (db m3630) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Lanham — Lincoln
A suburb established by progressive African Americans who worked in the District of Columbia. Platted in 1908 along a stop of the WB&A Electric Railway. Developed by Lawyer Educator, Civil Servant and activist Thomas Junius Calloway. Vice President . . . — Map (db m72043) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Laurel — 27 — Avondale MillCity of Laurel Walking Tour
The Avondale Mill was built on this site in 1845.Initially a flour mill, it later produced cotton cloth and lace. The building was used to manufacture tractors during WWII. The mill burned in 1991. The site is part of Laurel's Riverfront Park.Site . . . — Map (db m79027) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Laurel — Laurel Factory:Prince Georges County's Only Mill Town — Riverfront Park Heritage & Nature Trail
Laurel was originally called Laurel Factory after the cotton mill that stood where the Laurel Pool is today. The Laurel mill originally manufactured cotton duck, used for sails, tents and the Conestoga Wagons that settled the west. Cotton ramie . . . — Map (db m79084) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Oxon Hill Maryland — A Farm for St. Elizabeths, 1891-1950
St. Elizabeths Hospital should be “the grandest institution of its kind in the world." -- Charles H. Nichols first Medical superintendent of St. Elizabeths For nearly 70 years, the land around you was a hospital farm. St. . . . — Map (db m100626) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Riverdale — Calvert Family Cemetery
Burial place of George & Rosalie Calvert, four infant children and Charles Benedict Calvert and his infant son. The Calvert family, descendants of the Lords Baltimore, lived at "Riversdale" from 1803 to 1887. Charles Benedict Calvert was a major . . . — Map (db m123) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Riverdale — Riverdale School
A holiday crowd gathered on this spot July 4, 1895, to celebrate the dedication of the first Riverdale School built by the Riverdale Park Company, developers of the new suburb of Riverdale Park. The two-room building, measuring 28 by 60 feet, had 12 . . . — Map (db m191) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Upper Marlboro — Changing GuardStar-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail
Nottingham was the Chesapeake Flotilla’s base in July and early August 1814. The town was hastily abandoned on August 21 as the British moved in. An enemy rear guard protected this important landing while the main force invaded Washington. British . . . — Map (db m61406) HM
Maryland (Queen Anne's County), Chester — Maryland's Eastern ShoreHundreds of Enslaved and Free Black Men Enlisted
Although isolated from Maryland's largest population centers, the Eastern Shore was important to the state's role in the Civil War and exemplified the citizens' divided loyalties. In the years before the war, enslaved African-Americans here began . . . — Map (db m8329) HM
Maryland (Queen Anne's County), Stevensville — British TakeoverStar Spangled Banner National Historic Trail
Broad Creek was an obvious landing point for the 2,000-3,000 British troops coming ashore on Kent Island August 5, 1813. This had been a ferry landing since the 1600s. Stores of grain and pens of cattle, hogs, and sheep awaited transport to the . . . — Map (db m90634) WM
Maryland (Saint Marys County), Lexington Park — The African American Monument In Elmer Brown Freedom Park
The Monument, a project of Unified Committee for Afro­-American Contributions of St. Mary's County, was dedicated On July 29, 2000, Its purpose is to serve as an external reminder of the contributions of African Americans to the growth and . . . — Map (db m101012) HM
Maryland (St. Mary's County), Lexington Park — United States Colored TroopsCivil War Memorial Monument
African Americans have served in every war since the American Revolution. During the Civil War, more that 180,000 African Americans comprising 170 units served in the Union Army and 29,511 served in the Union Navy. Nearly 700 United States Colored . . . — Map (db m56476) HM
Maryland (St. Mary's County), Scotland — Death at Point Lookout
It is hard to imagine this tranquil site as a place of sickness, suffering and death. Yet during the Civil War, five graveyards marked Point Lookout. Why so many graves? In 1863, Union forces chose this isolated spot for a prisoner of war camp. . . . — Map (db m60286) HM
Maryland (St. Mary's County), Scotland — Shipwreck!
Centuries of storms, fogs, shoals, collisions, combat, poor judgement and bad luck have plagued local mariners. Gazing across Point Lookout's waters, we can only wonder how many of their wrecks litter the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac . . . — Map (db m8935) HM
Maryland (Talbot County), Oxford — Oxford WharfRecruiting United States Colored Troops
The Emancipation Proclamation, issued January 1, 1863, authorized the recruiting of African Americans as United States soldiers. Blacks on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware sought freedom for themselves and their families in return their . . . — Map (db m34451) HM
Maryland (Talbot County), St. Michaels — Maritime Legend #21663"The Tow Rope"
Hand tonged in the Miles River in 1939 by local seafaring legend Frankie Alberto Morgan Wilkenship, this rope dates back to 1813. It was used during the British Invasion of St. Michaels. Maritime forensic experts claim the line "a true nautical . . . — Map (db m62851) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Boonsboro — The Battle for Fox’s Gap“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” — Antietam Campaign 1862
As Confederate Gen. D.H. Hill’s division struggled to hold the gaps of South Mountain on September 14, 1862, the fighting here at Fox’s Gap raged throughout the day. About 9 a.m., Gen. Jesse L. Reno’s corps attacked Confederate Gen. Samuel Garland’s . . . — Map (db m454) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Fort Ritchie — Military Intelligence Training Center
In the early days of World War II, Camp Ritchie, then a National Guard training camp, was taken over by the federal government. A Military Intelligence Training Center was established to train intelligence units. A tight wall of security was drawn . . . — Map (db m103022) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Fort Ritchie — Robert F. Barrick Memorial Library
Robert Frederick Barrick entered the military service in 1909 as a private in the Maryland National Guard in Frederick, Maryland. He was commissioned in 1917. In 1926, he was given the task of building a Maryland National Guard training camp on a . . . — Map (db m103021) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Hagerstown — Hagerstonians In The Civil WarBrevet Brigadier General George Bell, USA 1828 - 1907
George Bell was the son of William Duffield Bell, developer of South Prospect Street and editor of the Hagerstown Torchlight newspaper. He grew up in this neighborhood. An 1853 graduate of West Point, Bell served at several posts in . . . — Map (db m44835) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Hagerstown — Wilson BridgeLink Between East and West
Built in 1819, this five-arch structure, named for nearby village, was first stone bridge in Washington County. Erected by Silas Harry at cost of $12,000, it was a major improvement to road system between Baltimore and Cumberland, providing . . . — Map (db m697) HM
Massachusetts (Middlesex County), Natick — Indian Meetinghouse1630 - 1930
On this site John Eliot helped his Indian converts to build their first meetinghouse in 1651, with a "prophet's chamber" where he lodged on his fortnightly visits to preach to them in their language. His disciple Daniel Takawambait succeeded to the . . . — Map (db m48806) HM
Massachusetts (Norfolk County), Quincy — John Adams
Farmer Lawyer Patriot Diplomat First Vice President Second President of the United States Side of Monument: There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public . . . — Map (db m18052) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — Benjamin Franklin1706 - 1790
Printer, Scientist, Philanthropist, Diplomat and Statesman A Man of Towering Eminence As Publisher of Poor Richard's Almanac he provided America in its upbuilding with a practical Philosophy and enriched its common speech with a wealth of . . . — Map (db m101423) HM
Michigan (Monroe County), Monroe — Capture of Gen. Winchester
Under attack by the British and Indians before dawn on Jan. 22, 1813, in the second Battle of the River Raisin, the U.S. 17th Infantry soon broke and fled south across the frozen river. Gen. James Winchester, the American commander, tried several . . . — Map (db m20899) HM
Missouri (Newton County), Neosho — George Washington Carver
A former slave boy, George Washington Carver came to Neosho in the 1870s seeking an education. At Neosho’s Lincoln School, he began his long climb out of ignorance. This was his first step toward becoming a world-famous scientist and teacher at . . . — Map (db m43025) HM
New Jersey (Burlington County), Bordentown — Patience Lowell WrightWomen's Heritage Trail
Patience Lovell Wright was America’s first professional sculptor and a self-appointed Revolutionary War spy. A native of Bordentown, she lived in this house after her marriage to Joseph Wright in 1748. She learned from her sister, Rachel, how to . . . — Map (db m88367) HM WM
New Jersey (Union County), Elizabeth — General Winfield Scott
1786 – 1866 Hero of the Mexican War — Map (db m6957) HM
New York (Columbia County), Kinderhook — Gravesite
Martin Van Buren 1782 – 1862 Governor of New York Eighth President of the United States — Map (db m37474) HM
New York (Nassau County), Oyster Bay — Roosevelt Memorial Rocks
The Book of Theodore Roosevelt’s Life Written in Rocks Chapter 1 – Born Oct 27, 1858. Brick from 28 E 20 NYC where Roosevelt was born. Presented by Women’s Roosevelt Memorial Assn. Chapter 2 – Regaining his Health. Granite step from . . . — Map (db m53686) HM
New York (New York County), New York — Lafayette
[ Right of Monument ] As soon as I heard of American Independence, my heart was enlisted. 1776. [ Back of Monument ] Erected 1876 [ Left on Monument ] To the City of New York France In remembrance of sympathy in . . . — Map (db m41336) HM
New York (New York County), New York — Lincoln KirsteinMay 4, 1907 – January 5, 1996 — 128 East 19 Street, Manhattan
Lincoln Kirstein is widely recognized as one of the founders of the American ballet tradition. With George Balanchine, he created the School of American Ballet in 1934, and served as its President until 1989. Beginning in 1935, he attempted to . . . — Map (db m98577) HM
New York (Orange County), West Point — Douglas MacArthur
Tribute to General of the Army Douglas MacArthur A soldier of true greatness whose long career of service to his country exemplifies what it means to live by the high moral code of chivalry and conduct of the Cadet Corps or West Point: Duty, Honor, . . . — Map (db m47307) HM
North Carolina (Chatham County), Pittsboro — H 88 — Henry A. London1846 - 1918
Lawyer, state senator. Author of 1901 "London Libel Law." Editor of Chatham Record, 1878 - 1918. Home was here. — Map (db m33397) HM
North Carolina (Orange County), Chapel Hill — Carolina Coffee ShopA Town Heritage Site
John Sprunt Hill bought this block of buildings in the 1920's and donated it in parcels to UNC from 1947-51 with the stipulation that rent monies fund the North Carolina Collection at the library of the University which is still in effect to this . . . — Map (db m86542) HM
Ohio (Guernsey County), Cambridge — Old Covered Bridge
Near This Spot The Old Covered Bridge Spanned Wills Creek On the Old National Road 1828 – 1913 Near It Was the Ferry Cabin The First House Built in Cambridge 1798 – 1800 This Marker is Erected By Anna Asbury Stone . . . — Map (db m81828) HM
Ohio (Hancock County), Williamstown — 2-32 — Fort Necessity / William Hull Memorial Park
SIde A Fort Necessity A short distance to the northeast a small stockade and blockhouse were built on June 22, 1812 by order of General William Hull for his nearly 2000 man army on its Detroit expedition during the . . . — Map (db m95496) HM
Pennsylvania (Adams County), Fairfield — Historic Fairfield Inn
Historic Gettysburg Historic Fairfield Inn 1757 Adams County Honored 2007 Civil War Building July 1863 — Map (db m113667) HM
Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — Headquarters of Brigadier General Henry Hunt
Headquarters of Brig-General Henry J. Hunt Chief of Artillery Army of the Potomac July 2,3,4,5, 1863 — Map (db m16030) HM
Pennsylvania (Allegheny County), Pittsburgh — Allegheny Soldiers' Lot
Civil War Dead An estimated 700,000 Union and Confederate soldiers died in the Civil War (1861-1865). As the death toll rose, the U.S. government struggled with the urgent but unplanned need to bury fallen Union troops. This propelled the . . . — Map (db m99059) HM WM
Pennsylvania (Delaware County), Media — Ronald Reagan
On this site, Ronald Reagan, the fortieth President of the United States, delivered and address to the citizens of Media and Delaware County during his presidential re-election campaign on October 29, 1984 — Map (db m83370) HM
Pennsylvania (Fayette County), Farmington — Braddock’s Grave
Here lieth the remains of Major General Edward Braddock who, in command of the 44th and 48th regiments of English Regulars, was mortally wounded in an engagement with the French and Indians under the command of Captain M. de Beaujeu at the Battle of . . . — Map (db m304) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — 3 — Three Disks, One Lackingc.1968 — Alexander Calder (1898-1976)
Alexander “Sandy” Calder descended from a family of famous Philadelphia sculptors. His father’s Swann Memorial Fountain on Logan Square and grandfather’s City Hall sculptures represent art work from three generations. Trained . . . — Map (db m107046) HM
Pennsylvania (Somerset County), Stonycreek — “We're going to do something.”
Aboard Flight 93, one terrorist claims to have a bomb strapped to his waist. The crew and passengers are forced to the back of the plane and ordered to be quiet. Using Airfones from the seat backs in the rear of the plane and cellphones, . . . — Map (db m100681) HM
Pennsylvania (Somerset County), Stonycreek Township — September 11, 2001
The distant Laurel Mountains are outlined against a cloudless, blue sky. The weather is mild, but few people are outdoors. Many sit stunned and horrified in front of their televisions, watching the World Trade Center and the Pentagon burn. America . . . — Map (db m100576) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), York — Gen. Horatio Gates
This building was the residence of Gen. Gates in 1778. At that time he was President of Board of War. It was said that the "Conway Cabal" was thwarted here by Lafayette's loyalty to Washington. — Map (db m4573) HM
Rhode Island (Newport County), Newport — Maj. Gen. Isaac Ingalls Stevens
In memory of Maj. Gen. Isaac Ingalls Stevens Born in Andover, Mass. Who gave to the service of his country a quick and comprehensive mind, a warm and generous heart, a firm will and a strong arm, and who fell while rallying his command with the flag . . . — Map (db m48625) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — Col. William Rhett House54 Hasell Street — circa 1712-1720
This residence was constructed by Col. William Rhett (1666-1722), a prominent Charleston merchant and colonial militia leader. In 1706 he led a small fleet of local ships that repulsed a combined French and Spanish invasion of the city. Rhett is . . . — Map (db m31849) HM
Tennessee (Lawrence County), Lawrenceburg — A Summary of the Life of Davy Crockett:
“Be always sure you are right, then go ahead!”

• Raised in frontier poverty without any education until he is a teenager, David is often hired out to others for additional income while still a child; once held against his will . . . — Map (db m108201) HM

Tennessee (Madison County), Jackson — David Crockett
. . . — Map (db m87533) HM
Vermont (Windham County), Whitingham — Brigham Young Birthplace
The leader of the Mormon pioneers, Brigham Young, was born up the steep hill to the south on June 1, 1801. He eventually led his people from Illinois to Utah where he founded Salt Lake City in 1847 and 500 communities throughout the west. Young . . . — Map (db m61306) HM
Virginia (Albemarle County), Simeon — FL-8 — Ash Lawn – Highland
This estate was the home of James Monroe, fifth president of the United States. In 1793, James and Elizabeth Kortright Monroe purchased 1,000 acres adjoining Jefferson’s Monticello. Called Highland, the plantation, eventually totaling 3,500 acres, . . . — Map (db m23437) HM
Virginia, Alexandria — Former USCT Burial GroundRather Die Freemen Than Live To Be Slaves
This corner of the cemetery was probably reserved for members of the U.S. Colored Troops, some of whom were veterans of battles like the siege of Petersburg and the Battle of the Crater. In 1864, a group of USCT convalescing at L'Ouveruture Hospital . . . — Map (db m87058) HM
Virginia, Alexandria — L'Overture Hospital HQFebruary 15, 1864
During the Civil War, 217 was the headquarters of the L'Overture Hospital. It was named after Tousaint L'Overture — Hispaniola's (Haiti) slave revolt leader. Patients were African American Union Soldiers & “contrabands” (escaped . . . — Map (db m74279) HM WM
Virginia, Alexandria — Prehistory to Colonial Settlement
Jones Point was once a wooded wilderness, ringed by marshes and periodically cut off from the mainland during high tide. American Indians made use of both woodland and wetland for food, tools and supplies. By the 17th century, Europeans had . . . — Map (db m62028) HM
Virginia, Alexandria — Residence of General William Brown, M.D.Born 1748.      Died 1792.
Physician General and Director of Hospitals, Middle Department, Continental Army, Charter member, Society of the Cincinnati. Author of the first American Pharmacopoea. President of Board of Trustees of Alexandria Academy, at General Washington's . . . — Map (db m71757) HM
Virginia, Alexandria — The Gadsby's Tavern Ice Well
Underground ice wells were used in the 18th and 19th centuries to store ice for use during the warm months. In Alexandria, blocks of ice were cut from the Potomac River. Ice was placed in this well through a square opening which is marked in the . . . — Map (db m53609) HM
Virginia, Alexandria — The Hump: Open Lots For Blocks
The racially integrated working-class neighborhood known as the Hump, named for the high ground at its northern boundary, once spanned three blocks, centering on the 800 block of Montgomery Street. The Hump was first settled in the decade following . . . — Map (db m72500) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington — Southwest No. 6 Boundary Marker
The U.S. Government erected 40 sandstone markers on the boundaries of the District of Columbia in 1791 and 1792. The boundary survey was initiated by President George Washington and executed by Andrew Ellicott, who became Surveyor General of the . . . — Map (db m66927) HM
Virginia (Charles City County), Charles City — V-8 — Westover
In 1619 the first settlement was made at Westover, about 2 miles southeast. Two settlers died in the Powhatan uprising of 1622. Theodorick Bland bought Westover in 1666; William Byrd I acquired it in 1688. About 1730 his son, Colonel William Byrd . . . — Map (db m9285) HM
Virginia (Clarke County), White Post — 1750 A.D.
This post was originally placed here by George Washington under the direction of Lord Fairfax. It was erected in 1750 as a guidepost to direct strangers and travelers on the Old Dutch Wagon Road to Greenway Court, the home of Lord Fairfax. — Map (db m1759) HM
Virginia (Clarke County), White Post — Greenway Court
Greenway Court Has Been designated a National Historic Landmark This site possesses National Significance in Commemorating the History of the United States of America 1980 Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service United States . . . — Map (db m70247) HM
Virginia (Fairfax County), Centreville — Centreville Methodist Church
Centreville Methodist Church built 1855 Destroyed during the Civil War Rebuilt 1870 This Marker Presented in Memory of Martha Elliott Saunders By Her Children Otto Frank and Martha 1939 The Edifice Became The Anglican Church of . . . — Map (db m117176) HM
Virginia (Fairfax County), Clifton — Clifton Baptist Church1876
In 1876, George W. Tillet, along with other area men who served with Mosby’s Rangers during the Civil War, formed a Baptist Church with services held in his home. Subsequently, they built a one-room church on this site in 1877 which was replaced by . . . — Map (db m110179) HM
Virginia (Fairfax County), Clifton — Clifton Hotel
Built by Harrison G. Otis. A popular resort hotel during the last quarter of the 19th century, offering health of the 19th century mineral water from its Paradise Spring and the finest in southern cuisine. Presidents Arthur, Grant, Hayes, Roosevelt, . . . — Map (db m112196) HM
Virginia (Fairfax County), Clifton — Clifton Presbyterian Church1870
After the Civil War, residents seeking Christian fellowship and education organized a Sunday School in the Hetzel House at the corner of Chapel and Pendleton streets. In 1869, nine members of the community organized Clifton Presbyterian Church, . . . — Map (db m110160) HM
Virginia (Fairfax County), Fairfax Station — In this Church of St. Mary’sAugust 31 – September 1, 1862
The founder of American Red Cross Clara H. Barton nursed the wounded and dying soldiers from the Second Battle of Manassas and the engagement near Chantilly — Map (db m110236) HM
Virginia (Fairfax County), Mount Vernon — In Memory of the Many Faithful Colored Servantsof the Washington Family
Buried at Mount Vernon from 1760 to 1860. Their unidentified graves surround this spot. — Map (db m7849) HM
Virginia, Fredericksburg — Prisoners of Christ
In Honored Memory of Lewis Craig John Waller, Jr. James Chiles of the county of Spotsylvania Prisoners of Christ Prophets of Spiritual Freedom Who, undaunted by imprisonment preached the Gospel even through the bars of the jail . . . — Map (db m67075) HM
Virginia (Loudoun County), Lucketts — Early Crosses At White's Ford"An immense amount of damage has been done the enemy" — Early's 1864 Attack On Washington
(preface) In June 1864, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee sent Gen. Jubal A. Early's corps from the Richmond battlefields to the Shenandoah Valley to counter Union Gen. David Hunter's army. After driving Hunter into West Virginia, Early . . . — Map (db m101991) HM
Virginia (Loudoun County), Sterling — Vestal's Gap Road
Extending from Alexandria to Vestal's Ferry near Charles Town, West Virginia, this colonial highway was a principal route from the Northern Neck of Virginia through the Blue Ridge in the Ohio Country, in the early 1700's. The road became the major . . . — Map (db m20026) HM
Virginia (New Kent County), New Kent — WO-18 — Martha Washington's Birthplace
About two miles northeast stood Chestnut Grove, the plantation home of John and Frances Jones Dandridge, where Martha Dandridge, the eldest of eight children, was born on 2 June 1731. She lived there until 15 May 1750, when she married Daniel Parke . . . — Map (db m17740) HM
Virginia, Petersburg — Mahone
To the memory of William Mahone Major General C.S.A. A distinguished Confederate commander, whose valor and strategy at the Battle of the Crater, July 30, 1864 won for himself and his gallant brigade undying fame. A citizen of Petersburg, Virginia, . . . — Map (db m6752) HM
Virginia, Richmond — James Monroe Monument
Fifth President James Monroe was born April 28, 1758 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. While attending the College of William and Mary he joined in the struggle for independence from Great Britain. James Monroe served with distinction during . . . — Map (db m95589) HM
Virginia, Richmond — John Marshall HouseBuilt 1790
The third United States Supreme Court Justice lived here until his death in 1835. His family remained until 1909, and the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA) opened it to the public in 1913. — Map (db m29353) HM
Virginia (Shenandoah County), Mount Jackson — To All Confederates
Erected by Mount Jackson Chapter of the U.D.C. —May—   —1903— "Ne'er braver bled for a brighter land, Nor brighter land had a cause so grand". "Nor shall your glory be forgot While fame her record . . . — Map (db m73786) WM
Virginia (Shenandoah County), Strasburg — Stoner-Keller House & Mill1847    1772
Has been designated a Virginia Historic Landmark And placed on the National Register Of Historic Places — Map (db m102472) HM
Virginia (Shenandoah County), Strasburg — Stonewall’s SurpriseBanks’s Fort
In the spring of 1862, U.S. Army Capt. Edward Hunt, an engineer, constructed a fortification on the hill where the Strasburg water tower now stands. Hunt selected the hill "because it had an effective command over the roads, the railroad, and the . . . — Map (db m9546) HM
Virginia (Shenandoah County), Woodstock — Shenandoah County Courthouse
Shenandoah County's native limestone courthouse was built in 1795 with brick additions in 1871 and 1886. In 1927, portico and columns were added giving the Federal Styled building a Greek revival front. It is the oldest courthouse in continuous use . . . — Map (db m73774) HM
Virginia (Spotsylvania County), Chancellorsville — Birthplace of Matthew Fontaine Maury (1806-1873)The Battle of Chancellorsville
This jumble of bricks and stones tucked deep within Spotsylvania's Wilderness marks the birthplace of Matthew Fontaine Maury, the "Pathfinder of the Seas." All but forgotten now, Maury was a legend during his lifetime. While superintendent of the . . . — Map (db m21934) HM
Virginia (Stafford County), Stafford — Gateway to FreedomTrail to Freedom
"I bounded across the Gang plank and concealed Myself for a while until the Steamer got off from the Wharf. I then came out and arrived Safe at 6th Street Wharf in Washington D.C. on the Night of September 1st, 1862 in a hard . . . — Map (db m40131) HM
Virginia (Westmoreland County), Colonial Beach — James Monroe1758 - 1831
Soldier * Patriot * Statesman This marks the birthplace of James Monroe, April 28, 1758 Westmoreland County, Virginia Attended college of William & Mary; Officer, Continental Army, American Revolution; Married Elizabeth Kortright, 1786; US . . . — Map (db m11941) HM
Virginia, Winchester — 132 — Old Stone Presbyterian ChurchErected 1788 — American Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site
Branch of Opequon Church (organized 1736) Congregation organized, 1800, with 40 members; Rev. William Hill, D.D., Minister; Elders: Col. Henry Beatty, John Bell, James Holliday, Joseph Gamble, Robert Gray. Synod of Virginia met here, 1790. . . . — Map (db m122173) HM
West Virginia (Harrison County), Clarksburg — Stonewall Jackson BirthplaceOrgins of a Confederate Hero
The house in which Thomas J. Jackson was born on January 21, 1824, stood across the street and halfway down the block to your right. (marked with a bronze plaque). His father struggled to make ends meet and poverty marred Jackson’s childhood. Both . . . — Map (db m58703) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Shepherdstown — Confederate Dead
Erected to the memory of our Confederate Dead by the S. S. M. Association of Shepherdstown ——— June 6, 1870 — Map (db m107682) WM
West Virginia (Kanawha County), Charleston — KA 3/KA 4 — Malden / Booker T. Washington Homeplace
Marker Front: Malden Early salt-making industry that was centered here peaked in the 1850s. In 1755, Mary Ingles and Betty Draper made salt for their Indian captors here at "Buffalo Salt Licks." John Dickinson bought the site in 1785. . . . — Map (db m76880) HM
West Virginia (Ohio County), Roneys Point — Roney’s Point
Here is located the historic “Heimberger House,” one of the first and most famous of the numerous stopping places which sprang up to server the traffic on the National Road. Still standing, it is now called the “Old Stone . . . — Map (db m66677) HM
West Virginia (Ohio County), Wheeling — Pennsylvania DepotAccess to the Prosperous East
The mighty Pennsylvania Railroad rolled into Wheeling on February 24, 1878. It provided access north to Pittsburgh and south to Parkersburg for Wheeling's industrial products. It also enabled Wheeling's farmers and manufacturers to increase trade . . . — Map (db m71171) HM
West Virginia (Ohio County), Wheeling — Wheeling WharfFront Door to the City on the Ohio River
The Wheeling Wharf played a crucial role in bringing people and products to and from our growing city. The port has seen the arrival of visitors such as Lafayette, Meriwether Lewis, Mark Twain, and thousands of steamboat passengers. The port was . . . — Map (db m71134) HM

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