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By Keith Peterson, March 20, 2010
Bartlett Electric Cooperative
Texas (Bell County), Bartlett — 313 — Bartlett Electric Cooperative
Although the town of Bartlett had regular electric service by 1905, farmers in the surrounding rural area were not supplied with electricity until thirty years later. On May 11, 1935, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed an executive order . . . — Map (db m28816) HM
Texas (Bell County), Bartlett — 314 — Bartlett Grammar School
By the early 1900s Bartlett had become the railroad center of a prosperous cotton growing region. In 1903 the Bartlett Independent School district was created. By 1906-07 the 5-room schoolhouse here proved inadequate to house the district's . . . — Map (db m29035) HM
Texas (Bell County), Bartlett — 315 — City of Bartlett
Settlers began moving to this area in the 1830s, when Texas was a Republic, but the town of Bartlett was not established until the 1870s. The founders were J. Edward Pietzsch and Capt. John T. Bartlett, for whom the community was named. In 1882 the . . . — Map (db m29040) HM
Texas (Bell County), Bartlett — 12393 — Donahoe Community
Colonists settled in the late 1840s along the fertile Donahoe Creek. Samuel Gibbs Leatherman (1799-1888) arrived in 1854 and opened the first mercantile store. He gave land for the cemetery and brought in the first doctor. In 1880 Leatherman donated . . . — Map (db m29073) HM
Texas (Bell County), Bartlett — 1613 — First Baptist Church of Bartlett
Originally known as Pecan Grove Baptist Church, this fellowship was organized in 1873 by the Rev. M.V. Smith, the Rev. H.I. Kimball, and the Rev. G.W. Baines, great-grandfather of United States President Lyndon Baines Johnson. In 1884 the church was . . . — Map (db m29036) HM
Texas (Bell County), Bartlett — 12974 — Site of Booker T. Washington School
With overcrowded buildings at the African American school in southwestern Bartlett, the Bartlett trustees bought four buildings from Camp Swift in Bastrop to enlarge the facilities. A bond issue passed in 1948, and plans began for a U-shaped . . . — Map (db m29037) HM
Texas (Bell County), Bartlett — 2177 — Site of German-English School(50 Yards West)
Established by German immigrants in 1880, the German-English School was an early school in the Bartlett area. First called Indian Creek School, the name was changed due to popular usage and the nature of instruction, which was in English during the . . . — Map (db m29039) HM
Texas (Bell County), Bartlett — 5038 — St. John Lutheran Church
The first Lutheran worship services in this area were held at the home of early German settler J.E. Pietzsch, who had moved from Austin County. In 1880 a small school and church building was erected on land donated by John Bartlett, for whom the . . . — Map (db m29038) HM
Texas (Bell County), Bartlett — 5126 — Stockton Family Cemetery
The Stockton Family Cemetery is located on land originally granted in 1859 by Texas governor Hardin R. Runnels to Moses Allen, a veteran of the Siege of Bexar. Douglas Hayden Stockton and his wife Mary Elizabeth (White) brought their family to Bell . . . — Map (db m28455) HM
Texas (Bell County), Bartlett — 5891 — Woman's Wednesday Club
What began in 1902 as an idea to organize a women's club with a focus on literature and history became a reality in April 1903, with the formation of a Woman's Study Club. Chartered with nineteen members under the leadership of Mrs. Vena (Holzgraf) . . . — Map (db m29041) HM
Texas (Bell County), Belton — 357 — Bell County
Settlement began on Lampasas River, 1847. Created Jan. 22, organized Aug. 1, 1850. Named for Peter Hansbrough Bell (1812-1898), native of Virginia; veteran of Battle of San Jacinto; served in Somervell expedition to stop Mexico's Raids into Texas; . . . — Map (db m29379) HM
Texas (Bell County), Belton — 12575 — Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Planing Mill
Built in 1912 at the Santa Fe rail yards in Temple, this planing mill was part of a complex of buildings that housed repair facilities for the railroad. Workers at the mill manufactured replacement parts for wooden elements of the Santa Fe's boxcars . . . — Map (db m29380) HM
Texas (Bell County), Belton — 3100 — Little River Fort
A stockade and blockhouse of the Republic of Texas. Built in November, 1836, by a unit of some 20 Rangers under Lt. George B. Erath (soldier-statesman for whom Erath County was named). By Christmas they had erected 7 or 8 cabins, a blockhouse and . . . — Map (db m29378) HM
Texas (Bell County), Belton — 5859 — Wilson Van Dyke(Dec 25, 1817 - Aug. 3, 1881)
A native of South Carolina, Wilson Van Dyke served as a member of the Somervell Expedition, which was organized in 1842 to expel the Mexican Army from Texas. Under command of Col. W.S. Fisher, he crossed the Rio Grande and was captured. A survivor . . . — Map (db m29382) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 113 — Alexander's Distillery
On this site in 1861-65, the William R. Alexander Distillery met a wartime need in Texas. May 28, 1862, Governor Francis R. Lubbock closed all Texas distilleries, to save grain. Army calls for medicinal liquor (for opiate and stimulant purposes) . . . — Map (db m29344) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 205 — Armstrong-Adams House
Dr. David H. Armstrong, who served as one of the first trustees of the Salado public free schools, and his wife, Julia, built this home between 1869 and 1872. It later became the residence of a succession of Salado doctors, including Dr. D.G. Adams . . . — Map (db m29257) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 3237 — Birthplace of White House Aide Mary Elizabeth Carpenter
Great-granddaughter of builders. Daughter of Thomas S. and Mary Elizabeth (Robertson) Sutherland. First woman vice president of student body, University of Texas. Married Leslie Carpenter; has 2 children. In 1954 was president Women's National . . . — Map (db m29311) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 13676 — Capt. Milton Wesley Damron
Milton Wesley Damron (1825-1887), an early settler and Salado public servant, was born in Tennessee and came to Texas as part of the Mercer Colony. He arrived in the 1840s and shortly afterwards married Sarah Pennington. When original settlement . . . — Map (db m29350) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 11722 — Dodd's Creek Bridge
One of many patented truss designs developed by American inventors and engineers in the mid- to late-19th century, this 87-foot lenticular truss bridge represents an unusual truss type in the United States. The lenticular design features a curved . . . — Map (db m29256) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 12600 — Dr. Samuel J. and Charlotte H. Jones
Educators Samuel Jackson (1858-1918) and Charlotte Hallaran (d. 1904) Jones taught at Salado College in 1884-1885. In 1890, the Joneses opened Thomas Arnold High School in the former Salado College buildings. Charlotte died in 1904, leaving five . . . — Map (db m29375) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 13331 — Dr. Welborn Barton and Louisa Adeline Barton
A graduate of the medical department of Kentucky's Transylvania University, South Carolina native Dr. Welborn Barton (1821-1883) came to Texas in the late 1840s. After two years of practicing medicine in Bastrop County, he returned to South Carolina . . . — Map (db m29349) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 11723 — First Baptist Church of Salado
A Baptist revival was held on the banks of Salado Creek as early as 1854. By about 1860, members of area Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian and Church of Christ denominations were meeting in an ecumenical house of worship. Each group held an all-day . . . — Map (db m29083) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 2044 — Fowler House
Built 1872 by Josiah Fowler, a settler from Tennessee, Confederate veteran, co-editor of "Fowler's Arithmetic", and a college teacher. — Map (db m29307) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 279 — George Washington Baines House
Built in the 1860s, this house was the residence of the Rev. George Washington Baines (1809-83) from 1870 to 1883. A pioneer Baptist preacher, missionary, editor, and educator, the Rev. Baines was the great-grandfather of United States President . . . — Map (db m29313) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 14567 — Hermon and Margaret L. Aiken
New Hampshire native Hermon (Herman) Aiken worked in Illinois and Tennessee before moving to New Orleans. There, he served as a ship’s captain taking supplies to Galveston in support of the Texas Revolution. He lived in Texas by 1840. In 1846, with . . . — Map (db m29351) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 2535 — Home of Elijah Sterling Clack Robertson
This house was built 1856-1860 by Elijah Sterling Clack Robertson 1820-1879 Texas pioneer, patriot, soldier and jurist, and one of the founders of Salado College. — Map (db m29312) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 5586 — Home of Orville Thomas Tyler
Pioneer Texan--County Judge Member of the legislature President of the board of trustees of Salado College Built in 1857 — Map (db m29250) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 316 — Home of Wellborn Barton
Home of Wellborn Barton 1821-1883; Pioneer physician of this region. For many years a trustee of Salado College, built 1866. (John Hendrickson, Contractor) Old military road and Chisholm cattle trail passed here. — Map (db m29255) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 13500 — Louisa Adeline (Addie) Barton
When Addie Barton (1858-1921) was seven years old, her parents, Dr. Welborn and Louisa Barton, moved to Salado so their children could attend Salado College. Upon graduation, Addie became a teacher. She felt called to become a missionary in 1883 and . . . — Map (db m29249) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 3161 — M. H. Denman Cabin
M.H. Denman built cabin 1867 (15 mi. NW), of handhewn, square cedar logs joined by wooden pegs; has fireplace of native stone; restored 1955. — Map (db m29259) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 3189 — Main Street Bridges
A number of bridges have been built over Salado Creek on Main Street since 1870. After the town of Salado was laid out in 1859, citizens crossed the creek using various combinations of rocks and logs. When local citizens and students at Salado . . . — Map (db m29081) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 4348 — Major Archibald Johnson Rose1830 - 1903
Before migrating to Texas, A. J. Rose made a fortune in the 1849 California Gold Rush. In 1857 he and his wife Sallie (Austin) brought their family from Missouri to Travis County, Texas. Later they settled in San Saba County, where Rose ran a mill . . . — Map (db m29345) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 3614 — Norton-Orgain House
Built about 1872 by Edward R.A. Buckles, this I-plan vernacular house exhibits Classical and Victorian detailing. Its two-story gallery features Doric columns on the ground level, which contrast with the Victorian turned wood columns and balusters . . . — Map (db m29254) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 159 — Old Anderson Place
Built 1860 at edge of an old Indian campground, by James B. Anderson, one of town’s founders and a school trustee in Salado. Community leaders, lawyers and doctors have lived here. Boarding here in 1883 while a student at Old Salado College was . . . — Map (db m29252) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 17448 — Old Salado Graveyard
This burial ground was likely in use about the time a U.S. Post Office was established in Salado Springs in 1852. In 1854 Col. Elijah Sterling C. Robertson purchased a large tract of land north and south of the springs that included the cemetery. It . . . — Map (db m29348) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 2344 — Robert Bonner Halley(May 14, 1823 - October 4, 1875)
A native of Georgia, Robert B. Halley brought his family to this area about 1853. With partner T.J. Eubanks, he operated a liquor distillery and a flour and grist mill on the Lampasas River. Halley served as Bell County Commissioner in 1859 and as a . . . — Map (db m29374) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 4305 — Robertson Home
Built by Col. E.S.C. Robertson and wife, Mary Elizabeth (Dickey). Rare ante-bellum plantation complex, comprising home, servant quarters, land, family cemetery, stables. Still a working ranch. The house, occupied by fifth generation of . . . — Map (db m29310) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 4491 — Salado Cemetery
Established 1856 on 2.5-acre site given by E.S.C. Robertson. Distinguished Texans interred here include the Rev. G.W. Baines, great-grandfather of President Lyndon B. Johnson; the Rev. and Mrs. J.E. Ferguson, parents of Governor James E. . . . — Map (db m29376) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 4492 — Salado Church of Christ
Founded in March 1859, this congregation first met in a brush arbor on the north bank of Salado Creek. The first two elders were James Anderson and J.W. Vickrey, both of whom were instrumental in the organization of Salado College. A frame . . . — Map (db m29258) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 4493 — Salado Creek
Gushing limestone springs, abundant fish, flowers, and trees have long made the banks of Salado Creek a good home site. Indians camped beside stream; Spanish explorers named it; the first Anglo-American settler was Archibald Willingham, 1851. . . . — Map (db m29082) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 13272 — Salado United Methodist Church
In 1854, the Rev. Thomas Gilmore, a Methodist circuit rider, led a revival at Pecan Grove on the north side of Salado Creek. He organized a Methodist church and a Union Sunday school in a small frame building. During the next decades, the . . . — Map (db m29347) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 5464 — Site of Thomas Arnold High School
Dr. Samuel J. Jones (1857-1918) and his wife, Charlotte Hallaran Jones (d. 1904), established Thomas Arnold High School on this site in 1890. The school, which was actually a private academy, occupied the stone buildings vacated by Salado College, . . . — Map (db m35242) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 5091 — Stagecoach Inn
Constructed during the 1860s, the Stagecoach Inn was known as Salado Hotel and as Shady Villa before the current name was adopted in 1943. Military figures George Armstrong Custer and Robert E. Lee, and cattle baron Shanghai Pierce are among those . . . — Map (db m29080) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 1179 — The Davis Mill
Built in 1864 by William A. Davis First stone mill with carding machine in this vicinity. A sawmill and gin were added in 1866. French burrs, Leffel water wheel and silk bolt brought from Galveston by wagon in 1871. Made flour for Central Texas . . . — Map (db m29251) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 4349 — The Major A.J. Rose House
Built in 1870-72, this structure typifies the Greek Revival style with its symmetrical facade. The residence was constructed for former Confederate officer Archibald Johnson Rose (1830-1903) and his large family. A prosperous farmer, Rose . . . — Map (db m29346) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 12584 — The Rev. James E. and Fannie F. Ferguson
Alabama native James Ferguson (1824-1876) became a Methodist preacher in Arkansas before moving to Texas in 1847. As a circuit rider for the next 20 years, he served Methodists in numerous parts of central and southeast Texas. Ferguson wed native . . . — Map (db m29373) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 5577 — Twelve Oaks
Twelve Oaks, 1867-69. Greek Revival mansion built of stone from adjacent land, for B.D. McKie, Texas doctor who fought and was wounded in Mexican and Civil wars. Restoration by parents of Lt. Henry Clay DeGrummond, Jr. World War II combat hero, . . . — Map (db m29343) HM
Texas (Bell County), Salado — 5761 — West Salado Cemetery
Located in an area populated by former slaves following the Civil War, this cemetery dates to the 1870s. The earliest documented grave is that of Jozie Fulbright, who died in 1877, although according to local oral tradition there may be earlier . . . — Map (db m29308) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Bertram — 9698 — Bertram
The town of Bertram was founded in 1882 when the Austin and Northwestern Railroad established a route through the area. The community was named for Rudolph Bertram, an Austin merchant who was instrumental in the development of the rail line. Many . . . — Map (db m27426) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Bertram — 9699 — Bertram School
When Bertram was founded in 1882 along the Austin & Northwestern Railroad, one of the first structures erected was a combination school, Sunday School, and Masonic Lodge hall. Rudolph Bertram, Austin Railroad executive for whom the town was named, . . . — Map (db m27427) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Bertram — 9700 — Black's Fort
Built as a defense against the Indians in 1855 by William Black (1815-1907) on land owned by him. In the stockade, constructed of cedar logs, sentries were kept on guard on moonlight nights. Guns and ammunition for public use were kept here. . . . — Map (db m27429) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Bertram — 9722 — Joppa Community
Some of the first settlers in this farming and ranching community were the William Alexander Faires family in 1874 and the Martin Luther Ater family the next year. The settlement was called "Pool Branch" for a nearby pool formed by a waterfall. In . . . — Map (db m27539) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Bertram — 9727 — Mahomet Cemetery
This cemetery, with interments dating back to the 1850s, became a community graveyard for the Sycamore Springs and Mahomet rural communities. In 1909 J. W. Williams and J. W. and Nellie Greer deeded the cemetery property to the community of Mahomet. . . . — Map (db m27596) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Bertram — 9728 — Mahomet-Sycamore Springs Community
Settlement in this part of Burnet County began in the 1850s. Two early communities were Mahomet and Sycamore Springs, originally located 8 miles from each other. Pioneers of Mahomet were George Ater, William G. Hall, and Mr. Sanford, while Sycamore . . . — Map (db m27597) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Bertram — 9734 — Mount Horeb Lodge
Chartered Jan. 21, 1854; met in log schoolhouse. Erected own lodge hall 1856 on land given by Grand Master Sam Mather and B. K. Stewart. First floor used as church and school. A fire in 1915 razed hall. Lodge rebuilt here 1916 on land given by G. . . . — Map (db m27637) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Bertram — 9735 — Mount Zion Cemetery
John Jennings (1802-1867), his wife Sarah C. (Sally) (1806-1879), and their family came to this area in 1851. The settlement which grew up around their farm became known as Jennings Creek community. After Burnet County was created in 1852, John . . . — Map (db m27638) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Bertram — 9747 — Shady Grove Community
In the 1850s and 60s families settled on this farm and ranch land along the Middle Gabriel river. The Old Austin-Lampasas and Burnet-Belton roads intersected here. Six acres deeded by Alexander M. Barton in 1877 later became the site of a . . . — Map (db m27701) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Bertram — 9741 — Site of Prairie Point Community
Anglo settlement of this part of Burnet County began in the 1850s. By the 1870s settlers had established cattle and sheep ranches as well as a number of family farms. A community school opened in 1882 and remained in operation until 1921. The . . . — Map (db m27694) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Bertram — 9703 — The Bryson Place
John H. Bryson (1850-1930) and his wife Milda (Barton) (1852-1952) had this home constructed on their land in 1906 by local builder Marcus Langford. It is located on a site purchased in 1855 by Milda's uncle Welborn Barton and later owned by her . . . — Map (db m27433) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Bertram — 9748 — The Village of South Gabriel
The South Gabriel Post Office opened in Postmaster Thomas Lewiston's mercantile store on Sept. 29, 1871. The village, named for the South San Gabriel River, was also called Lewiston. Located on the Austin-Burnet Road, the hamlet soon had two . . . — Map (db m27727) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Briggs — 13181 — Briggs State Bank
The Briggs State Bank was chartered on May 27, 1909. Constructed that spring, this limestone and brick building is typical of a commercial architecture style once popular in Texas. It features a three-bay front with central entry and transoms, and . . . — Map (db m27432) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Briggs — 9742 — Prairie View Cemetery
Pioneer settlers in this vicinity met together for worship services in the Gum Springs Schoolhouse until 1892, when Stephen Taylor deeded land at this site for church and cemetery purposes. This historic cemetery began in the churchyard of the First . . . — Map (db m27695) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Briggs — 9702 — The Community of Briggs
Pioneers mainly from the Old South settled here on the Aaron Boyce land grant in the 1860s and 70s. They had a school, and held church services, at Gum Springs in the 1880s. In 1888 a post office opened at Taylor's Gin Store; this was renamed in . . . — Map (db m120919) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9695 — Airy Mount Barn
Kentucky native Adam Rankin Johnson (1834-1922) came to Texas in 1854. After attaining the rank of brigadier general in the Confederate Army, Johnson later settled in Burnet County where he was active in business and civic affairs. In 1882 he . . . — Map (db m27397) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9697 — Bethel Cemetery
The Rev. Richard Howard (1817-1882) moved to this area of Burnet County in 1855. The frontier settlement he joined would later be known as the Bethel community. In 1874 he deeded two acres at this site for community use. The first recorded burial . . . — Map (db m27428) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9704 — Burnet County
Formed from portions of Travis, Williamson and Bell counties. Created Feb. 5, 1852; organized August 28, 1852. Named in honor of David G. Burnet (1788-1870), president of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Texas in 1836. County seat, . . . — Map (db m27463) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9708 — Burnet County Jail
Built 1884 of hand-hewn rock. Has apartment for sheriff, who is also jailer. On second floor the county library was founded. — Map (db m27464) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 13343 — Dobyville Cemetery
The Dobyville Cemetery is the last visible remnant of the community of Dobyville. Settled in the 1850s, and named for the town’s location on a white adobe rock hill. The cemetery contains more than 230 marked graves, between 60 and 70 graves are . . . — Map (db m27485) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9721 — General Adam R. Johnson
Home County of Texas Confederate General Adam R. JohnsonJoined C. S. Army 1861. Cavalry scout with Gen. Nathan B. Forrest 1861-62. Commanded Partisan Rangers 1862-64 executing daring exploits behind enemy lines in Kentucky area. Took . . . — Map (db m27537) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9756 — George Whitaker Home
Built 1870 by George Whitaker, early settler. Of hand-hewn rock. Has inside cistern. Stones from old courthouse used in 1939 addition. — Map (db m27737) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9719 — Holland Springs — (300 Yards West)
Indians had probably visited these clear, cool springs for centuries when, in 1847, Henry E. McCulloch established a Ranger camp here, on Hamilton Creek. A year later, Samuel E. Holland (1826-1917), a Georgian, decided while visiting the camp that . . . — Map (db m27533) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9720 — Hoover's Valley Cemetery
Established in 1850 by the Rev. Isaac Hoover, of local Methodist Protestant church. He came from Tennessee; soon initiated services in nearby oak grove. Oldest stone dates from about 1850. Another grave is of Whitlock family, killed by Indians. . . . — Map (db m27534) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 11773 — Lake Victor Lodge No. 1011, A. F. & A. M.
Sponsored by the nearby Robert E. Lee Lodge, Lake Victor Lodge No. 1011, A. F. & A. M. was formally established in December 1909 during the 73rd Annual Grand Communications of the Grand Lodge of Texas. The first meeting of the Lake Victor Lodge took . . . — Map (db m27578) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9725 — Longhorn Cavern Administration Building
Longhorn Cavern opened as a state park in 1932. From 1934 to 1942, Company 854 of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) worked here to explore and develop the cavern. Using hand labor and native materials, the CCC workers built this structure in a . . . — Map (db m27593) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9724 — Longhorn Caverns
Rich in history and folklore. A young geologic formation, only a few million years old. Bones of elephant, bison, bear, deer, other animals have been found here. When white men came to area in 1840's, Indians knew the caverns; Rangers once found and . . . — Map (db m27594) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9726 — Magill Family Cemetery
Surrounded by a rock wall, the small pioneer family cemetery just west of this site is located on land that was once part of the William H. Magill homestead. Magill, a veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto, moved his family to Burnet County in 1850. . . . — Map (db m27595) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9757 — Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wolf
Jacob Wolf (1812-1874) and wife Adeline Faulkner Wolf (1814-1870) came from Tennessee to Texas about 1850. Obtaining land grant in Burnet County, they settled at Dobyville, and were pioneers, supplying their own provisions, buildings, medicines, and . . . — Map (db m27738) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 13164 — Naruna Baptist Church
Naruna Baptist Church Settlers came to the Naruna area as early as the 1840s, and the town was named by its first postmaster, William M. Spitler, who came to Texas on the riverboat Naruna. Residents formed Providence Baptist Church in July 1877 . . . — Map (db m27639) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 15408 — Naruna Cemetery
William M. Spitler became Naruna’s first postmaster in 1878, and he named the town after the riverboat that carried him to Texas from Tennessee. At that time, Naruna was an agricultural community with store, school, churches, fraternal lodges and . . . — Map (db m27640) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9708 — Old Cook Home
Built 1873 in Victorian style, with large bay window, solid walnut staircase, three fireplaces; was remodeled but retains original floor plan. House was bought 1890 by Judge J. G. Cook, a noted lawyer, and remained in Cook family several generations. — Map (db m27480) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9739 — Oldest Commercial Building in Burnet
Logan Vandeveer (1815-55), a hero of the 1836 Battle of San Jacinto, came here about 1849 as a Fort Croghan beef supplier. He became first United States Postmaster in Burnet and in 1854 built this native stone structure. With a partner named Taylor, . . . — Map (db m27693) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9744 — Rocky Rest
Built 1860 by Gen. Adam R. Johnson. Of hand-hewn stone, logs. High windows and thick walls kept out Indians. Once housed a school. — Map (db m27698) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9750 — Site of Town of Strickling
Once a busy rural community. Named for Mrs. Martha (Webster) Strickling, who settled here in 1853 with husband Marmaduke. As child, she survived killing of some 30 settlers in infamous Webster Massacre near Leander, and months of Indian captivity. . . . — Map (db m27730) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9696 — The Badger Building
Completed about 1883, this two-story limestone structure is representative of other commercial buildings located on the Courthouse Square in the 1880s. It was built for local financier Dr. W. H. Westfall and Captain Brandt Badger (b. 1839), a native . . . — Map (db m27398) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9705 — The Burnet Bulletin
Established in the early 1870s, this weekly newspaper has been in continuous operation for more than one hundred years. The first editor on record was George Whitaker, who served in that position until 1874. In 1898, the paper was sold to L. C. and . . . — Map (db m27435) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9715 — The Galloway House
The original part of this house was built in 1856. The adobe and rock residence, owned by Maj. Hugh H. Calvert, also served as an inn. Local landowner Enoch Brooks bought the home in 1885 and made major additions to the structure. Significant . . . — Map (db m27492) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Burnet — 9746 — The Russell-McFarland Homestead
William H. and Mary Russell built this Victorian residence in 1883-84. Russell, a veteran of the Civil War (1861-65), headed the Burnet school system about 15 years. Sold in 1895, the house had such tenants as J. W. Edgar, later state commissioner . . . — Map (db m27700) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Marble Falls — 9740 — 1910 Post Office Building
Established in 1884, the original Marble Falls Post Office was built south of the Colorado River. William P. Cochran, appointed postmaster in 1901, built this structure in 1910 and leased it to the U. S. Government for use as a post office. It . . . — Map (db m27396) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Marble Falls — 9701 — Brandt Badger House
Brandt Badger (1839-1920), a veteran of the Confederate Army, moved to Burnet from Gonzales in 1885, and in 1887, helped found Marble Falls. He built this house in 1888 of granite from nearby "Granite Mountain". The stones were cut from quarry . . . — Map (db m27425) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Marble Falls — 9706 — Christian-Matern House
Juliet Johnson, daughter of the founder of Marble Falls, married George Christian in 1887. He was one of ten owners of the Texas Mining & Improvement Company that developed the town. The first town lots were sold in 1887, and in 1892 this house was . . . — Map (db m27478) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Marble Falls — 9709 — Crownover Chapel
Backbone Valley's first public building, started 1859 on 7-acre tract donated that year by heirs of settler Jefferson Barton. Finished 1870, chapel was named for the Rev. Arter Crownover (1810-76), whose preaching of Methodist faith opened its use. . . . — Map (db m27482) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Marble Falls — 11772 — Dead Man's Hole
Entomologist Ferdinand Lueders made the earliest recorded discovery of this cave in 1821. Notorious in the Civil War era, the hole is believed to have been the dumping ground for up to 17 bodies, including those of pro-Union Judge John R. Scott and . . . — Map (db m27483) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Marble Falls — 9743 — Governor O. M. Roberts' House
President of the 1861 Secession Convention and a Confederate officer, Oran M. Robert (1815-1898) served as governor of Texas from 1879 to 1883. After leaving office, he became a law professor at the University of Texas. He built this cottage at . . . — Map (db m27696) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Marble Falls — 9718 — Hoag-Faubion-Fuchs House
William H. Hoag, an electrical engineer from New York City, and his wife Beatrice built this house in 1910. The Hoags sold the house to local farmer and rancher Sam Faubion in 1914. Faubion rented the home to rancher, farmer, piano tuner, and Burnet . . . — Map (db m27532) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Marble Falls — 9729 — Marble Falls Depot
The town of Marble Falls was laid out in 1887. Texas Mining & Improvement Co. deeded land for a depot to Austin & Northwestern Railroad. This building was erected in 1893 and then Southern Pacific Railroad bought the line and property. Area . . . — Map (db m27598) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Marble Falls — 9730 — Marble Falls Factory Site
The potential of water power on the Colorado River led town developer Gen. Adam R. Johnson and Farmers Alliance members to build a cotton mill on this site in the 1890s. The two-story stone factory, 300 ft. long and 100 ft. wide, was erected for the . . . — Map (db m27599) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Marble Falls — 9731 — Marble Falls School Building
Adam R. Johnson donated land at this site for construction of the present two-story granite building. Completed in 1891, it originally housed the Marble Falls Alliance University. Near Backbone Creek, east of this main building, a wooden boarding . . . — Map (db m27600) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Marble Falls — 9732 — Michel's Drug Store
Ernst Gustav Michel (1865-1930), a native of Germany, and his wife, Lillie Agnes, opened a drugstore at this site in 1891. After fire destroyed the first store in 1905, Michel built a 3-story edifice here. The first floor housed the drugstore and . . . — Map (db m27635) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Marble Falls — 9710 — Otto Ebeling House
Banker Otto Ebeling (1863-1935) built this Victorian residence for his wife, Emille (Giesecke), and their four children shortly after moving to Marble Falls in 1891. Ebeling sold the property in 1913 when he moved to Austin. Over the years the . . . — Map (db m27487) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Marble Falls — 9745 — The Roper Hotel
George C. and Elizabeth Roper constructed this double-galleried hotel building about 1888. In the growing town of Marble Falls, The Roper Hotel became a popular stop for visiting businessmen and dignitaries. It was purchased by W. F. Smith in 1926 . . . — Map (db m27699) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Marble Falls — 9754 — The Tobey Community Cemetery
The Nat Tobey family moved from Indiana to northeast Burnet County in the 1850s. Sons Avery and Samuel bought land here in Backbone Valley in 1868. At the death of N. W. Tobey, aged 12, this cemetery was opened in 1872. A church and school stood . . . — Map (db m27736) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Oakalla — 9736 — Oakalla
The first settlers in this rich farm and ranch land arrived in the 1850s. Oakalla Post Office was established May 19, 1879. Schools were private until a cooperative was built which provided classrooms on the second floor. Oakalla boasted a doctor, . . . — Map (db m27641) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Oakalla — 13389 — Smith Cemetery
James Gibson Smith, Jr., a native of Tennessee, married Sarah A. James, a native of Arkansas, soon after settling in this part of Burnet county in 1850. Together they raised eight children and set aside this site as the family cemetery. Their . . . — Map (db m27702) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Oakalla — 13394 — Tobey Cemetery
This cemetery, which began with the burial of Mary J. Tobey in 1872, overlooks a stretch of the Lampasas River valley named for Nathaniel Wheeler Tobey (1810-1892). A blacksmith from Connecticut, Tobey settled on several hundred acres here about . . . — Map (db m27734) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Oatmeal — 9738 — Early Oatmeal School
This building, once a combined school and church, was erected in 1869 in Oatmeal, second oldest community in Burnet County. The settlement, founded in 1849, had a post office from 1853 to 1876. This limestone structure was successor to the first . . . — Map (db m27692) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Oatmeal — 9737 — Oatmeal Cemetery
Some of the earliest pioneers of the Oatmeal community are interred in this cemetery. The oldest documented burials are those of Mary Smith and her year-old daughter, Fanny, both of whom died on September 16, 1854. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Roundtree . . . — Map (db m27690) HM
Texas (Burnet County), Spicewood — 13382 — Rockvale
The once thriving community of Rockvale began as a pioneer settlement in the 1850s. A log cabin built in 1855 served as a school and church. A baptist church was erected in 1856 and had eight charter members. Over 36 acres of land were deeded by . . . — Map (db m27697) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6425 — 1933 Austin Public Library
Overlooking one of the city's four public squares platted in 1893, this site was obtained from the Texas Legislature in 1913 for a public library. Completed in 1933, this building represents the most prominent public work of Austin native Hugo . . . — Map (db m25757) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14789 — Abner Hugh Cook
A native of North Carolina, Abner Cook came to the newly created capital city of Austin in 1839 with a skill in design and construction that soon earned him the title of master builder. Working as architect, engineer, and contractor, Cook produced . . . — Map (db m43478) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12238 — Addcox House
Built in 1935 for Mary Susie Sheedy, this house changed hands three times before being purchased by University of Texas electrician Charles J. Addcox and his wife, Addie Lee, a homemaker and nursery school operator, in 1944. It became known as the . . . — Map (db m25742) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6466 — Adjutants GeneralTexas in the Civil War
Texas in 1861-1865 had 90,000 men fighting for the south – many in units east of the Mississippi. Yet at home she had to defend 2,000 miles of coastline and frontier from constant threats made by Federals, Indians and outlaws. The State . . . — Map (db m43118) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13929 — African Americans in the Texas Revolution
Many African Americans, free and slave, supported Texas during its 1835-36 war of independence from Mexico. Although official recognition of the African American role was generally denied, recorded accounts of individual acts of bravery and . . . — Map (db m25746) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15108 — All Saints’ Episcopal Church
This edifice stands on the mid-1840s land grant of former Republic of Texas President Mirabeau B. Lamar, and near the official residence of the second Bishop of the Diocese of Texas, the Rt. Rev. George Herbert Kinsolving (1849-1928). Aided by the . . . — Map (db m25747) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14948 — Andrew Jackson HamiltonJanuary 28, 1815 – April 11, 1875
A native of Alabama, Andrew Jackson Hamilton moved his family to Texas in the 1840s. He served as State Attorney General and as a member of the State Legislature before being elected to the U.S. Congress in 1859. An opponent of secession, he left . . . — Map (db m25682) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15335 — Andrew Jackson Zilker
Voted Austin's most worthy citizen twice, Indiana native Andrew Jackson Zilker (1858-1934) grew up with a strong respect for the laborers along the Ohio River. He came to Austin penniless in 1876 but quickly became a businessman and bank director. . . . — Map (db m25697) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6442 — Ashford McGill HouseZilker Park Refectory
Originally built in the 1870s for Austin pioneer Ashford McGill, this native limestone structure and the surrounding property were purchased by Andrew J. Zilker who conveyed the land to the city for a park in 1931. Remodeled by the Federal Civil . . . — Map (db m25701) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6449 — Austin High SchoolA Centennial of Public High School Education
Tax supported, locally controlled secondary education began in Austin in 1881 with the establishment of a high school department in the city school district. Plans for implementing the program were developed under the leadership of school board . . . — Map (db m25705) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15360 — Austin High SchoolJohn T. Allan Campus
An ornate, red brick building at this site served as the first structure in town built for the public high school, founded in 1881. Construction of the facility was hastened when classrooms in the former temporary State Capitol at 11th and Congress . . . — Map (db m25753) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6416 — Austin High SchoolRio Grande Campus
In Edwin Waller’s 1839 plan for the City of Austin, two blocks were set aside for schools at Rio Grande and 12th Street, then called College Avenue. The Austin School Board in 1881 authorized the use of existing school facilities on the south block . . . — Map (db m25755) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12743, 436 — Austin Presbyterian Theological SeminaryAmerican Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site
This seminary had its origins in the Austin School of Theology, begun in 1884 by the Rev. Dr. Richmond Kelley Smoot and the Rev. Dr. Robert Lewis Dabney to provide training for candidates for the Presbyterian ministry whom the founders hoped would . . . — Map (db m121806) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12757 — Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Campus
The Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary held its first classes in a donated building at 9th and Navasota. President T.R. Sampson, hoping to create a strong association between the seminary and the University of Texas, promoted the relocation of . . . — Map (db m121809) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15648 — Austin State Hospital
While Texas was a frontier state and psychiatry a pioneer venture, the Texas Legislature in 1856 created this hospital for the mentally ill; in 1925, named Austin State Hospital. Oldest Texas mental hospital. Construction began in 1857. The . . . — Map (db m25758) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6430 — Austin Woman’s Club
Begun as family residence by Mrs. Catherine North in 1874. Completed in style of French Chateau by Austin banker, Maj. Ira Evans, 1892. Bought by charter members, A.W.C., 1929. Remodelled, using 19th century materials. — Map (db m25759) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12690 — Austin, C.S.A.
An active place during the Civil War, Austin was the site of the Secession Convention, March 2, 1861, and legislative sessions which lasted until June 1865. City visitors during the early 1860s included lobbyists, cotton speculators, military . . . — Map (db m25723) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — Austin's Moonlight Towers
City of Austin Marker: This is one of 31 original moonlight towers installed in Austin in 1895. Seventeen remain. Each tower illuminated a circle of 3000 feet using 6 carbon arc lamps (now mercury vapor). Austin's tower lights are the sole . . . — Map (db m26157) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15050 — Bailey Hardeman
A signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Secretary of the Treasury of the Republic. Born in Tennessee, 1795. Died on Caney Creek , Matagorda County October 12, 1836 — Map (db m25688) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12689 — Balcones Fault Aids Colonization of Texas
Curving through the center of Texas from Hill County south and west to Uvalde County is the rugged escarpment-fault called Balcones. The abundance of natural resources associated with this geologic formation affected the pattern of colonization in . . . — Map (db m71914) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15620 — Barr Mansion
Built in 1898 for cotton merchant William Braxton Barr (1864-1902) and his wife, Matilda (Tilly) Birdwell (1868-1951), this home was designed by Austin architect Charles Page. Barr named the surrounding community after his grandfather Capt. Erasmus . . . — Map (db m25740) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6443 — Barton Springs
Clear and icy, these springs over the years have drawn Indians, pioneers, and tourists to this spot. The waters are brought from the limestone strata to the surface by the Balcones Fault, which bisects Central Texas. Average flow is 27,000,000 . . . — Map (db m25770) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13992 — Becker School
Hermann Becker (1857-1933) operated a successful downtown café, and he bought part of the historic Bouldin homestead in south Austin in 1891. His son H.E. Becker and son-in-law P.A. Wilde, proprietors of the Becker Lumber Company, donated three . . . — Map (db m43692) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12240 — Bethany Cemetery
This cemetery was established in the late 1800s when burial space set aside for African Americans in Austin's historic Oakwood Cemetery was no longer available. The oldest recorded burial is that of infant Hellen Moore in 1879. C. W. Jones purchased . . . — Map (db m25774) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12825 — Blackshear Elementary School
Blackshear Elementary School opened in 1891 to provide free public education to African-American children in the community then known as Gregory Town, Blackshear Elementary School was known in earlier years as School No. 3, Gregory Town School and . . . — Map (db m25776) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15416 — Brackenridge Hospital
When Edwin Waller surveyed the Austin townsite in 1839, he set aside this block, in what was then the northeast corner of the city, for a hospital. The site lay empty until 1884, when the City of Austin and Travis County jointly opened a 20-bed, . . . — Map (db m25779) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6453 — Brizendine House
This simple Vernacular Rough Ashlar house represents the life style of the late 19th century working middle class family in Austin. The exterior proportions of the structure reflect Victorian influence. Built of limestone about 1870 by John R. . . . — Map (db m25780) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13232 — Buddington-Benedict-Sheffield Compound
Albert and Rebecca Buddington built the first part of this compound as their home c. 1860. In 1921, it became the home of Dr. Harry Y. Benedict, a mathematician who served as University of Texas Professor and President. Delia Edwards, a later owner, . . . — Map (db m25789) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15258 — Buen Retiro
Colonial Revival mansion built 1902 by Austin financier Louis Nicholas Goldbeck. Sold 1908 to Texas Association of Phi Gamma Delta, national fraternity first chartered in Texas in 1856. Housing Tau Deuteron Chapter, this has been campus residence . . . — Map (db m25790) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6465 — Camp Mabry
The original 85-acre tract (gift of Austin citizens in 1892) was the site of annual encampments for the Texas Volunteer Guard, an elite militia constituted in 1876. Because larger maneuver, parade, and drill areas were needed, the guardsmen worked . . . — Map (db m25791) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15300 — Capt. and Mrs. Chauncey Johnson
Here sleep Capt. and Mrs. Chauncey Johnson. Capt. Johnson was born in Burlington, Vermont May 1, 1798. Served in the War of 1812. Came to Texas in 1840. Captured by General Adrian Woll at San Antonio, September 11, 1842 and imprisoned in Mexico. . . . — Map (db m25696) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14985 — Capt. Jesse Billingsley
A soldier in the Army of Texas, 1835. Commander of Company C. First Regiment, Texas Volunteers at San Jacinto. Member of the 1st and 2nd Congresses of the Republic. Participated in the Woll Campaign, 1842. Member of the Senate, 5th and 8th . . . — Map (db m25775) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14871 — Captain Andrew Briscoe
Born in Mississippi November 25, 1810. Came to Texas in 1833. A volunteer in the Army at Anahuac, 1835. Commanded a company at the Capture of San Antonio, 1835. Signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. Commanded a company at San Jacinto. First . . . — Map (db m25676) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6423 — Carrington-Covert House
Leonidas D. Carrington (1816-97) and his wife, Martha Hill Carrington (1824-59), came to Austin from Mississippi in 1852. He began to accumulate real estate and on Sept. 15, 1853, bought this block from James M.W. Hall, Austin hotelman, and ten days . . . — Map (db m25792) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13210 — Cementerio Mexicano de Maria de la Luz
Tradition holds that a family passing through the area in 1912 buried a child, Maria de la Luz, at this site. In August of that year, A. Donley, A.C. Rodriguez and S. Galvan bought the land for use as a Mexican cemetery. In the 1940s, a fire set to . . . — Map (db m25797) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6417 — Central Christian Church
In 1847, Eight years after the City of Austin was platted, ten members of the Disciples of Christ Brotherhood met to organize this congregation. Although early records of the church are scarce, it is known that regular worship services were being . . . — Map (db m25798) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13928 — Central Presbyterian Church
This congregation traces its roots to October 13, 1839, when Austin’s first Presbyterian worship service was held at Bullock’s Hotel. Present that day was builder Abner Cook, elder in the first Presbyterian church organized in Austin. He helped . . . — Map (db m25633) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6461 — Clara DriscollApril 2, 1881 – July 17, 1945
Patriot, philanthropist, writer, public figure, born at St. Mary’s, Refugio County; daughter of Robert and Julia Fox Driscoll, and descendant of a hero of San Jacinto; was educated in Texas, New York and France. In 1903 came her finest hour. When . . . — Map (db m25853) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14494 — Clarksville
Historic black neighborhood. Settled in 1871 when Charles Clark, a freedman, bought two acres of land on present Tenth Street. This formed the nucleus of the community that Clark, according to tradition, wanted to start for his people. For years . . . — Map (db m25800) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14916 — Claudia Taylor Johnson HallThe University of Texas System
Constructed during the period 1912-1914. This building was the seventh United States post office location in Austin, Texas. The supervising architect for the Neoclassical Revival style structure was James Knox Taylor of the U.S. Treasury Department. . . . — Map (db m26000) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15334 — Col. Lewis Miles Hobbs WashingtonDec. 2, 1813 - Feb. 1857
Georgia native Lewis Washington came to Texas about 1835 and joined the revolutionary forces at San Antonio. A member of Col. Fannin’s staff, he served with the Georgia battalion at Refugio and Goliad. He was appointed to an office in Sam Houston’s . . . — Map (db m26725) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12685 — Confederate Texas Legislatures
When Texas seceded, Feb. 1, 1861, the 8th Legislature was in Austin in a called session, adjourned Feb. 9. On March 18, the 8th came back for a second called session; the 9th and 10th Legislatures in turn were harassed with problems of the Civil . . . — Map (db m26644) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14389 — Congress Avenue
In his original 1839 plan for the capital city, Edwin Waller, signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence and Austin’s first Mayor, designed Congress Avenue as Austin’s most prominent street. Known for many years as “The Avenue”, the . . . — Map (db m101557) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6454 — Daniel H. Caswell House
Daniel H. Caswell came to Austin from Nashville, Tennessee, about 1895. He purchased a cotton oil manufacturing company, bought and sold cotton, and in 1899 built a cotton gin. When completed for his family in 1900, this house was located in the far . . . — Map (db m25796) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14473 — Daniel Shipman
Participated in the disturbance at Anahuac June, 1832 and the storming and capture of Bexar, December 5 to 10, 1835. Born in North Carolina February 20, 1801. Died in Goliad County, Texas March 4, 1881. Eliza Hancock Shipman Wife of Daniel . . . — Map (db m25666) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — Davis Cemetery
George W. Davis (ca. 1809-1884), his wife Emiline P. Moore Davis (1810-1872) and family arrived in Texas in 1835. George served in Captain Mosely Baker’s company at the Battle of San Jacinto while Emiline spent six weeks with the children on the . . . — Map (db m26778) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14274 — Dawson Stone House
Real estate developers Mary and Nannie Dawson built this house about 1900 as part of the South Heights expansion of Austin. The sisters were pioneer teachers in free public school system. Mary (Molly) was principal of Fulmore School, but she left . . . — Map (db m29539) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12241 — Decker Swedish Evangelical Free Church and Cemetery
Among the Swedish immigrants who settled in Decker in the 1880s were many seeking freedom from the Swedish State Church. The immigrants held meetings in homes and schoolhouses, and organized the Decker Swedish Evangelical Free Church. Joseph Ek . . . — Map (db m25714) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14416 — Decker United Methodist Church and Community
First settlers in this area on Decker Creek were Swedish immigrants, who attended church in Austin from 1867 to 1870s. Beginning in 1871, the Rev. C.C. Charnquist of Austin preached in homes. With advent of more settlers, a church was erected and . . . — Map (db m25665) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6446 — Deep Eddy Bathing Beach
Swedish immigrant Charles Johnson built a large home for his family on 39 acres of land in this vicinity in the 1850s. In 1902 two of his children, Mary and Henry, opened Deep Eddy Resort. The Johnsons named the park for a deep hole in the limestone . . . — Map (db m25826) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13778 — Del Valle Army Air Base(Bergstrom Air Force Base)
Following the U.S. entry into World War II, the Army Air Corps established a base here in the Del Valle community on land once a part of the Santiago del Valle Mexican land grant. The City of Austin purchased 3,000 acres to lease to the federal . . . — Map (db m25631) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14668 — Denny-Holliday House
This structure originated as a one-story limestone dwelling. Built between 1869 and 1871 by Charles Denny. Mrs N.L. Holliday, a widow with six children, purchased the house in 1898 and added the second floor in 1906. The residence was later occupied . . . — Map (db m25669) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15413 — Desegregation of Texas High Schools
The State of Texas instituted a public school system for African-American students during Reconstruction. This segregation of students was further established through the 1896 United States Supreme Court decision in Plessy v. Ferguson, which . . . — Map (db m42891) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15328 — Doyle Farm
Arrival on Sept. 21, 1874, of two brothers of Holy Cross at the Doyle Farm James Doyle (1795?-1866). A native of Ireland, came to Texas in 1835. He was a stonemason, and in 1853 had charge of part of the work on the . . . — Map (db m25852) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14888 — Dr. George Moffit Patrick
A volunteer at Anahuac, 1832. Member of the Consultation, 1835. Commander of the schooner “Flash”, 1836. Most Worshipful Grand Master Grand (Masonic) Lodge of Texas, 1848-49. Born in Virginia, September 30, 1801. Died in Grimes County, . . . — Map (db m44241) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 16098 — Dr. Gideon Lincecum
A veteran of the War of 1812 Internationally famous botanist Friend of Darwin Born in Georgia Died at Long Point Washington County, Texas November 28, 1873 — Map (db m74930) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15014 — Dr. Thomas Jefferson Gazley
(front) Born in New York, January 8, 1801. Died in Bastrop County, Texas, October 31, 1853. Doctor-lawyer, soldier, legislator. (back) Delegate to the Second Convention of Texas, 1833 * Physician in the Army of Texas, . . . — Map (db m25888) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13931 — Driskill Hotel
Built 1885-86 by Col. Jesse L. Driskill (1824-1890), cattle king who moved to Austin in 1869. Brick dressed with limestone. Had three grand entrances – one the largest arched doorway in Texas. “Ladies’ Entrance” was on northeast, . . . — Map (db m25634) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14787 — Ebenezer (Third) Baptist Church
The Rev. C. Ward organized this church in the home of Mrs. Elisa Hawkins in 1875 as the Third Baptist congregation in Austin. A small frame structure at Catalpa and Curve Streets was the place of worship for ten years. A brick sanctuary in Gothic . . . — Map (db m42890) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12592 — Edmund and Emily Miller House
Noted economist and University of Texas professor Edmund T. Miller (1878-1952) and his wife, Emily (1884-1979), an artist and member of the pioneer Maverick family of San Antonio, acquired this property in 1922. The design for their Mediterranean . . . — Map (db m26150) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13828 — Elisabet Ney(Jan. 26,1833 - June 29, 1907)
World-renowned sculptor; lived 35 years in Texas, where she executed works of many noted citizens. Born in Muenster, Westphalia, Germany, Elisabet grew up beautiful, talented, and self-willed. At 19 she began to study at the Academy of Arts, . . . — Map (db m99581) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15042 — Elvira T. Manor Davis House
Elvira T. Manor Davis (1841-1918) was reared in east Travis County near present-day Manor, Texas. Named for her father, she married Blackstone H. Davis whose family owned quarry, supplied stone for the 1853 Texas Capitol. Elvira widowed and the . . . — Map (db m25687) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6451 — Emma West Flats
After attorney Robert G. West (1860-1904) died, his widow Emma Grant West (1865-1952) had this structure built to provide rental income for support of their four children. Erected by contractors Fischer & Lambie in 1905, the brick edifice had one . . . — Map (db m26766) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14956 — Esperanza School Building
One of earliest one-room rural schoolhouses in Travis County, this cabin was built on property of Richard McKenzie in 1866. It was known as Esperanza School and served children from neighboring farms in the period before public education. In 1893 . . . — Map (db m79395) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14303 — Evangelical Lutheran Church of Dessau
The community of Dessau was founded in 1854 by German immigrants, including the Wieland, Nauert, Nehring, Grosskopf, Krueger, Goerlitz, and Hennig families. The pioneers worshiped in private homes until this sanctuary was built about 1876. Labor and . . . — Map (db m25872) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14294 — F. Weigl Iron Works
Ironsmith Fortunat Weigl (1884-1973) migrated to Austin in 1913 from Germany with his wife Anna and sons F. Lee and Herbert. Work was scarce until 1917, when Weigl was commissioned by the noted local woodcarver Peter Mansbendel, who supplied a forge . . . — Map (db m26728) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13935 — First Classes of the University of Texas Law School
The University of Texas held its first classes in the temporary capitol at this site on Sept. 15, 1883. Fifty-two of the 218 original students were registered in the law department. They were taught by former Governor of Texas Oran M. Roberts . . . — Map (db m25647) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15362 — First Colored Baptist Church
The oldest black Baptist church in the city, the fellowship grew from the slave membership of the First Baptist Church of Austin. In 1854 the committee on religious conditions of the colored population recommended to the churches of the Austin . . . — Map (db m42887) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13106 — First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Austin
In 1853, missionary Rev. E.B. Crisman formally organized the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Austin. Members met in a frame building at 7th and Lavaca streets until 1892, when they replaced it with a stone structure. In 1906, a dispute over a . . . — Map (db m25879) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6418 — First United Methodist Church of Austin
In 1840, shortly after Austin was incorporated, the Rev. John Haynie (1786-1860), a Methodist circuit rider from the Mississippi Conference, led 14 members in forming this fellowship. They worshiped at temporary sites, including the Capitol building . . . — Map (db m25883) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6452 — Fischer House
Prussian native Joseph Fischer (1826-1889) constructed this home for his family in 1882 with the help of his son Francis. Skilled stonemasons, Joseph and Francis Fischer developed one of Austin’s leading masonry contracting businesses and worked in . . . — Map (db m25706) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13095 — Fiskville
Two area pioneers were Josiah Fisk, who arrived in 1846, and Edward Zimmerman, who came in 1854; both brought their families to the farming lands outside Austin. Zimmerman became the first Postmaster in 1873, when more than 150 people lived in . . . — Map (db m25884) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14828 — French Legation
Erected in the year 1841 by Conte Alphonse Dubois de Saligny, Charge D’Affaires for King Louis Philippe of France, to the Texas Republic. He lived here 1841-1842. House constructed of Bastrop pine, in Louisiana Bayou style. Furnishings include . . . — Map (db m25673) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15113 — Gen. George W. Terrell
Born in Kentucky 1803. Came to Texas in 1840 from Mississippi. Associate Justice, Supreme Court, 1840. Secretary of State, 1841. Attorney General, 1841-42. Charge d'affairs of the Republic of Texas to England, France and Spain 1844-45. Died in . . . — Map (db m25693) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14984 — General Moseley Baker
Commanded Co. D., First Regiment of Texas Volunteers at San Jacinto. A member of 1st and 3rd Congresses of the Republic and later a Brigadier General of Militia. Born in Virginia Sept. 20, 1802. Died in Houston, Texas Nov. 4, 1848. His wife Eliza . . . — Map (db m25765) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 2162 — George W. Sampson Home
Former Confederate Army Captain and leading Austin merchant George W. Sampson (1825-88) married Mary Goodwin Hall (b. 1845), niece of Gov. Edmund J. Davis. Their wedding in 1872 was the first held in the Governor’s Mansion. In 1875 the Sampsons . . . — Map (db m26497) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14088 — George Washington Carver Branch Library
In Feb. 1926 the Austin Public Library opened in a room over a downtown store. Within months, the books were moved to this structure, built at Guadalupe and Ninth St., across from Wooldridge Park. In 1933, with completion of a permanent library . . . — Map (db m25793) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15541 — George Weedon
Permanently wounded in the Battle of San Jacinto while serving in Captain William S. Fisher's company Died January 18, 1842 near Old Cincinnati in Walker County, Texas — Map (db m44785) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15632 — Gerhard-Schoch House
Merchant Philip Henry Gerhard (1850-1906) and wife Lena had this house built by contractor Herman S. Love in 1887. It was said to be first 2-story brick veneer home in Austin; it was enlarged in 1891. The Gerhards’ daughter Clara and her husband, . . . — Map (db m25889) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12732 — German Free School
German Free School Education was a primary concern for the new German immigrants who arrived in Texas in the 1840s and 1850s. Although Texas did not have a system of free public education at that time, it did offer subsidies for students attending . . . — Map (db m25890) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14770 — Gethsemane Church
The first Lutheran church in Travis County. Organized Dec. 12, 1868, by Swedish pioneers under leadership of Swante Palm. Site of first church building was 11 blocks SW; this structure was erected in 1883. It contains stone hauled in wheelbarrows . . . — Map (db m25891) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14373 — Gilfillan House
This residence was constructed in 1905 for William L. Gilfillan (d.1932), one of the founders and directors of the Austin National Bank. Designed by the prominent Austin architect Charles H. Page, Jr., the two-story brick home reflects a mixture of . . . — Map (db m25893) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6455 — Goodall Wooten House
Goodall Harrison Wooten (1869-1942) was born in Paris, Texas, the son of Confederate veteran Dr. Thomas Dudley Wooten and his wife, Henrietta Goodall Wooten. Goodall Harrison Wooten attended the University of Texas, where he earned Bachelor’s and . . . — Map (db m25707) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6438 — Goodman Building
Probably constructed in the early 1890s, this commercial building is noted for its decorative brickwork and iron railing. Built for grocer Joseph Goodman, the main floor served as his store until 1924. The upper floor was used from 1892 until about . . . — Map (db m25700) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15101 — Governor Andrew Jackson HamiltonThe First Republican Governor of Texas
Nicknamed “Colossal Jack” because of his imposing stature and his oratorical skill, A.J. Hamilton was born in Alabama. He migrated to Texas about 1846. A lawyer, he served as acting Attorney General of Texas in 1850. His residence once . . . — Map (db m25965) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 13934 — Governor Edmund Jackson DavisOctober 2, 1827 – February 7, 1883
Born in Florida, E.J. Davis became a lawyer and judge after moving to Texas. During the Civil War (1861-65), he commanded a regiment of Texas Unionists and rose to the rank of Brigadier General. During the Reconstruction era, Davis led the . . . — Map (db m25824) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14643 — Governor Elisha Marshall Pease
In 1835 E.M. Pease migrated to Texas from his native Connecticut. He joined the Texian forces at the Battle of Gonzales, Oct. 2, 1835, which initiated the Texas War for Independence. In the early days of the Republic, he worked as a government clerk . . . — Map (db m26210) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14797 — Governor James Edward Ferguson August 31, 1871 -September 21, 1944Governor Miriam A. Ferguson June 13, 1875 - June 25, 1961
James Ferguson, son of a Methodist preacher, and Miriam Wallace, daughter of a wealthy farmer, were Bell County natives. They married in 1899 and later settled with their two daughters in Temple. James, running as “Farmer Jim”, won the . . . — Map (db m25874) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 6444 — Green Pastures
This Victorian home, located on the 1835 Isaac Decker Grant, was built in 1894-95 by Dr. E. W. Herndon and sold in 1912 to Judge W. W. Burnett. It became the residence in 1916 of lawyer Henry Faulk (1867-1939), his wife Martha (Miner) (1878-1957), . . . — Map (db m25702) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14554 — Grinninger Fence
First known use of barbed wire in Texas (1857), by John Grinninger, immigrant from Europe, worker in an early Austin iron foundry. Grinninger, who lived on Waller Creek (NE of here) grew fruit, vegetables and flowers. To protect garden, he ran . . . — Map (db m25896) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 14700 — Henry G. Madison Cabin
Built about 1863 at 807 east 11th Street; homestead of Henry Green Madison (1843-1912), policeman and farmer, his wife Louise, and their eight children. In 1886, Madison built a frame house enclosing the cabin, which remained hidden until a razing . . . — Map (db m25672) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 12736 — Henry H. and Bertha Sterzing Ziller House
Henry (1853-1924) and Bertha (1857-1900) Ziller, both members of families who came to the Austin area from Germany, married in 1876 and purchased this property in 1881. Records indicate that a residence, built about 1877, already existed on the . . . — Map (db m26774) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — 15055 — Henry Smith
Henry Smith (1788-1851) immersed himself in public affairs soon after arriving in Texas in 1827. Initially a local political leader in what is now Brazoria County, he was appointed in 1835 as a delegate to the San Felipe Consultation, which met to . . . — Map (db m26540) HM

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