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James “Skookum” Jim Mason Marker image, Touch for more information
By Rev. Ronald Irick, July 16, 2016
James “Skookum” Jim Mason Marker
Yukon Territory, Carcross — James “Skookum” Jim Mason(Kesh) 1860 - 1916 — The Beginning of the Yukon gold Rush
(crest Canada) James “Skookum” Jim Mason (Kesh) ca. 1860 – 1916 “Skookum” Jim, a Tagish of the Dakhtawedi clan and the Wolf moiety, found a nugget on Rabbit (Bonanza) Creek in August 1898 that began the Klondike . . . — Map (db m93750) HM
Israel, Jerusalem District, Jerusalem — The CrucifixionAt Golgatha, The Place of the Skull
Then delivered he him therefore unto them to be crucified and they took Jesus, and led him away. And he bearing the cross went forth into a place called Golgatha where they crucified him and two other with him, on either side one, and Jesus in . . . — Map (db m95071) HM
Idaho (Bear Lake County), Bloomington — 319 — British SettlersBear Lake — LDS Church
Most early Bear Lake settlers came from Britain. One was the first woman convert to the LDS church in Europe.

Born in Preston, England, Aug. 24, 1806. Ann Elizabeth Walmsley Palmer was baptized July 30, 1837. An invalid, she was carried into the . . . — Map (db m99318) HM

Kentucky (Boone County), Burlington — Passage To Freedom From SlaveryMemorial to the Undergrond Railroad in Boone County, Kentucky — Another Marker in Rabbit Hash
In memory of all the slaves in Boone County, those who helped them, and the slaves’ descendants who remember & honor them and their legacy. Dedicated 21 March, 2005 by the Problem Solving Team, a diverse group of students, grades five . . . — Map (db m79290) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Burlington — Rabbit Hash
Side A Rabbit Hash Kentucky circa 1813 Ohio River Mile 506.1 below Pittsburg one of only a few remaining early 19th century towns along the 981- mile course of the Ohio River. The Rabbit Hash National Registry encompasses 33 acres . . . — Map (db m79231) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Burlington — 2420 — The Dinsmore HomesteadClassic “Old Kentucky Home”
Side A James and Martha Macomb Dinsmore moved from La. to raise their three daughters here. Completed in1842, the main house served as the center of a typical large, antebellum Boone Co. farm. tenants and slaves raised grains, grapes, . . . — Map (db m79304) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Petersburg — 999 — Tanner’s Station 1789Frontier Outpost — First Settlement in Boone County
Tanner’s Station 1789 First settlement in Boone County. Rev. John Tanner built blockhouse, and town began on 2000 acres he and John Taylor owned. Shawnees captured Tanner’s 9-year-old son here, held him until grown. An ardent Baptist, Tanner . . . — Map (db m79310) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — 32 — Big Bone Lick
Discovered in 1739, by the French Capt. Charles Lemoyne de Longueil this famous saline- sulphur spring was frequented for thousands of years byIndians and vast herds of buffalo, deer and other animals. The first English explorers found . . . — Map (db m79060) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — 2124 — Big Bone Lick — Marker #2 - Marker at the Museum - with Lewis and Clark marker
Scientists consider William Clark’s dig at Big Bone Lick in 1807 as establishing American vertebrate paleontology. Bones found here by Clark included mastodon and mammoth. Prehistoric native American artifacts found were given to Dr. Wm. . . . — Map (db m79062) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — Big Bone Methodist Church — Historic Feature in Boone County, Kentucky
Big Bone Methodist Church Big Bone Methodist Church was constructed in 1888 The original congregation, which was organized in 1887 and led by Reverend George Froh, helped in the construction. As was the custom, a social order lodge shared the . . . — Map (db m79030) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — 2124 — Lewis and Clark in KentuckyBig Bone Lick
In Oct. 1803, while traveling down Ohio River to meet Wm. Clark for expedition to Pacific, Meriwether Lewis visited Big Bone Lick. He was to gather fossilized bones for Pres. Thomas Jefferson. In Sept. 1807, Clark supervised a 3-week dig for . . . — Map (db m79088) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — Mary Draper Ingles — Marker #2 - Another Marker in Big Bone Lick State Park
In celebration & commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the daring escape of Mary Draper Ingles from her Shawnee captors here at Big Bone Lick, Kentucky in the fall of 1755 Her direct descendants met here for a family reunion to . . . — Map (db m79073) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — 859 — Mary Ingles — (Marker #1) Another Marker at Big Bone Lick State Park
Reputed first white woman in Ky. Shawnees captured her and two sons in July 1755 at site Roanoke, Va. Led to village at mouth of Scioto River, separated from sons, taken to Big Bone Lick. compelled to make salt here; adopted by chief; given . . . — Map (db m79071) HM
Kentucky (Boone County), Union — 1646 — Piatt’s Landing / General E.R.S. Canby
Side A Piatt's Landing Near here on the north bank of the Ohio River at mile 510.5 was a riverboat landing, ferry, and road to the courthouse at Burlington. The landing and large brick home that once stood near, later called Winnfield . . . — Map (db m79142) HM
Kentucky (Carroll County), Carrollton — 1094 — Scott's BlockhouseThe Anchor Point of the Greenville Treaty Line — The Mouth of the Kentucky River
Blockhouse built here, 1789, by Gen. Charles Scott for protection of settlers against Indians who had massacred and driven off earlier families. Scott came from Va., 1785. He was in the French and Indian Wars. Organized first company south of . . . — Map (db m77353) HM
Montana (Big Horn County), Garryowen — Garryowen, Montana - Sitting Bull’s Camp
Where the Battle of Little Big Horn Began June 25, 1876 (map of battlefield) (showing Custer’s column, Reno’s column, Indian camp, Last Stand Hill) Custer Battlefield Museum — Map (db m98277) HM WM
Montana (Big Horn County), Huntley — Buffalo CountryThe Eastern Plains of Montana
The great plains of eastern Montana was home to thousands of buffalo before Euro-American hunters nearly wiped them out in the early 1800’s. The animals were central to the Indian lifeway. In the dog days, hunters herded buffalo into corrals . . . — Map (db m99063) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Boulder City — Heroes of Hoover
The building of Hoover Dam was a ray of hope for a nation struggling with hard times. Newsreel images of the high-scalers who worked the canyon walls ignited public interest in the project. “Scaling” is the process of removing . . . — Map (db m111191) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Boulder City — The Dog Who Owned a Dam
The Hoover Dam mascot only acted like he owned the dam, but without a doubt, he owned the hearts of its workers. The dog wandered freely around the job site; up ladders, over catwalks and through tunnels. He even rode the open-air elevator . . . — Map (db m111204) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Boulder City — The Hoover Dam Construction MascotThe Dog Who Owned the Dam
The Hoover Dam construction crew’s mascot was found as a puppy by workers at the construction camp. This dog traveled to and from the dam site with them and spent his days visiting the many work areas. On February 21, 1941, the life of this . . . — Map (db m111203) HM
Ohio (Adams County), Peebles — Cairn of Peace
First plaque Cairn of Peace dedicated at World’s Conservation Exposition and 5th World Plowing Contest September 19- 20, 1957

Second plaque These competitors were in the World Plowing Matches Peebles, Ohio . . . — Map (db m121814) HM

Ohio (Adams County), West Union — 12-1 / 115 — First Presbyterian ChurchThomas Kirker — American Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site
side A First Presbyterian Church The First Presbyterian Church of West Union, built in 1810, is known as the "Church of the Governors." Although the date is uncertain, the congregation was organized circa 1800 on Thomas Kirker's land on . . . — Map (db m122227) HM
Ohio (Adams County), West Union — Zane TraceTreber Inn — Asahel Eddington
Ohio’s first highway and mail route authorized by Congress 1796 marked and cleared in 1797 by Col. Ebenezer Zane a blazed trail, it became the route of the old stage line from Maysville to Wheeling used by noted statesmen to and from the . . . — Map (db m121836) HM
Ohio (Allen County), Gomer — 1833 Gomer, OhioA Welsh Settlement
(red Welsh dragon logo) A village settled by Watkins, Roberts, and Nicholas families, bringing with them their Welsh traditions and establishing a community in honor of their native land. — Map (db m94555) HM
Ohio (Allen County), Harrod — USS Texas (CGN 39)
(logo of ship) USS Texas (CGN 39) The USS Texas (CGN 39) was built by the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drtdock Company and was commissioned September 10, 1977 The ship had an overall length of 585’ with an extreme beam of 63’. A crew of 575 . . . — Map (db m94569) WM
Ohio (Allen County), Lima — Allen County’s First SettlementThe Sugar Creek Settlement
Here arriving from Logan County in 1824, Christopher Stark Wood estab- lished on Sugar Creek, the first settlement in what is now Allen County. His family and others joined him soon. Land was cleared; cabins were built. After only five years, . . . — Map (db m80276) HM
Ohio (Allen County), Lima — Founders and Patriots of Allen County, OhioOhio Sesquicentennial marker
In honor of those founders and patriots of the northwest territory who settled in Ohio and Allen County 1803 Ohio Sesquicentennial 1953 — Map (db m77680) HM
Ohio (Allen County), Lima — Shawnee Council HouseHeadquarters of Shawnee Indian Reservation
(AAA logo) Headquarters of the Shawnee Indian Reservation Shawnee Indian Council House located 250 feet east — Map (db m77682) HM
Ohio (Allen County), Lima — The Hog Creek SettlementWard Cemetery — Pioneers in Allen County, Ohio
Ward Cemetery Burial Site in the fall of 1825, Samuel McCluer built a log cabin near this site and began the arduous task of clearing away the dense forest for farming. Not until the following summer did he learn from hunters, who . . . — Map (db m80275) HM
Ohio (Allen County), Spencerville — Spencerville Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to our country’s defenders, erected by our patriotic people

1861- 1865 1898- 1902 1917- 1918 1941- 1945 (GAR logo) (Red Cross logo) (American Legion logo) (Spanish American Veteran Medal logo) 1921 (wreath logo) . . . — Map (db m95006) WM

Ohio (Ashland County), Ashland — 5- 3 — Founding of Ashland College / Ashland Eagles Tradition
Founding of Ashland College The dream of establishing a college was born in the hearts of members of the German Brethren Church. In March 1877, a meeting was held at the Maple Grove Brethren Church to discuss the establishment of a college in . . . — Map (db m97072) HM
Ohio (Ashland County), Mifflin — 8- 3 — Historic Mifflin
Side A Mifflin was founded in 1816. Originally known as Petersburg, the name was changed in 1827 in honor of the settlers that moved here from Mifflin Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The first village jailhouse and crossroad . . . — Map (db m97113) HM
Ohio (Ashtabula County), Conneaut — The Western ReserveNortheast Boundary — One of a Series of Four
The Western Reserve Northeast Boundary Marker of the Connecticut Western Reserve conveyed to the United States, September 11, 1786 erected by the Early Settlers Association of the Western Reserve, Cleveland, Ohio July 3, 1966 Early Settlers . . . — Map (db m94754) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Buckland — The Mystery Stone — Usually Ignored in Light of the Frontier Marker Next to It
The Mystery Stone when the middle pier of the railroad trestle spanning the Auglaize River was replaced in the mid 1940’s this sculpted stone was discovered as part of it. The stone was subsequently donated to the Village of Buckland by the . . . — Map (db m80773)
Ohio (Auglaize County), Buckland — White Feather's TownShawnee Village on the Auglaize River
The Shawnee chief Na-Wa-Ba-She-Ka or White Feather resided here- in the town which was located on both sides of the Auglaize River. A North- South trail paralleled the river and ran through the town on the east bank. The same trail went through an . . . — Map (db m74880) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — Plank RoadWapakoneta to St. Mary’s — Original Route 33
Site of St. Marys – Wapakoneta plank road built 1850- 1852 of Burr and White Oak timber 3 to 5 ft in diam. cut and milled at Moulton financed by Wapakoneta – St Marys businessmen who charged toll for profit and maintenance. Replaced . . . — Map (db m77612) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — 8-6 — Sts. Peter and Paul ChurchMother Church of the Petersburg Parishes
Saints Peter and Paul Church, Petersburg (1835), was the mother church for St. Joseph, Wapakoneta; St. John the Evangelist, Fryburg; St. Lawrence, Rhine; and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Botkins. All were founded by German-Catholic . . . — Map (db m119322) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — Wapaghonetta Reservationthe Shawnee Reservation at Wapakoneta — the Eastern Boundary marker
By the Treaties at the Maumee Rapids in 1817, and 1818 at St. Mary’s, the Shawnee Indians were given a reservation of ten miles by twelve miles. This being the eastern boundary line. Indian Towns within this area were Blackhoof’s (now St. Johns), . . . — Map (db m75195) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Wapakoneta — Wapakoneta Heritage Parkway
Plaque # 1 The Shawnee Indians were driven from the southern United States in the late 17th and early 18th centuries by white settlers and Catawba, Cherokee and Chickasaw Nations. the Shawnee were given permission by the Miamis and . . . — Map (db m86526) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Waynesfield — Headwaters of Scioto RiverReference Point of Ohio Land Surveys — The Ellusive Source of One of Ohio's Major Rivers
Scioto River This is where the river starts and flowing southeast past Columbus, Circleville, and Chillicothe, joining the Ohio River at Portsmouth after a course of some 230 miles. Manchester Farm — Map (db m76598)
Ohio (Auglaize County), Waynesfield — Headwaters of the Auglaize RiverThe Flat Wet Praire where three major rivers begin
On the headwaters of the Auglaize River The watershed of Three Rivers originates within a distance of 1/2 mile from this point West- Miami East- Scioto North-Auglaize Susannah Russell Chapter DAR — Map (db m76609) HM
Ohio (Auglaize County), Waynesfield — Willow Branch Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to all who serve (multiple service logos) — Map (db m93234) WM
Ohio (Belmont County), Colerain — Concord HicksiteFriends Meeting House
Colerain Township was the location of the earliest Quaker settlement and the first organized Friends Meeting in Ohio. The first meeting house was built in 1800. The log structure burned and was replaced with this brick building in 1815. The . . . — Map (db m89234) HM
Ohio (Belmont County), Colerain — Josiah Fox1763 - 1847
A Quaker, he wielded great influence in ship design during the early years of our country 1794 clerk, United States War Department 1795- 1798 assistant Navy Constructor 1798- 1801 Navy Constructor and Superintendent of Buildings, Gosport, . . . — Map (db m89226) HM
Ohio (Belmont County), St. Clairsville — In Honor of Sgt. Sylvester Antolak US ArmyMedal of Honor Recipient
Side A In Honor of Sgt. Sylvester Antolak US Army Medal of Honor in action taken near Cisterna Di Littoria Italy May 24, 1944 resident of Richmond Township

Side B Sylvester Antolak Sergeant US Army Company B 15th . . . — Map (db m89367) WM

Ohio (Belmont County), St. Clairsville — Medal of Honor Recipients of Belmont County
Gen. Henry Capehart Civil War Capt. Nathan H. Edgerton Civil War Capt. Samuel McConnel Civil War Sgt. Sylvester Antolak W.W. II Sgt. Emile DeLeau Jr. W.W. II — Map (db m89364) WM
Ohio (Brown County), Decatur — Byrd Township World War I DAR Monument
In honor of the boys of Byrd Township who served the American colors in the World War 1917- 1919 for liberty and humanity

Earl H. Baird · E. Victor Bennett · Walter F. Bennett · + Frank Brooks · George B. Brown · Alonzo Davis · John . . . — Map (db m122031) WM

Ohio (Brown County), Decatur — Decatur Civil War Monument
70th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Grand Army of the Republic 1861-1865 — Map (db m122029) WM
Ohio (Brown County), Decatur — 5-8 — Historic Decatur / A. N. Marquis and Who’s Who
Historic Decatur

Originally called St. Clairsville and platted in 1801, Decatur was named for early 19th century naval hero Stephen Decatur. It is among the oldest villages in Brown County, which before 1817 was a part of Adams County. . . . — Map (db m121885) HM

Ohio (Brown County), Fayetteville — Fayetteville Veterans Memorial
Dedicated in memory of United States Military Veterans Veterans of Foreign Wars Scanlon – Kelly Post 5920 Knights of Columbus Father Sourd Council 2423 Fayetteville Ohio 27 May 2013 — Map (db m95556) WM
Ohio (Brown County), Fayetteville — Vera Cruz WW II MemorialSt. Angela Merici Parish
In honor of God and in memory of the members of ths parish who served in World War II Flischel, Robert E. killed in action December 31, 1944 (38 names) — Map (db m95538) WM
Ohio (Brown County), Mt. Orab — Mt. Orab Korean and Vietnam MemorialCannon and Flag Pole
In memory of the men from the Mt. Orab area who served in the wars of Korea and Viet Nam and lost their lives in service of their country.

David L. Bingamon · Vietnam Darrell B. Boothby · Korea Kenneth R. Foreman · Korea . . . — Map (db m122528) WM

Ohio (Brown County), Mt. Orab — Mt. Orab Viet Nam Veterans Memorial
. . . — Map (db m122527) WM
Ohio (Brown County), Mt. Orab — Mt. Orab WW I Memorial
In memory of the boys of Green, Pike and Sterling Townships who lost their lives in the World War 1917 – 18

Edgar B. Wardlow · Carroll R. Patton · Glen E. Morgan · Harry R. Snyder · Louis F. Sanders · Henry R. Newberry · . . . — Map (db m122530) WM

Ohio (Brown County), Mt. Orab — Mt. Orab WW II Memorial
In memory of the boys of Green, Pike and Sterling Townships who lost their lives in World War II.

Richard Boyd · Harold Pond Karl Bradney · Harold Pursley Charles L. Colthar · Paul Ridings Orene L. Cornelius · Wm. Josiah . . . — Map (db m122531) WM

Ohio (Brown County), Russellville — Russell ShawPioneer and Patriot
. . . — Map (db m122128) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Fairfield — 16-9 — Elisha Morgan Farm Mansion
Elisha Morgan purchased 48.6 acres in Fairfield Township, part of the Symmes Purchase, in 1817. The Farm Mansion was built shortly after he settled the land. The house incorporates two prevalent architectural styles in southwest Ohio in the . . . — Map (db m116553) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Fairfield — Ezekiel Walker - Revolutionary War Soldier
Sergeant • Northern Continental Army Captain James Osgood’s Company of Rangers enlisted July 15, 1775 born February 22, 1745, in Rumsford, NH died July 22, 1823 in Butler Co., OH marker placed by John Reily Chapter, NSDAR and . . . — Map (db m116555) HM WM
Ohio (Butler County), Fairfield — Hay GardenElisha Morgan Mansion
The Hay Garden features an antique hand pump that was donated by Ed and Kathy Creighton. The original pump was just outside the side door of the mansion.

John Hay, the owner in 1831, was the father of Mary Ann Hay, first wife of David Huston. . . . — Map (db m116704) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Beckett Homesite
On this site stood a square two-story brick farmhouse occupied by Wiiliam Bebb and built in 1835. After he was elected nineteenth Governor of Ohio, William Bebb sold his house in 1848 to William Beckett, founder of Beckett Paper Company, who . . . — Map (db m116670) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 2-9 — Bethel Chapel 1815- 1873Historic Bethel Presbyterian Cemetery
William Holmes McGuffey, author of the Eclectic Series of Readers, was ordained a Presbyterian minister in a log meeting house on this site in 1829. The ordination was performed by Robert Bishop, President of Miami University, and other ministers . . . — Map (db m107745) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 31-9 — Bunker Hill / Dog Town
Bunker Hill The Millville, Reilly and Milton Turnpike brought prosperity to the village now renamed Bunker Hill. School House No. 10 stood nearby from 1849-1857. By 1860 clothing manufacturing was the major business here. A Post Office was . . . — Map (db m107801) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 39-9 — Fannie Hurst - Author, Humanitarian and Advocate
Author Side

Raised and educated in St. Louis, author Fannie Hurst (1885-1968) was born in Hamilton at 918 Central Avenue, the home of her maternal grandparents. She was the daughter of Rose Koppel and Samuel Hurst. Already a writer as a . . . — Map (db m122411) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Gen. Anthony WayneFive Mile Spring — On the Trail, North of Fort Hamilton
Gen. Anthony Wayne and his men camped here at Five Mile Spring September 1793 — Map (db m97797) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Hamilton Civil War Memorial
Erected     A.D. 1936 by Veterans Memorial Association In honor of our soldier dead May they rest in peace G.A.R.     U.S.W.V. — Map (db m122558) WM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 37-9 — Lane Public Library / Clark Lane
Side A

Clark Lane built this library in 1866 and donated it to the people of Hamilton two years later. The 1913 Great Miami River flood catastrophe damaged much of the building and many of its books and records. The refurbished library . . . — Map (db m122413) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — Symmes MonumentHollow Earth Theory
- “I declare the earth is hollow and habitable within,” said John Cleves Symmes in summarizing his “Theory of Concentric Spheres and Solar Voids” to a doubting scientific world in the early 1820’s. His theory is commemorated . . . — Map (db m116622) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — The Hollow Earth MonumentGrave of Capt. John Cleve Symmes
Capt. John Cleves Symmes as a philosopher, and the originator of ‘Symmes Theory of Concentric Spheres and Polar voids.’ He contended that the Earth is hollow and habitable within.

Capt. John C. Symmes a Native of New . . . — Map (db m116618) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 1-9 — The Miami Canal
Side A

The dimensions of the canal channel were 26 feet wide at the bottom and 40 feet wide at the top. The depth of the canal averaged four and one-half feet. The 12 locks were 80 feet long with 14-foot wide interior chambers which could . . . — Map (db m122419) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Hamilton — 36-9 — Warren Gard
Side A

Warren Gard (1873-1929), son of Samuel Z. Gard and Mary Duke, was born in Hamilton, Ohio. He established his practice in Hamilton after graduating from Cincinnati Law School and being admitted to the Ohio Bar in 1894. Gard served as . . . — Map (db m122416) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — Alpha Delta PhiOlder Marker on the South Porch
In October 1833 was organized at Old Miami a chapter of Alpha Delta Phi- the first Greek letter fraternity to expand west of the Alleghenies. With this event Miami became the fourth college in the United States to . . . — Map (db m107742) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — Alumnae HallRemnants of a Glorious Past
Alumnae Hall Built: 1890- 1892 Razed: 1977 Born of the vision of President Leila McKee and built through the generousity of Olivia Meily Brice, Class of 1866 and Western’s first woman Trustee, Alumnae Hall was truly the gift of women to . . . — Map (db m107803) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 33-9 — Bunker Hill Universalist Church/Bunker Hill Cemetery
(side A) Bunker Hill Universalist Church The Bunker Hill Society was organized about 1845 and fellowshipped in 1854. A frame meeting house, capable of seating 300, was dedicated in 1855. Thirty people united with the church . . . — Map (db m107789) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 9-9 — Freedom Summer 1964
In what was called the "Freedom Summer" of 1964, more than 800 volunteers, most of them college students, gathered at the Western College for Women (now Western Campus of Miami University) to prepare for African-American voter registration in the . . . — Map (db m107802) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 34- 9 — Indian Creek Baptist ChurchThe Indian Creek Pioneer Burial Ground
Side A The Indian Creek Regular Baptist Church was established in 1810 as an arm of the Little Cedar Creek Church of Brookville, Indiana. The congregation purchased three acres of land for a burial ground and church and built a log structure . . . — Map (db m120291) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 29-9 — Mother of FraternitiesAlpha Delta Phi
In 1833, Samuel Eells founded Alpha Delta Phi (ΑΔΦ), the first fraternity west of the Allegheny Mountains and the first fraternity at Miami University. The formation of Miami's Alpha (founding) chapters followed in the next two . . . — Map (db m107741) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 32-9 — Oxford Female Institute / Caroline Scott Harrison 1832-1892
Oxford Female Institute Chartered in 1849, the Institute was the first of three women's colleges established in Oxford. The original brick building was completed in 1850, and forms the core structure. The Reverend John Witherspoon Scott, a . . . — Map (db m107675) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 35- 9 — Stanton's "Magnificent Dwelling" / Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Stanton's "Magnificent Dwelling" Home of Two Miami University Presidents

Built by “Old Miami” University President Robert L. Stanton, D.D. (1810-1885) as his private home and president’s office, Stanton’s 1868 Italianate . . . — Map (db m120312) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — Stillwell Cemetery Veterans Memorial
In remembrance of our fallen heroes known only but to God — Map (db m97825) WM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — 24- 9 — Stillwell’s Corners
side A A cemetery was established on the site in 1811 and became the final resting place for many of the area's early pioneer families. The Hanover Township Trustees obtained title to the land in 1823 from John and Anna Farnsworth, and it . . . — Map (db m97814) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Oxford — The Act of 17941732- 1932
(bust of Washington)

The Act of 1794

In the name of the United States of America: It is hereby declared that one complete township or tract of land, of six miles square, to be located with the approbation of the governor, for . . . — Map (db m116659) HM

Ohio (Butler County), Woodsdale — 6-9 — Chrisholm
This farm, Chrisholm (German for home farm of Christian Augspurger), was established in 1830 by Christian Augspurger (1782-1848), leader of the Amish Mennonite settlement in Butler County. The Amish selected this area because of rich, fertile . . . — Map (db m122421) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Woodsdale — The Amish Mennonite Settlement
. . . — Map (db m122555) HM
Ohio (Butler County), Woodsdale — OHS 6- 9 — Woodsdale
This hamlet, located one mile southwest from here, was never platted, but was named after William Woods, president of the three-story brick Woodsdale paper mill constructed in 1867. Flanking the mill were the company office and store and several . . . — Map (db m122420) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Cable — Jacob and Martha Boggs Johnson1805- 1905 — Century Farm, from Indian Cabin
This memorial is in memory of Jacob and Martha Boggs Johnson, and marks the spot where the Indian cabin stood Into which they moved April 1. 1805. With other pioneers they came as the Indians departed and worthily bore their part in subduing . . . — Map (db m127297) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Cable — 28-11 — Lincoln Funeral Train
President Abraham Lincoln's assassination on April 14, 1865, created a national tragedy, and the nationl mourned as his body was transported by rail from Washington, D.C. back to Springfield, Illinois, where he would be buried. As the nine-car . . . — Map (db m84946) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Christiansburg — Christiansburg Veterans Memorial
Christiansburg Veterans Memorial for all who served and those who died for freedom site of Odd Fellows Hall 1849- 2006 — Map (db m97835) WM
Ohio (Champaign County), Crayon — Richard StanhopeGeneral George Washington’s Valet
(bronze plaque) Richard Stanhope (Stanup) Free black man and landowner Settler in Madison County, Ohio on Virginia Military land resident of Concord Township Champaign County, Ohio Died September 1862 Buried in Concord . . . — Map (db m106683) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Mechanicsburg — Maple Grove Civil War Memorial
(south side) Gettysburg (above) 1861- 1865 erected by the Ladies Memorial Association Mechanicsburg, in honor of the brave men whose valor saved the Union. (west side) (Shiloh above) Our country’s defenders may their . . . — Map (db m86320) WM
Ohio (Champaign County), Mechanicsburg — Maple Grove Spanish American War Memorial
Memorial to Spanish American War Veterans Spain, Phillipine Islands, China Expedition 1898 - 1902 — Map (db m86327) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Mechanicsburg — Maple Grove World War Memorial
(south side) Dedicated to those who gave their lives in the World War by the Donald Cannon Post No. 238 of the American Legion (north side) Erected in memory of the Veterans of the World War 1917 . 1918 by the . . . — Map (db m86333) WM
Ohio (Champaign County), Mechanicsburg — Mechanicsburg Veterans MemorialRural American Tradition and Recreation
(Side A) Presented to the Town Council of Mechanicsburg by Co. B 32 Regt. O.V.I. (Side B) Vicksburg July 4 1863 — Map (db m80515) WM
Ohio (Champaign County), Mechanicsburg — W.W. I Veterans Memorial
first plaque- Center of Intersection Site of World War I Veterans Memorial 1919 - 1934 plaque placed by Donald Cannon Post 238 of the American Legion — Map (db m77271) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), North Lewisburg — 20- 11 — Friends Church / Friends Cemetery
Friends Church Among the earliest settlers to Rush Township were members of the Religious Society of Friends or Quakers, who emigrated from the eastern states, mostly Pennsylvania and North Carolina. At first religious services were held in . . . — Map (db m86266) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), North Lewisburg — North Lewisburg Fire Bell
Our village fire and curfew bell originally hung in the old town hall erected in 1870. The bell was cracked by two citizens ringing it in celebration of the end of World War II. — Map (db m86383) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), North Lewisburg — North Lewisburg, O. Service FlagNorth Lewisburg Veterans Memorial
North Lewisburg, O. Service Flag 63 names of soldiers 1 nurse 64 stars We have helped make the world safe for democracy U.S.A. entered war April 6, 1917 Armistice November 11, 1918 Peace June 28, 1919 May 27, 1918 (left . . . — Map (db m86388) WM
Ohio (Champaign County), North Lewisburg — North Lewisburg, Ohio Veterans MemorialMaple Grove Cemetery, Rush Township
In memory of those who served in the United States Armed Forces dedicated to Ralph Westfall Private U.S. Army WW I — Map (db m85106) WM
Ohio (Champaign County), Rosewood — Asa B. BukrokerMonument to a Veteran School Administrator — Classic Artifacts in Rural Champaign County
in memory of Asa B. Buroker superintendent of Adams Township Schools 1907- 1920 the guilding influence throughout his life was service. He gave the rarest of gifts – himself — Map (db m80736) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Rosewood — Rosewood Veterans MemorialRural Monument at Village Crossroads
They stood were counted, served their country, and now march always in the ranks of honor — Map (db m83221) WM
Ohio (Champaign County), St. Paris — Kiser LakeRemote Monument, in a Rural State Park
Kiser Lake named in honor of John w. Kiser and his mother Thyrza Kiser donors of this lake — Map (db m84965) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — 8- 11 — 1950 National and Ohio Plowing MatchesAgricultural Events in Rural Champaign County
Side A Benson Road and the North Urbana Lisbon Road (SR 54) in Champaign County was the site of the 1950 National and Ohio Plowing Matches and the National Associa- tion of Soil Conservation Districts Field Days. The three-day . . . — Map (db m86249) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — 29- 11 — Billy "Single" Clifford /Clifford Theater
Billy "Single" Clifford Wm. C. Shyrigh, better known as Billy Clifford, was born in this house on January 24, 1869, to Levi and Sarah Shyrigh. Coming from a musical family, he developed an early interest in music and practiced with the . . . — Map (db m90489) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — 6- 11 — Cedar Bog Nature Preserve
In 1942 Cedar Bog became the first nature preserve in Ohio purchased with state funds. Efforts to set this wetland aside began in the 1920s through the efforts of Florence Murdock and her daughter. Efforts intensified in the mid 1930s with help . . . — Map (db m90503)
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — Champaign County Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the honor and sacrifice of the men and women of Champaign County who served our country in war and peace. — Map (db m92405) WM
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — Champaign County World War I Memorial
In honor of the men and women of Champaign County who served in the World War 1914- 1918 Urbana Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution 1925 — Map (db m106995) WM
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — Col. William WardRevolutionary War Veteran — Founder of Urbana
(DAR logo) Col. William Ward Revolutionary Soldier associate of General Simon Kenton in the settlement of the Mad River Valley, the founder of Urbana, brother of John Ward, the White Indian, and grandfather of John Quincy Adams Ward, noted . . . — Map (db m81937) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — 14- 11 — General Robert Lawrence Eichelberger — Superintendent of West Point
Side A Robert L. Eichelberger was born in Urbana on March 9, 1886, the youngest of the five children of George Maley Eichelberger, an Urbana lawyer, and Emma (Ring) Eichelberger. After graduating from Urbana High School in 1903, he . . . — Map (db m90431) HM WM
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — John Quincy Adams WardLocal Marker for a Nationally Known Artist — A Great Example of His Work
John Quincy Adams Ward sculptor born.Urbana.june 29, 1830. died.New York City.May 1, 1910. this replica of his first statue is a memorial gift to his fellow townsmen erected by his wife to mark his grave small plaque preserved with . . . — Map (db m81909) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — 12- 11 — Kings Creek Baptist Church
Side A The founders of what would become the Kings Creek Baptist Church first met on June 29, 1805 in the log home of local residents James and Ann Turner. The Baptist congregation continued to meet in people's homes until 1816 when . . . — Map (db m84858) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — 30-11 — Pennsylvania Railroad Depot
(side A) Construction of the Columbus, Piqua, and Indiana Central Railroad started in 1850 and was finished in 1854. Later referred to as the "Panhandle Railroad," it ran from Columbus to Bradford. During the Civil War, the line carried . . . — Map (db m93853) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — 31-11 — President Lincoln’s Funeral Train in Urbana
(Side A) The nine-car funeral train for President Abraham Lincoln departed Washington, D.C. on April 21, 1865. It arrived in Urbana on April 29 at 10:40p.m. Urbana’s citizens erected an arch of evergreens and flowers near the station . . . — Map (db m84960) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — 34- 11 — War Council of 1812Old Grave Yard
side A- War Council of 1812 To confirm that the Treaty of Greenville would be upheld, Ohio Governor Return J. Meigs called a council with Native Americans June 6-9, 1812. He sought approval to cross native land when marching to Canada and . . . — Map (db m81636) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Urbana — 17- 11 — William OwenFirst Settler in Mad River Township, Champaign County, Ohio
Virginia native William Owen, 1769-1821, is credited with being the first American to settle in Mad River Township, Champaign County sometime between 1797-1799. He and his family built a cabin in the northeast quarter of Section 15 directly west . . . — Map (db m86157) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Woodstock — Cushman Monument
Roll of Honor of Woodstock Precinct (147 names) recorded by Warren Cushman Sculptor- 1895. Uncle George Gifford was a soldier in the 134 O.V.I. 1864 Bro. Charles Cushman The first man that offered to go to war to the . . . — Map (db m85202) WM
Ohio (Champaign County), Woodstock — 24-11 — Lincoln Funeral Train
President Abraham Lincoln's assassination on April 14, 1865, created a national tragedy, and the nation mourned as his body was transported by rail from Washington, D.C. back to Springfield, Illinois, where he would be buried. On its way the Funeral . . . — Map (db m84945) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Woodstock — 31-11 — Universalist ChurchClassic Architecture and Art in Rural Ohio
Rev. George Messenger and his congregation built the first Universalist Church on this site. It was dedicated during a state convention of Universalists in Woodstock in June 1844. In 1893, Rev. John A. Carpenter was instrumental in erecting a . . . — Map (db m85116) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Woodstock — 33-11 — Warren Sibley Cushman1845-1926
(Side A) Warren Cushman was a respected painter, sculptor, photographer, musician, and inventor. He created the towering Cushman monument in Woodstock’s Rush Township cemetery and is believed to have shown his painting “Spanish . . . — Map (db m84931) HM
Ohio (Champaign County), Woodstock — Woodstock Veterans Memorial
Plaque #1 Woodstock Ohio Service Flag WW I 41 names w/ symbols

Nurse (cross) Served overseas (circled dot) Camp (triangle) Died in service (hollow star) Killed in action (star) Navy (N) We have helped make the . . . — Map (db m85181) WM

Ohio (Clark County), Enon — Adena Mound Enon Ohio1200 BC - 1000 AD — National Historic Site
This Adena Mound is the second largest conical mound in Ohio. These large conical mounds are believed to be Adena while the many small or effigy mounds are Hopewell, a later culture.

This mound is the property of the Village of Enon. . . . — Map (db m100536) HM

Ohio (Clark County), Enon — Enon Civil War MemorialA New Addition — 150th Anniversary of the Original
This memorial is dedicated by the Enon Community Historical Society May 2016 to preserve the history of one of the first Civil War Memorials placed east of the Mississippi. The citizens of Mad River Township donated and dedicated . . . — Map (db m110399) WM
Ohio (Clark County), New Carlisle — Bethel Township Civil War Memorial
Bethel Townships Tribute to her Soldiers — Map (db m107805) WM
Ohio (Clark County), New Carlisle — Gordon I. HensleeMemorial to a Village Police Chief
. . . — Map (db m82558) HM
Ohio (Clark County), New Carlisle — Honey Creek Presbyterian ChurchOriginal Site
Original site of Honey Creek Presbyterian Church Founded 1804 Dedicated June 13, 1999 — Map (db m80678) HM
Ohio (Clark County), New Carlisle — 183 — Honey Creek Presbyterian Historical MarkerRegistered Site #183 — Current Location of Historical Congregation
American Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site #183 registered by the Presbyterian Historical Society Philadelphia, Pa. — Map (db m121348) HM
Ohio (Clark County), New Carlisle — John Paul, First White Settler in Clark County, OhioAlso, First Casualty
In memory of John Paul first white settler in Clark County killed by Indians 1793 — Map (db m80677) HM
Ohio (Clark County), South Vienna — Asbury Veterans MonumentRural Memorial in Old Cemetery
(Eagle logo) Veterans Monument We sincerely thank all the veterans past, present & future for their courage and devotion to duty & immeasurable sacrifice. — Map (db m86722) WM
Ohio (Clark County), South Vienna — Buena Vista TavernThe Historic National Road in Ohio — Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Travel Accommodations
Built in 1836, the Buena Vista Tavern operated as an inn from 1849 to 1856, when it became a private residence. In 1930, it returned to public life as a tourist camp with cabins or cottages located behind the old inn. The Buena Vista Tavern is . . . — Map (db m86729) HM
Ohio (Clark County), South Vienna — Pleasant Township Veterans MemorialMcConkey Cemetery — Rural Clark County, Ohio
We sincerely thank the Pleasant Township Veterans past, present and future for their courage and devotion to duty and immeasurable sacrifice — Map (db m92542) WM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Asbury Methodist Church — Memories in rural Clark County, Ohio
Site of Asbury Methodist Church 1840- 1907 — Map (db m79498) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — James Demint Cabin1799 - 1925
One hundred feet south of this spot, James Demint, the founder of Springfield, built the first cabin in the city. In 1803 he completed the first plat of the city. — Map (db m83855) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — 7- 12 — Robert C. Henry
Robert Clayton Henry, the first African- American mayor of an Ohio city, was born in Springfield, Ohio on July 16, 1921. He attended Springfield High School and graduated in 1939. After high school, he attended Wittenberg University and the . . . — Map (db m103392) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — The Keifer Cabin SitePioneer Archeological Work — At George Rogers Clark State Park/ Peckuwe Battle Field
You are standing on the site of a cabin built by John Keifer in 1824. John Keifer (1802- 1863) and his wife Elizabeth Donnel (1805- 1865), daughter of surveyor Jonathan Donnel, resided here until 1830. That year the family moved to another . . . — Map (db m83854) HM
Ohio (Clark County), Springfield — Vale Veterans Memorial
South side (Sons of the American Revolution logo) East side (Spanish American War logo) United Army Navy Spanish War Veterans 1898- 1899 Cuba Philippine Islands Puerto Rico North side (Civil War logo) Our Defenders 61- . . . — Map (db m86721) WM
Ohio (Clark County), Tremont City — Tremont City Veterans Memorial
Tremont City Veterans Memorial Park all gave some some gave all — Map (db m97206) WM
Ohio (Clermont County), Amelia — Morse House
Built by Increase Sumner Morse, 1806- 1875, circa 1850. This is one of the oldest buildings in Amelia and was constructed of bricks fired in a kiln on site. The house has served as an inn, and a store. Originally the house was located on . . . — Map (db m99697) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Batavia — Anderson State Road 1804
Tealtown and Baldwin Roads were once part of an old state road. In 1804, the new state of Ohio appropriated $1,650 for the purpose of making a road to go from Chillicothe through Cincinnati, to the West line of the state. Isaac Anderson, of . . . — Map (db m99475) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Batavia — Lake Allyn Site
The Clermont County Fair was held here from 1857 – 1863. In 1861, Civil War Camps Lucas and Scott were located here. In 1901 the Cincinnati, Georgetown and Portsmouth Railroad (CG&P), 1876 – 1935, constructed a ten acre lake named . . . — Map (db m99692) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Batavia — One-Room SchoolhousesLucy Run
The nearby Lucy Run School (1885) is an example of the one-room schoolhouses that served rural Clermont County from 1800 to 1930. Before an Ohio law assessing taxes for public schools was passed in 1825, the first schools were by . . . — Map (db m99693) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Batavia — Tri-State Warbird MuseumThe Walk of Veterans
Tri-State Warbird Museum (logo) The Walk of Veterans we salute the honored veterans who defended our freedom. Their courage, valor, and sacrifice serve as an inspiration to all. — Map (db m99691) WM
Ohio (Clermont County), Bethel — 2-13 — Early Settlers Burial Ground
Resting here among other pioneers are: Obed Denham, native of Plainfield, New Jersey, donor of this plot, founder of Bethel in 1798, and pioneer abolitionist; Thomas Morris, antislavery leader, veteran state legislator, U.S. senator . . . — Map (db m99989) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Cincinnati — Mt. Moriah
Clermont County Bicentennial Marker Chapel- Mt. Moriah

United Methodist Church. Organized in 1835 as the Methodist Protestant Church of Tobasco. Meetings were held in a schoolhouse until 1842, when the church erected this small brick . . . — Map (db m99694) HM

Ohio (Clermont County), Cincinnati — Mt. Moriah Cemetery
The Union Township Trustees operate and maintain the cemetery. It is situated on land purchased in 1800 by Withamsville founder, Maurice Witham. Interred here are some prominent pioneers and citizens - - the Witham family, Indian fighter . . . — Map (db m99695) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Cincinnati — Mt. Moriah Veterans Memorial
1941 - 1945 In memory of these men who gave their lives for freedom in World War II

Alvin Earl Beard James C. Butts William A. Rolke Loren Hoderlein Merle Patterson Albert Wienner — Map (db m99696) WM

Ohio (Clermont County), Felicity — Edgington Mound
This burial mound was built during the time period 1000 B.C. to 400 A.D. Because the 15 foot 9 inch mound is conical shaped, it is believed to have been built by the Adenda Culture. It is 133 feet in diameter at the base. The mound received its . . . — Map (db m99947) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Felicity — Felicity Underground Railroad
This is the site of the home of William Sleet, a black abolitionist. A blacksmith, he was a prominent member of the Felicity Underground Railroad operation. Felicity was a very important community on the Underground Railroad that helped escaped . . . — Map (db m99963) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Felicity — Felicity Veterans Memorial
Our gift to the village “Lest we forget” over the years, the Village of Felicity and surrounding communities have given freely its sons and daughters to serve in the quest for world peace.

Many residents from this area, their . . . — Map (db m99978) WM

Ohio (Clermont County), Felicity — Honor Roll 1918Franklin Township WW I Veterans Memorial
Honor Roll 1918 Dedicated as a lasting tribute to the memory of our men who answered the call of their country in the World War. erected by the citizens of Franklin Township, Clermont County (68 names) US — Map (db m99976) WM
Ohio (Clermont County), Georgetown — 7-13 — Utopia
Utopia was founded in 1844 by followers of French philosopher Charles Fourier (1772-1837). Fourierism, based on utopian socialism and the idea of equal sharing of investments in money and labor, reached peak popularity in the United States about . . . — Map (db m99948) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Goshen — Burial Site of Two Unknown SoldiersSlabs Camp — On the Bullskin Trail
Near here are buried two unknown soldiers of General Anthony Wayne's Army who died while at Slabs Camp, at the junction of Highway 131 and 133 in 1793. A memorial service was held by Edenton Willing Workers and Blanchester Daughter's of the American . . . — Map (db m99977) HM WM
Ohio (Clermont County), Goshen — Goshen High School Veterans Memorial
In honor of all Goshen Warriors who have served — Map (db m99435) WM
Ohio (Clermont County), Goshen — 11-13 — Goshen School Building
Side A In 1907, the Goshen School Building, later known as both Goshen Intermediate School and Sheila Green Elementary, was erected. The two-story, buff-colored, pressed-brick building was the first attempt at school consolidation in Goshen . . . — Map (db m99433) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Goshen — Honoring Goshen School Building1908- 2002
Honoring Goshen School Building 1908- 2002 in tribute of the memories made by generations of Goshen Warriors — Map (db m99434) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Loveland — 25th AnniversaryLower Little Miami Scenic River
25th Anniversary Lower Little Miami Scenic River Designated into the National Wide & Scenic River System January 1980 to protect and enhance the river’s free-flowing character, water quality, & outstandingly remarkable values Little . . . — Map (db m120866) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Loveland — Charlie Henry RichThe Tombstone
Here lies Charlie Henry Rich who dealt “Aces and Eights” to Wild Bill Hickok in the Blackhills of Deadwood South Dakota in No. 10 Saloon August 2, 1876 — Map (db m99468) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Loveland — Clermont County Bicentennial MarkerPublic Water Works c. 1905
Designed by Cincinnati Music Hall architect, Henry C. Hubbell. Water service was confined to Loveland, but also supplied the large railroad tanks on the B&O and Pennsylvania Railways. Very important in the days of steam locomotives. It was . . . — Map (db m120811) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Loveland — 3-13 — Dead Man’s HandAces and 8s Worldwide Legend
Side A Charles Henry Rich, buried in this cemetery, was a close friend of James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok. On August 2, 1876. Hickok was killed while playing poker at the No. 10 Saloon, Deadwood, Dakota Territory. Charlie Rich had just . . . — Map (db m99467) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Loveland — Little Miami RailroadPioneer Transportation Route
(Clermont County Bicentennial logo) Chartered in 1836, the Little Miami Railroad reached Milford in 1841 and Loveland in 1844. It was the first railroad in Clermont County. John Kugler supplied the ties for much of the 6.15 miles of track in . . . — Map (db m99472) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Loveland — The Little Miami Railroad
The Little Miami Railroad was chartered on March 11, 1836, to build a track from Cincinnati to Xenia. In 1844, its rails were laid through the Butterworth farm. The Little Miami was leased and named the Pennsylvania Railroad Co, in 1869. From . . . — Map (db m120863) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Loveland — The Ramsey/Paxton Cemetery
Col. Thomas Paxton (1739-1813) served with General George Washington at Valley Forge in 1777 and with General Anthony Wayne at the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794. This was the last major fight against the Indians before Ohio became a state in . . . — Map (db m99423) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Loveland — White PillarsHome of Col. Thomas Paxton
Clermont County Bicentennial Marker White Pillars circa 1840 Lt. Col. Thomas Paxton, 1736- 1813, settled this land in 1795 and is buried in the Paxton- Ramsey cemetery. This Greek Revival house was designed by John Ramsey. . . . — Map (db m99424) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Milford — 1-13 — First Methodist ChurchOldest in the Old Northwest Territory
Founded in 1797 in the log cabin of the Reverend Francis McCormick, the Milford Methodist Church is the oldest of the denomination in the Northwest Territory and Ohio. Pioneer worshipers walked many miles through the wilderness to attend its circuit . . . — Map (db m99541) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Milford — Greenlawn Cemeterycirca 1811
Philip Gatch, 1751 – 1834, established the cemetery on his farm when his wife Elizabeth died in 1811. Originally this was a site of a Hopewell Indian mound building culture. In his will, Gatch gave his sons discretion to open the cemetery . . . — Map (db m99618) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Milford — Henry Clark CorbinMemorial Cannon
In grateful remembrance of Henry Clark Corbin Lieutenant General U.S.A. a soldier of Clermont County — Map (db m99620) WM
Ohio (Clermont County), Milford — Milford BridgeA Passing Technology — Early 2oth Century Engineering
(artwork) The Milford Bridge was built in 1924 by the Standard Bridge Engineering and Constructing Co. of Toledo, Ohio. The bridge was one of 19 Pennsylvania Through Trusses built in Ohio. It was closed to traffic in 1985 due to structural . . . — Map (db m79004) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Milford — Milford GAR Veterans Memorial
erected by S.R.S. West Post No. 544 G.A.R. in memory of the soldiers of Miami Township 1909 — Map (db m99619) WM
Ohio (Clermont County), Milford — Promont
Using exquisite materials from Europe and fine craftsmanship from the area, the house was built by William McGrue in 1865. It is an Italianate style mansion with a tower. The 43rd Governor of Ohio, John Pattison, resided here from 1879 until . . . — Map (db m99595) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Milford — The Leming House
Miami Township, established 1801, was one of five original townships in Clermont County. Among early settlers in Miami Township were the Leming family of New Jersey. In 1806, four Leming brothers—Ezekiel, John, Gabriel, and . . . — Map (db m99542) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Neville — Neville – 1812Clermont County — Bicentennial Marker
Clermont County Bicentennial Marker Neville – 1812 The town is situated in the first survey, No, 388, made in the Virginia Military District of Ohio. Nov. 13, 1787, John Obannon surveyed a tract of 1,400 acres for Col. John . . . — Map (db m99890) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Neville — Neville Veterans Memorial
Side A 1917 (eagle) 1918 Honor Roll (28 names) 2 killed in action

Side B 1941 (eagle) 1945 Honor Roll (48 names) one killed in action — Map (db m99889) WM

Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — Capt. Ernest Wagner Park
Capt. Ernest Wagner Park dedicated July 27, 1980 Captain Wagner commanded excursion passenger steamboats Island Queen, Delta Queen, Mississippi Queen and Avalon on the Ohio and Mississippi River Systems Cap knew every bend, sandbar and . . . — Map (db m99767) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — Founding of New Richmond
Jacob Light (1756 – 1831) platted the Village of New Richmond in 1814 on 85 acres he had bought in 1804. His village streets ran at right angles to the Ohio River.

Thomas Ashburn (1769 – 1826) bought 875 acres from William . . . — Map (db m99717) HM

Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — Franklin ChapelClermont County — Bicentennial Marker
Clermont County Bicentennial Marker Franklin Chapel This Methodist Episcopal Church was built in 1854 under the direction of Rev. J.L. Holtzinger at a cost of $1,665. The belfry and church bell were added in Dec.1884. — Map (db m99886) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — 9-13 — Henry Clark Corbin / Colclazer Run
Henry Clark Corbin Henry Clark Corbin was born September 15, 1842 and reared here on the family farm along Colclazer Run near Laurel. He attended public school and the private Parker Academy in nearby Clermontville. After teaching school and . . . — Map (db m99622) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — 8-13 — Mt. Zion Chapel / Mt. Zion Cemetery - Lafayette School
Mt. Zion Chapel The Mount Zion Chapel of the Christian Church was built in 1872 on this hill adjacent to the members' cemetery outside of Clermontville. The site was part of a two-acre parcel that had been secured from the farm of William R. . . . — Map (db m99887) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — 6-13 — New Richmond
Prior to the Civil War, New Richmond citizens participated actively in the abolitionist movement and the Underground Railroad. In 1836, James G. Birney published The Philanthropist, an abolitionist newspaper, in New Richmond before moving . . . — Map (db m99708) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — New Richmond Pearl Harbor Memorial
(logo- USS Arizona) This stone is erected in honor of the brave members of the armed forces who died defending this country from the treacherous attack on Pearl Harbor on Sunday morning December 7, 1941 ‘Greater love hath no man than . . . — Map (db m99765) WM
Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — New Richmond VFW Veterans Memorial
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States in memory of all men who fought for their country — Map (db m99718) WM
Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — New Richmond WW I MemorialOn the Ohio River
Affectionately inscribed to the heroic boys of New Richmond as a tribute to the self-sacrificing spirit that they displayed in their country’s service in the momentous years of 1917- 1918

(157 names) Red Cross Nurses (two names) — Map (db m99719) WM

Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — Spann
An early crossroads settlement instrumental in the development of Pierce Township. Located at Dutch Creek and Ten Mile Road. The hamlet consisted of a community water well, a general store / post office (1860) and the Ten Mile Presbyterian . . . — Map (db m99698) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — The United States Merchant Marine
In recognition of those who serve their country in war and peace time to those 250,000 who served in World War II to those 670 who were taken prisoner to those 6700 plus who gave their lives and to the countless number who served since this . . . — Map (db m99764) WM
Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — Thomas AshburnFounder of Susanna
In memory of Thomas Ashburn born – Bolton, England, July 11, 1769 died – New Richmond, Feb. 15, 1828 founder of Susanna in 1816 and donor of this riverside promenade and other parks and, sites to be used, forever, for worship, . . . — Map (db m99766) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — Ulysses Simpson Grant
Ulysses Simpson Grant General in the United States Army and twice elected President of the United States was born on April 27, 1822 in a house on this spot — Map (db m99888) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — Underground Railroad SiteClermont Freedom Trail — New Richmond Waterfront
In 1862 slave catchers paraded a captured Leroy Lee in manacles down Front Street toward the river. A crowd of New Richmond citizens confronted the armed captors demanding the release of Lee. Seeing they were greatly outnumbered, the slave . . . — Map (db m99706) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), New Richmond — Underground Railroad SiteClermont Freedom Trail — Ross – Gowdy House Museum
Built circa 1850, the Ross-Gowdy House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Through the years it has served as the home of three New Richmond mayors. Merchant Thomas Gowdy lived in this house in 1876. The home was acquired by . . . — Map (db m99720) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Owensville — Owensville Village Hall
The Owensville Village Hall was built as a Methodist Episcopal in 1859 and later housed a Church of Christ. The village purchased the building in 1988 and utilizes it as village hall. On July 14, 1863, Confederate States General John Hunt Morgan’s . . . — Map (db m95616) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Williamsburg — Dairy House at Harmony Hill
Built 1800- 1802 at the homestead of Maj. General William Lytle by John Charles stone mason The restoration of Harmony Hill Dairy House is dedicated to the memory of the “Father of Clermont County”, Major General William . . . — Map (db m95612) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Williamsburg — Grassy Run Battlefield
In these fields on the southwest side of the east Fork of the Little Miami River, opposite the mouth of Grassy Run, was fought the Battle of Grassy Run April 10, 1792. Simon Kenton led a group of frontiersmen from Limestone (Maysville), KY . . . — Map (db m95461) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Williamsburg — Hartman Log Cabin
Dedicated to Christopher Hartman who emigrated from Germany in 1753 fought in the American Revolution and settled in Clermont County in 1801; to his grandson John Kirby Hartman, who purchased this site in 1838; and to their relatives and . . . — Map (db m99999) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Williamsburg — Last Indian Battle
Last Indian Battle fought March 16, 1792 on the south bank of East Fork Creek near the mouth of Grassy Run Clermont County Tecumseh Shawnee Chjef, known as “Blazing Star”, and Simon Kenton, a scout, were engaged in a sharp . . . — Map (db m95462) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Williamsburg — Stepping StonePioneer Artifact at Historic Site
This is the stepping stone from Revolutionary War veteran Adam Fisher’s log cabin. After the war he and his family came to Kentucky and then about 1799 moved across the Ohio River to settle between Little Indian Creek and what is now route 743 . . . — Map (db m95614) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Williamsburg — The Town SquareClermont County Bicentennial
In 1796, William Lytle set aside over five acres for public buildings. In 1803 Williamsburg became the first county seat and in 1809 the first county courthouse was built here by John Charles. A jail was built in 1811 and in 1812- 13 a two room . . . — Map (db m95579) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Williamsburg — Williamsburg Veterans Memorial
In loving memory and appreciation of those loyal men and women of Williamsburg, who served their country well in peace and war.

We honor forever with this monument those heroes stalwart and brave, who so fearlessly left their families . . . — Map (db m95615) WM

Ohio (Clermont County), Wlliamsburg — Harmony Hill 1800Home of Major General William Lytle
Homestead of Major General William Lytle, known as the “Father of Clermont County” for his many contributions to the formation and settlement of the county. A surveyor by profession, Lytle surveyed and acquired many acres of land in . . . — Map (db m95611) HM
Pennsylvania (Armstrong County), Kittanning — Armstrong County Civil War Memorial
In memory of Armstrong County Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865 — Map (db m89688) WM
Pennsylvania (Armstrong County), Kittanning — Kittanning WW I MemorialTwo Adjacent Monuments
In memory of World War I Veterans Erected in honor of those of Armstrong County who served their country in the World War 1917- 1918

Erected by W. C. T. U. 1932 — Map (db m89689) WM

South Dakota (Brule County), Chamberlain — Lewis & Clark Memorial Bridge at Chamberlain
Lewis & Clark Memorial Bridge at Chamberlain Dedicated July 7, 1974 by Governor Richard F. Kneip

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark with their party camped at several points near this crossing. In September 1804, continuous rain had soaked . . . — Map (db m98207) HM

South Dakota (Brule County), Chamberlain — 114 — Sojourn at Camp PleasantLewis & Clark Expedition
When the Corps of Discovery reached present-day Chamberlain on September 16, 1804, they were ready for a break. Since May, one member of the expedition, Sergeant Charles Floyd, had died, possibly of appendicitis. Another, Private George Shannon, . . . — Map (db m98240) HM
Utah (Box Elder County), Corinne — 10 Miles of Track
10 miles of track, laid in one day. April 28th 1869 — Map (db m100050) HM
Utah (Box Elder County), Corinne — Stairway to Promontory
The cut below you on the Union Pacific grade is a good example of the stair step construction method used by the railroads. The workers were set to grading, scraping and blasting on several different levels of a cut at once. This method increased . . . — Map (db m100047) HM
Utah (Box Elder County), Corinne — Transcontinental RailroadNational Back Country Byway — Rails of History
Welcome to the Transcontinental Railroad National Back Country Byway. The railroad grade you will be driving represents an epic achievement in American history, linking East to West in a new nation. Today, the landscape looks much the same as it did . . . — Map (db m100000) HM

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