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Temple Terraces Country Club Sutton Hall Marker-Side 2 image, Touch for more information
By Tim Fillmon, March 1, 2015
Temple Terraces Country Club Sutton Hall Marker-Side 2
Florida (Hillsborough County), Temple Terrace — Temple Terraces Country Club Sutton Hall
(side 1) The Temple Terraces Country Club was built on the site of the 1910 hunting lodge of world renowned Chicago socialite and businesswoman Bertha Honore Plamer's 19,000 acre "Riverhills Ranch." It opened in 1922 as the centerpiece of . . . — Map (db m93417) HM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Temple Terrace — The Largest Orange Grove in the World
Side 1 The grand plan for Temple Terraces Florida-Tampa's Most Beautiful Suburb along with the town plan featuring the Temple Terraces Golf & Country Club, included a 5,000 acre Temple orange grove. The rendering above highlights . . . — Map (db m101006) HM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Ybor City — Birthplace of Tony PizzoHistorian, Author, and Civic Leader
On September 22, 1912 Anthony P.(Tony) Pizzo was born in the family home on this block, neighboring the family livery stable, and eventually produce store, dating from the 1870's. Tony's love of his community and his interest in history resulted in . . . — Map (db m129891) HM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Ybor City — First Citizen
The first citizen of Ybor City was Gavino Gutierrez, Spanish civil engineer. Gutierrez investigated the area in 1884 as a site for a guava processing plant. The guava plant was never erected, but on the strength of Gutierrez recommendations his . . . — Map (db m129893) HM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Ybor City — First Duel in Ybor City 1888
The first violent death in the Latin Quarter occurred in this vicinity when a pistol duel was fought between two Cuban cigarmakers. Their nicknames were "Teclo" and "Matancero." "Teclo" was killed instantly in the exchange. It is said the duel was . . . — Map (db m129944) HM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Ybor City — Old Government Spring
For centuries, Tocobaga Indians drew water from this deep natural spring. When U.S. Army troops arrived in 1824, they quickly discovered this natural resource. Twice a day, government wagons hauled water to Fort Brooke. Despite a strong taste of . . . — Map (db m130374) HM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Ybor City — Tampa's First Cigar Factory
The first clear Havana cigar was rolled at this site by Sanchez y Haya Ca., on April 13, 1886. Licensed as Factory No. 1, with Don Ignacio Haya and Don Serafin Sanchez as proprietors. Superintendent of the factory was Laureano Sanchez. At the end of . . . — Map (db m130179) HM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Ybor City — The Birth of Mutual Aid Societies in America
Soon after the founding of Ybor City, Cuban, Spanish, and Italian tobacco workers established comprehensive health maintenance organizations. For small weekly dues they received medicines, hospitalization, and medical services. On June 18, . . . — Map (db m130180) HM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Ybor City — The Tobacco War
The Captain General of Cuba, Valeriano Weyler, enraged by the revolutionary activities of the Ybor City tobacco workers, on May 16th, 1896, imposed an embargo on the exportation of tobacco. The edict was a severe blow. On this site along a stream . . . — Map (db m130302) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Fellsmere — F-766 — Fellsmere Union Church
(side 1) Fellsmere Union Church, located at 12 North Hickory Street, is the first and oldest church in the City of Fellsmere. The Reverend James A. Liggitt, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church of London, Ohio, and a property owner in . . . — Map (db m93260) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Fellsmere — F-997 — Frank and Stella Heiser House
Frank William Heiser was born in Lafayette, Indiana, in 1892. He was orphaned at age 14 and later dropped out of school. In 1911, Heiser bought a 20-acre farm in Fellsmere and moved to the area in 1912. He married Fellsmere Sales Company secretary . . . — Map (db m127811) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Fellsmere — F-707 — The Fellsmere Public School
(side 1) The Fellsmere Public School, the first masonry school building in what is now Indian River County, was constructed during 1915 and 1916 at 22 South Orange Street. The 22,680 square foot, two-story school with a raised basement was . . . — Map (db m93265) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Fellsmere — F-725 — The Fellsmere Railroad
The standard-gauge Fellsmere Railroad was completed in 1910 with 60 lb. rail to replace the old Sebastian & Cincinnatus narrow-gauge railroad built in 1896 between Sebastian and Fellsmere. The Fellsmere Farms Company used the 10-mile-long railroad . . . — Map (db m93266) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Fellsmere — F-693 — The Marian Fell Library
The Merian Fell Library, the oldest library in Indian River County, opened its doors to the public on May 1, 1915 at 63 North Cypress Street, Fellsmere, Florida. Construction of the library was made possible by Marian Fell, daughter of Edward Nelson . . . — Map (db m93264) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Gifford — F-984 — Gifford High School Sundial Landmark
In 1892, William Edward Geoffrey, an African American man from Darlington, South Carolina, came to work on the Florida East Coast Railroad in Gifford. The town's first school was built in 1898, but only served white children. In 1901, Geoffrey . . . — Map (db m127810) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Sebastian — Moore's Point
This point of land at the junction of the St. Sebastian River and the Indian River was once settled by aboriginal people, the Ais. Pottery shards and ancient shells can still be found along the shore. In 1889, L.C. Moore built the . . . — Map (db m93121) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Sebastian — F-813 — Roseland
The Ays Indians lived along the confluence of the St. Sebastian and the Indian River (Rio d'ays) when the Spanish arrived in the 1500s. For hundreds of years after that, settlements in the Indian River area were restricted to the coastal areas where . . . — Map (db m93109) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Vero Beach — F-812 — Baseball and Dodgertown
Dodgertown was the spring training facility of the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers. Originally part of a World War II Naval Air Station, Dodgertown became the spring training home of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1948, when local business leader Bud Holman . . . — Map (db m93122) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Vero Beach — Bethel Creek House of Refuge1876
The 1st house of refuge on Florida's east coast was constructed on this site which later became part of the U.S. Lifesaving Service. Houses of Refuge were built about 20 miles apart and provided a safe haven for those shipwrecked along the desolate . . . — Map (db m112157) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Vero Beach — F-1022 — Historic Hallstrom Farmstead
In the early 1900s, Swedish immigrant and horticulturist Axel Hallstrom sought the warm climate of Florida for his wife's health and moved to this area to from tropical trees and fruits. He first planted pineapples on his new farmstead, in the area . . . — Map (db m136027) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Vero Beach — F-815 — Osceola Park Historic Residential District
Osceola Park was one of the first residential subdivisions added to the town of Vero Beach and contains the city's largest concentration of early 20th century buildings. In 1915 and 1917, the Indian River Farms Company, who had platted the original . . . — Map (db m93120) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Vero Beach — F-330 — Riomar Clubhouse Saint Edward's School
During the early 1920’s, three Cleveland, Ohio physicians established Riomar as a private winter resort for themselves and their families. The facilities included a clubhouse and guest cottage on what is now Riomar Drive, a nine-hole golf course and . . . — Map (db m130537) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Vero Beach — F-1023 — The Bridges
A parade of Model T automobiles crossed the first bridge to span the Indian River on Labor Day 1920. This made Vero the first community with a bridge to Orchid Island. Made of sabal palm pilings and rough-cut planking, it began on the mainland side . . . — Map (db m136026) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Vero Beach — F-970 — Vero Beach Railway Station
In 1893, Henry Flagler's railroad arrived in Sebastian, and reached Ft. Pierce in 1894, bypassing the tiny community of Vero. Flagler renamed his railroad the Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) in 1895. Because of agricultural growth in the area, . . . — Map (db m112159) HM
Florida (Indian River County), Wabasso — F-912 — Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Beulah African Methodist Episcopal Church was the first house of worship in Wabasso to be affiliated with a national congregation. Its founders settled here in the early 1900s as laborers in agriculture, lumber, turpentine, and construction, the . . . — Map (db m112156) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Campbellton — First Baptist Church
Bethlehem Missionary Church was established March 12, 1825 with twenty charter members and Rev. E.W. Hallway Pastor. Landowners, slaves and the poor were all in the fellowship of the church. In 1826 ten acres of land was bought for $50 to build a . . . — Map (db m93105) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Dellwood — Dellwood Methodist Church
Founded in 1910 by Dr. Charles H. Ryals who gave the land and provided the funds to build the church. The church was built from lumber milled by Bevis Sawmill in Dellwood. Services were held every other week by circuit rider preachers. The Rev. . . . — Map (db m113145) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Greenwood — Erwin House
The house was built in the 1830's by John A. Syfrett. It is likely the oldest residence in Jackson County. It faces Fort Road, believed to have been routed by Andrew Jackson. In 1861, it became the home of Colonel John M.F. Erwin and his wife, . . . — Map (db m67531) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Greenwood — Great Oaks
This antebellum mansion was built by Hamilton Bryan as a home for his mother in 1860 on the 5200 acre plantation established by his father, Elijah Bryan. Both of these men are buried in the Greenwood Baptist Church Cemetery. It was sold by their . . . — Map (db m67529) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Greenwood — Greenwood Baptist Church
According to existing minutes: On Sunday, March 16th, 1845, elders Joshua Mercer and Thomas Lang met and constituted Thomas K. Mercer, J.J. Mercer, Mary Mercer, his wife, Polly Mercer, William Mercer, Mary Syphrett, E.A.T. Mercer and Mary E. Horne . . . — Map (db m67530) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Greenwood — The Hayes Long Mansion
Built about 1840 by James Hayes, a man of vast real estate holdings. He was killed in a battle in North Georgia in 1863. The house stayed in the estate until 1885. It was owned by Ada and William Garrett, R.W. Coulette, S.V. Wall, and Hay Long Wall . . . — Map (db m96449) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Marianna — Cavalry Fight in Downtown MariannaThe Battle of Marianna
Union and Confederate troops battled for control of the downtown area as fighting swept east through the streets during the Battle of Marianna. A Union flanking party entered town from the north via Caledonia Street and moved east up Lafayette to . . . — Map (db m93108) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Marianna — Davis-West House
This Marianna landmark was built by John Davis in the 1840's for his daughter, Rebecca Davis Spears. After the death of her husband, she married Dr. Theophilus West in 1859. Dr. West served as a surgeon in the Confederate Army and was with General . . . — Map (db m67534) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Marianna — Ely-Criglar House
This two-story residence is one of Marianna's first great antebellum mansions, built by Francis R. Ely around 1840. The house was acquired in 1889 by Francis B. Carter, who later became Justice of the Supreme Court of Florida. In 1900 the house was . . . — Map (db m67540) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Marianna — Fight at the Chipola River BridgeThe Battle of Marianna
Retreating Confederate troops reached the Chipola River after fighting pursuing Union troops from Ely Corner (intersection of Lafayette and Russ Streets) to this point. Captain Robert Chisolm's Woodville Scouts, a cavalry unit from Alabama, drove . . . — Map (db m101422) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Marianna — Fighting at Ely CornerThe Battle of Marianna
The main section of the Battle of Marianna began here at 11 a.m. on September 27, 1864. Confederate cavalry under Col. A.B. Montgomery formed a line of battle across the main street at this point. Union troops, led by Brig. Ben. Alexander Asboth, . . . — Map (db m93103) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Marianna — First Presbyterian Church
Presbyterians first worshipped in Marianna, Florida in 1835. The First Presbyterian Church in Marianna was established by nine women and one man, Bryan Erwin, the first ruling elder. It is recorded that Mr. Erwin came to Jackson County from Scotland . . . — Map (db m73942) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Marianna — Lewis-Wykoff House
Built in 1840, this house was sold by Frances Towers to Isavelle, wife of Arthur Lewis, in 1847. Richard Lewis, creator of the popular patent medicine, Lewis Eye Water, was born here in 1849. In 1852-58, the owner was George Hawkins, Territorial . . . — Map (db m67533) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Marianna — St. Luke's Churchyard
Along with the Old Town Burial Ground, this cemetery shelters some of the noteworthy historical figures of the county. The Episcopal Church it surrounds, organized in 1838, is among the most historic in the state. Within its bounds may be found . . . — Map (db m68852) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Marianna — The Holden House
John de Roulhac and his wife, Martha Rasco, arrived in Jackson County in 1846. This house was built about that time. Their daughter, Clara, married Dr. Julius Holden here Sept. 22, 1859. Dr. Holden served in the Confederate Army. Legend says the . . . — Map (db m74189) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Marianna — F-920 — The West End Community
As early as 1825, African Americans settled in the Jackson County area. After 1865, interconnected communities developed their own infrastructure including cemeteries, schools, and churches. From these communities, a large population came together . . . — Map (db m101421) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Marianna — The Woman's Club
The house was built in 1864 by Joseph T. Russ for his wife Mary. In 1881 it was deeded to his daughter, Luella Burke. It was sold in 1884 to Mary Hearn West. Harriet M. Hearn, mother of Mary West bought the house in 1890. In 1891 Theodore D. West . . . — Map (db m67518) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Sneads — Sneads
"He who drinks from this pump will always return" was the belief of the pioneer families of Sneads. This pump was built for the town of Sneads by Gabriel Smith in 1899 or 1900 and it is believed to be the second mechanical pump in the area. . . . — Map (db m67519) HM
Florida (Jefferson County), Monticello — F-683 — Elizabeth Elementary School
The Elizabeth School, a three-room, vernacular shingle-clad building, was a school for Black students on Groover Road in 1938 and was funded by parents and the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Miles Edward Groover (1887-1966) and his wife, Daisy . . . — Map (db m67601) HM
Florida (Jefferson County), Monticello — F-681 — Howard Academy Elementary and Junior High School (Later Howard Academy High School) Second Street
This historic marker recognizes Howard Academy Elementary/Junior High School, which eventually became Howard Academy High School. In 1957, the first phase of Howard Academy Elementary and Junior High School was constructed on Second Street. The . . . — Map (db m67639) HM
Florida (Jefferson County), Monticello — F-682 — Howard Academy High School on Chestnut Street
Howard Academy High School's Building 1 opened on Chestnut Street in 1936 with one structure containing several classrooms. In 1940, a similar, second building was constructed and financed by the county, parents and The Julius Rosenwald Fund. . . . — Map (db m67656) HM
Florida (Jefferson County), Monticello — Oliver Baptist Church
The Olive Baptist Church was begun in 1831, and at that time the property was in the state of Georgia. In 1872 the U.S. Congress designated this land to be a part of Florida. On Tuesday, November 22, 1853, in the Eleventh Annual Session of the . . . — Map (db m110980) HM
Florida (Jefferson County), Waukeenah — 175th Anniversary of the Waukeenah United Methodist Church
175th Anniversary of the Waukeenah United Methodist Church

In the year 1837, the Waukeenah United Methodist Church was established. It began as the Waukeenah Methodist Episcopal Church. The story of the Waukeenah United Methodist Church . . . — Map (db m136051) HM

Florida (Lake County), Fruitland Park — F-1035 — The Casino
In 1914, George T. Clark built a community center for the residents of Fruitland Park on the property of his Gardenia Hotel. Known locally as the Casino, the building was designed in the Frame Vernacular style with wood-framed construction, a metal . . . — Map (db m131265) HM
Florida (Lake County), Groveland — The History of Groveland High School
(Side 1) Constructed in 1937 during the Great Depression, Groveland High School, home of the Greenbacks, was built as part of the national Work Progress Administration (WPA) projects. The original building contained first through twelfth . . . — Map (db m67026) HM
Florida (Lake County), Groveland — F-354 — Villa City
On this site in 1885, George Thomas King, founder of Villa City, built an estate that was the showplace of the area. By 1895, the town had a post office, school, church, hotel, photographic studio, dispensary and 35 homes. The citrus based community . . . — Map (db m67024) HM
Florida (Lake County), Montverde — F-1013 — Harper House
Built in the late 1870s, this house is the oldest building in Montverde. Pioneer merchant and citrus grower Reuben Wyatt Harper purchased it in 1891 after moving to Lake County from Alabama. At first, Harper ran a store and the town's first post . . . — Map (db m136021) HM
Florida (Lake County), Montverde — F-759 — Montverde Academy
Montverde Academy was founded by Hermon Palestine Carpenter in 1912 as the Montverde Industrial School for students of limited means. A native of Boyle County, Kentucky, Carpenter (1877-1958) came to Florida in 1912 and decided to found a school at . . . — Map (db m93362) HM
Florida (Lake County), Paisley — F-883 — Birth of the Florida Trail
On October 29, 1966, Jim Kern, founder of the Florida Trail Association, and like-minded hiking enthusiasts began building the Florida Trail at the entrance to Clearwater Lake Recreation Area in the Ocala National Forest. The first 26-mile section, . . . — Map (db m101445) HM
Florida (Lee County), Alva — Alva Library-Owanita Chapel
Formed 1901, the Alva Book Club, was incorporated as the Alva Library Association November 15, 1906. It provided the first public library in Southwest Florida on this lot donated by Captain Peter Nelson, Alva's founder. This library was dedicated . . . — Map (db m128652) HM
Florida (Lee County), Boca Grande — F-611 — Gasparilla Inn & Club
The Gasparilla Inn, built by the Boca Grande Land Company, subsidiary of a national phosphate company that was an early major island land holder, opened in 1911. Under the leadership of company principal, Peter Bradley (1850-1933), the hotel . . . — Map (db m128322) HM
Florida (Lee County), Boca Grande — Pioneer Hole
On November 28th, 1905, the steamboat Mistletoe of Tampa with the engineer corps and a force of sixty laborers landed on the beach directly opposite this spot, and the initial work of surveying and constructing the Charlotte Harbor and Northern . . . — Map (db m128324) HM
Florida (Lee County), Boca Grande — F-704 — The First Baptist Church of Boca Grande
The First Baptist Church of Boca Grande is the oldest church building on Gasparilla Island and housed one of the island’s two oldest congregations. In the early 1900s, phosphate companies decided to use the port of Boca Grande as a primary shipping . . . — Map (db m128323) HM
Florida (Lee County), Bonita Springs — F-648 — Bonita Springs Elementary School
This school contains two historic building and is a rare example of a historical school that continues to serve its original function. The rural village of Bonita Springs, originally called Survey, grew during the Florida Land Boom of the 1920s and . . . — Map (db m127699) HM
Florida (Lee County), Cape Coral — F-105 — Harney's Point
Near here on the Caloosahatchee River a band of 160 Indians attacked the Fort and Trading Post at four o'clock on the morning of July 23, 1839. In the raid led by Chief Chekaika of the Spanish Indians, thirteen soldiers died and fourteen, including . . . — Map (db m127695) HM
Florida (Lee County), Cape Coral — F-836 — Iwo Jima Monument
This monument immortalizes the famous photograph taken by Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal during the American victory over Japan on the island of Iwo Jima on February 23, 1945. One of the most iconic images of World War II, the . . . — Map (db m127696) HM
Florida (Lee County), Fort Myers — Edison Park School
Historic Edison Park School, a public elementary school, is one of the oldest in Southwest Florida. It has played a prominent role in the cultural as well as the educational life of this community. Started in 1926 and opened on March 30, 1927, it . . . — Map (db m101017) HM
Florida (Lee County), Ft. Myers — F-982 — Buckingham Army Air Field Gunnery Ranges
During World War II, nearly 50,000 soldiers earned their wings as aerial gunners at the Buckingham Army Air Field’s (BAAF) Flexible Gunnery School. As one of only six gunnery schools in the United States, BAAF was in operation from 1942 until the . . . — Map (db m127515) HM
Florida (Lee County), Ft. Myers — Frierson-Hendry Cemetery
Thought to be the oldest private cemetery in Fort Myers. Established in the 1870's — Map (db m127812) HM
Florida (Lee County), Lehigh Acres — Buckingham Army Air Field1942-1945
Early in 1942, the United States Government leased 6,500 acres of mostly brush, palmetto trees, and in some places pine stumps left from previous logging operations, to establish a flexible gunnery training school on this site. Construction of the . . . — Map (db m127516) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-986 — 1963 Civil Rights Protest Jail Overflow Site
(Side 1) Throughout the 1950s-1970s, large-scale, nonviolent demonstrations by audacious students attending Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), Florida State University, and the University of Florida, as well as local . . . — Map (db m135553) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-998 — Antonio Proctor, George Proctor, John Proctor
(Side 1) Antonio (Toney) Proctor, born Antonio Propinos circa 1743 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, was enslaved as a child. During the American Revolution, he was a body servant to a British army officer. He later worked in St. . . . — Map (db m135554) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-32 — Capitol of Florida
The Capitol site was selected before Tallahassee was founded. Three log buildings housed the government in 1824. A wing of the permanent Capitol, financed by sale of city lots, was built in 1826 but was later torn down. Another building was . . . — Map (db m129813) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-817 — Chandler's Tourist Camp1925-1929
In 1915, construction began on the Dixie Highway system that linked Florida with the Midwest via highways running from Michigan through Tallahassee along Old St. Augustine Road toward Miami. In the 1920s, the number of auto tourists visiting Florida . . . — Map (db m100888) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-831 — Coach Alonzo "Jake" Gaither Home
This brick house was the home of legendary Florida A&M University (FAMU) football coach Alonzo “Jake” Gaither and his wife, Sadie, a FAMU English professor. The couple regularly hosted sports and public figures from the 1950s-1960s, . . . — Map (db m128319) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — Goodwood(2 miles east on Lafayette Grant)
Ante-bellum mansion constructed of brick shipped from New York to port of St. Marks. Completed in 1843. Fine fan lights and pleasing window placements. Circular stairway. Rare old furnishings. — Map (db m67031) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — Goodwood Mansion(Old Croom Mansion)
The land upon which Goodwood Mansion was constructed was part of the original land grant rewarded to the Marquis de Lafayette for his service during the Revolutionary War. Hardy Croom of North Carolina, a planter and recognized naturalist, purchased . . . — Map (db m67032) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-834 — Lucy Moten Elementary School
Lucy Moten School was built in 1932 at Florida A&M University (FAMU) with support from the Julius Rosenwald Fund and General Education Board. For more than 70 years, the school served as a training facility for African-American educators. The . . . — Map (db m137656) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-909 — Original Lincoln High School
Lincoln School served as the primary public education institution for African Americans in Leon County from 1869 to 1969. Established in 1869 as one of only two Freedman's Bureau schools in Florida to educate newly freed slaves. It was named after . . . — Map (db m110972) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-933 — Rutgers House/Tallahassee Garden Club Center
(side 1) Rutgers House This house was built by George Proctor, a free African American in 1848 for City Councilman and Territorial Treasurer Henry Rutgers. The doors and woodwork were fashioned from mahogany, and other lumber . . . — Map (db m110896) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-27 — Selection of Florida's Capital
Under Spanish rule Pensacola was the capital of West Florida, while East Florida's capital was St. Augustine. In 1821 the U.S. took possession and in 1822 William P. Duval succeeded Andrew Jackson as territorial governor. Dr. William H. Simmons, St. . . . — Map (db m129814) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-17 — Tallahassee Capital of Florida
DeSoto wintered here (1539-40). In 1633, the Spaniards established a chain of forts and missions to convert Apalache Indians. These were destroyed by the British in 1704 and the area reverted to wilderness. This site was selected as the capital of . . . — Map (db m129288) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-709 — The "Luraville Locomotive"
Its specific identity lost to time and the Suwannee River, the Luraville Locomotive is one of the nation's oldest "iron horse" steam locomotives. Most likely built between 1850 and 1855, the oft-modified 10-ton, wood-burning American 4-4-0 steam . . . — Map (db m67648) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-829 — The Knott House
This house was constructed in 1843, probably by George Proctor, a free black builder. Attorney Thomas Hagner and his bride Catherine Gamble became the home's first residents the following year. Immediately after the Civil War ended, Union . . . — Map (db m133539) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-770 — Woman's Club of Tallahassee
The Woman's Club of Tallahassee was founded in 1903 by Miss Anna Chaires and other prominent Tallahassee women. The club helped Tallahassee's less fortunate citizens, and in 1910 was instrumental in securing funding for building the first Leon High . . . — Map (db m93360) HM
Florida (Madison County), Greenville — Concord Missionary Baptist ChurchSite of the Founding of the Florida Baptist Convention
(side 1) For the glory of God, the church was constituted June 20, 1841. The charter members were: Richard J. and Eliza Mays; Joshua W.P. and Mary McCall; William T., Elizabeth and Harriet Johnson; black servants, Elbert, Phillis, . . . — Map (db m67604) HM
Florida (Madison County), Madison — Shiloh Methodist Church
(side 1) To The Glory of The Most High God a group of Christians led by the Reverend John Gramling organized Shiloh Methodist Church here, December 24, 1845. Born in 1785 in South Carolina, the son of German Emigrants Adam and Elizabeth . . . — Map (db m67603) HM
Florida (Madison County), Madison — F-184 — Site of San PedroSpanish Mission and First Official County Seat of Madison County
In the mid 1600's San Pedro de Potohiriba, a Spanish mission, was established in this area on the Old Spanish Trail. The first courthouse of Madison County was erected at San Pedro, the county seat from 1828 to 1838. San Pedro, located about ten . . . — Map (db m129387) HM
Florida (Madison County), Madison — F-797 — St. Mary's Episcopal Church
The congregation of St. Mary's Episcopal Church was organized in 1859, but the parish became dormant during the Civil War when services were held irregularly. Twenty years later, on July 6, 1879, the congregation appointed a committee to coordinate . . . — Map (db m93267) HM
Florida (Madison County), Madison — The Ellaville Post OfficeFrontier Columbus on the Suwannee River
Established at Columbus, February 17, 1842, moved across the Suwannee to serve a Sawmill Complex, 1867, the office became Ellaville, 1872. Some postmasters were George F. Drew, 1867-1883, Robert L. Millinor, 1893-1912, Frederick Stroud, 1914-1922, . . . — Map (db m67606) HM
Florida (Madison County), Madison — F-902 — W.T. Davis Building
Built in 1892 by William Turner (W.T.) Davis, this building is one of the few remaining buildings in Florida covered with a galvanized sheet metal facade, in this example produced by the Mesker Brothers Iron Works of St. Louis, Missouri. This use of . . . — Map (db m96934) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Bradenton — F-751 — 9th Avenue West Bridge
At this location over Wares Creek once stood one of the oldest concrete arch deck bridges in the State of Florida. Designed by noted local civil engineer Freeman H. Horton, the former 9th Avenue West bridge was constructed during World War II by the . . . — Map (db m100899) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Bradenton — F-786 — Adams and Rogers Cemeteries
Adams Cemetery, once known as the Fogartyville Colored Cemetery, began in 1896 when William H. and Eliza Atzeroth Forgarty donated four acres of land to the community for use as a public cemetery. The cemetery’s earliest marker is the final resting . . . — Map (db m100900) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Bradenton — Bealls Centennial
(side 1) In April of 1915, twenty-two year old Robert M. Beall opened a simple dry goods store on this block of Old Main Street. Pricing nothing over a dollar, he named it the Dollar Limit. Beall invested his money in merchandise so when . . . — Map (db m100947) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Bradenton — Bradenton General Hospital
On this site from January 1, 1921-May 31, 1957 stood the Bradenton General Hospital owned and operated by Dr. C.W. Larrabee and wife, Dovie Collins Larrabee for the use of all doctors and benefit and care of all people in this area. — Map (db m110641) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Bradenton — Camp Weatherford
(side 1) With baseball suspended for the duration of WWII, present-day McKechnie Field was closed between 1941-48 and taken over by the U.S. Army and named Camp Bradenton. Under command of Maj. Joseph H. Dunlap, it was designated a Signal . . . — Map (db m102469) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Bradenton — Courthouse Square
(side 1) In 1892, John Crews Pelot deeded this 200 x 400 square foot parcel of land to Manatee County for the sum of $200.00. The land was cleared at a cost of $62.50, and a new courthouse, the first in "Braidentown" and the county's third . . . — Map (db m100948) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Bradenton — Edmund Lee Family Graveyard and the Lonesome Grave/William R. Whitaker House
(side 1) Edmund Lee Family Graveyard and the Lonesome Grave According to local history, members of the Lee family are buried here. Rev. Edmund Lee, a Presbyterian Minister, his wife Electa, and their daughter Sarah, came to the . . . — Map (db m112518) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Bradenton — Florida Highway Patrol SchoolBradenton, Florida 1939
(side 1) In 1939, the Legislature created the Department of Public Safety and Florida Highway Patrol. Governor Fred P. Cone appointed W.F. Reid director in September. On October 1, Major H. Neil Kirkman was appointed Commandant of the . . . — Map (db m100925) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Bradenton — Former Town of Fogartyville/Former Town of Wilhelmsenburg
(side 1) Former Town of Fogartyville This marker stands on the eastern boundary of Fogartyville, a town founded on land acquired under the Homestead Act after the War Between the States by Fogarty bros., Capt. Bartholomew (Tole), . . . — Map (db m100901) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Bradenton — Palma Sola Community Church
(Side 1) This historic non-denominational church, first known as "The Church in the Wildwood" because of location, was established and constructed in 1886 when Asa Pillsbury, Sr. donated land for a church, cemetery and school to trustees . . . — Map (db m102973) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Bradenton — The Edmund Lee Family Pioneer Cemetery
The Edmund Lee Family Pioneer Cemetery purchased land from Josiah Gates in 1846 here lies: Mary Guerrero, adopted infant daughter of Miguel and Frederica Guerrero 1868 Rev. James McCarter 1813-1857 Electa Arcotte Lee, first wife 1808-1870 . . . — Map (db m129567) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Cortez — The 1890 Bratton Store/The 1912 Cortez Rural Graded Schoolhouse
(side 1) The 1890 Bratton Store In the 1890s, William C. Bratton built the first commercial building at Hunter's Point, the original name of the area eventually to be called Cortez. The building served as post office, general store . . . — Map (db m112519) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Cortez — The Village of Cortez
(Side 1) Origin of the name CORTEZ cannot be proved but is thought to have begun with the inhabitants of a Spanish fishing "rancho" in this vicinity. The area was known as "Hunter's Point" to local residents until the 1880's. This is borne . . . — Map (db m102971) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Ellenton — Craig Sugar Mill Chimney
William Pinkston Craig, planter and native of Maryland, came to the Manatee River from Leon County, Florida in the early 1840s. Clearing an original 160 acres, he planted sugar cane and corn and built a sugar and grist mill. Its 45 ft. chimney of . . . — Map (db m92863) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Ellenton — F-218 — Gamble Sugar Cane Mill
In 1842, as the Second Seminole War drew to a conclusion, Major Robert Gamble, Jr. established a sugar cane plantation along the banks of the Manatee River, as did others including Hector and Joseph Braden, William Craig and William Wyatt. By 1850 . . . — Map (db m67098) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Ellenton — Site of Atwood Grove and Origin of World's 1st Pink Grapefruit /Grapefruit Introduced to Florida in 1846
Site of Atwood Grove and Origin of World's 1st Pink Grapefruit Across U.S. 301 stood the Kimball C. Atwood Grapefruit Grove and Manavista, a town that he founded in 1892 and encircled with 100 (mile-long) rows of trees. Here in 1913 grove . . . — Map (db m67097) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Palmetto — F-290 — Gillette Community
This area, known originally as Frog Creek, received its first American settlers before the Civil War. Many of them came from Alabama, northern Florida, and Georgia. Among the Georgians was Daniel Gillett, who brought his family to Frog Creek in the . . . — Map (db m131005) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Palmetto — Lincoln Memorial High School
(side 1) Lincoln Memorial High School was established in 1949 and served as the only public high school in Manatee County to allow colored children to attend until it closed in 1969 in order to complete the desegregation of Manatee County's . . . — Map (db m102467) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Palmetto — F-787 — Old Memphis Cemetery
Palmetto’s historic Memphis neighborhood was originally plotted in 1904 by Robert F. Willis who sold lots to “a number of very desirable people” who built homes in what he named the “Town of Memphis” after his hometown in . . . — Map (db m100898) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Palmetto — F-146 — Palmetto
(side 1) S.S. Lamb came here with his family from Mississippi in a covered wagon and barouche and purchased this property on February 3, 1868. Lamb laid out and named Palmetto. The Lamb home, which stood about 100 yards west of here, was . . . — Map (db m100922) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Palmetto — F-153 — Palmetto Baptist Church/Dr. M.B. Harrison
Palmetto Baptist Church The Palmetto Baptist Church was organized on January 5, 1892, and a few months later its first building was erected on this site. The Reverend R.H. Whitehead, under whose leadership the church was constituted, became . . . — Map (db m100920) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Palmetto — Palmetto Riverside Bed and Breakfast
This Historic Landmark residence, recognized by the Department of Interior for the National Register, was constructed in 1913. Built for Julius Lamb, a prominent Manatee County pioneer, the home was purchased as a mail order kit from Sears, Roebuck . . . — Map (db m110638) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Palmetto — Rubonia Women's Club
For the first twenty years, the Silver Leaf Club, also known as the Rubonia Women's Club, met in member's homes. In time, the Club grew and began a search for an affordable larger building. Following World War II, Mead Smith of Palm View purchased a . . . — Map (db m102466) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Palmetto — The Great Chime Bell
This bronze bell was forged by the E.W. Vanduzen Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio, at the Buckeye Bell Foundry in 1893. Originally placed in St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Indianapolis, Indiana, this was the largest of 9 bells. A musical collection of 9 bells . . . — Map (db m110668) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Palmetto — The 'Old' Palmetto Cemetery
The 'old' Palmetto Cemetery was established prior to 1888 and was used until 1910. The cemetery comprises one acre of land donated by Samuel Sparks Lamb, recognized founder of Palmetto. It is known as the Yellow Fever Cemetery because of the . . . — Map (db m100924) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Palmetto — The Plymouth
This historic property was the site of the Levi Jones homestead. The original house, constructed in 1900, is no longer standing, but had similar architectural details as the current structure. Jennie Jones Melman was born on this site August 23, . . . — Map (db m100923) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Parrish — Parrish
(side 1) The first documented settlers in present-day Parrish in early part of 1850 were William B. Hooker and William H. Johnson. Here they found the ideal climate, fertile soil and a nearby river, all suitable for establishing a . . . — Map (db m102468) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Terra Ceia — F-158 — Atzeroth Home Site
(side 1) This is the home site of Joe and Madam Joe Atzeroth, first permanent settlers of Terra Ceia Island. With their daughter Eliza, a physician friend, and dog Bonaparte, they arrived via Tampa April 12, 1843. Living first in a tent, . . . — Map (db m112514) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Terra Ceia — Guerrero Home Site
Side 1: Miguel Guerrero (aka Gerrero), a Menorcan sailor (b. 1817), established a fishing rancho here at Boots Point in 1848 on the site of a prehistoric Indian village. In 1856, Miguel met Julia Atzeroth's niece, Frederica Kramer (b. . . . — Map (db m129566) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Terra Ceia — Terra Ceia School/Village Improvement Association Hall
(side 1) Terra Ceia School The first school on Terra Ceia was held in the parlor of the W.H. Abel home on Bayshore Drive. In 1894, residents built a wooden one-room schoolhouse here on Center Road. It was designed and built by . . . — Map (db m112516) HM
Florida (Manatee County), Whitfield — Whitfield Estates on Sarasota Bay
(side 1) The southern portion of Whitfield Estates was developed on land originally owned (1876-1912) by Fannie and General John Riggin Jr., an aide-de-camp of General Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil War. In 1924 a corporation led by . . . — Map (db m100919) HM
Florida (Marion County), Dunnellon — F-4 — Site of the Discovery of Phosphate in Florida
One block to the south is the site of the discovery of hard rock phosphate in Florida by Albertus Vogt in 1889. It made Dunnellon a boom town and first center of the industry. The Tiger Rag, Early Bird and Eagle mines were among the most valuable. . . . — Map (db m67058) HM
Florida (Marion County), Ocala — F-1003 — American National Thrift Association Hospital
In 1905, Dr. Richard Samuel Hughes II graduated from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee, the second oldest African American medical school in the country. After moving to Ocala in 1908, Dr. Hughes helped form the American National . . . — Map (db m120370) HM
Florida (Marion County), Ocala — Evergreen Cemetery
Reserved on July 8th, 1850, as the first public burial ground for Ocala. Here are graves of those who founded the County Seat, of others here during its early years, and of Confederate and Union veterans of the Civil War. Nearby are interred . . . — Map (db m66993) HM
Florida (Marion County), Ocala — Fort King Burying Ground
This marks the burying ground of the soldiers and civilians who died at Fort King during the Seminole War 1835-1842. Fort King occupied the hill to the north-east and was established as a military post in 1827. — Map (db m92978) HM
Florida (Martin County), Indiantown — F-581 — Jupiter Indiantown Road
From 1900 until the late 1950s, the Jupiter Indiantown Road connected the communities of Jupiter and Indiantown, giving residents access to resources. Dade County governed the area in 1899, when the new road was cut. In Indiantown about that time, . . . — Map (db m96931) HM
Florida (Martin County), Jensen Beach — All Saints' Cemetery
In 1893, a community of Episcopal worshippers began to emerge in this area. With the property donated by Charles H. and Mary Racey, the congregation established the All Saints' Episcopal Church and All Saints' Cemetery in 1898. The All Saints' . . . — Map (db m112175) HM
Florida (Martin County), Jensen Beach — The Mansion at Tuckahoe
Mt. Elizabeth and the surrounding property were purchased by explorer William Henry Racey in the late 1850's. In 1891, his son, Charles Racey, built a three-story wood-frame house on the mound for his family and started a pineapple and citrus . . . — Map (db m117570) HM
Florida (Martin County), Jensen Beach — Tuckahoe
The mansion at Tuckahoe 1938 Restored 2009 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m112168) HM
Florida (Martin County), Sewall's Point — Sewall's Point
Sewall's Point, with high fertile hammocks situated between the St. Lucie and Indian rivers, attracted this area's earliest settlers. These pioneers cleared the land, planted pineapples, and citrus, and traveled to Titusville by sailboat for . . . — Map (db m112170) HM
Florida (Martin County), Sewall's Point — The Bakers of Waveland
Dr. William H. Baker and his family settled here in 1880 and named the place Waveland. Their home was the first permanent residence in what is Martin County today, and Waveland was prominent on Florida maps for many years. The section line that . . . — Map (db m112169) HM
Florida (Martin County), Sewall's Point — The Sewall Home, Dock and Pineapple FieldsHenry Edwin Sewall (1848-1925)
In 1889, Capt. Henry Seawall and his wife, Abbie, settled on the peninsula that bears their name. Previously, the Sewall family inherited a third of the 16,000-acre Miles-Hanson Grant, awarded by the king of Spain in 1823. Within the grant were the . . . — Map (db m127508) HM
Florida (Martin County), Stuart — Georges Valentine
The iron-hulled Italian bark Georges Valentine was built in 1869 at Liverpool, England. She was wrecked here in a storm on October 16, 1904, while bound from Pensacola to Buenos Aires with a load of lumber. Five members of her twelve-man crew . . . — Map (db m112173) HM
Florida (Martin County), Stuart — Gilbert's Bar House of Refuge
Only one remaining of nine on Florida east coast commissioned in 1875 for the U.S. Life-Saving Service. Keepers provided shelter, food, clothing, and transportation to survivors of shipwrecks and storms at sea. In U.S. Coast Guard Service through WW . . . — Map (db m112172) HM
Florida (Martin County), Stuart — F-1004 — Golden Gate Building
(Side 1) Built in 1925 by R.l. Robb Construction Co. for the Golden Gate Development Company, this building is one of Martin County's most distinctive historical structures. The two-story, trapezoidal building was designed in the . . . — Map (db m136029) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Coconut Grove — Churches
(side 1) Originally African American residents of Coconut Grove attended integrated religious services at Union Chapel, now known as Plymouth Congregational Church. The African Americans, who were used to a more spirited religious . . . — Map (db m120630) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Coral Gables — City of Coral Gables
Incorporated April 29, 1925 Originated in 1898 as the Plantation of Reverend S.G. Merrick Founded and building begun by George E. Merrick November 1921 — Map (db m127511) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Coral Gables — George Allen Avenue
George Allen, a native of the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, moved to South Florida in 1928 seeking a more productive life style for his family. Allen became employed by George Merrick, the founder of Coral Gables. and rose quickly through the . . . — Map (db m120682) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Coral Gables — F-980 — GFWC Coco Plum Woman's Club
(Side 1) Pioneer women from distant urban areas were lonely and isolated in the pines and palmettos of South Florida. On February 14, 1912, six of them met at Eleanor Jordan’s home and founded the Coco Plum Thimble Club. "Mother" Jordan . . . — Map (db m127512) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Key Biscayne — Historical Marker #1: The Concession Stand
When Virginia Beach Park officially opened to the public in 1945, a prefabricated "snack bar" was among the site's first amenities. A 1947 hurricane destroyed it. In 1951, this permanent concession stand was constructed. For decades, park and beach . . . — Map (db m120685) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Key Biscayne — Historical Marker #2 Dance Pavilion
A 1918 map located a "Negro Dance Pavilion" on Virginia Key. When Virginia Key Beach Park opened in 1945, a concrete dance floor was included on this site. Beach visitors danced the Lindy Hop, Foxtrot, Twist, Monkey, Mash Potato, Robot, and Hustle . . . — Map (db m120688) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Miami — F-976 — Lemon City Cemetery
By the 1870s, nearly 1,000 African Americans were living in and around the unincorporated community of Lemon City, located just north of the Miami city limits. Most of the black community were Bahamian immigrants who worked for the wealthier white . . . — Map (db m128320) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Miami — F-1009 — Little Haiti's Mache Ayisyen-"The Caribbean Marketplace"
In the 1980s, thousands of Haitian immigrants settled in Miami, and the neighborhood of Little Haiti began to form. The building that would become this Haitian marketplace was originally constructed in 1936, but sat unused at the time. In 1984, the . . . — Map (db m128656) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Miami — F-974 — Miami Stadium
Side 1 On its opening night, August 31, 1949, Major League Baseball Commissioner Albert Benjamin “Happy” Chandler declared, “I know of no more beautiful ballpark anywhere than this new Miami Stadium.” From its iconic neon . . . — Map (db m120653) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Miami — F-821 — NW 36th Street Bridge
A rare example of a Hanover Skew bridge once crossed the Miami Canal at this location. The bridge, completed in 1952, was built to carry increasing automobile traffic to and from Miami International Airport, southwest of this location. In the early . . . — Map (db m120652) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Miami — F-922 — Office of Dr. James Jackson, Miami's First Physician
Dr. James M. Jackson moved with his wife Edith to Miami in 1896 and became the city’s first resident physician. In 1899 they built a home on land purchased from the “Mother of Miami,” Julia Tuttle. Dr. Jackson built this one-story frame . . . — Map (db m120655) HM
Florida (Miami-Dade County), Miami — F-816 — Port of Miami
Miami’s waterfront location has played a critical role in its history. In 1895, landowners Julia Tuttle and William and Mary Brickell persuaded Henry Flagler to extend his Florida East Coast Railroad south and build a port city. Flagler’s first . . . — Map (db m120654) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Cudjoe Key — F-901 — State Road 4A
The first Overseas Highway, also known as State Road 4A (SR 4A), consisted of two roadway segments both completed by 1928. One spanned from Key West to No Name Key, and the other from Key Largo to Upper Matecumbe Key. Ferries transported cars . . . — Map (db m127507) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Key West — F-983 — Alexander Cruz/ Julia Gardner House
The cigar industry of Key West dates from 1831, when the first cigar factory was established. After the 1868 Cuban War of Independence, Key West’s cigar manufacturing industry boomed, reaching its zenith at the turn of the twentieth century. In . . . — Map (db m127501) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Key West — F-701 — E.H. Gato Cigar Factory
The Gato Cigar Factory was constructed by Eduardo H. Gato in 1916. This Neo-Classical Revival, poured-concrete structure with a large central courtyard was constructed after an earlier wood frame factory on this site burned. Numerous windows . . . — Map (db m93305) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Key West — Meacham Field
The first regularly-scheduled international flight by a United States airline was made from here to Havana Oct. 28, 1927. This inaugurated Pan American World Airways, which later spread through the Caribbean, around South America, and across the . . . — Map (db m127807) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Key West — F-916 — Milton W. Curry House, William Curry Homestead
William J. Curry, born on Green Turtle Key in the Bahamas in 1821, immigrated to Key West in 1837. Curry homesteaded this lot in 1852 and was Key West’s leading merchant for forty years. Wm. Curry Sons’ maritime business amassed a fortune during the . . . — Map (db m127502) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Key West — F-884 — Naval Depot and Storehouse-Building One-U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters
On September 13, 1833, the United States government purchased this harbor-front lot. The Naval Depot was authorized by an Act of Congress on July 21, 1852. Capt. J.M. Scarritt and Lt. J.J. Philbrick supervised the construction of this building. By . . . — Map (db m128058) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Key West — F-989 — Phillip L. Cosgrove House, 1872
Captain Phillip L. Cosgrove, Sr., commanded the U.S. lighthouse tender Mangrove, the first rescue ship to aid victims of the 1898 explosion of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana harbor. This house, acquired by Cosgrove in 1871, incorporates remnants of . . . — Map (db m127808) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Key West — F-907 — United States Weather Bureau
On February 9, 1870, a joint Congressional resolution authorized a national weather service. As one of the original observation stations, Key West was critical for weather forecasters. The Department of Agriculture purchased this lot in 1903 on the . . . — Map (db m127504) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Key West — F-990 — William Lowe Delaney/Theodore Holtsberg House
Connecticut mariner and wrecker Benjamin Sawyer built the first house on this property by 1844. From 1888-1890, much of Key West's port business took place in Sawyer's home, until the completion of the federal Custom House. Key West native and . . . — Map (db m127809) HM
Florida (Nassau County), Callahan — Historic Florida Railroad
The Florida Railroad was the state's first cross-peninsular railroad. David L. Yulee, a Florida resident and United States Senator, incorporated the Florida Railroad Company in 1853. Construction of the line began at Fernandina Beach in 1856 and was . . . — Map (db m92991) HM
Florida (Nassau County), Fernandina Beach — F-880 — First Home on American Beach
American Beach was established in January 1935 when the Afro-American Life Insurance Company purchased 33 acres of land with a 1000-foot shoreline. This Masonry Vernacular home was built that year for the president of the company, Abraham Lincoln . . . — Map (db m92952) HM
Florida (Nassau County), Fernandina Beach — Mount Olive Baptist Church
(side 1) Mount Olive Baptist Church in Nassauville, Florida was established in 1870 by the descendants of West African born, Sam Hooper, and his native American wife. Sam, (aka I. Hupue) who was over 100 years of age in 1864, was the . . . — Map (db m92956) HM
Florida (Nassau County), Fernandina Beach — Nassau County American Revolutionary War Memorial
In honor of American Revolutionary War Patriots who settled in Nassau County, Florida Burroughs Higginbotham, Soldier Amos Latham, Soldier John Tolson Lowe, Lieutenant James Pelot, Patriot John Daniel Vaughan, Private For freedom, . . . — Map (db m93831) WM
Florida (Nassau County), Fernandina Beach — F-873 — Peck High School
(Side 1) The groundwork for Peck High School started in 1880, when a group led by Henry B. Delaney petitioned for an African American school in Fernandina. In 1885, a four-room building known as Colored School No. 1 opened at Atlantic . . . — Map (db m93837) HM
Florida (Nassau County), Fernandina Beach — F-846 — The Good Shepherd Church 1887-1966
In May 1887, the original wood frame building of St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Fernandina was given to the black congregation and called Good Shepherd Episcopal Church. The structure was moved to face east on Ninth Street. The rectors of St. . . . — Map (db m92955) HM
Florida (Nassau County), Hilliard — F-820 — Kings Ferry
Side 1 During Florida's British Period (1763-1783), the small trading hamlet of Mills Ferry was established here on the St. Marys River. Mills Ferry was first chronicled in the early 1770s by William Bartram. He noted that the Seagrove & . . . — Map (db m93857) HM
Florida (Okeechobee County), Okeechobee — Battle of Okeechobee
In these woods on Christmas Day 1837, was fought the Battle of Okeechobee, in which a large band of Seminole Indians, under Chief Wild Cat, Alligator, and Sam Jones was routed by a brigade led by Colonel Zachary Taylor, consisting of the First, . . . — Map (db m97075) HM WM
Florida (Okeechobee County), Okeechobee — F-921 — First United Methodist Church of Okeechobee, Florida
In May 1915, Reverend William Troutman and seven founders established the First United Methodist Church (Methodist Episcopal Church South). The first church building was completed in 1916 on land donated by the Okeechobee Company, a Henry Flagler . . . — Map (db m128659) HM
Florida (Okeechobee County), Okeechobee — F-1028 — Peter and Louisiana Chandler Raulerson Log Cabin Historic Site
This is the homesite of the first Euro-American settlers in this area, Peter and Louisiana Raulerson. The couple moved southeast from Basinger to "The Bend," a region along Onoshohatchee River (Taylor Creek) and a few miles north of Lake Okeechobee, . . . — Map (db m135955) HM
Florida (Okeechobee County), Okeechobee — F-926 — Tantie School House #141909-1916
The first school in the region north of Lake Okeechobee, known as “The Bend,” was a thatched-roof structure built around 1897. Homesteader Peter Raulerson and family did not have enough children old enough to support a school, and were . . . — Map (db m128661) HM
Florida (Orange County), Apopka — F-868 — Dr. Howard A. Kelly Park
Rock Springs is the source of the Rock Springs Run, a swift running stream with an average flow of 26,000 gallons per minute and a constant temperature of 68 degrees. The spring flows from limestone containing fossils that date back 17 million . . . — Map (db m94341) HM
Florida (Orange County), Conway — Citrus Industry and Red Hill Groves/Conway School
Citrus Industry and Red Hill Groves Cattle ranches and turpentine stills filled the Conway landscape in the late nineteenth century, but it was the citrus industry that would predominate in most of the twentieth century. For miles, neat . . . — Map (db m101053) HM
Florida (Orange County), Conway — Conway First Baptist Church/Fort Gatlin
Conway First Baptist Church The Conway First Baptist Church was organized in 1910 and first housed in a clubhouse on Arnold Avenue and Anderson Road. In February 1911, the clubhouse and lot were sold or exchanged for five acres of land . . . — Map (db m101052) HM
Florida (Orange County), Conway — Conway United Methodist Church/Brick Road
Conway United Methodist Church The Conway Methodist Church was first organized in 1874 as the Prospect Methodist Episcopal Church South. Services were held monthly in a log cabin and led by a circuit rider. The building also served as the . . . — Map (db m93389) HM
Florida (Orange County), Conway — St. Mary's Missionary Baptist Church/Datson Dairy
St. Mary's Missionary Baptist Church St. Mary's Missionary Baptist Church was built on land donated by Mary Walker in 1915. It was a small frame building with a steeple to the side of the main entrance The small African American community . . . — Map (db m101051) HM
Florida (Orange County), Conway — The English Colony/The Polo Club
The English Colony A group of Englishmen known locally as the English Colony immigrated to Conway in the 1880s. They came as a result of a land and citrus industry promotion by the state and railroad corporations that promised an annual . . . — Map (db m101054) HM
Florida (Orange County), Goldenrod — Gabriella
The small community of Gabriella was located on SR 426 about a mile north of Goldenrod, between Goldenrod and Jamestown. The post office was established on July 31, 1886. Sherman Adams was the first post master. The post office was located west . . . — Map (db m92962) HM
Florida (Orange County), Maitland — F-760 — Church of the Good Shepherd
The Church of the Good Shepherd (known as "The Chapel") was established in 1882 by the Right Reverend Henry Benjamin Whipple, the first Episcopal bishop of the Diocese of Minnesota, who wintered in Maitland because of poor health. Bishop Whipple . . . — Map (db m93356) HM
Florida (Orange County), Orlando — F-904 — Atlantic Coastline Station
(side 1) In 1880, the South Florida Railroad built a railway through Orlando. The small community boomed with land speculators, citrus and cattle investors, and tourists. In 1902, the larger Atlantic Coastline Railroad acquired the South . . . — Map (db m100895) HM
Florida (Orange County), Orlando — F-838 — Eppes-Shine Plot Greenwood Cemetery
(side 1) Buried here are members of the Eppes and Shine families, descendants of President Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence and the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and the father of the University . . . — Map (db m93096) HM
Florida (Orange County), Orlando — F-808 — H. H. Dickson Azalea Park / Washington Street Bridge
H. H. Dickson Azalea Park Dickson Azalea Park began as a natural stream, later named Fern Creek, in a deep ravine surrounded by native ferns, palms, and oaks. It once was a watering hole for cattle herders driving their animals south. State . . . — Map (db m93268) HM
Florida (Orange County), Orlando — F-806 — Jack Kerouac House
Writer Jack Kerouac (1922-1969) lived and wrote in this 1920s tin-roofed house between 1957 and 1958. It was here that Kerouac received instant fame for publication of his bestselling book, On the Road, which brought him acclaim and . . . — Map (db m93196) HM
Florida (Orange County), Orlando — F-932 — John R. Mott House Site
Built in 1920, the former house at 528 E. Washington Street was once home to Nobel Peace Prize winner John Raleigh Mott (1869-1955). As general secretary of the National War Work Council, a World War I era Young Men’s Christian Association . . . — Map (db m111212) HM
Florida (Orange County), Orlando — Lynching of July Perry / Racial Violence in AmericaNovember 3, 1920
Lynching of July Perry November 3, 1920 On Election Day, November 3, 1920, black residents in the Ocoee area who owned land and businesses were eager to vote. Despite a terrorizing Ku Klux Klan march through the streets of . . . — Map (db m137336) HM
Florida (Orange County), Orlando — Mount Pleasant Baptist Church701 West South Street
This African American church was organized in 1919 and met in various locations, including a bush arbor constructed of poles covered with branches. In 1921, land was purchased at this corner for a permanent structure, which was completed in 1924. . . . — Map (db m102978) HM
Florida (Orange County), Orlando — Orlando's First Settler, Aaron Jernigan
Aaron Jernigan moved to what is now Orlando in 1843 after the passage of the Armed Occupation Act of 1842 that opened vast areas of Florida for settlement. According to the law, one could move onto land at least two miles from an established . . . — Map (db m73676) HM
Florida (Orange County), Orlando — Site and Home of Francis Eppes
Site and home of Francis Eppes Grandson of President Thomas Jefferson Original house built 1868 — Map (db m111047) HM
Florida (Orange County), Orlando — F-854 — The Black Bottom House of Prayer
In the summer of 1916, a few Black families from the Deep South settled in an area of Orlando called the Black Bottom, so named because when it rained, water settled in the area and remained so long that residents built canoes for transportation. As . . . — Map (db m128317) HM
Florida (Orange County), Orlando — F-859 — The Cathedral Church of Saint Luke
Francis Wayles Eppes, grandson of President Thomas Jefferson, moved from Tallahassee to Orlando in 1869. Eppes was the first pioneer to gather Episcopal settlers in the area for worship. They purchased this site at the corner of Jefferson Street, so . . . — Map (db m93070) HM
Florida (Orange County), Orlando — F-923 — Tinker Field
Side 1 Joe Tinker (1880-1948) was an Orlando real estate developer and professional baseball player. While playing with the Chicago Cubs from 1906 to 1910, Tinker won four pennants, two World Series championships, and was part of a famous . . . — Map (db m120473) HM
Florida (Orange County), Windermere — F-867 — 1887 Windermere Schoolhouse
Opened in 1887, this structure is the only surviving one-room school house in Orange County, and one of the few still standing in Florida. The Frame Vernacular building, capped with a metal roof, was communally constructed using locally milled . . . — Map (db m93069) HM
Florida (Orange County), Winter Garden — F-861 — Winter Garden Downtown Historic District
On this corner, farmers built a small wooden train station soon after the Orange Belt Railroad reached the area in 1886. By 1899, the Taveres & Gulf Railroad constructed a second rail line and depot nearby. Wooden stores rose alongside the parallel . . . — Map (db m93068) HM
Florida (Osceola County), Kenansville — Illahaw
Illahaw was a small turpentine operation located near here on the Florida East Coast RR owned by Henry Flagler. It had a post office in 1923 which closed in 1935. Once the pine trees were all cut down, the mill closed. RR services ended in 1947. . . . — Map (db m128662) HM
Florida (Osceola County), Kenansville — Nittaw Station
Once part of Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast Railway, Nittaw was a stop on the railroad that ran from Wewahootie to Okeechobee. Nittaw became a sawmill town, maintaining a small population and post office. The closing of the Okeechobee Rail Line . . . — Map (db m128663) HM
Florida (Osceola County), Kissimmee — F-1031 — Historic St. John's Episcopal Church
This Carpenter Gothic style church was completed in 1889. Originally located in downtown Kissimmee on the northwest corner of Sproule Avenue and Mitchell Street, the church was dedicated by Bishop Edwin Gardner Weed in 1890. Electricity had not yet . . . — Map (db m136022) HM
Florida (Osceola County), St. Cloud — F-856 — First National Bank/St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce
St. Cloud's First National Bank opened in 1910. This narrow, two story Masonry Vernacular structure was built from locally produced sand brick, wood beams, and concrete block. St. Cloud residents subscribed over $100,000 of capital stock, twice as . . . — Map (db m96945) HM
Florida (Osceola County), St. Cloud — F-936 — Grand Army of the Republic Building
The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) was a nationwide organization founded in 1866 for Union veterans of the Civil War. The town of St. Cloud was founded in 1909 as a community for Union veterans. The L.L. Mitchell Post #34, named for the first . . . — Map (db m112312) HM
Florida (Osceola County), St. Cloud — F-999 — Hunter Arms Hotel
(Side 1) Following World War I, the United States economy was thriving. Florida’s population skyrocketed as cheap land, combined with the improved roads and railways, drew northern tourists and developers to the state. In 1925, Ohio . . . — Map (db m137485) HM
Florida (Osceola County), St. Cloud — F-845 — Sugar Belt Railway/VFW Post
The Sugar Belt Railway Line, built in 1889 by Hamilton Disston, transported sugar and citrus between the town of Narcoossee and Kissimmee. The train made the return trip after being reversed on a turntable at Narcoossee operated by muscle power. The . . . — Map (db m96946) HM
Florida (Osceola County), St. Cloud — F-903 — Veterans Memorial Library
The Ladies Improvement Club of St. Cloud organized in 1910 for the betterment of the community through civic projects and the advocacy of literacy. The club established a small area in the Sugar Belt Railway depot for books and magazines for . . . — Map (db m102976) HM
Florida (Palm Beach County), Boca Raton — F-331 — F.E.C. Railway Depot, Boca Raton
The rails of Henry Flagler’s Florida East Coast Railway first reached Boca Raton in 1895 providing an essential link in the extension of the railroad system south to Miami and the Florida Keys, and fostering the tourism and agricultural . . . — Map (db m96926) HM
Florida (Palm Beach County), Boca Raton — F-180 — The Barefoot Mailmen
Along this beach in the 1880’s and early 1890’s walked United States mailmen on their sixty-six mile journey between Palm Beach and Miami. The trip required three days each way and they passed this spot the second day. They walked barefoot at the . . . — Map (db m96964) HM
Florida (Palm Beach County), Boynton Beach — F-627 — 1913 Boynton Elementary School
Boynton Elementary School/Boynton School, designed by West Palm Beach architect William Maughlin, is of the masonry vernacular style, has two floors, six classrooms and attic space leading to the belfry. The original staircase and floors were built . . . — Map (db m129300) HM
Florida (Palm Beach County), Boynton Beach — F-355 — Boynton Woman's Club
The Boynton Woman’s Club was designed in Mediterranean Revival style by the famous Palm Beach architect Addison C. Mizner. The Woman’s Club is significant for both its architectural merit and contributions to the cultural development of Boynton . . . — Map (db m96653) HM
Florida (Palm Beach County), Boynton Beach — F-760 — South Lake Worth Inlet
The South Lake Worth Inlet was constructed between 1925 and 1927 to improve water quality and circulation between the south end of Lake Worth and the Atlantic Ocean. The first inlet to Lake Worth was cut in the mid-19th century at the north end of . . . — Map (db m96656) HM
North Carolina (Jackson County), Sylva — Q 59 — Dan K. Moore1906-1986
Governor, 1965-69; held posts on superior & state Supreme courts. Set up initial Court of Appeals, 1967. Lived 1/10 mi. SE. — Map (db m129226) HM
North Carolina (Madison County), Hot Springs — Robert E. LeeDixie Highway
Erected and dedicated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and friends in loving memory of Robert E. Lee and to mark the route of the Dixie Highway "The shaft memorial and highway straight attest his worth-he cometh to his . . . — Map (db m129217) WM

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