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By Kevin Craft, September 16, 2017
Wideview of Storm Mountain Marker
Alberta, Castle Junction — Storm MountainMont Storm
ENGLISH INSCRIPTION Mountains create their own weather As winds swirl around and rise above these massive barriers, clouds build up and bring the rain and snowstorms for which Storm Mountain was named. Travellers . . . — Map (db m82917)
Alberta, Waterton — Dream TownVille de Rêve
ENGLISH INSCRIPTION Western Canada’s first producing oil was drilled in this valley at the turn of the 20th century. This success spurred further activity in this area, attracting more drilling and workers. A.P. Patrick, an investor . . . — Map (db m82965) HM
Alberta, Waterton — Oil & ArchitecturePétrole et Architecture
ENGLISH INSCRIPTION Did you know Waterton contains two national historic sites? Many more are nearby, some managed by Parks Canada and some by other agencies and groups. National historic sites celebrate over 1,500 places, persons . . . — Map (db m82964) HM
Alberta, Waterton — Waterton
ENGLISH INSCRIPTION Welcome to Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada National Parks protect the natural landscapes of Canada and also provide great places for outdoor adventures and connecting with nature. As you enjoy . . . — Map (db m82962) HM
Alberta, Waterton — Western Canada's 1st Producing Oil Well1er Puits De Pétrole Producteur de L'ouest Canadien
ENGLISH INSCRIPTION (Panel 1) Bears Discover Oil?! Oil seeps in this area were well known to Aboriginal peoples, who may have found them while observing bears. Bears are attracted by the smell of oil and may roll in . . . — Map (db m80302) HM
Arkansas (Benton County), Avoca — Dunagin's Farm
Here on February 17, 1862, Brig. Gen. Rains with the Fourth Arkansas Regiment and the Third Louisiana, ambushed the advance of the Federal army under Brig. Gen. Curtis killing 20 of his men and some 60 horses in his advancing cavalry. The . . . — Map (db m99707) HM
Arkansas (Benton County), Garfield — Potts' Hill
On the Arkansas—Missouri line where the Telegraph Road entered ten-mile long Cross Timber Hollow, on February 16, 1862, occurred the first skirmish on Benton County soil. Brig. Gen. Curtis’ Federal army overtook the rear guard of Maj. Gen. . . . — Map (db m99705) HM
Arkansas (Benton County), Garfield — The Butterfield Overland Mail Route
John Butterfield was born in Berne, New York in 1801 and grew up on a farm amid the technological revolution of the first steamboat, the Erie Canal, the steam locomotive, and the electric telegraph.      In 1857, John Butterfield won a lucrative . . . — Map (db m84484) HM
Arkansas (Benton County), Pea Ridge — Texas Memorial
Texas Remembers the Valor and Devotion of Her Sons Who Served at Elkhorn Tavern (Pea Ridge), Arkansas March 7-8, 1862 In Van Dorn’s attack of March 7, these Texas units under Brig. Gen. Ben McCulloch assaulted the Union right center: . . . — Map (db m99763) WM
California (Amador County), Pine Grove — Chaw'seThe Grinding Rock
Chaw’se is the Miwok word for a mortar hole. The cup-shaped depression in a grinding rock was used to process acorns and other seeds into food by pounding and grinding with a cobblestone pestle.      The hole or chaw’se began as a . . . — Map (db m71895) HM
California (Amador County), Pine Grove — Hun'geRoundhouse
The semi-subterranean assembly and dance house was the largest structure in the principal village or capital of the tribelet and was owned by the headman.      The sacred hun’ge was the community center for dances, meetings, social . . . — Map (db m71894) HM
California (Amador County), Pine Grove — Petroglyphs (Rock Carvings)
In addition to the bedrock mortars, over 363 petroglyph designs are carved into the surface of the marbleized outcropping of limestone. This association of rock art and grinding pits is unique in California. Except for one other small site, Chaw’se . . . — Map (db m71896) HM
Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — "The Magic Dog"
The Utes called this valley “Tavi-we-a-gat” or Big Valley. They came here following in the footsteps of their ancestors along this Camino; their dogs pulled their belongings along the now paved byway. This fertile valley provided . . . — Map (db m71876) HM
Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — ... Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic & Historic Byway
You have entered the land of the Rio Bravo del Norte, the northernmost outpost of sixteenth century Spain. To the Spanish people, the San Luis Valley was a wild and unexploited place known only to the Native people. Amidst the beauty and . . . — Map (db m71878) HM
Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — Lt. Zebulon Pike's Southwestern Expedition1806 - 7
Travel the route of these explorers and read Lt. Pike’s own words from his journal. U.S. Army Expedition to explore the United States new southwest boundary with New Spain. The men: Lt. Zebulon M. Pike Dr. John H. Robinson Sgt. . . . — Map (db m71882) HM
Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — On Sacred Ground
Majestic Mount Blanca that stands bgefore you is surrounded by history and legend from the first people who inhabited this valley. Many Native American groups believe that this valley is the source of life where humans and spirit enter and leave . . . — Map (db m71875) HM
Colorado (Alamosa County), Alamosa — Welcome "Caminante" to ...
¡Bienvenidos! Caminantes! Come! Take a walk with us. We know an old song, El Caminante, which tells of taking a long walk along the ancient roads. Like the first prehistoric inhabitants, you too are a ‘caminante’, or one who walks upon this . . . — Map (db m71877) HM
Colorado (Alamosa County), Mosca — Zebulon Pike's "sand-hills"Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
On January 28, 1807, Lt. Zebulon Pike and his small band of tattered, hungry, foot-sore soldiers camped near here, having just crossed this snowy Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Under orders from General James Wilkinson to explore the southwestern . . . — Map (db m71884) HM
Colorado (Arapahoe County), Strasburg — Comanche Crossing Centennial
Erected by Union Pacific Railroad in commemoration of Comanche Crossing Centennial Marking point where rails were joined to form the first continuous land link by railroad across the U.S. — Map (db m107232) HM
Colorado (Baca County), Campo — Changing Hands --- Changing Lands
"There really is a Place Called Baca County; I think she’s mighty fine; She was good enough for my dad’s kids; Likewise she’ll do for mine; Her sunrises are all colors; Her sunsets are all the same; The only thing she needs more . . . — Map (db m106474) HM
Idaho (Ada County), Boise — Bonneville Point
From this old Indian trail later known as the Old Oregon Trail Captain B,L,E, Bonnevilles partner on first sighting the river May 1833 exclaimed - Les Bois Les Bois Voyes Les Bois meaning The Woods The Woods See The Woods Capt Bonneville . . . — Map (db m71837) HM
Idaho (Ada County), Boise — Captain Bonneville
Bonneville Point According to tradition, a hunting party led by the explorer Captain Benjamin Bonneville reached this promontory in 1833. They saw the lush river valley below and exclaimed in French, “Les bois; les bois; vouyez . . . — Map (db m71835) HM
Idaho (Ada County), Boise — The Fur Trade and the Tide of Emigration
Hunt’s party laid the groundwork for future trapping expeditions across the Snake River Plain. Donald Mackenzie, who accompanies Hunt and later joined the British North West Company, returned to establish trade relations with resident Indian bands. . . . — Map (db m71834) HM
Idaho (Ada County), Boise — The Hunt Expedition
Beaver pelts lured the first Euro-Americans deep into the American West. In 1810, only four years after Lewis and Clark completed their epic journey, John Jacob Astor established the Pacific Fur Company. He soon financed sea and land expeditions to . . . — Map (db m71832) HM
Idaho (Ada County), Boise — The Shoshone and Northern PaiuteEchoes of an Ancient Homeland
The landscape before you is part of the homeland of the Shoshone, Bannock, and Northern Paiute Indians. They occupied these lands for countless generations before the arrival of Euro-Americans. Living in small bands of several families, their lives . . . — Map (db m71830) HM
Indiana (Adams County), Geneva — 01.2006.1 — Geneva Downtown Historic District
(Front Side) Adams County formed 1835. Geneva incorporation 1874 included early towns Alexander and Buffalo. During 1890s oil boom, population and businesses grew. Fire destroyed much of town 1895; Geneva Board of Trustees banned wooden . . . — Map (db m63824) HM
Indiana (Allen County), Fort Wayne — Allen County Revolutionary War Memorial
Dedicated to the Memory Of the Following Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Allen County Michael Cronts James Ball Charles Weeks, Sr. William Berry Samuel Bird, Sgt. James Saunders Gurdin Burnham, Sgt. David Blair . . . — Map (db m73263) WM
Indiana (Allen County), Fort Wayne — 02.1963.1 — Camp Allen 1861-64Civil War Mustering-In Camp
Colonel Hugh B. Reed served as first Commandant. Here the 30th, 44th, 74th, 88th, and 100th Indiana Regiments and the 11th Indiana Battery were organized. — Map (db m65185) HM
Indiana (Allen County), Fort Wayne — Cemetery of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran ChurchFort Wayne, Indiana — Founded in 1844
The Rural Branch School of the Church was located adjacent to the cemetery. School was conducted from 1844 to 1920. The building and grounds were sold to the State for the interchange of Highways I 69 and U.S. 27. — Map (db m76433) HM
Indiana (Allen County), Fort Wayne — Forty et Eight
Veterans Honor Degree of the American Legion
  • "BLACKJACK II" Locomotive / BOXCAR represents the Heritage of 40 ET8.
  • Origin is from WWI - France.
  • Organized in 1920 by Legionaires as the Fun-Honor . . . — Map (db m116314) WM
Indiana (Allen County), Fort Wayne — 02.1992.1 — Home of Philo T. Farnsworth
Home 1948-1967 of Farnsworth, inventor of television. Farnsworth (1906-1971) was instrumental in perfecting the image formation mechanism which enabled the first effective image transmission in 1927. Farnsworth Radio and Television Corporation in . . . — Map (db m65186) HM
Indiana (Allen County), Fort Wayne — Purple Heart Tribute Memorial
This Purple Heart tribute is provided in remembrance of all combat wounded veterans who have made the supreme sacrifice for their country. May their noble virtues live forever in our memory. Proverbs Erected by members and friends of . . . — Map (db m73447) WM
Indiana (Allen County), Huntertown — Huntertown, IndianaPlatted 1869
First called "The Opening", a natural clearing in the forest, settled about 1837. On the old Lima Plank Road connecting Howe (Lima) and Fort Wayne. Home of the Perry Centre Seminary, founded 1856 and closed 1861 when the entire faculty and all adult . . . — Map (db m76402) HM
Indiana (Bartholomew County), Columbus — 03.2007.2 — Atterbury Army Air Field
(Front Side) Construction begun summer 1942 under Captain Stratton O. Hammon, who used broad authority over laborers, suppliers, and railroad; base in use February 1943. More than 1,000 workers employed during construction. Base was over . . . — Map (db m63819) HM
Indiana (Bartholomew County), Columbus — 03.1988.1 — Lowell Mills
From 1830 to 1880 the community of Lowell Mills thrived here along Driftwood River. There were two grist mills, a cooperage, a shoemaker's shop, a distillery, a saw mill, a woolen mill, an inn and general store. When the mills closed, the town was . . . — Map (db m63794) HM
Indiana (Bartholomew County), Columbus — 03.2007.1 — Orinoco Furniture Company
(Front Side) Incorporated and its factory built here 1890. Reorganized 1891; William H. Lincoln then led the company to great success, stressing quality and artistic merit in fine, high-grade furniture. By 1895, production included . . . — Map (db m63818) HM
Indiana (Bartholomew County), Columbus — 03.1998.2 — Second Baptist Church
Congregation was formed in 1879; reorganization in 1882 by the Reverend John R. Miller and a core of determined members. The present building, formerly a theater, was acquired in 1913. This African-American church, like many others, has served its . . . — Map (db m63815) HM
Indiana (Bartholomew County), Elizabethtown — 03.1999.1 — Madison and Indianapolis Railroad
Mandated by Indiana's 1836 Internal Improvement Act, construction began in Madison 1836. Completed along this site 1843; Elizabethtown platted 1845 as a result of the railroad. Completed to Indianapolis in 1847. Linked Ohio River and interior of . . . — Map (db m63798) HM
Indiana (Bartholomew County), Hartsville — 03.1995.1 — Hartsville College
Original site of coeducational United Brethren school founded 1850 as Hartsville Academy by public act of Indiana General Assembly. Campus moved four blocks south, circa 1865; destroyed by fire, January 1898. Many graduates became distinguished . . . — Map (db m63805) HM
Indiana (Bartholomew County), Hartsville — Hartsville College
Founded 1847 A.D. by Citizens of Hartsville. It was taken over by the Church of the United Brethren in Christ in 1849 - Opened as a college in 1850 - Burned January 30, 1898 - It was one of the first co-educational colleges in America. . . . — Map (db m63807) HM
Indiana (Bartholomew County), Hartsville — 03.1992.1 — Private Barton W. Mitchell
Mitchell, Co. F, 27th Indiana Volunteers, is buried in Hartsville Baptist Cemetery. He found Confederate General Lee's "Lost" Special Orders No. 191 near Frederick, MD, September 13, 1862. Union General McClellan then engaged Lee at the Battle . . . — Map (db m63806) HM
Indiana (Blackford County), Montpelier — 05.1989.1 — Godfroy Reserve
Reserved by U.S. to Chief Francois Godfroy of the Miami National of Indians by treaty at St. Mary's, Ohio, 6 October 1818, 3,840 acres on Salamonie River at La Petite Prairie, Harrison Township, Blackford County; reserve lands sold 1827, 1836. — Map (db m63825) HM
Indiana (Boone County), Zionsville — 06.1966.2 — Michigan Road
With proceeds from the sale of 170,580 acres of Indian land granted by the Federal Government, Indiana built its first north-south road. Surveyed 1829, passable by 1834, "completed" in 1837, its cost was $242,000.00. — Map (db m67191) HM
Indiana (Boone County), Zionsville — 06.1962.1 — Patrick H. Sullivan1794 - 1879
Patrick H. Sullivan, 1794-1879, was the first white settler in Boone County, 1823, and built the first log cabin. In 1857, he bought this site and lived here until 1872. He served in the War of 1812. — Map (db m67190) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Cave City — 1317 — Gen. Joseph H. Lewis1824 - 1904
Confederate Brigadier General, commanded famous “Orphan Brigade” in Civil War. In 1861 he conducted recruiting and training camp here. State legislature, 1850-54, 69-70. US Congress, 1870-73. Member of Kentucky Court of Appeals for 24 . . . — Map (db m96727) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Cave City — General Joseph H. Lewis
General Joseph H. Lewis, commander of the famous Orphan Brigade, established, at the outbreak of the Civil War, a recruitment and training camp here in Cave City. Here he formed the Confederate 6th Kentucky Infantry Regiment, for which he received a . . . — Map (db m96728) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — 623rd Field Artillery Battalion
Reorganized from the 106th A.A. Automatic Weapons Bn. and redesignated as the 623rd F.A. Battalion. Federally recognized January 29, 1947 with headquarters at Glasgow. Re-entered Federal service January 23, 1951 at Glasgow. The only unit of the . . . — Map (db m88128) HM WM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — Barren County Korean Conflict Memorial
Korea      This conflict came within less than five years after World War II. A war fought by a few veterans and many men and women still in their teens. We were oftentimes poorly armed. Fought against a force far superior in numbers. Yet . . . — Map (db m88011) WM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — Barren County Purple Heart Memorial
This memorial commemorates the sacrifice of those Barren Countians who received the Purple Heart for injury or death as the result of enemy action. They bled and died that we the protected might live in freedom. May we ever be mindful of their . . . — Map (db m88121) WM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — Barren County Viet Nam Memorial
Viet Nam This memorial has been placed here as a reminder of the heroism and self-sacrifice of those Barren Countians who answered their country’s call during the Viet Nam Conflict. They did their duty in a trying and difficult time. . . . — Map (db m88010) WM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — Barren County World War I Monument
This monument has been erected to the lasting memory of those men and women of Barren County who answered the call of their country in the Great War 1917-1918 Dedicated Nov. 11, 1988 — Map (db m88124) WM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — Barren County World War II Monument
This monument is forever dedicated to those brave men and women who answered the call of the colors during W.W.II 1939–1946 — Map (db m88126) WM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — 1255 — Barren County, 1798
Taken from parts of Green and Warren counties. Glasgow, county seat, was founded in 1799. County received name from the “barrens” or prairies of this region.      Early explorers and settlers came through this area. In Civil War, first . . . — Map (db m88132) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — Barren County's Medal of Honor Winners
In Commemoration of Barren County’s Two Congressional Medal of Honor Winners First Sergeant William Logan Day Co. E, 5th United States Cavalry For gallant conduct during campaigns and engagements with Apaches during 1872-73. . . . — Map (db m88130) HM WM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — Billy Vaughn
(Front Side) Native son of Glasgow. Internationally acclaimed musical genius, instrumentalist, recording artist, composer, arranger and conductor Received eleven gold and two platinum records (Back Side) . . . — Map (db m88123) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — Defending Glasgow
Fort Williams Fort Williams was ordered constructed in Glasgow in the spring of 1863. It was during the spring and summer of 1863 that the Union army began to build defensive works at strategic points in Kentucky to defend . . . — Map (db m88139) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — 2425 — First Farmers Rural Electric Co-Op Substation
On Jan. 12, 1939, the Goodnight substation was energized. The circuit powered 107 homes along 51 miles of power line in Barren Co. This substation was the first in Farmers RECC service territory. Electricity improved rural life, increased . . . — Map (db m96997) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — 1951 — First Presbyterian Church
Congregation formed ca. 1802, when Isaac Robertson, a member, donated lot for log structure erected here. Rev. John Howe was first minister. Present Gothic Revival sanctuary built ca. 1853. Church’s style of architecture features Tudor-arched window . . . — Map (db m88133) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — Fort Williams1863 – 1865
On 6 October, 1863, Confederate forces raided Fort Williams. Union losses were 9 KIA, 26 WIA and 226 POW. Confederate losses were 1 KIA and 4 WIA. — Map (db m88142) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — Headquarters Troop, 123rd CavalryKentucky National Guard
Federalized Jan. 6, 1941 as Battery B, 106th A.A. BN. Sailed for Europe April 30, 1942. Fought in 8 campaigns–Algeria-French Morocco, Tunisia, Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, Southern France, Rhineland and Central Europe. Captain . . . — Map (db m88119) HM WM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — 1718 — Home of Arthur Krock / Historic Home
(Side One) Home of Arthur Krock Called dean of Washington newsmen, Glasgow’s native son (1886-1974) grew up here with his grandparents, Emmanuel and Henrietta Morris. He began his career in journalism with the Louisville . . . — Map (db m87980) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — 609 — Home of Gov. Leslie
Preston H. Leslie, born Ky., 1819. Died Montana, 1907. Completed term of Gov. John Stevenson from Feb. to Sept., 1871, when elected 27th Governor of Kentucky. Known for his sound judgment of State affairs and meeting the needs of growing population . . . — Map (db m87981) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — 635 — Long Hunters' Camp
Henry Skaggs and two companions trapping beaver, winter 1770-71, were probably first white men in this area. Named Long Hunters due to long period away from home in the East. Came through Cumberland Gap, 1769, in party led by James Knox. Skaggs’ . . . — Map (db m87978) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — Morgan in GlasgowChristmas Raid — December 24, 1862
As Morgan’s command was marching out of Alexandria, Tennessee en route to Muldraugh Hill, a battalion of the 2nd Michigan Cavalry was ordered from Gallatin, Tennessee to Munfordville. The two forces met at Glasgow, Kentucky on Christmas Eve, 1862. . . . — Map (db m88035) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — 2397 — Nettie B.C. Depp(1874 - 1932)
(Front Side) The first female public official in Barren Co., she was elected in 1913, seven years before women were allowed to vote. She was Barren Co. schools superintendent from 1914-1917. Instrumental in unifying local schools to . . . — Map (db m88116) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — Our Confederate Dead
C.S.A. Our Confederate Dead 1861—1865 — Map (db m88127) WM
Kentucky (Barren County), Glasgow — 2398 — Willa Brown Chappell(1906 - 1992)
(Front Side) This Glasgow native was the first African American woman to earn a pilot’s license in the U.S., 1937. That year, she also earned masters degree from Northwestern Univ. She was first African American officer in Civil Air . . . — Map (db m88118) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Park City — 1039 — Bell's Tavern
Erected by Wm. Bell, 1830. Stage stop for his lines that brought visitors to Mammoth Cave when first promoted. Famed in U.S. and Europe for elite patrons, cuisine and magic peach and honey brandy for “Joy before the journey’s end”, until . . . — Map (db m96715) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Park City — 2259 — Diamond Caverns
On July 14, 1859, a slave was lowered into a pit discovered on the farm of Jesse Coats. He saw glistening calcite crystals that he thought were diamonds. The first public tour was made by a wedding party on August 19, 1859. Guidebooks were written . . . — Map (db m96712) HM
Kentucky (Barren County), Park City — Diamond Caverns
A trip on the Mammoth Cave Railroad wasn’t comfortable, and it wasn’t posh. It was a means to an end, a destination most of its passengers anticipated with a mixture of excitement and foreboding — the caves. They came by the . . . — Map (db m96714) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Allegan — Allegan Civil War Monument
Defenders of our Nation 1861. — 1865. — Map (db m69892) WM
Michigan (Allegan County), Allegan — S226 — Allegan County
Allegan County's name was coined by the noted student of the Indians, Henry Schoolcraft. The county was set off in 1831 and organized in 1835. Settlement of the county seat, Allegan, was promoted in 1835 by eastern capitalists who were attracted by . . . — Map (db m69891) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Allegan — L242 — Episcopal Church of Good Shepherd
On June 15, 1858, the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd was organized; its parish was admitted into the Diocese of Michigan two years later. Built in 1866-69, this Gothic structure was designed by Gordon W. Lloyd and first used for Divine . . . — Map (db m69890) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Allegan — James E. Mahan Park
By resolution of the Allegan City Council, this park is dedicated to the memory of JAMES E. MAHAN, M.D. 1895–1984 Dr. Mahan ministered to the needs of the Allegan area -- both in the personal and public health fields -- from 1931 . . . — Map (db m69900) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Allegan — S549A — The Second Street Bridge
This simply ornamented wrought-iron bridge was built in 1886. It replaced an earlier wooden one that had begun to fall into disrepair. Designed by the King Iron Bridge and Manufacturing Company of Cleveland, Ohio, the double-intersection Pratt truss . . . — Map (db m69901) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Allegan — Welcome to Allegan"Steamboat Alley"
"MEET ME AT COOK PARK, ALLEGAN, MICHIGAN" The steamer Mildred carried passengers to and from Cook Park until about the time of W.W.I. The park was located at Cady's Grove, about three miles upriver from the dock behind the bank in Allegan, . . . — Map (db m69899) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Douglas — Mt. Baldhead
Mt. Baldhead is one of Michigan’s tallest dunes. Local Indians used it for their White Dog ceremonial sacrifice. In 1884 it became a park with camping at the foot and observation tower on top. In 1890, the first Fat Mans Club dune climb took place, . . . — Map (db m73645) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Douglas — L1628 — Pier Cove
Surveyed in 1839, the village of Pier Cove was once hailed as "the busiest port between St. Joseph and Muskegon." Before the Civil War, Pier Cove was a bustling community and a major point for lumber distribution, with ships departing daily carrying . . . — Map (db m73498) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Douglas — The Old School HouseHistory Center and Back-in-Time Garden
The School House opened its doors in 1867, replacing a one-room school nearby. Known then as the Douglas Union School and part of a new public school consolidation movement in Michigan, the school offered classes at all grades—pioneering in . . . — Map (db m73644) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Douglas — Welcome to Historic Douglas
On its winding path to Lake Michigan, the Kalamazoo River separates the land of Saugatuck and Douglas. While the north bank pioneer settlements of Saugatuck and Singapore got their start in the 1830's, it was not until the 1850's that the opposite . . . — Map (db m73643) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Fennville — L589 — Fifty-Seventh Street Bridge
Spanning the Kalamazoo River, this 422-foot bridge is one of Michigan’s longest pony truss highway bridges, and among the oldest surviving swing bridges in the United States. The Milwaukee Bridge and Iron Company fabricated the $5,000 structure, . . . — Map (db m73574) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Fennville — Ganges Township Civil War Monument
(Front / West Panel) Ganges Volunteers S. Shepherd 2 CAV • U.M. Nichols 2 CAV • Loomis 3 CAV • W. Bicnell 3 CAV • S. Winn 3 CAV • R. Winn 3 CAV • J. Woodin 3 CAV • O.P. Taylor 5 CAV • J.M. Weaver 8 CAV • S.D. Tobey 8 CAV • W. . . . — Map (db m73510) WM
Michigan (Allegan County), Fennville — New Richmond Historical Timeline
  • 1825 - Trading post established by Louis Campau (a Frenchman) at the mouth of the Rabbit River approximately one mile upstream from what is now New Richmond.
  • 1825 - Mack’s Landing trading post established where Purdy’s Landing is now . . . — Map (db m73571) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Fennville — New Richmond History
New Richmond got its start in 1836, when three eastern investors, led by John Allen of Ann Arbor, arranged to found a city here. John Allen, a Virginian by birth, purchased 2240 acres in Allegan County on the north side of the Kalamazoo River just . . . — Map (db m73573) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Fennville — The Railroad & New Richmond
The railroad has been a central component of New Richmond’s history from the very beginning. The first railroad bridge crossing the Kalamazoo River at New Richmond was completed in 1871. It was originally built for the Chicago & Michigan Lake Shore . . . — Map (db m73572) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Fennville — Welcome to Fennville
The early settlement that eventually became Fennville was established where two log roads crossed at a low place along the town line road between Manlius and Clyde Townships. Early maps show a church and sawmill on the high ground to the west of the . . . — Map (db m73526) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Hamilton — L1318 — Oakland Christian Reformed Church
A Dutch settlement known as Oakland sprang up in this area about a decade after the founding of nearby Holland in 1847. Many residents worshipped with the Vriesland and Drenthe congregations until they formed their own churches. One group, North . . . — Map (db m73681) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Holland — L77 — Ebenezer Reformed Church
Members of the First Reformed Church in Holland founded this congregation in 1866 to provide a place of worship for the settlers living southeast of town. Heavy immigration from the Netherlands prompted this move. The Dutch language was used . . . — Map (db m73682) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Holland — L483 — Graafschap Christian Reformed Church
(Side One) Erected in 1862, this church was the center of the Dutch immigrant community. The first settlers in this area arrived in early 1847 led by the Reverend Albertus C. V. Raalte. In June of that year a separate group of seventy . . . — Map (db m73685) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Holland — L1611 — Laketown Township Hall
Laketown Township was settled by Dutch immigrants who arrived in the area in 1847. Originally part of Newark Township, Laketown was set off in 1858 and named for its proximity to Lake Michigan. Officials did not have a meeting hall until 1884 when . . . — Map (db m73641) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Holland — L70 — Old Wing Mission
The main portion of this building was the residence of George N. Smith, a Congregational missionary to the Indians in this area and at Waukazoo's Village on nearby Lake Macatawa. The mission was named after an Indian convert. Built in 1844-45 by . . . — Map (db m73683) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Holland — The First Pioneers of Graafschap
In memory of the First Pioneers of Graafschaap of which the following are buried here Lambert Tinholt           1849 Infant Neerken           1850 Geesje Kropschot           1850 Geert Kamps          1850 Roelafje Schrow          1850 . . . — Map (db m73687) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Hopkins — Hopkins Township Veterans Memorial
In Memory of Hopkins Township Veterans Lost in Wars Civil War Frederick A. Brewer   6-17-1865 • Darwin E. Calloway    POW • William Everhart    3-28-1863 • Reuben Grommon    6-21-1865 • Reuben Hoffmaster    2-19-1865 • Homer . . . — Map (db m74605) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Hopkins — U.S.S. Maine Memorial
In Memoriam U.S.S. Maine Destroyed in Havana Harbor February 15th 1898 This tablet is cast from metal recovered from the U.S.S. Maine — Map (db m74606) WM
Michigan (Allegan County), Hopkins — Welcome to the Village of HopkinsFrom Hopkinsburg to Hopkins
Jonathan Olin Round built the first log cabin in the area known as Hopkinsburg in 1837. His family came to join him in 1838. Other settlers soon followed. They settled in Hopkinsburg due to the good farmland the creek flowing through, providing . . . — Map (db m74604) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Martin — Early History of MartinMartin was First Settled a Year Before Michigan Became a State
On the 8th day of January, 1836, Mumford Eldred along with his second wife, Jane, and five children, settled on 40 acres in section 29 of Martin Township. The land included a 30 acre clearing on which the northern edge lived a small band of . . . — Map (db m74657) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Martin — Geib Veterans Memorial
We honor these Veterans who gave their lives while serving our Country. Their sacrifice and devotion helped preserve our freedom. William Cornelius - 1862 - Army • Amasa Carpenter - 1863 - Army • Alvah Green - 1863 - Army • Alfred Leonard - . . . — Map (db m74650) WM
Michigan (Allegan County), Otsego — Otsego Civil War Memorial
In Memoriam Given in F.C. and L. The Soldiers and Sailors Who Died That the Union Might Live — Map (db m73760) WM
Michigan (Allegan County), Otsego — L2119 — Otsego Methodist Church
The Otsego Methodist Church was organized in 1842 and served by a traveling minister. The first church was built on this site in 1847. On December 22, 1889, over 900 townspeople attended the dedication of the present church. Many donated money . . . — Map (db m69960) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Otsego — Welcome to Pine CreekHere Sat the Community of Pine Creek
Settled in 1831 by the Hull Sherwood and Giles Scott families of Rochester, New York, the Pine Creek area was first called “New Rochester.” Allegan County’s first grist mill was constructed here in 1834, attracting customers from miles . . . — Map (db m74596) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Otsego — Welcome to the City of OtsegoOtsego: A Town with a History
Dr. Samuel Foster and his family built the first frame structure just west of here on the banks of the Kalamazoo River in the fall of 1831. First called “Allegan,” the name was changed officially to Otsego in 1835 when land developer . . . — Map (db m73761) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Overisel — L1566 — Overisel / Overisel Reformed Church
(Side One) Overisel Seeking religious liberty and better economic opportunity in a new land, the Reverend Seine Bolks and a congregation of about two dozen families, left Hellendoorn, Province of Overisel, The Netherlands, on . . . — Map (db m73646) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Plainwell — Early History of Plainwell"The Island City"
Plainwell, formerly know as Plainfield, became an incorporated municipality in 1869, and later became designated as a city on March 12, 1934. The community is nestled along the banks of the Kalamazoo River and the Mill Race giving it the unique . . . — Map (db m74530) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Plainwell — Soule Memorial FountainPlainwell History
The Soule Memorial Fountain was built in 1907, donated by Mrs. Carrie Soule in memory of her late husband, George Gary Soule. The fountain was destroyed in 1953 when a truck driver from the Grand Rapids Hide Company was on his way to the Murray . . . — Map (db m74673) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Saugatuck — S697 — Felt Mansion
(Side One) Chicago inventor and businessman Dorr Felt built this house as a summer home for his wife, Agnes. Felt held numerous patents, mostly notably for the Comptometer, the first machine to do complex calculations. In 1919 Felt . . . — Map (db m73640) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Saugatuck — L1908 — The Allegan Road
When Allegan county was organized in 1835, the only road from the interior to Lake Michigan followed an Indian Trail along the Kalamazoo River. In 1838 Ralph Mann of Connecticut was supervising improvements at the short-lived town of Richmond. He . . . — Map (db m73603) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Saugatuck — Welcome to River Bluff ParkHistoric Saugatuck Township
You are near the center of Historic Saugatuck Township in River Bluff Park. The first settlers came here to a howling wilderness in the early 1830's. Within the township, Saugatuck is a half-mile to the west on the Old Allegan Road. Across the river . . . — Map (db m73604) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Shelbyville — Early History of Shelbyville
In the 1870's the Village of Shelbyville was created by the arrival of the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad. Shelbyville was named after the first railroad station agent, Mr. Shelby. Since there was already a Michigan town named Shelby, the . . . — Map (db m74594) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Wayland — L1274 — Henika Ladies Library
Upon her death in April 1899, Julia Robinson Henika bequeathed two thousand dollars to the Wayland Ladies Library Association for construction of a library building. Her husband George H. Henika, and mother, Mary Forbes, later donated additional . . . — Map (db m73679) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Wayland — Welcome to Wayland
It is hard to imagine now, but 200 years ago, the place we know as Wayland was densely forested and the people who lived here, the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of the Pottawatomi, lived in settled villages, farming, hunting, and gathering the rich . . . — Map (db m73677) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Benton Harbor — Benton Harbor Fruit Market
Relocated and constructed on this site 1967-1968 by authority of Benton Harbor City Commission, as of June 20, 1968.      This agricultural marketing facility was originally created by the city of Benton Harbor in 1870 at its original location at . . . — Map (db m85364) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Benton Harbor — S717 — Israelite House of David / Mary's City of David
(Obverse Side) Israelite House of David Based on the teachings of the Christian Israelite tradition begun by Joanna Southcott in England in 1792. Benjamin and Mary Purnell founded the House of David communal religious community in . . . — Map (db m64809) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Benton Harbor — S155 — The Fruit Belt
Because of Lake Michigan's moderating effect, a narrow coastal strip from Indiana to Grand Traverse Bay, 300 miles north, is blessed by a climate uniquely suited to fruit growing. This fact was observed by the 1840's when peaches already were being . . . — Map (db m64812) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Benton Harbor — The Historic District of Mary's City of DavidNational Register of Historic Places — Listed by the Keeper of the National Register, April 15, 2009
Officially beginning on 14 March, 1930, Mary Purnell’s reorganization of the Israelite House of David began in a very humble fashion on newly acquired properties along Britain and Eastman Avenues. With four agricultural properties, an unfinished and . . . — Map (db m81805) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Berrien Springs — 1870 Berrien County Jail
A Unique Jail Gilbert B. Avery, architect of the 1839 Courthouse next door, also designed the 1870 Berrien County Jail and Sheriff's Residence. The brick jail appeared from the outside as a conventional square structure with a ventilator . . . — Map (db m64919) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Berrien Springs — S250 — Andrews University
This, the oldest Seventh-day Adventist college and the pioneer in a world-wide system of Christian education, was chartered in 1874 at Battle Creek as Battle Creek College. It was moved to Berrien Springs in 1901 where its name was changed to . . . — Map (db m64917) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Berrien Springs — 38 — Berrien County CourthouseMichigan's Oldest County Courthouse — Michigan Legal Milestone
The county courthouse is an iconic symbol of the American legal system. Its importance in Michigan is established in the Michigan Constitution of 1835, which authorized county courts and the laws that followed, requiring counties to provide suitable . . . — Map (db m69920) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Berrien Springs — HB50 — Berrien Springs Courthouse
This building, a fine example of the Greek Revival style, was designed by Gilbert B. Avery in 1838. James Lewis, the contractor, agreed to complete the building by April, 1839. Built almost entirely of whitewood, the courthouse has hand-hewn timbers . . . — Map (db m64918) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Berrien Springs — L2130 — Union Church and Cemetery
In 1857 Protestants of different denominations established a church and cemetery on property purchased from Zera and Eliza Wright. They dedicated the Greek Revival-style Union Church on July 4, 1858. The denominations held services on alternating . . . — Map (db m64939) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Bertrand — L1363C — Parc Aux VachesMadeline Bertrand Park
Known as Parc aux Vaches, or “cow pasture,” this area was named by the French for the wild buffalo that once grazed here. Two major Indian trails crossed here: the Sauk Trail, also called the old Chicago Trail, which linked Detroit and . . . — Map (db m64552) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Bertrand — 260 — St. Joseph's Mission
Here, in 1837, in the then flourishing settlement of Bertrand, a fine brick church, dedicated to St. Joseph, was built to serve the Catholics of this area. In this church, on September 8, 1844, the habit of the Sisters of the Holy Cross was given . . . — Map (db m64931) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Buchanan — L1368A — Portage Prairie United Methodist Church
(Side 1) Persuaded by reports of good land from the Reverend John Seybert, Bishop of the Ohio Conference, the Jacob and David Rough families came to Portage Prairie from Pennsylvania in the spring of 1849. In 1851 they organized the Zion . . . — Map (db m64835) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Coloma — Baker Park
Dr. William A. Baker, 19th century physician and teacher, a lifetime civic leader and community builder, purchased this land and presented it to Coloma in 1885 for a public park. — Map (db m64892) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Lakeside — L2134 — Lakeside Inn
Known as Ames Grove, this property served as a picnic ground and recreation area beginning in the 1880s. John Aylesworth purchased the property in 1901 and opened the Lakeside Inn in this building as early as 1915. The hotel once had its own zoo and . . . — Map (db m64830) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Niles — Carey Mission
Founded in 1822 by Isaac McCoy Carey Mission This tablet placed in 1922 by Fort St. Joseph Chapter D.A.R. — Map (db m68473) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Niles — Donavon F. SmithLieutenant General USAF — 1922 - 1974
This Veterans Memorial Park is named in honor of Donavon F. Smith, Lt. General, USAF. General Smith graduated from Niles High School in 1940. After flight training, he was assigned to the 56th Fighter Group in England where he flew 123 combat . . . — Map (db m68534) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Niles — Donavon F. Smith Veterans Memorial Park Monument
Dedicated to all veterans by the people of the greater Niles area "Our country is free only because it is the Home of the Brave" — Map (db m68533) WM
Michigan (Berrien County), Niles — Father Claude Jean Allouez S. J.
To the memory of Father Claude Jean Allouez S. J. Whose intrepid courage won the admiration of the Indians and whose apostolic zeal earned for him the title of the Francis Xavier of the American Missions. Father Allouez was born at St. . . . — Map (db m68554) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Niles — L1788 — John B. Reddick Building
John B. Reddick Building Built in 1855 — Map (db m70309) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Niles — L2112 — Johnson Cemetery
John Johnson Sr. donated property for this cemetery in 1838. His son Samuel had been buried on the land in 1835. John Johnson Jr. was among the township's first white settlers. The Johnsons and many pioneers are buried here. All but 20 of the 211 . . . — Map (db m64953) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Niles — L1874 — Michigan Central Railroad Depot / Michigan Central Railroad Company
(Obverse Side) Michigan Central Railroad Depot This Richardsonian Romanesque-style depot was constructed in 1892 by the Michigan Central Railroad Company. Seeking to create a lasting impression of Michigan for passengers . . . — Map (db m68480) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Niles — L732A — Morris Chapel Church
The local Methodist Episcopal Society, the oldest Methodist society in Berrien Township, was organized in 1840. In 1846 it voted to name its church in honor of Bishop Thomas A. Morris, then the head of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Michigan. . . . — Map (db m64952) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Niles — Niles - A Transportation CenterOpening Southwestern Michigan to the World
The St. Joseph River and the Sauk Trail (now U.S. 12) were major transportation routes for Indians, French voyagers, missionaries, military and early settlers through Niles. Nile's first railroad, the Michigan Central Railroad arrived October 1, . . . — Map (db m68537) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Niles — Niles Veterans Memorial
(South Face of Memorial) You a veteran of this Old town or pilgrim From far away looking For some tranquility... Here you may become Silent in honor of those Who have served... No one is a stranger at This revered place . . . — Map (db m68541) WM
Michigan (Berrien County), Niles — Parrott Civil War CannonRiverfront Park Historical Trail
Nearly 12,000 memorial cannons were donated by the U.S. Government, between 1872 and 1916, to local Posts of the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) and other civic and patriotic groups for the purpose of display as a veterans' war memorial. They . . . — Map (db m67883) HM WM
Michigan (Berrien County), Niles — PA-WA-TING(Great Crossing)
Here the Old Sauk Trail forded the O-Sang-E-Wong-Se-Be now known as the Saint Joseph River. — Map (db m68474) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Niles — U.S.S. Maine Memorial
In Memoriam U.S.S. Maine Destroyed in Havana Harbor February 15th 1898 This tablet is cast from metal recovered from the U.S.S. Maine — Map (db m68477) WM
Michigan (Berrien County), Sodus Township — L1923 — The Hogue House
In 1854 Robert Hogue (1846-1905) migrated from Pennsylvania to Pipestone Township with his family. At age seventeen, he began teaching in a local school. He attended Adrian College, later graduating from the University of Michigan before he resumed . . . — Map (db m64868) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — Boatbuilding Industry
St. Joseph and Benton Harbor once ranked among the nation's leading boatbuilding centers. From 1892 to 1955, waterfront facilities of the Truscott Boat Manufacturing Company, Dachel-Carter Shipbuilding Corporation, and Robinson Marine Construction . . . — Map (db m68202) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — S234 — Burnett's Post
William Burnett, an American patriot from New Jersey, established a trading post on the bank of the St. Joseph River immediately east of this point between 1775 and 1782. He was the first permanent white resident of this area. He married Kakima, . . . — Map (db m64855) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — Commercial Fishing
Commercial fishing was one of St. Joseph's earliest maritime trades. Native Americans and the settlers who followed found the river and lake full of trout, whitefish, sturgeon, and perch. By the 1900s, family-run fisheries became major contributors . . . — Map (db m68224) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — Commercial Shipping
Schooners rigged for sailing and steam-driven freighters were once common sights at St. Joseph and Benton Harbor. Fruit, lumber, and manufactured goods made up much of the port's early trade. By the 1870s, vessels were regularly carrying thousands . . . — Map (db m68217) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — Creating a Harbor
The meeting of river and lake provided a natural setting for a harbor at St. Joseph. Human engineering would ultimately develop the port into one of the busiest on Lake Michigan. In the 1830s, at the urging of local merchants, the U.S. Corps of . . . — Map (db m68195) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — Eleven Inch Dahlgren
On July 5, 1897 with great pride and effort the A.W. Chapman Post of the Grand Army of the Republic dedicated this gun and grounds to the memories of those who fought in the Civil War in defense of the flag. This 11 inch bore Dahlgren was built in . . . — Map (db m64869) HM WM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — Lighthouses on the Bluff
The Great Lakes region is one of the nation's most important centers of maritime commerce. Lighthouses helped mariners navigate these vast inland seas. In 1832, the U.S. Government built the first lights on Lake Michigan at two of its busiest . . . — Map (db m68176) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — Lighthouses on the Pier
The north pier lighthouses, built in 1907, guide ships to this port. The inner light replaced a smaller, wooden lighthouse in use since 1847. The north pier was then extended and the outer light tower was added, allowing mariners to find the harbor . . . — Map (db m68152) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — L1019A — Old St. Joseph Neighborhood
During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, local river captains, mill owners, merchants and other professionals built homes in this neighborhood. Over one hundred of their homes remain. They exemplify popular architectural styles . . . — Map (db m64856) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — Recreational Boating
Whether paddling a canoe, riding a riverboat, or sailing a yacht, pleasure boating has always been a favorite St. Joseph activity. Recreational boating has remained popular due to well-stocked fishing grounds and accessible private and city marinas. . . . — Map (db m68216) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — Shipbuilding in the Twin Cities
With a ready supply of lumber and a thriving port, St. Joseph and Benton Harbor offered a natural setting for shipbuilding. As early as the 1830s, sailing and steam-powered vessels were built here for lake and river navigation. Shipbuilders . . . — Map (db m68204) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — Silver Beach Amusement Park
From its opening in 1891, the Silver Beach Amusement Park made St. Joseph a prime destination for tourists. Huge crowds enjoyed the park's many attractions, which included a carousel, roller rink, indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, beer garden, . . . — Map (db m68177) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — St. Joseph Maritime Heritage
Two historic waterways, Lake Michigan and the St. Joseph River, meet here. Opportunities for maritime trade, transportation, industry and recreation led to the founding of St. Joseph and Benton Harbor. Explore the Maritime Heritage Trail and . . . — Map (db m68151) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — St. Joseph Maritime Heritage
Two historic waterways, Lake Michigan and the St. Joseph River, meet here. Opportunities for maritime trade, transportation, industry and recreation led to the founding of St. Joseph and Benton Harbor. Explore the Maritime Heritage Trail and . . . — Map (db m68203) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — St. Joseph River Swing Bridge
St. Joseph's swing bridge allows passage for both maritime and railroad commerce. An alternative to a drawbridge, the swing bridge pivots open for vessels to pass and closes for trains to cross. St. Joseph's swing bridge is typically left open until . . . — Map (db m68223) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — St. Joseph's Firemen1898
In Memoriam Erected to commemorate the bravery of those who heroically gave up their lives in the performance of duty at the burning of York's Opera House, Benton Harbor, Michigan, Sunday, September 8, 1896. Edward H. Gange . . . — Map (db m64893) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — U.S. Lighthouse Supply Depot
A U.S. lighthouse supply depot was built at St. Joseph in 1893. For a quarter century, this depot equipped all of Lake Michigan's lights with materials ranging from lenses to lamp oil. Operations of the St. Joseph Depot were transferred to Milwaukee . . . — Map (db m68218) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — United States Life Saving Service
The waters off St. Joseph and Benton Harbor have long served as an active and frequently dangerous avenue of maritime trade. High winds and hazardous waves made shipwrecks a common occurrence. To assist mariners, a U.S. Life Saving Service . . . — Map (db m68194) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Union Pier — L2179 — Gordon Beach Inn
Built in 1924 by Louis and Lena Gordon, and expanded four years later, Gordon Beach Inn was the centerpiece of the Jewish resort subdivision of the same name. The Gordons operated the inn for a decade before losing it during the Great Depression. . . . — Map (db m64829) HM
Michigan (Branch County), Bronson — L2090 — Bronson Public Library
The Bronson library originated in the early 1880s as the Ladies Library Association. In 1888 the township assumed ownership. Built with funds donated by steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie, the Classical Revival Bronson Public Library opened on May 23, . . . — Map (db m64550) HM
Michigan (Branch County), Bronson — S162 — The Chicago Road
One of the great routes for the pioneers coming west was the Chicago Road. The survey of the road began at Detroit in 1825 and followed closely the Sauk Trail which Indians had marked and traveled for centuries before the coming of the white man. . . . — Map (db m64549) HM
Michigan (Branch County), Coldwater — Branch Cemetery
The plat for the Village of Branch was signed the 16th day of March 1832 in Detroit by Sol. Sibley a Supreme Court judge for the Territory of Michigan. The proprietors Elisha Warren, De Gormo Jones, and Ebenezer S. Sibley also signed. . . . — Map (db m66771) HM
Michigan (Branch County), Coldwater — L1642C — Branch County / Branch County Courthouse Site
(Obverse Side) Branch County Branch County, named for John Branch, President Andrew Jackson's secretary of the navy, was one of thirteen counties established by the Michigan Territorial Legislature in 1829. The village of Branch, . . . — Map (db m66759) HM
Michigan (Branch County), Coldwater — Branch County Korean and Vietnam Wars Memorial
In honor of the men and women who served their God and Country during the Korean and Vietnam Wars — Map (db m66770) WM
Michigan (Branch County), Coldwater — Branch County World War I Memorial1917 1919
A tribute to the men of Branch County who in the spirit of loyalty served their country in the World War and in loving memory of those inscribed below who made the supreme sacrifice. Adams, George R. • Alderman, Claude W. • Berger, Harold • . . . — Map (db m66692) WM
Mississippi (Adams County), Natchez — Bluff Park - Memorials and Louisiana ConnectionsNatchez Trails
The Richard Wright historic marker recognizes the city’s most famous 20th-century writer. Born in 1908 on a cotton plantation near Natchez, Wright spent his early childhood in town in the home of his grandparents at 20 East Woodlawn . . . — Map (db m87176) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Natchez — Bluff Park - Playground for the CityNatchez Trails
When the Spanish laid out the town of Natchez about 1790, they set aside land on the bluff for use as a public park. In 1839, after the city had sold off most of the park and built Broadway Street, writer Joseph Holt Ingraham complained . . . — Map (db m87177) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Natchez — Bluff Park and South Broadway StreetNatchez Trails
Bontura, built in 1851, was the home of Robert Smith, a free African American who ran the city’s most successful carriage business in the 1850s. The house stands at the head of Silver Street, which leads to Natchez Under-the-Hill. Smith . . . — Map (db m87179) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Natchez — 129 — Ealey Brothers
(Front Side) The Ealey family of Sibley has produced some of the most talented musicians to emerge from the Natchez area. Brothers Theodis, YZ, and Melwyn Ealey performed together locally in the band YZ Ealey and the Merry Makers in the . . . — Map (db m87181) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Natchez — Natchez
Here passed, in 1543, De Soto’s men under Moscoso. In 1682 La Salle and De Tonti here visited the Natchez Indians. In 1716 Bienville here built Fort Rosalie and established a French settlement. In 1763 the fort was ceded to the English and renamed . . . — Map (db m87167) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Natchez — Origin of the Natchez Trace
After the American Revolution, frontiersmen from the Ohio Valley carried their products down stream to Spanish controlled New Orleans and Natchez. Returning home, boatmen followed a series of Indian trails from Natchez to Nashville—trails . . . — Map (db m87224) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Stanton — A National Road
(Marker #1) A National Road Natchez in the extreme south-western corner of the United States was threatened by Spain in 1800 and later by France and Great Britain. President Jefferson in 1801 decided that a road from Nashville . . . — Map (db m87267) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Stanton — Emerald Mound
Before you is the second largest temple mound in the United States. Only Monks Mound in Cahokia, Illinois, is larger. This eight acre mound, constructed from a natural hill, was built and used from about 1300 to 1600 by the Mississippians, ancestors . . . — Map (db m61974) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Stanton — Emerald Mound
Before you is a 30 foot secondary mound on which once stood a temple containing sacred Indian images. Archeological evidence indicates that at least two small mounds stood along the North and South sides of the primary platform. These mounds . . . — Map (db m87272) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Stanton — Loess Bluff
This bluff shows a deep deposit of windblown topsoil known as loess (pronounced LOW–ess). It was formed during the Ice Age when glaciers covered the northern half of the United States.    At this time nearly continuous duststorms swept in . . . — Map (db m62182) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Stanton — Old Trace
Across the Parkway behind you is a portion of the Old Natchez Trace - - a wilderness road that originated from a series of trails used by the southeastern Indian tribes. The Natchez Trace was politically, economically, socially, and militarily . . . — Map (db m87265) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Washington — Elizabeth Female Academy
First school for women chartered by Mississippi Legislature located here. Elizabeth Roach led in organization. School was important from 1818-1843. — Map (db m87231) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Washington — Elizabeth Female Academy
The Natchez Trace was still active and Mississippi had just become a state when the Elizabeth Female Academy opened its doors in November of 1818. Much can be learned about the culture of early Mississippi here in the community of Washington. As the . . . — Map (db m87232) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Washington — Site of Elizabeth Female College
First women’s college in America chartered on Feb. 17, 1819 to confer degrees on women. Named in honor of Elizabeth Roach, through whose generosity the College was made possible. Audubon was on the faculty. — Map (db m87235) HM
Mississippi (Attala County), French Camp — Bethel Mission
About half a mile northwesterly, Bethel, meaning “House of God” was opened in 1822 as one of thirteen Choctaw mission stations. Indians, slaves, and other men “labored hard during four weeks ... frequently till 10 o’clock at night, . . . — Map (db m87479) HM
Mississippi (Attala County), French Camp — Cole Creek
Forests are fascinating places – whole new worlds unfold to anyone who takes time to explore them.      Across Cole Creek you will find a typical mixed hardwood forest. Here you can discover for yourself the many marvels in a bottomland . . . — Map (db m87477)
Mississippi (Attala County), Kosciusko — Hurricane Creek
Plants need water as much as men need money. Some are satisfied with little; some cannot flourish unless they have a lot; the majority can live contentedly with medium amounts.      From here, a trail descends to the vegetation that thrives in the . . . — Map (db m87476)
Montana (Big Horn County), Garryowen — Garryowen
         Garryowen, the old Irish tune, was the regimental marching song of the 7th U.S. Cavalry, General Custer's command.          The Battle of the Little Big Horn commenced in the valley just east of here June 25, 1876, after Custer had . . . — Map (db m67897) HM
Tennessee (Benton County), Holladay — Fort JohnsonControlling the Tennessee River
Take Exit 133, State Route 191, and drive north to visit two state parks associated with the struggle to control the Tennessee River during the Civil War.      In 1861, the Confederates built Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River and Fort Henry on . . . — Map (db m96639) HM
Texas (Bell County), Holland — 12512 — Post Oak Cemetery
The only physical remnant of the Post Oak community, this cemetery began as the burial ground for the family of Isham McMillin, who acquired land in this part of Bell County in 1855. The oldest marked grave, that of McMillin’s daughter Elizabeth, . . . — Map (db m89692) HM
Texas (Bell County), Holland — 6493 — The Woman's Study Club of Holland
On January 14, 1914, a small group of local women met to organize a study club for the cultural advancement of its members. In addition to its primary focus, the club soon adopted a series of civic projects, including many that offered financial . . . — Map (db m89893) HM
Texas (Bell County), Temple — 15999 — Bernard Moore Temple(November 4, 1843 - October 5, 1901)
Born near Fredericksburg, Virginia, Bernard Moore Temple was a noted railroad engineer. In 1862, he enlisted in the Virginia artillery, joining the Confederate Army, where he acquired engineering experience in artillery and ordnance. Temple made use . . . — Map (db m90018) HM
Texas (Bell County), Temple — 5224 — City of Temple
Founded in 1881, on the Santa Fe line, Temple, like dozens of Texas towns, owed its beginning to the railroad and was, in fact, named for a Santa Fe official, B.M. Temple. On June 29, 1881, a gala town lot sale, with free barbecue, was held by . . . — Map (db m89965) HM
Texas (Bell County), Temple — Pool of Tears Veterans Memorial
The Sacrifice and Endurance Of Those Who Have Served, And The Ones Who Loved Them, Captures Our Hearts, Abides In Our Minds, And Protects Our Very Existence. They Will Not Be Forgotten; Their Memory Will Live In Each Generation As We . . . — Map (db m90039) WM
Texas (Bell County), Temple — 6448 — Site of Organization of the Texas Forestry Association
One of Texas’ oldest conservation organizations. W. Goodrich Jones (1860-1950), who came to Temple as a banker in 1888, felt need for trees in this prairie town. He led planting drives in Temple, and in 1889 saw to establishment of a statewide Arbor . . . — Map (db m89966) HM
Texas (Bell County), Temple — 5223 — Temple Public Library
On March 29, 1900, the Women’s Literary Club and the Self Culture Club formed a city federation for the purpose of organizing a public library. Soon the first library opened in a corner of the post office building and later moved to a book store. In . . . — Map (db m90017) HM
Utah (Box Elder County), Promontory — The Southern Pacific MonumentGolden Spike National Historic Site
An Icon Restored In 1965, the National Park Service assumed ownership of the aging monument, which had been damaged by years of weathering and vandalism. The interior had also been severely damaged by ground water that had wicked up into . . . — Map (db m67076) HM
Utah (Box Elder County), Promontory — The Track that United the States
A sharp eye can still pick out the marks of early railroad building along this rugged escarpment, even if the original iron rails and timber ties themselves are gone. These fading remnants tell the story of a daunting engineering . . . — Map (db m69108) HM
Wyoming (Albany County), Buford — Lonetree on the Laramie Range
This area of southeast Wyoming is rich in history, geology and recreational activities. Within a short distance from this point, sites abound of early day events that have shaped the western heritage of this area, including the Arapaho and Cheyenne . . . — Map (db m68052) HM
Wyoming (Albany County), Buford — Sherman Mountains
The Sherman Mountains are erosional remnants rising above the general level of the surface of the Laramie Range. The flat topped characteristic of the range resulted from beveling during an ancient erosion cycle. Bedrock here is granite, a . . . — Map (db m68051)
Wyoming (Albany County), Buford — Tree Rock
This small pine tree that seems to be growing out of solid rock has fascinated travelers since the first train rolled past on the Union Pacific Railroad. It is said that the builders of the original railroad diverted the tracks slightly to pass by . . . — Map (db m62159) HM
Wyoming (Albany County), Laramie — Ft. Sanders1866-1882
         The emigrant trails across Wyoming were a vital link in the transcontinental migration of an estimated 250,000 Americans in the 19th century, and opened the area to settlers. The Indians resented this intrusion and threatened these . . . — Map (db m67994) HM
Wyoming (Albany County), Laramie — Henry B. Joy Monument
"That there should be a Lincoln Highway across this country is the most important thing" In memory of Henry B. Joy The first president of the Lincoln Highway Association Who saw realized the dream of a continuous improved highway from . . . — Map (db m84887) HM
Wyoming (Albany County), Laramie — Laramie
Founded in 1868 upon the arrival of the Union Pacific Railroad, Laramie was named after the fur trader Jacques LaRamie. The first female jurors served here in 1870 after Wyoming Territory in 1869, for the first time in history, gave women full . . . — Map (db m67993) HM
Wyoming (Albany County), Laramie — Site of Fort Sanders
This Monument Marks the Site of Fort Sanders Established September 5, 1866 Abandoned May 18, 1882 Named in Honor of Brigadier General William P. Sanders Erected by the State of Wyoming and Jacques Laramie Chapter . . . — Map (db m67995) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — Copman's Tomb
The red cliff face to your left flanks Sunlight Mesa. At the top is Elephant Head Rock, so named because of its shape. The triangle-shaped mountain to the right is named Pyramid Peak. To your far right is a prominent rock-topped mountain called . . . — Map (db m68892) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — Nature's Destruction
In June 1959, a tornado roared over the south rim of the canyon directly before you. Its path was along Granite Creek to your left and through what used to be Granite Creek Campground. One person was killed. The twister ripped up timber and laid it . . . — Map (db m71500) HM

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