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By William Pfingsten, June 23, 2007
Harford Town Marker
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Non-Violent Foot Soldiers
The central principle of the American Civil Rights Movement was non-violence, based on the strategies of Mahatma Gandhi, who led India's independence struggle against the British Empire. Being non-violent did not mean being passive. Using "direct . . . — Map (db m83833) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Water Cannons
Bull Connor ordered the fearless "Child Crusaders" to be blasted with high-pressure fire hoses, and he once again loosed the dogs on the young demonstrators. When the media finally exposed the nation to the cruel scene, President John F. Kennedy . . . — Map (db m73019) HM
Colorado (Morgan County), Fort Morgan — 224 — Fort Morgan
Junction Station, the first settlement at this site, suffered numerous Indian attacks similar to those that raged all along the South Platte during the mid 1860s. To protect the crucial crossroads, which joined the South Platte River Trail with its . . . — Map (db m47322) HM
Colorado (Sedgwick County), Julesburg — Fourth Julesburg
In the 1880's, a fourth Julesburg developed at the junction of the Transcontinental Railroad and the Denver Branch of the Union Pacific. Originally known as Denver Junction, the town was soon renamed Julesburg, presumably the last of Jules Beni's . . . — Map (db m47367) HM
Colorado (Sedgwick County), Julesburg — If at First You Don't Succeed
Cheyenne, Arapaho and Sioux warriors burned the first Julesburg in early 1865. The second Julesburg was formed here, just outside the Fort Sedgwick Military Reservation. At its peak, the community included a store, blacksmith shop, billiards saloon, . . . — Map (db m47340) HM
Colorado (Sedgwick County), Ovid — 49 — Fort SedgwickDue South 1 ¼ Miles is the site of
Established in September, 1864, as a United States Army Post. Called Camp Rankin and Post Julesburg Name changed in November 1865, to honor General John Sedgwick, who was killed at Spottsylvania May 9, 1864 The fort protected the stage line and . . . — Map (db m47365) HM
Delaware (Kent County), Cheswold — KC-83 — Cheswold Volunteer Fire Company
This company was organized on February 2, 1928, when a group of interested citizens met at C. H. Pearson’s Store for the purpose of electing officers. William S. Scarborough was chosen to be the President of the organization, and Willard D. Boyce . . . — Map (db m39050) HM
Delaware (Kent County), Dover — KC-76 — The Golden Fleece TavernBirthplace of the First State
This was the site of the Golden Fleece Tavern, scene of some of the most important and dramatic events in Delaware history. Built in the 1730s, the Golden Fleece was a center for community and government activities. It was a place of great . . . — Map (db m39075) HM
Delaware (Kent County), Smyrna — Site of Old Asbury Methodist Church
The roots of Methodism in this community can be traced to the organization of a local “society” in the 1770’s. Meetings were held in private homes before a frame structure was built here circa 1786 on land provided by Col. Allan McLane, . . . — Map (db m39027) HM
Delaware (New Castle County), Middletown — NC-118 — Middletown
Beginning in the 1690s, settler Adam Peterson and his family acquired several tracts of land here. One tract, surveyed in 1733 was given the name "Middletown." The origin of the name is believed to derive from the area's location at the middle point . . . — Map (db m10613) HM
Delaware (New Castle County), New Castle — NC-A6 — Historic Museum
Rear of house built in seventeenth century. Main building built after 1738 by Dr. John Finney. Home of Nicholas Van Dyke, seventh Governor of Delaware. The marriage of Ann Van Dyke to Kensey Johns, Sr. took place here April 24, 1784. George . . . — Map (db m54703) HM
Delaware (New Castle County), Newark — NC-115 — Head of Christiana Presbyterian Church
The first Presbyterian services in this area were conducted by Rev. John Wilson in 1706. Then pastor of New Castle Presbyterian Church, Rev. Wilson came every other Sunday to minister to the many residents of this area who had immigrated from . . . — Map (db m9979) HM
Delaware (New Castle County), Newark — NC-159 — Hiram Lodge No. 25Grand Lodge of Delaware, A.F. & A.M.
By the 1780's members of the Masonic fraternity were organized and meeting locally. On December 6, 1802, a charter was issued by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania for Lodge No. 96 in Newark. This was one of four Lodges whose representatives gathered . . . — Map (db m9972) HM
Delaware (New Castle County), Newark — NC-211 — Iron Hill School #112-C
The Iron Hill area was a community of African American farming and mining families. Constructed in 1923, Iron Hill School #112-C was one of over 80 schools built with funding from Pierre S. duPont, who sought to replace rundown public schools with . . . — Map (db m94286) HM
Delaware (New Castle County), Newark — NC-136 — Newark United Methodist Church
By 1799 a small group of Methodists was organized and meeting in the homes of its members in the Newark area. Desiring a permanent place of worship, the congregation built the town's first church building on land that was provided by Isaac Tyson at . . . — Map (db m9897) HM
Delaware (New Castle County), Newark — NC-A3 — Old CollegeErected 1833-1834
This building contained a chapel (called the Oratory) class, dormitory, dining, administrative, and student society rooms. Newark College chartered February 5, 1833, opened its doors for instruction May 8, 1834. Name changed to Delaware College . . . — Map (db m92139) HM
Delaware (New Castle County), Townsend — NC-202 — Blackbird School (District No. 69)
The passage of the Public School Law of 1829 brought free public education to Delaware and divided the state into many small districts overseen by county superintendents. Blackbird District No. 60 was first noted in the record of an Annual Meeting . . . — Map (db m94186) HM
Delaware (New Castle County), Wilmington — NC-121 — Cool Spring Park
With the completion of Cool Spring Reservoir in 1877, an adjoining parcel of unused land was reserved for park purposes. Formally designated as Cool Spring Park, the grounds were managed by the Wilmington Water Department until 1967, when the City . . . — Map (db m10917) HM
Delaware (New Castle County), Wilmington — NC-132 — Mount Lebanon United Methodist Church
This congregation was organized in 1812. For a number of years services were conducted by Methodist “circuit riders” in members’ homes and local schools. On March 7, 1834, Thomas and Hannah Aldred donated land at this location on which . . . — Map (db m92282) HM
Delaware (New Castle County), Wilmington — NC-163 — Mount Salem United Methodist Church
The origin of this congregation is traced to the early 19th century when the Brandywine Manufacturer's Sunday School was established to serve the spiritual and educational needs of the families of workers in the industrial community on the . . . — Map (db m13589) HM
Delaware (New Castle County), Wilmington — NC-148 — Salesianum School
Salesianum School, a Catholic high school for young men, stood at 8gh and West Streets from its founding in 1903 until its move to this location in 1957. The original "House of Sales" was pioneered by Rev. Charles Fromentin, Rev. James Isenring and . . . — Map (db m13580) HM
Delaware (New Castle County), Wilmington — NC-188 — The Community of Dunleith
The Federal Housing Act of 1949 established a goal of “a decent home and a suitable living environment for every American family.” However, a segregated housing market put this goal beyond the reach of African American veterans. In that . . . — Map (db m92289) HM
Delaware (Sussex County), Greenwood — SC-149 — St. Johnstown Methodist Church
In the spring of 1779, Methodist pioneer Francis Asbury visited this area to spread the message of his faith. His efforts were successful and resulted in the organization of a local society of Methodists. Early meetings were held in the homes of . . . — Map (db m38650) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — The Restoration of 800 F Street
These five landmark buildings on the 800 block of F Street have been restored by Douglas Jamel in conjunction with the International Spy Museum. Erected between 1875 and 1892, the structures are fine examples of Victorian commercial architecture and . . . — Map (db m28540) HM
Georgia (Sumter County), Plains — Carter Warehouse
In 1951, the Carter Warehouse office was built on this location. Over the years the business grew to include a peanut shelling plant, a cotton gin and a processing plant. In 1962, Billy Carter came home from the Marines to enter the business with . . . — Map (db m73062) HM
Illinois (Adams County), Quincy — John Wood MansionErected 1835
The home of Governor John Wood Governor State of Illinois 1860-1861 Founder of Quincy, Illinois Dedicated by Dorothy Quincy Chapter NSDAR — Map (db m58738) HM
Illinois (Adams County), Quincy — Lincoln-Douglas Debate
On October 13 1858, two candidates for U.S. Senate met in this public square for a sixth debate. Quincy, in the west-central portion of the state, was a true battleground area where both candidates saw reasonable prospects of victory. . . . — Map (db m58781) HM
Illinois (Cass County), Beardstown — Lincoln the Candidate
People in Cass County knew Abraham Lincoln not only as a lawyer but also as a candidate for the Illinois legislature and U.S. Congress. Those earlier campaigns allowed Lincoln to hone his political skills for the 1858 senatorial content . . . — Map (db m57861) HM
Illinois (Macon County), Decatur — Birthplace of the Grand Army of the Republic
In a second floor room on this spot the Grand Army of the Republic was organized April 6, 1866, by Dr. Benjamin E. Stephenson.

This tablet is placed by The Department of Illinois Woman's Relief Corps, Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic . . . — Map (db m56909) HM

Illinois (Macon County), Decatur — Let Us All Be United
By 1856 Abraham Lincoln had realized that his former political party, the Whigs, was in ruins. The political landscape had changed to the point that Lincoln accepted an invitation to attend an Anti-Nebraska Editors Convention held at the . . . — Map (db m56884) HM
Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Major's Hall — Cluster of 6 Plaques
(Plaque 1) Major's Hall Erected 1852 by William Trabue Major Razed 1959

(Plaque 2) Illinois Republican Party born in Major's Hall I have supposed myself since the organization of the Republican Party at Bloomington, in May 1856, bound as a party . . . — Map (db m57459) HM

Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — The National Hotel
"Why if that one is named Democrat, I will name this one Whig," Lincoln said to John Ewing the proprietor. Such was Lincoln's affection for the family of John Ewing, who ran the hotel in the 1840's. John had nicknamed one of his sons . . . — Map (db m57550) HM
Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Animal Problems
Cultural differences made it hard for citizens to agree on animal control policies. Well into the 1850's hogs freely roamed the streets, contesting the walkways with pedestrians, rooting up sidewalk planks, and creating smelly "how . . . — Map (db m57077) HM
Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Florville's Barber Shop
William Florville was Lincoln's barber for twenty-four years. Florville, or de Fleurville ("Billy the Barber" to his white customers), was born in Haiti of French ancestry. He came to America at age fifteen and was a barber's apprentice in . . . — Map (db m57193) HM
Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Globe Tavern
The Globe Tavern as it appeared in May 1865 at the time of Lincoln's funeral. the Lincolns lived here from November 1842 until the winter or early spring of 1844. At that time the tavern consisted of two buildings joined as a "T," with the older . . . — Map (db m48903) HM
Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Henson Lyon House
This was the residence of Henson Lyon in 1860. the census of that year identified him as a farmer and the owner of $12,000 in real estate, and $3,000 in personal property, indicating that he was comparatively wealthy. — Map (db m48458) HM
Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Illinois State Register
November 1858 Register notices published on Election Day and the day after---documenting the end of the heated and hectic Lincoln-Douglas Senatorial contest.

When the seat of government left Vandalia in 1839, the former . . . — Map (db m48901) HM

Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Lincoln's Home Becomes a Shrine
Lincoln understood the importance of making his image available for the presidential campaign. Springfield photographer Preston Butler captured several likenesses of Lincoln during the 1860 election.

Lower Left Ambrotype of Abraham . . . — Map (db m48317) HM

Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Our Fallen Illinois Service Members
In memory of Our fallen Illinois service members in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi freedom

"The torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans - born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and . . . — Map (db m57341) WM

Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — The Lyceum
Lyceums were community associations that sponsored lectures, debates, and discussions. Eastern Protestant missionaries and educators brought the concept to frontier Illinois. Promoters hoped their Lyceums would disseminate knowledge and . . . — Map (db m57166) HM
Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — Herbert Hoover's Birthplace
"This cottage where I was born is physical proof of the unbounded opportunity of American life." In 1871, Jesse Hoover built this two-room cottage near his blacksmith shop and moved in with his wife, Hulda, and young son, Theodore. Herbert . . . — Map (db m48310) HM
Maryland (Allegany County), Cumberland — Allegany County LibraryCumberland Free Public Library
Top Name of Cumberland Free Public Library changed to Allegany County Library July 1, 1960 Bottom 1798 • First public school in Western Maryland incorporated under Act of 1798 as "Visitors of Allegany County School." 1824 • School name changed to . . . — Map (db m17676) HM
Maryland (Allegany County), Cumberland — Cumberland Gateway Westward — Fort Cumberland Trail
Will's Creek Settlement, later known as Cumberland, served as a major gateway for trade, military campaigns against the French, and settlement beyond the mountains in our growing nation. "The New Storehouses" of the Ohio Company were across the . . . — Map (db m17783) HM
Maryland (Allegany County), Frostburg — Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad Depot
As seen on the right, the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad Depot at Frostburg was constructed in 1891. The depot served as a passenger and freight station enroute between Cumberland, Maryland down the rich coal-mining region of Georges Creek to . . . — Map (db m48853) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Pumphrey — Pumphrey Elementary School
Completed in 1923 on Berlin Avenue under the Rosenwald Program, which was instrumental in the education of African Americans in the early 20th century. The fund provided matching grants for more than 5,000 schools, shops, and teachers' residences . . . — Map (db m79728) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Baltimore Riot TrailDeath at President Street Station
Baltimore – A house Divided In 1861, as the Civil War began, Baltimore secessionists hoped to stop rail transportation to Washington and isolate the national capital. On April 19, the 6th Massachusetts Regiment arrived here at the . . . — Map (db m2418) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Church Home and Hospital“I am a Massachusetts woman”
Church Home and Hospital, formerly Washington Medical college, was where Edgar Allan Poe died on October 7, 1849, and where many doctors were trained who served in the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War. On April 19, 1861, Adeline . . . — Map (db m2427) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Clover Hill(So named circa 1714)
Part of “Merryman’s Lott” 210 acres of virgin timberland granted by Lord Baltimore in 1688 to Charles Merryman, whose descendants farmed here until 1869. Stone house built in 19th century occupied by Bishops of Maryland since 1909, when . . . — Map (db m2452) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Living Classrooms Foundation
Lady Maryland The Lady Maryland is an authentic replica of a pungy schooner, a Chesapeake Bay workboat that sailed the Bay in the 1700s and 1800s. Pungies were fast sailing vessels and were primarily used to transport perishable cargo such as . . . — Map (db m6126) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Locust Point
Established as a port of entry in 1706, this peninsula was originally known as Whetstone Point. Along this road in 1814, soldiers marched to the defense of Fort McHenry, nearby. Port facilities served as a Federal supply camp in the Civil War. Later . . . — Map (db m2561) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Mt. Clare
This outstanding Georgian mansion, built between 1754 and 1768, was the home of Charles Carroll, Barrister and framer of Maryland’s first Constitution and Declaration of Rights. Carroll and his wife Margaret Tilghman made Mount Clare a center of . . . — Map (db m3152) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — The Canton Library
This branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library was built in and opened for use in 1886, one of four given to the city of Baltimore by Enoch Pratt, a great philanthropist of that era. It is the only one of that group still in use as a library. Pratt . . . — Map (db m2450) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — War Memorial
"It is a fearful thing to lead this great, peaceful people into war, into the most terrible and disastrous of all wars, civilization itself seeming to be in the balance. But the right is more precious than the peace, and we shall fight for the . . . — Map (db m6294) HM
Maryland (Baltimore County), Dundalk — Battle AcreSeptember 12, 1814
Here General Stricker’s City Brigade inflicted severe losses upon the main body of the British Army. This spirited defense together with that of Fort McHenry the next night saved Baltimore. — Map (db m2118) HM
Maryland (Baltimore County), Fort Howard — Todd’s Inheritance(National Register of Historic Places)
Thomas Todd settled here from Gloucester County, Virginia, in 1664. Homestead has remained in Todd Family for more than three centuries. Farm once contained 1,700 acres. 17th Century brick house was burned by British Soldiers September 14, 1814, as . . . — Map (db m2123) HM
Maryland (Baltimore County), Lutherville — Lutherville Historic District
National Register of Historic Places, U.S. Department of the Interior, 1972. Lutherville, named for Martin Luther, was founded, 1852, by Dr. John G. Morris, a Lutheran clergyman, as the location of Lutherville Female Seminary. The planned . . . — Map (db m2298) HM
Maryland (Baltimore County), Lutherville-Timonium — Brooklandwood Plantation1798
Built by Charles Carroll of Carrollton for his daughter, Mary Caton. Site of the first Maryland Hunt Cup and Grand National Races. Owned successively by John Cockey, Charles Carroll, George Brown, Captain Isaac Emerson and Saint Paul's School . . . — Map (db m2273) HM
Maryland (Baltimore County), Owings Mills — Soldiers Delight
Chrome was first discovered in the United States in Baltimore County circa 1808. Isaac Tyson, Jr. operated chromite mines at Soldiers Delight and in other serpentine barrens and from 1828 to 1850 his mines produced almost all the world’s chromium. . . . — Map (db m2073) HM
Maryland (Baltimore County), Reisterstown — “Buffalo Soldiers”
First Sgt. Augustus Walley, a Reisterstown native, awarded The Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery at Cuchillo Negro Mountain, New Mexico. Dedicated on the 100th anniversary of The Spanish-American War July 13, 1998. — Map (db m7196) HM
Maryland (Baltimore County), Reisterstown — Colonel William Norris(1820-1896)
Chief of the Confederate States Army Signal Corps and Secret Service Bureau, 1862–1865. Appointed Commissioner of Prisoner Exchange with rank of Colonel in April 1865. The Norris Home, “Bookland,” stood 2½ miles south of this . . . — Map (db m2064) HM
Maryland (Caroline County), Denton — Caroline Court House
Caroline County-established, 1773, from parts of Queen Anne's and Dorchester Counties - held its early courts at seven different locations until 1797 when its first courthouse was built on this site, once known as Pig Point. The 1895 replacement . . . — Map (db m3388) HM
Maryland (Carroll County), New Windsor — Strawbridge Log Meeting House Site
Built in 1764 by Robert Strawbridge, the first Methodist place of worship erected in America. Successors are Stone Chapel (1783) 3 miles northeast, and Bethel (1821) 1 mile south. ← — Map (db m3020) HM
Maryland (Carroll County), Union Bridge — Western Maryland Railway Honor RollWorld War 1917 – 1918

[Honor Roll of Veterans] [not transcribed]

Paid the Supreme Sacrifice Walter E. Campbell · Benjamin F. Cline · Aby B. Crawford · George A. Flechtner · Daily Godwin · Hugh H. Hahn · Eli C. Hornick · Bernard T. Houck · Charles Kelly · . . . — Map (db m3018) WM

Maryland (Cecil County), Charlestown — Susquehanna Manor(New Connaught Manor)
32000 acres granted to George Talbot with Right of Court Baron and Court Leet, June 11, 1680. — Map (db m1748) HM
Maryland (Cecil County), Chesapeake City — B19 — Cropper HouseC. 1833
Over the years this building has served many purposes. Originally the building was the home of captain Kendall Cropper in 1833 who, along with his three brothers, were instrumental in founding the town. Dr. Thomas Conrey was another early owner of . . . — Map (db m33559) HM
Maryland (Cecil County), Chesapeake City — G406 — Jennie Whiteoak HouseC. 1864
This home is recognized for having the "Dunnage" or scrap wood that was removed from passing ships and used as siding. Also called the Reeves House as Pop Reeve's lived here from 1951 to 1985. A complete restoration in the early 1990's brought this . . . — Map (db m33570) HM
Maryland (Cecil County), Colora — West Nottingham Academy
Founded 1744 by by Rev. Sam’l Finley a Presbyterian Minister and a native of Armaugh County, Ireland. He remained in charge of the academy and church until 1761 when he was chosen President of the College of New Jersey, now called . . . — Map (db m1807) HM
Maryland (Cecil County), Elkton — Creswell Hall
The home of John A. J. Creswell who nominated James Buchanan for President in 1856 and turned Republican in 1861. He was successively Assistant-Adjutant General of Maryland, member of the House of Representatives, Senator and Postmaster by . . . — Map (db m1773) HM
Maryland (Cecil County), Perryville — Old Post Road: Lower Susquehanna Ferry
Old Post Road established 1666. Lower Susquehanna Ferry established 1695. Rodgers’ Tavern where George Washington frequently stopped between 1781–1798. — Map (db m1482) HM
Maryland (Cecil County), Port Deposit — Site of Chapel-of-Ease
To St. Mary Anne’s Church, North Elk Parish, North East, Maryland. Built in 1733, the oldest remaining gravestone in 1968 records the death of Thomas Shepherd, August 28, 1742. — Map (db m92330) HM
Maryland (Cecil County), Warwick — George Washington
Visited Warwick Feby, 1756, March 1756. “Din’d and lodg’d at Mr. D’L Heath’s May 1773. Passed through Sept, 9 and Oct. 28, 1774. Breakfasted March 23, 1791 and again in September 1793.” — Map (db m1575) HM
Maryland (Cecil County), Warwick — St. Francis Xavier Church“Old Bohemia”
→ 2 Miles → Founded 1704 by Rev. Thomas Mansell, S.J., one of the earliest permanent Catholic establishments in the English Colonies. Bohemia Academy Founded 1745 by Rev. Thomas Pulton, S.J. attended by Charles Carroll of . . . — Map (db m1573) HM
Maryland (Harford County), Aberdeen — Old Post RoadSpesutia P. E. Church — Established 1666
Old Post Road Established 1666. Founded in 1671. First church erected at Gravelly near Michaelsville. The three succeeding churches erected on the present location. One mile south of this point, colonial vestry house erected 1766. — Map (db m1264) HM
Maryland (Harford County), Abingdon — Harford Town, or Bush
The French Troops of Count de Rochambeau in five divisions camped here at the end of August 1782—the 22nd camp on the return march from the Yorktown victory to the north. — Map (db m1248) HM
Maryland (Harford County), Abingdon — Site of “Old Baltimore”
The first County Seat of Baltimore County, 1659 to 1700, was located on Bush River. In 1683 it was made a Port of Entry by the Maryland Assembly. — Map (db m1230) HM
Maryland (Harford County), Bel Air — Sacred to the Memory of the Men of Harford County
Sacred to the memory of the men of Harford County who made the supreme sacrifice during the World War.

Corporal Maurice L. Abbott Dec. 18th, 1918 • Private James Alley Jul. 18th, 1918 • Private Everett Fred Asbury Nov. 10th, 1918 • Sergeant . . . — Map (db m2643) WM

Maryland (Harford County), Havre de Grace — Old Post Road: Count Rochambeau’s Troops
Old Post Road Established 1666. Count Rochambeau’s troops camped here September 9, 1781 after having crossed the Susquehanna River on their way to the siege of Yorktown, Va. — Map (db m1271) HM
Maryland (Harford County), Havre de Grace — Principio DestroyedStar-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail
A target of the British during the War of 1812, Principio Iron Foundry was destroyed on May 3, 1813. the foundry, located on the Northeast River was owned by Samuel Hughes and had a contract with the U.S. Navy. In this raid Hughes' losses included . . . — Map (db m64177) HM
Maryland (Harford County), Joppatowne — “Olney”
Surveyed as “Prospect ye 29th August 1705 for Thomas Preston.” Named changed to “Olney” in 1810 by Mrs. John Norris, an admirer of Cowper, the poet, and his friend the Reverend John Newton, who lived at Olney, England. — Map (db m1257) HM
Maryland (Kent County), Chestertown — Chestertown, Maryland
County seat of Kent County. Established in 1706. Situated on the most traveled highway between south and north during the revolutionary period. George Washington made eight known visits here between 1756 and 1793. Rich in Colonial History. — Map (db m3059) HM
Maryland (Kent County), Chestertown — White & Black, Blue & GraySocial Battlefield Split Kent Families
In June 1917, Judge James A. Pearce commemorated the Civil War soldiers of Kent County by erecting a monument to honor the patriotism and valor of a once divided, but now reunited country. The rough-cut and polished granite monument behind you . . . — Map (db m5585) HM
Maryland (Kent County), Fairlee — Bass Propagation Lake
Fairlee Mill Pond, Kent County, one mile from this point. Purchased by State 1928. — Map (db m3077) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Bowie — Seeking Freedom
"Billy", who went by William Whitington, and "Clem", also known as Clem Hill, escaped together on June 21, 1815, as shown in the ad printed in the Washington, D.C. newspaper, Daily National Intelligencer on June 26, 1815 It appears that . . . — Map (db m69277) HM
Maryland (Queen Anne's County), Centreville — Site of Goldsborough HouseCirca 1798
By that year, a 2-story brick house, measuring 40 by 24 feet and described as “not yet fully complete,” was built on a 4-acre lot of “Chesterfield,” deeded in 1792 from Mary Nicholson to her daughter Henrietta. Henritta’s . . . — Map (db m3109) HM
Maryland (Queen Anne's County), Crumpton — Callister’s Ferry
Near this spot Henry Callister, Merchant, operated a rope and raft ferry across the Chester River during the 1750’s and 1760’s. Well into the next century the crossing at Crumpton continued to be known as “Callister’s Ferry.” It served . . . — Map (db m3254) HM
Maryland (Queen Anne's County), Queenstown — “Lord’s Gift”
1050 Acres. Granted to Henry Coursey, 1658. 1000 acres by order of Lord Baltimore for “conspicuous faithfulness to him during the late contest” (the Uprising of 1652 by Richard Bennett and William Claiborne). The 50 acres were for . . . — Map (db m3118) HM
Maryland (Queen Anne's County), Queenstown — Colonial Courthouse
The frame section of the structure dates to circa 1708 and is consistent with other Maryland courthouses in size, form, character and materials. The brick section was added circa 1820–40. Laws in the 18th century mostly were enforced by fines, . . . — Map (db m3111) HM
Maryland (Queen Anne's County), Queenstown — St. Peter’s Church(Roman Catholic)
Congregation first organized c 1639 on nearby Kent Island by Rev. John Altham, S.J. St. Peter’s was est. Feb. 3, 1765, by Rev. Joseph Mosely, S.J. of St. Joseph’s, Talbot Co. A 1760 bequest of 50 lbs. from Edward Neale of “Bowlingly” . . . — Map (db m3129) HM
Maryland (Somerset County), Crisfield — Make Peace
Patented for 150 acres 1678 to John Roach. The brick house on this property is one of the finest examples of very early colonial architecture on the Eastern Shore. — Map (db m3879) HM
Maryland (Somerset County), Westover — Coventry Parish Church
Erected 1784 - 1792 Placed on the National Register of Historic Places 9 August 1984 Ruins stabilized 1985 - 1990 under the auspices of Rehobeth Ruritan Club Maryland Historical Trust Somerset County Historical Trust B. J. . . . — Map (db m3881) HM
Maryland (Talbot County), Easton — Vietnam War
1960 1973 In Memory Of W.O Robert W. Cook USA S. Sgt. Edward F. Ayers USA S. Sgt. Thomas N. Blades USA Sp. 4 Joseph M. Eason USA 1st. Lt. Lawrence R. Bullen . . . — Map (db m4958) HM
Maryland (Talbot County), St. Michaels — Grave of General Perry Benson
(1757–1827) A leader in his home community and State. In the Revolutionary War he served as a captain, and was wounded twice. In the War of 1812, he commanded the militia in Talbot, Caroline and Dorchester Counties. — Map (db m61387) HM
Maryland (Talbot County), St. Michaels — Second Defense of St. Michaels
Here, August 26, 1813, General Perry Benson, with 600 militia, most of them from Talbot County, halted a British force of 1,800. The Easton artillery manned the road, the 4th and 26th infantry the woods, and the 9th cavalry the wings. — Map (db m3177) HM
Maryland (Wicomico County), Salisbury — Pemberton Hall
Built in 1741 by Col. Isaac Handy, planter, lawyer, founder of Salisbury and officer of the local militia during the Revolution. He had operated a lumber business at Handy's Landing at the head of the Wicomico River where in 1732, Salisbury Town was . . . — Map (db m3856) HM
Maryland (Worcester County), Snow Hill — 1917      1918
This Tablet is a Memorial to the Men of Worcester County who gave their lives for their country in the World War. Blaine B. Boggs • Ernest Livingstone • Edward J. Bonneville • Wilson U. Martin • Ara J. Bowen • Sewell W. Marshall • Claude J. . . . — Map (db m3822) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — St. Stephen's Church
The first building on this site was The New North Meeting House erected in 1714 and enlarged in 1730

At the request of General Washington, March 28, 1776 immediately following the evacuation of Boston by the British The Reverend Andrew Eliot, then . . . — Map (db m76622) HM

Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — To Those Men of the North End / Thomas Cass
To those men of the North End who defended with their lives the integrity of the Union in the American Civil War 1861 - 1865

Thomas Cass 1821 - 1862 Born in Ireland, he attached himself devotedly to the ideals of his adopted country at . . . — Map (db m76629) HM WM

Michigan (Ingham County), Lansing — S587C — Lansing's First Capitol Building / Lansing Becomes the Capital City
Lansing's First Capitol Building Early in 1847, three commissioners were appointed to select an appropriate site for the capitol in Lansing. The contract for construction was awarded on June 3, 1847. Building materials were shipped by boat on . . . — Map (db m99950) HM
Michigan (Kent County), Grand Rapids — L915A — McCabe-Marlowe House
Built between 1865 and 1870 by James and Hannah Gallup, this Victorian style villa is one of the oldest homes in the Heritage Hill Historic District. Gallup and his family lived here until 1896. The house was later owned by several prominent Grand . . . — Map (db m99991) HM
Michigan (Kent County), Grand Rapids — L691A — The Castle
Side A Designed by local architect William G. Robinson, this castle-like edifice was constructed in 1884-86 for Colonel E. Crofton Fox and his brother Charles. Built of granite block imported from Scotland, this house is a fine example of . . . — Map (db m99984) HM
Michigan (Wayne County), Dearborn — Wright Cycle Shop
The Wright Cycle Shop is considered the "birthplace of aviation." this is the original building where the Wright Flyer was made. Besides their bicycle business, Wilbur and Orville Wright did much of the hands-on work on their airplane here. The . . . — Map (db m66351) HM
Missouri (Marion County), Hannibal — Mark TwainRemembrance of An American Past
Like all of us, Mark Twain told stories about his childhood in order to understand who he had become as an adult.

The Boy In this house, Sam Clemens lived a pretty typical life for a small-town American boy in the 1850's. Yet his life here . . . — Map (db m58829) HM

Missouri (Saint Louis County), St. Louis — The Roads to White HavenUlysses S. Grant National Historic Site
Settlement in St. Louis County first occurred along the three main thoroughfares out from the city: Gravois to the southwest, Manchester to the west, and Natural Bridge to the northwest. Railroad development paralleled the Mississippi River to the . . . — Map (db m59131) HM
Missouri (Saint Louis County), St. Louis — White HavenUlysses S. Grant National Historic Site
. . . — Map (db m59090) HM
New Hampshire (Merrimack County), Concord — George Hamilton Perkins
Commodore United States Navy Born at Hopkinton New Hampshire October 20, 1835 Died at Boston Massachusetts October 28 1899 Entered the Navy as midshipman October 1, 1851 and served his country with honor forty eight years Genial and lovable as a . . . — Map (db m76436) HM
New Hampshire (Merrimack County), Concord — John P. Hale
Rear First Anti-slavery U. S. Senator He secured the abolition of flogging and the spirit ration in the Navy Born at Rochester 1806 Died at Dover 1873

Side The measure of my ambition will be full if when my wife and children . . . — Map (db m76427) HM

New Hampshire (Rockingham County), Portsmouth — Liberty Pole and Bridge
Legend Records "Liberty, Property & no Stamps" on a flag flown on the first Portsmouth Liberty Pole in January 1766, in response to British attempts to tax products without American representation in Parliament, the Portsmouth Sons of Liberty . . . — Map (db m76579) HM
New Hampshire (Rockingham County), Portsmouth — The Original New Hampshire State House
Located in Market Square Seat of Colonial Government, 1758 - 1776 The Declaration of Independence was read from the Building, July 18, 1776 President George Washington spoke from the Balcony, October 31, 1789 — Map (db m76461) HM
New Jersey (Middlesex County), Perth Amboy — Market SquareCity Hall Park
Site of a 1680s Colonial Market

Dubbed "The Market House" this building was erected in the early 1740s to store and sell produce and imports.

The "Bill of Rights" Commemoration Arch was erected in 1989 to commemorate Perth Amboy as New Jersey's . . . — Map (db m76795) HM

New York (Steuben County), Corning — The Southern Tier Roller MillsErected in 1879 — Restored 1974 — Memorial House
The Southern Tier Roller Mills maintained operations here until 1918. Eight years later the building was purchased by the Corning Glass Works and in 1930 became the club house for employee recreational facilities. After these activities were . . . — Map (db m66258) HM
North Dakota (Burleigh County), Bismarck — The Honorable John Burkeof North Dakota
Legislator - Governor Supreme Court Justice Treasurer of the United States of America — Map (db m44700) HM
North Dakota (Cass County), Fargo — 'The Next Great City'
Moorhead and Fargo were platted when the Northern Pacific railroad arrived at the Red River in 1871 less than one block north of here.

The towns grew up at this intersection of river and rail. Steamboats traveling the shallow Red River . . . — Map (db m100836) HM

Pennsylvania (Chester County), Coatesville — Peter Bezellon
Famed Indian trader and interpreter bought a tract of 500 acres in this area in 1736. This site is a part of the tract. He died in 1742. Bezellon and his wife, Martha, lie buried in St. John's churchyard at Compass, Penna. — Map (db m8259) HM
Pennsylvania (Chester County), West Chester — Samuel Barber(1910 - 1981)
Boyhood home of this composer of orchestral and vocal works, including the "Adagio for Strings" and Knoxville; Summer of 1915." Won Pulitzer Prizes in music, 1958 & 1963. Graduate, Curtis Institute. He wrote West Chester High's Alma Mater song. — Map (db m8157) HM
Pennsylvania (Cumberland County), Boiling Springs — Cumberland County Veterans Memorial Clock Tower
Erected in loving memory of all veterans of Cumberland County Dedicated July 4, 1957 with a parade and ceremonies at this spot Built and presented to the veterans by The Boiling Springs Civic Improvement Committee — Map (db m27000) HM
Pennsylvania (Cumberland County), Wormleysburg — Harrisburg
Pennsylvania's capital since 1812. As Harris' Ferry, was settled a century before by John Harris Sr. Laid out as a town in 1785 by John Harris, Jr. For over 200 years a center of travel, trade, and historic events. — Map (db m26952) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Camelback and Market Street Bridges
The bridge river crossing at this spot is Harrisburg's oldest and most historic. First to be erected was the Camelback Bridge, known for its irregular and "rolling" covered bridge profile and the first bridge to ever cross the Susquehanna River that . . . — Map (db m6376) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Camp Curtin1861 — 1865
In memory of more than 300,000 soldiers of the Civil War. The flower of the nation's youth and the maturity of her manhood, who passed into and out of this camp to the field of battle. A united country enjoys the fruits of their victory for liberty . . . — Map (db m6496) HM WM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Capitol Park
The deliberations during the first decade of the 19th Century through which Harrisburg prevailed in achieving State Capital status were in part spawned by the donation by John Harris, Jr., in 1785, of four acres of the oldest portion of Capitol Park . . . — Map (db m6696) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — City Island
This 63-acre Susquehanna River jewel and major tourism and recreational destination has lured human occupations not just since Harrisburg was founded and throughout the ensuing centuries but also by prehistoric native Americans beginning at least . . . — Map (db m7098) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Greetings to Future Harrisburgers
In a shaft directly beneath this monument, in a metal cylinder is contained a documented history of Harrisburg from it's early beginnings along with evidences of the way of life in our time. It is our fervent hope that you will bring them to light . . . — Map (db m6337) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Harrisburg Public Library Dauphin County Library System
Founded in 1889, the Harrisburg Public Library became a national model of 19th Century efforts to bring the world's information to community residents, a role that continues today. Its first home was at 125 Locust Street in a building erected by . . . — Map (db m6346) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — James McCormick Mansion
This house was built in 1869 by James McCormick, Jr. (1832-1917), a noted banker, industrialist, community leader and member of one of Harrisburg's oldest families. His father, James McCormick Sr., was one of the early Presidents of Dauphin Deposit . . . — Map (db m6344) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — John Harris Sr. Grave Site
Here lies John Harris, Sr., father of the founder of the City of Harrisburg, who emigrated from Yorkshire England in the early 18th Century to share in the opportunities of William Penn's new world. First locating in Philadelphia, Harris made his . . . — Map (db m6596) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Lest We Forget
This statue erected by grateful parents of soldier sons in honor of those living and dead who served in the World War. This boulder from the foot of Round Top, Battlefield of Gettysburg — Map (db m6287) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Paxton Riflemen
Under Capt. Matthew Smith and Lt. Michael Simpson, a company of riflemen from Paxton Township marched to Quebec, Canada, to serve with Montgomery in the attack on that city on December 31, 1775. — Map (db m7130) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King City Government Center
This building, the only municipal headquarters building in the world to be named after the civil rights leader, was built for and has served as Harrisburg's City Hall since June, 1982. As part of its efforts to revitalize Center City Harrisburg, . . . — Map (db m6605) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Riverfront Park
Harrisburg's distinction of having one of the most beautiful inland waterfronts in America is attributed to the growth and conservation of Riverfront Park. Through the foresight of John Harris, Jr., the founder of Harrisburg, 6.2 linear acres along . . . — Map (db m6401) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Simon Cameron School
Although Harrisburg's northern boundary when incorporated as a city in 1860 reached as far as Maclay Street, it would not be until the early 1890's that development widely occurred above Reily Street. Local homebuilder Benjamin Engle launched the . . . — Map (db m6796) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — St. Michael’s Lutheran Church
The evolution of the English and German-speaking Lutheran congregations in Harrisburg resulted in the establishment of a number of churches that has helped to enhance the city's fabric of sacred architecture and history. From the oldest site at . . . — Map (db m6730) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Strawberry Square Phase II
This block of historic buildings traces a glimpse of Harrisburg's 19th and 20th Century retail development. Restored as Phase II of the Strawberry Square shopping complex in the late 1980's and part of the Old Downtown Harrisburg Commercial Historic . . . — Map (db m6655) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Sunken Gardens
Throughout the 19th Century, lumbering on the Susquehanna River was a major industry. Logs were cut from the forests in the northern part of the state and floated down river to sawmills at Harrisburg and points further south. a popular place where . . . — Map (db m6285) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — Swenson Plaza Flood Memorial
The enlargement and beautification of Swenson Plaza, completed in 1999, was proposed and initiated by Mayor Stephen R. Reed during ceremonies marking the 25th anniversary of Harrisburg's devastating 1972 Flood caused by Tropical Storm Agnes. As a . . . — Map (db m6369) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — The Johnston Building & Menaker Building
1906 was a banner year in Harrisburg for the construction of major buildings. The new State Capitol Building was completed that year and two "book-end" office structures were developed on Market Square. One was the eight-story Union Trust Building . . . — Map (db m6560) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — The People’s BridgeLandmark Era - Since 1972
Built to pre-automobile specifications before the turn of the 20th Century, the People's Bridge by mid century earned the nickname, "Old Shakey," because of the noisy vibrations of its cast-iron superstructure under an ever-increasing volume of . . . — Map (db m6371) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — William Maclay, Esq.1736 - 1804
Buried here is the first U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. In 1789, he and Robert Morris were the first from the Keystone State to be elected to the Senate of the United States. — Map (db m6828) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Hershey — Derry Church School (1844-1904)
Born in Derry Township, Milton S. Hershey (1857 - 1945) attended this one-room schoolhouse during the winter of 1863-1864. Built in 1844, this was the first of seven schools he attended before apprenticing to a Lancaster, PA. candy maker at age 14. . . . — Map (db m7139) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Hershey — Milton S. Hershey(1857 - 1945)
Entrepreneur and philanthropist born here September 13, 1857. Founded Lancaster Caramel Company in 1886 and Hershey Chocolate Company in 1894; introduced milk chocolate in 1900. Developed Hershey as a model town and home of the world's largest . . . — Map (db m7137) HM
Pennsylvania (Delaware County), Chester — Chester Fire DepartmentRoll of Honor
In appreciation of loyal service rendered in the World War Franklin Fire Company Hanley Hose Company Moyamensing Hook & Ladder Company Good Will Fire Company Felton Fire Company — Map (db m14950) HM
Pennsylvania (Delaware County), Chester — Penn Landing
Oct. 29, 1682, soon after finishing a two-months' voyage, William Penn first set foot on his colony of Pennsylvania, granted by Charles II the year before. The site is a block south. — Map (db m14961) HM
Pennsylvania (Delaware County), Chester — Sun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company
During WWII, Sun was the largest single shipyard in the world, with over 35,000 employees. It introduced the all-welded ship, which significantly increased ship production, and th T-2 oil tanker, which became the standard at all US shipyards. Sun . . . — Map (db m14766) HM
Pennsylvania (Franklin County), Chambersburg — Old Franklin County Jail
Of Georgian design, this jail was built in 1818 and was in continuous use for 152 years. The third oldest building in the borough, it survived the burning of Chambersburg by Confederate forces during the Civil War. — Map (db m8059) HM
Pennsylvania (Franklin County), Chambersburg — The John Jack Tavern
On this site stood the John Jack Tavern. Operated by the family of James Jack, courier of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. The Tavern was used from 1784 until 1794 as a courthouse and jail for Franklin County. — Map (db m8098) HM
Pennsylvania (Franklin County), Mercersburg — Col. Murphy's Hotel
Built c. 1798 and used as a dormitory of Marshall College, the "Old Mansion House" was acquired by Col. Murphy in 1845 who managed it as a prominent hotel until 1864. It was rumored to be a station on the underground railroad. Soon to be President . . . — Map (db m8041) HM
Pennsylvania (Franklin County), Mercersburg — Marshall College
Used the Theological Seminary building. Was chartered, 1836; removed to Lancaster, 1853, and united with Franklin College. First president was Dr. Frederick A. Rauch, famed scholar and educator; author of textbook on psychology. — Map (db m8014) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Columbia — Columbia
Originally Wright's Ferry, founded by John Wright in 1726. An early center for turnpike, canal, and railroad activity, at an important Susquehanna River crossing. First bridge built in 1812. — Map (db m5083) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lancaster — Captain Stephen Chambers1753 - 1789
Officer in Revolutionary War Delegate to the State Convention which ratified the Constitution of the United States trustee of Franklin College Worshipful Master of Lancaster Lodge No. 43 F. and AM Member of Lancaster Bar and . . . — Map (db m5208) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lancaster — Colonial Mansion
This house, of true Georgian style, was built about 1750. The ground was purchased by Thomas Poultney, merchant, in 1749, John Passmore, first mayor of Lancaster, occupied the house at one time. — Map (db m5226) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lancaster — First Presbyterian Church
Congregation traces its origin to 1742. The first regular pastor was Rev. John D. Woodhull, Revolutionary patriot. First building completed here in 1770; present edifice dedicated 1851. James Buchanan, 15th President of the U.S., was a member. — Map (db m5224) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lancaster — James Hazlett Binns
1912 - 1985 Industrialist • Patriot • Humanitarian • Mentor He rose from sales trainee to become president and chairman of Armstrong World Industries, a director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and chairman of the National Association of . . . — Map (db m5324) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lancaster — Reynolds House
Birthplace and residence of Major General John F. Reynolds of the Army of the Potomac. Killed on the morning of the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 1863, his body lies buried in Lancaster Cemetery. — Map (db m5165) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lancaster — Robert Coleman1749 - 1825
Associate Judge of Lancaster County Member of Legislature Delegate to State Convention which Ratified the Constitution of the United States Ironmaster of Lancaster County Warden and Vestryman of St. James Church Father of Ann - Buried . . . — Map (db m5210) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lititz — Lititz
Settled during 1740's, Moravians established here a "land Gemeine," or country congregation in 1756. It was named by Count Zinzendorf after a Bohemian town which sheltered persecuted Moravians in 1456. — Map (db m5317) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lititz — The Heritage Center
Dedicated in 1971 Moravian Church Square Established in 1757 In memory of the many men and women of past and present generations who served faithfully in the Moravian Congregation to make our heritage possible. — Map (db m5274) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Millersville — Millersville University
Founder 1855 as the Lancaster County Normal School, it was named the first Pennsylvania State Normal School, 1859. Fully Commonwealth-owned after 1917, Millersville became a State Teachers College in 1928, and a State College for liberal arts and . . . — Map (db m5326) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Mount. Joy — Early Telegraph
First commercial telegraph line in the U.S. ran along this railroad right-of-way. Completed from Lancaster to Harrisburg, 1845. The first message, "Why don't you write, you rascals?", was received, Jan. 8, 1846. — Map (db m5719) HM
Pennsylvania (Lebanon County), Schaefferstown — Schaefferstown Water Company
One of North America's oldest documented public water systems. Alexander Schaeffer built a hotel on the square in 1744, and construction of the water system began here shortly after. On July 16, 1763, he and his wife Anna Engle deeded this land - . . . — Map (db m29306) HM
Pennsylvania (Northumberland County), Milton — Adult Baseball, Softball, and Basketball Programs
Baseball has been a very popular sport in Milton for many years. The numerous leagues date back to the late 1890's. Probably the shortest-lived league started one week before the Spanish-American War in 1898, folding after little more than a . . . — Map (db m87618) HM
Pennsylvania (Northumberland County), Sunbury — For Those Who Served
When Imperial Germany surrendered at the end of World War I in 1918, many of its cannon were sent to the United States as war trophies. This cannon was acquired by the City of Sunbury and Milton Jarret Norman American Legion Post 201 and placed in . . . — Map (db m87661) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Sherman Dale — John Bannister Gibson
Born Nov. 8, 1780, in a house near here. Chief Justice of Pennsylvania 1827-51. This was also the birthplace of William Bigler, who was Governor of Pennsylvania, 1852-55; and U.S. Senator, 1856-61. — Map (db m23374) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln stood here when he raised the flag on Independence Hall February 22nd 1861. This tablet placed by Post 2 Department of Pennsylvania Grand Army of the Republic — Map (db m9259) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Caspar Wistar(1761 - 1818)
Noted physician, lived here. Professor of anatomy at the University of Pennsylvania. President of the American Philosophical Society & Pa. Abolition Society. In 1803, tutored Meriwether Lewis in medicine & paleontology, in preparation for the . . . — Map (db m9109) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Franklin Court
I am got into my niche, after being kept out of it 24 years by foreign employments. 'Tis a very good house that I built so very long ago to retire into . . . . Signature - Benj Franklin 1786 By building his home here, Benjamin Franklin not . . . — Map (db m9536) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Gilbert Stuart House
Sirs: I am under promise to Mrs. Bingham to sit for you tomorrow at 9 o'clock, and wishing to know if it be convenient to you that I should do so, and it shall be at your house... The new 3-1/2 story brick house on this site in 1795 was . . . — Map (db m9227) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Jacob Broom
In honored memory of Jacob Broom, Signer of United States Constitution by the Delaware State Society, NSDAR, in This bicentennial year 1987 — Map (db m9352) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — The History of Franklin Court
In this yard, now known as Franklin Court, formerly stood the home of Benjamin Franklin. In his later years, Franklin also built three Market Street houses and a Print Shop for his printer-publisher grandson, Benjamin Franklin Bache. Franklin first . . . — Map (db m9538) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — The Philadelphia Contributionshipfor the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire
Oldest fire insurance company in America. Founded in 1752 by Benjamin Franklin and his friends. — Map (db m9184) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Washington Square
Washington Square (6.4 acres) is one of the original five squares laid out by William Penn and his surveyor Thomas Holme in the plan for the city of Philadelphia in 1682. First designated as Southeast Square, it was renamed Washington Square in 1825 . . . — Map (db m9025) HM
Pennsylvania (Pike County), Dingmans Ferry — Dingman's Ferry
Here was located one of the earliest ferries across the Delaware. Andrew Dingman in 1750 built the flatboat he used as a ferry with his own hand axe. Dingman was one of the pioneer settlers. — Map (db m76379) HM
Pennsylvania (Pike County), Milford — Historic Swimming Pool and Terrace
The swimming pool (1923 - 1925) was one of the first landscape features added by Gifford and Cornelia Pinchot when they moved into Grey Towers. It was designed by family friend and designed Chester Aldrich of Delano & Aldrich, who incorporated many . . . — Map (db m76377) HM
Pennsylvania (Union County), Mifflinburg — Fought's Mill
The nearby mill is on the site of the earlier mill built in 1771. The original Fought's Mill was a settler's refuge against Indians in Revolutionary days. Here was held Nov. 3, 1776, Buffalo Valley's first election under the Constitution of 1775. — Map (db m84424) HM
Pennsylvania (Union County), New Berlin — First Church Building and Printing House of the Evangelical Association
The Evangelical Association was an American religious denomination formally organized by the followers of Jacob Albright in 1803.

The paving stones set in the ground mark the outlines of the first church building and the first printing house of . . . — Map (db m84433) HM

Pennsylvania (York County), Hanover — Hanover Architecture
Hanover's rich diversity of architectural styles ranges from Federal (1790) to contemporary. Victorian, Italianate, Romanesque, Neo-Classical, Art Deco, and Beaux Art styles dot the downtown. Look for the Richardsonian Romanesque (1900) with . . . — Map (db m5058) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), Hanover — Richard McAllister
Founder of Hanover In 1745, Richard McAllister purchased 217 acres from John Digges, establishing the original town of Hanover. Hanover is situated at the crossroads of two major colonial highways - the Monocacy Trail from Lancaster, . . . — Map (db m5056) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), Hanover — The Daniel Trone House
Fragments of several Union and Confederate cavalry regiments continued to fight a running battle as they galloped on horseback along Frederick Street. Other Confederate bands had retreated down the intersecting alleys and streets. This action . . . — Map (db m5026) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), Hanover — The Hanover Spectator Covers the Battle
"Our town on Tuesday for the first time saw and felt all the incidents, scenes and horrors of actual war." The Hanover Spectator, founded by Senary Leader in 1844, was owned by his widow, Maria, at the time of the Civil War. It was published . . . — Map (db m8650) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), Wrightsville — Cresap's Fort
Thomas Cresap settled here about 1730 on lands claimed by Lord Baltimore of Maryland. Forcibly evicted in 1736 by Penn agents who burned his "fort", Cresap moved to Western Maryland, where he continued active in frontier affairs and died about 1790. — Map (db m5858) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), Wrightsville — Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal
Chartered by Pennsylvania, 1835; run by the canal company, 1840 - 1872, and the Reading Railroad till 1894. Followed the river for 45 miles below Columbia. — Map (db m5067) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), York — Cherry Lane
Wall of History on Cherry Lane The outlines of roofs, chimneys, windows and rafters mark the structures which once stood on this site. A. Unfinished brickwork indicates the shadow of a steep roofed log house built by a prosperous . . . — Map (db m4565) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), York — General Marquis de Lafayette 1757 - 1834
Member Society of the Cincinnati of France. Presented jointly by the State Society of the Cincinnati and the City of York, Pennsylvania, this day January 27th 2007. "Serving America is to my heart an inexpressible happiness" General Marquis de . . . — Map (db m4574) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), York — Globe Inn
Many distinguished persons stayed at old inn located on this site. Here, in 1825, Lafayette was given a reception. His toast "To the Town of York" is memorable. — Map (db m4558) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), York — Golden Plough Tavern
Possibly the oldest surviving building in York. Built, c. 1741, by Martin Eichelberger, native of the German Black Forest. Its massive hewn half-timbers reflect a style almost unknown today, of medieval architecture. — Map (db m4583) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), York — Phineas Davis
Site of shop where, in 1831, Davis designed and built first coal-burning locomotive steam engine in United States, called "The York." Here, also, was built "The Codorus," first iron steamboat made in America. — Map (db m4597) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), York — The First National Thanksgiving
Was proclaimed from York by the Continental Congress on November 1, 1777 to be celebrated on Thursday, December 18. It was written by Sam Adams of Massachusetts. "The Father of the Revolution," who advocated for the first time "one day of public . . . — Map (db m4549) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), York — York Meeting
A center for Friends' activities since 1766. It is the oldest existing house of worship in York. The eastern part of the building was erected in 1766; the western part about 1783. — Map (db m4590) HM
South Dakota (Hughes County), Pierre — Soldiers' & Sailors' World War Memorial
Dedicated to the brave sons of South Dakota who gave their lives to preserve liberty. Anno Domini MCMXXX Map (db m45284) HM
Vermont (Washington County), Montpelier — Ammi B. Young
This tablet is erected by the people of Vermont in appreciation of the architect of this building Ammi B. Young born in Lebanon N.H. June 19, 1798 died in Washington D.C. March 13, 1874 Work was commenced on this site in the winter of . . . — Map (db m76395) HM
Virginia (Accomack County), Accomac — Accomack County Virginia World War I
In honor of the men of Accomack County, Virginia who died in the service of our country in the World War 1917-1918. — Map (db m7825) HM
Virginia (Accomack County), Onancock — Kerr Place
An eighteenth century mansion acquired in 1950 by the Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society as headquarters for the society. — Map (db m7682) HM
Virginia (Accomack County), Onancock — WY 14 — Onancock
Two miles west is Onancock, founded in 1680. A courthouse was then built and used for a few years. Militia barracks were there in the Revolution. From Onancock, Colonel John Cropper went to the aid of Commodore Whaley in the last naval action of the . . . — Map (db m7673) HM
Virginia (Albemarle County), Charlottesville — Mulberry Row — Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
Every article is made on his farm; his negroes are cabinet makers, carpenters, masons, bricklayers, smith, etc. Duc de La Rochefoucauld Liancourt, 1796 You are standing on Mulberry Row, a road once lined with more than 20 dwellings, . . . — Map (db m68171) HM
Virginia (Essex County), Loretto — N 23 — Vauter's Church
This was the principal church of St. Anne's Parish, which was formed in 1704 from Sittenburne Parish and encompassed Essex County. According to tradition, part of the present church was built about 1719 with an addition constructed in 1731, but . . . — Map (db m7407) HM
Virginia (Middlesex County), Warner — N 45 — Hewick
Three miles east is Hewick, built about 1678 by Christopher Robinson, Clerk of Middlesex County. It was the birthplace of John Robinson, Speaker of the House of Burgesses and Treasurer of Virginia, 1738-1766, the leading man of the colony. — Map (db m7514) HM
Virginia (Northampton County), Eastville — Debdeavon
"Laughing King of Accomacke Emperor of the Easterne Shoare King of the Great Nussawattocks" A gallant warrior and a loyal friend to the early settlers of the Eastern Shore. His timely warning to the colonists of an intended uprising in 1621, saved . . . — Map (db m7591) HM
Virginia (Northampton County), Eastville — WY 9 — Gingaskin Indian Reservation
The Gingaskin Indian Reservation was located nearby from 1640 to 1813 and was created from a land patent in 1640 that set aside land for the Accomac Indians. When the Accomacs moved there, they became known as the Gingaskins. They continued to . . . — Map (db m7605) HM
Wyoming (Carbon County), Elk Mountain — Wyoming Winds
This site lies at the northern-most extent of the Snowy Range Mountains, a spot where the high mountain peaks end and the winds begin. Winds here may exceed 70 miles per hour at times, blowing winter snows, leaving ridges and slopes bare, and . . . — Map (db m47140) HM
Wyoming (Crook County), Sundance — Bird of the Black HillsThe Black Hills are Home to more than 200 Species of Glorious Birds
The Red Valley surrounding you belongs to the transition zone between the flat, treeless Great Plains and the pine-forested Black Hills. Artesian springs and creeks draining from the hills and mountains create draws that provide water, shade, and . . . — Map (db m45536) HM
Wyoming (Laramie County), Cheyenne — Wyoming Spanish American War Monument
. . . — Map (db m47190) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Jackson — The Square as it appeared in 1936
The log cabin to the far left once housed the Jackson Post Office. Next door stood the I.O.O.F. (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) building, which is still recognizable today.

In the distant background there is the distinctive curved roof line of . . . — Map (db m47074) HM

Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Stephen Tyng MatherJuly 4, 1867 - Jan. 22, 1930
He laid the foundation of the National Park Service, defining and establishing the policies under which its areas shall be developed and conserved, unimpaired for future generations. There will never come an end to the good that he has done. — Map (db m46370) HM

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