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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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Naval Historical Center
Commodore Joshua Barney
Brazil, Bahia, Salvador — Monumento a Stefan ZweigAll Saints' Bay
Stefan Zweig nasceu em Viena, Áustria, em 1881. Escritor cosmopolita, tornou-se conhecido por suas analises do comlexo psíquico e pela defesa dos ideais humanitarios. Foi o autor mais traduzido do seu tempo. Pacifista, escrevia reinventando a . . . — Map (db m31877) HM
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro — 01246020 — Copacabana FortArmy History Museum
Together with the Arpoador Rock and Cape, the Fort is part of an important landscape group located between two highly populated neighbourhoods: Copacabana and Ipanema. Date: inaugurated in 1914 by President Marechal Hermes da Fonseca. . . . — Map (db m25962) HM
Ontario, Toronto — Canadian Airmen Monument
Panel 1: Per Arua Ad Astra In Memory of our Canadian Airmen who fought in the Skies to preserve freedom and order in the world. Panel 2: Canadian Airmen Awarded the Victoria Cross World War I: William . . . — Map (db m57901) HM
Ontario, Toronto — Mary Ann Shadd Cary — 1823 – 1893
Mary Ann Shadd Cary was an anti-slavery activist, an advocate for the rights of women, and a pioneering woman newspaper editor and publisher. The daughter of a free African American shoemaker and abolitionist, Shadd began a life of teaching at age . . . — Map (db m57756) HM
Estonia, Harjumaa Maakond, Tallinn — Mälestusmärk “Katkenud Liin” / “Broken Line”M/S Estonia Memorial
Malestusmark “Katkenud Liin” Parvlaeva ESTONIA katastroofis 28. septembril 1994.aastal Hukkunud 852 inimesele. “Broken Line” In memory of the 852 people who lost their lives in the ESTONIA . . . — Map (db m61331) HM
Estonia, Harjumaa Maakond, Tallinn — Suurgildi Hoone[The Great Guild] — PIKK 17
Estonian Text : … English Text : The Great Guild, which was an organisation for major merchants and dealt with international trade, had an official building built in 1407-17. The basements and walls of the dwelling that was . . . — Map (db m56996) HM
Israel, Galilee, Capharnaum — Capharnaum
Capharnaum the town of Jesus He left Nazareth and went to live in Capharnaum by the sea (Gospel of Matthew 4:13). He entered a boat, made a crossing, and came into his own town (Gospel of Matthew 9:1). The House of Simon Peter On . . . — Map (db m44108) HM
Israel, Galilee, Tabgha — Church of HeptapegonThe Seven Springs
History 28–350 AD The Judeo-Christians of Capharnaum venerated a large rock upon which Jesus is said to have laid the bread and fish before he fed the five thousand (Mk 6:30-44) ca. 350 AD Used as an altar, the rock . . . — Map (db m44034) HM
Italy, Campania (Naples Province), Pompei — Pompei Giubileo [Pompeii Jubilee] 2000Edifici Privati/Private Buildings
[Text in Italian …] Text in English: The destructive fury of Vesuvius raged the 24th August in 79 a.C. Buried under three metres of ash, Pompeii suddenly stopped living. From the Forum to the Temple of Iside; from the House of the . . . — Map (db m48081) HM
Italy, Campania (Naples Province), Pompei — Teatro Grande e Quadriportico/Great Theatre and Quadriporticus — Pompeiviva
Il Teatro Grande fu costruito nel II secolo II a.C., addossando la struttura ad una collina lavica e ristrutturato in epoca augustea. La cavea costituita da gradini in tufo o calcare, ospitava circa 5000 persone in tre zone separate da corridoi . . . — Map (db m47980) HM
Italy, Lazio (Metropolitan City of Rome), Rome — The Trevi-Pantheon Route
[Text in Italian: …] Text in English: The Trevi-Pantheon Route forms part of a narrow and winding itinerary which begins in Piazza Farnese and arrives at the slopes of the Quirinale, the route includes the open spaces and the . . . — Map (db m46858) HM
Philippines, Cavite Province, Corregidor Island — 503rd Airborne- "The Rock Force" -Memorial
Marker panel 1 on top of monument: ”I see the old flagpole still stands. Have your troops hoist the colors to its peak, and let no enemy ever haul them down.” These historic words were spoken by General Douglas MacArthur . . . — Map (db m66173) WM
Philippines, Cebú Province, Cebu City — 400 Years of Continuing OAR Presencein the Philippines and Asia — 1696 to 2006
Panel 1: Fray Rodrigo de San Miguel Pioneering Missionary Indistinctly known in history books as Fr. Rodrigo Aganduru (1584-1626), the intrepid missionary from Villadolid, Spain, arrived with the first Recollects in 1606. Bataan and . . . — Map (db m64224) HM
Philippines, Cebú Province, Cebu City — Fort San Pedro
The Fort of San Pedro, described in an official report of 1739, is triangular in shape and made of stone and mortar. The three bastions are La Concepcion, San Ignacio de Loyola, and San Miguel - Powder Magazine. [Inscriptions . . . — Map (db m64435) HM
Philippines, Metro Manila, Binondo — The New Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz
The new Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz was formerly known as Plaza Calderon de la Barca, a noted Spanish playwright. In 1981 it was renamed after the first Filipino saint, Lorenzo Ruiz, where his statue stands, in honor of this Binondo . . . — Map (db m72413) HM
Sweden, Södermanland Province (Stockholm County), Stockholm — The Zetterström FountainVasa Museum
Text in Swedish: Zetterström-Fontänen Mustycke som användes för att spola tunnlar under Vasa vid bargningen 1961. Konstructör: Dykarpionjären Arne Zetterstöm (1917-1945) Donatorer: Flygt AB och Marinen . . . — Map (db m56837) HM
Turkey, İzmir (Selçuk District), Ephesus — Processional Way
Dini Alay Yolu [text in Turkish…] Processional Way [text in English] Annual festivals named ‘Artemisia’ or ‘Ephesia’ in antiquity were undertaken in honour of Artemis, the city goddess of Ephesos. The festivities, . . . — Map (db m44269) HM
Turkey, İzmir (Selçuk District), Ephesus — The Great Theatre — [Ephesus]
Büyük Tiyatro [text in Turkish...] The Great Theatre [text in English] The Great Theatre goes back to a preceding structure of the Hellenistic period (3rd-1st century B.C.). In the Roman period there was an extensive . . . — Map (db m84362) HM
Alaska (Skagway Borough), Skagway — Three Thousand Pack Animals
[Rendering of a loaded pack horse and pack mule] The dead are speaking in memory of us three thousand pack animals that laid our bones on these awful hills during the Gold Rush of 1897-1898. We now thank those listening that heard our groans . . . — Map (db m69126) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Compton — 152 — Domínguez Ranch House
[The arch way leading to the grounds is flanked by two markers:] Right Marker: Domínguez Ranch House Central portion built in 1826 by Manuel Domínguez. Rancho San Pedro Ten square leagues granted, provisionally . . . — Map (db m64857) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Capt. Lou Lenart, USMC (Ret.)FG-1D Corsair
This monument is dedicated to Capt. Lou Lenart and to all U.S. Marine Corps and Navy pilots who flew the F4-U or FG-1D Corsair in combat during World War II. “Most of my experience with the Corsair was in close support of our ground . . . — Map (db m68546) HM WM
California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — 486 — Chinese Cemetery ShrineNineteenth Century Los Angeles — Evergreen Cemetery
Panel 1: This monument is the oldest surviving structure of Chinese settlement in the Los Angeles area. It illustrates the use of traditional ceremonies brought from China and honors the lives of 19th century Chinese Americans. . . . — Map (db m74019) HM
California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — 146 — Municipal Ferry Building - Maritime Museum
. . . — Map (db m52539) HM
California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — Point Fermin Light House
Panel 1: Point Fermin Light House Dedicated by Stephen M. White and Rudecinda Parlors Native Sons and Native Daughters of the Golden West San Pedro, California May 2, 1940 - Built 1874 Panel 2: Point Fermin . . . — Map (db m51006) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — USS Sacramento (PG-19)“The Galloping Ghost of the China Coast” — 1914 – 1946
As part of our nation’s maritime history, USS Sacramento steamed more than one-half million miles during her proud service in the United States Navy.
She logged 64,000 miles convoying 483 ships through submarine-infested European waters during . . . — Map (db m16483) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — Clifton A. F. Sprague, Vice Admiral, USNBorn 8 January 1896 - Died 11 April 1955
[Front]: Awards Navy Cross for the 25 October 1944 action off Samar. Admiral Sprague was aboard the escort carrier, USS Fanshaw Bay during this engagement. Legion of Merit Medal for his command of the USS Wasp. Gold Star in lieu of . . . — Map (db m8521) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — 1031 — Ferryboat "Berkeley" — [Maritime Museum of San Diego]
The steam ferryboat "Berkeley" was the first successful west coast-built and operated ferry to be driven by a screw propeller as opposed to side-wheels. Built by the famous Union Iron Works of San Francisco in 1898, the ferry operated until 1958 as . . . — Map (db m51330) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — United States Aircraft Carrier Memorial
West face: [Seals of the Department of the Navy: U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps] “The air fleet of an enemy will never get within striking distance of our coast as long as our aircraft carriers are able to carry . . . — Map (db m61543) HM WM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — USS Hoel * USS S. B. Roberts * USS JohnstonUnited States Navy — "In Everlasting Memory"
Inscribed here are the names of 525 men who died in the Battle of Leyte Gulf during the liberation of the Philippine Islands on 25 Oct 1944. Their ships, the destroyers USS Johnston (DD-557) and USS Hoel (DD-533) and destroyer escort USS Samuel B. . . . — Map (db m8428) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — FDR's Saluteto the Officers and Men ... USS "San Francisco"' — USS San Francisco Memorial
In Salute to the Officers and Men, living and dead, of the U.S.S. “San Francisco” a warship named for our city, which though sorely wounded, emerged triumphantly from the Battle of Guadalcanal, November 12-13 1942 after . . . — Map (db m71479) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — The Naval Battle of GuadalcanalTwenty-Four Minutes of Thundering Hell On Iron Bottom Bay
Friday the 13th November 1942 By July 1942 Japan’s military juggernaut had invaded and occupied Korea, Manchuria, China, Hong Kong, Burma, Borneo, New Guinea, Rabaul, Truk, The Philippines, Aleutians, Marshalls, Carolines, and the Solomons, . . . — Map (db m75499) HM WM
Connecticut (New Haven County), Fair Haven — The Connecticut Twenty-Ninth Colored Regiment, C. V. Infantry
[Center obelisk, west face:] Bronze relief depicting soldiers in battle beneath the regimental colors of the "29th Reg't Connecticut Volunteers - QUI TRANSTULIT SUSTINE." Battle Engagements New Market Road - October 13, 1864 . . . — Map (db m23085) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Adams-Morgan — 2 of 18 — Meridian Hill/Malcolm X ParkRoads to Diversity — Adams Morgan Heritage Trail
Long before Europeans arrived, Meridian Hill was a sacred place for Native Americans. As recently as 1992, a delegation of Native Americans walked across the continent to this park to mourn the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s arrival. They were . . . — Map (db m16910) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Adams-Morgan — 1 of 18 — Mrs. Henderson's LegacyRoads to Diversity — Adams Morgan Heritage Trail
As you look up the hill, you can see Peter C. L’Enfant’s 1791 plan for Washington ended up here in front of you at Boundary Avenue, now Florida Avenue. Back then, when people walked or rode in horse-drawn vehicles, it was hard to climb this steep . . . — Map (db m16893) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Anacostia — Fort StantonCivil War Defenses of Washington — 1861 – 1865
Earthworks of Fort Stanton are visible in the wooded area 200 yards in front of you. Diagram: Fort Stanton from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers drawing. Fort Stanton was named for Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, was the first fort . . . — Map (db m46623) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Anacostia — Frederick Douglass National Historic Site
Also known as Cedar Hill, this site encompasses the estate owned by Frederick Douglass from 1877 until his death in 1895. In honor of Douglass’ work as an author, orator, abolitionist, statesman, and civil rights leader, this site is designated a . . . — Map (db m40846) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Anacostia — St. Elizabeths Hospital
has been designated a National Historic Landmark This site possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America. — Map (db m58305) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Anacostia — The Big Chair
Re-dedication April 25, 2006. This community landmark represents the Curtis Companies long standing allegience to the neighborhood and steadfast committment to unity, prosperity and good will to all Washingtonians and friends of Anacostia. . . . — Map (db m5446) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Barney Circle — "The Healing Poles"9-11 Memorial — [Historic Congressional Cemetery]
Peace – War [Rendering of the Healing Totem Poles] Liberty - Freedom SOVEREIGNTY The cross piece at the top carries two eagles: Peace, a female, faces east; War, a male, faces west. The eagles are symbols of courage . . . — Map (db m39960) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Barney Circle — UH-IV IroquoisArmy National Guard — District of Columbia Armory
The venerable UH-I “HUEY” helicopter was a beloved work horse for the District of Columbia Army National Guard, safely and reliably supporting the Nation’s Capital for over 40 years. With 2-4 crew members, HUEYs carried up to 6 . . . — Map (db m73785) HM WM
District of Columbia (Washington), Barry Farm — Campbell African Methodist Episcopal Church2562 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, SE — African American Heritage Trail, Washington, DC
Campbell AME, established in 1867 as Mount Zion AME, was an outgrowth of its overcrowded parent church, Allen Chapel AME, founded in 1850. When it moved to a location near the present one in 1890, Mount Zion was renamed for AME Bishop Jabez B. . . . — Map (db m33749) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Brightwood — Army Medical Museum
Army Medical Museum has been designated a registered National Historic Landmark under the provision of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935. This site possesses exceptional value in commemorating and illustrating the history of the United . . . — Map (db m17095) WM
District of Columbia (Washington), Brightwood — 17 — Aunt Betty's StoryBattleground to Community — Brightwood Heritage Trail
Elizabeth Proctor Thomas (1821-1917), a free Black woman whose image appears on each Brightwood Heritage Trail sign, once owned 11 acres in this area. Known, respectfully in her old age as "Aunt Betty," Thomas and her husband James farmed and kept . . . — Map (db m72830) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Brightwood — Fort Stevens
Civil War Defenses of Washington 1861-1865 The partial reconstruction of Fort Stevens that you see today was done by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1937. No visible evidence of the original fort remains. Battle of Fort Stevens July 11-12, . . . — Map (db m3028) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Brightwood — 15 — The Rock on Brightwood AvenueBattleground to Community — Brightwood Heritage Trail
Across Quackenbos Street is Emory United Methodist Church. Named to honor Bishop John Emory of Maryland (1789-1835), the congregation dates from 1832. From the beginning, Emory welcomed all races but, like most Washington churches then, seated . . . — Map (db m72827) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Brightwood — Walter Reed Memorial
[Front]Walter Reed 1851 - 1902 Bacteriologist - Research Scientist In Honor of his great work in the fight for the eradication of yellow Fever. [Back:] [Insignia of the Army Medical Corps] In recognition of the high public . . . — Map (db m68990) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Capitol Hill — “The President’s Trees”
Dedicated by Maryland State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, April 21, 1934. Growing on land that was once a part of Maryland and was in 1790 her gift to the United States of America for the national capitol, the 31 trees in this group . . . — Map (db m4893) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Capitol Hill — Christopher Columbus
To the memory of Christopher Columbus whose high faith and indominable courage gave to mankind a new world. Born MCDXXXVI - Died MDIV — Map (db m8603) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Capitol Hill — United States Capitol Grounds
[Diagram of Capitol Square - East and West Plazas] General Plan for the Improvement of the U.S. Capitol Grounds by Frederick Law Olmstead, 1874 Following the extension of the Capitol in the 1850s-1860s, the grounds were . . . — Map (db m27891) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Columbia Heights — 15 of 19 — College HillCultural Convergence — Columbia Heights Heritage Trail
Wayland Seminary opened in Foggy Bottom just after the Civil War to train formerly enslaved people and others as “preachers and teachers for the South” and as missionaries to evangelize Africa. In 1875 it moved here, later merging with . . . — Map (db m23947) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Deanwood — 12 of 15 — Designed to CompeteA Self-Reliant People — Greater Deanwood Heritage Trail
This quaint frame building has served several church congregations since its construction in 1908. The First Zion Baptist Church stayed for more than 60 years. Since 1993 members of Joshua's Temple First Born Church have worshiped within its walls. . . . — Map (db m21681) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln died in this house April 15, 1865 at 7:22 a.m. Purchased by the United States in 1896. — Map (db m28502) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — 16 — Cesar Chavez1927 - 1993
Led by his desire to secure a better quality of life for migrant farm workers, Cesar Chavez helped found the United Farm Workers of America, the first effective farm workers' union in the United States. Under his leadership of nonviolent protest, . . . — Map (db m15471) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — Cristoforo Colombo[Holy Rosary Church]
This monument, erected on the occasion of the 1992 Quincentennial Jubilee celebrating the discovery of America, pays tribute to Cristoforo Colombo and his seafaring companions. Their bold voyage led to a historic encounter between the European . . . — Map (db m80469) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — Decatur House
(Upper Plaque): Decatur House Has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark Under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 This site possesses exceptional value in commemorating and illustrating the . . . — Map (db m31101) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — W.4 — New York Avenue Presbyterian Church at Herald SquareCivil War to Civil Rights — Downtown Heritage Trail
“The churches are needed as never before for divine services,” President Abraham Lincoln So said President Lincoln from his pew in New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. While other churches were occupied by the federal government . . . — Map (db m32926) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — Original Adas Israel Synagogue
Dedicated 1876 - Restored 1975 Listed on the United States Register of Historic Places and an officially designated Landmark of the District of Columbia Maintained by the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington as the . . . — Map (db m29797) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — Restoration of Jackson Place and Lafayette SquareWhite House Conference Center
[Sketch of townhouses along Jackson Place, NW - the western border of Lafayette Square - behind which the White House Conference Center was constructed in the 1960s & 70s.] Dedicated to those whose spirit and vision helped to preserve . . . — Map (db m32421) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Downtown — 15 of 16 — Temple for Our History[National Archives Building] Make No Little Plans — Federal Triangle Heritage Trail
You’re standing at the National Archives Building, the first permanent repository for the original records of the federal government. They include the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, displayed inside with . . . — Map (db m56901) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Dupont Circle — Dewi Saraswati(Saraswati Goddess)
Goddess Saraswati is portrayed standing straight, facing forward, looking to the right direction, depicting positive thinking based on the values of truth. Universally, Saraswati is known as the goddess of knowledge and art. Embodied as a . . . — Map (db m71863) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Dupont Circle — General Federation of Women’s Clubs
The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is an international women’s organization dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of other through volunteer service. Founded in 1890, it is one of the world’s largest and oldest nonpartisan, . . . — Map (db m32128) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Dupont Circle — Independence of Kazakhstan
The Monument of Independence of Kazakhstan This monument, depicting a young warrior soaring on a winged snow leopard, symbolizes many centuries of the nation’s history and a modern Kazakhstan striving for its future. . . . — Map (db m39921) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Dupont Circle — Mahatma Gandhi Memorial
[Inscription on base of statue - West Side:] महात्मा गांधी Mahatma Gandhi 1869-1948 “My Life Is My Message” [North Side:] . . . — Map (db m39923) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Federal Triangle — Nathan Hale"I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country."
Captain, Army of the United States Born at Coventry, Connecticut, June 6, 1755 In the performance of his duty, he resigned his life, a sacrifice to his country's liberty at New York, September 22, 1776 — Map (db m27241) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Albert Einstein - The Einstein Memorial
[Panel 1:] Albert Einstein, March 14, 1879 - April 18, 1955. "As long as I have any choice in the matter, I shall live only in a country where civil liberty, tolerance, and equality of all citizens before the law prevail," Albert . . . — Map (db m68433) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Announcement of the Atomic Age[Niels Bohr]
On this campus, January 26, 1939, Nobel Laureate Niels Bohr reported the splitting of the uranium nucleus with the release of two hundred million electron volts of energy, thus heralding the beginning of the atomic age. This announcement took place . . . — Map (db m47330) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — GW's River Horse — [Lisner Auditorium]
Legend has it that the Potomac was once home to these wondrous beasts. George and Martha Washington are even said to have watched them cavort in the river shallows from the porch of their beloved Mount Vernon on summer evenings. Credited . . . — Map (db m46980) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — National Academy of Sciences
Marker Panel 1: on the lawn, off the sidewalk, north side of Constitution Avenue, NW: National Academy of Sciences Incorporated 1863 National Academy of Engineering Institute of Medicine National Research Council. . . . — Map (db m65095) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — Pembroke College, Oxford, Coat of Arms
This Pembroke College, Oxford, Coat of Arms is a gift to The George Washington University from the Fellows of the College Pembroke College, Oxford, was founded in 1624 by James I and two “rich citizens of Abingdon.” The . . . — Map (db m53488) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Foggy Bottom — The American Meridian
To your left is the hemisphere of the Atlantic, the hemisphere of Europe and Africa, of Roman numerals and Indian script, of the Silk Road and the rising sun. To your right is the hemisphere of the Pacific and the American West, the hemisphere . . . — Map (db m46880) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Fort Dupont — Fort DuPontCivil War Defenses of Washington — 1861 - 1865
Panel 1: Civil War Defenses of Washington Fort DuPont This small work was one of the defenses begun in the fall of 1861 on the ridge east of the Anacostia River. It was named after Admiral Samuel DuPont, a commander of the South Atlantic . . . — Map (db m46425) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Fort Dupont — Woodlawn Cemetery4611 Benning Road, SE — African American Heritage Trail
Woodlawn Cemetery, established in 1895, serves the final resting place for Sen. Blanche K. Bruce, Mary P. Burrill, Will Marion Cook, John W. Cromwell, John R. Francis, Rep. John Mercer Langston, Jesse Lawson, Mary Meriwether, and Daniel Murray, . . . — Map (db m42050) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Gallaudet — "Ole Jim"Peikoff Alumni House — Gallaudet University
Panel 1 “Ole Jim” Fondly known by Gallaudet alumni as “Ole Jim,” this building was the first Gallaudet College gymnasium. Designed by Frederick Withers and built in 1881, it was the nation’s second gymnasium . . . — Map (db m40440) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Georgetown — John Fitzgerald KennedyChurch of the Holy Trinity
[Rendering of the Seal of the President of the United States] In Memoriam Within the hallowed walls of the historic Church of the Holy Trinity in Georgetown, D.C. worshiped the late President of the United States, John Fitzgerald . . . — Map (db m22076) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling (JBAB) — Republic F-105D Thunderchief
This aircraft, of a type used extensively in Southeast Asia air operations, is dedicated to all the courageous airmen who gave their lives in honor during that conflict. — Map (db m63898) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Judiciary Square — e.6 — A Courthouse RebornCivil War to Civil Rights — Downtown Heritage Trail
(Front): The old City Hall/Courthouse endured hard use, was abandoned, and then was transformed. In 2009 it re-opened as the DC Court of Appeals, redesigned by Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners, which modernized the interior while . . . — Map (db m58612) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Kalorama Triangle — McClellan Memorial
. . . — Map (db m30048) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Navy Yard — "4-in. 40 caliber rifles"
These two guns, originally known as breech-loading rifles, are trained in a southerly direction, to either side of the flagpole. Gun on East side, registry no. 21, manufactured in 1896 here at the Navy Yard mounted on USS PURITAN (Monitor #1, . . . — Map (db m52098) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Navy Yard — Naval Historical Foundation
Chartered in the District of Columbia in 1926, the primary objectives of the Naval Historical Foundation are to collect and preserve private documents, papers and artifacts of naval historical significance and to make them readily available for . . . — Map (db m52251) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Old Soldiers Home — U. S. Soldiers' Home
. . . — Map (db m52839) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Penn Quarter — Andrew W. MellonMemorial Fountain
Andrew W. Mellon 1855 – 1937 Financier, Industrialist, Statesman Secretary of the Treasury 1921-1932 Ambassador to Great Britain 1932-1933 Founder of the National Gallery of Art 1937 This fountain is a tribute from his . . . — Map (db m71866) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Pleasant Plains — Centennial Year, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
Commemorating the Centennial Year Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Rankin Chapel, site of the Founder's Window erected in honor of the Sixteen Pillars of AKA, January 14, 1978. Dr. Barbara A. McKinzie, Centennial International . . . — Map (db m15659) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Shaw — 9 of 14 — A Magic PlaceCity within a City — Greater U Street Heritage Trail
Louis Armstrong and Sarah Vaughn were two of the nationally famous entertainers who played in the brick building on this corner, once home to the popular Club Bali, also called the New Bali. In the memory of one former customer, it was a magic . . . — Map (db m42196) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Shaw — 4 of 19 — Armed Resistance"Lift Every Voice" — Georgia Ave./Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail
Shortly before midnight on July 22, 1919, James Scott, a black army veteran, boarded a streetcar at the corner and nearly lost his life. A few days before, a white mob, including many veterans of World War I, had terrorized Southwest DC, . . . — Map (db m51680) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Shaw — Frelinghuysen University/Jesse Lawson and Rosetta C. Lawson1800 Vermont Avenue, NW — African American Heritage Trail, Washington, DC
Frelinghuysen University was founded in 1917 to provide education, religious training, and social services for Black working-class adults. Founders include Jesse Lawson, a Howard University-educated lawyer; his wife Rosetta C. Lawson, an advocate . . . — Map (db m48407) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Shaw — 3 of 19 — Howard TheatreLift Every Voice Georgia Avenue — Georgia Ave./Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail
The legendary Howard opened in 1910 as the nation’s first major theater built for African Americans. Audiences came for plays, variety shows, concerts, and movies. In the 1930s, under manager Shep Allen, the Howard became part of the . . . — Map (db m97975) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Shaw — Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
...has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior September 17, 2003 Cornerstone - November 13, 1870 Construction - 1870-1874 Dedication - February 14, 1875 Completion - 1908 . . . — Map (db m21773) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Shaw — Mary Ann Shadd Cary House
[Panel 1:] Mary Ann Shadd Cary House Has been designated a National Historic Landmark This site possesses national significance In commemorating the history of the United States of America. An African American . . . — Map (db m61813) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Shaw — 9 of 17 — The Fires of 1968Midcity at the Crossroads — Shaw Heritage Trail
The assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Thursday, April 4, 1968, changed this neighborhood forever. When word of Dr. King’s murder spread that evening, Washingtonians gathered along busy 14th and U streets, NW; H Street, . . . — Map (db m21658) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Sheridan-Kalorama — Robert Emmet
[front (south) face of statue base: Robert Emmet Irish Patriot 1778-1803 [Coat of arms of "The United Irishmen"] [plaque on north face of the statue base:] "I wished to procure for my country the guarantee which . . . — Map (db m30850) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Southwest — 13 of 17 — Military Education at Fort McNairRiver Farms to Urban Towers — Southwest Heritage Trail
Fort Leslie J. McNair, to your right, honors the commander, Army Ground Forces during World War II who died in battle. It is the U.S. Army’s third oldest installation (after West Point and Carlisle Barracks). The fort dates back to 1791. . . . — Map (db m20389) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — Colossal Head 4 (replica)Olmec Culture — San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan, Vera Cruz, 1200-900 B.C.E.
This portrait of an Olmec ruler is among 17 colossal heads known from one of the world’s great ancient civilizations. Without wheels or iron tools, the Olmec created spectacular monumental sculptures and ceremonial centers on Mexico’s Gulf Coast. . . . — Map (db m39628) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — District of Columbia War Memorial
”This temple will recall for all time their services and sacrifices.” President Herbert Hoover, November 11, 1931 The Great War of 1914 to 1918 transformed the world. The war introduced lethal new . . . — Map (db m75903) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — District of Columbia World War Memorial
[Panel 1: northeast corner wayside.] “This monument stands for men who fought not alone for their country, but to establish the principles of justice and peace. We pay tribute here to their valor. We honor them for their . . . — Map (db m76573) HM WM
District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — First Division War Memorial
[Inscriptions on the original memorial (1924)] First Division, United States Army, American Expeditionary Forces, June 1917 - September 1919. Erected by the memorial association of the First Division and patriotic friends to . . . — Map (db m17629) WM
District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — Jefferson Pier — [Washington Monument]
Position of Jefferson Pier, erected Dec. 18, 1804 Recovered and re-erected Dec. 2, 1889 . . . District of Columbia — Map (db m38804) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — John Paul Jones Memorial
[North Face inscriptions - above and beneath Captain Jones' statue:] John Paul Jones 1747-1792 First to compel foreign man-of-war to strike colors to the Stars and Stripes. [South Face inscriptions - above and beneath a bas relief . . . — Map (db m19534) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — Spencer Fullerton Baird — 1823 - 1887
Second Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution Pioneer in American Natural History [on reverse of statue:] ("Opus, Baskin, 1976") — Map (db m46418) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — Steven Thomas Stefani IVForest Service Range Conservationist — United States Department of Agriculture
United States Department of Agriculture An American chestnut (Castanea dentate) tree has been planted in honor of Forest Service Range Conservationist, Steven Thomas Stefani IV (1978-2007) who died serving his country, . . . — Map (db m47730) WM
District of Columbia (Washington), The National Mall — Why is the Washington Monument Temporarily Closed?
On August 23, 2011, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake centered in Virginia sent tremors throughout eastern North America. This seismic activity affected a number of Washington, D.C. Landmarks, including the Washington Monument. National Park Service . . . — Map (db m53727) HM
Georgia (Fulton County), Atlanta — Ebenezer Baptist Church
"Our Stone of Help." "Then Samuel took a stone and named it Ebenezer for he said, 'Thus far the Lord has helped us.'" (I Samuel 7:12.) The Rev. John A. Parker, Pastor 1886-1894. The Rev. Dr. Alfred Daniel Williams, Pastor . . . — Map (db m5481) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Captain Cook — In Memory of Captain James Cook, R.N.
Marker panel on obelisk (1874): In Memory of the great circumnavigator Captain James Cook, R.N. who discovered these islands on the 18th of January, 1770 and fell near this spot on the 14th of February, 1779. . . . — Map (db m72497) HM
Kansas (Linn County), Trading Post — 46 — Marais des Cygnes Massacre
Nothing in the struggle over slavery in Kansas did more to inflame the nation than the mass killing which took place May 19, 1858, about four miles northeast of this marker. Charles Hamelton who had been driven from the territory by Free-State men, . . . — Map (db m4359) HM
Louisiana (Orleans Parish), New Orleans — Molly MarineNovember 10, 1943 — "Free a Marine to Fight"
Rededicated July 1, 1966 in honor of Women Marines who serve their country in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Marine Corps. [Sculptor: Enrique Alferez] — Map (db m21557) HM
Louisiana (Orleans Parish), New Orleans — The CabildoNational Historic Landmark — Louisiana State Museum
[Panel 1:] Erected 1795-1799, Don Gilberto Guillemard, architect. Constructed financed and directed by Don Andres Almonester y Roxas. The mansard roof was added in 1847. The illustrious Cabildo (Spanish colonial city council) held its . . . — Map (db m21508) HM
Louisiana (Orleans Parish), New Orleans — The Washington Artillery Park — American Revolution Bicentennial: 1776-1976
[Panel 1]: On and near this site since 1718 has centered the military activities of both regular and citizen soldiers of France, Spain, the Confederacy and the United States. On either side were the redoubts forming the “Great . . . — Map (db m24684) HM
Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Franklin Street WharfPortland Freedom Trail
Landing spot for many passengers on the Underground Railroad and embarkation point for their transit to Canada and England. Anti-slavery sympathizers were well-organized to greet stowaways from Southern cargo vessels, find them safe housing in . . . — Map (db m20614) HM
Maine (Cumberland County), Portland — Rear Admiral James Alden
Panel 1: [rendering of Rear Admiral James Alden] Born in Portland March 31, 1810 Died in San Francisco Feb 6, 1877 Panel 2: [rendering of a mariner's sextant] Intrepid Explorer Skilful Hydrographer Cartographer of the . . . — Map (db m72995) HM WM
Maine (York County), Portsmouth Naval Shipyard — David Glasgow Farragut
Died in This House August 14, 1870 David Glasgow Farragut Admiral in the United States Navy Faithful and Fearless — Map (db m22180) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — Pearl Harbor Survivors AssociationIn Memoriam
[Front]: To those members of the Armed Forces of the United States who served at Pearl Harbor and other military installations on the island of Oahu during the Japanese attack on Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, to perpetuate the memory . . . — Map (db m7819) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Fort Meade — 29th Infantry Division, United States ArmyWorld War II
[Front:] [Insignia and motto of the 29th ID]: "29 Let's Go!" Mobilized at Fort George G. Meade, February 1941; comprised of Army National Guard units from Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, and Pennsylvania. Trained vigorously . . . — Map (db m17112) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Camp CarrollFrom Plantation to Federal Camp
This land was part of a 2,568-acre tract named Georgia Plantation, that Charles Carroll purchased in 1732. By 1760, his son Charles Carroll, a lawyer, had constructed a Georgian summer home, Mount Clare. the Carroll family lived here until 1852. . . . — Map (db m2537) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Carroll Park
Baltimore’s Park Commission purchased portions of the Mount Clare estate between 1890 and 1907 to provide a large landscaped park for the city’s southwestern neighborhoods. The Olmsted Brothers firm helped the city develop plans to protect the . . . — Map (db m41430) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Memorial to Marylanders Killed in War with Mexico"Watson Monument"
1846-7-8 Erected by the Maryland Association of Veterans of Mexican War 1903 [tablet 2] Association of the Veterans of the Mexican War 1846-7-8 Surviving members 1903 Of the Army. John A. Reese, Samuel C. Love, John A. Love, John . . . — Map (db m81626) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Union Soldiers and Sailors Monument
[East face, center:] Erected by the State of Maryland to commemorate the patriotism and heroic courage of her sons who on land and sea fought for the preservation of the Federal Union in the Civil War, 1861 - 1865. SCVTO . . . — Map (db m18296) HM
Maryland (Baltimore County), Dundalk — Commodore Joshua Barney1759–1818
Born in Baltimore, Barney at an early age moved with his family to a nearby farm on Bear Creek in the Patapsco Neck section of the County. When only 12 he went to sea. In the War for Independence he was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant on the . . . — Map (db m2120) HM
Maryland (Harford County), Havre de Grace — Havre de Grace War MemorialMillard E. Tydings Memorial Park
1917 * This Memorial * 1918 erected by the citizens of Havre-de-Grace as an expression of gratitude to those of this community who served their country in the Great World War. *Honor Roll* Lieut. Col. M. E. Tydings * Capt. Ira . . . — Map (db m39557) HM
Maryland (Kent County), Chestertown — In Memory of More Than 400 Prominent United States Colored Troops from Kent County
In Memory of more than 400 prominent United States Colored Troops from Kent County, Maryland who bravely displayed extraordinary acts of heroism as they faithfully served their country with courage & honor in an attempt to gain freedom & equality in . . . — Map (db m5414) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Bethesda — Fort Sumner
Forts Alexander, Ripley and Franklin, built to protect the Washington water system in 1861, were connected by earthworks in 1863 and renamed Ft. Sumner to honor Maj. Gen. Edwin V. Sumner, A hero of Antietam. The fort’s 28 cannon providea a . . . — Map (db m3448) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Dickerson — 1862 Antietam CampaignLee Invades Maryland
Fresh from victory at the Second Battle of Manassas, Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia crossed the Potomac River on September 4-6, 1862, to bring the Civil War to Northern soil and to recruit sympathetic Marylanders. Union Gen. . . . — Map (db m76266) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Rockville — 16 — Father Divine BirthplaceMiddle Lane — Rockville's African American Heritage Walking Tour
Father Divine was an influential and charismatic religious leader and founder of the International Peace Mission Movement. Father Divine was born in 1879 on Middle Lane as George Baker, Jr. and attended the Rockville and Jerusalem M.E. Church. . . . — Map (db m43491) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — "From Stagecoach to Streetcar to Subway: A College Town Emerges"City of College Park — Anacostia Trails Heritage Area
College Park was incorporated by referendum in 1945. However, the city’s origin goes back much further. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, College Park began to emerge from farmland both as a transportation hub and as a center for . . . — Map (db m71860) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — “On the Shoulders of Giants”
This memorial garden was commissioned the 14th of April, 1998 and is dedicated to our African American ancestors who have constructed, educated, served and contributed to the University of Maryland. African Americans – both enslaved and . . . — Map (db m55043) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — Blair Lee III(1916-1985)
Acting Governor, State of Maryland, 1977-1979 Member of the University of Maryland Board of Regents, 1980-1985 A public servant of unrivaled integrity, dedication, and sound judgment, Blair Lee III served the people of the State of Maryland . . . — Map (db m48145) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — Engineering 100Maryland Engineers - Designing Tomorrow Today: 1894-1994 — University of Maryland at College Park
[south face:] Engineering 100 Maryland Engineers - Designing Tomorrow Today: 1894-1994 University of Maryland at College Park [east face:] Important Milestones 1894 – 1944 1894 - Mechanical Engineering . . . — Map (db m44928) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — Juan Ramón Jiménez — (1881-1958)
Spanish Poet, 1956 Nobel Laureate Member of the former Department of Foreign Languages of the University of Maryland (1943-1951) “This is my liberty: smelling the rose, Cutting the cold water with my crazy hand, . . . — Map (db m61308) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), College Park — R. Lee Hornbake Library — Hornbake Plaza
Panel 1: R. Lee Hornbake Library Professor of Industrial Education 1947-1979 Dean of the Faculty 1957-1960 Vice President for Academic Affairs 1960–1979 Our American tradition of freedom and justice, of respect for . . . — Map (db m72027) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Colmar Manor — Abraham Lincoln
This statue of the Great Emancipator portrays in his last days the thin, tired, war-worn president in thoughtful and deep meditation and is considered one of the finest bronze statues ever made of President Lincoln. It was created by one of . . . — Map (db m17479) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Fort Washington — Fort FooteProtecting the Nation’s Capital
High on a bluff, a hundred feet above the Potomac River, twelve heavy guns commanded the approach to the city. Smaller cannon were placed to protect Fort Foote from landward attack. Numerous buildings were constructed to house and support the large . . . — Map (db m41414) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Greenbelt — Water[Greenbelt Park]
Greenbelt Park’s streams and wetlands vividly demonstrate that what goes on outside the boundary of a park can have a profound effect on the park itself. Streambeds within the park are deeply scoured and eroded. The water that courses through them . . . — Map (db m41257) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Landover — Highland Park High School
Built in 1928, Highland Park was the second high school for African Americans in Prince George's County, Maryland. It was one of 23 "Rosenwald Schools" constructed in Prince George’s County with financial assistance from the Julius Rosenwald Fund, . . . — Map (db m40025) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Oxon Hill — Dr. John H. Bayne of Salubria “Prince of Horticulture”
A Need For Change After acquiring the Salubria land and building his manor house here in 1830, Dr. John H. Bayne quickly realized that devoting the entire property to the cultivation of tobacco was not going to produce the income he needed. . . . — Map (db m75404) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Oxon Hill — Dr. John H. Bayne: A Leader In His Community
In addition to his very successful horticulture activities, Dr. Bayne provided leadership in other areas. A Politician Who Evolved In 1841, Dr. Bayne entered Maryland politics and was elected to the House of Delegates as a member of . . . — Map (db m75411) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Oxon Hill — John Hanson
. . . — Map (db m46044) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Oxon Hill — Salubria Changed the Future of the Potomac Valley
The nature of agriculture along the Potomac changed thanks to the techniques Dr. John H. Bayne used to produce fresh fruit and vegetables for the nation’s capital. Bayne ceased fighting for Maryland slaveholders to be compensated for emancipation, . . . — Map (db m75448) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Oxon Hill — War Comes to Mount Welby[Oxon Hill Farm]
“I should not be surprised if Government persists in their determination to quarrel with England that we should experience all the horrors of civil discord.” Letter of Mary Welby De Butts to her brother, Richard Earl . . . — Map (db m49145) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Oxon Hill — Wheat and TobaccoOxon Hill Farm - Oxon Cove Park
In spring and summer, wheat and tobacco grow in this garden. These two plants alone tell an important part of the history of this farm. Tobacco was the most valuable crop in the American colonies in the 1600s and 1700s. Planters such as John . . . — Map (db m48947) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Piscataway — Piscataway
Named for the local indian tribe established in 1707 as a port for Maryland's colonial assembly and designated a tobacco inspection station in 1747. With siltation of Piscataway Creek in the 19th century, the tobacco inspection point was transferred . . . — Map (db m57726) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Upper Marlboro — Marlborough(County seat of Prince George's County since 1721)
George Washington "lodged" here August 31, 1774, going to First Continental Congress. On May 4, 1775, on his way to Second Continental Congress where, on Jun 15, 1775, he was elected "General and Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the United . . . — Map (db m34330) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Upper Marlboro — The Right Will Prevail — Prince George’s County World War I Monument
This monument perpetuates the memory of the sons and daughters of Prince George’s County who, true to the traditions of their county and the teachings of their forefathers, served their country in the Great War of 1917-1918. To the spirit of that . . . — Map (db m32622) HM
Maryland (Wicomico County), Salisbury — Green Hill Town and Port
Authorized by act of Assembly 1706 (one of 6 ports) "where vessels shall unlade Negroes wares merchandizes and commodities" 100 acres to be laid out in lots with open spaces left for church, market place, and public buildings. Present church built . . . — Map (db m19236) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — Commodore John Barry“Father of the American Navy”
Born in Wexford Ireland 1745 Died in Philadelphia 1803 Received first commission from the Continental Congress to command the Lexington 1775 Sailed from Boston on the Raleigh 1778 Acclaimed in Boston in 1780 for victories on the Alliance Appointed . . . — Map (db m41561) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Charlestown (Boston) — A New View of an Old ShipUSS Cassin Young (DD-793) — Charlestown Naval Yard, Boston National Historical Park
Since 1981, millions of visitors have walked the decks of USS CASSIN YOUNG, experiencing her history and heroics. Now they have the opportunity to see a new side of this “greyhound of the sea” - what lies below the waterline. . . . — Map (db m71480) WM
Mississippi (Adams County), Natchez — Forks of the Road
Site of the South's second largest slave market in the 19th century. Enslaved people were also once sold on city streets and at the landing at Natchez Under the Hill. Natchez slaves were freed in July, 1863, when Union troops occupied the city. The . . . — Map (db m37433) HM
Mississippi (Claiborne County), Port Gibson — Rabbit Foot Minstrels — Mississippi Blues Trail
[front:] Rabbit Foot Minstrels. During the first half of the 20th century, the African American Rabbit Foot Minstrels entertainers played a major role in spreading the blues via tours across the South. Founded in 1900, the . . . — Map (db m35545) HM
Mississippi (Lee County), Tupelo — Battle of TupeloThe Western Campaign, 1864
In the summer of 1864, General Forrest's hard hitting troops in Northern Mississippi threatened the supplies of General Sherman's campaign against Atlanta. Therefore, General A. J. Smith marched 14,000 Union troops against Forrest. He reached Tupelo . . . — Map (db m6784) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg — U.S. Battery Benton.Acting Master J. Frank Reed.
U.S. Battery Benton. Acting Master J. Frank Reed.A detachment of Battery E, 1st Missouri Light Artillery under Lieut. Joseph B. Atwater and a detail of enlisted men of the 34th Iowa Infantry, all under Acting Master J. Frank Reed of the gunboat . . . — Map (db m39567) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg — U.S.S. CairoEngine and Boilers, 1862 — National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark
The Cairo is the sole survivor of the fleet of river gunboats built by the Union during the Civil War with the object of controlling the lower Mississippi River. Designed by Samuel Pook and built by James B. Eads, the 175-foot ironclad . . . — Map (db m35953) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg — Vicksburg Siege
Beginning on May 16, 1863, Gen. U.S. Grant held city under siege, cutting off all supplies & driving citizens to caves to escape shells. C.S.A. Gen. John C. Pemberton finally surrendered July 4. — Map (db m39572) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Miltary Park — 1st and 3rd Mississippi Infantry Regiments (USA)Mississippi African American Monument
Commemorating the service of the 1st and 3rd Mississippi Infantry Regiments, African Descent and all Mississippians of African descent who participated in the Vicksburg Campaign. — Map (db m42187) HM
Nebraska (Dawes County), Fort Robinson State Park — 392 — Buffalo Soldiers at Fort Robinson
Black soldiers of the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry regiments (called "buffalo soldiers" by the Plains Indians) garrisoned Fort Robinson for eighteen years and played an important role in northwestern Nebraska's history. Organized in 1866, the regiments . . . — Map (db m4134) HM
New Jersey (Atlantic County), Atlantic City — John Herbert Brooks — 1936 - 2005
An Atlantic City native, Brooks spent his early years in a life and death struggle with drug addiction. After conquering his own addiction, he worked to deter others from substance abuse. In 1969, Brooks co-founded NARCO, Inc., and, with . . . — Map (db m37308) HM
New York (Erie County), Buffalo — USS The Sullivans (DD-537) — Buffalo, Erie County Military & Naval Park
. . . — Map (db m77034) HM WM
New York (New York County), Manhattan — Papal Visits to New York CityPope Paul VI * Pope John Paul II * Pope Benedict XVI — Saint Patrick's Cathedral
Panel 1: His Holiness, Pope Paul VI on his arrival for the first Papal visit to America came to this Cathedral to adore the Blessed Sacrament 4 October 1965 Panel 2: His Holiness Pope John Paul II making the . . . — Map (db m59461) HM
New York (New York County), New York — Grand Central Terminal“Landmark of New York”
Completed in 1913 from plans of Warren & Wetmore and Reed & Stem on site of earlier depot built by Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt in 1871. Statuary group over main entrance executed by Jules Coutan. — Map (db m57244) HM
New York (New York County), New York — New York Korean War Veterans MemorialBattery Park
This monument in Battery Park north of Castle Clinton, honors military personnel who served in the Korean Conflict (1950-1953). The memorial, dedicated in 1991, was designed by Welsh-born artist Mac Adams (b. 1943) and is notable as one of the first . . . — Map (db m33600) WM
New York (New York County), New York — Salvation Army
To the Glory of God. ------------------------ Under the direction of General William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, Commissioner George S. Railton and seven women officers unfurled the flag of the Salvation Army . . . — Map (db m29388) HM
New York (New York County), New York City — "The Kneeling Fireman"
In commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of 9/11/01, the Milstein Family and Emigrant Bank have dedicated this site to display “The Kneeling Fireman” statue which harkens back to the events of that fateful day. The statue was . . . — Map (db m60530) HM
New York (New York County), New York City — Woolworth Building233 Broadway, Cass Gilbert, Architect, 1910-1913 — Exploring Downtown
One of America's earliest and greatest romantic skyscrapers, rising 60 stories above City Hall Park, the Woolworth Building held the coveted title of world's tallest building until losing it to the Chrysler Building in 1929. The Gothic inspired, . . . — Map (db m13419) HM
North Carolina (Buncombe County), Asheville — Thomas Wolfe House / DixielandOld Kentucky Home
Dixieland Asheville native Thomas Wolfe achieved international fame with the publication of his first full-length novel, Look Homeward, Angel, in 1929. Many of the incidents in the book took place in his mother's boardinghouse, "Old . . . — Map (db m12757) HM
North Carolina (Hyde County), Ocracoke — B-55 — Ocracoke Lighthouse
Oldest N. C. lighthouse still in service. Erected 1823 to serve Ocracoke Inlet trade. 75 ft. tall. Located 4/10 mile S. W. — Map (db m29956) HM
Ohio (Cuyahoga County), Cleveland — 77-18 — Rear Admiral Isaac C. Kidd
Isaac Campbell Kidd, Sr. was born in Cleveland in 1884. He entered the United States Naval Academy in 1902 and dedicated his life to the Navy. While an ensign, he sailed around the world with the "Great White Fleet" from 1907 to 1909. During the . . . — Map (db m17956) HM
Pennsylvania (Bedford County), Schellsburg — Forbes Camp
Near here was located Shawnee Cabins camp. Used by Gen. Forbes army in the campaign of 1758 against the French at Fort Duquesne in present Pittsburgh. — Map (db m8288) HM
Pennsylvania (Erie County), Erie — Captain Daniel Dobbins(1776 - 1856)
Erie merchant mariner, naval officer, born in Mifflin County. Captured by the British during the War of 1812, Dobbins escaped, went to Washington to report the fall of Forts Mackinac and Detroit. Appointed a sailing master in the US Navy, he . . . — Map (db m21040) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — St. Thomas' African Episcopal Church
Organized in 1792 as an outgrowth of the Free African Society, formed 1787. The original church edifice stood here. Under the ministry of the Rev. Absalom Jones (1746-1818), a former slave, this became the nation's first Black Episcopal church. — Map (db m9105) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — Morris Island
Confederate batteries hidden in the dunes of Morris Island, directly in front of you, commanded the approach to Charleston Harbor. Union forces needed Morris Island, a key location from which to attack Fort Sumter, less than one mile away. On July . . . — Map (db m84003) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Mount Pleasant — Snee FarmCharles Pinckney National Historic Site
Marker is off pathway, south of farmhouse:] The Pinckney family owned Snee Farm from 1754 to 1817. Charles Pinckney inherited the property from his father in 1782. Snee Farm was one of Charles Pinckney’s seven plantations. At 715 acres it . . . — Map (db m30804) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Boca Chica — 327 — Battle of Palmito Ranch
The last land engagement of the Civil War was fought near this site on May 12-13, 1865, thirty-four days after Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox. Col. Theodore H. Barrett commanded Federal troops on Brazos Island 12 miles to the east. The . . . — Map (db m35271) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 5289 — The Battle of Palo Alto
The Battle of Palo Alto was fought here May 8, 1846 and was won by the Army of the United States — Map (db m36215) HM
Texas (DeWitt County), Cuero — 3072 — Leonard Roy Harmon(1917-1942)
Born in Cuero, Leonard Roy Harmon enlisted in the U.S. Navy in Houston in June 1939. After training in Norfolk, Virginia, he reported for duty on the cruiser “U.S.S. San Francisco” and advanced to Mess Attendant First Class. During . . . — Map (db m34628) HM
Texas (Gillespie County), Fredericksburg — 10079 — Market Square (Marktplatz)
This Square, originally a two-block area which included what is now called the Courthouse Square, has been at the center of Fredericksburg since the city's founding in 1846. The area was still heavily forested when the town's Vereins Kirche . . . — Map (db m35862) HM
Texas (Gillespie County), Fredericksburg — 10089 — Nimitz Hotel — [National Museum of the Pacific War]
This property was purchased by Charles Henry Nimitz, Sr., in 1855. By 1860 the Nimitz Hotel was established, hosting frontier travelers and providing a home for the large Nimitz family. Expanded in the 1870s to feature a steamboat shaped facade, . . . — Map (db m42425) HM
Texas (Starr County), Rio Grande City — 4762 — Site of Cortina BattleDec. 27, 1859
[seal of:] Texas State Historical Survey Committee Site of Cortina Battle Dec 27, 1859 Crushing defeat for partisan leader Juan Cortina who in late 1859 laid waste the lower Rio Grande Valley. Cortina's band of 450 were surprised . . . — Map (db m36733) HM
Texas (Travis County), Austin — The LBJ Plaza
The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum was designed by Gordon Bunshaft of Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM) and opened in the spring of 1971. The design featured the monumental library building clad in Roman travertine and an expansive plaza . . . — Map (db m35834) HM
Texas (Val Verde County), Langtry — 12798 — Railroad Bridges Over the Pecos
A major tributary of the Rio Grande, the Pecos River was long a barrier to transportation, particularly across the deep gorge that once marked its joining with the Rio Grande. Construction of the first railroad bridge over the Pecos took place in . . . — Map (db m36445) HM
Virginia, Alexandria — Alexandria, VirginiaMarket Square — Alexandria Historic District
Wording on stone tablet to left: Alexandria, Virginia County seat of Fairfax 1742-1800 Organized 13th July, 1749 Incorporated by the Assembly of Virginia 1779 Ceded to the Federal Government 1789 First boundary . . . — Map (db m69923) HM WM
Virginia, Alexandria — E 124 — Alfred Street Baptist Church
Alfred Street Baptist Church is home to the oldest African American congregation in Alexandria, dating to the early 19th century. It has served as a prominent religious, educational, and cultural institution. In 1818, the congregation, then . . . — Map (db m14623) HM
Virginia, Alexandria — First Presbyterian Church of Alexandria"Old Presbyterian Meeting House"
Panel 1 - upper middle of east face: The First Presbyterian Church of Alexandria founded A.D. 1772 House of worship erected 1774. Destroyed by lightning July 20, 1835. Rebuilt on the same lot A.D. 1836. Panel 2 - . . . — Map (db m77843) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington — 20 — Battery Garesché
Historical Site Defenses of Washington 1861-1865 Battery Garesché Here stood Battery Garesché, constructed late in 1861 to control the higher ground dominating Fort Reynolds, 200 yards to the southeast. It had a perimeter of 166 yards and . . . — Map (db m5164) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — 92d Infantry Division
World War I France 1918 Meuse-Argonne * World War II Italy 1944-45 Rome-Arno North Apennines Po Valley *** "I do not ask that Thou shall front the fray, And drive the warring foemen from my sight; I only ask O Lord, by . . . — Map (db m11882) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — Battle of the Bulge MonumentTriumph of Courage — December 16, 1944 - January 25, 1945
To the World War II American soldiers who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, the greatest land battle in the history of the United States Army. An emblem of the Association of the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge is engraved on the . . . — Map (db m11211) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — Confederate Memorial
Panel 1: "Not for fame or reward, not for place or for rank; not lured by ambition or goaded by necessity; but in simple obedience to duty as they understood it; these men suffered all, sacrificed all, dared all, and died." Panel . . . — Map (db m11807) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — Merrill's Marauders
[Unit insignia]: "Ranger - Merrill's Marauders" In memory of the gallant men of the 5307th Composite Unit (Prov.) Northern Burma Campaign, 1944 "Sua Sponte" — Map (db m15173) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — Montford Point MarinesThe First Black Marines — 1942      -     1949
"The footprints of the Montford Point Marines were left on the beaches of Roi-Namur, Saipan, Guam, Peleliu, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa. The tides and winds have, long ago, washed them out into the seas of history; but, “The Chosen Few” in . . . — Map (db m11472) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — Rough Riders1st U.S. Vol. Cavalry (18)98 — Las Guasimas, San Juan, Santiago
In memory of the deceased members of the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, Spanish American War. North face 1st Sgt. Fred R. Meyers · 3.M. Sgt. George Walsh · Sergt. Hamilton Fish, Jr. · Sergt. Henry H. Haywood · Sergt. Marcus D. Russell · Corpl . . . — Map (db m11666) WM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — Sailors, Coast Guardsmen and Marines of African and Asian-Pacific DescentCooks, Stewards, and Messmen
In memory of all U.S. Sailors, Coast Guardsmen and Marines of African and Asian-Pacific Descent who honorably served officers as cooks, stewards and messmen on U.S. Navy ships and bases and who valiantly manned battle stations during World War II . . . — Map (db m70767) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — Swiss Internees
In memory of the gallant combat aircrewmen of the USAAF 8th, 9th, 12th, and 15th Air Forces who were left in Switzerland, 1943-1945 during WWII with "everlasting friends." [Insignia of:] Swiss Internees Association, Inc. U.S.A. Camp . . . — Map (db m24558) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — The Embassy BombingsNairobi - Dar Es Salaam
Dedicated to the memory of all those who lost their lives in the embassy bombings in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania - August 7, 1998. [Outline map of Kenya and Tanzania on continent of Africa.] — Map (db m15365) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — The Hiker1898 - 1902
Cuba, Philippine Islands, Porto-Rico [sic], USA [Seal of the Spanish War Veterans,] — Map (db m17911) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — The Vietnamese Airborne Division and Their Advisors
Dedicated to the memory of the paratroopers (Mu-Do) of the Vietnamese Airborne Division (Su-Doan Nhay Du) and their advisors (Co Van), the Red Hats and Red Markers of Advisory Team 162, Military Assistance Command, Vietnam . . . — Map (db m12047) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Fort Myer — 12th Pennsylvania Volunteer InfantrySpanish-American War
This tablet erected by the 12th Penna. Vol. Infantry in memory of the officer and men of the Regiment who died in service during the Spanish-American War at Fort Myer, Va.—Camp Alger, Va. and elsewhere. Dedicated May . . . — Map (db m70858) HM WM
Virginia (Arlington County), Fort Myer — Fort Myer Historic District
has been designated a Registered National Historical Landmark Under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 This site possesses exceptional value in commemorating or illustrating the history of the United States . . . — Map (db m70827) HM
Virginia (Fairfax County), Annandale — Gooding's Tavern
The Gooding Tavern served Little River Turnpike travelers and stagecoach passengers from 1807-1879 and was famous for “the best fried chicken” and “peaches and honey.” For the community, the tavern served as a social and . . . — Map (db m44097) HM
Virginia (Fairfax County), Merrifield — B 14 — Camp Russell A. Alger
Named for Secretary of War Russell A. Alger, the camp was established in May 1898 on a 1,400-acre farm called Woodburn Manor. Some 23,000 men trained here for service in the Spanish-American War. The large military population greatly affected the . . . — Map (db m4183) HM
Virginia (Fairfax County), Mount Vernon — E-68 — Mount Vernon Estate
George Washington acquired Mount Vernon in 1754. Over a period of 30 years, he transformed the simple farmhouse into a mansion embellished with rusticated wood siding, a cupola, and a portico overlooking the Potomac River. Every aspect of the . . . — Map (db m61098) HM
Virginia (Fairfax County), Mount Vernon — Mount Vernon's Slave Memorial — Faith. Hope. Love.
In Memory of the Afro Americans who served as slaves at Mount Vernon This monument marking their burial ground — Map (db m14170) HM
Virginia (Fairfax County), Oakton — Hunter Mill Road
Considered to be a main north/south route from Fairfax Court House. Hunter Mill Road served as a key passageway for Union and Confederate traffic during the Civil War. The road was used to travel to and from the great battles of First and Second . . . — Map (db m35373) HM
Virginia (Henrico County), Varina — V 26 — Battle of New Market Heights
On 28 September 1864, elements of Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Butler’s Army of the James crossed the James River to assault the Confederate Defenses of Richmond. At dawn on 29 September, 6 regiments of U.S. Colored Troops fought with exceptional valor . . . — Map (db m15692) HM
Virginia, Suffolk — U-128 — Nansemond County Training School
Two miles south stood the Nansemond County training School, he first high school in the county for African American students. It was constructed in 1924 with $5,000 contributed by African American families, $11,500 in public money, and $1,500 from . . . — Map (db m22945) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — KV-15 — First Landing
Near here the first permanent English settlers in North America first landed on American soil, April 26, 1607. From here they went on to make the settlement at Jamestown. The brick lighthouse was built in 1791. — Map (db m2670) HM

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