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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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Orange Belt Railway Station Marker (<i>wide view; marker visible between window and door</i>) image, Touch for more information
By Cosmos Mariner, December 11, 2013
Orange Belt Railway Station Marker (wide view; marker visible between window and door)
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — It Takes a Village
(front side) Mobile’s Hidden Figures initiative originated from the Mobile United Leadership Mobile’s Class of 2017 inaugural Diversity and Inclusion team. The objective is to raise awareness of diverse community members . . . — Map (db m117243) HM
California (Del Norte County), Crescent City — 951 — Battery Point Lighthouse
The Battery Point Lighthouse is one of the first lighthouses on the California Coast. Rugged mountains and unbridged rivers meant coastal travel was essential for the economic survival of this region. In 1855 Congress appropriated $15,000 for . . . — Map (db m101692) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — Barney Ford Building1863 — Lower Downtown Walking Tour
The significance of 1514 Blake St. lies in its connection to the remarkable life of black pioneer Barney Ford. Ford was born a slave on January 22, 1822 in Stafford, Virginia, but escaped to Chicago, where he worked with the underground railroad . . . — Map (db m118597) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — Boeing RB-52B StratofortressUSAF Serial Number 52-0005
The B-52 program had its roots in 1945, when the United States Army Air Forces sought to expand its capabilities with a long-range heavy bomber and jet powered flight. This resulted in the development of the Boeing YP-52 prototype that made its . . . — Map (db m119433) HM
Colorado (Denver County), Denver — Local Transit Through the AgesLook How Far We've Come — 1871-Present
"Visitors to Denver will certainly find a great improvement because they will… step aboard any one of the different lines right at the door of Union Station." The Denver Post, May 26, 1918 (opening day of the Denver Tramway . . . — Map (db m118591) HM
Colorado (Kiowa County), Eads — Unity Lodge No. 142, A.F. & A.M.Works Progress Administration
. . . — Map (db m118240) HM
Colorado (Lake County), Climax — ClimaxWhere Colorado History is Still Being Made
This place has seen plenty of changes since Charles Senter discovered a deposit of molybdenum on Bartlett Mountain in 1879. In the early days, Climax was a sleepy depot at the top of a railroad grade. But by World War I there was a . . . — Map (db m122841) HM
Colorado (Lake County), Climax — The Highest Compost Pile in the World
Eighty years of mining operations on Fremont Pass disturbed more than five square miles of land and altered the course of a stream. As of 2009, Climax Molybdenum Company had spent nearly $50 million on land reclamation and water treatment. Not a . . . — Map (db m122835) HM
Connecticut (New London County), Mystic — Mystic River Bascule BridgeBuilt 1922 — Operated by the Connecticut Department of Transportation
Power to raise the bridge comes from electric motors, which drive the large “Bull Wheels” connected with Linkage arms to the two plate girders which make up the lift span. The huge concrete weights at the ends of the overhead rocking . . . — Map (db m114881) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — Alachua Sink
The Alachua Sink, a named likely derived from the Potano word meaning “jug,” is the deepest of Paynes Prairie’s sinkholes and acts as a conduit for water entering the Floridan aquifer at a rate of up to 6 million gallons per day. . . . — Map (db m126294) HM
Florida (Bay County), Panama City — F-479 — The Gideon Versus Wainwright Case
This is the site of the landmark Gideon case, after which the Public Defender system was established in Florida and throughout the nation. In 1961, Clarence Earl Gideon (1910-1972) stood trial in this courthouse for the felony of burglary. Lacking . . . — Map (db m42115) HM
Florida (Brevard County), Cape Canaveral — Port Canaveral Historic MilestonesNovember 4, 1953
Port dedicated by U.S. Senator Spessard L. Holland. Serving on the Canaveral Port Authority Board of Commissioners: Colonel Noah Butt, Chairman; David S. Nisbet; L.M. Carpenter; A.A. Dunn and G.W. Laycock. N.M. Argabrite, Secretary. Barbara . . . — Map (db m59729) HM
Florida (Citrus County), Inverness — A Costly Florida War
More than 1,500 soldiers died and $20 million was spent in the Second Seminole War. It was the most costly of three conflicts between the U.S. and the Seminoles in Florida. Fought from 1835–1842, the war broke out when Seminoles resisted . . . — Map (db m101818) HM
Florida (Citrus County), Inverness — Coca-Cola Building
The All-American drink was introduced to Citrus County in the early 1900's. W.T. Baxley acted as a sub-bottler to the Tampa Coca Cola Bottling Company, and began bottling it in Hernando in 1906. Empty bottles were washed in Hernando Lake, then . . . — Map (db m117170) HM
Florida (Citrus County), Inverness — The George Carter House
This house was built in 1903 for George Carter, Citrus County's third sheriff. The Carter House was the first house in Inverness to have a bathroom and was one of the first 13 buildings in Inverness to be “wired up” when electricity came . . . — Map (db m126060) HM
Florida (Franklin County), Carrabelle — Marvin N. Justiss Building"Some say he built half of Carrabelle"
Marvin N. Justiss was born November 16, 1898. He married Thelma Massey in Pensacola, Florida and moved to Carrabelle in 1929. They had one daughter, Virginia Justiss Sanborn. Marvin Justiss came to Carrabelle and began building both homes and . . . — Map (db m121999) HM
Florida (Hendry County), LaBelle — F-446 — Downtown LaBelle Historic District
In 1895, prominent landowner and cattleman Captain Francis A. Hendry (1833-1917) platted a townsite at LaBelle, which was first settled as a center for cattle and citrus industries. A post office, general store, school, and a church were . . . — Map (db m72614) HM
Florida (Monroe County), Islamorada — Highway Piers
The veterans of World War I were promised a bonus but due to the Great Depression of the early 1930s the government was without funds. Roosevelt was president and formed the Florida Emergency Relief Administration to create jobs for those . . . — Map (db m116064) HM
Florida (Pinellas County), Dunedin — Orange Belt Railway Station
In 1888, this site was the original location of the Orange Belt Railway Station. A newer station was built in 1900, but burned down. The present station was built in 1924, and used by the Atlantic Coast Railroad Company until the railroad was . . . — Map (db m111888) HM
Florida (Sarasota County), Nokomis — Curry Family / Wading Birds
Curry Family Roberts Bay was named for Robert Roberts, who arrived in the area in 1871 and acquired property at the mouth of the bay. His land extended southward along the coast to the southern limits of the present City of Venice. Curry . . . — Map (db m124899) HM
Florida (Sarasota County), Nokomis — Johnson Chapel / Albee Quarters
The original Johnson Chapel building, located on Church Street in Laurel, was moved in 1947 from the Missionary Baptist Church in Osprey to become the sanctuary for the Johnson Chapel Missionary Baptist Church in Laurel. Naming the church for their . . . — Map (db m124875) HM
Florida (St. Johns County), St. Augustine — Anderson Cottage
By the year 1870, a widowed Clarissa Fairbanks Anderson had built on her property, known as “Markland,” a gable-roofed, frame “winter cottage” for guests. In 1885, her son, Dr. Andrew Anderson, Jr., sold part of the . . . — Map (db m100592) HM
Florida (St. Johns County), St. Augustine — Defense in Depth / Capas de defensasCastillo de San Marcos National Monument
Defense in Depth (English) Enemy troops would have encountered an obstacle course of rising slopes, low walls, and ditches before reaching the Castillo's walls. The Spanish built this extensive defensive system to help protect the fort. . . . — Map (db m127289) HM
Florida (St. Johns County), St. Augustine — EvacuationFort Mose Historic State Park
Spain ceded Florida to England in 1763, and Mose residents departed with other colonists for Cuba. During Fort Mose's final years, life on the frontier grew more difficult. Constant attacks by English and Indian raiding parties drove Mose . . . — Map (db m126971) HM
Florida (St. Johns County), St. Augustine — Government House: Changing of the GuardCasa Gubernmental: Cambio de la Guardia
Government House: Changing of the Guard (English) Until 1763, the Governor's House was Spanish Florida's capitol. When Spain ceded Florida to Great Britain, the British governors of East Florida made Governor's House their official . . . — Map (db m128190) HM
Florida (St. Johns County), St. Augustine — Reading the Cannon / Claves de cañonesCastillo de San Marcos National Monument
Reading the Cannon (English) Every Spanish bronze cannon and mortar has its own story. Each was individually cast, so by examining the engraved lettering and scrollwork, you can discover its origins and the Castillo's ties to Spain. Read . . . — Map (db m127747) HM
Florida (St. Johns County), St. Augustine — Safe Haven / Refugio seguroCastillo de San Marcos National Monument
English: Safe Haven Farmers bring crops and food from their fields surrounding the town. Open for trade during the day, but locked up at night, this city gate is the entrance to early 1800s civilization. Here in St. . . . — Map (db m128083) HM
Florida (St. Johns County), St. Augustine — Sizzling Salvo / Al rojo vivoCastillo de San Marcos National Monument
Sizzling Salvo (English) The furnace fire is blazing hot. A team of soldiers prepares hot shot to fire at wooden warships — heating cannonballs until they glow. During a naval attack, one soldier tends the coal fire and loads the . . . — Map (db m127739) HM
Florida (St. Johns County), St. Augustine — F-826 — The 1886 Old Drugstore
Before the construction of this two-story wood frame structure in 1886, this site marked the intersection of the Cubo and Rosario lines, earthen embankments that fortified colonial St. Augustine during the late 18th century. Tolomato Indians . . . — Map (db m90513) HM
Florida (St. Johns County), St. Augustine — Weapons of War / ArtilleríaCastillo de San Marcos National Monument
Weapons of War (English) Touring the fort, you will see three types of artillery: mortars, howitzers, and cannons. Attackers as well as defenders had access to many types of weaponry. Each one had its own strengths and weaknesses. A . . . — Map (db m128189) HM
Georgia (Fulton County), Atlanta — Ebenezer Baptist ChurchMartin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site
The world of young Martin Luther King, Jr., revolved around Ebenezer Baptist Church. Here his grandfather and father preached in favor of desegregation, voting rights, and equal pay—social issues he would later embrace and espouse. His . . . — Map (db m127272) HM
Georgia (Glynn County), Jekyll Island — What Was Here Before?
Great Dunes Park is named for the historic Great Dunes Golf Course, designed by Walter Travis. Travis was considered the most successful amateur golfer in the United States during the 1900s and 1910s. The golf course was an 18-hole course placed . . . — Map (db m115154) HM
Georgia (Telfair County), Helena — Little Ocmulgee's Visitor Center
CCC enrollees completed Little Ocmulgee's Visitor Center in 1936. Called a combination building by the National Park Service for its multiple uses, it is labeled a casino on this early map of the park’s day use area. Beginning in December 1935, . . . — Map (db m125199) HM
Hawaii (Hawaii County), Captain Cook — In Memory of Captain James Cook, R.N.
Marker panel on obelisk (1874): In Memory of the great circumnavigator Captain James Cook, R.N. who discovered these islands on the 18th of January, 1770 and fell near this spot on the 14th of February, 1779. . . . — Map (db m72497) HM
Idaho (Ada County), Boise — Frank SteunenbergGovernor of Idaho — 1897-1900
When in 1899 organized lawlessness challenged the power of Idaho, he upheld the dignity of the state, enforced its authority and restored law and order within its boundaries, for which he was assassinated in 1905. “Rugged in body, . . . — Map (db m128543) HM
Idaho (Benewah County), Saint Maries — 286 — John Mullan
Was the Army officer who in 1859-1862 surveyed and built the Mullan Road from Walla Walla, Washington to Fort Benton, Montana. The road was to connect the Missouri and the Columbia, and Congress approved in 1855. Indian troubles and lack . . . — Map (db m110031) HM
Idaho (Boise County), Idaho City — George Kettler's Blacksmith Shop1889
Originally George Kettler’s Blacksmith Shop with ox and horseshoeing sheds on both sides. In more recent years it was owned by Tom and Florence Adams. From 1948 – 1975 they published the “Idaho Mountaineer” newspaper and . . . — Map (db m110260) HM
Idaho (Bonner County), Oldtown — Albeni Falls Dam at a Glance
Harnessing the Flow During the year, the Corps of Engineers regulates the flow of wter through the dam. Water is released from Lake Pend Oreille to maintain seasonal lake elevations and to adjust for rain and snowmelt. Water at . . . — Map (db m109906) HM
Idaho (Bonneville County), Idaho Falls — Prisoners of War in Idaho Falls
After German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel’s North African Army surrendered on May 13, 1943, the allies had approximately 275,000 prisoners-of-war in their possession. During 1945, 15,000 of the prisoners lived and worked in Idaho. Rupert, Idaho . . . — Map (db m110477) HM
Idaho (Butte County), Arco — EBR-I
EBR-I World’s first Nuclear Power plant — Map (db m103900) HM
Idaho (Clearwater County), Lenore — 250 — SlatervilleServed as the steamboat port for the Clearwater Gold Rush — which followed mineral discoveries at Pierce in 1860
Founded by Seth S. Slater, May 6, 1861, Slaterville (permanent population, 50) had 5 edifices – built mainly of colored blankets – 2 stores, 2 houses, and a saloon. When the Colonel Wright “snapped her tow-line on the Grand Rapids . . . — Map (db m110703) HM
Idaho (Idaho County), Lucile — 175 — Hydraulic MiningVisible directly across the river — is a pit left by large scale hydraulic mining for gold deposited in ancient gravel beds
Big nozzles, called “hydraulic giants,” shot powerful streams of water against a pre-historic river bed (now the bank of the stream) to expose and wash down gold-bearing gravel, which then was sluiced to recover the gold. This . . . — Map (db m109642) HM
Idaho (Latah County), Moscow — 279 — University of IdahoLike this Long Highway, the University of Idaho — links together the northern and southern parts of the state of Idaho
Established by the territorial legislature, Jan. 30, 1889, the university opened in the fall of 1892. As Idaho’s land grant institution, the university was charged to bring the benefits of quality teaching, research, and service to the people of . . . — Map (db m109682) HM
Idaho (Lincoln County), Shoshone — 398 — Magic DamCompleted in 1910 at a cost of $3,000,000 — Magic Dam stores water for 89,000 acres of irrigated farms near Shoshone and Richfield
Rising 129 feet high, it is 700 feet wide. An adjacent 1600-foot embankment with a concrete spillway helps retain more than 190,000 acre feet of spring floodwater for summer use downstream. A four-mile desert road reaches Magic Dam, which . . . — Map (db m109633) HM
Idaho (Nez Perce County), Lewiston — Exploring on the River
Seasonal Migrations The Nimi’ipuu migrated throughout the region of the Snake River and its tributaries. They traveled seasonally to take advantage of the food sources: camas bulbs, berries, deer, elk, bear, and salmon. Their mobility . . . — Map (db m110541) HM
Idaho (Nez Perce County), Lewiston — 176 — Mackenzie's PostEarly in September 1812, Donald Mackenzie set up a fur trade post near here — for John Jacob Astor's Pacific Fur Company
Disappointed to find that beaver were unavailable in this area, he built only a store and two houses out of driftwood. Then the War of 1812 and Indian trouble tangled his plans; in May 1813 he abandoned this site, since Astor’s venture had failed . . . — Map (db m109724) HM
Idaho (Shoshone County), Wallace — Pulaski's Trail
This two-mile trail will take you to The Pulaski Tunnel. There, during two days in August 1910, Ranger “Big Ed” Pulaski, in the midst of a raging inferno, saved the lives of all but 6 of his 45-man crew. The firestorm . . . — Map (db m109992) HM
Kansas (Mitchell County), Cawker City — Cawker CityEstablished 1870
History Cawker City was founded in 1870 by four men, who played a poker game to see who the town would be named after. The winner, Colonel E. H. Cawker, built the first house in town. The town was incorporated on March 20, 1874, and grew . . . — Map (db m123737) HM
Kansas (Osborne County), Alton — The Historic Bohemian Hall & Cultural CenterOsborne County Historical Marker
Many Czech families, known locally as Bohemians, settled in the late 19th Century in the area of southwest Smith, northeast Rooks and northwest Osborne Counties. Interest soon developed to establish a Czech fraternal organization to strengthen the . . . — Map (db m123092) HM
Kentucky (Crittenden County), Marion — Crittenden County Courthouse, Marion
According to local tradition, the Crittenden County Courthouse was burned by Brigadier General Hylan B. Lyon, CSA on January 25, 1865 as part of a raid into Kentucky during which Lyon’s troops burned a number of western Kentucky county . . . — Map (db m79189) HM
Kentucky (Franklin County), Frankfort — 1896 — Gov. George Madison (1763-1816)
A youthful Rev. War. soldier from Va., Madison was appointed auditor of Ky. public accounts by Governor Shelby; served some 20 years. His heroic service in the War of 1812 helped propel him to governorship, 1816; died shortly after taking office. . . . — Map (db m123822) HM
Kentucky (Hardin County), Elizabethtown — 1534 — Commodore Joshua Barney / First Brick House
(side 1 – Commodore Joshua Barney) Famous American privateer and naval hero in War of 1812. Barney owned many acres of land in Hardin CO. A friend of George Washington, John Paul Jones and Napoleon Bonaparte. His greatest desire . . . — Map (db m119791) HM
Kentucky (Harlan County), Lynch — History of Lynch
To build the town and mine support facilities Bog Looney Creek was rerouted and over one mile was walled with local quarried native sandstone. Among the structures chronicled here, the coal company constructed six miles of concrete paved . . . — Map (db m121691) HM
Kentucky (Harlan County), Lynch — Mine Ventilating Fan
This fan moved 50,000 cubic feet of air per minute to ventilate borehole conveyor entries. It replaced a 300,000 CFM Aerodyne fan in 1968, which, in turn, replaced a 150,000 CFM centrifugal fan to ventilate No. 31 Mine when it was in operation. — Map (db m121792) HM
Kentucky (Harlan County), Partridge — Highest Point in KentuckyElevation 4,139 Feet
This plaque is in memory of William Risden (1914-1994) WW II Veteran An innovator and devotee of electronic technology, Risden was a pioneer in the cable TV industry credited with building the first cable system in Kentucky. Taking advantage . . . — Map (db m121223) HM WM
Kentucky (Hopkins County), Dawson Springs — 915 — Dawson Springs
In its heyday, from the start of the century until mid-1920’s, this was one of the best known spas, health resorts in the South. Thousands of the sick, the lame, and the well came for the curative waters and to enjoy the social activities. Six . . . — Map (db m79175) HM
Kentucky (Mason County), Maysville — Shackleford Residence
Before the Civil War Dr. John Shackleford lived here and practiced medicine next door. In the late 19th and early 20th century James H. Hall, president of the James H. Hall Plow Factory resided here. By 1913 Michael S. Flarity had purchased the . . . — Map (db m123613) HM
Louisiana (Jefferson Davis Parish), Welsh — Early Cattle Industry
(side one – English) Long-horned Spanish cattle introduced by Aroyelles Indians long before the French arrived on the scene; used as foundation stock by pioneers. Acadians and others settled area, 1760’s; developed vacheries . . . — Map (db m117353) HM
Louisiana (Orleans Parish), New Orleans — Le Pavillon HotelA Historic Site
This square of ground on which Le Pavillon Hotel now stands has had many historical associations over the years, which together form an interesting chapter in the romantic story of New Orleans. In the early eighteen hundreds, this property . . . — Map (db m117319) HM
Louisiana (Orleans Parish), New Orleans — The Birthplace of “Dixie”
On this site from 1835 to 1924 stood the Citizens State Bank, originator of the “Dixie.” In its early days, the bank issued its own $10 bank note, with the French work “Dix” for “ten” printed on the note’s face. . . . — Map (db m122348) HM
Maine (Lincoln County), Wiscasset — 15 — Nickels-Sortwell House 1807The Museum in the Streets
In 1807, Captain William Nickels built one of the finest examples of high Federal style architecture in New England, a mansion of beauty, style, and sophistication. From the elegant entrance to stunning interior detailing, this is a house . . . — Map (db m116039) HM
Maine (York County), York — Historic York Then and Now
During the first half of the twentieth century the triangle created by the intersection of York Street and Long Sands Road was a busy village center where people came for their groceries, sundries, and hardware. There were taverns, a barber . . . — Map (db m116000) HM
Massachusetts (Essex County), Gloucester — Solomon Jacobs Landing & Park
"King of the Mackerel Killers" Solomon Jacobs Landing & Park were named for Captain Solomon Jacobs, who fished in the early 1900s. A native of Newfoundland, he was known as the "King of the Mackerel Killers" for his ability to land huge . . . — Map (db m115472) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — Lewis Wharf, 1835
Boston's legendary clipper ship trade centered around Lewis Wharf. Ships bound for faraway ports sailed from here in the 1840s and '50s: • to buy tea in China and sell it in Europe. • to California where most of the '49ers' famous gold . . . — Map (db m115279) HM
Michigan (Alpena County), Alpena — Thunder Bay Fishing Industry
The first known fishing camp near Alpena was established on Thunder Bay Island in 1835. By the 1840s, both Thunder Bay Island and nearby Sugar Island served as a base for the area's fishing fleet, comprised entirely of sailing vessels. In 1846, . . . — Map (db m121897) HM
Michigan (Alpena County), Alpena — Winter LayupsThe fleet during its “down time”
Shipping on the Great Lakes has always been seasonal. The poor visibility, heavy seas and ice that came each year with the gales of November prompted ship owners and captains in the 1800s to "lay up" their ships. Every winter ice choked docks and . . . — Map (db m121892) HM
Michigan (Cheboygan County), Cheboygan — Cheboygan's Beginnings"The Pipe"
The Pipe: Voyageurs often smoked white clay pipes as they travelled the waters of the Great Lakes region in their large freight-hauling canoes. Bodies of water were known as a "two-pipe lake" or "five-pipe crossing" depending on the number of . . . — Map (db m121799) HM
Michigan (Delta County), Garden — A Middle Class NeighborhoodFayette Historic State Park
The main street, Stewart Avenue, is located through a beautiful little grove and the houses so encircled by trees as to be invisible until one is close beside them. Escanaba Tribune 1870 The middle class families of Fayette's foremen, . . . — Map (db m128861) HM
Michigan (Delta County), Garden — WaterlineFayette Historic State Park
There has been a water pipe laid from the furnace through the streets as far as the barn, so that water can be had in case of fire at a hydrant near the store. Escanaba Tribune 1871 This underground pipeline supplied potable water to the . . . — Map (db m128858) HM
Michigan (Genesee County), Otisville — Otisville High School
The brick monument before you, came from the Otisville High School, built in 1920 and opened in 1921. It was located in town at the corner of Grove St. and Center St. (formerly State Street M-15). It originally housed grades kindergarten through . . . — Map (db m127140) HM
Michigan (Houghton County), Hancock — L519 — Hancock / Town Hall and Fire Hall
Hancock (marker side 1) The Quincy Mining Company platted Hancock in 1859, a decade after the company began mining Keweenaw copper. While many copper towns boomed and busted within a short period of time, Hancock remained stable, . . . — Map (db m122367) HM
Michigan (Iosco County), Oscoda — First Methodist Church
Erected in 1865 A.D. by the pioneer lumberman, Henry Martin Loud, who in that year founded in this area one of the largest lumber operations in Michigan. The church burned in the fire which destroyed the town of Au Sable and most of the adjoining . . . — Map (db m123971) HM
Michigan (Monroe County), Monroe — First Presbyterian Church
This Church, the first Protestant Church in this area and the first Presbyterian Church in Michigan, was organized January 13, 1820. “Minuteman” George Alford, of the Revolutionary War, was one of the charter members. The Rev. . . . — Map (db m127983) HM
Michigan (Muskegon County), Muskegon — 58 — Hackley House
side 1 This three-story wood frame building is one of Michigan’s most splendid examples of Queen Anne architecture. With juxtaposition of masses created by roof lines, chimneys, tower and porte-cochere it has become a symbol of . . . — Map (db m107242) HM
Michigan (Oakland County), Milford — Phelps Saw Mill and Distillery
Circa 1836, Aaron Phelps, Milford’s first postmaster and the man who platted north Milford, built a saw mill and a distillery here, at the foot of the lower mill pond. The distillery became a carding mill in 1848, but the other mill, used for . . . — Map (db m79683) HM
Michigan (Presque Isle County), Rogers City — SS Calcite1912
The Calcite Pilot House was saved and retired to Rogers City where it was installed as a tourist attraction at Harbor View overlooking the Calcite Plant. Over the years, she was visited by thousands of people. Eventually, the Pilot House was . . . — Map (db m122335) HM
Michigan (Saginaw County), Frankenmuth — Star of the West Milling CompanyMichigan Centennial Business
This plaque is issued by the Historical Society of Michigan in recognition of Star of the West Milling company Founded in 1870 For more than 100 years of continuous operation in service to the people of Michigan and for . . . — Map (db m120827) HM
Michigan (Tuscola County), Millington — L-1971 — Millington Bank BuildingBuilt in 1898
Millington Bank Building Built in 1898 Michigan Historical Center, Michigan Department of State Registered Local Site No. 1971 Property of the State of Michigan, 1996Map (db m128200) HM
Michigan (Van Buren County), South Haven — Commercial Fishing
Commercial fishing was part of South Haven's diverse maritime economy from the 1860s until the 1970s. In 1932, Christopher Jensen, a Danish immigrant, opened a commercial fishery on the Black River near the Dyckman Avenue Bridge. The Jensen . . . — Map (db m119266) HM
Michigan (Van Buren County), South Haven — Commercial Shipping
South Haven emerged as a commercial shipping center in the 1850s. By the late nineteenth century, lumber, fruit, and other manufactured goods were transported between South Haven, Chicago, and other cities on steam vessels. Commercial shipping . . . — Map (db m119257) HM
Minnesota (Freeborn County), Albert Lea — Union Soldiers & Sailors Monument
Erected by citizens of Freeborn County, Minn. in memory of Union Soldiers and Sailors of the War of 1861-65 Dedicated to Robert Frost No. 5. G.A.R. of Albert Lea, Minn. Memorial Day May 30, 1914 — Map (db m127215) WM
Minnesota (Itasca County), Grand Rapids — Minnesota Territory 1849-1858 / Itasca County Takes Shape
Minnesota Territory 1849-1858 (marker side 1) On March 3, 1849, during his last hours in office. President James K. Polk signed a bill adding a new name to the American political landscape - Minnesota Territory. A vast land, it . . . — Map (db m126662) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Natchez — Intersection of Main and Canal StreetsNatchez Trails
The Protection Steam Fire Company No. 3 built a grand firehouse in 1902 at the corner of Main and Canal streets (no longer standing). During the 1800s and early 1900s, volunteers provided fire protection in Natchez as in most American . . . — Map (db m127086) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Natchez — Lambert-Taylor House1853
This property has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m127096) HM
Mississippi (Smith County), Taylorsville — Watkins Museum
Constructed in 1901, this rectangular wood-frame building served as the Taylorsville Signal newspaper office until the late 1960s. Hattie and Marie Watkins took over the newspaper in 1930 after the death of their father, James Thomas Watkins, . . . — Map (db m126796) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg — Planters' Hall
Built 1834. Housed Vicksburg branch, Planters’ Bank of Mississippi until 1842. Occupied by officers of 28th Louisiana Reg. during Vicksburg siege. Acquired by Vicksburg Council of Garden Clubs, Inc., 1956. — Map (db m98350) HM
Missouri (Callaway County), Tebbetts — Fur Trading in Missouri
Big Business on the Missouri River The fur trade was a booming business in the wilderness west of St. Louis. Trapping primarily took place on the upper Missouri River in the Dakotas and Montana. Furs were then sent down the river to St. Louis . . . — Map (db m121229) HM
Missouri (Franklin County), New Haven — Colter's Escape from the Blackfeet
While trapping for beaver along the Jefferson's Fork River in the fall of 1808, John Colter and his companion, John Potts, were surprised by a war party of Blackfeet braves. With no chance to escape Colter came ashore while Potts retreated and was . . . — Map (db m121297) HM
Missouri (Franklin County), New Haven — New Haven1856 - 1956
Early prominent Missouri River port, New Haven was settled about 1805 and was first named Miller’s Landing for pioneer Philip Miller. The Pacific R.R. (MO. PAC.) reached here in 1855 and the town was laid out and renamed the next year. John . . . — Map (db m121231) HM
Missouri (Franklin County), New Haven — Private John Colter
Born about the time of the American Revolution John Colter was enlisted as a private in the Lewis and Clark Expedition at Maysville, Kentucky in October, 1803. He began the expedition as an oarsman but because of his skills as a woodsman was . . . — Map (db m121295) HM
Missouri (Franklin County), New Haven — The Lewis and Clark Expedition
In 1804-06, Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led about 40 soldiers and boatmen on an epic journey. President Thomas Jefferson commissioned this "Corps of Discovery" to find a route to the Pacific Ocean through the newly acquired Louisiana . . . — Map (db m121299) HM
Missouri (St. Louis), Saint Louis — Teenager Samuel Clemens
“The first time I ever saw St. Louis, I could have bought it for six million dollars, and it was the mistake of my life that I did not do it.” Across Fourth Street from this location, teenager Samuel Clemens set type for the . . . — Map (db m122491) HM
Missouri, St. Louis — One Day, Three Nations
Here on March 9, 1804, Spanish Lieutenant Governor Charles Dehault Delassus met with US Army Captain Amos Stoddard to complete the Louisiana Purchase. Stoddard accepted the Upper Louisiana territory first for France and then for the United States. . . . — Map (db m124956) HM
Missouri, St. Louis — Rock Solid
The Old Rock House was built using rocks from the riverbank. Originally built as a warehouse, it later became a sail loft making covers for wagons going west. After other evolutions, the Rock House became a bar and nightclub. The club drew crowds of . . . — Map (db m124958) HM
Missouri (St. Louis County), St. Louis — Grant's Departure / ~150 Years Ago—
(left panel) Grant’s Departure After the Presidency and a world tour, Ulysses and Julia Grant settled in New York to be closer to their children and grandchildren. While the romance of one day returning to White Haven remained, . . . — Map (db m124990) HM
Montana (Cascade County), Monarch — The Ace in the Hole
Montana may seem a long way from international events, yet it was once in the forefront of a confrontation between the United States and Soviet Union. In October 1962, American President John F. Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev stood . . . — Map (db m127800) HM
Montana (Cascade County), Neihart — The Mining Legacy
The ore-extraction process also carries the legacy of pollution. In particular, tailings are leftovers from crushing and chemically treating ore to extract valuable metals such as silver. This fine-grained material, which has been found in isolated . . . — Map (db m128351) HM
Montana (Flathead County), Hungry Horse — Surrounded by Wilderness
You are at the gateway in the Upper Flathead River which drains Glacier National Park, the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex (the Bob) and the southeastern corner of British Columbia. 219 miles of the three forks of the Flathead are designated as . . . — Map (db m102213) HM
Montana (Madison County), Twin Bridges — Lewis & Clark Camped HereA Missing Note & A Side Trip Up the Big Hole River
Which Fork to Take? Meriwether Lewis, traveling ahead with 3 men, reached this spot two days ahead of William Clark and the main parry. After exploring the river courses, Lewis left a note telling Clark to stay on the Jefferson River. Clark . . . — Map (db m128400) HM
Montana (Madison County), Virginia City — Spacious Victorian Luxury
The home on the left (East) belonged to John L. Corbett, a civil engineer who drafted the original plat of Virginia City in 1868. Records indicate that Corbett owned the home only briefly in 1875-76. The Corbett side of the dwelling is . . . — Map (db m117104) HM
Montana (Powell County), Deer Lodge — 1909 Last Spike MonumentThe Milwaukee Road
The last spike of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad’s (better known as the Milwaukee Road) Puget Sound Extension connecting Chicago to Seattle was driven near Gold Creek, Montana some 17 miles west of here on May 19, 1909. This . . . — Map (db m127775) HM
Nebraska (Buffalo County), Kearney — 178 — The Watson Ranch
In 1888, H. D. Watson established the historic Watson Ranch, at one time containing 8,000 acres, reaching from the fertile Platte Valley on the south to the rolling hills on the north and from downtown Kearney to a point five miles west. . . . — Map (db m101853) HM
Nebraska (Keith County), Ogallala — Oregon Trail
Oregon Trail Marked by the State of Nebraska 1912 — Map (db m122901) HM
Nebraska (Keith County), Ogallala — Sand Hill Station
A relay station on the Pony Express Route, 1860-61, often referred to as Gill’s Station located near here at the crossing of the Oregon and Texas Trails. Pony Express stations in Keith County were Alkali, Sand Hill and Diamond Springs. . . . — Map (db m122909) HM
Nevada, Carson City — Dedicated to You, A Free Citizen in a Free LandNevada's Liberty Bell Replica
This reproduction of the Liberty Bell was presented to the people of Nevada by direction of The Honorable John W. Snyder Secretary of the Treasury As the inspirational symbol of the United States Savings Bonds Independence . . . — Map (db m128551) HM
Nevada (White Pine County), Ely — U.S. Post Office Ely, Nevada - 1937National Register of Historic Places
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m126496) HM
New Hampshire (Coos County), Dixville Notch — Early Settlers
Here lies buried the first and only settlers of Dixville until 1865, John Whittemore and his wife Betsey. Dixville had been granted to Colonel Timothy Dix in 1805 on the condition that thirty settlers be established here within five years. . . . — Map (db m115640) HM
New Hampshire (Grafton County), North Woodstock — The Night the Bomber Crashed
January 14, 1942: the reality of World War II was brought home to New Hampshire when a U.S. Army Air Corps B-18A bomber strayed off course and crashed in the White Mountains, killing two crewmembers and severely injuring the other five. . . . — Map (db m116198) HM WM
New Hampshire (Merrimack County), Concord — State House GroundsDowntown Concord — Est. 1725
Honoring New Hampshire History The State House grounds hold the state's foremost display of sculpture and memorials, many fashioned from local granite. After Concord became the state capital in 1808, its citizens donated land to erect . . . — Map (db m115908) HM
New Hampshire (Rockingham County), Deerfield — 25 — Major John Simpson
Born In Deerfield and buried in Old Center Cemetery on road west, he gained fame by the unauthorized firing of the first shot at Bunker Hill while serving as a private in Captain Dearborn's Company of Colonel Start's Regiment. Although . . . — Map (db m115947) HM WM
New Hampshire (Rockingham County), Fremont — 157 — Spaulding & Frost Cooperage
The Cooperage was founded here in 1874 by Jonas Spaulding, Jr. After his death in 1900 his sons, two of whom became New Hampshire governors, served as company officers; Stephen Frost, who bought into the firm in 1893, served as manager. Rebuilt . . . — Map (db m115800) HM
New Hampshire (Rockingham County), Portsmouth — Siras BrucePortsmouth Black Heritage Trail
Siras, in 1783, contracted with John Langdon to serve as a “domestic servant." Among Langdon's papers, itemized bills for "Siras de Bruce" confirm descriptions of his resplendent, even dazzling attire: white breeches, blue or black coats, . . . — Map (db m115981) HM
New Hampshire (Rockingham County), Portsmouth — The Continental Frigate "Raleigh"
On Rindge’s Wharf, Portsmouth, May 21, 1776, six weeks before The Declaration of Independence, there was launched The Continental Frigate “Raleigh,” the First American Man-of-War built on the Piscataqua, keel laid . . . — Map (db m115998) HM
New Jersey (Cape May County), Stone Harbor — Pumping Station 1924
The oldest municipal building in use in Stone Harbor it was authorized by Borough Council in 1923 and erected in 1924. The “Water Works” is a good example of Spanish Revival architecture, popular in the 1920’s. It was erected . . . — Map (db m114603) HM
New Mexico (Lincoln County), Lincoln — Tunstall-McSween Store
J.H. Tunstall and A. A. McSween erected-1877. A focal point in Lincoln County War in which both partners were slain. Despite looting by Seven Rivers group, building continued as a store under pioneer merchants, notably John M. Penfield. — Map (db m45991) HM
New York (Albany County), Albany — 1st Telephone Central Office in New York State
1st Telephone Central Office in New York State opened near this site March 18, 1878 — Map (db m116743) HM
New York (Albany County), Albany — The Fur Trade
Why is Albany Here? Mohawk and Mahican peoples inhabited this region for thousands of years when the Dutch ship the Half Moon dropped anchor near this spot in 1609. At that time, the world was in the midst of a "Little Ice . . . — Map (db m116700) HM
New York (Chemung County), Elmira — Mark Twain in Elmira
How did Samuel Clemens arrive in Elmira, NY? Thirty-two-year-old Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) first saw the image of Elmira's Olivia Langdon while traveling on the Quaker City Steamer — a cruise ship charted to visit Europe and the . . . — Map (db m118738) HM
New York (Columbia County), Copake Falls — Harlem Valley Rail Trail
The Harlem Valley derives its name from "The New York and Harlem Railroad," chartered in 1831 and opened in lower Manhattan in 1832 with horse drawn cars. In 1842 the line crossed the Harlem River, and in 1873 joined the New York Central . . . — Map (db m116811) HM
New York (Essex County), Ticonderoga — 1756 French Saw Mill on La Chute River
In 1756 the French erected a mill on the river opposite this spot for sawing and preparing timbers used in Fort Carillon, renamed Fort Ticonderoga when captured by General Amherst in 1759. General Abercromby used the saw mill as his headquarters . . . — Map (db m125190) HM
New York (Madison County), Bouckville — Col. Joshua Leland
. . . — Map (db m116794) HM
New York (Suffolk County), East Islip — Great River Depot
1867-76 Southside RR, LIRR acquired 1880. 1897 Depot built, burned 1943. 1999 EIHS moved shelter to south side. Platform added 2000. Hist. Landmark Preservation cte.Map (db m114704) HM
New York (Suffolk County), Great River — Neighbor Across the Way
Across the river from Bayard Cutting Arboretum stands the large red-brick and gray-stone structure that was part of William Kissam Vanderbilt's estate. W. K. Vanderbilt's "Idle Hour," a 110-room, English-style mansion, was designed by Richard . . . — Map (db m114711) HM
New York (Suffolk County), Port Jefferson — The Anchor of Our Community
The Admiralty anchor in the turnaround behind you is symbolic of the Port Jefferson Village Center, which is the anchor of our community. The iron anchor was found by the / RV (Research Vessel) Seawolf while trawling in an area south of . . . — Map (db m114739) HM
New York (Ulster County), Ulster Park — Lighthouse ParkEsopus Meadows Lighthouse
Welcome. From this site, you can see the Esopus Lighthouse, which was built to warn captains of the shallow water or flats to the west. The present lighthouse was constructed in 1871 and closed in 1965, when automated lights replaced the . . . — Map (db m127881) HM
North Carolina (Hyde County), Ocracoke — B-55 — Ocracoke Lighthouse
Oldest N. C. lighthouse still in service. Erected 1823 to serve Ocracoke Inlet trade. 75 ft. tall. Located 4/10 mile S. W. — Map (db m114471) HM
North Carolina (Moore County), Southern Pines — John Tyrant Patrick
Founded the village of Vineland in 1884 Incorporated as the town of Southern Pines March 7, 1887 — Map (db m114036) HM
Ohio (Ottawa County), Put-in-Bay — Amareta Mosher Anchor
This one ton anchor was salvaged from the schooner Amareta Mosher, built in 1867 in Ashtabula, Ohio. On November 23rd, 1902 she sank on Starve Island Reef. Special thanks to Ernie and Ann Washington for salvaging . . . — Map (db m126217) HM
Oregon (Columbia County), Scappoose — History of Scappoose
Panel 1 Once covered by an Ice Age ocean, then home to the Diersinno (Keeassino) Indian Tribe led by Chief Cassino, this area then became the meeting grounds for all the Northwest Indians who gathered each year to hold their . . . — Map (db m113156) HM
Oregon (Coos County), Coos Bay — Koos No. 2
Working On Water Koos No. 2 was the second of several tugboats with the Koos name to work for the Knutson Towboat Company. Built in 1924 by Frank Lowe at his Marshfield shipyard, Koos No. 2 went to work with her . . . — Map (db m114186) HM
Oregon (Coos County), Coos Bay — Welcome to the Oregon Coast
(panel 1) The Oregon Coast boasts forested headlands, towering dunes of sand, and sparkling lakes and rivers. From the Columbia River south to Bandon, the picturesque coastline is bordered to the east by the peaks of . . . — Map (db m113658) HM
Oregon (Crook County), Prineville — Prineville Pioneer Memorial
This Memorial was dedicated August 7, 1938 by the Crook County Pioneer Association in grateful remembrance of the heroic early settlers of the Central Oregon Country whose bravery, intelligence and industry blazed the trail . . . — Map (db m114268) HM
Oregon (Douglas County), Reedsport — U.S.C.G. Station, Umpqua River, 1939Coastal Visitor Center
This former U.S. Coast Guard facility built in 1939, was restored by the Douglas County Park Department and dedicated as a public recreation facility on June 19, 1980. Douglas County Board of Commissioners Bill Vian, Chairman . . . — Map (db m113507) HM
Oregon (Lake County), Fort Rock — Fort RockOregon Geology and History
Fort Rock is the remnant of a maar volcano or tuff ring, formed when rising basaltic magma encountered water and exploded violently. The exploded debris – called tuff – fell back to earth around the volcanic vent to form this . . . — Map (db m113585) HM
Oregon (Lane County), Florence — Siuslaw River Bridge
The Siuslaw River Bridge was built as part of the Coast Bridges Project. It is one of five designed by Conde B. McCullough and built during the Great Depression from 1934 to 1936. The Coast Bridges Project was funded through the Public Works . . . — Map (db m113260) HM
Oregon (Lincoln County), Newport — A Keeper's Work Was Never Done
By modern standards, the regular routine of a lighthouse keeper was monotonous. It was, however, sometimes interrupted by unexpected moments of drama. "Last night lightning struck the office and storeroom building. It tore off the . . . — Map (db m112414) HM
Oregon (Lincoln County), Newport — Yaquina BayOregon History
The old Yaquina Bay Lighthouse established in 1871 is the earliest aid to navigation, standing within the range of the first recorded landfall made from a ship to the shores of the Pacific Northwest. Captain James Cook made this landfall on March . . . — Map (db m113917) HM
Oregon (Lincoln County), Otter Rock — Cape FoulweatherCentral Oregon Coast History
Cape Foulweather was discovered by Captain James Cook, the English explorer on March 7, 1778. The weather was particularly stormy on the day of his discovery (winds of 100 MPH at the cape are not unusual). Captain Cook named the location . . . — Map (db m113741) HM
Oregon (Tillamook County), Tillamook — A Way of Life Centered around a 1-Ton Crystal Lens
The French hand-ground Fresnel lens at Cape Meares is one of only two eight-sided lights in the United States – the other is in Hawaii. Keepers were given detailed instructions for maintaining the masterpiece. A brilliant . . . — Map (db m113918) HM
Oregon (Umatilla County), Umatilla — The Lewis and Clark Expedition
In 1804-06, Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led about 40 soldiers and boatmen on an epic journey. President Thomas Jefferson commissioned this "Corps of Discovery" to find a route to the Pacific Ocean through the newly acquired . . . — Map (db m114092) HM
Oregon (Wasco County), Mosier — Rowena Crest - Ice Age Floods
Glaciers form when snow accumulates faster than it melts over a long period and is compressed into ice. Eventually, the weight and pressure become so great that the ice oozes slowly downslope. Volcanism, uplift, erosion, and human . . . — Map (db m112249) HM
Pennsylvania (Carbon County), Weatherly — Lehigh Gorge State Park
Welcome to Lehigh Gorge State Park. This 4,548-acre park stretches 32 miles along the Lehigh River from the Francis E. Walter Dam in the north to Jim Thorpe in the south. Carved by the power of the Lehigh River, the park's deep gorge, steep . . . — Map (db m114645) HM
Pennsylvania (Dauphin County), Harrisburg — John Harris, Sr.The Harris Family and the New Settlement
John Harris was born in Yorkshire County, England in 1673. A brewer by trade, he came to Philadelphia in 1694 and spent a few years in there working at removing stumps and building and clearing city streets. Harris became a friend of Edward . . . — Map (db m121991) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lancaster — Old Jail
The Lancaster jail was located a half block to the north from 1753 to 1851. The last remaining Conestoga Indians were held here in protective custody in 1763. They were killed by a vigilante group, the Paxton Boys. No arrests were made. — Map (db m122635) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), York — The York Water Company
In 1816, members of the York community came together and formed this company to protect the town from fire and to provide a clean, reliable supply of drinking water. This early example of a public – private partnership is the nation’s oldest . . . — Map (db m121288) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Mount Pleasant — Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge
[Marker Front]: Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge Named by an act of the General Assembly in honor of state Senator Arthur Ravenel Jr., who enthusiastically spearheaded a broad~based effort to secure the funds for its construction. . . . — Map (db m10042) HM
South Dakota (Custer County), Custer — An Agreement Between CulturesThe Fort Laramie Treaty Created the Great Sioux Reservation
Cultural conflicts erupted across the western Great Plains during the 1860s. Expanding railroads and frontier posts located in traditional hunting grounds impacted the various tribes in the northern plains. Restrictions on westward settlement . . . — Map (db m121397) HM
South Dakota (Custer County), Custer — Prospectors in Search of GoldThe Gordon Party Prompted an Illegal Invasion of the Black Hills
Spurred by rumors of gold, many prospector groups attempted to enter the Black Hills in the 1870s. Without regard to the Fort Laramie Treaty, they planned to enter the region and exploit the untapped wealth. A group of 28 people headed west from . . . — Map (db m121399) HM
South Dakota (Davison County), Mitchell — Oscar Howe & Marilyn Wounded Head
This sculpture depicts a bird atop a person and is meant to show a co-existence of man, animals, and societal or physical environment. Other visual forms that appear bring a message of reconciliation with nature. Oscar Howe, the eminent Yanktonai . . . — Map (db m124207) HM
South Dakota (Haakon County), Philip — Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern
On June 2, 1983, a meeting to save rail service was organized by area shippers and community leaders at the American Legion Hall in Philip that began a three year struggle which culminated in the creation of the Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern . . . — Map (db m125975) HM
South Dakota (Jerauld County), Wessington Springs — Jerauld County Courthouse
This courthouse was built in 1930 at a cost of $120,000. It had an unusual design for a courthouse at that time, being Modern American instead of Classical. The exterior is brick, trimmed with Bedford Stone. The interior has terrazzo floors, . . . — Map (db m124590) HM
South Dakota (Kingsbury County), De Smet — Waters Land & Loan Company
The Kingsbury Abstract Company was formed in 1887, with J.C. Gibson, A.W. Miller, C.L. Dawley, Al Thomas and A.N. Waters as members. The company built this building in 1888-89. Through the years the building has housed many offices, including . . . — Map (db m123969) HM
South Dakota (Lawrence County), Deadwood — Chinatown
Although the Chinatowns of New York, San Francisco and Chicago are more well-known, these ethnic enclaves weren't exclusive to America's urban centers. There were many Chinatowns in Western boomtowns, including one right here on Deadwood's Lower . . . — Map (db m120093) HM
South Dakota (Lawrence County), Deadwood — Jack McCall Capture Site
Site of capture of the assassin Jack McCall who shot "Wild Bill" Hickok Aug 2, 1876 — Map (db m120110) HM
South Dakota (Lawrence County), Deadwood — Upper Main Street
Although the uphill side of Deadwood's Main Street seems like a natural area for development, the neighborhood didn't get its start until the turn of the century, thanks largely to two factors: gunpowder and the stubbornness of Deadwood's first . . . — Map (db m120997) HM
South Dakota (Lawrence County), Lead — Christ Episcopal Church and Grier Statue
Lead's Episcopal congregation selected a site for a new church in July of 1896 and work was begun immediately. The Lead Call noted, "A more central and easily accessible location could not have been decided upon and when finished, . . . — Map (db m121533) HM
South Dakota (Lawrence County), Lead — Homestake Gas-Powered Locomotive
This gas-powered locomotive was operated as a tramway locomotive, hauling ore in the Trojan Mining District, west of Lead. The mines serviced by this locomotive were the Clinton, the Two Johns, and the Trojan. The ore from these mines was hauled to . . . — Map (db m121506) HM
South Dakota (Lawrence County), Lead — Homestake Hospital Site
Medical services at the Homestake Mining Company, one of the pioneers in the United States in the field of industrial health services, first began in 1877, when the company contracted with Dr. D. K. Dickinson to furnish medical and surgical . . . — Map (db m121497) HM
South Dakota (Minnehaha County), Sioux Falls — Phillips to the FallsOctober 30, 2004
The realization of a grand vision to restore the natural beauty of our city’s most historic and important landmark Falls Park is the city’s historic birthplace. The almost mystical allure of the falls has always been a powerful influence. . . . — Map (db m124588) HM
Tennessee (Lake County), Tiptonville — Civilian Conservation Corps and Reelfoot Lake State Park
Side 1 Few men have the satisfaction of knowing they have made a contribution in their lifetime that will last through the ages and touch the lives of millions. Men of the CCC know that, feeling well. The Civilian Conservation Corps was . . . — Map (db m127900) HM
Texas (Bandera County), Bandera — 291 — Bandera County Courthouse
First permanent courthouse for county, which was organized in 1856, but used makeshift quarters for offices and courtrooms until this building was erected 1890-91. Style is local version of the Second Renaissance Revival. White limestone for the . . . — Map (db m111201) HM
Texas (Bexar County), San Antonio — Missions in the San Antonio River Valley
Spain, which ruled Mexico for 300 years ending in 1821, paid little attention to its northeastern frontier until French settlers built outposts near the Red River in Louisiana. The Spanish responded by establishing missions in East Texas in the . . . — Map (db m119601) HM
Texas (Bexar County), San Antonio — 4633 — Near Homesite of Erasmo Seguin(May 16, 1782 - November 7, 1857)
Born in San Antonio; descendant of Frenchman who settled in Mexico before 1714. Always a civic leader, helped found first public school in San Antonio, 1812. Went (1821) with Juan M. Veramendi to escort Austin Colony leaders to Bexar, and . . . — Map (db m118112) HM
Texas (Bexar County), San Antonio — Presa Street Crossing
Spanish missionaries, soldiers, and families who settled San Antonio in the 1700s relied on the San Antonio River and irrigation ditches (acequias) to provide water for household and agricultural use. One of the earliest ditches, the Pajalache . . . — Map (db m128817) HM
Texas (Bexar County), San Antonio — The River in the 1800's
San Antonio grew from a small Spanish colonial town to a bustling American city between 1800 and 1900. Years of fighting for independence - first from Spain and then from Mexico - left San Antonio in ruins. Rebuilding began during the Republic . . . — Map (db m119619) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — 17316 — Manautou Building
Enrique Manautou came to Texas from Mexico in 1902. With area commerce bolstered by the arrival of the railroad and Mexican Revolution refugees, he began a string of dry goods stores in the lower Rio Grande Valley in 1913. Manautou moved to . . . — Map (db m118647) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — Sacred Heart Church-1912-
(English) Built in 1912, designed by Frederick B. Gaenslen, the church was established by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate as the first English-speaking Catholic parish in Brownsville. Built in the Gothic Revival style, it was severely . . . — Map (db m119751) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Brownsville — San Roman Building-1850-
(English) Built in 1850 for José San Román, the building is an example of Border Brick architecture. Significant alterations have been made such as the varying height of the street facade. The San Román family occupied it for three . . . — Map (db m119401) HM
Texas (Cameron County), Harlingen — Historic HarlingenHarlingen Historico
(side one – English) In 1902 developer Lon C. Hill purchased 17 square miles of school lands from Cameron County. He paid $13,837.50. The semi-arid land was part of the Concepcion de Carricitos Spanish Land Grant to the brothers . . . — Map (db m119474) HM
Texas (Comal County), New Braunfels — 987 — Comal County Courthouse
In 1846 Comal County held its first court session in the home of its county clerk, Conrad Seabaugh. Courthouse facilities acquired in 1849 proved inadequate and were replaced with a 2-story building at the southeast corner of the city plaza in . . . — Map (db m111237) HM
Texas (Galveston County), Galveston — Galveston County Communities
Communities of Galveston County were established as follows: Algoa was named following the 1900 storm for a British Tanker which ran aground there. Alta Loma was given the Spanish Name, “High Ground,” by a development . . . — Map (db m118298) HM
Texas (Galveston County), Galveston — Rice, Baulard & Company Building
The three row buildings at 213-217 Tremont, their exteriors now restored, were constructed in 1870 by Rice, Baulard & Company, a major supplier of paints, oils, varnish and window glass in Texas and Louisiana in the 1800's. Victor Baulard . . . — Map (db m118998) HM
Texas (Galveston County), Galveston — Samson Heidenheimer Building1877
Samson Heidenheimer, pioneer Galveston merchant, had this building erected in 1877 on the site of the Grand Southern Hotel. The Grand Southern was a four-story forty-room Victorian Hotel of brick construction. In 1877, a fire originating on . . . — Map (db m128844) HM
Texas (Gillespie County), Fredericksburg — The BarracksEnlisted Men at Fort Martin Scott
Hot and crowded in the summer, cold and drafty in the winter, the enlisted men's quarters faced north and were across the parade ground from Officer's Row. Each of the four sparsely furnished barracks had three rooms and could house a company . . . — Map (db m118504) HM
Texas (Grimes County), Anderson — 8586 — Grimes County, C.S.A.
Civil War military concentration point for troops and ordnance. Rich farm land. By 1861 densely populated. Favored secession by 907 to 9 vote. Sent 5 cavalry, 4 infantry companies to Confederate Army. Arms and ordnance works at Anderson . . . — Map (db m118976) HM
Texas (Hudspeth County), Salt Flat — A Precious Resource / Un Preciado RecursoGuadalupe Mountains National Park
(English) Over one million years ago a large, shallow lake occupied this area. Salt deposits left behind as the lake dried up became an extremely important resource to the people of the El Paso Valley. Salt was considered sacred to . . . — Map (db m128276) HM
Texas (Hudspeth County), Salt Flat — Frijole School House
Built in 1925 and used into the 1930's by up to 8 local children. The Smith's hired a teacher for $30 a month plus room, board and a horse. — Map (db m114379) HM
Texas (Kendall County), Boerne — 2920 — Kendall County
Created January 10, 1862 Organized February 18, 1862 Named in honor of George Wilkins Kendall 1809-1867 Poet, journalist, author and farmer One of the founders of the New Orleans Picayune Member of the Santa Fe Expedition . . . — Map (db m111220) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8053 — Jefferson
Home to the Caddo Indians for centuries, this area of Texas attracted Anglo-American colonists to settle here in the early 1800s. Founded in 1839, Jefferson developed along a double-grid pattern. Daniel Nelson Alley platted the townsite in a true . . . — Map (db m110954) HM
Texas (Nueces County), Corpus Christi — 1065 — Corpus Christi Cathedral
The Corpus Christi Cathedral is the second structure to serve as cathedral for the Diocese of Corpus Christi. It replaced Saint Patrick's, the church which had become the cathedral when the city was elevated to Diocesan seat in 1912. After a 1938 . . . — Map (db m119048) HM
Texas (Nueces County), Corpus Christi — 17953 — Gold Star Court of Honor
The Corpus Christi Gold Star Court of Honor pays tribute to the mothers of the servicemen of Nueces County killed during World War I (1914-1918). Incorporated into the existing Spohn Park, part of the Broadway Bluff improvements completed in . . . — Map (db m118391) HM WM
Texas (Refugio County), Tivoli — 4120 — Preston Rose Austin(November 11, 1872 - September 29, 1929)
A far-sighted businessman who contributed much to the development of South Texas, Preston Rose Austin was born in Harrison County and grew up in Victoria County. After achieving prominence as a stock raiser, Austin became a partner in the Refugio . . . — Map (db m119457) HM
Texas (Shelby County), Center — Martin Weaver
Marion Martin Weaver, Jr. was a driving force in the broiler, timber, and commercial/residential construction industries, building over 2,000 poultry houses across East Texas and Western Louisiana. As a proud lifelong resident of Center and an . . . — Map (db m111086) HM
Texas (Starr County), Rio Grande City — Historic Rio Grande City
(side one – English) Perhaps one of the oldest settlements in South Texas, Rio Grande City is located on lands once settled by Spanish colonizer José de Escandón in 1749. The site was part of a ranching community known as "Rancho . . . — Map (db m119501) HM
Texas (Val Verde County), Del Rio — 15363 — First United Methodist Church of Del Rio
Six individuals met on September 23, 1882 to create the Methodist Episcopal Church South, the forerunner of First United Methodist Church of Del Rio. These first congregants were Randolph Pafford, J. Lyman Bailey, William M. Bailey, Sarah Bailey, . . . — Map (db m111428) HM
Texas (Walker County), Huntsville — 12278 — The Five Courthouses of Walker County
The first Walker County Courthouse was available for county Commissioners Court meetings in July 1848; the building was finally completed in the center of the Huntsville public square in 1850. Because of a defective foundation, a second courthouse . . . — Map (db m29060) HM
Texas (Webb County), Laredo — Webb County
Formed from Nueces County Created January 28, 1848 Organized March 16, 1848 Named in honor of James Webb, 1792-1856 Attorney General and Secretary of State of The Republic of Texas 1838-1841 Laredo, the County Seat Founded in . . . — Map (db m117587) HM
Texas (Wilson County), Floresville — 5335 — The Flores de Abrego Family and Floresville
The Flores de Abrego family came to the New World from northern Spain before the time of the American Revolution. During the 18th century, members of this family brought their cattle northward and established ranches along the San Antonio River. . . . — Map (db m118697) HM
Texas (Wilson County), Floresville — Wilson County
Created February 13, 1860 Organized August 6, 1860 Named in honor of James Charles Wilson 1816 – 1861 Member of the Mier Expedition District Clerk of Brazoria County, 1844 Senator from Matagorda County Floresville, . . . — Map (db m117636) HM
Texas (Winkler County), Kermit — 5867 — Winkler County Courthouse
Built in 1929-30 in response to the need for a larger courthouse after the discovery of oil in the county in 1926, this replaced a 1910 structure on the same site. Designed by architect David Castle, the four-story Classical Revival/Beaux Arts . . . — Map (db m61323) HM
Utah (Carbon County), Price — 1900 — The Nine Mile Road
The road through Nine Mile Canyon was constructed in 1886 by the Buffalo Soldiers of the U.S. 9th Cavalry to connect Fort Duchesne to the railroad in Carbon County. Most of the stagecoaches, mail and freight passed through Nine Mile into the . . . — Map (db m72729) HM
Utah (Salt Lake County), Salt Lake City — Daniel Cowan Jackling
World renowned mining and metallurgical engineer, eminent business executive, benefactor and loyal friend of Utah and its people. Guided by an inspired vision, he applied and developed processes for the beneficiation of low grade porphyritic . . . — Map (db m72780) HM
Utah (Uintah County), Jensen — Twentieth Century Homestead
Josie Bassett Morris made her home here until 1964. Today you're welcome to explore her homestead. Sit under the trees near Josie's cabin. She planted and nurtured them to provide fruit and shade. Walk the short trails to the canyons where Josie . . . — Map (db m114453) HM
Utah (Uintah County), Vernal — 247 — Parcel Post Bank
September 1886 Samuel R. Bennion was sent here to establish a banking institution called the 'Ashley Co-op.' In 1903 the first pioneer bank was opened for business. In 1916 W.H. Coltharp erected this building with Salt Lake City brick. A full car . . . — Map (db m114421) HM
Utah (Uintah County), Vernal — Vernal Post Office
"If the gable end of old Hell would blow out, it wouldn't melt the snow in six months!" …exclaimed a frustrated and tired U.S. mail contractor who was late with his deliveries during the hard winter of 1879. His was the disagreeable job . . . — Map (db m114428) HM
Virginia, Richmond — Old City HallNational Historic Landmark
Old City Hall A Registered National Landmark Built: 1886-1894 Restored: 1983-1984 Developer: Cranston Development Company Architect: Landmarks Design Associates General Contractor: Navarro Corporation Interior Design: . . . — Map (db m125090) HM
Washington (Hood River County), Cascade Locks — This Old Turbine
For nearly 60 years this turbine helped make power at Bonneville Dam. Throughout these years it has meant different things to different people at different times. During installation, it meant jobs to help people recover from the Great Depression. A . . . — Map (db m92685) HM
Washington (Klickitat County), Wishram — View of Mount Jefferson"he observed the snow clad top"
William Clark took frequent side trips during the journey, sometimes climbing hills to get a better view of the surrounding countryside. On April 22, 1806, Clark scaled Haystack Butte, the highest hill on this side of the river (over your left . . . — Map (db m128966) HM
Washington (Skagit County), Concrete — Concrete Bank Building
. . . — Map (db m116600) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Cadott — Cadott Centennial1865-1965
In 1865, Robert Marriner settled in this vicinity, built a dam and sawmill below the present Main Street Bridge an subsequently platted the village of Cadott. The falls of the river here had been called “Cadotte Falls” for a member of . . . — Map (db m120393) HM

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