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Side two of Danville's Carnegie Library Marker image, Touch for more information
By Mbowyer, April 8, 2006
Side two of Danville's Carnegie Library Marker
Illinois (Champaign County), Sadorus — Potawatomi Trail of Death — Sadorus's Grove Encampment — September 22, 1838
Over 800 Potawatomi were forcibly removed from near Plymouth, Indiana by U. S. And Indiana Officials and taken to eastern Kansas in 1838. This historic event was named the “Trail of Death” after the tragic occurrence of 39 recorded . . . — Map (db m33251) HM
Illinois (Champaign County), Urbana — Urbana's Lincoln — Looking for Lincoln
Top Section Murder, larceny, and even rape- - -the young circuit lawyer Abraham Lincoln, practicing in Urbana, handled cases involving all of these in the courthouse which stood on this city block. Lincoln unsuccessfully defended . . . — Map (db m31119) HM
Illinois (Coles County), Charleston — Rally After the Debate / Lincoln in Coles County — Looking for Lincoln
Side One Top Section Nineteenth-century Illinois political campaigns and rallies were raucous affairs, part entertainment and part serious politics. The candidates were often accompanied or preceded by marchers, fireworks, flag . . . — Map (db m30866) HM
Illinois (Coles County), Lerna — Lincoln's Care for His Family — Looking for Lincoln
Left Section Abraham Lincoln was a frequent visitor to Cole County in the 1840's, traveling on the judicial circuit. In Charleston, according to Amanda Hanks Poorman (the daughter of Dennis Hanks), Lincoln would use the Hanks’s horse . . . — Map (db m30847) HM
Illinois (Coles County), Lerna — The Reuben Moore Home
Left Panel: “This will certify that the foregoing plot of the town of Farmington laid by me as proprietor is correct. Witness my hand and seal this 30th day of April 1852.” J. J. . . . — Map (db m30979) HM
Illinois (Coles County), Mattoon — General U. S Grant took Command
General U. S Grant near this spot on June 15, 1861 took command of his first troops in the Civil War 21st Ill. Inf. — Map (db m30903) HM
Illinois (Coles County), Oakland — Civil War Memorial
1861 - - - - 1865 In Grateful remembrance of the Civil War Veterans — Map (db m30880) HM
Illinois (Crawford County), Palestine — Auntie Gogin's Store
On this block Mary Ann (Elwell) Gogin operated a General Merchandise Store in the late nineteenth century. One of the first women in Illinois to own and manage her own store. Mrs. Gogin was affectionately known as "Auntie" to the residents of . . . — Map (db m23315) HM
Illinois (Dewitt County), Clinton — Lincoln's Friends and Foes — Looking for Lincoln
Top Section This satirical February 1863 editorial illustration, titled “The Copperhead Party, “ depicts three Copperheads advancing on Columbia. Copperheads were Southern sympathizers who saw themselves as “Peace . . . — Map (db m24235) HM
Illinois (Dewitt County), Clinton — War on the Horizon — Looking for Lincoln
Left Section When Lincoln called for troops to defend the Union, the men and boys of DeWitt County heeded his urgent request. Some who volunteered were from families who had know and befriended Lincoln during his days as a prairie lawyer . . . — Map (db m24253) HM
Illinois (Edgar County), Grandview — Grandview Township Veterans Honor Roll
Center Panel To Honor The Men and Women who Have Served Our Country Left Panel W W I Apr. 6, 1916 — Nov. 11, 1918 Atwill Augustus • Basil Bennett • Emil Bennett • James R. Bolin, Sr. • Rholand Fitzpatrick . . . — Map (db m30946) WM
Illinois (Edgar County), Paris — Zion's Camp March — Through Edgar County
In 1834, Joseph Smith, prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), together with about 200 LDS Volunteers from Kirtland, Ohio, marched to assist threatened church members in Jackson County, Missouri. Called “Zion’s . . . — Map (db m23351) HM
Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — Lincoln Stranded Here — Looking For Lincoln
Left Section In February 1855,Abraham Lincoln was with a group of sixty passengers stranded in Pontiac after a train, bound for Springfield from Chicago, became mired in a snowdrift just this side of where the village of Cayuga was . . . — Map (db m29717) HM
Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — Lincoln Wins His Case — Looking for Lincoln
Left Section Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas were opposing attorneys during Livingston County’s first regular term of circuit court, which was held on this site May 18 and 19, 1840, in Henry Weed’s log cabin. In the first . . . — Map (db m29676) HM
Illinois (Logan County), Atlanta — Abraham Lincoln - Eighth Judicial District — McLean / Logan Counties — County Line Marker
Abraham Lincoln traveled this way as he rode the Circuit of the Eighth Judicial District 1847 - 1859 — Map (db m12162) HM
Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — Postville Court House Site — Eighth Judicial Circuit
From 1839 to 1848 the seat of Logan County was Postville, which centered in the Court House located on this site. In this structure Abraham Lincoln, a member of the Traveling Bar of the Eighth Judicial Circuit, attended Court twice a year. — Map (db m12185) HM
Illinois (Logan County), Mt. Pulaski — Abraham Lincoln - Eighth Judicial District — Mt. Pulaski, Illinois — County-Seat Marker
Abraham Lincoln traveled this way as he rode the Circuit of the Eighth Judicial District ···1847 - 1857 — Map (db m12187) HM
Illinois (Logan County), Mt. Pulaski — Mt. Pulaski Court House
Mt. Pulaski served as the seat of Logan County from 1848 to 1853. The First County Court was at Postville, now part of Lincoln, Illinois. In 1848 Logan County voters approved the removal of the Court from Postville to Mt. Pulaski. Local citizens . . . — Map (db m12327) HM
Illinois (Macon County), Decatur — Lorton's Trading Post — 1816 - - 1826
In 1816 while this land area was still a part of the Illinois Territory and before Illinois became a state on December 3, 1818, two brothers named Lorton from St. Joseph, Michigan came to this vicinity and built an Indian trading house which also . . . — Map (db m33295) HM
Illinois (Macon County), Decatur — Potawatomi Trail of Death — Sangamon Crossing — 24 - 26 September, 1838
Forcibly removed from northen Indiana to eastern Kansas, over 800 Potawatomi encamped here, cared for sick, and were allowed to hunt; 2 children and 1 woman died; 39 deaths occurred along the entire route. Sponsors: Hanson Engineers, . . . — Map (db m33284) HM
Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — Lincoln The Lawyer — " A Rustic on his First Visit " — Looking for Lincoln
“A rustic on his first visit to the circus” is how John W. Baddeley, an English immigrant farmer described Abraham Lincoln on his first visit to the McLean County Courthouse as a young attorney in the summer of 1837. Lincoln was wearing . . . — Map (db m12362) HM
Illinois (McLean County), Carlock — Abraham Lincoln - Eighth Judicial District — Woodford / McLean Counties — County Line Marker
Abraham Lincoln traveled this way as he rode the Circuit of the Eighth Judicial District 1847 - 1859 — Map (db m12152) HM
Illinois (Moultrie County), Sullivan — Moultrie County Courthouses
The Moultrie County Courthouse was dedicated November 12, 1906. It was authorized by the citizens in February 1904, designed by Deal & Ginzel, Lincoln, IL and built by H. B. Walter, Danville, IL for $87,000, including furnishings. It is 75 feet by . . . — Map (db m11031) HM
Illinois (Peoria County), Peoria — Military Services Memorial Plaza
Main Text in Center Brass Plaque In Honor of the men and women who have served their country in the armed services of The United States Duty       Honor       Country With the exception of the above inscription, the brass . . . — Map (db m9323) HM
Illinois (Piatt County), Bement — Bryant Cottage — State Historic Site
Bryant Cottage was built in 1856 by Francis E. Bryant (1818 - 1889), a friend and political ally of Senator Stephen A. Douglas. According to Bryant family tradition, on the evening of July 29, 1858, Douglas and Abraham Lincoln conferred in the . . . — Map (db m23899) HM
Illinois (Piatt County), Bement — Douglas - Lincoln Debates — Looking for Lincoln
Lincoln wrote Douglas on July 24, 1858, challenging him “to divide time and address the same audiences” during the campaign. The Senator suggested seven locations, adding, “I will confer with you at the earliest . . . — Map (db m23858) HM
Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Stephen A. Douglas — “Protect the Flag” Speech
In this Old Capitol on April 25, 1861, Senator Douglas delivered his “Protect the Flag” speech, one of the most heroic and effective speeches in the English language. His plea helped save our Country and was the culmination of his great . . . — Map (db m12428) HM
Illinois (Shelby County), Shelbyville — " Let's Debate " by John McClarey
Sculptor John McClarey is a former Illinois high school history teacher with an international reputation as an artistic interpreter of Abraham Lincoln. He has won many prestigious awards for his work, including the Order of Lincoln in 2009. His . . . — Map (db m30897) HM
Illinois (Shelby County), Shelbyville — First Commercial Pick-up Baler — Historic Landmark of Agricultural Engineering
In the Shelbyville area during the Spring of 1929, Raymore McDonald designed and developed the first commercial pick-up baler as conceived and financed by Horace Tallman and his sons, Leslie R. And Gentry L. These balers were marketed for many . . . — Map (db m10992) HM
Illinois (Shelby County), Shelbyville — Freedom Square
May this site of "Freedom Square" be an eternal remembrance of those Shelby County Veterans who served and sacrificed that all people might live in a world of peace and freedom. [Left of the inscription, etching of General MacArthur walking . . . — Map (db m80914) HM
Illinois (Shelby County), Strasburg — Lincoln and Divorce — Looking for Lincoln
Left Section Abraham Lincoln handled at least 147 divorce cases during his twenty-five years as a lawyer. One in Shelby County also concerned the ownership of land. William Stewardson and Mary Jane Dawson, both English immigrants, . . . — Map (db m30805) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Catlin — Potawatomi - A Trail of Death — Sandusky Point Encampment
. . . — Map (db m11191) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Collison — Pilot Township (War) Memorial
Left Wing: We stand in deep appreciation for the Liberty we enjoy. Center: Pilot Township Memorial Left Column: Lloyd Hilleary • Gene Kinney • Robert Keal • Elmer Grimes • Lloyde Coake • Carl Wise • William . . . — Map (db m17128) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Danville — Blue Star Memorial Highway — Danville Community College
A tribute to the Armed Forces that have defended the United States of America. Sponsored by Roselawn Garden Club Danville, Illinois on their 50th anniversary, March 16, 1978. In cooperation with The Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, . . . — Map (db m10372) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Danville — Danville (Illinois) National Cemetery — War Memorial
In memory of the men who offered their lives in defense of their Country. — Map (db m17601) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Danville — Danville's Lincoln — Looking for Lincoln
Left Section Danville was a destination for Abraham Lincoln for nearly twenty years. He first came to the village of a few hundred residents when he was a thirty-two-year-old attorney in 1841. Elizabeth Harmon described the early . . . — Map (db m29481) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Danville — Lincoln / Lamon Law Office — Danville, Illinois
Abraham Lincoln occupied offices in a building on this site while practicing law in the Eighth Judicial District from 1847 - 1859. — Map (db m10723) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Danville — Women's War Memorial — Vermilion County, Illinois
Since before the founding of our Republic and throughout our history, American women have fought for freedom selflessly and with little or no recognition for their contributions. — Map (db m10548) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Danville — World War II Memorial — Vermilion County, Illinois
Upper - Center Panel Honor and Glory to our Fighting Heroes Condolence to those who’s loved ones have fallen in battle, and a proud though regrettable chapter in Vermilion County’s History of World War 2. Lower - Center . . . — Map (db m10722) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Georgetown — Georgetown Parade of Patriots Monument — Patriot Park
In Honor of All Who Have Served Who Are Serving Who Will Serve Left Bench In Honor of Our Veterans Right Bench In Honor of All Patriots Within glass cases are names of local veterans who have served or . . . — Map (db m11358) WM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Hoopeston — Dixie Highway — The Original Hubbard Trail
Map (db m36353) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Rossville — In Honor of Those Who Served — Rossville War Memorial
Center Panel Etched in the monument are the emblems of the six services (in order), US Air Force, US Army, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, US Merchant Marine, and the US Navy Revolutionary War (1) · Blackhawk War (2) · War . . . — Map (db m11778) WM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Sidell — Sidell Veterans War Memorial
Sidell Veterans War Memorial Left Panel Row One
CIVIL WAR Jesse Burns • W. T. Butler • Orville P. Hunt • Samuel Kleffman • Enoch McKee • Henry Mullen • Emanual Palmer • Thomas Ramsey • Henry Talbott • Joe Twiner • Benjamin West • . . . — Map (db m11441) WM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Tilton — Servicemen From Tilton — World War I, Korean War, Vietnam War Memorial
Center Memorial World War I Servicemen from Tilton Left Column: William E. Arnold • Jack Ashbaugh • Christ Benekas • John Lester Billman • Harry H. Blue, Sr. • Elbert O. Bolser • Milton Burlin • Ray C. Cox • Roscoe N. . . . — Map (db m11417) WM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Westville — Westville War Memorials — W.W. II — Korea — Vietnam
Large Memorial Stone Marker For God         And Country 1941         1945 They died that we might live Richard Dowiatt • Joseph Kotcher • Alex Mazeikas • Henry Kerkes • Mario Biava • Achille Delanois • Harold . . . — Map (db m10749) WM
Indiana (Bartholomew County), Columbus — Bartholomew County W.W. I - Veterans Memorial
In Honor of those who served their Country in the World War 1917 — (Seal) — 1918 (American War Mothers) Erected 1929 Bartholomew County War MothersMap (db m48341) HM
Indiana (Bartholomew County), Columbus — World War I Honor Roll & Veterans Memorial
((The ‘greatest care’ has been given to get each person’s name correct. If any mistakes are found, please contact me so correction can be made. - - Al Wolf.)) Honor Roll ——— Bartholomew County . . . — Map (db m48551) WM
Indiana (Blackford County), Hartford City — Blackford County Civil War Honor Roll
(( Front (“A - C”) - - Side )) In Honor of All Civil War Veterans of Blackford County ( Row One ) Henry B. Adams • Watson Adams • William W. Adams • David V. Addison • Philip H. Albright • Elijah H. Alexander • . . . — Map (db m54347) WM
Indiana (Boone County), Lebanon — Boone County Veterans Memorial
* * * World War I * * * 1917 —— 1918 Battle Deaths: 53,402 * * * World War II * * * 1941 —— 1945 Battle Deaths: 291,557 * * * Korean War * * * 1950 —— 1953 Battle Deaths: 33,741 . . . — Map (db m54898) HM
Indiana (Carroll County), Cutler — Adams Mill
In 1831 John Adams, Pennsylvania, built a saw mill here. In 1832 he entered land, in 1835-36 added a flouring mill. The present building was erected in 1845, restored by M. & Mrs. Claude Sheets in 1840. Boliver Village was platted around the mill in . . . — Map (db m42694) HM
Indiana (Carroll County), Delphi — The Wabash & Erie Canal — Operating The Canal
Front The Longest Canal in North America Carroll County Wabash & Erie Canal Delphi, Indiana The Wabash & Erie Canal extended 468 miles from Toledo, Ohio to Evansville, Indiana On March 2, 1827, a Congressional land grant made . . . — Map (db m35449) HM
Indiana (Carroll County), Delphi — Trail of Death — September 10, 1838 — "Winnemac's" Old Village
Here at Chief Winamac's old village, about 900 Potawatomi Indians camped on their forced removal from Indiana to Kansas. A child and a man died here during the encampment. They also left behind 24 too sick to continue. — Map (db m35399) HM
Indiana (Carroll County), Flora — Flora — The Garden Spot of Indiana
Flora’s Station, on the Logansport, Crawfordsville and Southwestern Ry., was platted in 1872 for John Flora on land entered by him in 1829. Ino Post Office established 1872, changed to Flora in 1873. Also called Fountain City from flowing wells. . . . — Map (db m42711) HM
Indiana (Clark County), Henryville — 10.1987.1 — Birthplace and Childhood Home of Col. Harland Sanders
Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken Erected 1987 by these Local Franchisees: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bagshaw Mr. & Mrs. William Bridges Mr. & Mrs. William Bright Mr. & Mrs. Roy Burchel Mr. & Mrs. Lee Cummings Mr. & Mrs. Ralph . . . — Map (db m55017) HM
Indiana (Clark County), Jeffersonville — 10.1962.1 — Civil War Hospital
Site of Jefferson General Hospital, the third largest hospital in the United States during the Civil War. Under Dr. Middleton Goldsmith's command it served over 16, 000 patients. — Map (db m46647) HM
Indiana (Clark County), Jeffersonville — Veterans Memorial
In Honor of those who Served ( Bronze Plaque ) United Spanish War Veterans Veterans of Foreign Wars The American Legion Dedicated May 30, 1955Map (db m46730) HM
Indiana (Clay County), Brazil — Memorial Building — Clay County (Indiana) Honor Roll
. . . — Map (db m18894) WM
Indiana (Clinton County), Frankfort — Revolutionary War Memorial — Soldiers Buried in Clinton County Indiana
(Upper - Bronze Plaque:) This Tablet Is Dedicated To The Memory Of The Revolution Soldiers Buried in Clinton County Captain Harmon Aughe • John Applegate • William Carter • Thomas Harris • John Reed • Frederick . . . — Map (db m21438) WM
Indiana (Dearborn County), Lawrenceburg — Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln made a famous pre-inaugural speech from his train platform near here Feb. 12, 1861, placing emphasis on the people's part in justice and good government. — Map (db m20600) HM
Indiana (Dearborn County), Lawrenceburg — Captain Samuel C. Vance — 1802 - 2002 Bicentennial Memorial to The Common Man — " The Flatboat " - Mode of River travel in 1802
Plaque One Captain Samuel C. Vance Our Founder Plaque Two In memory of Captain Vance and the pioneer families who endured the hardships of flatboat travel to reach this place in the wilderness. They lived in log cabins . . . — Map (db m20604) HM
Indiana (Dearborn County), Lawrenceburg — Dearborn County Korean War Memorial
KOREAN WAR This plaque is dedicated in grateful remembrance of the men of Dearborn County who served their Country in the Korean War. In God we trust — Map (db m22173) WM
Indiana (Decatur County), Greensburg — 16.2008.1 — Escape of Caroline, 1847
Side one: Caroline and her four children escaped Kentucky slave owner October 31, 1847; they crossed Ohio River near Madison. After passing near here, Fugit Township black and white residents hid family close to Clarksburg. While hidden, . . . — Map (db m44743) HM
Indiana (Decatur County), Greensburg — Spanish American War Veterans
( Front Plaque ) ( Bronze “Crest” of the “Spanish War Veterans 1898 - 1902" ) ( Obverse Plaque ) ( Likeness of the Original Memorial ) Original Spanish American War Memorial On 24 August . . . — Map (db m44798) WM
Indiana (Delaware County), Muncie — 18.1996.1 — Shaffer Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Structure, circa 1893, is Muncie's oldest standing public school building. Purchased by church congregation, circa 1928. Rallying point in August 1930 when bodies of two African-American men, lynched in Marion, were brought to Muncie for embalmment . . . — Map (db m31346) HM
Indiana (Delaware County), Muncie — World War I War Memorial — The Spirit of the American Doughboy
The Elizabeth Sears Memorial to Deceased Veterans of the World War 1917 - 18 — Map (db m31347) HM
Indiana (Fayette County), Connersville — "Elmhurst"
Erected 1831 by Oliver H. Smith. Later home of Caleb B. Smith, Secretary of Interior under Lincoln and Grand Master of Indiana Masons. Restored 1941 as home for local Masonic bodies. — Map (db m44768) HM
Indiana (Fayette County), Connersville — 21.1966.1 — The Whitewater Canal
In 1836 construction began on this fifty-six lock, one hundred one mile canal. Opened from Lawrenceburg to Brookville (1839), it was extended to Laurel and Cincinnati (1843), Connersville (1845), Cambridge City (1846), and Hagerstown (1847). — Map (db m44741) HM
Indiana (Floyd County), New Albany — Carnegie's Lasting Gifts
Andrew Carnegie rose from humble beginnings in Scotland to become one of America’s most famous philanthropists. From his first job at 13 in a cotton mill to his position as head of The Carnegie Steel Company, Carnegie remembered his path to success . . . — Map (db m46793) HM
Indiana (Floyd County), New Albany — 22.2005.1 — Division Street School
Side 'One' Because of the growing number of African-American school-age children, the New Albany School Board authorized a new elementary school for them June 1884. It opened here 1885. An 1869 Indiana law had mandated education of colored . . . — Map (db m46620) HM
Indiana (Floyd County), New Albany — Korean Conflict / Vietnam Conflict - Floyd County — Floyd County
In honored memory of Floyd County men who gave their lives for our country 1950 ---- The Korean Conflict ---- 1955 (Row One) - Edward C. Andres • John H. Berryman • William S. Blasdel • Marvin L. Davis • George E. Franklin • Hugh . . . — Map (db m46961) WM
Indiana (Floyd County), New Albany — Lucy Higgs Nichols
Side ‘One’ Lucy, born a slave April 10, 1838, was owned by the Higgs family that by 1850 lived near Bolivar, Tennessee. She gained her freedom in 1862 by escaping to the 23rd Regiment, Indiana Volunteers camped nearby. She worked as a nurse . . . — Map (db m46622) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Attica — Devon Theater — Art Deco Style — Built in 1938
. . . — Map (db m7934) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Attica — Dr. John Evans — 1814 – 1897 — Logan Township
Doctor – Educator – Builder – Financier. Attica, Indiana Doctor, 1839–1845 Founder: Indiana Hospital for Insane. Chicago Mercy Hospital: City of Evanston, Ill. Northwestern University - U. of Denver. Rush . . . — Map (db m9947) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Attica — Harrison Hills Country Club House — Restoration and Preservation — Tudor Revival
. . . — Map (db m19771) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Attica — 23.2003.1 — Ravine Park
American Indians frequented this area, rich in natural resources. The ravine provided water from natural springs, marl for lime, and clay for bricks for nineteenth-century residents of Attica, platted 1825. City became owner of ravine 1906 when . . . — Map (db m3311) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Covington — Fountain County Clerk's Building — Fountain County Art Council
Historic Landmarks of Fountain County Award Presented to Fountain County Art Council for Restoration and Preservation of Fountain County Clerk's Building Built 1842. — Map (db m21155) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Covington — Portland Arch Natural Preserve
has been designated a National Natural Landmark This site possesses exceptional value as an illustration of the nation's natural heritage and contributes to a better understanding of the environment — Map (db m10093) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Kingman — Kingman Indiana — Est. 1886
David J. Ratliff platted his farm land just North of State Street through which the new Chicago, Attica, & Southern railway passed. The town was named after the foreman of the construction crew. The town South of State Street was Fountainville until . . . — Map (db m36101) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Silverwood — Fulton Township — Lodi Mineral and Artesian Well
Salt discovered by Norbourn Thomas in 1829. Capacity: 200 bushel of salt every 24 hours. Depth 1,135 feet - Deepest in the United States at that time. Artesian water of Medicinal value was discovered. Became a Health Spa in 1921. Water . . . — Map (db m20482) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Veedersburg — Veedersburg Memorial Park — Honoring All Veterans
(Engraved near the top are the Seals of the United States Army, United States Navy, United States Army Air Corps, United States Marine Corps, and United States Coast Guard)Map (db m7804) WM
Indiana (Franklin County), Brookville — 24.2002.1 — Brookville's Grandstand
Side one This grandstand built 1922 to seat 1, 000 and serve fans of new Brookville semi-pro team. Twenty box seats included to help pay for construction. Central platform included for community activities. Facility later used for youth . . . — Map (db m44693) HM
Indiana (Franklin County), Metamora — Metamora Masonic Lodge
This stone building, constructed in the 1840's, was owned and used by a number of families prominent in early history of Metamora. These included Martindale, Watkins, Allison and Wiley. The ground floor was a general merchandising establishment, . . . — Map (db m44865) HM
Indiana (Franklin County), Metamora — 24.19??.? — Whitewater Canal
Important waterway of pioneer commerce. Built 1836 - 47 from Lawrenceburg to Hagerstown, with branch to Cincinnati. Used until 1860. Fifteen-mile section restored by state. — Map (db m44708) HM
Indiana (Fulton County), Rochester — History of Rochester College
In 1893 a public spirited group of businessmen and educators decided that Rochester, Indiana, was a strategic location for a Normal College. Those who spearheaded the promotion were Dr. W. S. Shafer, Prof. George Suman and Prof. W. H. Banta. The . . . — Map (db m35490) HM
Indiana (Fulton County), Rochester — W. W. I War Memorial — Fulton County Indiana
In Memory of the Fulton County sons who gave their lives in the World War that America might live ————————— Clarence Oren Benge • John W. Black • Earnest V. Burns • Claud Everett . . . — Map (db m35492) HM
Indiana (Gibson County), Princeton — Gibson County Korean - Vietnam Honor Rolls
( Center Panel ) “They have earned the undying esteem and respect of all thoughtful and freedom-loving Americans for their overriding devotion and sense of duty to our Nation.” — President Ronald Reagan — . . . — Map (db m48224) WM
Indiana (Gibson County), Princeton — Gibson County World Wars I and II Honor Roll
(( Center Panel )) Erected by the Service Mother ( Across Both Side Panels ) In Commemoration of the Valor and Sacrifice of our Heroes in World Wars I and II (( Left Panel )) ( Row One ) Charles T. Alvis . . . — Map (db m48101) WM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — Grant County (Indiana) Veterans Memorial
In Honor of all the men and women who served in the Armed Forces - - - - - - - - Grant County AMVETS Post #5Map (db m44257) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — Marion (Indiana) W.W. I Honor Roll
Marion Boys who gave their lives in the World War ( Row One ) Vaugh Beekman • Melvin Bookins • Chester Biggs • Victor Baughman • Fred Button • Ashton Baldwin • Harry Lee Craig • William Cromwell (Col.) • Russel Denton • John . . . — Map (db m44307) WM
Indiana (Greene County), Bloomfield — Greene County ( Indiana ) War Memorial
(Front - Center Panel:) Engraving of Liberty Bell Dedicated to the Veterans of Greene County who Served Honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States and In Honored Memory of Those Who Gave their Lives in . . . — Map (db m21808) WM
Indiana (Greene County), Bloomfield — Veterans of All Conflicts — Greene County Indiana
Dedicated to The Veterans of All Conflicts Sept. 3, 1979 Greene County Veterans Council — Map (db m21780) HM
Indiana (Harrison County), Corydon — Bell Predates the Civil War
In loving memory David J. Dukes, M.D. July 16, 1927 — June 15, 1991 Remembered for his love of music, church, sailing, family, and his fellow man. The bell predates the Civil War and may have been in the First Methodist Church around . . . — Map (db m9686) HM
Indiana (Harrison County), Corydon — 31.1962.2 — First State Capital
Corydon became the first state capital of Indiana in 1816. The first constitution was drawn up and the first sessions of the state legislature and supreme court convened here. — Map (db m9712) HM
Indiana (Harrison County), Corydon — 31.1965.3 — Governor's Headquarters — Hendricks House
Home of Governor William Hendricks 1822-1825 while he was Governor of Indiana. Front room was Governor's Headquarters. Hendricks was also Secretary of Constitutional Convention. House wa built 1817 by Davis Floyd, Territorial Auditor and Treasurer . . . — Map (db m9711) HM
Indiana (Harrison County), Corydon — Hottell Insurance Building
Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by The United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m9644) HM
Indiana (Harrison County), Corydon — 31.1965.4 — Presbyterian Church
Organized under Louisville Presbytery, Synod of Kentucky, January 1819 by Rev. John Finley Crowe who later founded Hanover College. Early Church services were held in homes and in State Capitol prior to building first church 1826. Original church . . . — Map (db m9713) HM
Indiana (Harrison County), Corydon — 31.2003.3 — St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church
Side one Free blacks and former slaves organized an African Methodist Episcopal congregation in Corydon by 1843. In 1851, church trustees purchased land in Corydon in order to build a church and for school purposes. In 1878, church . . . — Map (db m9752) HM
Indiana (Harrison County), Corydon — World War I — German 150 M.M. Howitzer — No. 1088
This 2 ½ Ton artillery piece was captured by American forces on the Western Front in 1918. Made by the Fried. Krupp Co. Essen, Germany in 1917. The largest arms manufacturer in the world at that time. It could fire a 93 lb. high . . . — Map (db m9679) HM
Indiana (Hendricks County), Danville — 32.2001.1 — Danville’s Carnegie Library
(Side one): At May 1902 meeting newly-formed Library Board authorized lot purchase and tax levy to support a public library as required by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie for funding. Designed by S. C. Dark of Indianapolis in Classical . . . — Map (db m238) HM
Indiana (Henry County), Knightstown — The National Road — West
Knightstown—first town platted on National Road after survey, 1827—named after noted surveyor Jonathan Knight. Home of American Communications Network founded, in 1966, to preserve and perpetuate the “Ideals that built . . . — Map (db m271) HM
Indiana (Jackson County), Brownstown — 36.1966.2 — In Memory of Col. John Ketcham / Time Capsule
In Memory of Col. John Ketcham 1782 - 1865 Fearless pioneer, Ranger, surveyor, public servant who dedicated this public square for seat of government of Jackson County, Ind. when Brownstown was founded April 8, 1816. Time Capsule . . . — Map (db m46756) HM
Indiana (Jackson County), Brownstown — Jackson County W.W. I Veterans Memorial
Erected in Memory of World War Veterans of Jackson Co. by The Brownstown Study Club April 6, 1930Map (db m46722) HM
Indiana (Jasper County), Rensselaer — Jasper County Veterans Memorial
In honor of all who served our country in the Armed Forces from Jasper County — Map (db m27713) HM
Indiana (Jefferson County), Madison — Lt. General Walter Krueger
Walter Krueger, born in Prussia 1881, raised in Madison, In Attended Madison School System Rose from a Private during the Spanish-American War to Lt. General Commanding the 6th Corps. of the Army in WW II. Attended the Surrender . . . — Map (db m22059) HM
Indiana (Jennings County), North Vernon — 40.1999.1 — Muscatatuck Park
Side one: Opened 1921 as Indiana's fourth state park for its natural beauty and recreation potential. Named Vinegar Mills State Park after stone-cutting mill in park. Renamed Muscatatuck State Park 1922. Stone shelters and stairways, . . . — Map (db m45877) HM
Indiana (Jennings County), Vernon — New Survey Markers Set
Sept. 12, 1895 True North-South Meridian line established and stones set by Chas. Miles, County Surveyor. 1921 Courtyard fill buried stones until relocated by County Surveyor Bill McGrew July 12, 1981. New Markers donated and set by Our Heritage . . . — Map (db m45811) HM
Indiana (Johnson County), Franklin — Hopewell Academy 1855 to 1884
Education-minded Hopewell Presbyterian Church members opened a six-room coed academy to the east in 1855. John Covert led builders using whip-sawed timers. Only nails were bought. Academy literary societies flourished. Pre-Civil War, it . . . — Map (db m66744) HM
Indiana (Johnson County), Greenwood — The Birthplace of Banking in Greenwood
The first bank, the Bank of Greenwood, was started in 1892 in a brick building that was built on this site by Grafton Johnson. It became the Greenwood Banking Co. In 1893 and was The First National Bank from 1906 to 1930, when the banking firm moved . . . — Map (db m69316) HM
Indiana (Johnson County), Providence — Providence
Laid out October 31, 1835, as Union Village, Willis Deer and Corbin Utterback, proprietors. Town originated from an early trading point. Providence P. O. Established on June 17, 1880. — Map (db m66743) HM
Indiana (Johnson County), Whiteland — Whetzel Trace
Jacob Whetzel’s 1818 Trace from Laurel on Whitewater to White River, and the Madison Trail crossed near here. Here Whetzel made camp while cutting the Trace. In 1822 Daniel Loper built the first cabin in Clark Township here. — Map (db m69355) HM
Indiana (Knox County), Vincennes — Sarah Knox Taylor
Two blocks South of this marker on March 6, 1814, was born Sarah Knox Taylor Daughter of Capt. And Mrs. Zachary Taylor Miss Taylor married Lieut. Jefferson Davis at Louisville, Kentucky on June 17, 1835 and died in West Feliciana . . . — Map (db m23263) HM
Indiana (Knox County), Vincennes — The Grand Opera House
Built here, 1858 - - operated until 1919. Julia Marlowe made her debut in this famous theater and such great actors as Edwin Booth, Maude Adams, Joseph Jefferson, John Drew, and The Barrymores played to large and appreciative audiences. — Map (db m23283) HM
Indiana (Knox County), Vincennes — 42.2006.1 — William Henry Harrison - & - Lewis & Clark Expedition — Expedition Contact Person
Side One Harrison became Governor of Indiana Territory 1800; he administered government of District of Louisiana 1804-1805. In Vincennes, he served as a contact during the expedition; surviving records document his support and his . . . — Map (db m23251) HM
Indiana (LaGrange County), LaGrange — LaGrange County American Revolution Memorial
. . . — Map (db m53908) HM
Indiana (LaGrange County), LaGrange — LaGrange County Organized 1832
Corner Stone laid with public ceremony. Aug. 15th A.D. 1878. County Organized May 14th A.D. 1832. Jacob Vandevanter Edmund Littlefield Arthur Barrows First Commissioners. Joshua T. Hobbs First . . . — Map (db m53924) HM
Indiana (LaPorte County), LaPorte — 46.2001.1 — LaPorte County Courthouse
Side One County formed by Indiana General Assembly and La Porte selected county seat 1832. Three courthouses built on this site: first 1833, second 1847-1848. Present courthouse constructed 1892-1894 of Lake Superior Red Sandstone; designed . . . — Map (db m43373) HM
Indiana (LaPorte County), LaPorte — 46.2003.1 — The Rumely Companies
Side One Meinrad Rumely (1823-1904), a German immigrant, founded a blacksmith shop here 1853, which grew into a dominant company through reorganizations and acquisitions. Rumely companies in La Porte benefited from available rail . . . — Map (db m43362) HM
Indiana (LaPorte County), LaPorte — World War Memorial Tree LaPorte County (Indiana)
This Tree Planted in memory of Those who served in the Wold War from LaPorte County - - - - - - - - - Service Star Legion — Map (db m43514) HM
Indiana (Lawrence County), Bedford — Lawrence Park
From 1851 to 1892 this was the location of the first railroad depot in Lawrence County. It was built by the New Albany and Salem R. R. And handled both passengers and freight. Starting in 1876 it was also the depot of the narrow gauge Bedford and . . . — Map (db m48299) HM
Indiana (Lawrence County), Bedford — Site of the Bedford Branch of the State Bank of Indiana — 1834 —– 1854
Created by the Legislature on January 28, 1834, it was one of ten original branch banks. This institution served six counties and contributed greatly to Bedford’s growth. First President was Col. William McLane, followed by John Vestal. . . . — Map (db m48302) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1964.1 — Civil War Arsenal 1861 - 1864
Governor Oliver P. Morton established a state arsenal to supply Indiana's troops with ammunition. First located adjacent to the State Capitol, the arsenal was later moved to the present site of Arsenal Technical High School. — Map (db m55548) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Oliver Perry Morton — The Great War Governor
Plaque One Born in Wayne Co. Indiana August 4, 1823. Died in Indianapolis November 1, 1877. Aged 54 years, 2month and 25 days. Admitted to the Bar in 1847. Served as Governor of Indiana from January 16, 1861 to March 4, 1867. . . . — Map (db m55573) HM
Indiana (Marshall County), Plymouth — Honor Roll - Marshall County Indiana — Those Who Gave Their All
( Front ) This Memorial dedicated to those from Marshall County who gave their all in the service of their Country - - - 1917 - - - World War I - - - 1918 - - - ( Column One ) William E. Albert ● Earnest A. Anderson . . . — Map (db m36771) WM
Indiana (Marshall County), Plymouth — Potawatomi Indian Village
Archaeological evidence suggests that Chief Menominee's Village was located approximately 2½ miles southeast of here on the northern bank of the Yellow River near Wolf Creek. — Map (db m40806) HM
Indiana (Marshall County), Plymouth — Replica of The Statue of Liberty — Plymouth Indiana
With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the freedom of these United States The Boy Scouts of America Dedicate this copy of the Statue of Liberty as a Pledge of everlasting Fidelity and . . . — Map (db m44297) HM
Indiana (Montgomery County), Crawfordsville — All Veterans in War and Peace
This monument is erected in appreciation and dedicated to the memory of All Veterans who served our country in War and Peace — Map (db m58388) HM
Indiana (Montgomery County), Crawfordsville — 54.1995.1 — Speed Cabin
Site of house reputed to be a stop on the "Underground Railroad." Reconstructed cabin, which was portion of house owned by John Allen Speed, now located on grounds of lane Mansion. Speed, active in abolitionist movement, was Mayor of Crawfordsville, . . . — Map (db m3870) HM
Indiana (Montgomery County), Crawfordsville — Wabash Avenue Presbyterian Church
In 1824, Presbyterians worshipped together for the first time in Montgomery County in an unfinished log cabin. Expressing their religious mission through education, Presbyterians founded Wabash College in 1832 and the county's first free preschool . . . — Map (db m9126) HM
Indiana (Montgomery County), Crawfordsville — Wabash College Students who Served in the Civil War
~∮ ~∮ ~ ~ Roll of Honor ~ ~∮ ~∮ ( Row One ) ~ ~ ~ Major Generals ~ ~ ~ Lewis Wallace ▫ Edward R. S. Canby ▫ Joseph J. Reynolds ~ ~ ~ Brigadier Generals ~ ~ ~ John C. Black . . . — Map (db m57968) WM
Indiana (Montgomery County), Linden — Linden Indiana Railroad Depot — Linden Railroad Museum
This Property has been Placed on National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. — Map (db m9368) HM
Indiana (Montgomery County), Wingate — Council Grove Minute Men — Horse Thief Detective Association
The first horse thief detective association organized in the U.S.A. was founded at this place June 1845 and incorporated February 1848. * * * Incorporators * * * James Meharry, William Cosseboon, Absolom Kirkpatrick, Jesse MeHarry, . . . — Map (db m36199) HM
Indiana (Noble County), Albion — Noble County Seat
Albion - Noble County Seat The Center - later named Albion was chosen the Seat of Noble County Indiana by the vote of its citizens in August 1846. Since that time three courthouses have been located on this square. The first which . . . — Map (db m53950) HM
Indiana (Ohio County), Rising Sun — Ohio County Veteran's Memorial
( Veterans Memorial ) ( Front - Side ) In Honor of Ohio County Veterans ( Encircling - - Seals - - Branches of the United States Military ) ( - United States Flag - ) Dedicated November 11, 2000 ( . . . — Map (db m45980) WM
Indiana (Orange County), Orleans — Orleans School Bell — Bell "Rang" for 101 Years
This bell rung in the Orleans Academy building when built in 1864, remained in the enlarged public school building until it was razed in 1965. — Map (db m22095) HM
Indiana (Orange County), Paoli — Orange County Civil War Memorial
1903 Presented by the Government to Williamson Post No. 364, G. A. R., and by the Post to Orange County, in Memory of Her Soldiers of 1861 - - - 1865 — Map (db m47424) HM
Indiana (Owen County), Spencer — Owen County (Indiana) War Memorial — The Spirit of the American Doughboy
(Front Plaque) In Grateful Recognition of the Patriotic Service Rendered by The Men and Women of Owen County During the World War 1917 - 1918 (Back Plaque) This tablet is erected in memory of these men of . . . — Map (db m19372) WM
Indiana (Parke County), Bloomingdale — 61.1970.1 — Dennis Hall — Western Manual Labor School — Friends Bloomingdale Academy
An 1860 addition to Western Manual Labor School. The school was operated by Quakers from 1846 to 1916. The name was changed to Friends Bloomingdale Academy in 1862. — Map (db m17258) HM
Indiana (Parke County), Rockville — Korea — 1950       1953
Dedicated to those who served for God and Country that the eternal verities, upon which this Nation is founded, might live Charles Ray Chaney Hobert Decker Robert Lee Delp Keith Hammon Wilbert R. Harper Robert Dean Hutson . . . — Map (db m3804) HM
Indiana (Parke County), Rockville — 61.1968.3 — Mansfield circa 1820
First named New Dublin. Later called Strain's Mills before being named Mansfield during the 1830s. — Map (db m18885) HM
Indiana (Parke County), Rockville — Naming of Rockville
In February, 1824, this site was chosen as the permanent seat of justice for Parke County. Eight men christened the town-to-be in honor of the ancient boulders found here. — Map (db m8927) HM
Indiana (Parke County), Rockville — State Sanatorium Covered Bridge
The State Sanatorium Covered Bridge is a single-span Kingpost Truss Burr Arch structure with a span length of 154 feet. It was constructed in 1913 by Joseph A. Britton. The bridge is listed on both the National Register of Historic . . . — Map (db m59773) HM
Indiana (Parke County), Wallace — First Church Built in Parke County 1828 — Wolf Creek Church and Cemetery
Primitive Baptist Faith Served Wolf Creek Community till 1917 when the present Church was dedicated — Map (db m10004) HM
Indiana (Perry County), Troy — 62.1961.1 — Abraham S. Fulton
brother of Robert Fulton, inventor of the steamboat, is buried in Troy Cemetery near this spot. He was fatally injured while felling trees to build the family home on the site called Fulton Hill. The Fulton family owned extensive acreage in Perry . . . — Map (db m47349) HM
Indiana (Pike County), Petersburg — Pike County War Memorial
(Center Panel:) In Memory of the Men and Women of Pike County who gave their lives for Democracy Korean Robert E. Kirby • John F. Scherer • Donald W. Sharp • John White, Jr • Wayne Leffler World War . . . — Map (db m23363) WM
Indiana (Porter County), Valparaiso — The Lincoln Highway
[ Map of The Lincoln Highway across the United States is at top of marker with the following text under it: ] The Lincoln Highway was the first “Coast to Coast” road covering 3,389 miles across the USA. It was the . . . — Map (db m43404) HM
Indiana (Posey County), Mount Vernon — Home of Alvin P. Hovey — Governor of Indiana — 1889 — 1891
He served his fellow man with distinction as lawyer, Judge, Civil War General, Diplomat and Congressman. Erected by the Posey County Historical Society Inc. 1975Map (db m48119) HM
Indiana (Pulaski County), Winamac — Pulaski County — Organized May 1839
Named in honor of American Revolutionary War hero from Poland, Count Casimir Pulaski, general under George Washington. Pulaski (killed during the siege of Savannah in 1779) fought and gave his life for the cause of American independence. — Map (db m42683) HM
Indiana (Putnam County), Greencastle — Cannon's Men's Wear 1891 -- 1985
When a tailor from Ireland came to Greencastle to continue his trade, he brought with him a family name that was to be prominent in the Greencastle business community for more than 125 years. The craftsman was Frank Cannon, Sr. Frank arrived in . . . — Map (db m56272) HM
Indiana (Putnam County), Greencastle — Eitel's Flowers
In 1908, John and Anna Marie Eitel established John Eitel and Son Florist on 13 acres located in the Higgert Subdivision of Greencastle. In 1913 John’s son, Jacob Eitel opened a retail establishment on East Franklin Street. Relocating several times . . . — Map (db m56271) HM
Indiana (Putnam County), Greencastle — 67.2006.1 — Kappa Alpha Theta — First Female Greek-letter College Fraternity
Side one On January 27, 1870, Bettie Locke, Alice Allen, Hannah Fitch, and Bettie Tipton established first female Greek-letter college fraternity, Kappa Alpha Theta, at Indiana Asbury University. Fraternity fostered unity, promoted . . . — Map (db m18832) HM
Indiana (Putnam County), Greencastle — Korean and Vietnam War Memorial
In Honor of Those who Served in Korea & Vietnam Dedicated by the People of Putnam County — Map (db m18834) WM
Indiana (Putnam County), Greencastle — Putnam County Revolutionary War Memorial
In Memory of the Revolutionary Dead of Putnam County Erected by Washburn Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution 1776 — 1915Map (db m56264) HM
Indiana (Putnam County), Greencastle — The Ancient Peoples Who Once Walked Here
We seldom pause to think of the peoples who long ago (some say 13,000 B.C. - 8,000 B. C.) Moved back and forth across this land. We know nothing, about these “Old Ones” and their times, they left no traces visible to us. They are known . . . — Map (db m56415) HM
Indiana (Randolph County), Winchester — First in Nation — with All Rural Consolidated High Schools
Randolph County first in Nation with all Rural Consolidated High Schools Lee L. Driver, School Superintendent Lincoln (1st) • McKinley Spartanburg • Lynn Farmland • Parker Jefferson • Saratoga Ridgeville • Green Stoney Creek . . . — Map (db m31380) HM
Indiana (Ripley County), Osgood — The Fugitive Trail
One of the main Underground Railroad routes came from Madison to the Ohio River north to Holton, Otter Village, and east to Osgood. It then followed the rail line east to Laughery switch, then turned north to Napoleon. So many fugitive slaves . . . — Map (db m45938) HM
Indiana (Ripley County), Versailles — 69.1963.1 — Morgan's Raid — July 8-13, 1863
General John Hunt Morgan, Confederate cavalry commander, occupied Versailles on Sunday afternoon, July 12. Having seized county treasury he moved North at 4:00 P.M. as Union forces began to close in upon him. — Map (db m45874) HM
Indiana (Rush County), Rushville — 70.1969.1 — Wendell L. Willkie — 1892 – 1944
Lawyer and business leader - Republican presidential nominee, 1940 - the only native Hoosier to be nominated for the Presidency by a major political party - author of One World - grave and memorial in East Hill Cemetery, Rushville. — Map (db m66844) HM
Indiana (Rush County), Rushville — 70.1969.2 — Wendell L. Willkie, 1892 - 1944
Lawyer and business leader - Republican presidential nominee, 1940 - the only native Hoosier to be nominated for the Presidency by a major political party - author of One World - grave and memorial in East Hill Cemetery, Rushville. — Map (db m66843) HM
Indiana (Scott County), Scottsburg — 72.2001.1 — Scott County Courthouse
Side A: County formed by Indiana General Assembly 1820. First county seat located at Lexington; first courthouse built 1821. Several attempts made 1822-1870 to move county seat to more central location, creating animosity among . . . — Map (db m22063) HM
Indiana (Shelby County), Shelbyville — Civil War Memorial - Shelby County Indiana
( Engraved on Front ): Dumont Post No. 18 1861 - - - 1865 We honor you for your valiant service to our Country, in time of War, and in time of Peace. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Number of enlistments, 3261. ( . . . — Map (db m32222) WM
Indiana (Spencer County), Rockport — A Rocky Beginning
James Lankford settled in the Rockport area in 1808, moving his wife and daughter into a cave under the bluff overlooking the Ohio River. Other settlers moved into the lowland that became downtown Rockport (originally dubbed Hanging Rock). By . . . — Map (db m47615) HM
Indiana (Spencer County), Rockport — A Visit Home
In October, 1844 Abraham Lincoln saddled up his horse and set out from Springfield, Illinois, for a trip back to his boyhood home in Spencer County, Indiana. It had been 14 years since he had left, and his term as a state legislator was over. He was . . . — Map (db m47599) HM
Indiana (Spencer County), Rockport — Revolutionary War Honor Roll - Spencer County
In Honor of the Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Spencer County Indiana (Row One) - - Thomas Blair • David Chancellor • Lodowich Davis • Abraham Hornbeck • James Jones • Thomas Jones (Row Two) - - Zachariah Briant • William Kelly • William . . . — Map (db m47405) HM
Indiana (St. Joseph County), South Bend — 71.2010.1 — Lincoln & Dixie Highways
Lincoln Highway Association, formed 1913, promoted and procured a route from New York to California, Dixie Highway Association, formed 1915, worked similarly from Canada to Florida routes. Highways intersected here and . . . — Map (db m53874) HM
Indiana (St. Joseph County), South Bend — Replica of the Statue of Liberty
With the faith and courage of their forefathers who made possible the Freedom of these United States The Boy Scouts of America Dedicate this copy of the Statue of Liberty as a pledge of Fidelity and Loyalty . . . — Map (db m53875) HM
Indiana (St. Joseph County), South Bend — St. Joseph County Civil War Monument
( Front Plaque ) 1861 –––– 1865 In grateful recognition of the patriotism, services, and sacrifices of our soldiers in the war of the Union, we, the people of St. Joseph County, have erected this . . . — Map (db m53896) WM
Indiana (Steuben County), Angola — Steuben County Court House
Built in 1867 - 1868 on site of original 1841 structure, of material native to Steuben County. Architect: Freeborn Patterson Superintendent of Construction: H. A. Wakefield Construction Contractors: Holmes & Miles (LaPorte) Cost: . . . — Map (db m53930) HM
Indiana (Sullivan County), Fairbanks — 77.1992.1 — A Civil War Murder — John Drake - Shot
Numerous violent conflicts erupted in Sullivan County during the Civil War over differing war sentiments. On July 14, 1864, anti-war Democrat John Drake was fatally shot at a community picnic near here. The Union soldier who shot Drake was . . . — Map (db m21763) HM
Indiana (Sullivan County), Fairbanks — 77.1989.4 — Fairbanks' Massacre — Sergeant Nathan Fairbanks
A War of 1812 military action occurred in September 1812 three miles west/southwest of here. While escorting supplies from Fort Knox near Vincennes to Fort Harrison at Terre Haute, Sergeant Nathan Fairbanks and approximately a dozen soldiers were . . . — Map (db m21761) HM
Indiana (Switzerland County), Vevay — Jail
Replacing two earlier log jails, this limestone rock jail was built in 1854 by Joseph Peelman for $3,000. — Map (db m45988) HM
Indiana (Switzerland County), Vevay — Switzerland County Courthouse
The first brick courthouse on this site was built in 1816. The present courthouse was completed in 1864 by John Haley at a cost of $26,135.40. The annex was added in 2005. The courthouse was listed on the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and . . . — Map (db m45995) HM
Indiana (Tippecanoe County), Battle Ground — World War I Veterans Memorial — Tippecanoe Township
( South Side: ) Memorial to the World War Veterans of Tippecanoe Township 1917 — 1918 (Drinking Fountain) ( East Side ) Raymond D. Baker • Alva Beaven • Norman E. Beeker • Samuel T. Beeker • Dr. Frank . . . — Map (db m36203) WM
Indiana (Tippecanoe County), Lafayette — A Tribute to Joe Rumpza - The Vegetable King — 1922 - 2002
Potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins and greens, sumptuous sweet-corn, all sorts of beans, cantaloupe, honeydew, name any melon, planted then ripened, soon ready for sellin’. What sort of hard-workin’ son-of-gun could get things to market, get . . . — Map (db m34229) HM
Indiana (Tippecanoe County), Lafayette — Davis Ferry
The first white man known to have resided in the Tippecanoe Township was a Frenchman named William Burnett who establish a trading post between the mouth of Burnett's creek and the Tippecanoe River. Burnett's daughter married John Davis who . . . — Map (db m36235) HM
Indiana (Tippecanoe County), Lafayette — 79.1997.1 — Highland Park
Neighborhood in late-Victorian "landscape garden suburb" style, designed by Cincinnati firm, Earnshaw and Punshon. Platted 1891, 1893. Houses are of a wide variety of architectural styles. Important for this suburban development was 1892 spur on . . . — Map (db m34222) HM
Indiana (Tippecanoe County), Lafayette — Tippecanoe County War Memorial — Spain - Philippine Insurrection - China Relief Expedition — Cuba - Porta Rico
( Upper Plaque: ) United * Spanish * War * Veterans * 1898 * 1902 * Philippine Islands Cuba Porto Rico U. S. A. ( Lower Plaque: ) In memory of our comrades who on land and sea defended the Nation’s Honor in . . . — Map (db m34824) WM
Indiana (Tippecanoe County), Lafayette — Trail of Death — September 13, 1838 — Lagrange on Wabash River
Over 850 Potawatomi Indians camped here on the Wabash River in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, Sept. 13, 1838, on the forced removal from Indiana to Kansas. There were 106 sick so two doctors were called in, Drs. Ritchie & son. Sanford Cox later wrote . . . — Map (db m33811) HM
Indiana (Tippecanoe County), Shadeland — Scott's Expedition — Against the Wea
Side A Just after noon, June 1, 1791, from the elevation to the south, now known as “High Gap”, Brigadier General Charles Scott, his 33 officers, and 760 mounted Kentucky Militiamen rode toward the smoke of cooking fires rising . . . — Map (db m34956) HM
Indiana (Tippecanoe County), West Lafayette — History - Main Street Bridge — Lafayette -and- West Lafayette
Right Panel First Bridge at this site a three span wooden toll bridge erected in 1865. Purchased by Tippecanoe County in 1871. Second Bridge, a steel three span bridge erected in 1889. Rendered useless by the flood of March 18, 1913. Low . . . — Map (db m35224) HM
Indiana (Tipton County), Kempton — The Dunham House
In 1849, Jacob Dunham and Catherine Goodnight Dunham, originally from Virginia and Pennsylvania, purchased this land, formerly part of the Miami Indian Reserve, through a U. S. Land Grant. Their grandson, William Riley Dunham, was an Indiana . . . — Map (db m37787) HM
Indiana (Tipton County), Tipton — Tipton County (Indiana) Veterans Memorial — Tipton County Courthouse
Tipton County Veterans Memorial — Map (db m37857) HM
Indiana (Union County), Liberty — Union County Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the Memory of those who served their Country 1977 — Map (db m44806) HM
Indiana (Vanderburgh County), Evansville — 82.1947.1 — Wabash and Erie Canal
Completed from Lake Erie to Evansville, 1853. Used till 1865. Passing from 5th St. to 1st Ave., canal widened into basin for docks covering part of this square. — Map (db m47817) HM
Indiana (Vermillion County), Dana — Ernie Pyle - - Home
Ernie Pyle State Historic Site — Map (db m8904) HM
Indiana (Vermillion County), Universal — Universal World War II Honor Roll
(Front of Memorial) In Appreciation of Everyone from this Community who served during World War II ( Row One ) Billy Samson ▫ Albert Koma ▫ Jack Lewis ▫ John Hardie ▫ Jesse Allen ▫ Thomas . . . — Map (db m58452) WM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — 84.1966.2 — Chauncey Rose - - 1794 - 1877
Home of early business and civic leader who built his fortune on honesty, frugality and hard work. He used his wealth generously for the care of orphans, medicine for the sick and the education of youth. — Map (db m58379) HM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — Civil War Memorial
Lest We Forget — Map (db m58487) HM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — Colonel Richard W. Thompson
Colonel Richard W. Thompson June 9, 1809 - - Feb. 9, 1900 Orator - Statesman Partiot - Friend — Map (db m19772) HM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — Gold Medal Plaza
Dedicated to these three Garfield High School athletes who took our community to ‘A Level Above’. Terre Haute - parks & recreation Gold Medal Sponsors City of Terre Haute A Friend of Union Hospital First . . . — Map (db m58420) HM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — Jerry Wurf
1919 - - - - - 1981 President, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), 1964 - 1981 As president of AFSCME, Jerry Wurf was responsible for the union’s growth from 240,000 to one million . . . — Map (db m58579) HM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — Mother Jones
1830 - - - - - - 1930 Field Organizer, United Mine Workers of America “The most dangerous woman in America” A teacher and seamstress, Mary Harris “Mother” Jones began her crusade for workers’ . . . — Map (db m58469) HM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — Sidney Hillman
1887 - - - - - 1946 President Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America 1914 – 1946 Chairman Textile Workers Organizing Committee 1937 – 1939 Sidney Hillman was a labor giant. He provided leadership for . . . — Map (db m58586) HM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — Vietnam Veterans Memorial
. . . — Map (db m58580) HM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — World War I War Memorial — Vigo County Indiana
( Front ) World War I Killed in Action from Vigo County ( Obverse ) Benjamin L. Acree • Earl R. Bailey • Edward Barron • Alva R. Barton • Carl E. Bell • Earl A. Bright • Fred L. Brooks • Anselin G. Brophy • Cyrus E. . . . — Map (db m19791) WM
Indiana (Warren County), State Line City — Harrison's Trail
In the yard of this home is visible the trail followed by the heavy wagons of the Army under Gen. Harrison passing here on the way to Tippecanoe, November 3, 1811 — Map (db m41400) HM
Indiana (Whitley County), Columbia City — Valiant Men and Women of Whitley County
Dedicated to the Valiant Men and Women of Whitley County Who served their Country and the Cause of Freedom in World Wars I and II (Left Side): They Gave their Lives only Yesterday (Right Side): For a . . . — Map (db m12244) HM
Kentucky (Carroll County), Carrollton — Korea & Vietnam - - War Memorial of Carroll County Kentucky
In memory of the men of Carroll County who gave their lives serving their Country and to all people who have served their Country. + + + KOREA + + + Clyde M. Carter William A. Day Bobby R. Schirmer George W. Willett . . . — Map (db m22156) WM
Kentucky (Larue County), Hodgenville — Abraham Lincoln Birthplace
Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in a log cabin near Sinking Spring. Growing up in rural Kentucky, his character was shaped by the hard work and tragedy of frontier life. As the 16th president, his policies and politics saved . . . — Map (db m60085) HM
Kentucky (Larue County), Hodgenville — 591 — Courthouse Burned
Side One Twenty-two Kentucky courthouses were burned during Civil War, nineteen in last fifteen months: twelve by Confederates, eight by guerrillas, two by Union accident. See map on reverse side. The courthouse at Hodgenville was . . . — Map (db m79164) HM
Kentucky (Larue County), Hodgenville — The Lincoln Tavern
Hattie Howell Howard, born about ten miles from here in 1886, grew up hearing local lore about Abraham Lincoln. After her brother James opened the Nancy Lincoln Inn next to Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park, Hattie looked . . . — Map (db m60009) HM

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