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The Lincoln Depot Marker image, Touch for more information
By Angie Shaffer, January 6, 2008
The Lincoln Depot Marker
Illinois (Champaign County), Champaign — The First Congregational ChurchChampaign Historic Site
The First Congregational Church, built in 1855-56, was popularly known as the “Goose Pond” Church, because the site was once a water-filled area, home to flocks of wild geese and ducks. The church became a meeting center for numerous . . . — Map (db m31118) HM
Illinois (Champaign County), Homer — Potawatomi Trail of DeathDavis' Point Encampment — September 20, 1838
Some 800 Potawatomi were forcibly removed by U.S. and Indiana officials from near Plymouth, Indiana and taken to eastern Kansas in 1838. Enroute 39 recorded deaths occurred. This tragic event became known as the “Trail of Death”. The . . . — Map (db m32503) HM
Illinois (Christian County), Mount Auburn — Abraham Lincoln - Eighth Judicial DistrictMacon / Christian Counties — County Line Marker
Abraham Lincoln traveled this way as he rode the Circuit of the Eighth Judicial District 1847 - 1859 — Map (db m12200) HM
Illinois (Christian County), Taylorville — Christian County Coal Miners — Taylorville, Illinois
In Memory and Honor of Christian County Coal Miners — Map (db m12399) HM
Illinois (Clark County), Marshall — James Jones 1921 - 77 — The Handy Writers' Colony
From Here to Eternity author James Jones co-founded The Handy Writers’ Colony (1949-1964) at the West edge of Marshall with his mentor Lowney Turner Handy and her husband, Harry. Jones wrote Some Came Running here before moving to New . . . — Map (db m23336) HM
Illinois (Coles County), Lerna — The Last Lincoln Farm
In 1837 Thomas Lincoln erected a cabin on a tract of land situated one-half mile to the east. Here he resided until his death in 1851. Abraham Lincoln visited here frequently, and after 1841 held title to forty acres of land on which his parents . . . — Map (db m30933) HM
Illinois (Coles County), Mattoon — General U. S Grant took Command
General U. S Grant near this spot on June 15, 1861 took command of his first troops in the Civil War 21st Ill. Inf. — Map (db m30903) HM
Illinois (Coles County), Oakland — The Matson Slave Trial — Looking for Lincoln
Top Section Dr. Hiram Rutherford was a key person involved in Abraham Lincoln’s famous slave case, the only instance in his career where Lincoln represented the rights of a slave owner. Robert Matson brought slaves from Kentucky to work his . . . — Map (db m30867) HM
Illinois (Crawford County), Palestine — Houston - Dickson Store
Two early residents of Palestine, John Houston and Francis Dickson, purchased this lot as the site for a combination dwelling and store about 1818. By 1820 their stock of merchandise provided nearby settlers with goods which they previously had . . . — Map (db m23313) HM
Illinois (Crawford County), Palestine — Palestine, Illinois
This area reminded Frenchman John LaMotte of the land of milk and honey, Palestine. While a member of the LaSalle exploring party, he became separated from the group, traveled down the Wabash River, and first gazed upon the region in 1678. Other . . . — Map (db m23328) HM
Illinois (Dewitt County), Clinton — “You can fool all the people part of the time . . .”Lincoln Speech, July 27, 1858
“You can fool all the people part of the time and part of the people all the time, but you can not fool all the people all the time.” Spoken in an address in Clinton July 27, 1858 by           Abraham Lincoln “I . . . — Map (db m11030) HM
Illinois (Dewitt County), Clinton — Friends To The End — Looking for Lincoln
Top Section During the twenty years Abraham Lincoln attended the DeWitt County Court on the Eighth Judicial Circuit, he and Clifton H. Moore, Clinton’s first resident attorney, developed a deep friendship as well as a mutual law . . . — Map (db m24298) HM
Illinois (Dewitt County), Clinton — Lincoln's Hat — Looking for Lincoln
A proper Presbyterian Church was under construction in the summer of 1859. A floor was laid, walls, roof, and belfry nearly completed, when “a halt due to lack of funds” occurred. In October 1859, money was urgently needed to . . . — Map (db m24247) HM
Illinois (Edgar County), Grandview — Grandview Township Veterans Honor Roll
Center Panel To Honor The Men and Women who Have Served Our Country Left Panel W W I Apr. 6, 1916 — Nov. 11, 1918 Atwill Augustus • Basil Bennett • Emil Bennett • James R. Bolin, Sr. • Rholand Fitzpatrick . . . — Map (db m30946) WM
Illinois (Edgar County), Paris — Zion's Camp MarchThrough Edgar County
In 1834, Joseph Smith, prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), together with about 200 LDS Volunteers from Kirtland, Ohio, marched to assist threatened church members in Jackson County, Missouri. Called “Zion’s . . . — Map (db m23351) HM
Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — Citizenry Mourn Lincoln — Looking for Lincoln
Left Section When word of President Lincoln’s assassination came, most of Pontiac’s male population had not yet returned from the Civil War. But their wives and children remained, and when word was received that the special train . . . — Map (db m29731) HM
Illinois (Livingston County), Pontiac — W. W. I War Memorial - Livingston County Illinois
1917 – 1919 In memory of the soldiers sailors and nurses of Livingston County who made the supreme sacrifice during the World War Row One George E. Personette • William Durre • Burt McCoy • Victor V. Vahldieck . . . — Map (db m29778) WM
Illinois (Logan County), Delavan — Abraham Lincoln - Eighth Judicial DistrictLogan / Tazewell Counties — County Line Marker
Abraham Lincoln traveled this way as he rode the Circuit of the Eighth Judicial District 1847 - 1859 — Map (db m12139) HM
Illinois (Logan County), Lincoln — The Lincoln House
On this site the Town proprietors erected the original Lincoln House in 1854. Leonard Volk met Abraham Lincoln on the sidewalk in front of the hotel on July 16, 1858, and arranged to make Lincoln's life mask later. — Map (db m12349) HM
Illinois (Macon County), Decatur — Abraham Lincoln's First Political Speech
Lincoln mounted a stump by Harrell's Tavern facing this square, and defended the Illinois Whig Party candidates near this spot at age 21 in the Summer of 1830. This statue erected Oct. 12, 1968 by the Decatur and Macon County Heritage . . . — Map (db m12199) HM
Illinois (Macon County), Decatur — First Home of Abraham Lincoln in Illinois
In March 1830 Abraham Lincoln came from Indiana with his family to settle here in Macon County at a place on the north side of the Sangamon River ten miles westerly from Decatur. The Lincolns built a log cabin and broke the sod to raise a crop of . . . — Map (db m12398) HM
Illinois (Macon County), Decatur — Macon County's First Court HouseBronze Replica — Abraham Lincoln - Eighth Judicial District
In which Abraham Lincoln once practiced Law stood West of this Marker. 1829 - 1838 Replica placed by Decatur and Macon County Heritage Committee. — Map (db m12197) HM
Illinois (Macon County), Decatur — Site of the Lincoln Cabin
The Lincoln Cabin stood near the north bank of the Sangamon River about 600 yards to the east. — Map (db m12433) HM
Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — My Good FriendJudge David Davis - Mansion — Looking for Lincoln
The frame house (left) that once stood on the site of this Victorian mansion was the home of Abraham Lincoln’s trusted friend, legal associate, and political manager, David Davis (1815-1886). The two-story structure closely resembled Lincoln’s . . . — Map (db m12263) HM
Illinois (McLean County), Bloomington — World War II War MemorialMcLean County Illinois
Dedicated to the memory of those from McLean County who made the Surpreme Sacrifice World War II 1941- -1945 — Map (db m12432) HM
Illinois (Peoria County), Peoria — The Gateway Fountain
Presented to the City of Peoria by Mr. and Mrs. Gordon S. Peters in honor of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Peters and Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Hartsock Dedicated July 4, 1998 — Map (db m9208) HM
Illinois (Piatt County), Monticello — Abraham Lincoln - Eighth Judicial DistrictMonticello, Illinois — County-Seat Marker
Abraham Lincoln traveled this way as he rode the Circuit of the Eighth Judicial District ···1847 - 1857 — Map (db m10962) HM
Illinois (Piatt County), Monticello — Lincoln - Douglas
Here on July 29, 1858 Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas first agreed to meet in Joint Debate in Illinois — Map (db m23864) HM
Illinois (Piatt County), Monticello — Monticello Journeys — Looking for Lincoln
Lincoln’s journeys to Monticello were sometimes difficult because of the weather and his lack of popularity on some issues. Lincoln, Judge David Davis, and other members of the Bar were trying to reach Monticello in the spring of 1852, having . . . — Map (db m23813) HM
Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Departure Point of The Donner Party
Lincoln Square marks the Departure Point of the Donner Party on April 15, 1846 for thier ill-fated trip to California. — Map (db m12317) HM
Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Lincoln’s Farewell to Springfield
February 11, 1861 My friends, no one not in my situation can appreciate my feelings of sadness at this parting, to this place, and the kindness of this people, I owe everything. Here I have lived a quarter of a century, and have passed from a young . . . — Map (db m4611) HM
Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Soldiers of the War of 1812
To Honor the Soldiers of the War of 1812 who lie buried in Sangamon County First Column: Roswell Abel • James Adams • William Archer • James Baker • Jacob Baker • Eli Barbre • Isaac Bates • Oliver Bates • Amor Batterton • Philo Beers . . . — Map (db m46175) WM
Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Stephen A. Douglas“Protect the Flag” Speech
In this Old Capitol on April 25, 1861, Senator Douglas delivered his “Protect the Flag” speech, one of the most heroic and effective speeches in the English language. His plea helped save our Country and was the culmination of his great . . . — Map (db m12428) HM
Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — The Lincoln Depot
From this building on February 11, 1861 Abraham Lincoln departed Springfield, Illinois to assume the Presidency of the United States. After bidding farewell to a number of friends, he delivered a brief, spontaneous and moving farewell address to the . . . — Map (db m4595) HM
Illinois (Shelby County), Shelbyville — Abraham Lincoln - Eighth Judicial DistrictShelbyville, Illinois — County-Seat Marker
Abraham Lincoln traveled this way as he rode the Circuit of the Eighth Judicial District ···1847 - 1857 Smaller Plaque: Presented to the Kuilka Chapter D. A. R. by O. J. Penwell — Map (db m11295) HM
Illinois (Shelby County), Shelbyville — Lincoln - Thornton Debate — Looking for Lincoln
Left Section In the summer of 1856, Abraham Lincoln traveled across much of Illinois, giving speeches supporting the new Republican Party and its national and state candidates. On August 9, 1856, Lincoln arrived in Shelbyville to . . . — Map (db m30801) HM
Illinois (Shelby County), Shelbyville — Traveling the Circuit — Looking for Lincoln
Left Section Taverns - - or Inns - - were the primary accommodation for the circuit traveler. Before arriving in Shelbyville, the judge and lawyers had a two-day journey from Paris, usually with an overnight stay in Charleston. Abraham . . . — Map (db m30784) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Catlin — Vermilion County War MemorialCatlin Lions Veterans Memorial
World War I World War II Korean / Vietnam / Desert Storm (The names of approximately 530 servicemen are included on the memorial. These names can be viewed at the link included below.)Map (db m11235) WM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Danville — Abraham Lincoln at Danville Presbyterian Church
. . . — Map (db m10704) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Danville — Alumni who Served in Korean War
In Honor of All Danville Junior College and Danville Area Community College Alumni who served their Country in the Korean War. Dedicated May 27, 2002 ReDedicated July 27, 2012Map (db m58941) WM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Danville — Danville (Illinois) National CemeteryWar Memorial
In memory of the men who offered their lives in defense of their Country. — Map (db m17601) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Danville — Lincoln & Douglas in Danville
It was near here, at a grove of maple trees, that Illinois Senatorial Candidates Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas spoke in September of 1858. During the height of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, the men came to Danville to greet the people of Old . . . — Map (db m51555) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Danville — The Temple / Danville USA — Temple Plaza
“The Temple” - Plaque Completed in 1901, the Temple Building occupied this site for 100 years. In 1879 members of the Olive Branch Lodge bought the corner lot at Vermilion and North Streets for a new Masonic Temple. The . . . — Map (db m37000) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Danville — Two Trees Reach for HeavenAstronauts Memorial — Vermilion County, Illinois
In Honor of Astronaut Joe Tanner - Danville Native - November 3, 1994 In memory of Astronaut Christa McAuliffe - Teacher - January 28, 1986 "The Dream is Alive" — Map (db m10726) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Fithian — Abraham Lincoln - Eighth Judicial District / A Friend of Lincoln
. . . — Map (db m11027) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Georgetown — Georgetown Parade of Patriots MonumentPatriot Park
In Honor of All Who Have Served Who Are Serving Who Will Serve Left Bench In Honor of Our Veterans Right Bench In Honor of All Patriots Within glass cases are names of local veterans who have served or . . . — Map (db m11358) WM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Henning — World War II War MemorialHenning, Illinois — Donald R Lucas Memorial Park
In loving memory of those who served their Country in World War II. — Map (db m17127) HM
Illinois (Vermilion County), Tilton — Servicemen From TiltonWorld War I, Korean War, Vietnam War Memorial
Center Memorial World War I Servicemen from Tilton Left Column: William E. Arnold • Jack Ashbaugh • Christ Benekas • John Lester Billman • Harry H. Blue, Sr. • Elbert O. Bolser • Milton Burlin • Ray C. Cox • Roscoe N. . . . — Map (db m11417) WM
Indiana (Adams County), Decatur — Adams County Peace Monument - Honor Rolls
Left Side Left - Small Plaque Thomas Archibold Pennsylvania Pvt - Capt Bell’s Co Revolutionary War 1755 - ✝ - 1837 Small Plaque James Ball Sgt - Col Bakers MD Regt Revolutionary War 1751 - . . . — Map (db m54763) WM
Indiana (Adams County), Decatur — Adams County Veterans Memorial
Honoring the men and women of Adams County who served in the Armed Forces of The United States World War I ——— World War II Korean ————— Vietnam and all other . . . — Map (db m54629) WM
Indiana (Allen County), Fort Wayne — Journal Gazette Building
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m54648) HM
Indiana (Bartholomew County), Columbus — Veterans of All Wars
In Memory of the Veterans of all wars who served in the defense of our Country ———— They gave their Today for our Tomorrow — Map (db m48379) HM
Indiana (Bartholomew County), Columbus — World War I Honor Roll & Veterans Memorial
((The ‘greatest care’ has been given to get each person’s name correct. If any mistakes are found, please contact me so correction can be made. - - Al Wolf.)) Honor Roll ——— Bartholomew County . . . — Map (db m48551) WM
Indiana (Brown County), Nashville — Brown County Veterans Memorial
( West - Plaque ) Lest We Forget From its inception in 1836, Brown County has given freely its sons and daughters to serve in the quest for World Peace. Its sacrifices began in 1846 with the Mexican War, and continued through the . . . — Map (db m63223) WM
Indiana (Carroll County), Camden — Camden / Jackson Township
Side A Camden When the School Section, No. 16, was sold in 1832 Wm. Crooks, School Commissioner, reserved 16 acres and had a town site laid out by John Armstrong, Co. Surveyor. Col. Crooks (1787 - 1861) (War of 1812) kept the first . . . — Map (db m42713) HM
Indiana (Carroll County), Delphi — Carrollton on the Wabash
90 lots platted in 1836 on both sides of Wabash - Erie Canal lock.

A Post office in 1838 - 39. The lock passed canal boats into the river on the pool of the Great Dam at Pittsburg five miles below. The mules carried the towline across the . . . — Map (db m35413) HM
Indiana (Carroll County), Delphi — Spanish American War Veterans Gave Their Cannon
. . . — Map (db m20803) HM
Indiana (Carroll County), Delphi — The Carrollton Bridge
Front The Wabash & Erie Canal meets the Wabash River Carroll County Wabash & Erie Canal Delphi, Indiana See Photo #2: 1844 Timber Truss Bridge The Wabash and Erie Canal authorities built the first bridge here in . . . — Map (db m35445) HM
Indiana (Carroll County), Delphi — The Wabash & Erie CanalOperating The Canal
Front The Longest Canal in North America Carroll County Wabash & Erie Canal Delphi, Indiana The Wabash & Erie Canal extended 468 miles from Toledo, Ohio to Evansville, Indiana On March 2, 1827, a Congressional land grant made . . . — Map (db m35449) HM
Indiana (Carroll County), Flora — Flora War Memorials
( Memorial Tree Plaque ) This tree planted in memory of Earl R. Albaugh Joseph K. Clark Roscoe C. Kirkpatrick Clarence A. Wiles “Who died in Service” ( World War II - Plaque ) For God and Country . . . — Map (db m42749) WM
Indiana (Clark County), Jeffersonville — 10.1962.1 — Civil War Hospital
Site of Jefferson General Hospital, the third largest hospital in the United States during the Civil War. Under Dr. Middleton Goldsmith's command it served over 16, 000 patients. — Map (db m46647) HM
Indiana (Daviess County), Elnora — 14.2007.1 — Wabash and Erie Canal
Side A A canal from Terre Haute to Evansville authorized 1846. Maysville Division along White River was over 23 miles long from Newberry through Owl Prairie (now Elnora) to Maysville; part of it paralleled what is now S.R. 57. . . . — Map (db m23203) HM
Indiana (Daviess County), Washington — 14.1999.1 — Fort Flora
Built on this site by civilians to protect approximately ten families during War of 1812. Named for landowner David Flora. Ten such forts were built circa 1811-1813 in area that became Daviess County. Area was Knox County, part of Indiana Territory . . . — Map (db m23211) HM
Indiana (Dearborn County), Aurora — HillforestThomas Gaff HouseA National Historic Landmark
Originally called Forest Hill, Hillforest was completed in 1855 for local industrialist and steamboat owner Thomas Gaff and his family. Emigrants from Scotland in 1811, the six Gaff children moved with their mother to Aurora in the 1840s and became . . . — Map (db m22125) HM
Indiana (Dearborn County), Lawrenceburg — Dearborn County American Revolution War Memorial — 1775 — 1783
In Honor of the Soldiers of the American Revolution buried in Dearborn County Their names are recorded in the County Auditor's Office Book 29 - Page 250. — Map (db m22174) HM
Indiana (Elkhart County), Goshen — Elkhart County Honor Roll
(( Center Plaque )) This Memorial Dedicated by The Citizens of Elkhart County to perpetuate the memory of our Valiant Citizens who sacrificed their lives for God and Country and Honoring those who served in our . . . — Map (db m68805) WM
Indiana (Fayette County), Connersville — 21.1966.1 — The Whitewater Canal
In 1836 construction began on this fifty-six lock, one hundred one mile canal. Opened from Lawrenceburg to Brookville (1839), it was extended to Laurel and Cincinnati (1843), Connersville (1845), Cambridge City (1846), and Hagerstown (1847). — Map (db m44741) HM
Indiana (Floyd County), New Albany — Floyd County American Revolution War Memorial
. . . — Map (db m46942) WM
Indiana (Floyd County), New Albany — Floyd County Honor Roll & Veterans Memorial
(( Left Panel )) Honor To our Civil War Veterans ( - - Art Work - - ) (( Center Panel )) In honored memory of Floyd County men who gave their lives for our Country Dedicated by Hobart Beach Post . . . — Map (db m47025) WM
Indiana (Floyd County), New Albany — Floyd County World Peace Honor Roll
In honored memory of Floyd County Servicemen who sacrificed their lives for World Peace SGT. Christopher K. Hilgert U.S. Army • Aug. 8, 1993 • Somalia SGT. Steven P. Mennemeyer US. Army • Aug. 8, 2006 • Iraq . . . — Map (db m46943) WM
Indiana (Fountain County), Attica — Harrison Hills Country Club HouseRestoration and Preservation — Tudor Revival
. . . — Map (db m19771) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Attica — Hotel Attica
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by The United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m7936) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Attica — In Memory of Heroes 1861 - 1865Civil War Memorial
In Memory of Heroes 1861 - 1865 Presented by L. of G. A. R. Attica Circle, 1911 — Map (db m20531) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Attica — The Old ChurchCottrell Village
Built - 1850 Restored 1989 by the John Cottrell Foundation — Map (db m7938) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Attica — The Spirit of the American Doughboy
. . . — Map (db m7988) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Covington — 84000027 — The House With The LionsSewell - Freese House
Built c. 1867 Has Been Placed on the National Register of Historic Places. — Map (db m10335) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Covington — Wabash - Erie Canal1846 - 1875
Shawnee Township Wabash - Erie Canal 1846 - 1875 The Canal extended from Toledo, Ohio to Evansville, Indiana. Construction on the 376 mile section in Indiana began in 1832 and completed through Fountain County in 1846. One to six horses in . . . — Map (db m20364) HM
Indiana (Fountain County), Wallace — Phanuel Lutheran Church - - Jackson Township
Organized in 1832 by German speaking families of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Rowen County, North Carolina. Migrating to Indiana in 1828. August 7, 1836 Jacob and Elizabeth Linebaugh Bowman deeded land for the First Church and Cemetery. — Map (db m10027) HM
Indiana (Franklin County), Brookville — Abram Hammond
. . . — Map (db m44705) HM
Indiana (Franklin County), Brookville — The Courthouse Square
. . . — Map (db m44703) HM
Indiana (Franklin County), Metamora — Metamora Grist Mill
In 1845, Jonathan Banes built a three-story frame cotton mill, known as Metamora Cotton Factory, on this site. Banes, a former contractor on the canal, converted the cotton factory to a flouring mill in 1856, and sold the mill to John Curry in . . . — Map (db m44903) HM
Indiana (Fulton County), Rochester — History of Rochester College
In 1893 a public spirited group of businessmen and educators decided that Rochester, Indiana, was a strategic location for a Normal College. Those who spearheaded the promotion were Dr. W. S. Shafer, Prof. George Suman and Prof. W. H. Banta. The . . . — Map (db m35490) HM
Indiana (Fulton County), Rochester — 25.1949.1 — Michigan Road
Extending from Michigan City to the Ohio River at Madison. Begun by the state in 1832 with funds obtained from sale of land granted by the Potawatomi Indians. Opened northern part of state to settlers. — Map (db m35346) HM
Indiana (Fulton County), Rochester — Trail of Death — Mud Creek
Site of the first death of an Indian child on forced removal of Potawatomies Sept. 5, 1838. — Map (db m35397) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — Korean War Honor Roll - Grant County (Indiana)
(Center Panel) Korean War In loving Memory and Appreciation for the Men & Women of Grant County who served in the Korean Conflict 1950 - - - - 1953 ( Left Panel ) Those who made the Supreme . . . — Map (db m44369) WM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — Marion (Indiana) W.W. I Honor Roll
Marion Boys who gave their lives in the World War ( Row One ) Vaugh Beekman • Melvin Bookins • Chester Biggs • Victor Baughman • Fred Button • Ashton Baldwin • Harry Lee Craig • William Cromwell (Col.) • Russel Denton • John . . . — Map (db m44307) WM
Indiana (Grant County), Marion — Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity
Upper Panel Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity Lower Panel Founded in Marion Ind. June 7, 1902 by Ray L. Neal George B. Nottingham Loftis T. Jones James L. Reed Paul R. Martin Louis Elliott Zach C. . . . — Map (db m44252) HM
Indiana (Greene County), Worthington — Worthington Area Service War Memorial
In memory of those who gave their all that we might enjoy freedom — Map (db m21731) HM
Indiana (Harrison County), Corydon — Bell Predates the Civil War
In loving memory David J. Dukes, M.D. July 16, 1927 — June 15, 1991 Remembered for his love of music, church, sailing, family, and his fellow man. The bell predates the Civil War and may have been in the First Methodist Church around . . . — Map (db m9686) HM
Indiana (Harrison County), Corydon — 31.1966.4 — Cedar Hill Cemetery
First burials date back to founding of Corydon 1808. Col. Thomas L. Posey, a public minded citizen, donated the original ground to the Town of Corydon for burial purposes. The Farquar family added a small addition and the remainder of the cemetery . . . — Map (db m9718) HM
Indiana (Harrison County), Corydon — 31.1966.5 — Harrison County
Organized 1808 from parts of Knox and Clark Counties. Named in honor of William Henry Harrison who owned land within the County and was Territorial Governor and later ninth President of U.S. Fourth County formed in Indiana Territory. Original . . . — Map (db m9750) HM
Indiana (Harrison County), Corydon — 31.1948.1 — Indiana Capitol
The Capital of Indiana Territory was moved to Corydon from Vincennes, 1813. This building became first State Capitol, 1816. Offices were moved to Indianapolis in 1825. — Map (db m9626) HM
Indiana (Harrison County), Corydon — 31.2004.1 — John ShieldsLewis and Clark Expedition Member
Marker Front Shields, born 1769 in Virginia, served as a private for the entire Lewis and Clark Expedition from October 19, 1803 until October 10, 1806; one of its "Nine Young Men from Kentucky," he was a skilled gunsmith and blacksmith. . . . — Map (db m9642) HM
Indiana (Harrison County), Corydon — World War IGerman 150 M.M. Howitzer — No. 1088
This 2 ½ Ton artillery piece was captured by American forces on the Western Front in 1918. Made by the Fried. Krupp Co. Essen, Germany in 1917. The largest arms manufacturer in the world at that time. It could fire a 93 lb. high . . . — Map (db m9679) HM
Indiana (Harrison County), Corydon — World War IGerman 77 M.M. Trench Mortar
New Model "96" made in 1916. This Leichte Minenwerfer, "Light Bomb Thrower" was captured by the French Army and presented to the United States Government by the Government of France. It weighed 550 lbs. when in action and could fire a 10 lb. . . . — Map (db m9709) HM
Indiana (Huntington County), Huntington — Civil War Memorial - - Monument City Cemetery
(Front or East Side): Ripley Wyckoff - - Co. A. 13. Indy. Cavalry - - Died Feb. 13, 1865 Enoch Morgan - - Co. G. 34. Regt. Ind. Vols. - - Died May 22, 1862 Theodore Ellis - - Co. E. 47. Regt. Ind. Vols. - - Died Aug. 22, 1863 Daniel . . . — Map (db m10343) HM
Indiana (Jackson County), Brownstown — 36.1966.2 — In Memory of Col. John Ketcham / Time Capsule
In Memory of Col. John Ketcham 1782 - 1865 Fearless pioneer, Ranger, surveyor, public servant who dedicated this public square for seat of government of Jackson County, Ind. when Brownstown was founded April 8, 1816. Time Capsule . . . — Map (db m46756) HM
Indiana (Jefferson County), Madison — Jefferson County ( Indiana ) Civil War Memorial
. . . — Map (db m22060) HM
Indiana (Jefferson County), Madison — Jefferson County War Memorial
(Middle Panel - Top) Dedicated To the memory of these Fallen Comrades who, in answering the call to arms, paid the Price of Freedom. (Left Panel) World War I Harrison B. Buckner • William Buckner • . . . — Map (db m22318) WM
Indiana (Jefferson County), Madison — Madison's Riverfront / Underground Railroad
Side A Madison’s Riverfront Once a bustling commercial and industrial area, Madison’s riverfront has greatly changed since the City’s founding in 1809. On these banks stood factories, mills, hotels and taverns, typical of . . . — Map (db m22775) HM
Indiana (Jefferson County), Madison — This Shell Fired into Vicksburg
This shell was fired into Vicksburg, Miss. by Union Troops in 1863. Presented to the City of Madison by the Widow of Dr. W. A. Collins, Assistant Surgeon of the Sixth Indiana. — Map (db m22058) HM
Indiana (Jennings County), North Vernon — 40.1999.1 — Muscatatuck Park
Side one: Opened 1921 as Indiana's fourth state park for its natural beauty and recreation potential. Named Vinegar Mills State Park after stone-cutting mill in park. Renamed Muscatatuck State Park 1922. Stone shelters and stairways, . . . — Map (db m45877) HM
Indiana (Jennings County), Vernon — 40.1995.1 — Jonathan Jennings — 1784 - - 1834
Jennings County, formed 1816, named in honor of Jonathan Jennings: territorial delegate to Congress, 1809-1816; president of Indiana Constitutional Convention, 1816; first governor of state, 1816-1822; member of United States House of . . . — Map (db m45807) HM
Indiana (Jennings County), Vernon — New Survey Markers Set
Sept. 12, 1895 True North-South Meridian line established and stones set by Chas. Miles, County Surveyor. 1921 Courtyard fill buried stones until relocated by County Surveyor Bill McGrew July 12, 1981. New Markers donated and set by Our Heritage . . . — Map (db m45811) HM
Indiana (Johnson County), Franklin — First Fair in Johnson County
The fair was held in woods belonging to Garrett C. Bergen, November 1838. Entrance to grounds was from North Main Street. No admission was charged and no money paid out in premiums. June 23, 1884 this area became known as The Charity Denton Martin . . . — Map (db m69371) HM
Indiana (Johnson County), Franklin — Hopewell Academy 1855 to 1884
Education-minded Hopewell Presbyterian Church members opened a six-room coed academy to the east in 1855. John Covert led builders using whip-sawed timers. Only nails were bought. Academy literary societies flourished. Pre-Civil War, it . . . — Map (db m66744) HM
Indiana (Johnson County), Franklin — Johnson County Museum of History
In 1922 members of the Franklin Masonic Lodge No. 107 broke ground on this neoclassical building that served as their Masonic Temple until 1987. The Johnson County Historical Society and the Johnson County government jointly purchased the temple in . . . — Map (db m69370) HM
Indiana (Johnson County), Franklin — Johnson County War Memorial Honor Rolls
( Marker Front ) ( Center Section ) —∮— (The Great Seal) —∮— Dedicated to these Johnson County men who, in answering the call of duty, paid the Price of Freedom – (Seal) . . . — Map (db m55786) WM
Indiana (Johnson County), Franklin — Old Hopewell Academy
1855 - - - 1889 To commemorate the Ideals and Services of the Old Hopewell Academy and the faithful labors of the Teachers who here through many years brought to the youth of this community inspiration for life . . . — Map (db m66763) HM
Indiana (Johnson County), Franklin — Province Hospital
1906 - ∮ - ∮ - ∮ - 1946 Built in 1906 First and only Hospital in Johnson County until after World War II (Second Plaque) To Honor the lineage of Family Physicians who have served here . . . — Map (db m69390) HM
Indiana (Johnson County), Franklin — The Hopewell Flag
Site of presentation of an American Flag to Company F. 7th Indiana volunteer Infantry Regiment August 20, 1861. The 34-star flag, sewn by ladies of Hopewell Presbyterian Church, was received at a farewell picnic in a grove on the John H. Van Nuys . . . — Map (db m66782) HM
Indiana (Johnson County), Greenwood — The Birthplace of Banking in Greenwood
The first bank, the Bank of Greenwood, was started in 1892 in a brick building that was built on this site by Grafton Johnson. It became the Greenwood Banking Co. In 1893 and was The First National Bank from 1906 to 1930, when the banking firm moved . . . — Map (db m69316) HM
Indiana (Knox County), Vincennes — " Let There Be Light " — Indiana Territory's First Newspaper
Site of print shop where Elihu Stout (1782 - 1860), Past Grand Master of Masons in Indiana, established Indiana Territory's first newspaper, summer 1804. Originally The Indiana Gazette, it was renamed The Western Sun July 4, 1807. — Map (db m23277) HM
Indiana (Knox County), Vincennes — Knox County (Indiana) Civil War Memorial
"In Grateful remembrance of the services and sacrifices of our soldiers in the war of The Union, we, the people of Knox County have erected this monument." — Map (db m23378) HM
Indiana (Knox County), Vincennes — Knox County (Indiana) Gold Star Honor Roll
Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm Following the American Civil War, the United States emergence on the World scene was profound, if not inevitable. The citizens of Knox County have been . . . — Map (db m23497) WM
Indiana (Knox County), Vincennes — Knox County Veterans Memorial Park
( Upper Left Section ) Welcome to the Knox County Veterans’ Memorial Park. The monuments that stand before you are dedicated to the memory of all the military veterans from Knox County. Most prominent is the “Soldiers and Sailors . . . — Map (db m23581) HM
Indiana (Knox County), Vincennes — 42.1995.2 — Samuel Thornton Scott ( 1777 - 1827 )
First resident Presbyterian minister in Indiana Territory, 1808. Headed the first school under the authority of the board of trustees of Vincennes University (a grammar school), 1811-1815. Served as member of board of trustees of Vincennes . . . — Map (db m48966) HM
Indiana (Knox County), Vincennes — 42.2006.1 — William Henry Harrison - & - Lewis & Clark Expedition — Expedition Contact Person
Side One Harrison became Governor of Indiana Territory 1800; he administered government of District of Louisiana 1804-1805. In Vincennes, he served as a contact during the expedition; surviving records document his support and his . . . — Map (db m23251) HM
Indiana (LaGrange County), LaGrange — LaGrange County American Revolution Memorial
. . . — Map (db m53908) HM
Indiana (LaGrange County), LaGrange — LaGrange County Spanish American War Memorial
U. S. S. Maine Destroyed in Havana Harbor February 15th, 1898 This tablet is cast from material recovered from the U. S. S. MaineMap (db m53929) HM
Indiana (LaGrange County), LaGrange — LaGrange County W. W. II Honor Rolls
((The extreme weather-aged condition of these plaques - - has made them difficult to read.)) ( Plaque One ) Roll of Honor Citizens of LaGrange County who served our Country in World War II ( Names . . . — Map (db m53927) WM
Indiana (Lawrence County), Bedford — 47.1998.1 — Bedford Courthouse Square Historic District
Courthouse square, part of original 1825 plat, surrounded by nineteenth and early twentieth century commercial buildings in various architectural styles. Limestone facing quarried and milled by local industry. Listed in National Register of Historic . . . — Map (db m48967) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — Oliver Perry Morton — The Great War Governor
Plaque One Born in Wayne Co. Indiana August 4, 1823. Died in Indianapolis November 1, 1877. Aged 54 years, 2month and 25 days. Admitted to the Bar in 1847. Served as Governor of Indiana from January 16, 1861 to March 4, 1867. . . . — Map (db m55573) HM
Indiana (Monroe County), Bloomington — G.A.R. Soldiers of All Wars Memorial
( Dates Carved Around Top ) 1847 • 1861 • 1896 • 1917 ( Left Panel ) Mexican War 1847 ( Rest - Unreadable ) ( Above Front Panel) G. A. R. ( Front Panel ) (Eagle & Crest) G. A. R. L. W. . . . — Map (db m48597) WM
Indiana (Monroe County), Bloomington — Monroe County / Bloomington World War II Memorial — The Spirit of The Fighting Yank
( Front ) The Spirit of The Fighting Yank Memorial to the Armed Forces of the United States of America World War II ( Obverse ) E. M. Viquesney SC. Co. 1943 — Spencer Ind. Presented by . . . — Map (db m48114) WM
Indiana (Montgomery County), Crawfordsville — In Memory of These Montgomery County VeteransWho Gave Their Lives During World War I
Ruby C. Barnes • Charles Bible • Clarence Boraker • Floyd S. Bowman • Vesse G. Brown • Ernest I. Cedars • Alex R. Colman • George W. Cook • Melvin C. Cook • Byron C. Cox • Roscoe N. Daavis • Russell H. Dwiggins • Aetna G. . . . — Map (db m9158) HM
Indiana (Montgomery County), Ladoga — 54.1981.1 — Chief Cornstalk’s Village
Chief Peter Cornstalk's village of Snakefish (Eel River) tribe of Miami Indians was located three miles from here along Cornstalk Creek. Wigwams and Indian furial ground were near the little Harshbarger family cemetery. The Indians lived at peace . . . — Map (db m3884) HM
Indiana (Morgan County), Martinsville — Morgan County (Indiana) - VeteransWar Memorial
In Honor of Morgan County's Veterans of All Wars — Map (db m19403) HM
Indiana (Ohio County), Rising Sun — Ohio County Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the memory of those who made the Supreme Sacrifice for their Country and in Honor of those that served in the Armed Forces from Ohio County in all wars — Map (db m45892) HM
Indiana (Orange County), French Lick — Site of The French Lick Fort
This hotel stands on the site of the French Lick Fort maintained as a Government Station - as a protection from Indians until about 1815. — Map (db m11780) HM
Indiana (Orange County), Orleans — Orleans Area War Memorial — Veterans of All Wars
Dedicated to those who served (Leftmost Panel of Brick Memorials) First Column: Grant C. Cornwell - (USAAC - S/SGT) - (2-1942 to 10-1945) -•- Lester R. Cornwell - (USN - GM3/C) - (8-1944 to 2-1946) -•- Leland W. Cornwell - (USA . . . — Map (db m22392) HM
Indiana (Orange County), Paoli — Indiana Initial Point Memorial
Commemorating our Native Indians, our forefathers who planned and put into effect our Public Land System, the U.S. Deputy Public land Surveyors and our early prominent land surveyors ( Center are the plotted Survey Plaques ) Contributing . . . — Map (db m47662) HM
Indiana (Owen County), Spencer — American Revolution War MemorialOwen County (Spencer) Indiana
. . . — Map (db m19399) WM
Indiana (Owen County), Spencer — To the Memory of Those Who Served Their Country" Soldiers Memorial Pavilion " — Owen County (Spencer) Indiana
Dedicated to the Memory of Those Who Served Their Country During the Wars of the United States ————————— Erected through the Efforts of The Women's Relief Corps of Spencer, Indiana . . . — Map (db m19401) WM
Indiana (Parke County), Bloomingdale — Winning School of Parke County IndianaAmerican Legion Oratorical Contest 1954 — Penn Township School
1809       (Relief of Lincoln)       1865 The Gettysburg Address “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all . . . — Map (db m17260) HM
Indiana (Parke County), Marshall — 61.1968.4 — Turkey Run
Little Ned Garland, son of the first family to settle in Indiana North of the 10 O’clock Line, is said to have named the stream below this cliff because wild turkeys roosted in trees within this chasm. — Map (db m3673) HM
Indiana (Parke County), Rockville — 1883 Railroad Depot
This 1883 Railroad Depot serves as Parke County's Tourist Information Center. All covered bridge tours begin here. Indiana's Historic Parke County The Covered Bridge Capital — Map (db m3675) HM
Indiana (Parke County), Rockville — 9200167 — Bridgeton's National Register Historic District
Welcome to Bridgeton's National Register Historic District. — Map (db m18891) HM
Indiana (Parke County), Rockville — Gov. Joseph A. Wright
Gov. Jos. A. Wright 1810 — 1867 Atty. In Rockville 1829 – 1849 Gov. Of Indiana 1949 – 1857 Minister of U.S.A. to Prussia Parke Co. Historical SocietyMap (db m59830) HM
Indiana (Parke County), Rockville — 61.2012.1 — Juliet V. Strauss
Side One Popular columnist writing as “The Country Contributor,” Strauss (1863-1918) idealized simple rural life and traditional roles for women in a time of national shifts in class and gender relations. Began writing for . . . — Map (db m59728) HM
Indiana (Parke County), Rockville — Korea1950       1953
Dedicated to those who served for God and Country that the eternal verities, upon which this Nation is founded, might live Charles Ray Chaney Hobert Decker Robert Lee Delp Keith Hammon Wilbert R. Harper Robert Dean Hutson . . . — Map (db m3804) HM
Indiana (Parke County), Rockville — 61.2001.1 — Rockville Chautauqua Pavilion
Pavilion was built 1913 by Edgar Jerome (1862–1942) of Rockville. He used wooden bridge building techniques in timber framing which supports entire structure. It was designed to seat 3,000 people under its roof. Repairs made 1976–1978 . . . — Map (db m3807) HM
Indiana (Parke County), Rockville — World War Memorial"War Mothers Memorial"
1917          HONOR ROLL          1919 In commemoration of the patriotism of our boys who went forth at the call of their Country to serve in the World War and in memory of those who died that liberty might live. William Owen Isham, . . . — Map (db m4784) HM
Indiana (Perry County), Tell City — Tell City Hall
Heritage Project Tell City Hall c. 1898 Tell City had grown into a thriving community in the forty years after its founding by the Swiss Colonization Society. At that time they built this Romanesque Revival style city hall . . . — Map (db m47411) HM
Indiana (Pike County), Petersburg — June 2, 1990 Tornado Memorial
. . . — Map (db m23563) HM
Indiana (Posey County), Mount Vernon — Posey County History / Early Mt. Vernon History
Left Plaque Posey County History The first recorded white man to come to Posey County was Tom Jones in 1794. Posey County was named in honor of Thomas Posey. Governor of the Indiana Territory at the time it was created on Sept. 7, . . . — Map (db m48215) HM
Indiana (Posey County), Mount Vernon — Posey County Soldiers and Sailors Memorial
( Front Plaque ) To The Soldiers and Sailors of Posey County Dedicated July twenty third, 1908 ( Obverse Plaque ) “A patriotism which readily responds to its country’s call; A deep . . . — Map (db m48214) WM
Indiana (Putnam County), Greencastle — Eitel's Flowers
In 1908, John and Anna Marie Eitel established John Eitel and Son Florist on 13 acres located in the Higgert Subdivision of Greencastle. In 1913 John’s son, Jacob Eitel opened a retail establishment on East Franklin Street. Relocating several times . . . — Map (db m56271) HM
Indiana (Putnam County), Greencastle — Eli Lilly & The Civil War ( 1861–1865 )
The year 1861 would prove to be a very eventful year for the young Eli Lilly. On January 31, 1861, a marriage license was issued to the 22-year-old Eli Lilly and his local sweetheart, Emily Lemon. Shortly after his marriage, Eli opened the door of . . . — Map (db m56304) HM
Indiana (Putnam County), Greencastle — Indiana Asbury - - DePauw University
DePauw University was first named Indiana Asbury University. Within two decades after the founding of Greencastle, the Indiana Conference of Methodist Episcopal Church decided that the time had arrived to establish an institution of higher learning . . . — Map (db m56438) HM
Indiana (Putnam County), Greencastle — Putnam County Playhouse (PCPH)
The Putnam County Playhouse was first established as Greencastle Summer Theatre in late 1961. Its first two productions, Blithe Spirit and Kiss and Tell were presented at the Junior High Auditorium. The organization was . . . — Map (db m56371) HM
Indiana (Randolph County), Winchester — Dedicated to All VeteransPast - Present - Future
For those who have fought and died and for those who have lived and still cry — Map (db m31366) HM
Indiana (Ripley County), Osgood — Abolitionists
A network of anti-slavery leaders involved families of Isaac Levi, a Revolutionary War veteran. He came to Claytown (Osgood) in 1832 from Vevay where he apparently was part of the Underground Railroad; his brother-in-law, John Ewing of Ohio . . . — Map (db m45940) HM
Indiana (Ripley County), Osgood — 69.2006.2 — James Harrison Cravens
Side One Born 1802 in Virginia; admitted to the bar 1823. Moved to Jefferson County, Indiana 1829. Established law office in Versailles, Ripley County 1833. Served four terms in Indiana General Assembly. Elected as Whig to U.S. Congress . . . — Map (db m45841) HM
Indiana (Rush County), Rushville — 70.1969.1 — Wendell L. Willkie,1892 - - 1944
Lawyer and business leader - Republican presidential nominee, 1940 - the only native Hoosier to be nominated for the Presidency by a major political party - author of One World - grave and memorial in East Hill Cemetery, Rushville. — Map (db m66844) HM
Indiana (Scott County), Scottsburg — Scott County War Memorial
(Front Center Panel:) Dedicated to Scott County Veterans Who Honorably Served Their Country In Time Of War And Conflict God - Duty - Honor - Country (Back Center Panel:) POW * * * MIA “You Are . . . — Map (db m22525) WM
Indiana (Scott County), Scottsburg — William Hayden English
Front Wm. H. English 1822 - - 1896 Back William Hayden English Born at Lexington, Scott Co. Ind. Aug. 27, 1822 Died at Indianapolis Feb. 7, 1896 REPRESENTATIVE from Scott Co. in the Ind. Legislature. . . . — Map (db m22082) HM
Indiana (Spencer County), Rockport — A Rocky Beginning
James Lankford settled in the Rockport area in 1808, moving his wife and daughter into a cave under the bluff overlooking the Ohio River. Other settlers moved into the lowland that became downtown Rockport (originally dubbed Hanging Rock). By . . . — Map (db m47615) HM
Indiana (Spencer County), Troy — A New Home in Indiana — Abraham Lincoln and Family Moved to Indiana
Do you want to experience the world of young Abe Lincoln? You’ve come to the right place. At Lincoln Ferry Park, just west of Troy, the Lincoln family arrived by ferry from Kentucky in 1816. Young Abe Lincoln walked these woods with his long, . . . — Map (db m47543) HM
Indiana (Spencer County), Troy — 74.2001.1 — Abraham Lincoln Employed
Side 'One' Lincoln (1809-1865) lived northwest of here 1816-1830. Worked circa 1825 as hired hand for James Taylor. William Herndon, a Lincoln biographer, wrote that Lincoln told him it "was the roughest work a young man could be made to do." . . . — Map (db m47544) HM
Indiana (Starke County), Knox — Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
“Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that . . . — Map (db m42682) HM
Indiana (Steuben County), Angola — Steuben County Civil War Honor Rolls
( East Side - Memorial ) ( Stone Etching ) In loving memory of the women of 1861 to 1865 whose courage and heroism at home were a no less worthy sacrifice upon the alter of Liberty. ( Bronze Plaque ) Steuben County’s Roll of . . . — Map (db m54113) WM
Indiana (Tippecanoe County), Lafayette — John Purdue Block
Erected on this site in 1845 by John Purdue (October 31, 1802 - September 12, 1876) The John Purdue Block was a collection of 12 stores, each 22 feet wide, occupying the complete block between Columbia and South streets. At the time, it was the . . . — Map (db m34826) HM
Indiana (Tippecanoe County), Lafayette — The Ellsworth Historic District
Side A This District is named for U.S. Patent Commissioner, Henry Leavitt Ellsworth, who lived in the neighborhood and was instrumental in the settling of the Wabash Valley area. As Lafayette grew, the neighborhood was a popular choice for . . . — Map (db m35227) HM
Indiana (Tippecanoe County), Shadeland — Scott's ExpeditionAgainst the Wea
Side A Just after noon, June 1, 1791, from the elevation to the south, now known as “High Gap”, Brigadier General Charles Scott, his 33 officers, and 760 mounted Kentucky Militiamen rode toward the smoke of cooking fires rising . . . — Map (db m34956) HM
Indiana (Tippecanoe County), Westpoint — GranvilleWabash and Erie Canal Town
Founded in 1834 by Thomas W. Treckett and Thomas Concannon, with later additions in 1836. Granville boasted 153 lots and a public square. In 1850 its name was changed to Weaton, after the Wea Indian town which once stood to the east. Later the name . . . — Map (db m34827) HM
Indiana (Tipton County), Kempton — The Dunham House
In 1849, Jacob Dunham and Catherine Goodnight Dunham, originally from Virginia and Pennsylvania, purchased this land, formerly part of the Miami Indian Reserve, through a U. S. Land Grant. Their grandson, William Riley Dunham, was an Indiana . . . — Map (db m37787) HM
Indiana (Tipton County), Tipton — Land Between The Rivers
Surveyors’ maps of 1824 and 1846 of Tipton County marked the Indian Portage Trails through Tipton, the junction between the Indiana water ways. [[ Maps on Left Side of Plaque ]] To Wabash River Waters Kokomo Trail - - . . . — Map (db m37886) HM
Indiana (Tipton County), Tipton — Tipton County (Indiana) Veterans Memorial — Tipton County Courthouse
Tipton County Veterans Memorial — Map (db m37857) HM
Indiana (Vanderburgh County), Evansville — 82.2007.1 — Sheriff's Residence and Jail
Side ‘One’ Vanderburgh County formed, Evansville named county seat 1818. This castle-like structure was completed 1890 for county’s fourth jail and second sheriff’s residence. Stone exterior has step-gables, projecting turrets, crenellated . . . — Map (db m65225) HM
Indiana (Vanderburgh County), Evansville — 82.1947.1 — Wabash and Erie Canal
Completed from Lake Erie to Evansville, 1853. Used till 1865. Passing from 5th St. to 1st Ave., canal widened into basin for docks covering part of this square. — Map (db m47817) HM
Indiana (Vermillion County), Cayuga — American Legion Veterans
May 30, 1996 In recognition of all the American Legion Veterans of Rainbow Post #263 Cayuga, Indiana. Presented by the Sons of the American Legion Squadron #263Map (db m58624) HM
Indiana (Vermillion County), Eugene — 83.1995.2 — Eugene Covered Bridge
County commissioners ordered (1873) to replace unsafe bridge over Big Vermillion River at Eugene. Built 1873 by Joseph J. Daniels, Rockville: Burr truss design, 180 foot span, using existing abutments. Closed to vehicle traffic, 1974. Listed in . . . — Map (db m3701) HM
Indiana (Vermillion County), Universal — Universal World War II Honor Roll
(Front of Memorial) In Appreciation of Everyone from this Community who served during World War II ( Row One ) Billy Samson ▫ Albert Koma ▫ Jack Lewis ▫ John Hardie ▫ Jesse Allen ▫ Thomas . . . — Map (db m58452) WM
Indiana (Vigo County), Saint Mary-of-the-Woods — 84.2009.1 — Saint Theodora Guerin — Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
Side one Born Anne-Thérèse Guérin in 1798 in France. In 1823, she entered the Catholic congregation Sisters of Providence of Ruillé; received the name Sister St. Theodore. Noted for her teaching, she led a mission from France to . . . — Map (db m21764) HM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — 84.1966.1 — Birthplace of Paul Dresser1859 - 1906
Composer of Indiana State Song, "On the Banks of the Wabash," and other songs popular in the Gay Nineties. His famous brother, Theodore Dreiser, wrote An American Tragedy and other novels. — Map (db m8924) HM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — 84.1994.1 — Birthplace of the Coca-Cola Bottle
World - famous trademark created in 1915 on this site at Root Glass Company, by Chapman J. Root, T. Clyde Edwards, Earl R. Dean, and Alexander Samuelson. Bottle design selected in national competition. — Map (db m8888) HM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — 84.1966.2 — Chauncey Rose - - 1794 - 1877
Home of early business and civic leader who built his fortune on honesty, frugality and hard work. He used his wealth generously for the care of orphans, medicine for the sick and the education of youth. — Map (db m58379) HM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — Gold Medal Plaza
Dedicated to these three Garfield High School athletes who took our community to ‘A Level Above’. Terre Haute - parks & recreation Gold Medal Sponsors City of Terre Haute A Friend of Union Hospital First . . . — Map (db m58420) HM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — 84.2001.1 — Markle Mill Site
Abraham Markle (1770-1826) had gristmill and dam built here 1817. Mill had an early horizontal water wheel in a splatter box located within the stone foundation of the structure. Wooden part of mill destroyed by fire 1938. Markle was one of founders . . . — Map (db m19803) HM
Indiana (Vigo County), Terre Haute — World War II War MemorialVigo County Indiana
( Front )W. W. II Killed in Action from Vigo County ( Obverse ) ( Row One ) Lawrence Aaren • Ray E. Adams • William H. Altekruse • Charles V. Anderson • Warren C. Anderson • Wayne W. Anderson • Adolph P. Antoine • William R. . . . — Map (db m19828) WM
Indiana (Warren County), Williamsport — The Trail of Death
In 1838 a band of over 800 Potawatomi Indians were forcibly removed from their homeland in Northern Indiana and marched to Eastern Kansas. Many died along the trail during the two month trek. This mournful caravan traveled this road on September 14, . . . — Map (db m9307) HM
Indiana (Warren County), Williamsport — Trail of Death — Old Town Park - - Williamsport
About 850 Potawatomi Indians camped here near Williamsport September 14, 1838. Two deaths occurred in the evening. Three chiefs were transported in a jail wagon because they refused to leave their beloved homeland in Indiana. — Map (db m32620) HM
Indiana (Warren County), Williamsport — 86.1992.1 — Williamsport - Warren CountyCourthouse
Williamsport, Warren County Seat, was home, 1879 - 1896, of James Frank Hanly, Governor of Indiana, 1905 - 1909. The courthouse, built 1907, was designed by J. W. Royer, Urbana, Illinois. Warren County was established 1827. — Map (db m7951) HM
Indiana (Warrick County), Boonville — Warrick County Desert Storm Veterans Memorial
On this 27th day of February, 1992 the citizens of Warrick Co. Dedicate this monument to the Men and Women from our county who served in the United States Armed Forces in Operation Desert Shield / Storm and all military personel involved in . . . — Map (db m47881) WM
Indiana (Washington County), Salem — Birthplace of John Milton Hay
Birthplace of John Milton Hay A man of Letters, a Statesman and a World Renowned Diplomat of our Country — Map (db m46724) HM
Indiana (Washington County), Salem — 88.1998.1 — Washington County Courthouse / Salem Downtown Historic District
Washington County Courthouse

County formed 1814 by General Assembly of Indiana Territory. Commissioners selected county seat and named it Salem. This third courthouse completed 1888 using locally quarried limestone. Designed in . . . — Map (db m46643) HM

Indiana (Wells County), Bluffton — Wells County Veterans Honor Roll
( Side One ) ( Left Panel ) World War I Raymond Brickley ∙ Homer Byall ∙ Oliver B. Denning ∙ Roger Falk ∙ Samuel E. Hamilton ★ ∙ Harm J. Hurling ∙ Levi Meyer ★ ∙ Forest . . . — Map (db m54798) WM
Indiana (White County), Burnettsville — 91.1976.1 — Indiana Normal1852-1886
Founded originally as Farmington Academy in the southwest part of town, in 1858 Joseph Baldwin opened the Indiana Normal. This was Indiana's first Normal school and the fifth in the United States. — Map (db m42663) HM
Indiana (White County), Monticello — White County War Memorial
A tribute in honor of all those who served their Country from White County — Map (db m42747) HM
Indiana (Whitley County), Columbia City — 92.1966.1 — Home of Thomas R. Marshall
Born in North Manchester, March 14, 1854, he practiced law in Columbia City until his election as Governor of Indiana (1909–1913). Served two terms as Vice-President (1913–1921). Died June 1, 1925, and was buried in Indianapolis. — Map (db m1334) HM
Indiana (Whitley County), Columbia City — Whitley County Korean War Memorial
Freedom is not Free Korean War Memorial Dedicated to all Who Served 1950 - 1953 We Remember By: M. Garvey Those we left there is the cold We remember We remember Have no fears of growing old oh do we remember . . . — Map (db m13044) WM
Kentucky (Carroll County), Carrollton — Korea & Vietnam - - War Memorial of Carroll County Kentucky
In memory of the men of Carroll County who gave their lives serving their Country and to all people who have served their Country. + + + KOREA + + + Clyde M. Carter William A. Day Bobby R. Schirmer George W. Willett . . . — Map (db m22156) WM
Kentucky (Carroll County), Carrollton — World War I & World War I I Memorial - - Carroll County, Kentucky
In Memory of the Men 0f CARROLL COUNTY who gave their lives Serving Their Country + + + World War I + + + Otis Arvin • Golden Bowie • Frank L. Grimes • Lester Williams Howard • Guy Kirkland • Walter Lewis • Joseph B. Schirmer • Chester . . . — Map (db m22160) HM
Kentucky (Franklin County), Frankfort — 1444 — Glen Willis
Side A Willis A. Lee, Jr., built a double two-story log house here in 1793. Tract of land on which the house stood was given to Lee by his uncle, Hancock Lee, founder of Leestown, the first settlement in Franklin County. In 1815 Lee . . . — Map (db m22126) HM
Kentucky (Larue County), Hodgenville — Abraham Lincoln's memory of Knob Creek Farm
My earliest recollection. . .is of the Knob Creek place Abraham Lincoln, 1860 Abraham Lincoln’s family moved here from his birthplace at Sinking Spring Farm in 1811, when the future president was just two years old. . . . — Map (db m60028) HM
Kentucky (Larue County), Hodgenville — Lincoln and Hodgen's Mill
When Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, present day Hodgenville was known as Hodgen’s Mill. It was settled in 1789 on land owned by Robert Hodgen, owner and operator of the mill. This area also included a tavern and a store. Due east of . . . — Map (db m60045) HM
Kentucky (Larue County), Hodgenville — Two Miles South of this town Abraham Lincoln was born ...
. . . — Map (db m59996) HM
Pennsylvania (York County), Seven Valleys — Hanover Junction
Here, Nov. 18, 1863, a special train carrying Abraham Lincoln and party to Gettysburg for dedication of National Cemetery changed railroads. Earlier in that year, wounded soldiers were transported from Gettysburg battlefield to this Junction, thence . . . — Map (db m5874) HM
Virginia (Rappahannock County), Sperryville — John Kiger's Second LotSperryville Historic District
(Upper Plaque):This property has been place on the National Register of Historic Places (Lower Plaque):The Second of Two Lots Owned by John Kiger This Building Was A Blacksmith shop. Conestoga Wagons Were Made Behind This Building Near . . . — Map (db m25786) HM

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