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By R. E. Smith, September 2, 2007
The Parthenon Marker
Alabama (Baldwin County), Fairhope — Tears of SorrowTears of Joy
Honoring all Veterans and Their Families Concept Designer:Sissy Birindelli Sculptor: Stephen Spears The Fairhope Veterans Memorial Committee Wishes to thank all our supporters, with special thanks to : The City of Fairhope The Single . . . — Map (db m128892) WM
Alabama (Baldwin County), Fairhope — Welcome to the Fairhope Pier
Fairhope’s ‘town square’

The first Fairhope pier was built in 1895. In the early years, the wooden pier served as a commercial dock for the bay boats. The first concrete pier was built in 1968 and remained in use until being severely . . . — Map (db m128891) HM

Alabama (Baldwin County), Foley — City of Foley Camellia Walk
The camellia, is often called the Queen of winter flowers, is the state flower of Alabama. Originally from the Orient, the camellia made its way to Europe in the 1600s, then to America and Australia in the 1700s. It now flourishes in the southern . . . — Map (db m50411) HM
Alabama (Calhoun County), Anniston — Parker Memorial Baptist Church
On July 3, 1887, a congregation of 45 people met at the Opera House on Noble Street to organize a new church. Originally called Second Baptist Church, the name soon was changed to Twelfth Street Baptist Church. In 1889, it became Parker . . . — Map (db m36545) HM
Alabama (Calhoun County), Anniston — Temple Beth El Section Hillside Cemetery
In April 1888, the founder of a newly established Reform Jewish congregation purchased twenty-three lots in Hillside Cemetery to bury their deceased members. In 1987, the City of Anniston vacated right-of-way that allowed the Temple to expand the . . . — Map (db m53163) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Cherokee — Colbert's Stand
George Colbert operated a ferry across the Tennessee River from 1800 to 1819. His stand or inn offered travelers a warm meal and shelter during their journey on the Old Trace. Colbert looked after his own well-being and once charged Andrew Jackson . . . — Map (db m69630) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Leighton — LaGrange College
This is the site of LaGrange College Chartered in 1830 by act of the Legislature of Alabama An Institution of High Order for men attended chiefly by students from the southern states. The college was burned April 28, 1863 by Federal Cavalry . . . — Map (db m83333) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Muscle Shoals — The Singing River SculptureIn Muscle Shoals, Alabama
This sculpture is dedicated to the many individuals whose efforts made Muscle Shoals and the Muscle Shoals area the “Hit Recording Capital of the World,” and to those who continue that legacy. Legend of the Singing River The . . . — Map (db m95318) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Sheffield — Forest Elders
Escape to an Earlier Time The giant trees of Northern Alabama's mature forest have stood throughout generations, witnessing considerable natural, historical, and cultural changes. Some probably witnessed the Civil War while others only date . . . — Map (db m117058) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Sheffield — Percy Sledge/Producer Quin Ivy"When A Man Loves A Woman" / NORALA and Quinvy Studios
(side 1) Percy Sledge "When A Man Loves A Woman" Hospital orderly Percy Sledge recorded 'When a Man Loves a Woman' at Quin Ivy's studio in 1966. Sledge's breakup with a girlfriend inspired the lyrics credited to songwriters . . . — Map (db m83390) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Sheffield — The Singing River SculptureIn Sheffield, Alabama
This sculpture is dedicated to the many individuals whose efforts made Sheffield and the Muscle Shoals area the “Hit Recording Capital of the World,” and to those who continue that legacy. Legend of the Singing River The . . . — Map (db m95130) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Sheffield — Village One
In 1918, during World War I, the U.S. Government built this unique village of 85 bungalows, school, and officers barracks to house personnel at nearby Nitrate Plant No. 1. Prefabricated and standard size materials were used in construction along . . . — Map (db m88110) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Tuscumbia — At This Well
Annie Sullivan Macy revealed the mystery of language to seven year old Helen Keller by spelling the word W-A-T-E-R into her hand as water flowed over the other hand — Map (db m106094) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Tuscumbia — First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church was organized April 13, 1824, by Scots-Irish settlers. The sanctuary, erected in 1827, is the oldest in continuous use in Alabama. Its Georgian Gothic style remains essentially unchanged. The brick walls are laid in . . . — Map (db m40429) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Tuscumbia — Howell Thomas Heflin1921~2005
Howell Thomas Heflin retired from a lifetime of distinguished public service in 1997, having served Alabama in the U.S. Senate for three consecutive terms. There he was known as a national leader on judicial, agricultural, defense, and space issues. . . . — Map (db m28586) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Tuscumbia — Ivy GreenBirthplace of Helen Keller
The Family Home of Captain Arthur M. & Kate Adams Keller was build 1820, being the second house erected in Tuscumbia. Here on June 27, 1880 was born America's First Lady of Courage Helen Adams Keller — Map (db m29089) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Tuscumbia — Jackson's Military Road
Side 1 After the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, General Andrew Jackson proposed this road as a shorter and improved route for military movements between Nashville and New Orleans. The U.S. War Department authorized Jackson to appoint an . . . — Map (db m83401) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Tuscumbia — The Challenge / The Response
The Challenge "Will you not help me hasten the day when there shall be no preventable blindness; no little deaf, blind child untaught; no blind man or woman unaided? I appeal to you Lions, you who have sight, your hearing, you who are strong . . . — Map (db m108373) HM
Alabama (Colbert County), Tuscumbia — Tuscumbia Big Spring
Big Spring (average daily flow 35,000,000 gallons) provided water for town founded on its banks. Michael Dickson of Tennessee was first settler (about 1817). Town laid out in 1819 and incorporated as Ococoposo (Cold Water, 1820). Name changed to . . . — Map (db m83453) HM
Alabama (Cullman County), Cullman — Cullman Railroad Depot
The Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company completed building this Mission Style depot in 1913. When the tracks were laid below ground level, it replaced Cullman's first station located on First Avenue at Third Street, SW. Passenger service . . . — Map (db m29975) HM
Alabama (Cullman County), Cullman — Where does your drinking water come from?
At Clarkson Covered Bridge, your drinking water comes from Lake Catoma. Following a drop of water from the source through the treatment process and eventually to the faucet.

1.Coagulation is the process that removes dirt and particles . . . — Map (db m106109) HM

Alabama (Franklin County), Red Bay — Pride in Our Past, Faith in Our Future
Side A Red Bay is nestled in the northwest corner of the state in Franklin County. The oak trees, planted by the Garden Club in 1937, issue a Main Street welcome through the “tunnel of trees.” Originally inhabited by Chickasaw . . . — Map (db m41133) HM
Alabama (Jackson County), Woodville — Cathedral Caverns
. . . — Map (db m76233) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Before Birmingham: Jones Valley
Red Mountain, where you are standing, and Jones Valley, which stretches before you, were sites of human activity long before Birmingham's founding in 1871. Native American presence Recorded history and archaeological evidence indicate the . . . — Map (db m83805) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Designing Vulcan Park
Vulcan Park isn’t just Vulcan’s home; it’s also a public park. The original project, funded by the WPA (Works Progress Administration) aimed for “general beautification of the entire acreage” to create” an ideal spot for untold . . . — Map (db m69015) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Birmingham — Duncan House
The Duncan House was build in 1906 as a home place for James and Lelia Duncan and their eight children in what is now Tarrant City, Alabama. Duncan worked throughout his life in the nearby shops and yards of the L&N Railroad (know CSXI) as water . . . — Map (db m86613) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Elgin — Elgin/Elgin Crossroads
(side 1) Settlement of this area began in the early 1800s. Gabriel Butler settled approximately two miles northwest of here on Bluewater Creek. His name is found on the 1810 petition for removal of white settlers leasing land on Chief . . . — Map (db m83934) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — 1st Lt. Chadwick McFall BarberIn Loving Memory of — (1944-1969)
Lt. Chadwick McFall Barber proudly served his country with distinction and paid the ultimate sacrifice when he was killed in action January 8, 1969, in the Republic of Vietnam. This bronze statue captures his likeness. Ola McFall Barber, David . . . — Map (db m35656) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — 75mm Field Gun
This 75mm field gun is a modification of a French gun that was designed in 1917. The 75mm was the most effective light field gun in W.W. I. It was also used against infantry, tanks, and other armored targets in W.W.II. This gun is 17’-3” . . . — Map (db m83937) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Bennett Walker SmithCity of Florence Walk of Honor
Rev. Dr. Bennett W. Smith, as president of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, expanded the organization internationally. Active in Civil Rights in America and South Africa, he counseled President Bill Clinton on racial equality. — Map (db m38645) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Cherry Street Historic District(early 20th Century)
Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997, this district contains 52 structures, most of which were built after 1900. Cherry Street was laid out in 1818 near the east boundary of Florence. Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Sigismund . . . — Map (db m28406) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Deibert Park-dedicated May 25, 2000-
This park was donated to the people of Florence by Dr. Kirk R. and Lillian Cook Deibert who initially acquired this property in 1952. The acreage was once a part of a large ante-bellum plantation owned by Judge Sidney Cherry Posey. In 1875 his heirs . . . — Map (db m33086) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Dred ScottCity of Florence Walk of Honor
Dred Scott, a slave who served as the hostler in Peter Blow's Florence Hotel, waged a 14-year legal fight for freedom that resulted in the U.S. Supreme Court's Dred Scott Decision of 1857, a pivotal event in American history. — Map (db m56375) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Driven Up The WatersNatchez Trace Parkway
The Trail of Tears led groups of Cherokee up the Tennessee River here. The Cherokee are one of southeastern tribes who were relocated to Oklahoma due to the US Indian removal policy in the 1830s. During removal, most Cherokee went by land, but . . . — Map (db m107267) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — East Florence Historic District
The East Florence business area began in the industrial boom of the 1880s and 1890s and continued its development through the 1920s. Originally known as "Sweetwater", the small locally owned firms were established to serve the growing population . . . — Map (db m35769) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Ezra Lee CulverCity of Florence Walk of Honor
With a fourth grade education, Ezra Culver employed his own innovative concrete process in major 20th century projects. His construction experience included work on Yankee Stadium, Lincoln Tunnel and the Florida Keys bridges. — Map (db m29269) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — First Muscle Shoals Canal/Second Muscle Shoals Canal1836-1838/1890-1918
(side 1) First Muscle Shoals Canal 1836-1838 From the earliest attempts to navigate the Tennessee River, it was known that a formidable obstacle made the passage from one end to the other almost impossible. This barrier, caused by . . . — Map (db m125572) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — First United Methodist Church(1822)
Established September 8, 1822 in a log house on the west side of town by Revs. John Cox and John Kerr. Cox and wife, Frances Langley had been affiliated with the Wesleys in England. Second meeting place was in Farmer's Cobbler Shop on West Mobile . . . — Map (db m83966) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Florence State Teachers College
Oldest state~supported teacher college south of Ohio R. 1830 ~ opened as LaGrange College (Methodist) at nearby Leighton. First charted college in state. 1855 ~ moved here and re~named Florence Wesleyan University. Flourished until . . . — Map (db m83970) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Florence's Early Water Tower 1890
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this tower of native stone was completed in 1890 as the foundation for a wrought- iron tank with a capacity of 280,000 gallons of water. It is 70 feet high and is located on the highest elevation . . . — Map (db m35234) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — General Arthur E. Brown, Jr.City of Florence Walk of Honor
A 1953 graduate of West Point, Gen. Brown culminated a 36-year military career as Director of the Army Staff (1983-1987) and Vice-Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army (1987-1989). — Map (db m29267) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — General Hood's Narrow EscapeDecember 26, 1864
Following his tragic defeat at Franklin and Nashville, General John B. Hood managed to escape over the Tennessee River at Bainbridge Ferry, a few miles south of here on December 26, 1864. Two corps under General Benjamin Cheatham and Stephen D. Lee . . . — Map (db m35258) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — John Coffee: 1772-1833
(side 1) John Coffee was born in Prince Edward County, VA, in 1772, the son of Joshua and Elizabeth Graves Coffee. The family moved to NC in 1777. After his father died in 1798, Coffee and other family members moved to Davidson County, TN . . . — Map (db m100248) HM WM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Maj. Gen. George W. GoethalsCity of Florence Walk of Honor
In 1891, G.W. Goethals, in his role as supervisor of public works on the Tennessee River, reported directly to the Secretary of War. Later, he was Chief Engineer for the construction of the Panama Canal. — Map (db m29099) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Maud McKnight LindsayMay 13, 1874 - May 30, 1941
Born in Tuscumbia, Lived in Sheffield Daughter of Robert Burns Lindsay, Governor of Alabama 1870. Teacher of Alabama's first kindergarten - 1898. Ranks as one of the greatest kindergarten teachers in the world. Author of 14 books for children. . . . — Map (db m84041) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — McFarland Park and Recreation Area
This bottom land serves as a reservoir for TVA's flood control program. Florence leases it for recreational purposes when not being used by TVA. Major Robert McFarland, a native of Ireland, his wife, Kate Armstead McFarland, and their seven . . . — Map (db m28453) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Regions Bank
This building which was completed in 1983 is an accurate replica of the local historical mansion known as The Forks of Cypress. The original mansion, completed in 1822 by James and Sarah Jackson on a knoll five miles from Florence Alabama, was . . . — Map (db m29253) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Sannoner Historic District
Named for Ferdinand Sannoner, who surveyed the town of Florence for the Cypress Land Company in 1818, the district contains twenty-five structures on North Court and North Pine Streets. Wealthy planters, lawyers and merchants occupied the six fine . . . — Map (db m84047) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — St. Mark Baptist Church1859
St. Mark Baptist Church is the oldest Missionary Baptist Church in Florence, Alabama. In 1859, a group of Christians began worshipping in a brush arbor on this site. John A. Rorttock, Trustee for colored members of the Missionary Baptist Church, . . . — Map (db m99898) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — The American Legion1919
Side A The American Legion, an organization of U.S. War Veterans was founded in Paris, France, March 15~17, 1919 by delegates from combat and service units of the American Expeditionary Force assembled in response to a call by a committee . . . — Map (db m35220) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — The Father of Rock ’N’ Roll / Sam Phillips in Florence
Side A Sam Phillips fell in love with the miracle of sound and the unifying power of music. Moving to Memphis, Tennessee, he embraced the beauty of the blues with his early recordings of Howlin Wolf, B.B. King and other delta artists. In . . . — Map (db m29270) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — The Hawk Missile
The Hawk Missile was the first mobile medium-range, guided, anti-aircraft missile deployed by the U.S. Army in August 1959. The Hawk is a surface-to-air missile powered by a solid-propellant rocket motor and controlled in flight by its large tail . . . — Map (db m69652) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — Trinity Episcopal Church 1894
Episcopal services in Florence began in 1824. Rev. Thomas Armstrong Cook organized Trinity Episcopal Church in 1836. The original building, on the northwest corner of College and Cedar Streets, was consecrated Feb. 23, 1845, by Bishop Nicholas . . . — Map (db m35230) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Florence — William Burch (Billy) Reid
The Council of Fashion Designers of America recognized Billy Reid as the Best New Menswear Designer in 2001, followed by the Gentleman's Quarterly, the Vogue Fashion Fund and the Best Menswear Designer Awards. — Map (db m71486) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Killen — Daniel WhiteSettled Here in 1818
Daniel White, native of North Carolina, purchased land here in 1818, a year before Alabama became a state. His home and stagecoach stop, "Wayside Inn" was a large two~ story log house located on the North side of the highway from this site. In 1834 . . . — Map (db m29170) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Rogersville — Covington/Second Creek / Wheeler Dam/Lake
(side 1) Covington/Second Creek Goodsprings Church This site, one mile east of Elgin, has been referred to as “The Indian Mound.” There were white landowners here as early as 1833. Prior to 1936, there was a . . . — Map (db m79914) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Rogersville — Rogersville Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.
(side 1) The earliest place of worship in Rogersville was a brush arbor located approximately 200 yards west of this historic location in what is now the old Liberty Cemetery. A building in which several faiths worshipped was later . . . — Map (db m84298) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Rogersville — Springfield Community 1810/Springfield Church and School
(side 1) Springfield Community 1810 Springfield Community is believed to have been among the earliest settlements in Lauderdale County. It was laid out as a town and considered as the location for the county seat. As early as 1810, . . . — Map (db m100604) HM
Alabama (Lauderdale County), Waterloo — Edith Newman CulverMemorial Museum — 1872~1995
The Newman House was restored and presented in 1995 to the citizens of Waterloo by Ezra Lee Culver, as a memorial to his wife, Edith Elizabeth Newman Culver. Built in 1872 by Hiram L. and Julia Ann Young Richardson. This house was purchased in . . . — Map (db m29276) HM
Alabama (Lawrence County), Courtland — Harris-Simpson Home
Side A This circa 1820 house is thought to be one of the oldest houses in Courtland. Occupying a lot platted by the Courtland Land Company in 1818, the house faces North toward what was once the main Tuscumbia Road. Dr. Jack Shackelford . . . — Map (db m84306) HM
Alabama (Lawrence County), Moulton — Anne Newport Royall
Born 11 June 1769, in Maryland and married 18 Nov 1797, Anne Royall became a wealthy widow upon her Revolutionary War Veteran husband's death in 1813. However, her husband's family filed an ultimately successful suit for his estate. While she waited . . . — Map (db m84309) HM
Alabama (Lawrence County), Oakville — Copena Burial Mound
Copena Indians built this mound with baskets of dirt some 2000 years ago. The Copena name was derived from their use of copper and galena (lead ore) found in their burials along with gorgets and celts. The mounds were a burial site with the dead . . . — Map (db m84315) HM
Alabama (Lawrence County), Town Creek — Saunders~ Hall~ Goode Mansion
This mansion, located about one mile east, was placed on the National Register of Historic places 1 Oct 1974. Built by Turner Saunders (1782-1853) on property purchased 9 April 1833, the house may have an earlier construction date. Revolutionary . . . — Map (db m37281) HM
Alabama (Lawrence County), Trinity — Boxwood Plantation
(side 1) This small dwelling is the last reminder of "Boxwood" plantation, the home of the Elliot family, and later of the Nevilles. Built-in 1854 of slave-made brick and occupied by the household servants it is one of the few brick . . . — Map (db m114719) HM
Alabama (Limestone County), Ardmore — Hernando De Soto in AlabamaDe Soto Trail
The Highway Route The Highway Route of the De Soto Trail is intended to follow the actual trail as closely as major highways permit. These highways are U.S. 278 from the Georgia line to Piedmont, Ala; Ala. 21 to Winterboro; Ala. 76 to . . . — Map (db m85384) HM
Alabama (Limestone County), Ardmore — Vietnam Veterans of America
This memorial is dedicated in honor of all those from the state of Alabama who made the supreme sacrifice by laying down their life for their country in Vietnam. 1959-1975 This memorial was erected by Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 511 - . . . — Map (db m52449) WM
Alabama (Limestone County), Athens — Scenes From Hobbs & Market Streets
The First Baptist Church, organized in 1824, built a meeting house in 1826. A brick structure was erected in 1831 but was replaced with the above building in 1909. This church located on the north west corner of Clinton and Hobbs streets, was later . . . — Map (db m93883) HM
Alabama (Limestone County), Mooresville — Mooresville Brick Church/The Cumberland Presbyterian Church
(side 1) Mooresville Brick Church Completed by 1839 this Greek Revival Structure was probably under construction for several years. On November 18, 1838 Alabama's 2nd Governor, Thomas Bibb and his wife Pamela deeded this property to . . . — Map (db m85456) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Cernan • Evans • SchmittLaunched: December 7, 1972 • Landed: December 11, 1972 • Splashdown: December 19, 1972 — "...America's challenge of today has forged man's destiny of tomorrow."
Commander Gene Cernan spoke these words as the last man to walk on the Moon. Apollo 17 was the final Apollo mission and the crowning achievement of the entire Apollo program. The mission set numerous Apollo program records: the longest mission, . . . — Map (db m85489) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Civil War(War Between the States) — 1861-1865
I am Private Patrick O’Hara of the 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment. Before the war I was a fisherman working on a boat out of Bar Harbor, Maine. I didn’t volunteer for the Army until well into the second year of the war because it was way . . . — Map (db m85490) WM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Commitment/Oath, Creed, And Code of Conduct
Make no mistake - our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen have committed their lives to defending freedom and our American way of life. The Soldier’s Oath "I, (state your name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support . . . — Map (db m71403) WM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Global War on TerrorismHuntsville Madison County Veterans Memorial
The Global War on Terrorism and Afghanistan War commenced on 11 September 2001, after Islamic terrorists hijacked and deliberately crashed four airliners in New York City, Washington D.C. and Shanksville, Pa. The following month, American air and . . . — Map (db m85494) WM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Main EnginesPower for Lift-off and Ascent to Orbit
The Pathfinder’s three main engines are real. The two lower engines powered the first flight of Columbia in 1981. The engine located at the top was used in ground test firings. At launch, the three Space Shuttle Main Engines (fed liquid . . . — Map (db m98026) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — NASA Skylab
Skylab, the United States' first space station, was manned from May 25, 1973 to February 8, 1974 by three separate astronaut crews. Experiments were performed to enrich our knowledge of Earth, Sun, stars and cosmic space; to study the effects of . . . — Map (db m98190) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Revolutionary War1775 - 1783
I am Ezekiel Reynolds, a citizen of Concord, Massachusetts Colony. My neighbors and I banded together to defend our families and farms and resist the taxation without representation in the British Parliament. We are called Minutemen for our speed in . . . — Map (db m71404) WM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Schirra • Eisele • Cunningham / Borman • Lovell • AndersLaunched: October 11, 1968 • Splashdown: October 22, 1968 — Launched: December 21, 1968 • Splashdown: December 27, 1968
"…A Merry Christmas and God bless all of you • All of you • On the good Earth." With these good wishes, the crew of Apollo 8 signed off their Christmas Eve telecast from orbit around the Moon. These successful flights came only months . . . — Map (db m85602) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — The Leroy Pope Mansion 1814
During the original Madison County Land Sales of 1809, LeRoy Pope of Petersburg, GA, secured among other purchases a majority of Section 36, Township 3, Range 1 West, the site of the future town of Twickenham, as Huntsville was originally known. . . . — Map (db m32480) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — U.S. Army PGM-11 Redstone
First test-launched in August, 1953, the Redstone Medium-Range Ballistic Missile evolved from a five-year Army research and development program. Named for Redstone Arsenal—where it was developed—this vehicle played a crucial role in . . . — Map (db m98220) HM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — Veterans Memorial Time Capsule
Interred on November 17, 2012 to commemorate Madison County's military history and to preserve items reminiscent of our Veterans' proud service to this great nation. To be opened November 11, 2062 — Map (db m85613) WM
Alabama (Madison County), Huntsville — World War I (Great War)/1914 – 1918
I am First Sergeant Jo Frank Fox of the 167th Infantry Regiment, 42nd (Rainbow) Division. I’m the top sergeant of my company which means when I say ‘JUMP!” all the men jump and ask “How high?” on the way up. I got a glare that can . . . — Map (db m85619) HM WM
Alabama (Madison County), Madison — City of Madison
Establish in 1856 as a shipping station on the Memphis and Charleston R.R., the town was platted on land owned by James Clemens and incorporated by vote of its citizens in 1869. First officials included William R. Johnston, mayor, and five . . . — Map (db m61625) HM
Alabama (Marshall County), Grant — Pennsylvania Bell Tower
Built as a water tower in 1937 By her husband in honor of Mrs. Harper Donelson Sheppard Pennsylvania State Regent 1935-1938 And created a Bell Tower in 1973 Upon the installation of a Carillion By the Pennsylvania Daughters In honor . . . — Map (db m76232) HM
Alabama (Marshall County), Guntersville — Veterans of Foreign Wars Marshall County
Honoring those who served in combat - Especially those who made the supreme sacrificeWorld War I Richardson,Robert C. Mashburn, Millard J. Totherow, Charlie Shuttleworth, Walter F. Searcy, Charles H. Parrish, Steve R. . . . — Map (db m53153) HM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — An Unheralded Breed of Soldier
Let all who read these words of gratitude and praise know that tens of thousands of America's fighting men and women owe their lives to the deeds and courage of war dogs and their handlers. Further, let it be known that many breeds of dogs, large . . . — Map (db m74162) HM WM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — First National Confederate Flag("Stars and Bars")
The "Stars and Bars," designed by Nicola Marshall of Marion, Alabama, was adopted by the flag selection committee of the Provisional Confederate Congress at Montgomery and raised over the capitol building on March 4, 1861. Its similarity to the . . . — Map (db m69314) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Second National Confederate Flag("Stainless Banner")
The intensity of the war caused the desire for a new national flag that was in no way similar to the U.S. flag. The "Stainless Banner" was adopted by the Confederate Congress on May 1, 1863. The cross of St. Andrew, depicted on the flag, has been . . . — Map (db m86423) HM
Alabama (Morgan County), Decatur — Rising Sun Lodge No. 29Ancient Free & Accepted Masons
Dr. Henry Rhodes, for whom Rhodes Ferry Landing was named, was Decatur's first Postmaster and one of the organizers of the Lodge (Nov. 22, 1826). Chartered in 1827, its first Worshipful Master was Colonel Francis Dancy, builder of the Dancy-Polk . . . — Map (db m102823) HM
Alabama (Morgan County), Decatur — Social and Cultural OpportunitiesRestoring the Vision...Preserving The Legacy
"It is intended that the city shall be not only a first class business and manufacturing place but at the same time it shall be a delightful place for the home and family." -Promotional brochure from the Decatur Land Improvement and Furnace . . . — Map (db m53667) HM
Alabama (Morgan County), Decatur — St. John's Episcopal Church
Side A In 1890, 75 members of St. Paul's Church (founded 1867) in Old Decatur, split away from the church over the location of a new building. Newcomers to the parish and city wanted to build it in New Decatur/Albany, near their homes. . . . — Map (db m32483) HM
Alabama (Shelby County), Montevallo — The Colonial Courthouse/The Stocks and Pillory
(side 1) The Colonial Courthouse This building is inspired by the Courthouse at Williamsburg, Virginia, built in 1770. The County Court heard petty crimes and civil cases such as debtors’ disputes with creditors from abusive . . . — Map (db m101501) HM
Alabama (Shelby County), Montevallo — The President's Oval Office/The Glorious Burden
(side 1) The President's Oval Office In this building is a full-scale replica of the White House Oval Office. When John and Abigail Adams first moved into The White House in 1800, it contained three oval rooms, inspired by . . . — Map (db m101531) HM
Alabama (Shelby County), Montevallo — Washington Hall/Birth of A Nation
(side 1) Washington Hall The exterior of the hall is inspired by George Washington's beloved Mount Vernon. It has beveled-edge block walls. When mixed with paint and sand it gives the appearance of stone masonry, a process called . . . — Map (db m101504) HM
Arkansas (Phillips County), Helena — Service with Distinction
Seven men from Phillips County, all of them immigrants to Arkansas, became high ranking Confederate officers. They served with honor in the Army of the Tennessee and in the Trans-Mississippi, participating in many decisive battles and campaigns. . . . — Map (db m51981) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Hartford — Mark Twain
Mark Twain Samuel Clemens 1835 - 1910 [ north side ] One of the nation's most celebrated authors Mark Twain lived here in Hartford during the peak of his writing career from 1871 until 1891 Of Hartford, Twain wrote "Of all the . . . — Map (db m52434) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), Hartford — Trinity College1823-1923 — Pro Ecclesia Et Patria
Upon the brow of this hill stood The First Building of Trinity College Which was founded here as Washington College A.D. 1823 The name of the college was changed to Trinity college A.D 1845 it was moved to its present site A.D. 1875 when this . . . — Map (db m60004) HM
Connecticut (Hartford County), West Hartford — Noah Webster Birthplace
Has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark Under the provisions of the Historic sites Act of August 21, 1935 This site possesses exceptional value in commemorating and illustrating The History of the United . . . — Map (db m60003) HM
Connecticut (New London County), Mystic — Whaleship Charles W. Morgan
Whaleship Charles W. Morgan Built: 1841 Hillman Bros. Shipyard New Bedford, Martin Length: 105’ 6” Beam: 27’ 7” Depth: 17’ 6” As the last surviving American wooden whaleship, and the oldest American merchant . . . — Map (db m68522) HM
Florida (Escambia County), Pensacola — Mooring AnchorFlorida Public Archaeology Network
Mooring anchors like this one were lowered into Pensacola Bay during the 1800s. A pair of buoyed mooring anchors connected by a long, heavy chain gave sailing ships a place to moor (tie up) while waiting to enter Pensacola's harbor to load or unload . . . — Map (db m91136) HM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Apollo Beach — Manatee Scar Identification
Manatee photo-identification is a research technique that uses the unique pattern of scars and mutilations on a manatee’s trunk and tail fluke to identify an individual animal over time. In Florida, the scars are primarily a result of . . . — Map (db m106500) HM
Florida (Lee County), Fort Myers — Edison Pier
The pier was originally called “the wharf.” It was used as a working area to off-load boats carrying materials and contents for the homes and laboratory, beginning in November 1885. After the Estate buildings were complete, the pier’s . . . — Map (db m90285) HM
Florida (Lee County), Fort Myers — Edison Pool Complex
“Madeleine, Marie, Theodore and the two maids have gone bathing in the hotel pool—so everybody is happy," wrote Mina to family, April 7, 1909. By the 1911 winter season the family and staff no longer had to travel downtown to the . . . — Map (db m90287) HM
Florida (Lee County), Fort Myers — Edison's Study and Moonlight Garden, 1928Original site of Edison’s 1886 Laboratory
In his initial plans for the property, Edison included a laboratory for his Florida estate. Through he anticipated leisure time, he also needed a place to pursue inventing. Of the many experiments he worked on in this laboratory, one focused on a . . . — Map (db m90282) HM
Florida (Lee County), Fort Myers — Explore Southwest Florida Naturally!
Nature has been good to Lee County, one of the last frontiers to be settled in southwest Florida. Nestled between the Everglades and the Gulf of Mexico, the county includes a variety of interconnected ecosystems. Careful planning has preserved much . . . — Map (db m105731) HM
Florida (Lee County), Fort Myers — Henry Ford's Florida Estate
Thomas Edison and Henry Ford first met in 1896 at a New York conference of the Edison Illuminating Companies. Ford worked as a mechanic at the Detroit Edison plant. The two were not reacquainted again until 1910, when Edison responded to Ford’s . . . — Map (db m89885) HM
Florida (Lee County), Fort Myers — Motor Generator
Motor Generator The Hertner Electric Company Cleveland, Ohio Serial No. 2528 15 hp 220v 30 60 Hz 37A 1750 RPM 400 C Continuous Duty Throughout the history of Seminole Lodge various equipment was used to supply or produce . . . — Map (db m90288) HM
Georgia (Harris County), Pine Mountain — Pioneer Log Cabin
Constructed from hand-hewn longleaf pine logs. Built around 1830 during the settlement of Troup County, Georgia. Moved to its present location in 1959. — Map (db m107904) HM
Georgia (Harris County), Pine Mountain — The J.L. Hand Gazebo
The handsome gazebo was given in loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hand and placed in the Gardens in January, 1972. Constructed of longleaf pine, it was originally the belvedere atop the now demolished J. L. Hand home in Pelham, Georgia, the . . . — Map (db m70847) HM
Georgia (Sumter County), Plains — Jimmy Carter's Boyhood FarmFrom Here to Plains
Just down this path is the shady, swept-sand yard where the 39th President of the United States played as a boy, during the years of the Great Depression. This plain white farmhouse, these tangled woods, and these broad fields were home to Jimmy . . . — Map (db m56784) HM
Georgia (Sumter County), Plains — Tennis Court
President Carter's life-long love of tennis began with his frequent, fierce contest with his father on this Georgia clay court. My father... was an excellent tennis player. ... I could never beat my father. He had a wicked slice ball which . . . — Map (db m56779) HM
Georgia (Sumter County), Plains — Winds of Change
Purchased from a catalog in 1935 for about $100, a steel windmill like the one reconstructed here provided the Carters a welcome reprieve from the drudgery of pumping water for both the family and livestock by hand. Windpower drew water from a . . . — Map (db m56776) HM
Kentucky (Christian County), Hopkinsville — Cherokee "Trail of Tears"
By the early 1800's white settlers in present-day Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee wanted the Cherokee farms, especially after the discovery of gold on Cherokee land. In 1830 the U. S. Congress passed the Indian Removal Act; in 1835 three hundred . . . — Map (db m105690) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 839 — "Old Judge Priest"
Here for six years presided William Sutton Bishop, the famed Judge Priest of Irvin S. Cobb's stories. Judge Bishop, 1839~1902, was First District Circuit Court Judge from 1891 to 1897. Served in 7th Ky. Conf. Inf. "This was a man." Paducah Bar . . . — Map (db m47268) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1107 — American Red Cross
Side A McCracken County Chapter chartered May 14, 1917. Organized by Mrs. A.R. Meyers, with W. F. Paxton as first Chairman. Initial WWI fund drive raised $42,000. During great Ohio Valley Flood of 1937 carried on an amazing evacuation and . . . — Map (db m47253) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Christening the Towboat Eleanor
Paducah has long been the foremost hub of the inland marine waterways. Thus, many towboat companies have located here.The christening of the Towboat Eleanor is indicative of the significance of each new vessel that joins the home fleet of the Port . . . — Map (db m49187) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Construction in the 1840's
Construction in the 1840's, the two-story Greek Revival structure overlooking the Paducah riverfront was originally the location of the Branch Bank of Louisville, one of the community's first banks. After the Civil War, the building was used for . . . — Map (db m49175) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1052 — First Log Cabin / First Frame House
First Log Cabin Here in April 1821, three years after the Jackson Purchase, the first home, a round-log cabin, was built by James and William Pore. Only a few Indians remained. James Davis, his wife and three sons, built a shelter soon . . . — Map (db m47213) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 962 — Irvin S. Cobb
Native of Paducah, famed wit and humorist; newspaper reporter, war correspondent and feature writer; author of books, short stories, movie scripts and plays. Started career with local paper. Moved to New York, 1904, to Hollywood, 1934. Beloved, . . . — Map (db m47217) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Marine Royalty "Red Coats"
On July 2, 1996, the City of Paducah was visited by marine royalty. All three of the Delta Queen Steamboat Company's boats docked simultaneously at the Port of Paducah. The Delta Queen, Mississippi Queen and American Queen frequent this community . . . — Map (db m49190) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 1377 — McCracken County Courthouse
1825~First courthouse built of logs at Wilmington

1832~County seat moved to Paducah.

1861~First courthouse at this site, then at edge of town.

1943~Present building occupied.

Marker presented by McCracken Co. Civic Beautification . . . — Map (db m47270) HM

Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Paducah 1873 "Birds Eye View"
It was common practice in post-Civil War America for communities to be depicted in bird's-eye views showing buildings, people, animals boats, rivers, streams and railroad lines. This mural recreates an 1873 Bird's -Eye View Map of Paducah which now . . . — Map (db m49758) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Paducah's Architecture
Paducah architecture reflected the settlers' different religious faiths. These institutions helped unite the early settlers of the community. Broadway United Methodist Church is the oldest, founded 1832 at 4th and Broadway. It relocated to the . . . — Map (db m49757) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Paducah's River Industry
Paducah's River Industry was the city's lifeblood. Steamboats and tobacco were critical to the area's economy in the late 1880's. Mule-drawn transfer wagons moved hogshead barrels of tobacco that weighed around 1,600 pounds each. Nearly 20,000 . . . — Map (db m49755) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — 939 — Tilghman Home
Gen. Lloyd Tilghman, soldier and rail builder, lived here, 1852~61. Born, Maryland, 1816. Graduated West Point, 1836. In the Mexican War (1846~48). Chief engineer, 1855~56, New Orleans and Jackson Railroad, first to enter Paducah. In Civil War . . . — Map (db m47266) HM
Kentucky (McCracken County), Paducah — Woodland and Mississippian Indians
Woodland Tradition Indians, around 2,000 years ago, developed exotic mortuary cults, built burial mounds and effigy earthworks, and traded great distances for obsidian, copper, mica, and conch shells. They explored and exploited the caves of south . . . — Map (db m48705) HM
Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Orleans — Pushed Back by the Sea
Both the lighthouse standing here and the cliff in front of you have had to give away to the power of the Atlantic Ocean.

The first lighthouses built here in 1838 were placed over 600 feet east of where you are standing now. As ocean waves ate . . . — Map (db m63398)

Massachusetts (Barnstable County), Orleans — The Long, Black Cable
The long, black cable has carried countless thousands of messages of international finance, personal hope and disaster, and news of war and peace.

Now it lies cold and dormant on the deep floor of the wide Atlantic.

If you stood here on . . . — Map (db m63399)

Massachusetts (Plymouth County), Plymouth — Massasoit
Great Sachem of the Wampanoags Protector and Preserver of the Pilgrims 1621 Erected by the Improved Order of Red Men A grateful tribute 1921 — Map (db m6207) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Charlestown — "A state of perfect chaos"William Bainbridge 1812
This 1833 view of Boston from the west end of the Navy Yard shows a harbor full of busy activity. The steeple of the Old North Church is still a prominent landmark. [courtesy Library of Congress]

The Navy Yard in the War of 1812 When . . . — Map (db m60117) HM

Mississippi (Alcorn County), Corinth — Fillmore Street Chapel
Corinth's oldest church bldg.; erected 1871 by Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the First church est. in Corinth. 1906~1976 served as Fillmore St. Pres. Ch. Now used as chapel by First United Methodist Church. — Map (db m28472) HM
Mississippi (Harrison County), Biloxi — Historic Downtown Biloxi Walking Tour
Historic downtown Biloxi has seen many changes over the decades caused by disasters both natural and man-made including fires, hurricanes, and urban renewal. Today visitors will find an eclectic blend of old and new architecture. Downtown includes . . . — Map (db m107244) HM
Mississippi (Lee County), Tupelo — Elvis Presley's Childhood Church
Attend a Pentecostal church service where Elvis first fell in love with gospel music. Elvis Presley Birthplace presents a unique experience in the First Assembly of God Church where Elvis and his family regularly attended service. This structure . . . — Map (db m29821) HM
Mississippi (Tishomingo County), Iuka — Brig. Gen. Henry Little
A Native of Maryland, Confederate Brigadier General Lewis Henry Little (1817-1862) was the son of a long~time U.S. congressman and a former U.S. Army officer. As a Confederate general, Little was given command of Missouri troops and headed a . . . — Map (db m51748) HM
Mississippi (Tunica County), Tunica — 30 — James Cotton
James Cotton, one of the world’s most popular and dynamic blues harmonica players, was born just east of this site on the Bonnie Blue plantation on July 1, 1935. Cotton apprenticed with harmonica master Sonny Boy Williamson No. 2 (Rice Miller) in . . . — Map (db m51770) HM
Missouri (Cape Girardeau County), Cape Girardeau — 1821Missouri Statehood
When the territory of Missouri asked for statehood, it sought admission as a slave state since there were already many African-American slaves in the territory. Missouri was granted permission, but would be the only area in the Louisiana Territory . . . — Map (db m107715) HM
Missouri (Cape Girardeau County), Cape Girardeau — Cape Girardeau River Crossings
In the 1790s, the Spanish governor granted Louis Lorimier permission to operate a ferry service at Cape Girardeau. Thereafter, ferry operators continued to shuttle people and products across the Mississippi River until 1928 when a new, privately . . . — Map (db m58667) HM
Missouri (Cape Girardeau County), Cape Girardeau — Cape La Croix Creek
In 1699, fathers Montigny, Davion, and St. Cosme, French missionaries erected a cross where this stream entered the Mississippi and prayed that this might be the beginning of Christianity among the Indians. The stream has ever since been known as . . . — Map (db m58683) HM
Missouri (Cape Girardeau County), Cape Girardeau — Mark Twain /Missouri Generals/ George Caleb Bingham
Samuel Clemens (1835- 1910), who wrote under the pseudonym Mark Twain, was born in Florida, MO. His stories about Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and friends reflected his love for his boyhood hometown of Hannibal, Mo. Unconventional in both his life and in . . . — Map (db m107768) HM
Missouri (Cape Girardeau County), Cape Girardeau — Pook's TurtlesDid you Know?
An ironclad was a wooden warship of the 19-century having iron or steel armor plating. The Confederate's ironclad ,"Monitor" (formerly Merrimack"), and the Union's ironclad, "Virginia" fought off the coast of Virginia in March of 1862. However, . . . — Map (db m58930) HM
Missouri (Cape Girardeau County), Cape Girardeau — The Civil War/The Boys of Summer
The Civil War Dred Scott (1795-1858) was born into slavery in Virginia and relocated with the family when it moved to St. Louis in 1830. In 1846, he sued to gain his freedom. After 11 years, in a landmark decision, he was denied his freedom . . . — Map (db m107847) HM
Missouri (Crawford County), Cuba — 1 — Peoples BankCelebrating 100 years — 1901-2001
A.J. Barnett, the first cashier and President of Peoples Bank from 1920-1959, was mayor of Cuba, for ten years. The first city lighting system was installed during his first term in 1922. The mural shows him cranking the first Model T Ford in Cuba. . . . — Map (db m58899) HM
Missouri (Crawford County), Cuba — 8 — The Millworks
This mural recreates the look of the 1948 Robert-Judson Lumber Company Millworks Building. The saying "measure twice, cut once, -was very much the rule when employee of 54 years Francis Nixon worked here. The building was the site of custom . . . — Map (db m58922) HM
North Carolina (Chowan County), Edenton — A 72 — Harriet Jacobsc.1813~1897
Fugitive slave, writher & abolitionist. Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (1861) depicts her early life. Lived in Edenton. — Map (db m34773) HM
North Carolina (Chowan County), Edenton — Roanoke River Lighthouse
Originally constructed in 1886 by the US Lighthouse Service, the Lighthouse served as a navigational beacon to Mariners on the Albemarle Sound. The Light marked the entrance to the Roanoke River which was the main commercial passageway to the town . . . — Map (db m34837) HM
North Carolina (Dare County), Kill Devil Hills — The 1903 Flyer
"A couple of small boys, who had come with the men from the station, made a hurried departure over the hill for home on hearing the engine start." Orville Wright, diary D. December 14, 1903 Determined to achieve powered . . . — Map (db m10151) HM
North Carolina (Swain County), Bryson City — War Dead of Swain CountyWorld War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War
World War I Barker, William H., Bates, Everett R., Cathy, Charlie, Cochran, John T., Franklin, Walter I., Freeman, Caro N., Kincaid, William, Leaiherwood, James L., Mashburn, Earnest L., Mason, William, Mathis, Fred, . . . — Map (db m52470) WM
Rhode Island (Newport County), Newport — The Isaac Bell House & Its Neighbors: Progressive Architecture
During the 1870s and 1880s, architects pioneered a new type of American house based on a more open design and the use of organic materials. Queen Anne, Stick, and Singles Style houses, with their half-timbering and rustic shingles, contrasted . . . — Map (db m107356) HM
Rhode Island (Providence County), Providence — Fox Point Cape Verdean Community
Providence Harbor walk at Fox Point & India Point 1. Fox Point and Night Boat Era 1822-1932 Firefly challenges the Stagecoach Era 2. Colonial Wharf at South Water Street: 1910-1942 3. Fox Point Hurricanes Barrier 1961-1966 Construction and . . . — Map (db m75995) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — Washington Light Infantry 1907
1812~WAR of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain. This Company was mustered into active service. 1836~SEMINOLE WAR ~The Washington Light Infantry was sent to St. Augustine for the protection of women and children.Map (db m49763) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Hermitage — The War Road
In 1915, The Ladies' Hermitage Association planted this double line of trees to serve as the border for a new entryway intended for visitors arriving by automobile. Each tree came from a battlefield where Andrew Jackson fought, such as the Plain of . . . — Map (db m85363) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — 14 — Nashville Centennial1780~1880
The Centennial Exposition on this site in 1880 from April 23 through May 30, marked a century of progress since the founding of Nashville. There were parades, oratory, music; historical, art and commercial exhibits; theatrical performances, and . . . — Map (db m28467) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — 3A 93 — The Parthenon
Erected as the central structure of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, 1897, this is the only full-scale reproduction of the fifth century B.C. Athenian temple and is exact in almost every detail to the original. The idea of reproducing the . . . — Map (db m4152) HM
Tennessee (Giles County), Pulaski — The Trail of Tears Interpretive Center
The Trail of Tears Interpretive Center Popularly known as the Rock Church, this beautiful chapel of Gothic architectural design was constructed by native limestone and was dedicated as the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church on August 10, 1941. A . . . — Map (db m29810) HM
Tennessee (Giles County), Pulaski — 3F 46 — Walter Hershel Beech1891~1950
Born in Pulaski, in 1891, Walter Herschel Beech was an aviation pioneer. In 1924 he helped to establish the Travel Air Manufacturing Company in Wichita, Kansas. By 1929 the company was the world's largest producer of commercial aircraft. In 1932, . . . — Map (db m29803) HM
Tennessee (Lawrence County), Lawrenceburg — Courthouse - Lawrence County TennesseeErected 1905
Cornerstone placed June 19, 1905 by Mimosa Lodge No. 542 F & A M. Lawrence County established 1817. First Courthouse on this site 1821. Commissioners appointed to select site of county seat; David Crockett, Enoch Tucker, Henry Phoenix, Josephus . . . — Map (db m82215) HM
Tennessee (Lawrence County), Lawrenceburg — Skirmish at LawrenceburgSaving the Courthouse
In November 1862, Confederate cavalrymen under Col. Albert G. Cooper camped near Lawrenceburg. He confined captured Federal soldiers and Union sympathizers in the jail here on the town square. Union Maj. Thomas C. Fitz Gibbon, commanding the post at . . . — Map (db m53601) HM
Tennessee (Maury County), Columbia — 3D 39 — James Knox Polk
The parents of the eleventh President of the United States occupied this property in 1816, at which time young Polk was 21. From that time, except for periods of absence due to holding public office, or his extensive law practice, this was his home . . . — Map (db m28951) HM
Tennessee (Obion County), Union City — Geodesic Dome
The MOON DOME is the geodesic dome. These lightweight domes are built with interlocking triangles for support. The fixed angles of a triangle make it an incredibly strong shape. If pressure is applied to one side of a triangle, that force is . . . — Map (db m106011) HM
Tennessee (Obion County), Union City — LR91-AJ -3 Engine
Since the Titan I was a multi-stage Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM), the vehicle was made up of parts (stages)that separated from the rest of the body once its engines ran out of fuel. This decrease in weight during the flight gave Titan I . . . — Map (db m106075) HM
Tennessee (Obion County), Union City — UH-1B Iroquois
The Bell UH-1B Iroquois, more commonly known as the "Huey," was designed as the U. S. Army's first operational turboshaft helicopter in 1955. In 1961, the Army requested improvements, resulting in the UH-1B that was used extensively in Vietnam. . . . — Map (db m106018) HM
Tennessee (Obion County), Union City — YP-84A Thunderjet
An XP-84 Thunderjet prototype was first flown in 1946 and reached a top speed of 607.2 mph, making it the fastest American-designed aircraft of the time. These prototypes were followed by the production of fifteen YP-84A models, one of which is . . . — Map (db m106076) HM
Tennessee (Rutherford County), Murfreesboro — Loom House (One-Room Log Cabin)
Originally built in the early 1800s in Rutherford County, this is a typical example of that era. Transported here to Cannonsburgh in 1975, it is authentic in every detail and now houses an early 1800s hand loom which can be seen in operation on . . . — Map (db m90675) HM
Tennessee (Rutherford County), Murfreesboro — University House
1800s residence with dogtrot. The dogtrot, also called possum or dog run, reached its peak in the South from 1780 to 1830. Since connecting log structures is difficult, a family in need of more space would often build a second room a few feet away. . . . — Map (db m90673) HM
Tennessee (Sevier County), Sevierville — The Mayors of the City of Sevierville
Several attempts were made in the incorporation of the city of Sevierville since its founding in 1795, but it was not until 1901 that a continuous chartered city government was established. Ambrose M. Paine was elected Sevierville's first mayor on . . . — Map (db m52081) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 38 — American Cutoff Mile/Greenville, Mississippi/Tarpley CutoffPanel #38 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) American Cutoff Mile Mile 526.5 AHP In the flood of 1858, the Mississippi cut through the neck of American Bend, and the abandoned river bed was renamed Lake Lee. The first steamboat to try to navigate the American Cutoff was the . . . — Map (db m115525) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — Beale Street #3
During the great wave of immigration around the turn of the century, Jews, Italians, Greeks and Chinese came to Beale Street to pursue their fortunes. They established pawnshops, clothing stores, restaurants, produce stands, . . . — Map (db m107598) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — Confederate States of America
When Southern states seceded from the Union in 1861, the Mississippi River became not only a vital commercial waterway, but also a strategic route through the heart of the Confederacy. The river proved to be the South's greatest weakness. At the . . . — Map (db m82850) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 30 — Davis Island, Mississippi/Kents IslandPanel #30 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Davis Island, Mississippi Mile 415.0 AHP A large bend once curved around this land which the first settlers name Palmyra. Jefferson Davis established his Briercliffe Plantation here in 1835, next to his brother Joseph’s Hurricane . . . — Map (db m115167) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — France
France was the first nation to settle and develop the Lower Mississippi. Although they governed it for only 80 years, the French left a lasting impression on the river and its valley. In 1673, Louis Jolliet, a French trader, and Father Jacques . . . — Map (db m53731) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — Graceland
Graceland has been placed on the National Register of Historical Places by the United States Department of the Interior. Built 1939. — Map (db m138) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 4E 159 — Hooks Brothers PhotographyEstablished in 1907
Side A Established by Henry A. Hooks, Sr. and his brother Robert B. Hooks, Hooks Brothers Photography Studio was the second oldest continuously operating black business in Memphis. Located during its early years at 164 Beale Street, it . . . — Map (db m32512) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 57 — Island No. 20/Cottonwood Point/Booth Point, Tennessee/Linwood BendPanel #57 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Island No. 20 Mile 8290 AHP The wandering geography of Island No. 20 illustrates the Mississippi River's erratic nature. Navigation charts of 1801 show the island lying near the west bank. Later, the river moved and placed the . . . — Map (db m114737) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 5 — Junior Crevasse/Poverty Point, Louisiana/Jesuits BendPanel #5 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Junior Crevasse Mile 55.0 AHP During the great flood of April 1927, the steamship Inspector was fought erratic currents downstream past the Junior Plantation. The pilot lost control and the boat’s bow crashed into the levee. . . . — Map (db m114920) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 61 — New Madrid, Missouri/Cates Casting Field/Island No. 10Panel #61 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) New Madrid, Missouri Mile 888.7 AHP The New Madrid townsite was laid out in 1788 by Colonel George Morgan, who had brought settlers, hoping to make it the capital of an independent Spanish-allied state. The expected land grant from . . . — Map (db m114732) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — North Carolina
In the 1700s, the western boundary of the British Crown Colony of North Carolina extended, in theory, to the Mississippi River. Much of this was academic, however, and the western Tennessee territory which bordered the river was in fact the property . . . — Map (db m53732) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 4E 110 — Piggly Wiggly
Marker Front: With a brass band, a beauty contest, flowers for the ladies, and balloons for the children Clarence Saunders of Memphis opened the first Piggly Wiggly, America's first completely self-service grocery store, at 79 Jefferson . . . — Map (db m88646) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 19 — Port Hudson, Louisiana/Fausse River CutoffPanel #19 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Port Hudson, Louisiana Mile 256.0 AHP This settlement began as a trading post and by the time of the U.S. Civil War, it was an important shipping center with both a steamboat landing and a rail line to the east. The Confederates . . . — Map (db m115001) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — St. Peter Catholic Church
St. Peter's was founded in 1840, the first Roman Catholic parish in West Tennessee and given to the Dominican Order in 1846. The present church was built 1852~1855 around a smaller church which was then dismantled and carried out the doors. Within . . . — Map (db m32516) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — Tennessee
Although eastern Tennessee was settled in the 1770's, Western Tennessee was still wilderness when the state was admitted to the Union in 1796. Fort Pickering, a trading post of the Fourth Chickasaw Bluff was located near present day Memphis. At the . . . — Map (db m82862) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 60 — Tiptonville, Tennessee/Bixby TowheadPanel #60 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Tiptonville, Tennessee Mile 872.8 AHP Its ridge-top location has kept Tiptonville dry through every flood since it was founded in the early 1800s. It was a flourishing little river town by the beginning of the Civil War, and served as . . . — Map (db m114735) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — U.S. Supreme Court Rules On Overton Park and I-401956 - 2006
In 1971, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the State of Tennessee could not go through Overton Park to build I-40 based on environmental issues. This east-west interstate now follows I-240 around the north side of Memphis. It remains the only . . . — Map (db m37713) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 31 — VicksburgPanel #31 Mississippi Riverwalk
A) Vicksburg Mile 437.1 AHP A flourishing river port in the antebellum of Vicksburg was the site of a major Turing point of the U. S. Civil War. The Mississippi later changed course and by-passed the valley, but a man-made canal has . . . — Map (db m115168) HM
Tennessee (Wayne County), Waynesboro — 3F 7 — Army of TennesseeNov. 22 1864
Along this road Cheatham's Corps moved northward via Waynesboro and Mt. Pleasant toward Columbia, in Hood's attempt to intercept and destroy Schofield's force (IV & XXIII Corps) before it could unite at Nashville with Federal forces under Maj. Gen. . . . — Map (db m80315) HM
Tennessee (Wayne County), Waynesboro — 3F3 — Natchez TraceCrossing the Highway
Crossing the highway here, this famous road followed ancient Indian trails used by the travelers between Natchez and Nashville. It was built in 1801 by Army Engineers. Officially "The Columbian Road", it was for many years the only highway . . . — Map (db m80314) HM
Tennessee (Wayne County), Waynesboro — Wayne County Revolutionary War Veterans
Wayne County Created 1817 from Hickman County Named in honor of “Mad” Anthony Wayne 1745-1796 American Statesman and Major General in the Revolutionary War. This stone is in his honor, and for the . . . — Map (db m53552) HM
Tennessee (Wayne County), Waynesboro — Wayne County World War II Memorial
In honor of those who served and dedicated to those who made the supreme sacrifice World War II Adams, Homer F. • Alley, Oliver E., Jr. • Boyd, Alvin W. • Boyd, Willard • Bunch, Robert L. • Carter, Harvel C. • Collins, Marvin B. • . . . — Map (db m53551) HM
Tennessee (Williamson), Franklin — Civil War FranklinThe African-American Experience
In 1860, African-Americans—both enslaved and free—made up more than half of Franklin's residents, as well as half of Williamson County's population. When the Federal army arrived late in 1862, many slaves freed themselves by escaping to . . . — Map (db m120385) HM
Tennessee (Williamson County), Franklin — Masonic Temple
This Masonic Temple, home of Hiram Lodge No. 7, built in 1823, was the first three-story building in Tennessee, and was at that time, the tallest building west of the Allegheny Mountains. It has been occupied by Hiram Lodge No. 7 since its . . . — Map (db m61690) HM WM
Tennessee (Williamson County), Franklin — Old Factory Store
(side 1) In 1799 Franklin founder Abram Maury sold Lot 20 to Joseph McBride. By 1825 Dyer Pearl, Thomas Parkes, and Joseph L. Campbell operated a steam-powered cotton & grist mill on East Margin and owned Lot 20 upon which was built a brick . . . — Map (db m61727) HM
Tennessee (Williamson County), Franklin — Tennessee Valley Divide
The high ground you are on is part of a long ridge that divides central Tennessee. Streams south of the divide flow to the Duck and Tennessee Rivers, while streams to the north empty into the Cumberland River. Travelers in the early days of the . . . — Map (db m83186) HM
Tennessee (Williamson County), Franklin — The Cotton Gin Assault
Into this area rushed elements of four Confederate divisions on November 30, 1864 as they assaulted the Federal lines near the Carter cotton gin. Crossed largely by troops from Maj. Gen. Patrick Cleburne’s Division, the area was flooded by men from . . . — Map (db m83187) HM
Tennessee (Williamson County), Franklin — Williamson County
Dedicated to the men and women of Williamson County who served their country in time of need October 26, 1799 • October 26, 1999 — Map (db m61731) WM
Virginia, Norfolk — Battleship Wisconsin: Quad 40 Mount
A primary antiaircraft weapon used by Allied forces during the violent air and sea battles of World War II was the Mark 2 quadruple mounted 40 millimeter gun mount, or "Quad 40." Each individual Quad 40 gun was capable of firing shells weighting two . . . — Map (db m35155) HM
Virginia, Norfolk — Moses Myers, House 1792
Moses Myers (1753-1835) was a shipping merchant who came to Norfolk in 1787 from New York. He acquired this site in September 1791 and built his distinguished Federal town house in 1792. It was one of the early brick buildings to be constructed in . . . — Map (db m35092) HM
Virginia, Norfolk — Norfolk College for Young Ladies
On this site was the Norfolk College for Young Ladies, which was chartered on February 20, 1880 with Capt. John L. Roper as President of the Board. The school was designed by James H Calrow, one of Norfolk's leading architects at the time. It opened . . . — Map (db m71671) HM
Virginia, Norfolk — USS Norfolk Bell
The first Naval vessel to bear the name Norfolk was a brigantine built in 1798 to protect American commerce against armed French vessels in the West Indies. The second USS Norfolk, Destroyer Leader I, was a submarine "hunter-killer" ship and . . . — Map (db m35153) HM
Virginia (Page County), Luray — Luray Caverns
(front) Near This Spot
 Andrew Campbell, feeling the cool air of newly found natural wonder Luray Caverns, is shown here very shortly after this "discovery of the century" was made. 
Photo was most likely taken by co-discoverer . . . — Map (db m106463) HM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Fort Story — Cape Henry Memorial — Colonial National Historical Park
Here at Cape Henry first landed in America, upon 26 April 1607, those English colonists who, upon 13 May 1607, established at Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English colony in America. Erected by the National Society, Daughters of the . . . — Map (db m23198) HM
Virginia (Virginia Beach), Fort Story — François Joseph Paul de Grasse — Cape Henry Memorial, Colonial National Historical Park
This statue, a gift from France is placed here, overlooking the waters where Admiral Comte de Grasse successfully engaged the British Fleet on September 5, 1781. The “Battle of the Capes” prevented crucial reinforcements from reaching . . . — Map (db m32983) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
Total project cost, building time and opening dates (No local, State or Federal Tax Money Used) North - $200,000,000 - 42 Months Opened April 15, 1964 South - $250,000,000 - 46 Months Opened April 19, 1999 Length 17.6 Miles Shore . . . — Map (db m106569) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — The Chesapeake Bay : History Happened HereYour Navy at Work
Every type of Navy ship operates on the Chesapeake Bay en route to or from the great naval installations of Hampton Roads. There are easy ways to identify them, starting with color. Most navies in the world paint their ships gray- although some are . . . — Map (db m34870) HM

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