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By Bill Coughlin, September 17, 2011
Marker in White Plains
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Stamford — Fort Stamford
To mark the site near by of Fort Stamford Built and garrisoned for the defense of the people in these parts in the War for American Independence Erected by Stamford Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Sept. 14, A.D. 1926 < Lower . . . — Map (db m53431) HM
Connecticut (Fairfield County), Stamford — Liberty Tree Memorial
This American Liberty Elm was named after “The Liberty Tree: Our Country’s first Symbol of Freedom.” On the morning of August 14, 1765, the people of Boston awakened to discover two effigies suspended from an elm tree in protest of the . . . — Map (db m53765) HM
Connecticut (New London County), New London — Merchant Marine
The U.S. Merchant Marine played a crucial role in World War II, transporting supplies, ammunition, and troops across the ocean to the battle front. Even before the United States entered the war, the merchant fleet provided much-needed goods to the . . . — Map (db m48394) HM
Connecticut (New London County), New London — Shaw MansionHempstead Historic Neighborhood
Nathaniel Shaw came to New London around 1730 to take advantage of the town’s increasing maritime opportunities. He and his son, Nathaniel Jr. became successful merchants. In 1756 the older Shaw began building this mansion. Despite the abundance . . . — Map (db m48192) HM
Connecticut (New London County), New London — The 19th Century PortChanging Maritime Enterprises
From this bustling port numerous ships set off around the world in search of whales. Marine mammals provided highly sought after oil which fueled the industrial revolution. New London whalemen specialized in hunting elephant seals which also . . . — Map (db m48328) HM
Connecticut (New London County), New London — The Submarine IndustryRooted in Connecticut
Just as the early settlers recognized the fine qualities of the New London harbor, so did the US Government. At the end of the Civil War, the Federal Government accepted land in Groton and Ledyard, purchased by New London, for a new naval base. . . . — Map (db m48326) HM
Connecticut (New London County), New London — The Third System
Although the United States won the War of 1812, the searing memory of the nation’s capital in flames continued to disturb the public and Congress alike. The British had entered the Chesapeake Bay, continued up the Potomac River, and set fire to . . . — Map (db m48353) HM
Connecticut (New London County), New London — War of 1812
In 1808, Congress again approved funds to fortify the coastline, prompted by the prospect of another war with England. England was at war with France, which was ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte at the time, and although the United States had not taken . . . — Map (db m48283) HM
District of Columbia (Washington), Brightwood — 5 — Build It And They Will ComeBattleground to Community — Brightwood Heritage Trail
In 1818 the Private Rockville and Washington Turnpike Co. began building a road to link Washington City to Rockville, Maryland. This road helped create a village. A toll gate on what today is Georgia Avenue between Quackenbos and Rittenhouse . . . — Map (db m72819) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — 025-8 — Capture of Savannah December 29, 1778
When the British attacked Savannah on December 29, 1778, the defending Continental forces, numbering about 650 men under command of Maj. Gen. Robert Howe, were posted across Sea Island Road (now Wheaton street) approximately 100 yards east of this . . . — Map (db m6580) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Tybee Island — 25-32 — History of Emancipation:Gen. David Hunter and General Orders No. 7
On April 13, 1862, following the Union capture of Ft. Pulaski during the Civil War, Maj. Gen. David Hunter issued General Orders No. 7 freeing those enslaved at the fort and on Cockspur Island. Hunter, an abolitionist advocating the enlistment of . . . — Map (db m13830) HM
Iowa (Cedar County), West Branch — The Mackey House
David Mackey, a local carpenter, built this house between 1868 and 1871. He lived in this home until 1876. Mackey also ran a butcher shop and served as mayor of West Branch in 1879 and postmaster in 1885. Built several years before his birth, this . . . — Map (db m87736) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Sharpsburg — A Converging Storm of Iron
Confederate Col. Stephen D. Lee placed his battalion of nineteen cannons here. Throughout the morning, Union infantry and artillery aimed their attacks towards this high ground and the Dunker Church. Twenty-five percent of his men were killed or . . . — Map (db m20575) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Sharpsburg — Colonel James H. ChildsFourth Pennsylvania Cavalry
At this spot Colonel James H. Childs of the Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry in the temporary command of Averill's Brigade fell mortally wounded on the morning of September 17th, 1862. — Map (db m7105) HM
Massachusetts (Essex County), Danvers — Salem Village Meeting House1672
Directly across from this site was located the original Salem Village Meeting House where civil and military meetings were held, and ministers including George Burroughs, Deodat Lawson, and Samuel Parris preached. The infamous 1692 witchcraft . . . — Map (db m48726) HM
Massachusetts (Middlesex County), Arlington — Whittemore Park
“Uncle Sam”           The birthplace of Samuel Wilson once stood near the main crossroad of the Northwest parish of Cambridge, the center of the district known as Menotomy. Wilson, born on September 13, 1766, was only eight when . . . — Map (db m45243) HM
Massachusetts (Middlesex County), Cambridge — Washington First Took Command
Under this tree Washington first took command of the American Army, July 3d 1775 — Map (db m18001) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — Arrival of the Frigate Arbella
. . . — Map (db m37664) HM
Massachusetts (Suffolk County), Boston — Pilgrims and Patriots
When the Puritans landed in Boston in 1630, the Separatist settlement at Plymouth Colony was ten years old. Puritans and Separatists were two Protestant sects that developed in the late 16th century in England. Puritans were critical of, but . . . — Map (db m19003) HM
Montana (Big Horn County), Crow Agency — Retreat CrossingJune 25, 1876 — Approximately 4:00 p.m.
During Reno's retreat from the timber, Crazy Horse, Wooden Leg, Black Elk, and perhaps as many as 600 warriors chase the soldiers across the Little Bighorn River. Reno's casualties are 40 men killed and 13 wounded. The remnants of Reno's command . . . — Map (db m45584) HM
Montana (Big Horn County), Crow Agency — The Reno-Benteen DefenseJune 25-26, 1876
After an unsuccessful attack on the Indian camp in the valley, Major Reno and his battalion retreated to this vicinity where they were soon reinforced by Captain Benteen's battalion and the pack train. In an attempt to find and rejoin Custer they . . . — Map (db m45554) HM
Nebraska (Scotts Bluff County), Gering — Pony ExpressDaring riders sped the mail from Missouri to California in ten days
Go back in time to 1860 or 1861 and picture the traffic on the Oregon Trail – the freight wagons and stagecoaches, and the emigrants, soldiers, and Indians. But most colorful, perhaps, was the Pony Express rider streaking through Scotts . . . — Map (db m87300) HM
New Jersey (Atlantic County), Hammonton — Ore Boat or Barge
This boat is typical of the barges used to carry bog iron ore to the Batsto Furnace. It is estimated to be 150 years old and is 43 ft. long, with an 11 ft. beam. The boat was excavated from the north side of the Batsto Dam in 1957. — Map (db m76159) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), Fort Lee — Fort Lee Historic Park
Beneath these cliffs, Henry Hudson’s Half-Moon was welcomed by the Lenni Lenape Indians on September 3, 1609. Nearly 167 years later, this giant Bluff Rock became a strategic stronghold in the American War for Independence as the conflict raged . . . — Map (db m7707) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), Hackensack — Hackensack War Memorial
Erected in 1924 by the people of Hackensack in Memory of its soldiers and sailors who fought in the wars of the United States of America. [Four panels around the monument's base depict different American wars] Map (db m6873) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), Ho Ho Kus — North Gate
The Hermitage is a Mid-Nineteenth Century Gothic Revival cottage style villa built on the site of an earlier house. The architect William Ranlett was commissioned in 1847 to renovate the original Colonial-style building by adding a new wing and . . . — Map (db m43278) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), North Arlington — Christopher Columbus1451 – 1506
Dedicated in Honor of Christopher Columbus who had the courage to venture out into uncharted waters and discover America. Presented to the Borough of North Arlington on October 12, 1992 by the North Arlington Chapter of Unico National on the . . . — Map (db m6737) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), Oakland — OaklandIncorporated 1902
The Lenni Lenape Indians deeded the first land to Dutch colonist Arent Schuyler in 1695. It was then called Yaupough. The “Valley Road” was an important supply artery of the American Revolution. On July 14, 1777, General George . . . — Map (db m12896) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), Park Ridge — Between Two Brooks – The Wortendyke Barn
This barn and the house across the road were at the center of Frederick Wortendyke’s farm. Frederick built them about 1770 on the eve of the American Revolution. He was a “Dutchman” who raised a large family here. He passed the farm on . . . — Map (db m29933) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), River Vale — Gravesite
Six soldiers of those killed in the Baylor Massacre were buried here in three abandoned tan vats. The vats were part of a small tan yard which existed here before the Revolution. The gravesite was discovered in 1967 and the soldiers were . . . — Map (db m7875) HM
New Jersey (Bergen County), Upper Saddle River — 58 — Saddle River Reformed Church and Cemetery
Known as The Old Stone Church It has been ministering to this area since 1784. The present structure of native stone was completed in 1819. Buried here are: The Rev. Stephen Goetschius minister 1819-1835 The Rev. Dr. Isaac Van Kampen minister . . . — Map (db m29899) HM
New Jersey (Burlington County), Medford — 36 — A Sears Roebuck House
This home was built by Albert and Belle Ballinger in 1911. All construction materials were shipped in two freight cars on the rail line that used to run through Mt. Holly to Medford. — Map (db m44718) HM
New Jersey (Burlington County), Medford — 1 — Braddock’s Mill
An up-and-down sawmill was running here before 1800. Charcoal burned from native oak trees filled the needs of the Philadelphia Mint. 1847-1997 — Map (db m45077) HM
New Jersey (Burlington County), Medford — 23 — Haines / Cochley / Singer House
Inherited by Elwood Haines in 1847 from his father Jonathan Haines, the property was later sold to the Cochley family, who sold it to the Singer family in the 1930’s. 1847-1997 — Map (db m44775) HM
New Jersey (Burlington County), Medford — 42 — The P.M. & M. Railroad
From 1881 to 1931 this former railroad station served the 12-mile line to Haddonfield. Milk, produce, passengers and mail were carried until the era of cars and trucks. — Map (db m44675) HM
New Jersey (Camden County), Haddonfield — Hadrosaurus foulkii
John Giannotti, Sculptor Dedicated October 18, 2003 Commemorates the Historic Discovery by William Parker Foulke Haddonfield, N.J. 1858 — Map (db m29240) HM
New Jersey (Essex County), Belleville — Belleville First Fire House1882
Built for the Valley Hose Co. No. 1 Foreman – John Hughes,   Asst. John Hawie Locomotive bell sounded the first alarm. Belleville Historical Society — Map (db m72192) HM
New Jersey (Essex County), Belleville — The Dutch Church
at Second River New Jersey Organized 1697 Belleville school system started here Many members of early town founders interred here. — Map (db m6739) HM
New Jersey (Essex County), Montclair — Lafayette Headquarters
This stone was the doorstep of the house occupied by Lafayette as headquarters. Eagle Rock Chapter D.A.R. 1938 — Map (db m7571) HM
New Jersey (Essex County), Newark — Stephen N. Adubato, Sr. Sports Complex
The Essex County Stephen N. Adubato, Sr. Sports Complex Recognizing the spirit of a 40-year-old organization, The North Ward Center, and the vision of its founder, who built a storefront operation into a community institution. A former . . . — Map (db m52263) HM
New Jersey (Essex County), Orange — Anniversary of the Victory at Yorktown
This tablet is dedicated to the advancement of the peoples of the Earth in the arts of civilization and to the abolishment of war on the 148th Anniversary of the Victory at Yorktown by Essex Chapter, D.A.R. Orange Mountain Chapter, D.A.R. Hannah . . . — Map (db m49221) HM
New Jersey (Essex County), West Orange — Edison Cement Slab
From The first concrete highway in New Jersey Built in 1912 by the State Highway Department — Map (db m91912) HM
New Jersey (Essex County), West Orange — Mina Miller EdisonWomen's Heritage Trail
Mina Miller Edison was not content simply to be the wife of America's most famous inventor. As a devout Methodist, she firmly believed that each individual possesses the power to make positive change in their community. Her passion for . . . — Map (db m95020) HM
New Jersey (Hudson County), Jersey City — Empty Sky: New JerseySeptember 11th Memorial
On the morning of September 11, 2001, with the skies so clear that the Twin Towers across the river appeared to be within reach, the very essence of what our country stands for - freedom, tolerance, and the pursuit of happiness – was attacked. . . . — Map (db m49789) HM
New Jersey (Hudson County), Jersey City — Why is the Statue Green?
The answer is in the air. The Statue’s skin is made of copper, and when copper is exposed to oxygen in the air, it undergoes a chemical reaction called oxidation. The reaction causes a fine crust or film to develop that is usually green in . . . — Map (db m49289) HM
New Jersey (Hudson County), Weehawken — Highwood
In 1832, James Gore King (1791-1853), a New York banking magnate and son of statesman Rufus King, moved his family here to Weehawken, overlooking the Hudson. King was an early president of the Erie Railroad and served in the US Congress from . . . — Map (db m66642) HM
New Jersey (Mercer County), Princeton — Reunion Hall
From 1871 to 1965 Reunion Hall stood between West College and Stanhope. Its name commemorated the reunion of the new and old schools of the Presbyterian Church. The stars marked the rooms of students who gave their lives in military service during . . . — Map (db m44848) HM
New Jersey (Mercer County), Princeton — W 3 R
Washington – Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail — Map (db m62296) HM
New Jersey (Mercer County), Princeton Township — The British Occupation of New Jersey
With New York City in British hands, Forts Washington and Lee on the Hudson River (North River) fell to British attack November 16 & 19, 1776, respectively. General George Washington moved his army south through New Jersey, crossing the Delaware . . . — Map (db m10156) HM
New Jersey (Mercer County), Titusville — Washington Crossed the Delaware
. . . — Map (db m7246) HM
New Jersey (Mercer County), Trenton — First High School
Trenton’s First Public School, built here in 1874, had room for 304 students. When city growth prompted the 1902 building of a new high school at Hamilton Avenue and Chestnut Street, this became the William McKinley Elementary School. — Map (db m3572) HM
New Jersey (Middlesex County), Edison — The Reuben Ayers HouseOak Tree Pond Historic Park
For over 200 years, a farmhouse was located on this site. It was a simple one and one-half story house that had several additions over the years. The house was on a small hill, facing south, with a driveway leading down to New Dover Road. (Center . . . — Map (db m53338) HM
New Jersey (Middlesex County), New Brunswick — Queen’s Campus1809
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey Queen’s Campus 1809 Queen’s College (now Rutgers University) opened for instruction in 1771 in a tavern known as “the Sign of the Red Lion” on the corner of . . . — Map (db m10013) HM
New Jersey (Middlesex County), Perth Amboy — Record Office
This building, erected in 1867, contains the record of the East Jersey Proprietors, who bought Carteret’s lands in 1682. — Map (db m84517) HM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Highlands — Marconi at Twin Lights
Messages from the first practical demonstration of wireless telegraph were sent from this site on September 30, 1899 by famous Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi. Marconi had been invited to America by Gordon Bennett Jr., the owner of the New . . . — Map (db m22615) HM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Highlands — Powerhouse
The building in front of you is the powerhouse. Inside the large double doors to your right were the engines and dynamos used to produce electrical power to light the lamp for the 1898 south tower Fresnel lens. This brick building, built in 1909, . . . — Map (db m22681) HM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Manalapan — Highlanders Decline CombatThe Battle of Monmouth — 28 June 1778,   4:10 PM – 4:20 PM
What a pity it is to throw away such men as these”   Captain – Lieutenant John Peebles, Royal Highland Regiment Here, in what was Derick Sutfin’s cider orchard, 300 Royal Highlanders found themselves in an awkward . . . — Map (db m37723) HM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Manalapan — Patriot Members of the Society of the Cincinnati
These Patriots, original members of the Society of the Cincinnati in the State of New Jersey lie buried in this churchyard. Lieutenant James Anderson Lieutenant Colonel David Rhea Colonel Nathaniel Scudder Ensign Moses Sprowl Captain George Walker . . . — Map (db m97092) HM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Sandy Hook — Spermaceti Cove Station No. 2Aids to Navigation — Maritime History
Sandbars, shallow waters, and winter storms off the New Jersey Shore were a constant danger to early sailing vessels. In a storm, wind and waves could destroy a helpless grounded ship, its cargo, and crew and passengers. Commerce in and out of New . . . — Map (db m22613) HM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Wall Township — A Salute to the Boy Scouts of America
From 1929 to 1940 Arthur Brisbane made available this land as the official scout camp for Monmouth County Boy Scouts. Thousands of boys camped here enjoying the natural beauty of the woods while receiving scout training in self-reliance and kindred . . . — Map (db m53140) HM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Wall Township — The Manasquan FloodplainFloodplains – Coastal Habitats
Sediments deposited by the Manasquan River provide moist, fertile soils for plants. Ironwood, ash, and hickory trees flourish. Many of the wildflowers bloom before the tree leaves block the sunlight – producing a striking display of spring . . . — Map (db m53172) HM
New Jersey (Morris County), East Hanover — Hanover Presbyterian Church
Oldest Religious congregation in Morris County, established in 1718. Relocated at Meeting House here in 1755. Present church built in 1835. — Map (db m32273) HM
New Jersey (Morris County), Harding — Inspections
Faces and hands washed … beards close shaven…hair combed and tied if long enough … shoes clean…clothes brushed… And cartridge boxes …. Washington worried often about cartridge boxes. Unless they kept a soldier’s powder dry, his musket was useless. . . . — Map (db m8809) HM
New Jersey (Morris County), Harding — Sons of Saint PatrickThe Irish at Jockey Hollow — Morristown National Historical Park
Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17, 1780 was “ . . . ushered in with Music and the hoisting of Colours, exhibiting the 13 Stripes, the favorite Harp, and an Inscription, declaring in Capitals, THE INDEPENDENCE OF IRELAND.” – The . . . — Map (db m32684) HM
New Jersey (Morris County), Harding — The New York BrigadeMorristown National Historical Park
1779, summer in upstate New York … campaigning against Indian allies of Britain. 1780, winter – Morristown, camping near here. 1781, fall – Yorktown, Va. Witnessing the British surrender. — Map (db m8818) HM
New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — Alnwick Hall1904
Built during Morristown’s Gilded Age for General Edward Meany, New Jersey Advocate General, 1893, and a Director of American Telephone and Telegraph Company. Architecture reflects English Medieval Castle influence. — Map (db m42203) HM
New Jersey (Morris County), Morristown — L’Hommedieu HouseBirthplace of the Telegraph — Historic Speedwell
The L’Hommedieu House is an excellent example of late 18th/early 19th century domestic architecture. This stylish town house originally stood on Spring Street in Morristown on a lot first owned by Nathaniel L’Hommedieu and later sold to John Gwinnup . . . — Map (db m32911) HM
New Jersey (Passaic County), West Milford — Long House Ruins
      Possible Bunkhouse for single male workers, circa mid 1800s. — Map (db m65942) HM
New Jersey (Somerset County), Bedminster — The Jacobus Vanderveer House
was constructed circa 1772 with a nineteenth century addition circa 1813. In 1995 the house was listed on the National and New Jersey Registers of Historic Places. The Jacobus Vanderveer House is significant in United States Revolutionary War . . . — Map (db m98523) HM
New Jersey (Somerset County), Bound Brook — Battle of Bound BrookOpening Phase: 5:00 – 6:30 am   April 13, 1777
Hessian Jaeger Captain Johann Von Ewald wrote the following account of the action on April 13, 1777. “At daybreak I came upon an empty picket on this side of the stone causeway which led to Bound Brook through a marsh along the Raritan . . . — Map (db m32282) HM
New Jersey (Somerset County), South Bound Brook — Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park
Historical Significance Dug by hand, mostly be Irish immigrants, the 66 mile D & R Canal was completed in 1834. 75 feet wide and 8 feet deep, the canal originally had 14 locks to raise and lower boat traffic. The D & R Canal operated as an . . . — Map (db m15661) HM
New Jersey (Sussex County), Newton — Unknown Soldier of the Revolution
Erected to an unknown soldier of the Revolution Chinkchewunska Chap No 24 DAR NJ — Map (db m8073) HM
New Jersey (Union County), Rahway — Merchants and Drovers Tavern1780
This Property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m7807) HM
New Jersey (Union County), Roselle — In Remembrance of Abraham Clark
In remembrance of Abraham Clark 1726 – 1794 A signer of the Declaration of Independence from New Jersey He lived on this site during the formative period of the republic. __________ Erected by the New Jersey Society, Sons of the . . . — Map (db m7782) HM
New Jersey (Union County), Scotch Plains — Frazee Homestead
. . . — Map (db m7773) HM
New Jersey (Union County), Union — Steam Tractor
Manufactured By The Frick Engine Works in 1920 This tractor was typical of the kind used here at Liberty Hall to cultivate the fields and plant various crops. Eventually it was replaced by a more “modern” gasoline driven engine. The . . . — Map (db m66610) HM
New Jersey (Union County), Union — The Serpentine Path
The Serpentine Path is based on the Serpentine, a lake in Hyde Park, London. It was built by Lord Bolingbroke, an English Viscount, who occupied Liberty Hall with his family from 1798 to 1807. — Map (db m66633) HM
New York (Albany County), Cohoes — Van Schaick Mansion
In 1777, this mansion was the headquarters for the Northern Department of the Continental Army, and the site where the victorious Saratoga Campaign was planned. Revolutionary War Heritage Trail — Map (db m37455) HM
New York (Albany County), Colonie — NY-19 — Gen. Henry Knox Trail
Through this Place Passed Gen. Henry Knox In the Winter of 1775 - 1776 To Deliver To Gen. George Washington At Cambridge The Train of Artillery From Fort Ticonderoga Used to Force the British Army to Evacuate Boston . . . — Map (db m23749) HM
New York (Columbia County), Kinderhook — “ . . . a Farmer in my native Town”Martin Van Buren Nat’l Hist Site — National Park Service
The view before you is much like the one Martin Van Buren enjoyed during the last 21 years of his life. Although in the course of his political career Van Buren traveled widely and kept company with heads of state and the foremost political figures . . . — Map (db m56675) HM
New York (Columbia County), Valatie — Hoes HouseC. 1760
Early Dutch settlers ancestral home of Marie Hoes mother of Martin Van Buren — Map (db m56641) HM
New York (Essex County), Crown Point — Fort St. Frédéric
Fort St. Frédéric consisted of an outer, bastioned stone wall enclosing the Citadel, a four-story, eight-sided tower with walls twelve feet thick at the base. Cannon were mounted on each floor of the Citadel, and entry was gained by a drawbridge . . . — Map (db m11415) HM
New York (Essex County), Ticonderoga — Hut Sites
Within a radius of one-half mile were 150 huts occupied by American troops in the Revolution 1775 – 1777. — Map (db m9577) HM
New York (Essex County), Ticonderoga — Liberty Monument
For hastening to set a crown of freedom on this new land we lie possessed of praise that grows not old. And here were men coequal with their fate who did great things unconscious they were great. Back of Monument: Champlain – Iroquois . . . — Map (db m15593) HM
New York (Kings County), Brooklyn — Civil War Soldiers’ Monument
The City of New York enlisted one hundred and forty eight thousand soldiers in aid of the war for the preservation of the Union and the Constitution. A.D. 1861-65. Right Side of Monument: Ever remember how much of national prosperity is due to . . . — Map (db m13257) HM
New York (Kings County), Brooklyn — The Battle of BrooklynRevolutionary War Heritage Trail
On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence proclaimed to the world that thirteen British colonies had joined together to create a new nation: the United States of America. Here in Brooklyn, only two months later, the survival of that new . . . — Map (db m13255) HM
New York (Nassau County), Glen Cove — John E. Miller
In memory of John E. Miller Private – 2nd New York Calvary Born Glen Cove, New York 1841 Died Andersonville Prison, Georgia 1864 — Map (db m65163) HM
New York (Nassau County), Oyster Bay — Sagamore Hill
Home of Theodore Roosevelt Governor of New York President of United States — Map (db m42769) HM
New York (Nassau County), Oyster Bay — Theodore Roosevelt
In honored memory of Theodore Roosevelt Scout Commissioner     1917-1919 Nassau County Council Boy Scouts of America Dedicated by The Scouts of Nassau County June 14, 1953 — Map (db m42871) HM
New York (New York County), New York — Dyckman Farmhouse MuseumDyckman House Park — .545 acre
Built by William Dyckman in approximately 1784, this house was once the center of a thriving farm more than 250 acres in size. Dyckman Farmhouse, along with the smokehouse and reconstructed “Hessian Hut,” has been a public museum since . . . — Map (db m41567) HM
New York (New York County), New York — Highest Point on Manhattan
The Highest Natural Point on Manhattan 265.05 feet above sea level USC & GS datum — Map (db m12889) HM
New York (New York County), New York — Morris-Jumel MansionRoger Morris Park, 1,524 acres
Manhattan’s oldest surviving house, Morris-Jumel Mansion, is a monument to colonial grandeur. Built in 1765 as a summer retreat for British colonel Roger Morris and his American wife Mary Philipse, this house is the only survivor of a number of . . . — Map (db m19682) HM
New York (New York County), New York — The Lives of Castle Clinton:Defense, Entertainment, Immigration, Education
In 1790 the Common Council of the City of New York authorized the removal of stone and soil from Fort George and the Grand Battery to fill in the pier line along the Battery. Beginning in 1808, the defenses of the city were extended out into the . . . — Map (db m20307) HM
New York (Oneida County), Oriskany — Site of The Battle of OriskanyAugust 6, 1777 — Historic New York
Historic New York Site of The Battle of Oriskany August 6, 1777 The Battle of Oriskany was one of the bloodiest engagements of the American Revolution. British and Indians here ambushed the Tryon County militia as they were marching to . . . — Map (db m22747) HM
New York (Oneida County), Remsen — General Baron Frederick William von Steuben
In grateful recognition of the care and reverence bestowed upon the grave of General Baron Frederick William von Steuben by the Welsh settlers and their descendants through their churches Chapel Isaf and the Baptist Church of Remsen Oneida . . . — Map (db m75927) HM
New York (Orange County), West Point — Battle of Yorktown
Yorktown 19 Oct. 1781 — Map (db m59156) HM
New York (Orange County), West Point — Constitution Island Redoubts
Redoubts 5, 6 and 7 were built between 1776 and 1779 to protect Constitution Island batteries and overland approaches. Redoubt 5 (on high ground to right of Warner House) was built in 1779 to protect the island’s eastern side and back of Gravel . . . — Map (db m56173) HM
New York (Orange County), West Point — Redoubt Number FourBuilt 1778 - 1779
This redoubt, with battery No. 1, was constructed to command the heights above and around the main work at West Point, Fort Putnam, during the American Revolution. — Map (db m56441) HM
New York (Oswego County), Oswego — Revolutionary War Patriots Monument
To perpetuate the memory of the men and women who gave their lives, their services, their fortunes, to achieve and maintain American independence. by Fort Oswego Chapter NSDAR Dedicated August 17, 1976 — Map (db m75893) HM
New York (Putnam County), Cold Spring — Philipstown Honor Roll
Killed in Action --------------- World War II Martin E. Adams Edward Budney H. Ellis Bowden Gerald Dale Warren Eitner W. Russell Farrell Ralph Fleming Arthur Gilman Walter Glanville Thomas Lutz Stanley Matthews Anthony Nastasi Allen W. Olsen . . . — Map (db m44907) HM
New York (Queens County), Queens — Main Magazine of Fort Totten
Within the northeast corner of the Fort Totten Water Battery lies the “Main Magazine”. The Main Magazine consists of three vaulted rooms. The two larger rooms, numbers two and three, were used to store gun powder, while room number one . . . — Map (db m65129) HM
New York (Rensselaer County), Walloomsac — Patriots of Vermont
In grateful memory of the Patriots of Vermont and their fellow patriots from the neighboring states who here fought for American independence under the command of General John Stark and Colonel Seth Warner August 16, 1777 --------------- Erected . . . — Map (db m36760) HM
New York (Richmond County), Staten Island — The Pelton House
This pre-Revolutionary homestead is in three distinct sections, each representing a different period. The earliest was erected in 1730, the central portion in 1776, and the third in 1832. Originally built by Johannes De Groot, the house passed to . . . — Map (db m42612) HM
New York (Richmond County), Staten Island — Verrazano – Narrows Bridge
“We found a pleasant place below steep little hills. And from among those hills a mighty deep-mouthed river ran into the sea.”     Giovanni da Verrazano, Italian explorer, 1524 Until the 1960s, the only way from Brooklyn . . . — Map (db m22320) HM
New York (Rockland County), Stony Point — “… with the greatest Intrepidity and coolness.”
Near this location passed the north column of 300 American Light Infantry, commanded by Colonel Richard Butler of Pennsylvania. On the rocky height in front of you was the Flagstaff Battery, which mounted a 12-pounder cannon. This weapon, like many . . . — Map (db m11660) HM
New York (Rockland County), Stony Point — Stony Point Battlefield
. . . — Map (db m8216) HM
New York (Rockland County), Stony Point — Washington Tree
On this site stood the walnut tree where under its branches Gen. George Washington paid his troops. 1779 — Map (db m33209) HM
New York (Rockland County), Tappan — Mill Stone
This is the Bottom or Grinding Stone from a grist mill in nearby Ramapo, Rockland County, New York. Two rotating wheels, turned by water power, ground corn and wheat kernels into flour. A gift of R.W. Harry Sky George Washington Masonic . . . — Map (db m7446) HM
New York (Saratoga County), Schuylerville — Burgoyne Hopelessly Surrounded
American patrols had cut off any communication with the outside world. There was barely enough food left to last the British army here a week. The field fortifications were indeed formidable, but the outnumbered defenders in the lines were bone . . . — Map (db m66801) HM
New York (Saratoga County), Stillwater — Crown Forces Artillery Park
When Burgoyne ordered his army into retreat, the Crown Forces Artillery Park – located on the flat area below and to your right – became a scene of frantic activity. The artillery equipment assembled there – larger field guns and . . . — Map (db m36826) HM
New York (Schenectady County), Pattersonville — Johnson Hall – 1763Johnstown — Historic New York
          Sir William Johnson (1715-1774), Indian trader, statesman, diplomat and Colonial Empire Builder, in 1763 built Johnson Hall, the center of his estate and the scene of many Indian conferences.           Coming from Ireland in 1738, . . . — Map (db m75961) HM
New York (Suffolk County), Huntington — Bethel A.M.E. Church
Incorporated in 1843 Moved in 1845 to the building called “The Seminary” standing here at that time. — Map (db m53674) HM
New York (Ulster County), Kingston — Louis CaterinoNo. 1 Boater       No. 1 Friend
Lou, fond of saying, “Just Relax,” had great concern for others. He often helped boaters in distress and could be seen retrieving broken-away docks. God saw fit to take him, but not before Lou had accomplished one more good and lasting . . . — Map (db m59290) HM
New York (Warren County), Glens Falls — The Battles of Saratoga - 1777Historic New York
          One of the most decisive battles in world history ended with the surrender near here of the British army invading from Canada under General “Gentleman Johnny” Burgoyne in 1777. The defeat ended a summer-long campaign by over . . . — Map (db m56850) HM
New York (Washington County), Fort Edward — NY-11 — Gen. Henry Knox Trail
Through this place passed Gen. Henry Knox in the winter of 1775-1776 to deliver to Gen. George Washington at Cambridge the train of artillery from Fort Ticonderoga used to force the British Army to evacuate Boston Erected by The State of . . . — Map (db m56843) HM
New York (Westchester County), Cortlandt Manor — Van Cortlandtville World War Memorial
Erected in honor of the men Van Cortlandtville who served in the World War 1917 – 1919 Herbert Booth                   U.S.N. Rowland M. Donnelly         U.S.A. Stephen E. Donnelly         U.S.A. George H. Fowler            U.S.A. Reuben J. . . . — Map (db m55335) HM
New York (Westchester County), Sleepy Hollow — The Old Dutch Church
The Old Dutch Church of Sleepy Hollow, built 1697 by Frederick Philipse, First Lord of the Manor, in use since except in Revolution. — Map (db m8618) HM
New York (Westchester County), White Plains — Battle of White PlainsAmerican Forces — 1776
Commanded by General George Washington Numbered about 14,500 Men fit for Duty, Consisting of Continentals From Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New York, and Militiamen From Several Provinces. Many of These Units Had . . . — Map (db m8307) HM
New York (Westchester County), White Plains — Jacob Purdy House
George Washington’s Headquarters in White Plains 1776             1778 National Register of Historic Places White Plains Historical Society — Map (db m47290) HM
New York (Westchester County), White Plains — Jacob Purdy House (1721)
* A National Historic Site * * * * * * General George Washington’s Headquarters * * * * * October 23 – 28, 1776 While preparing for the Battle of White Plains, October 28, 1776 - and later - July 27 – September 16, 1778 General . . . — Map (db m47288) HM
North Carolina (Alamance County), Burlington — The Regulators' FieldA Lesson for the Defeated — Carolinas Campaign
(Preface): The Carolinas Campaign began of February 1, 1865, when Union Gen. William T. Sherman led his army north from Savannah, Georgia, after the March to the Sea. Sherman's objective was to join Gen. Ulysses S. Grant in Virginia to crush . . . — Map (db m42335) HM
North Carolina (Davidson County), Lexington — Captain Benjamin Merrill
Sacrificed his life for the cause of regulators. Was executed by officials of the Crown, June 19, 1771. Home was 8 miles south. — Map (db m34379) HM
North Carolina (Guilford County), Greensboro — 1st Virginia Cavalry
This site was occupied by the 1st Virginia Cavalry under Lieutenant Colonel William Washington Cont’l Line and it was here Captain Griffin Fauntleroy, 1st Va. Lt. Dragoons, Cont’l Line was mortally wounded on March 15, 1781. Born September 28, 1754. . . . — Map (db m34881) HM
North Carolina (Guilford County), Greensboro — Backcountry CourthouseGuilford Courthouse National Military Park
To Cornwallis, Guilford Courthouse was not a military or strategic objective. Greene’s army was his target. After receiving intelligence that the British were marching toward the American camp, Greene switched his battle plans from attack to . . . — Map (db m11592) HM
North Carolina (Guilford County), Greensboro — J 35 — Guilford College
A coeducational college operated by the Society of Friends. Chartered as New Garden Boarding School in 1834. Opened in 1837. — Map (db m63023) HM
North Carolina (Guilford County), Greensboro — Liberty Oak Tree
Seedling from Liberty Oak Tree Revolutionary War Planted March 1987 by Guilford Battle Chapter NSDAR — Map (db m15738) HM
North Carolina (Guilford County), Greensboro — Tannenbaum ParkHoskins – Wyrick House — March 19, 1988
This park is dedicated by the Guilford Battleground Company to the brave men and women who fought and served here for our freedom in the Battle of Guilford Courthouse on March 15, 1781 and to all those who came together to preserve this site for . . . — Map (db m34849) HM
North Carolina (Guilford County), Greensboro — William Hooper
William Hooper Signer of the Declaration of Independence Placed by Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, Inc. — Map (db m81686) HM
North Carolina (Johnston County), Newton Grove — HHH-12 — Cole Farmhouse
Stood in this field. Scene of heavy fighting, March 19. Destroyed on March 20 by Con- federate artillery to prevent sniping. — Map (db m34645) HM
North Carolina (Rowan County), Salisbury — Hall HouseLegacy of the Past
In 1859, Dr. Josephus Wells Hall bought this house, which was constructed in 1820 as the Salisbury Female Academy, and added a new entrance and the double veranda with lacey ironworks. Inside, he had ornate French wallpaper hung and the hall . . . — Map (db m34279) HM
North Carolina (Rowan County), Salisbury — L 15 — John Steele
Congressman,     1789 – 93, Comptroller of the United States Treasury, Federalist Party Leader. Home stands 2 blocks east. — Map (db m34415) HM
North Carolina (Rowan County), Salisbury — L 29 — Stoneman’s Raid
Stoneman’s U.S. Cavalry occupied the town of Salisbury, Apr. 12, 1865, and destroyed the Con- federate warehouses, supplies, and prison. — Map (db m33918) HM
North Carolina (Wake County), Raleigh — H 52 — L. O’B. Branch
Confederate brigadier general; president of Raleigh and Gaston Railroad, 1852-55; member of Congress, 1855-61. Home here, grave ⅔ mi. east. — Map (db m63157) HM
North Carolina (Wake County), Raleigh — North Carolina Confederate POWs
This monument honors the remains of one hundred and seven North Carolina Confederate soldiers, some known only to God, who died between 1863 and 1865 in Washington DC, as prisoners of war, and who were interred in Arlington National Cemetery. On . . . — Map (db m63725) HM
North Dakota (McKenzie County), Watford City — Bentonitic Clay
      The blue-black popcorn-like soil that caps the plateau 50 feet below this point is bentonitic clay. Bentonite clays flow when wet. This bluish-colored layer can be traced for miles up and down the river. — Map (db m88636) HM
Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — A Union General Escapes Capture
In 1863, this building to your right, was the home and cabinetmaker’s shop of Henry Garlach and family. Cut off during the Union retreat to Cemetery Hill, General Alexander Schimmelfennig was able to avoid capture by the Confederates, when he hid . . . — Map (db m6176) HM
Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — Lieut. General James Longstreet1st Corps Headquarters — Army of Northern Virginia
Army of Northern Virginia 1st Corps Headquarters Lieut. General James Longstreet ————— Division Major Genl. Lafayette McLaws Major Genl. George E. Pickett Major Genl. John B. Hood July 1,2,3,4,5. 1863 These . . . — Map (db m10115) HM
Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — Secret Service OfficeEisenhower National Historic Site — National Park Service
Originally the barn’s milk house, this building was established as an office for President Eisenhower’s Secret Service detail in 1955. During the presidential years, one of the 8 – 10 agents who worked each shift would be stationed in the . . . — Map (db m64168) HM
Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — The Trademark of Craftsmen
It is not difficult to imagine the wear on a barn from years of active farming and the changing Pennsylvania seasons. In the spring of 1875, two brothers, Samuel F. Frey and William H. Frey, painters by trade, and Hiram C. Lady, a carpenter’s . . . — Map (db m78901) HM
Pennsylvania (Bucks County), Washington Crossing — William Penn’s First Walking Purchase
This site, Towissinck or Jericho Creek, was the northern boundary of Penn’s 1st purchase of Native American land on July 15, 1682. The land purchase was measured by the distance a man could walk in a day and a half, starting from the mouth of the . . . — Map (db m13398) HM
Pennsylvania (Chester County), Birmingham — A 51 — Battle of Brandywine
The battle ended just southwest of here at nightfall. With Howe and his troops holding the field, Washington’s force withdrew to Chester. Although he was wounded, Lafayette helped to reorganize the retreating troops, and Pulaski’s cavalry protected . . . — Map (db m13364) HM
Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Battlefield Site Map
Other local historic sites of interest 1. General Warren Inn (Formerly the Warren Tavern) 2. Waynesborough Restored home of General Wayne 3. Valley Forge National Historical Park 4. St. Peter’s in the Great Valley Episcopal Church 5. Great . . . — Map (db m13623) HM
Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Malvern Area World War I Memorial
The men of the Borough of Malvern and the Townships of East & West Whiteland, Willistown and East & West Goshen who served in the World War Deceased Carlton B. Cox • Clarence S. Evans • John J. Gleason • John V. Newlin • Norman J. Quinn • Wilmer . . . — Map (db m44046) HM
Pennsylvania (Cumberland County), Carlisle — 18 — Carlisle Jail
Replica of Norman Castle, Carlisle, England. Erected 1754. Enlarged 1790. Rebuilt 1854. — Map (db m35315) HM
Pennsylvania (Lancaster County), Lancaster — Pennsylvania Medical Society
Founded April 11, 1848, at the First Methodist Episcopal Church on this site. Its purpose was to foster the advancement of medical knowledge, relieve suffering and promote the health of the community. Samuel Humes, M.D., of Lancaster was the first . . . — Map (db m5206) HM
Pennsylvania (Montgomery County), King of Prussia — Artillery Park
Some redoubts and earthworks went unarmed. Most cannons at Valley Forge were kept in the Artillery Park near the center of the encampment. From here guns could be rushed to the point of attack. The Artillery Park gave the Americans a flexible . . . — Map (db m5674) HM
Pennsylvania (Montgomery County), King of Prussia — DeKalb’s DivisionContinental Army — Valley Forge   December 19 1777   June 18 1778
Major General Baron DeKalb Patterson’s Brigade Brig. General John Patterson commanding 10th Massachusetts Infantry     Col. Thomas Marshall 11th Massachusetts Infantry     Col. Benjamin Tupper 12th Massachusetts Infantry     Col. Samuel Brewer 14th . . . — Map (db m28838) HM
Pennsylvania (Montgomery County), King of Prussia — New Jersey BrigadeContinental Army
Erected by The State of New Jersey upon the site occupied by the New Jersey Brigade Infantry – Line – Continental Army Brigadier General William Maxwell First Regiment   Col. Mathias Ogden Second Regiment   Col. Israel Shreve Third . . . — Map (db m28831) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Battle of Germantown
On the morning of the Battle of Germantown, October 4 1777, the Pennsylvania Militia, under Gen'l John Armstrong, occupying the high ground on the west side of the creek opposite this point, engaged in a skirmish the left wing of the British . . . — Map (db m24885) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Commodore Isaac HullUnited States Naval Officer — 09 March 1773   –   13 February 1843
A defender of American freedom and pioneer of a new nation. He lifted the spirits of an entire nation by defeating the British on the high seas, while commanding USS Constitution “Old Ironsides” in battle with HMS Guerriere . . . — Map (db m40929) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Wyck
This house was built before 1700. At the time of the Battle of Germantown, October 4, 1777, it was used as a British field hospital. Lafayette, on his second visit to the United States was entertained here July 20, 1825. -------- • -------- . . . — Map (db m46824) HM
Rhode Island (Newport County), Newport — James Nicholl HouseCirca 1750
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places The James Nicoll House c. 1750 by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m48687) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — Charleston Besieged
In 1861 the port of Charleston prospered. Keeping the city open to trade was crucial for Confederate survival. Confederate forts in Charleston Harbor - including Fort Sumter - protected Charleston throughout the war despite Union blockade, warship . . . — Map (db m30769) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — Fort Sumter Bricks
Salvaged from the waters of the tidal zone around Fort Sumter, these bricks were placed in this wall 140 years after the beginning of the Civil War. April 12, 2001 — Map (db m67310) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — Hints of Slave Row
In the clearing before you – although no visible signs remain – a row of six slave cabins may have stood. Written records reveal little about the slaves’ lives, but all plantations demanded hard field labor. Perhaps this row of small . . . — Map (db m67903) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — In Need of an Ally
The Kiawah chief, or Cassique, invited the new English settlers to build their village here at Albemarle Point. The arrangement had immediate benefits for both the Kiawah and the English. The Kiawah often fought against the Westos, an aggressive . . . — Map (db m67873) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — John Cordes Prioleau House68 Meeting Street — circa 1810
This property, originally known as Town Lot Number 54 of the Grand Modell of Charles Town, was granted by the Lords Proprietors to William Jones March 23, 1682. In 1808, the property was purchased by John Cordes Prioleau, a wealthy planter. Madame . . . — Map (db m27461) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), North Charleston — South Carolina Generals Memorial
(East face) General Officers P.A.C.S. From South Carolina. Killed or Died in Service, 1861-1865. —— Brig. GenLS Barnard E. Bee. July 21, 1861. Adley H. Gladden. April 12, 1862. J.B. . . . — Map (db m24094) HM
South Carolina (Cherokee County), Gaffney — Double Envelopment
On this field, the Continentals blunted the British advance, then charged with bayonets flashing. Cavalry hit the left and right of the 71st. The militia reformed and surged against the right and left. British troops found themselves overwhelmed . . . — Map (db m13030) HM
South Carolina (Lexington County), West Columbia — 32-5 — Shelling of Columbia
Prior to the capture of Columbia by Gen. William T. Sherman, Federal artillery shelled the city on February 16, 1865, from the batteries on this hill and in the road at this end of the Congaree River bridge. Shots were fired at the Arsenal (site . . . — Map (db m21652) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — Cap. Swanson Lunsford
Cap. Swanson Lunsford a native of Va. and for many years a resident of Columbia, Died August 7th, 1799. Aged about forty years. He was a member of Lee’s Legion in the eventful period of 76. This humble tribute to his memory has been placed by . . . — Map (db m67778) HM
Tennessee (Greene County), Greeneville — Andrew Johnson National Cemetery
Andrew Johnson chose to be buried atop this hill, then known as “Signal Hill,” which he owned. His family members continued to be buried here in the family plot until his great-granddaughter’s interment in 1992. The cemetery became part . . . — Map (db m81607) HM
Tennessee (Greene County), Greeneville — 1C 50 — Andrew Johnson National Historic Site
Three miles west is the central unit of the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site which includes the 17th president’s small tailor shop, the home in which he lived from 1838 to 1851, a museum, and administrative offices. Other units are the . . . — Map (db m58152) HM
Tennessee (Greene County), Greeneville — Death of Gen. John Hunt Morgan"... bring Morgan out dead or alive."
On September 3-4, 1864, Lt.Col. William H. Ingerton led the 13th Tennessee Cavalry (USA) to Greeneville's outskirts, where he learned that Gen.John Hunt Morgan was at the Dickson-Williams Mansion. He told his company commanders, Capts. C.C. Wilcox . . . — Map (db m23081) HM
Tennessee (Greene County), Greeneville — Gettysburg Address
Address by President Lincoln at the dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery November 19, 1863.           Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the . . . — Map (db m61962) HM
Tennessee (Sevier County), Newfound Gap — Land of DiversityGreat Smoky Mountains National Park
Few places in North America sustain a greater variety of life than the Great Smoky Mountains. The forests, streams, and meadows here support more than 100 types of native trees, some 50 kinds of fish, some 1,500 flowering plants, more than 240 bird . . . — Map (db m58920) HM
Tennessee (Sevier County), Pigeon Forge — Titanic Eternal Flame1912 - 2012
In memory of those who lost their lives — Map (db m58479) HM
Vermont (Addison County), Orwell — To Repel the Enemy
The Generals have Fix’d on a spot . . . to be fortified.” - Lt. Col. Matthias Ogden, July 19, 1776 On July 5, 1777, Thomas Anburey, who was traveling with British Lt. Gen. John Burgoyne on Lake Champlain, observed as they . . . — Map (db m19480) HM
Virginia (Dinwiddie County), Petersburg — Field FortificationsThe Military Encampment — Pamplin Historical Park
Pamplin Historical Park has created these replica earthworks to suggest how this area might have looked during the winter of 1864-65. Both armies at Petersburg constructed long lines of field fortifications. Engineer officers used standard manuals . . . — Map (db m15427) HM
Virginia (Dinwiddie County), Reams — The Battle of Reams StationAfterwards
While Robert E. Lee won the Battle of Reams Station, preventing the Federals from destroying more of the Petersburg (& Weldon) Railroad, and keeping much of his supply line intact, the Confederate victory was one in a series of tactical Southern . . . — Map (db m13791) HM
Virginia (Franklin County), Rocky Mount — A 93 — Fort Blackwater
Near here stood a stockade erected by Capt. Nathaniel Terry and garrisoned by men under his command. Washington made “Terry’s Fort” a link in his chain of forts and inspected it in the fall of 1756. — Map (db m63202) HM
Virginia (Hanover County), Mechanicsville — Union Artillery
Porter posted his batteries intermittently along this ridge. Most of his guns were twelve-pounder Napoleons like the two here. “The woods were full of smoke,” wrote a Massachusetts artillerist, “and thicker and thicker . . . — Map (db m15234) HM
Virginia, Hopewell — General Grant's Headquarters
General Grant’s headquarters at Appomattox Manor 1864-65 during the siege of Petersburg and Richmond. President Lincoln spent 3 weeks in City Point during April, 1865. — Map (db m3797) HM
Virginia, Hopewell — The Depot Field Hospital
“The sick and wounded are as promptly and carefully taken care of as those in a City or Town, and probably much better.” - Gen. Rufus Ingalls, USA Across the cove from you, on the site of the modern hospital, stood the largest . . . — Map (db m6546) HM
Virginia (James City County), Williamsburg — At Jamestown Began:1607 – 1957
At Jamestown began: the Expansion overseas of the English speaking peoples; the Commonwealth of Virginia; the United States of America; the British Commonwealth of Nations — Map (db m17006) HM
Virginia, Lexington — Virginia Mourning Her Dead
Company A Henry A. Wise, Jr.,   Captain Commanding C. H. Minge,   Cadet Captain W. C. Hardy,   Lieutenant • W. Morson,   Lieutenant • E. M. Ross,   Sergeant • W. B. Shaw,   Sergeant • W. T. Duncan,   Sergeant • J. Douglass,   Sergeant • H. Wood, . . . — Map (db m58845) HM
Virginia, Lynchburg — Q–6-1 — Fort Early
Named for Confederate Lt. Gen. Jubal A. Early, this roughly square earthen redoubt served as a part of the outer line of defense for Lynchburg in June 1864. Fort Early and the outer fortifications were constructed to provide additional protection . . . — Map (db m3602) HM
Virginia, Lynchburg — Spring Hill CemeteryConfederate Generals Rest — Battle of Lynchburg
During the Battle of Lynchburg on June 17-18, 1864, Confederate Gen. Jubal A. Early moved his reserves into the cemetery to reinforce his lines across the Lynchburg-Salem Turnpike (Fort Ave.) at Fort Early. Before dawn on Sunday, June 19, these . . . — Map (db m3936) HM
Virginia, Newport News — The Endview SpringThe Civil War at Endview — A living history museum
The fresh water bubbling from this natural spring has supported wildlife and the various residents on this property: Indian hunting parties, the Harwood/Curtis families, and military encampments. During the American Revolution, General George . . . — Map (db m16563) HM
Virginia, Newport News — W 63 — Young’s Mill
Following the 10 June 1861 Battle of Big Bethel, Confederate Gen. John B. Magruder established a base at Young’s Mill. This tide mill formed the right flank of Magruder’s First Defensive Line, which reached across the Peninsula to Ship’s Point on . . . — Map (db m10254) HM
Virginia (Orange County), Locust Grove — “Stonewall” Jackson’s Arm — The Battle of Chancellorsville
Here, in the Jones family cemetery, lie the remains of “Stonewall” Jackson’s left arm. The Confederate general lost the limb during the Battle of Chancellorsville, where he was mistakenly shot by his own troops. Surgeons removed the . . . — Map (db m3895) HM
Virginia (Prince Edward County), Rice — Cavalry Battle at High BridgeLee’s Retreat — April 6, 1865
About 900 Union infantry and cavalry were sent from Burkeville to burn this South Side Railroad trestle over the Appomattox River. Pursued by Confederate cavalry in the engagement which followed nearby, their bridge-burning mission failed and most . . . — Map (db m11819) HM
Virginia (Prince William County), Manassas Park — Battle of Bull Run Bridge“Let this not become another Bull Run” — Second Manassas Campaign
In August 1862, Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee ordered Gen. Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson from the Rappahannock River to keep Gen. John Pope’s and Gen. George B. McClellan’s Union armies from uniting. Jackson marched on Aug. 25, and Lee . . . — Map (db m13287) HM
Virginia (Spotsylvania County), Spotsylvania — The McCoull House — The Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
This was the home of farmer Neil McCoull and his unmarried sisters Mary, Eliza, and Milly. McCoull's farm was typical of those that dotted Spotsylvania County: a few hundred acres that produced a modest income from corn and other grains. Like his . . . — Map (db m10290) HM
Virginia (Warren County), Front Royal — Warren County 9/11 Memorial
In Memory of the People who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 Dedicated September 11, 2002 County or Warren Warren County Chapter of Izaak Walton League of America — Map (db m45709) HM
Virginia (York County), Yorktown — British Inner Defense Line1781 Siege of Yorktown — Colonial National Historical Park
“The town was … surrounded by a ditch and thick parapet, having a horn work in the centre, in … which were batteries lined with facines. The parapet ran to the river on the left … The parapet was formed of trees cut in the woods and placed . . . — Map (db m10658) HM
Virginia (York County), Yorktown — French Soldiers and Sailors
In commemoration of the French Soldiers and Sailors who gave their lives for American freedom -------------------- This memorial is erected near the site of Redoubt 9 second parallel of the trenches of Yorktown captured 14th October 1781 . . . — Map (db m10624) HM
Virginia (York County), Yorktown — Monument to the Alliance and Victory
Yorktown Monument Commissioners , 1881 R. M. Hunt, Architect, Chairman Henry Van Brunt, Architect, J. Q. A. Ward, Sculptor --------------- Oskar J. W. Hansen, Sculptor of Liberty, 1957 Front of Monument: At York on October 19 1781, after a . . . — Map (db m11192) HM
Virginia (York County), Yorktown — The Hornwork
To your right the British extended their works outward along the York-Hampton Road a principal entrance into Yorktown which they blocked with this “Hornwork.” It was garrisoned by Colonel Abercrombie’s Light Infantry. — Map (db m10922) HM
West Virginia (Berkeley County), Martinsburg — Battle of Falling WatersJackson’s Coolness Under Fire
On the morning of July 2, 1861, Federal troops under Gen. Robert Patterson crossed the Potomac River from Maryland and marched south toward Martinsburg. Colonel Thomas J. Jackson sent his men north from their camp north of town to block them and to . . . — Map (db m41631) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Charles Town — Freedom's Call — (New Marker)
Grave of Robert Rutherford, member of committee which in 1775 replied to orders of Lord Dunmore for Virginians to join British army or be held as rebels. This defiance was a gauntlet hurled at Dunmore's feet. (1 1/2 Mi. NE) — Map (db m12630) HM
Wyoming (Big Horn County), Shell — Moving Mountains
Can water really move mountains? Bit by bit, grind of water rippling over rock wears the mountain away. In a more dramatic fashion, run-off from melting snow during May and June creates a massive force capable of muscling huge boulders downstream. . . . — Map (db m88168) HM
Wyoming (Johnson County), Buffalo — Bozeman Trail
Marked by the State of Wyoming 1865 John Bozeman Killed by Indians on Yellowstone 1867 — Map (db m85994) HM
Wyoming (Park County), Yellowstone National Park — A Wildlife Paradise
Yellowstone’s vast northern range is home to an amazing array of mammals. This wildlife community is one of the largest and most diverse of any on Earth! While visiting Yellowstone, you may see some of these animals. Remember, they are wild and . . . — Map (db m88938) HM
Wyoming (Park County), Yellowstone National Park — Porcelain SpringsInfluencing a Landscape
The milky color of the mineral deposited here inspired the naming of Porcelain Basin and Porcelain Springs. The mineral, siliceous sinter, is brought to the surface by hot water and forms a sinter “sheet” over this flat area as the . . . — Map (db m88436) HM
Wyoming (Park County), Yellowstone National Park — Wolf Tracks
Gray wolves (Canis lupus) are the largest member of the canine family. They are well suited to Yellowstone where winters are long and severe. Wolves move easily over the snow on their large paws, their thick fur keeping them warm. Wolves . . . — Map (db m88906) HM
Wyoming (Sheridan County), Banner — Fetterman Massacre Memorial
On this field on the 21st day of December, 1866, three commissioned officers and seventy six privates of the 18th U.S. Infantry, and of the 2nd U.S. Cavalry, and four civilians, under the command of Captain Brevet-Lieutenant Colonel William J. . . . — Map (db m85998) HM
Wyoming (Sheridan County), Ranchester — Ranchester
      Ranchester was established in 1894. The McShane Tie Company used it as a shipping point for railroad ties. These ties were cut and hewn by hand in the Big Horn Mountains. They then floated down a six mile flume to the Tongue River.       . . . — Map (db m88159) HM
Wyoming (Sheridan County), Sheridan — The Bozeman Trail
Jim Bridger first came west in 1822, working in the fur trade until that industry declined. He traveled throughout the west, becoming an expert on the Indians and the land. After working as a trader, he established the Bridger Trail through the . . . — Map (db m86164) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Jenny Lake — Cascade CanyonGrand Teton National Park
Jagged peaks tower above Cascade Canyon reminding us that powerful Pleistocene glaciers carved this canyon and sculpted this range. From the shores of Jenny Lake, venture through forest communities, wetlands along Cascade Creek, high meadows filled . . . — Map (db m88293) HM

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