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Lucius J. Kellam, Jr. Marker image, Touch for more information
By Mike Stroud, October 16, 2010
Lucius J. Kellam, Jr. Marker
Netherlands Antilles, Sint Maarten, Philipsburg — John Philip Frederick Craanea.k.a. Boechi
This building is dedicated to John P.F. Craane, affectionately known as "Boechi." Born November 24,1913. Boechi spent most of his life working on or around boats. His love for boats was greatly influenced by his father, who was a well-known boat . . . — Map (db m40591) HM
Turks and Caicos Islands, Grand Turk, Cockburn Town — Grand Turk: The Original Columbus Landfall ?
The exact location of Christopher Columbus' first landfall in the New World in 1492 has been debated for centuries. Columbus' original journal of his first voyage to the New World is lost, and we will likely never know for sure. Recent theories . . . — Map (db m40544) HM
Turks and Caicos Islands, Grand Turk, Cockburn Town — Lighthouse Keeper's Residence & Bermuda Kitchen — Grand Turk
The Grand Turk Lighthouse had two keepers, the Principal and the Assistant. It is believed that before 1890 the keepers may have lived on location at the site of the present-day Pavilion. Meals were prepared in the seperate Bermuda Kitchen, typical . . . — Map (db m40793) HM
Arkansas (Monroe County), Holly Grove — Beginning Point of the Louisiana Purchase Survey
This stone marks the base established Nov. 10, 1815 from which the lands of the Louisiana Purchase were surveyed by the United States Engineers. The first survey from this point was made to satisfy the claims of the soldiers of the War of 1812 . . . — Map (db m6037) HM
Delaware (Kent County), Andrewville — KC-64 — Bethel Methodist Church
The roots of Methodism in this community can be traced to the late 18th century, when Methodist pioneers such as Francis Asbury traveled throughout this area spreading the message of their faith. Over time some church members became . . . — Map (db m60462) HM
Delaware (Kent County), Dover — The Delaware Continentals
Liberty and Independence — Map (db m42671) HM
Delaware (Sussex County), Bethel — SC-191 — Sailor's Bethel Methodist Church
The roots of this congregation can be traced to 1809, when a house of worship was constructed to serve the needs of the many residents of this area who were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. First known as Elzey Moore’s Meeting . . . — Map (db m60464) HM
Delaware (Sussex County), Bridgeville — Sudler House
Erected about 1750, with additions during the Federal period. Land was granted to Cacilus Stevens in 1658. Francis Asbury preached here. William Jessop, an early occupant, was a pioneer Methodist missionary in Canada. From 1833 to 1971 the Sudler . . . — Map (db m38653) HM
Delaware (Sussex County), Fairmount — SC-122 — Indian Mission United Methodist Church
In 1881 the Nanticoke Indian people constructed this church to provide a place to join for religious devotions. Known as “Johnson’s Chapel,” the church was affiliated with the Methodist Protestant denomination. On March 27, 1884, . . . — Map (db m37564) HM
Delaware (Sussex County), Gumboro — SC 141 — Jones Cemetery
By the 1840’s, a group of local Methodists were meeting nearby in Jones School. Desiring a permanent place of worship, the congregation built a church in 1857 at a site one-half mile west of here. In 1861, Jacob Jones and his wife, Love . . . — Map (db m48566) HM
Delaware (Sussex County), Lewes — H.M. Brig DeBraak
On May 25, 1798 at 4:00 pm, H.M. Brig DeBraak capsized and sank off the coast of Cape Henlopen, Delaware during a sudden squall. This memorial honors the thirty-three members of the eighty-five man crew who were lost at sea. James . . . — Map (db m38436) HM
Delaware (Sussex County), Lewes — SC221 — The Blizzard of 1888
Known as the “Great White Hurricane,” the Blizzard of 1888 was one of the most devastating weather events in recorded history. Affecting coastal states from Virginia to Maine, this paralyzing storm resulted in widespread death and . . . — Map (db m19316) HM
Delaware (Sussex County), Lewes — The War of 1812Lewes Maritime History Trail
During the War of 1812, British vessels blockaded the mouth of Delaware Bay in an effort to disrupt shipping patterns and supply lines and cause economic hardship in the Mid-Atlantic. But when crews attempted to land at Lewes to replenish . . . — Map (db m38598) HM
Delaware (Sussex County), Milton — SC-127 — Goshen Cemetery
In 1801 funds were raised to support the building of a place of worship for local Methodists. On January 16, 1802, church trustees purchased land here “on a rising ground beautifully situated for that purpose.” A frame chapel was erected . . . — Map (db m38402) HM
Delaware (Sussex County), Mission — SC 105 — Bethany United Methodist Church(Lowe's Crossroads)
In the early part of the twentieth century, members of the Old Jones’ Methodist Church began to search for a more central location for the congregation to worship. Although the land for the new church was donated by Sarah C. Collins in . . . — Map (db m48564) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Gainesville — F-191 — Alachula County Courthouse
The Alachua County Commission, by authority of the Florida Legislature, selected this site for a courthouse in 1854, moving the county seat from Newnansville. The first courthouse was a frame building completed in 1856. It was demolished on the . . . — Map (db m54997) HM
Florida (Alachua County), Rochelle — F- 353 — Rochelle Vicinity
Colonel Daniel Newnan led a troop of the Georgia militia on a raid into the area in September 1812 in an attempt to annex Florida to the United States in the War of 1812. The raiders engaged a force of Seminole Indians under the command of . . . — Map (db m54642) HM
Florida (Clay County), Green Cove Springs — F-480 — Fort San Fransisco de Pupo
Pupo is first mentioned in 1716 as the place where the trail from the Franciscan Indian missions and the Apalachee (present-day Tallahassee) to St. Augustine crossed the river. The Spanish Government built the fort on the St. Johns River some time . . . — Map (db m62187) HM
Florida (Duval County), Jacksonville — F-66 — Site of Cow Ford
This narrow part of the St. Johns River, near a clear freshwater spring was a crossing point for Indians and early travelers. The Indian name Wacca Pilatka, meaning "Cow's Crossing", was shortened by the English to Cow Ford, and Jacksonville was . . . — Map (db m58715) HM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Tampa — First Lt. Baldomero LopezTampa Native — Awarded Congressional Medal Of Honor
During the Inchon invasion in Korea, September 15, 1950, Marine 1st Lieutenant Lopez's platoon was engaging the enemy. Exposing himself to hostile fire he attempted to hurl a grenade into the pillbox whose fire was pinning them down. Wounded, he . . . — Map (db m31703) HM
Florida (Hillsborough County), Tampa — Union Raiders Burn Tampa Blockade Runners
On October 18, 1863, a union task force of 85 soldiers found the “Scottish Chief” and “Kate Dale”, celebrated blockade runners, hidden in a remote anchorage in the Hillsborough River, near this site and set the ships afire. . . . — Map (db m33675) HM
Florida (Nassau County), Fernandina Beach — Fairbanks Home
Built in 1885 by George Rainsford Fairbanks, lawyer, historian, and editor. Born in 1820 at Watertown, New York, Fairbanks moved to Florida in 1842 and became a major in the Confederate Army. He edited the Fernandina Florida Mirror, presided over . . . — Map (db m59696) HM
Florida (Nassau County), Fernandina Beach — F-28 — Florida's First Atlantic to Gulf Railroad
The Florida Railroad Company was incorporated January 8, 1853, with David L. Yulee as president. The line received both federal and state land grants. Despite early financial difficulties, construction was begun from Fernandina, where the main . . . — Map (db m33411) HM
Florida (Pinellas County), St. Petersburg — World RecordFor 10 Miles — 45 Minutes 37 Seconds
. . . — Map (db m49432) HM
Florida (Putnam County), Melrose — F-328 — Melrose
(Front text) The region south of Santa Fe Lake was not settled until after the Seminole War in 1842, although it was on the Spanish mission trail from St. Augustine from about 1600 to 1763 and, during the English (1763-1784) and second . . . — Map (db m99668) HM
Florida (Saint Johns County), Green Cove Springs — F-514 — William Bartram's Plantation
In 1766 on the banks of the St. Johns River at Little Florence Cove, William Bartram attempted to farm a 500-acre land grant. Bartram had spent much of the previous year exploring the new British Colony of East Florida with his father, John Bartram, . . . — Map (db m48683) HM
Georgia (Burke County), Munnerlyn — 017-12 — The 14th Corps at Lumpkin's Station
On Dec. 3, 1864, after a hard march across Buckhead, Rocky Beaver Dam and Rosemary creeks from camps N. of Birdsville and W. of Buckhead Church, the 14th Corps [US], Maj. Gen. Jeff. C. Davis, [US] (less Baird's division) camped at Lumpkin's station . . . — Map (db m13119) HM
Georgia (Charlton County), Folkston — 024-1 — Charlton County
Created by an Act of February 18, 1854 out of Camden County, Charlton County was named for Judge Robert M. Charlton of Savannah. Trader`s Hill (Fort Alert), an important shipping point and head of navigation on St. Marys River, was the first County . . . — Map (db m12951) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Pooler — 2nd Lt Louis Howard BourgeaultEighth Air Force
Presented In His Memory By The Family And Friends Of 2nd Lt Louis Howard         Bourgeault          "Our Hero"           1921-1997 427th Sq       303rd BG Shot down by anti-aircraft guns over Berlin Germany - June 21, 1944 . . . — Map (db m69924) WM
Georgia (Chatham County), Pooler — 384th Bombardment Group
(West face) The 384th Bombardment Group (H) - 8th Air Force of the United States of America flew from this airfield 1943 - 1945 (North side) This Memorial is a replica of the Memorial presently standing at . . . — Map (db m66816) HM WM
Georgia (Chatham County), Pooler — Arky - Missy G   CrewEighth Air Force
305th Bomb GP (H)   366th Bomb Sq Serial #42-29553  (Arky) - (Missy G) In Memory Of Her Gallant Crew MIA - Aug 12th, 1943 1st Lt     Wright E Gerke    P  * 2nd Lt   Thomas Read        CP  * 2nd Lt   Joseph S Costa      N  * 2nd Lt . . . — Map (db m67433) WM
Georgia (Chatham County), Pooler — Lt. J E Bass Pilot and Crew(B-17G #42-97498 Padded Cell II)
      358th BS   303rd  BG Shot Down Over Bricey, Fr. 6 Feb 1944 Lt       J E Bass                P      POW Lt        J R Burns              CP   KIA Lt       M B Abernathy     N      POW Lt        M S Zientar            B      POW . . . — Map (db m67401) WM
Georgia (Chatham County), Pooler — Tribute to Captain MacDonald Austin and Sargeant Jack Berlin
This plaque is placed in honor of Captain MacDonald Austin and Sargeant Jack Berlin who parachuted into the Dordogne Region of France on the night of June 10, 1944 to help French Partison troops distrupt the enemy following the invasion at . . . — Map (db m63606) HM WM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — African American Monument
We were stolen, sold and bought together from the African Continent We got on the slave ships together, we lay back to belly in the holds of the slave ships in each others excrement and urine together. Sometimes died together and our lifeless . . . — Map (db m5278) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — 025-10 — Attack on British LinesOctober 9, 1779
Over this ground, hallowed by the valor and the sacrifice of the soldiery of America and of France, was fought October 9, 1779, one of the bloodiest battles of the Revolution when Savannah, which the British had possessed for several months, was . . . — Map (db m5448) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — Augusta Road
Northwest of this spot, on Liberty and West Broad Streets began the Augusta road, one of the oldest in Georgia. — Map (db m6818) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — 025-22 — Duellist's Grave
The epitaph to James Wilde on the nearby tomb is a melancholy reminder of the days of duelling and, particularly, of a tragic affair of honor fought January 16, 1815, on the Carolina side of the river near Savannah. Lieutenant Wilde was shot through . . . — Map (db m5376) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — George Clymer1739 - 1813
An orphan, he apprenticed in his uncle's mercantile firm. As a successful businessman he was an early and forceful advocate of independence. He used his knowledge and wealth to help finance the Revolution. From 1774 until 1776 he . . . — Map (db m63908) HM WM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — Haitian Monument
(West face) In its fourth year, the American Revolution had become an international conflict. Rebelling American Colonies and their French allies attempted to capture Savannah from the British in 1779. Haitian soldiers of African . . . — Map (db m22345) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — 025-1 — Landing of Oglethorpe and the Colonists
James Edward Oglethorpe, the founder of Georgia, landed with the original colonists, about 114 in number, at the foot of this bluff on February 1 (February 12, new style), 1733. The site where he pitched his tent is marked by the stone bench located . . . — Map (db m5263) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — 025-76 — Lutheran Church Of The Ascension(Founded, 1741)
On April 14, 1741, John Martin Bolzius, who as Pastor of the Salzburgers at Ebenezer was in charge of Lutheran work in the colony of Georgia, founded the congregation now known as the Lutheran Church of the Ascension. In 1756 members of the . . . — Map (db m6601) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — Major General Anthony Wayne1745 - 1796
Wayne was the commander of Continental troops in many battles of the war including Brandywine, Paoli, Monmouth, Germantown and the daring night attack at Stony Point. After Yorktown he served on the Ga frontier and became the U.S. . . . — Map (db m64359) HM WM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — 25-23 — McKelvey-Powell Building
The McKelvey-Powell Building was originally constructed in 1926. The building was a hub of African-American business and social life in Savannah during the era of segregation in the first half of the twentieth century. Throughout the 1930s the . . . — Map (db m11751) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — 025-100 — Noble Jones’ “Wormslow”1736–1775
This 1½ mile oak avenue leads to the tabby ruins of Noble Jones’ colonial fortified plantation. Jones and his family were original settlers in Georgia, arriving in Savannah with founder James E. Oglethorpe on February 1, 1733. As a middle-class . . . — Map (db m10960) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — Oglethorpe's House
1736-1740 On this site stood the house occupied by James Edward Oglethorpe when in Savannah. His home he made in Frederica the better to protect the young colony — Map (db m6499) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — Savannah, Birthplace of Prince Hall Masonry in Georgia
Georgia's first and second Prince Hall lodges, Eureka Lodge No. 1, and Hilton Lodge No. 2, F. & A.M. were organized at Savannah on February 4, 1866 by Rev. J. M. Simms, having received their warrants from the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of . . . — Map (db m6133) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — Solomon's Lodge No. 1 F. & A.M Savannah, Georgia
Organized as a Masonic Lodge, February 21, 1734. Its first worshipful Master was General James Edward Oglethorpe, English Soldier, Statesman, Humanitarian, and founder of Georgia, who raised the flag of England at Savannah on February 12, 1733. . . . — Map (db m6584) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — 25-27 — Telfair Hospital for Females
In her will, Mary Telfair (1791-1875) provided for the establishment of a women’s hospital and also named the first president (Louise Gilmer) and six directresses to manage it. Originally located at the southwest corner of Drayton and New Houston . . . — Map (db m15927) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — The Georgia Medical Society
(West face) The Georgia Medical Society 1804-2004 Dr. Noble Wimberly Jones Physician and resident of Savannah Georgia American Revolutionary War veteran and patriot Georgia Delegate to Continental Congress First Georgia Medical . . . — Map (db m5829) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — Tondee's Tavern
On this site stood in colonial times Tondee's Tavern where gathered The Sons Of Liberty — Map (db m6497) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — 025-67 — Trinity Methodist Church
Mother Church of Savannah Methodism Trinity Church is the oldest Methodist Church in a city whose intimate association with John Wesley and George Whitefield gives it a unique place in the history of Methodism. The cornerstone of the . . . — Map (db m5478) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Savannah — 25-69 — Wright Square
This Square, which was laid out in 1733, was originally named for John Percival, Earl of Egmont, who played a large part in founding the Colony of Georgia. Its name was changed around 1763 to Wright Square in honor of James Wright, Royal Governor of . . . — Map (db m6378) HM
Georgia (Chatham County), Tybee Island — John Wesley Landing Site
(upper inscription): John Wesley landed in America on this island. February 6, 1736 (lower inscription): From the Journal of John Wesley "Fri,6,- About eight in the morning I first set my foot on American ground. It was . . . — Map (db m12917) HM
Georgia (Effingham County), Clyo — 051-10 — Early Baptists At Tuckasee King
Soon after 1767, the Rev. Benjamin Stirk, who had been baptized at the Orphan House, visited Tuckasee King and, finding a number of Baptists there, began to preach to them. As there was then no Baptist Church in Georgia, an arm of the church at . . . — Map (db m7537) HM
Georgia (Effingham County), Clyo — 051-18 — Old Mount Pleasant»——→
Two miles east of here, on a bluff fronting Savannah River, is the site of Mt. Pleasant, a former Uchee Indian town and English trading post. Even before the foundation of Georgia, the spot was a key point on an arterial Indian path which had long . . . — Map (db m7775) HM
Georgia (Effingham County), Springfield — 051-7 — Bethany
The settlement of Bethany was effected near here in 1751 by John Gerar William DeBrahm, His Majesty`s Surveyor General for the Southern District of North America. Comprised at first of 160 Germans, the group was joined 11 months later by an equal . . . — Map (db m14587) HM
Georgia (Effingham County), Springfield — 51-16 — Sherman's Left Wing
On Dec. 8, 1864, the Left Wing (14th and 20th Corps) of Gen. Sherman`s army (USA), which had left Atlanta on Nov. 15th on its destructive March to the Sea, was moving through Effingham County toward Savannah. Hq. Left Wing, Maj. Gen. H. W. Slocum, . . . — Map (db m7686) HM
Georgia (Glynn County), Broadfield — 063-22 — Boys Estate(Elizafield Plantation) ←—1/2 mi.—«
Boys Estate, Georgia`s town just for boys, is located one-half mile west of here, on a part of historic Elizafield Plantation. Elizafield, first the home of Dr. Robert Grant, later of his son, Hugh Fraser Grant, was one of the rich River Plantations . . . — Map (db m12081) HM
Georgia (Glynn County), Brunswick — 063-21 — Glynn County
Glynn County, one of the eight original Counties of Georgia, was organized under the 1777 Constitution of the State of Georgia. It was named in honor of John Glynn, a member of the British House of Commons who defended the cause of the American . . . — Map (db m12226) HM
Georgia (Glynn County), Jekyll Island — 63-16 — Tabby
Tabby was the building material for walls, floors, and roofs widely used throughout coastal Georgia during the Military and Plantation Eras. It was composed of equal parts of sand, lime, oyster shell and water mixed into a mortar and poured into . . . — Map (db m17578) HM
Georgia (Glynn County), St. Simons Island — A Man Named Wesley Passed This Way / Lovely Lane Chapel
On October 21, 1735, John and Charles Wesley and General James Oglethorpe (founder of the colony of Georgia) and eighty-four other passengers sailed from England on the ship "The Simmonds". After a hundred and fourteen days they sailed into the . . . — Map (db m12549) HM
Georgia (Glynn County), St. Simons Island — 063-6 — Old Spanish Garden
Spain maintained missions along this coast for more than a century. Beginning in 1568 Jesuit and, later, Franciscan missionaries labored to Christianize the Indians and cultivated in the mission gardens figs, peaches, oranges and other plants . . . — Map (db m12430) HM
Georgia (Jenkins County), Perkins — 82-11 — Big Buckhead Church
This church, near Buckhead Creek, from which it derives its name, was probably organized before the Revolution by Matthew Moore, Baptist minister whose loyalist sympathies led him to leave with the British. Buckhead Church was reconstituted Sept. . . . — Map (db m7818) HM
Georgia (Liberty County), Hinesville — Bradwell Park1974
In Memory of Samuel Dowse Bradwell Founder of Bradwell Institute on this site in 1871 Built by City of Hinesville with assistance from HUD and Liberty County Garden Garden Clubs ( Mayor and List of Councilmen ) — Map (db m9492) HM
Georgia (Liberty County), Midway — 089-8 — Old Sunbury Road←—«
The highway entering here is the Sunbury Road which once served as an arterial vehicular route from the interior of Georgia to the town of Sunbury, a former leading port and educational center, located 11 miles to the eastward on the Midway River. . . . — Map (db m8943) HM
Georgia (Liberty County), Midway — Road to Sunbury1734
Important Colonial port of entry. First Masonic Lodge meeting in Georgia believed held here February 1734 with Oglethorpe as Master. — Map (db m8252) HM
Georgia (Liberty County), Midway — The Story of the "Bell" at Dorchester AcademyDorchester Academy — Museum Of African American History
The Midway Congregational Church bell played a very important role in the lives of Dorchester Academy students. It kept time by ringing with an echo that could be heard seven to ten miles away. The bell rang every day at six, seven, eight, nine, . . . — Map (db m9071) HM
Georgia (Liberty County), Riceboro — Woodmanston Plantation
Established in 1760 by William and John Eatton LeConte, Woodmanston became one of Georgia`s earliest inland swamp rice plantations. In spite of Indian attacks and marauding armies during the Revolution, Woodmanston prospered. In 1810 control of . . . — Map (db m9020) HM
Georgia (McIntosh County), Darien — 17 — Methodists at Darien1836
John Wesley, founder of Methodism, spent January 2 & 3, 1737, among the Scots in Darien, where he first prayed extempore. In 1836 after many efforts, circuit riders aided by layman F. R. Shackelford organized a Society. On November 29, 1841, the . . . — Map (db m10545) HM
Georgia (McIntosh County), Darien — Oglethorpe Oak1736
Traditional site of Oglethorpe's shelter in 1736 upon occasion of his visit to Darien, a town founded that year by Scotchmen under his direction. — Map (db m8254) HM
Georgia (McIntosh County), Townsend — 095-2 — Fort Barrington»— 10 →
Approximately ten miles west of here on the banks of the Altamaha River stood Fort Barrington, a stronghold whose origin dates back to earliest Colonial times. It was built as a defense against the Spaniards and Indians and was called Fort . . . — Map (db m13519) HM
Georgia (Richmond County), Augusta — Augusta Confederate MonumentOur Confederate Dead
[North Face]: In Memoriam "No Nation Rose So White And Fair: None Fell So Pure Of Crime" [West Face]: Erected A.D. 1878 by The Ladies Memorial Association of Augusta. In Honor of the men of Richmond County . . . — Map (db m9673) HM
Georgia (Richmond County), Augusta — 121-20 — Confederate Powder Works››——→
Obelisk chimney one-third mile (from here) marks center of Confederate Powder Works which extended two miles along the river and was the principal powder factory in the South during the War. It supplied Confederate armies with abundant gunpowder of . . . — Map (db m33454) HM
Georgia (Richmond County), Augusta — 121-9 — Georgia's State Capital
Augusta served as the capital of Georgia from 1785 until 1795 when the seat of government was moved to the new capital, Louisville. The Georgia General Assembly met at this site in a two-story building on the corner of Elbert (Fourth) and . . . — Map (db m9747) HM
Georgia (Richmond County), Augusta — 121-42 — LaFayette Visits Augusta
This is the site of the old Planter`s Hotel, which was burned in 1839. There the Marquis de LaFayette was entertained during his visit to Augusta in March 1825. LaFayette landed at Savannah on March 19th and traveled to Augusta with Governor Troup a . . . — Map (db m35526) HM
Georgia (Richmond County), Augusta — 121-34 — Meadow GardenHome of George Walton ← 400 Ft. —«
400 feet west of here is Meadow Garden, home of George Walton, Revolutionary Patriot and soldier, Governor, Congressman, Senator, Jurist. With Button Gwinnett and Lyman Hall, he signed the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776, for the State of . . . — Map (db m33358) HM
Georgia (Richmond County), Augusta — 121-1 — The Augusta Canal»—→
The Augusta Canal, begun in 1845 and comleted in 1847, provided power for one of the first cotton textile manufacturing plants in the South and was the beginning of the development of Augusta as a great textile manufacturing center. The canal . . . — Map (db m33907) HM
Georgia (Richmond County), near Bath — 121-6 — Author "The Young Marooners"»—1mi.→
Francis Robert Goulding, preacher, teacher, author, inventor, as minister of the Bath Presbyterian Church from 1843 to 1851, occupied its manse, about 1 mile North. During that time he wrote the most popular of his several books: " The Young . . . — Map (db m36715) HM
Georgia (Telfair County), McRea — Telfair County Veterans Memorial(Georgia)
Dedicated to the Telfair Countians who died in defence of our country in its last five wars. They died that others might live free Emblems: US Navy US Army US Marine Corps US Airforce US Coast Guard (Left Panel) World . . . — Map (db m23879) WM
Louisiana (Orleans Parish), New Orleans — The Xiques House
This Greek Revival residence was built in 1852 for Angel Xiques, a native of Cadiz, Spain, who was a partner in Laborde & Xiques, importers of Cuban products. This was the Spanish Consulate from 1871 to 1877. In 1884 a gambling house operated . . . — Map (db m51357) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — San Cayetano
Spanish 18-pounder bronze smooth bore gun named San Cayetano Captured by the United States Navy from the Mexicans in California in 1847 — Map (db m29646) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Burkittsville — C.P. 2 — Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws' Command
C. S. A. Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws' Command (September 12-13, 1862) McLaws’ Command consisted of Kershaw’s, Barksdale’s, Semmes’ and Cobb’s Brigades of his own Division and R. H. Anderson’s Division of six Brigades-Wilcox’s, Mahone’s, . . . — Map (db m2021) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Emmitsburg — St. Elizabeth Ann SetonFounder of the Sisters of Charity
Born Aug. 28, 1774, in New York, she came to Emmitsburg from Baltimore June 24, 1809, occupying stone house on these grounds July 31. The following year, in White House visible from here, she organized nation's first Roman Catholic Parochial School. . . . — Map (db m9473) HM
Maryland (Montgomery County), Norwood — African Americans and Quakers in Sandy Spring
Sandy Spring has had large Quaker and African American populations since its founding in the 1720s. Encouraged by their regional and national Religious Society, most Sandy Spring Quakers had freed their slaves by about 1820, creating a . . . — Map (db m67633) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Sharpsburg — 68 — Ninth Army CorpsFerrero's Brigade, Sturgis' Division
U.S.A. Ninth Army Corps Ferrero's Brigade, Sturgis' Division. Brigadier General Edward Ferrero, Commanding. Organization. 51st New York Infantry, 51st Pennsylvania Infantry. 21st and 35th Massachusetts Infantry. September 17, 1862. On the . . . — Map (db m6444) HM
Missouri (Marion County), Hannibal — Cardiff Hill
This is the foot of Cardiff Hill, made famous in Mark Twain's books "Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn." On the hill, Tom, Huck, and their gang played and roamed at will. — Map (db m4727) HM
Missouri (Marion County), Hannibal — Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn at the Foot of Cardiff Hill
(On the left side, when viewed from Main Street): The monument presented to Hannibal by Geo. A. Mahan - Ida D. Mahan and Dulany Mahan 1925 (On the right side, when viewed from Main Street): Tom Sawyer and . . . — Map (db m4729) HM
Missouri, St. Louis — In Memory of Robert E. Lee
Engineer, St. Louis Harbor 1837-1841 His engineering genius was responsible for moving the Mississippi River Channel back to the St. Louis shore, preserving the city as a river port. Erected by the Missouri Committee R. E. Lee Memorial . . . — Map (db m4946) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Hoover Dam — High Scaler
The man depicted on this monument is performing one of the most dangerous yet essential jobs in the construction of the (Boulder) Hoover Dam. Sitting in a bosun’s chair, hundreds of feet in the air, his job was to set charges and clear the loose . . . — Map (db m24317) HM
New Mexico (San Juan County), Aztec — Aztec Ruins National Monument
Despite its name, this magnificent site reflects 11th century influence from nearby Chaco Canyon rather than from the later Aztecs of Mexico. The striking masonry pueblos illustrate the classic Chaco architectural style with later Mesa Verde . . . — Map (db m36466) HM
North Carolina (Beaufort County), Washington — B-39 — Siege Of Washington
Confederates failed to recapture town, March- April, 1863, but held it March-Nov., 1864. — Map (db m64757) HM
North Carolina (Buncombe County), Asheville — P-53 — Sulphur Springs
Health & social resort during the nineteenth century; patronized by low-country planters. Springs are 600 yds. S. — Map (db m17093) HM
North Carolina (Greene County), Snow Hill — F-37 — Nooherooka
Tuscarora stronghold. Site of decisive battle of the Tuscarora War, March 20-23, 1713, when 950 Indians were killed or captured. Site 1 mi. N. — Map (db m64927) HM
North Carolina (Henderson County), Hendersonville — Clarke Hardware Buildingca. 1909 — (Hendersonville, N.C.)
Built by W.A. Smith and Henry Jordon at the cost of $12,000. Tenants of the three storefronts have been Clarke Hardware, Bland Hardware, Gregg Bros. Hardware and for 65 years Houston Furniture Company. The first gasoline pump on Main Street . . . — Map (db m34292) HM
North Carolina (Henderson County), Hendersonville — Hendersonville High SchoolEstablished 1901 — "Dedicated to the Sanctity of Child Personality"
The Judson College Building (now demolished) at the corner of Fleming Street and Third Avenue served as the first Hendersonville High School. The high school was later located in the former Noterman house at what is now Boyd Park between Main . . . — Map (db m32154) HM
North Carolina (Lenoir County), La Grange — F-41 — James Y. Joyner1862-1954
Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1902-1919. Educator and agriculturist. Home is 3 blks. N.W. — Map (db m66963) HM
North Carolina (Pitt County), Greenville — F-16 — Plank Road
The eastern terminus of the Greenville and Raleigh Plank Road, chartered in 1850 and completed to Wilson by 1853, was nearby. — Map (db m65361) HM
North Carolina (Watauga County), Grandfather Mountain — N 18 — Asa Gray
American botanist and Harvard professor. In July,1841, investigated flora of this region. He visited Grandfather Mountain. — Map (db m20371) HM
North Carolina (Wayne County), Eureka — F-70 — Nuclear Mishap
B-52 transporting two nuclear bombs crashed, Jan. 1961. Widespread disaster averted; three crewmen died 3 mi. S. — Map (db m64597) HM
North Carolina (Wayne County), Goldsboro — Seymour Johnson AFB History / 4th Fighter Wing History Memorial
   Seymour Johnson Field, established on June 12, 1942, six months after the United States entered World War II, is named in honor of Lieutenant Seymour A. Johnson. A Goldsboro native and U.S.Navy test pilot, he was killed in an aircraft crash . . . — Map (db m66699) HM
North Carolina (Wayne County), near Fremont — F-1 — Charles B. Aycock
Governor, 1901-1905. Crusader for public education. Birthplace stands 2/3 mi. east. — Map (db m65546) HM
Oklahoma (Oklahoma County), Oklahoma City — Oklahoma City Bombing Children's MemorialIn Memoriam
Nineteen Little Boys And Girls Killed In The OKC Bombing April 19, 1995 "He took them up in his arms...." Mark 10:16 (KJV) Painting: Alice Murray — Map (db m60381) HM
Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — 1st Regiment Maryland Cavalry
(Front Face): Maryland's Tribute to Her Loyal Sons Dedicated to the 1st Regt. MD. Cav. Lt. Col. James M. Deems 1st Brig. 2nd Div. Cavalry Corps Illegible inscription line July 3d, 1863 (Rear Face): Organized at Baltimore, . . . — Map (db m9173) HM
Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — 4th New York Independent Battery(Smith's) — Artillery Brigade - 3rd Corps
(Front): 4th New York Ind'p't Battery (Smith's) Artillery Brigade 3rd Corps July 2, 1863 2 to 5 p.m. (Back):Casualties 2 killed - 10 wounded 1 captured At the time of the assault by Hood's Division of the Confederate Army this Battery . . . — Map (db m13317) HM
South Carolina (Aiken County), Aiken — 2–8 — Aiken County
Aiken County, created in 1871 from parts of Barnwell, Edgefield, Lexington, and Orangeburg counties, was named for William Aiken, first president of the South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company. Older industries in the county today are textiles, . . . — Map (db m9707) HM
South Carolina (Aiken County), Aiken — 2-44 — The Detection of the Neutrino, 1956 / The Nobel Prize In Physics, 1995
The Detection of the Neutrino, 1956 On August 27, 1956, at the Savannah River Plant (now Savannah River Site), Drs. Clyde L. Cowan, Jr. (1919-1974) and Frederick Reines (1918-1999) used P Reactor to detect the neutrino, a sub-atomic particle . . . — Map (db m43146) HM
South Carolina (Aiken County), Beech Island — 2–14 — Beech Island Baptist Church
This church was organized in the Beech Island Academy on January 21, 1832, with Rev. Iverson Brooks as its first minister and Mathias Ardis and Randolph Bradford as its first deacons. This sanctuary, built on land donated by James T. Gardner . . . — Map (db m9992) HM
South Carolina (Aiken County), New Ellenton — 2-27 — Savannah River Plant
The Savannah River Plant (SRP) was built 1950–56 by Du Pont for the Atomic Energy Commission. SRP, a nuclear production plant, produced tritium and plutonium for national defense during the Cold War. Creating a 310-sq.-mi. site in three . . . — Map (db m9941) HM
South Carolina (Aiken County), North Augusta — War of 1812 Tribute
War of 1812 1812 — 1815 They bravely fought and willingly died for principles they knew to be right. — Map (db m30869) WM
South Carolina (Aiken County), Salley — Capt. Dempsey Hammond Salley1838 - 1903
(Front) A patriot and Christian devoted to his country, his family and his god. He served his country well as a member of Hart's Battery and died loving the cause for which he fought. Dempsey Hammond Salley was . . . — Map (db m47645) HM
South Carolina (Allendale County), Allendale — 3-14 — Happy Home Baptist Church
(Front text) This church, founded soon after the Civil War, held its first services in a brush arbor in the Woods community of what was then Barnwell County. It built its first permanent church, a frame building, in the Zion Branch . . . — Map (db m49489) HM
South Carolina (Allendale County), Sycamore — 3-10 — Bethel Baptist Church
(Front Text ) This church was organized in 1851 by Revs. Lewis Parker and John Hoover, with twelve charter members and Rev. Hoover as its first minister. The congregation has worshipped on this site, on land donated by Mathias . . . — Map (db m7771) HM
South Carolina (Bamberg County), Ehrhardt — Battle of Rivers' BridgeFeb. 2-3, 1865
Invasion! In January 1865, Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman's army of 60,000 Union soldiers invaded South Carolina. Its goals: to link up with Ulysses S. Grant's forces opposing Robert E. Lee's Confederates in Virginia and destroy the South's . . . — Map (db m7437) HM
South Carolina (Bamberg County), Ehrhardt — Battle of Rivers' BridgeFeb. 2-3, 1865
The End is Near The Union Victory broke the main Confederate line of defense in lower South Carolina. McLaws' troops retreated to another line behind the Edisto River about 20 miles northeast of here, then continued to fall back as . . . — Map (db m7467) HM
South Carolina (Bamberg County), Ehrhardt — Colleton County Confederate Soldiers
Colleton County In Memory Of Our Confederate Soldiers Who Here Gave Their Lives In Defense Of A Righteous Cause Feb. 3 and 4, 1865 — Map (db m53729) HM
South Carolina (Bamberg County), Ehrhardt — 5-5 — St. Johns Baptist Church
(Front text) This church, established 1829 30, was first named Three Mile Creek Church and held early services in a brush arbor 4 mi. W on the Salkehatchie River. In 1839 it moved to this site donated by George Kinard, and was renamed St. . . . — Map (db m32605) HM
South Carolina (Barnwell County), Barnwell — 06-05 — Morris Ford Earthworks1780 & 1865
[Front] Nearby earthworks at Morris Ford, on the Salkehatchie River, built in the spring 1780 by Loyalists under Ben John. In May, soon after Charleston fell to the British, Capt. John Mumford of the South Carolina militia was killed in . . . — Map (db m8671) HM
South Carolina (Barnwell County), Blackville — 06-05 — Blackville : Town Of The Phoenix / Battle of Blackville, 1865
Blackville: Town of the Phoenix Blackville was founded in 1833 as the first overnight stop on the new railroad operated by the S.C. Canal & Railroad Co. It was also the scene of 4 major fires in the late 19th century (in 1865, 1876, 1887, . . . — Map (db m8656) HM
South Carolina (Beaufort County), Beaufort — The Baptist Church of Beaufort
Established as a mission of the Euhaw Baptist Church in 1795, Henry Holcombe, pastor. With Joseph B. Cook as pastor, the church was chartered as a Baptist church by the State of South Carolina on January 27,1804. At the beginning of the Civil . . . — Map (db m26102) HM
South Carolina (Beaufort County), Grays Hill — 7-5 — Battle of Port Royal Island
Near the old halfway house, in the vicinity of Grays Hill, on February 3, 1779, a force of South Carolina Militia, Continentals, and volunteers, including men from Beaufort, under General William Moultrie, defeated the British in their . . . — Map (db m14738) HM
South Carolina (Beaufort County), Hilton Head — In MemoriamCaptain John Stoney — 1749 - 1821
native of Ireland, soldier in the Revolution, planter on this island, a founder of the Episcopal Church on Hilton Head, the ancestor of the Stoneys of South Carolina. Also of his grandson, John Safford Stoney, eldest son of John and Elizabeth . . . — Map (db m8571) HM
South Carolina (Beaufort County), Parris Island — Aqui Estuvo España(Here Was Spain)
En respetuoso recuerdo de los Españoles que entre 1566 y 1587 dejaron aqui huella de su paso para gloria de España, y en agradecimiento a los Americanos benemeritos que hoy, con su trabaios rinden culto a su memoriay a la historia comun de España y . . . — Map (db m20988) HM
South Carolina (Beaufort County), Parris Island — Lighthouse Keepers Home( Parris Island S.C. )
The ruins in the woods before you are all that remain of the Parris Island lighthouse keeper's home. Established in 1878, by 1881 there were two navigational beacons in operation here. The keeper tended both at night. At the rear beacon this . . . — Map (db m21726) HM
South Carolina (Berkeley County), Cross — 8-26 — Cross Post Office
This post office, originally named Cross Mill, was established in 1879. Adam Cross, a local storekeeper & Civil War veteran, was first postmaster. — Map (db m22745) HM
South Carolina (Berkeley County), Cross — 8-15 — Thomas Sumter's Store
About 1765-1767 Thomas Sumter, future hero of the American Revolution, kept a country store near this spot where the stream of colonial traffic to the Up Country divided in the fork where the Nelson's Ferry Road branched off from the Road to . . . — Map (db m22247) HM
South Carolina (Berkeley County), Goose Creek — 8-63 — French Huguenot Plantation / Freedman's Plantation
French Huguenot Plantation Abraham Fleury, sometimes called Abraham Fleury Sieur De La Plaine, settled here about 1680. He was one of the first French Huguenot planters in Carolina. The Huguenots, Protestants who escaped the persecution of . . . — Map (db m41935) HM
South Carolina (Berkeley County), Moncks Corner — C.S.S. David
This Confederate vessel revolutionized the concepts of war at sea with a torpedo attack on the New Ironsides in Charleston Harbor on October 5, 1863. Constructed on Stoney Landing Plantation, Berkeley County, on which lands this full . . . — Map (db m84713) HM WM
South Carolina (Berkeley County), near Cross — 8-67 — Friendship Methodist Church
(Front text) This church, one of the oldest Methodist organizations in Berkeley County, was formally organized about 1825. Circuit riders had preached in the area for more than forty years, and services held under a brush arbor here . . . — Map (db m55867) HM
South Carolina (Calhoun County), Gaston — 9-7 — Sandy Run Church / Christian Theus
Sandy Run Church This Lutheran church, one of the oldest in the state, is thought to have been organized ca.1765. By 1774, the Rev. Lewis Hochheimer was minister here. The church was incorporated in 1788 as "The German Lutheran Church of Salem, . . . — Map (db m28827) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Awendaw — 10-29 — Old Wappetaw Church
Congregationalists from New England built a church near here around 1700. Troops from both sides camped on the grounds during the American Revolution. Burned by the British in 1782, it was rebuilt in 1786. The building was abandoned . . . — Map (db m16308) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — 95 Ashley AvenueMayor William A. Courtnay House
circa 1840
The construction of this circa 1840 three-and-a half story single house is attributed to Charleston cotton planter and factor Theodore D. Jervey. The house was built in the Greek Revival style but was altered in 1886 by William Ashmead . . . — Map (db m51725) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — Benjamin Lucas HouseCirca 1858
Built by Benjamin Lucas a contractor, as his residence and owned by his family until the 1930's. It was extensively restored in 1960 by Richard H. Jenrette. — Map (db m53640) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — Camden Depot
Welcome to Camden Tower Courtyard. The two towers that flank this entrance and the two former warehouses along the walkway are associated with Camden Depot, built in the 1850s. The former depot is part of the William Aiken House and Associated . . . — Map (db m30012) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — I. Jenkins Mikell Housec. 1854
This is one of the last grand antebellum houses of Charleston built by Edisto Island cotton planter, I. Jenkins Mikell. He adopted design sophistication and colour of an Italian villa unusual in Charleston. Notice the . . . — Map (db m54714) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — 10-22 — St. John's Church
[Marker Front]: This church grew from services held for German inhabitants in Charleston by Rev. Johann Martin Boltzius in 1734 and Rev. Henry Melchior Muhlenberg in 1742. The cornerstone of the first house of worship was laid in . . . — Map (db m11228) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — The Borough Houses
35 Calhoun Street was built in 1852 and occupied by Irish immigrants. It was purchased by Willis Johnson, Sr. in 1939. His sons, Frank and Henry built 35½ Calhoun with their own hands to complete carpentry apprenticeships. The houses . . . — Map (db m53259) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — The Joseph Manigault House
An outstanding example of the Adam Style of architecture in plan, interior detail, and decoration. The house was designed by Gabriel Manigault, Charleston's most famous amateur architect, for his brother Joseph Manigault, who acquired the lot . . . — Map (db m50832) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Charleston — The Liberty Tree
Near this spot once stood the Liberty Tree where Colonial Independence was first advocated by Christopher Gadsden A.D. 1766 and where ten years later the Declaration of Independence was first heard and applauded by South Carolinians — Map (db m31852) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), James Island — 10-58 — Battery Haskell
(Front text) This two-gun Confederate artillery battery and magazine is all that remains of Battery Haskell, a large fortification built on Legare’s Point in 1863 to help defend James and Morris Islands. This two-gun battery was just behind . . . — Map (db m39708) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Mount Pleasant — Harry M. Hallman, Jr.A Lifetime of Public Service
(Front text) Born in Greenwood, SC, on July 30, 1934, Harry M. Hallman, Jr., dedicated much of his adult life to public service. He was elected Mayor of the Town of Mount Pleasant in 2000. Mayor Hallman's administration was responsible . . . — Map (db m37968) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Mount Pleasant — Scanlonville
In 1868, John Scanlon, a freedman, purchased 614 acres of the former Remley Plantation at auction for $6,100. He then founded the Charleston Land Company to provide land ownership to freed slaves. The tract was subdivided into a planned community . . . — Map (db m38053) HM
South Carolina (Charleston County), Mount Pleasant — St. Andrew's Church
Side A Reverend Andrew Fowler was elected rector of Christ Church in 1828. He bought a village home on Whilden Street where he held services for 40 people from June to Advent to avoid the malaria-plagued sickly season. Services were held at . . . — Map (db m37819) HM
South Carolina (Clarendon County), Jordon — 14-7 — Revolutionary Skirmish Near Wyboo Swamp
During Francis Marion's 1781 campaign to drive the British from the Pee Dee, he and his men clashed near here in March with British and Tory forces numbering more than 500 men. During the Wyboo skirmish a Marion private, Gavin James, single-handedly . . . — Map (db m24530) HM
South Carolina (Colleton County), Green Pond — 15-13 — Temple of Sport
On top of this ridge stood a sylvan temple erected before the Revolution by Colonel Barnard Elliott, patriot and sportsman. The structure was supported by columns in the classic manor. The site, a part of Colonel Elliot's plantation "Belleview," . . . — Map (db m7869) HM
South Carolina (Colleton County), Round O — 15-4 — General Greene At The Round O
General Nathanael Greene advanced into the Low Country with the Continental Army under his command and set up headquarters in this vicinity on the Round O in December 1781 before moving down to protect the General Assembly convened at Jacksonborough . . . — Map (db m8788) HM
South Carolina (Dorchester County), Summerville — 18-6 — Newington Plantation
Newington Plantation was established on this site in the 1680s after Daniel Axtell recieved a royal grant of 300 acres. Axtell died shortly after arriving in the colony and his widow Rebecca built a house on the grant by the 1690s. In 1711 Lady . . . — Map (db m23362) HM
South Carolina (Edgefield County), Edgefield — Welcome to Historic Edgefield
Home of Ten Governors Andrew Pickens, II * George McDuffie * P.M. Butler * J.H. Hammond * Francis Pickins * M.L. Bonham * J.C. Sheppard * Ben Tillman * J.G. Evans * Strom Thurmond " Edgefield has had more dashing, . . . — Map (db m47749) HM
South Carolina (Hampton County), Hampton — All Wars Memorial
( North Face) The Official Roster of South Carolina Soldiers, Sailors and Marines from Hampton County who died defending our country World War I 1917-1918Bennett, Eugene • Bowers, Charles E. • Buckner, Ben N. • . . . — Map (db m19814) WM
South Carolina (Hampton County), Hampton — 25-12 — James Washington Moore House
(Front text) This house, built between 1878 and 1885, was the home of James Washington Moore (1837-1912), lawyer, Confederate officer, state legislator, and militia officer. Moore, a native of Gillisonville, was educated at the University of . . . — Map (db m26653) HM
South Carolina (Jasper County), Coosawhatchie — 27 18 — Coosawhatchie
(Front Side): Coosawhatchie,dating to the 1740s, was named for the Coosaw Tribe. At first it was little more than a store and inn built on the King's Highway by Henry De Saussure, a Huguenot settler from Purrysburg. By the 1760s, it was a . . . — Map (db m4293) HM
South Carolina (Jasper County), Grahamville — Old House Plantation
Settled ca. 1740 by Daniel Heyward who built Tidal Mill, Textile Factory and export-import business on these grounds before his death in 1777. Original 500 acres King's Grant grew to 16,000 acres, all destroyed by fire ca. 1865 — Map (db m6414) HM
South Carolina (Jasper County), Pocotaligo — 27-22 — The Battle of Pocotaligo
(Front Side): The Battle of Pocotaligo, the largest action of a three-day expedition intended to disrupt the Charleston & Savannah Railroad, took place nearby on October 22, 1862. With 2000 Confederates under Col. W.S. Walker defending the . . . — Map (db m4776) HM
South Carolina (Jasper County), Tillman — 27-15 — Tillman Baptist Church
[Front]: This church, formally established in 1883 as Savin Grove Baptist Church, had its origins in a congregation active before the Civil War just south of present-day Tillman. When Revs. J.F. Morrall and Jonas Trowell reestablished . . . — Map (db m33677) HM
South Carolina (Orangeburg County), North — 38-12 — The Town Of North
In the year 1891, John F. North, Samson A. Livingston, and George W. Pou gave jointly and equally one hundred acres of land to establish a town and railway depot. The seperate tracts joined near this spot. The town was named in honor of John F. . . . — Map (db m9190) HM
South Carolina (Orangeburg County), Orangeburg — 38-2 — Albergotti Playground
Named in honor of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Albergotti, Sr. for their sustaining interest in public recreation for children. Their generous financial contribution made possible the establishment of the first city playground near this site. . . . — Map (db m28125) HM
South Carolina (Orangeburg County), Orangeburg — 38-15 — Church of the Redeemer
The first Anglican church in Orangeburg Township was established about 1750 by John Giessendanner, and a chapel at Orangeburg was later provided by the Act of 1768 that created St. Matthew's Parish. Following a long dormant period, the . . . — Map (db m26827) HM
South Carolina (Orangeburg County), Orangeburg — 38-5 — Defense of Edisto Bridge
Occupying Rifle Pits and manning a small battery in defense of the Edisto River Bridge, at this point less than six hundred Confederates temporarily halted the advance of the right wing of the Federal Army commanded by Gen.W.T. Sherman. On . . . — Map (db m8977) HM
South Carolina (Orangeburg County), Orangeburg — Orangeburg Confederate Memorial
(North face) To the Confederate Dead of Orangeburg District 1861 — 1865 — (East face) Erected by the woman of Orangeburg County 1893 — (South face) A grateful tribute to . . . — Map (db m26470) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Blythewood — 40-137 — Sandfield Baptist Church / Sandfield Cemetery
Sandfield Baptist Church Twenty-Five Mile Creek Church, a Primitive Baptist congregation, was organized in this area before 1772. It was renamed Sandfield Church by ca. 1830 and the mother church for Cedar Creek, Harmony, Jackson Creek, and . . . — Map (db m43103) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — "The Spirit of the American Doughboy"
Dedicated to The Memory Of Our Comrades Who Gave Their Lives In The World War ----------------- Presented by The people of the Pacific Community November 11, 1930 (Followed by list of 11 names) (Reverse side) . . . — Map (db m42065) WM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — Battleship Maine Memorial
This gun came off the Battleship Maine The Sinking of the Maine resulted in the Spanish American War 1898 — Map (db m7503) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — 40-39 — Early Country Homes
In this malaria-free sandhill section were the antebellum summer homes of many Columbians: Quinine Hill (Dr. J. M. Taylor, Dr. James Davis); Hilltop (W. J. Taylor); Edgehill (B. F. Taylor); Laurel Hill (D. J. McCord); . . . — Map (db m30246) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — 40-6 — Former Site of Columbia Theological Seminary
Founded 1828 by Presbyterian Synod of South Carolina and Georgia. Located here 1831. Moved to Decatur, Georgia 1925. Woodrow Wilson's father and uncle were among faculty members. Central building, erected 1823, was designed by Robert Mills as home . . . — Map (db m28842) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — Mexican Border and World War Memorial
Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori These trees were planted in memory of the students and alumni of the University of South Carolina who gave their lives for their country and humanity on the Mexican Border and in the World War . . . — Map (db m46173) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — 40-148 — Modjeska Simkins House
(Front text) This house was for sixty years the home of Modjeska Monteith Simkins (1899-1992), social reformer and civil rights activist. A Columbia native, she was educated at Benedict College, then taught high school. Director of Negro . . . — Map (db m36015) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — Pinckney College1837
Pinckney College, constructed in 1837, honors a prominent South Carolina family. Notables members include Charles Pinckney (1757-1824), who served as South Carolina governor and U.S. senator. He authored the "Pinckney Draft" at the Federal . . . — Map (db m22124) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — Robert E. Lee Memorial Highway
. . . — Map (db m7501) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — Rutledge College1805
Rutledge College was the first first building to be erected at South Carolina College. At that time it served as Residence Hall, Lecture Hall, Chapel, Library, Faculty Housing and Laboratory. Rutledge College was named for John and Edward . . . — Map (db m62638) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — 40-165 — South Carolina Memorial Gardens
(Front text) This garden was established in 1944 by the Garden Club of South Carolina. It was the first memorial garden in the U.S. created by a state garden club in honor and in memory of those who served in World War II. Sarah P. Boylston . . . — Map (db m32784) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — 40-131 — State Dispensary Warehouse
(Front text) This building, built in 1863-64 and burned by Federal troops in 1865, was rebuilt in 1872 as a cotton batting factory and warehouse. It burned again in 1897, leaving only the outer walls. In 1898 the S.C. State Dispensary, . . . — Map (db m29844) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — The Columbia (S.C.) Holocaust Memorial
זכרר Remember (Star of David) In Sacred Memory Of The 6,000,000 (Map Included) (Left Panel) During the Holocaust, 1933 - 45, six million European Jews were murdered by Nazi Germany and its . . . — Map (db m44184) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — 40-144 — The Lighthouse & Informer / John H. McCray
(Front text) The Lighthouse & Informer, long the leading black newspaper in S.C., was a weekly published here from 1941 to 1954 by journalist and civil rights advocate John Henry McCray (1910-1997). McCray, who founded and paper “so . . . — Map (db m35824) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Columbia — 40-62 — Williams Street / Gist Street
Williams Street This street was named for Otho H. Williams, Brig. Gen. Of Continental Army during the American Revolution. Williams served as adjutant general under Southern Army commanders Gates and Greene and saw military action in the . . . — Map (db m11247) HM
South Carolina (Richland County), Horrell Hill — 40-29 — Horrell Hill
300 yards north is the site of the Richland County Court House built about 1794; abandoned when county courts were abolished 1798. Corn was ground in 1781 for Sumter's army at John Marshall's Mill, on Cedar Creek, ¾ mi. east. There has been a mill . . . — Map (db m30163) HM
South Carolina (Sumter County), Oakland — 43-14 — General Sumter Memorial Academy
(Front text) This forerunner of the modern consolidated rural high school with Colonel John Julius Dargan, noted educator, as founder and principal, offered classes in agriculture, home economics, and music. Day students from four . . . — Map (db m27829) HM
South Carolina (Sumter County), Scottsville — Goodwill Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.
(Front text) Founded in 1867 by 100 black members of Salem, Black River, Presbyterian Church (1759) desiring seperation. Dismissal granted, thus becoming the first black church in Sumter County. The congregation began meeting in . . . — Map (db m28795) HM
South Carolina (Sumter County), Sumter — St. Anne Catholic Church
(Front text) Members of the Catholic Church of St.Lawrence laid the cornerstone of the Catholic Church of St. Anne here in 1909 next to St. Joseph's Academy (1862-1929). St. Anne's is an early Gothic revival structure, with a . . . — Map (db m29212) HM
South Carolina (Sumter County), Wedgefield — 43-1 — Site of Manchester
A flourishing town once stood here; Settled before 1799; Stage-coach relay; Shipping center for cotton traffic by boat to Charleston; A busy point on Wilmington & Manchester Railroad, 1852-1872, (station was 1 mile southeast); Noted for its taverns, . . . — Map (db m27823) HM
South Dakota (Custer County), Custer — The Needles EyeOne Rock Formation Offers Millions of Stories
Geology provides the foundation of scenery in the Black Hills. From rocky outcroppings to towering spires, the northern portion of Custer State Park highlights the essence of the central core. The central core is a region of rocks mainly . . . — Map (db m34626) HM
South Dakota (Meade County), Sturgis — Bear Butte (Mato Paha) Indian Camp
This area, extending along Bear Butte Creek, was for centuries a select camp site for the Plains Indians, who found here mountain spring water, wood, protection from the bitter north winds, together with much game and wild fruit in season. Here, or . . . — Map (db m34141) HM
Tennessee (Hardin County), Shiloh — Confederate Burial Trench
To The Confederate Dead in the trenches Erected by Tenn. Division U.D.C. 1935 — Map (db m81824) WM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 4E-77 — Elvis Aaron Presley
Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, on January 8, 1935, the son of Vernon and Gladys Presley. He moved to Memphis in 1948. Soon after signing a contract with Sun Records in 1954 he achieved tremendous popularity. His musical and acting . . . — Map (db m9509) HM
Texas (Culberson County), Pine Springs — 4759 — Guadalupe Peak
Guadalupe Peak, Texas' highest mountain at 8,751 feet, dominates one of the most scenic and least-known hinterlands of the old frontier. It lies behind and to the right of 8,078-foot El Capitan, the sheer cliff that rises more than 3,000 feet above . . . — Map (db m4759) HM
Texas (Hill County), Hillsboro — 5062 — St. Mary's Episcopal Church
St. Mary's Mission was founded in the 1870s. On July 30, 1886, Bishop Alexander C. Garrett laid the cornerstone for the first church building, which was destroyed by a tornado in 1894. This building was completed in 1911, and St. Mary's . . . — Map (db m61183) HM
Texas (Navarro County), Corsicana — 7196 — Early Texas Natural Gas Pipelines
First public use of natural gas began in Texas in 1902, from transmission lines on this street, serving local homes and businesses. These early lines were forerunners of mains that now transport Texas gas to three-fourths of the United States and . . . — Map (db m61400) HM
Texas (Navarro County), Corsicana — 13910 — Navarro Rifles
   During the Civil War, the Navarro Rifles were an infantry company comprised of approximately 87 men from Navarro and surrounding counties. The group formed in Corsicana in July 1861 to join the army of the Confederate States of America. . . . — Map (db m62268) HM
Texas (Navarro County), Corsicana — 7230 — Roger Q. Mills Home
Outstanding example plantation architecture. Was long the home of U. S. Senator Roger Quarles Mills (1832-1911). Born in Kentucky, Mills came to Corsicana in 1852. Was colonel in Civil War; served Texas 27 years as congressman, senator. Married: . . . — Map (db m61549) HM
Texas (Smith County), Tyler — Cabin of Lt. Col. J.B. Leake(Camp Ford, Tyler Texas)
   J.B. Leake was a Lieutenant Colonel in the 20th Iowa. Captured at the battle of Stirling Plantation near Morganza, Louisiana September 29, 1863, he arrived in the first large group of prisoners on October 23, 1863. Lt. Col. Leake, being the . . . — Map (db m60596) HM
Texas (Smith County), Tyler — 14566 — Camp Fannin Internment CampWorld War II P.O.W. Camp
Camp Fannin was also the site of an internment camp, with the first prisoners of war (POWs) from Germany's Afrika Korps arriving in Oct. 1943. By early 1944, the military designated the site a POW base camp that administered a number of smaller . . . — Map (db m60598) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — Battle of the Bulge MonumentTriumph of Courage — December 16, 1944 - January 25, 1945
To the World War II American soldiers who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, the greatest land battle in the history of the United States Army. An emblem of the Association of the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge is engraved on the . . . — Map (db m11211) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington National Cemetery — Tomb of the Unknowns
Under authority of Public Resolution 67, of the 66th Congress, approved March 4, 1921, an unknown American soldier was exhumed from each of the four American cemeteries in France. They were placed in identical caskets and assembled at Chalons Sur . . . — Map (db m61934) HM WM
Virginia (Greensville County), Emporia — UM-52 — Mabry's Chapel
Eight miles northeast stood Mabry's Chapel, the fourth Methodist house of worship built in Virginia. It was constructed in 1780, five years after the congregation first met at John Mabry's dwelling. By 1804, a new larger church was built; it . . . — Map (db m86051) HM
Virginia (Highland County), Monterey — Highland County Confederate Monument
. . . — Map (db m16663) HM
Virginia (Page County), Stanley — Stonewall Jackson's Marches
The Shenandoah Valley below was the scene of much of Confederate General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson's activity, during the first two years of the Civil War. His swift and secret marches earned his troops the name of "foot cavalry." Jackson's . . . — Map (db m13183) HM
Virginia (Prince William County), Manassas — G-15 — Henry House
These are the grounds of the Henry House, where occurred the main action of the First Battle of Manassas, July 21, 1861, and the closing scene of the Second Battle of Manassas, August 30, 1862. — Map (db m600) HM
Virginia (Sussex County), Stony Creek — UM-18 — History At Stony Creek
In 1864, supplies for Lee's army were carted from the Weldon Railroad here to Petersburg. Here the Union Cavalryman, Wilson, returning from his raid in Burkeville, fought an action with Lee's cavalry, June 28-29, 1864. The place was raided by . . . — Map (db m7752) HM
Virginia (Sussex County), Yale — UO-6 — Antioch Baptist Church
Antioch Baptist Church was the first of its denomination in Sussex County and one of the earliest in Virginia. It was formed on 13 June 1772 with 87 members, the result of effective preaching by Elder John Meglamre, of Kehukee Baptist Church in . . . — Map (db m69386) HM
Virginia, Virginia Beach — Lucius J. Kellam, Jr.Bridge -Tunnel
The dream of a structure bridging the lower Chesapeake Bay to connect Virginia's Eastern Shore with the Mainland of Virginia became a reality with the opening of the Bridge-Tunnel on April 15, 1964. This accomplishment can be attributed to the . . . — Map (db m34862) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Harpers Ferry / John Brown’s Fort
(West Facing Side): Harpers Ferry Named for Robert Harper, who settled here in 1747 and operated ferry. Site purchased for Federal arsenal and armory in 1796. John Hall first used interchangeable gun parts here. Travel route thru Blue . . . — Map (db m82777) HM
West Virginia (Kanawha County), Charleston — "The West Virginia Coal Miner"
Earl Ray Tomblin President Senate        Bob Wise  Governor       Robert S. Kiss, Speaker House of Delegates                                                       By Resolution of the Seventy-Fourth Legislature            "The West . . . — Map (db m49802) HM

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