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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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Sheriff James P. Dolan Marker - Wide Shot image, Touch for more information
By Andrew Ruppenstein, August 22, 2008
Sheriff James P. Dolan Marker - Wide Shot
Arizona (Cochise County), Tombstone — 36 — Tombstone Engine Co. No. 11881
The devastating fires of 1881 and 1882 brought major changes to the Tombstone Fire Department. A new fire station was completed in 1881, a new Rescue Hook and Ladder Co. was formed, and a new water source was obtained. Thirty six miles of fifteen . . . — Map (db m53403) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — "The Gandy Dancer"
Section crews were the laborers who built the railroads in the beginning and have continued throughout the years to maintain them. These crews were most efficient in moving heavy sections of rails when they all worked in unison. To accomplish this . . . — Map (db m33265) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — A Legacy of the Past
Box Canyon and Lomaki ruins are a short 15-minute walk from here, along the edges of ancient earthcracks. The 1/4-mile trail will take you back in time over 800 years to the remnants of this once-thriving community. You will see the few native . . . — Map (db m60114) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Ancient Landscapes
Eight hundred years ago, a savannah-like grassland covered much of this high desert with abundant grasses. The residents would have collected and burned much of the nearby fuel, necessitating long walks to adjacent areas to gather wood. Sparse . . . — Map (db m60105) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Aubineau / Andreatos Building1893/1952
Aubineau Building: The earliest buildings on this site were wood frame saloons, which burned in 1886 and 1888 and 1892. In 1892, ownership passed to Julius Aubineau, who later became Mayor of Flagstaff and is credited with installing the . . . — Map (db m33267) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Box Canyon Ruins
The Box Canyon ruins are typical of many pueblos found in this region. Early inhabitants constructed walls of nearby sandstone and limestone, and used local soils to cement the stones together. The flat roofs were built of timbers laid side-by-side, . . . — Map (db m60094) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Downtowner1921 - 1935
The K.J. Nackard family came to Flagstaff in 1912 and opened a small general store at 106 E. Railroad Avenue. The store was successful. In 1921, Nackard built a home on this property, just a stone's throw from the store. Soon afterwards, . . . — Map (db m119932) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — The Citadel / Natural Features
The Citadel It was a remarkable achievement, to use primitive mortar and local stones to build the walls above you straight up from the edge of the top of the rock. “The Citadel” is the modern name given to this ruin because . . . — Map (db m60087) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Grand Canyon Village — Rest House
Your visit and rest here is part of a long tradition started in 1914 with the opening of Hermits Rest. After an 8-mile (13 km) buggy ride, you would be greeted by the resident caretaker and offered a refreshing drink to clear the dust from your . . . — Map (db m108881) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Sedona — Orchards (1890 - 1970)
Fruit growing played a significant role in the early Sedona economy. Over time, settlers constructed ditches, flumes, pipelines, reservoirs, and water wheels to provide irrigation to their gardens and eventually to their larger orchards. Apples . . . — Map (db m54228) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Sedona — Van Deren Ranch
Lee Van Deren, cattleman, arrived to put his children in the new Sedona school opened in 1910. Ranching was a major part of Sedona’s early economy. Round ups and cattle drives were a twice a year occurrence for ranchers when moving their herds from . . . — Map (db m54229) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Wupatki National Monument — Community
This area seems quiet and lonely today - but not 800 years ago. This valley was used for farming and hunting by the people living in Citadel, Nalakihu, and other nearby pueblos, all inhabited at about the same time. (You can see the ruins of at . . . — Map (db m41716) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Wupatki National Monument — Nalakihu
Nalakihu - A modern Hopi name, "House Outside the Village" Farmers lived here about 800 years ago. (Roof beams gave tree ring dates in the late 1100s.) The way the walls join show this small pueblo was not built all at once, but was added onto. . . . — Map (db m41713) HM
Arizona (La Paz County), Quartzsite — Hi Jolly
The famous camel herd with which the name of Hi Jolly is linked constitutes an interesting sidelight of Arizona history. Jefferson Davis (afterward president of the Southern Confederacy), as Secretary of War, approved a plan to experiment with . . . — Map (db m70566) HM
Arizona (Mohave County), Kingman — Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad DepotBuilt 1907
This building has been placed on The National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior. Atchinson, Topeka & Sante Fe Railroad Depot Built 1907 Kingman's early existence depended upon the . . . — Map (db m29412) HM
Arizona (Mohave County), Lake Havasu City — British – American Friendship
"We are now friends with England and with all Mankind." Written by Benjamin Franklin, American Peace Commissioner in Paris, following the signing of the peace treaty ending the American Revolution September 1783 With American and . . . — Map (db m31843) HM
Arizona (Mohave County), Oatman — Arizona Hotel
You are standing on the site of what used to be the ARIZONA HOTEL. In 1915, it was one of seven hotels that existed in Oatman during the early years. The hotel had 45 rooms and numerous baths. It had concrete fire walls and two separate water mains . . . — Map (db m114809) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Agate Bridge
Centuries of scouring floodwaters washed out the arroyo, or gully, beneath this 110-foot (34 meter) petrified log to form Agate Bridge. The stone log, harder than the sandstone around it, resisted erosion and remained suspended as the softer rock . . . — Map (db m68872) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Early Explorers
U.S. Army Lt. Amiel Whipple, surveying for a railroad route along the 35th Parallel about one mile south of here, passed down the broad sandy wash below in December 1853. Impressed with the deposits of petrified wood visible along the banks, Whipple . . . — Map (db m72924) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — From Wood to Stone
Approximately 225 million years ago, during the Triassic Period, a floodplain existed here – littered with fallen trees. Periodic flooding buried the logs beneath layers of silt. Over time, silica-laden waters filtered through these deposits . . . — Map (db m68870) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Life in the Village
Did you notice where the trail passed over the faint outlines of the rooms? Over 100 rooms formed a one-story apartment complex surrounding a central plaza in the village. The building materials for the pueblo were blocks of native sandstone, shaped . . . — Map (db m68887) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Meaning of Place
Puerco Pueblo means different things to different people. Visitors come here to learn about the past and make their own personal connections by walking within this ancient community. Artists have also found inspiration by spending time at this . . . — Map (db m68894) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Newspaper Rock
More than 650 images adorn the boulders below – one of the largest concentrations of petroglyphs in the park. People who farmed the Puerco River Valley 650 to 2,000 years ago pecked these petroglyphs onto the rocks, leaving a legacy etched . . . — Map (db m68874) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Santa Fe Railroad
Across the Puerco River, the tracks of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad stretch for miles to the east and to the west. With no landforms or forests to block your view, you can see very long trains from beginning to end. More than 60 trains . . . — Map (db m119934) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Stephen Tyng MatherJuly. 4, 1867 - Jan.22, 1930
He laid the foundation of the National Park Service, defining and establishing the policies under which its areas shall be developed and conserved unimpaired for future generations. There will never come an end to the good that he has done. — Map (db m71151) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Village on the Rio Puerco
The village on the Rio Puerco (Puerco Pueblo) is a prehistoric settlement built of shaped sandstone blocks by ancestral Puebloan people. It was inhabited between A.D. 1250 and 1380. At its peak the pueblo had over 100 rooms, with a possible . . . — Map (db m68881) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Whispers from the Past
For thousands of years, indigenous people have used rock faces as means of communication. Petroglyphs are images, symbols, or designs scratched, pecked, carved, or incised on the surface of rock. These features are like whispers from the past and . . . — Map (db m68893) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Overgaard — Can You Read the Rocks....?Stop 2
These pictographs were made by Native Americans some 800 to 2,000 years ago. How were they made? Paint was made from powdered minerals, charcoal or crushed plants and mixed with a binder such as saliva, blood or vegetable juices. A yucca . . . — Map (db m68674) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Overgaard — How Long Has It Been?This valley was once filled with homes... — Stop 4
Full of hope in the spring of 1883 Sadie Richardson arrived at the townsite of Wilford with her husband and four other Mormon families. They built cabins and corrals for their cattle. They cleared the land and planted corn, potatoes, wheat, . . . — Map (db m68679) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Overgaard — Travel on a Journey Through Time...Stop 1
From 1915 to 1949 the Heber Ranger Station Stood at this site. The year is 1910 and you decide you'd like to be a Forest Service Ranger. To pass the test you'll need to know the local country, be able to take care of yourself and your . . . — Map (db m68676) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Winslow — Standin' on the Corner ParkWinslow, Arizona
This area was dedicated on September 11, 1999 as a tribute to the memorable song of the 1970's that made Winslow, Arizona a town to sing about on famous Route 66. Route 66 Roadside Attraction Recognized by Hampton Hotels Save-A-Landmark . . . — Map (db m36329) HM
Arizona (Pima County), Tucson — Fox Tucson TheatreEl Teatro Fox Tucson
The Fox Tucson Theatre, the country's only southwestern art deco movie palace, was designed by California architect Eugene Durfee. Construction began in 1929 for the Tower Theatre, the crown jewel of the Diamos Brothers Southern Arizona Movie . . . — Map (db m83033) HM
Arizona (Yavapai County), Jerome — Historic Audrey Shaft HeadframeLittle Daisy Mine
Largest wooden headframe still standing in Arizona, it was completed in 1918 to haul ore up from mine. Shaft is 1900 feet deep, concrete lined with cross tunnels every 100 feet to Edith shaft. Edith shaft headframe was completed in 1915 to haul men . . . — Map (db m108834) HM
Arizona (Yavapai County), Jerome — The Childs-Irving Project-Hydroelectric Project
In 1900 rancher Lew Turner filed a claim for the waters of Fossil Creek; a year later, he filed a claim to the spring and headwaters that fed it. Among the possible uses he listed was the production of electric power. With a constant flow of over a . . . — Map (db m122899) HM
Arizona (Yavapai County), Jerome — The Irving Turbine and Generator
In 1941, with the new United Verde Smelter in Clarkdale coming on line, the demand for power in Yavapai County was more than the Childs generating station, built in 1909, could handle. The Arizona Power Company (TAPCO) and the United Verde Copper . . . — Map (db m122897) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — 15 — Confederate [and] Union Occupation of Fort Smith

[Side A] On April 23, 1861, the U.S. garrison at Fort Smith abandoned the post as Confederate militiamen approached. Fort Smith became an important recruiting and training center for Confederate forces in west Arkansas. Troops from Fort . . . — Map (db m57916) HM

Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves
This statue was erected in 2012 as a result of growing awareness of the extraordinary service of Bass Reeves, an African-American former slave who became a highly respected Deputy U.S. Marshal. The deeds of African-American and Native American . . . — Map (db m58047) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — Fort Wall
Security has always been a concern for the U.S. military. The army designed the second Fort Smith (1838-1871) as part of a line of forts from Minnesota to Louisiana to separate the territory occupied by Native American tribes from that settled by . . . — Map (db m59020) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — Officer’s Garden
"The walls were almost hidden by a wealth of vines and foliage, and the enclosed space was as green as nature and care could make it. Beautiful flower beds were kept well tended by the soldiers and added greatly to the beauty of the grounds." . . . — Map (db m58615) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — Reynolds - Davis Wholesale Grocery Company300 Garrison Avenue
This facade is all the remains of the five story building occupied from 1907 to 1955 by Reynolds - Davis Wholesale Grocery Company. The building subsequently served Checker Transfer & Storage Company from 1957 thru 1988 as well as other tenants . . . — Map (db m57919) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — The Bastion That Never Was
When army engineers originally designed the second Fort Smith in 1838, they planned for it to withstand attack. A key feature in achieving this goal was a stone wall about twelve feet high and from two to three feet thick. This wall surrounded the . . . — Map (db m58434) HM
California (Calaveras County), Angels Camp — 734 — Angels Hotel
C.C. Lake erected here a canvas hotel in 1851. It was replaced by a one-story wooden structure, and then by one of stone in 1855, with second story being added in 1857. Here, Samuel Clemens first heard the yarn, which was later to bring him fame as . . . — Map (db m17664) HM
California (Calaveras County), Arnold — Hanging On By A BranchThe Pioneer Cabin Tree
Here at Calaveras Big Tree State Park, it's a regrettable fact that the most famous trees are those most harmed by human action. Both the Mother of the Forest and the Big Stump remind us of how people placed their own curiosity and pleasure above . . . — Map (db m95184) HM
California (El Dorado County), South Lake Tahoe — The Hermit of Emerald BayAn Eccentric Caretaker
Captain Richard “Dick” Barter found his way to Lake Tahoe in the 1860s. Barter spent the long winters in Emerald Bay as the sole caretaker of a summer villa owned by Ben Holladay, Jr. Originally an English sailor, Barter was known . . . — Map (db m34942) HM
California (Fresno County), Kingsburg — George Boyle
Constable George Boyle died of gunshot wounds on November 18, 1924, after being shot four times in a gun battle with three fugitives. According to the Kingsburg Recorder, Boyle was shot four days earlier while attempting to apprehend three convicts . . . — Map (db m95380) HM
California (Inyo County), Bishop — History of "Dangerous Arrest"Inyo Register — Thursday, March 10, 1887
The Shooting For the first time in many months the peace and calm of the town were disturbed by a succession of pistols shots last Saturday night. The shots were fired by Officer Plumley in arresting one Phillip Staiger for disorderly conduct . . . — Map (db m78316) HM
California (Inyo County), Independence — Engine #18
An oil burning steam locomotive, built by Baldwin in 1911, was purchased by the Southern Pacific R.R. in 1926 to haul passengers and freight along the 300 miles narrow gauge line, known locality as the “Slim Princess”. Jim Butler of . . . — Map (db m52099) HM
California (Inyo County), Independence — Inyo County Courthouse
Architect: William H. Weeks Contractor: McCombs and Son Board of Supervisors George W. Naylor * Amos Hancock Thomas Thomson, Jr. * W.V. Butler Charles Partridge Accepted: November 8, 1921 The Inyo County Courthouse is . . . — Map (db m2956) HM
California (Inyo County), Independence — 229 — Mary Austin’s Home
1868 – 1934 “But if ever you come beyond the borders as far as the town that lies in a hill dimple at the foot of Kearsarge, never leave it until you have knocked on the door of the brown house under the willow-tree at the end of the . . . — Map (db m2955) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Arlington House
Former site of two-story Arlington House opened December 26, 1874. Rebuilt to three stories after fire of 1889 and operated until 1915. Redesigned in 1916 to two-story business and store building. — Map (db m55122) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Bakersfield Californian
Home of The Bakersfield Californian Erected by Alfred Harrell 1925 — Map (db m55744) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Bank of Bakersfield
This site patented by Colonel Thomas Baker in 1867. Numerous individuals owned property until erection of Bank of Bakersfield in 1903. Replaced by present Bank of America building in 1930. — Map (db m55118) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — 277 — Francisco Garces1738 – 1781 — Spanish Franciscan
Padre Garces seeking a new route between Sonora, Mexico and Monterey crossed Rio de San Felipe (Kern River May 7, 1776) at Rancheria San Miguel now Bakersfield. First recorded white man in this locality, he brought Christianity to the Indian and on . . . — Map (db m34769) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Kern County Courthouse
This was the site of the original county courthouse in Bakersfield (1874). In 1913 it was purchased by the city for use as a city hall and was occupied until the earthquakes of 1952. The present city hall was dedicated in 1954. — Map (db m116962) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Kern County Fair Exhibit Building
Over the years, county fairs have provided a venue for farmers and their families to showcase crops, livestock, arts, and crafts and learn about the latest agricultural techniques. The land presently occupied by the museum was once the . . . — Map (db m51873) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Kern River Flour Mills
In 1871 Horatio P. Livermore and William Muehe built the Kern River Flour Mills on the Kern Island Canal. Muehe sold his interest to Fordyce Roper in 1874 and Livermore to James B. Haggin in 1879, who also acquired Roper's interest in 1884. The . . . — Map (db m53243) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — 690 — Last Home of Alexis Godey
Near this site stood the home of Alexis Godey, frontiersman and scout, who lived here from 1883 until his death on January 19, 1889. Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1818, he acted as guide for John C. Frémont's expedition through the Kern area in . . . — Map (db m51676) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — 1 — Pablo Galtes - Union CemeteryHistorical Marker #1
Pablo Galtes facilitated the establishment of the Catholic community of Bakersfield in the early 1870's. The first Mass celebrated in Bakersfield was said in the back of Pablo's store located on 19th Street near Chester Avenue. (Eleven family . . . — Map (db m120209) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Standard School
The discovery of oil near the Kern River in 1899 brought people to the area, creating a boomtown such as Oil Center, Oil City and Oildale. The Standard School District was formed in 1909. Standard Oil Company donated five acres of land . . . — Map (db m51874) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — United States Post Office
In 1924, Bakersfield was the twenty-first city in California to receive a Federal Post Office Building. Built at a cost of $130,000, the Mission architecture style building, constructed of masonry and concrete and reinforced with steel, was the . . . — Map (db m122018) HM
California (Kern County), Edison — 660 — Point On The Jedediah Smith Trail
About February 1, 1827, Jedediah Strong Smith, first American to reach Mexican California overland, passed near this spot with his party of fur trappers. From San Gabriel Mission, the group was en route north to a land reported teeming with 'plenty . . . — Map (db m51855) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — Bell XP-59A Jet Aircraft
On Oct. 2, 1942, a Bell XP-59A Aircraft powered by Twin General Electric Type 1-A Engines introduced Jet Flight to America. This new age began here at Edwards Air Force Base as the XP-59A lifted from Rogers Dry Lake with Bell Test Pilot Robert M. . . . — Map (db m115090) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — F-111A - "Aardvark"General Dynamics
The F-111A was the world’s first production variable-sweep wing fighter. It completed its maiden flight on 21 December 1964, at Carswell AFB, Texas. The aircraft could exceed twice the speed of sound (Mach 2) by sweeping its wings rearward while in . . . — Map (db m115102) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — F-16B"Fighting Falcon"
When first flown at Edwards AFB on January 20, 1974, the YF-16 was the most advance fighter in the world. The F-16B is a combat-capable two-seat version of the production F-16A. To date, over 4,000 F-16s have been manufactured worldwide and 122 B . . . — Map (db m115097) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — F-84F - "Thunderstreak"Republic
The Republic YF-84F prototype (a modified F-84E straight-wing officially designated YF-96A) completed its hour-long first flight at Edwards in June 1950. The first flight of the revised F-model prototype, with its distinctly deeper fuselage profile, . . . — Map (db m115103) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — Leaps in Technology
The United States Air Force has always relied upon the application of leading-edge technologies to fulfill its mission of airpower projection. From the XP-59 of 1942 to the B-2, C-17, and F-22 of today, the Flight Test Center has been essential to . . . — Map (db m115095) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — Lockheed F-104
NASA Dryden operated a fleet of F-104 Starfighters between 1956 and 1994. These were used as chase aircraft, for pilot training and proficiency, and to practice X-15 approaches and landings. They were also configured to carry flight-test fixtures . . . — Map (db m128308) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — N.F.-11 (T.T.-20) - “Meteor”Gloster Aircraft
The Meteor was Britain’s first operational jet aircraft and the only operational Allied jet to see service in World War II. The prototype, designated G.41, completed its first flight in March 1943 under the power of two de Havilland H-1 turbojets. . . . — Map (db m115104) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — T-28B - "Trojan"North American
The T-28B was originally developed as a U.S. Navy basic trainer and completed its maiden flight on 6 April 1953. Nearly 500 were built. Early models of the Trojan were tested at Edwards beginning shortly after the plane’s first flight in 1949. A . . . — Map (db m115107) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — YA-10B Prototype number 73-1664Fairchild Republic
Only two-seat A-10 made Fairchild Republic Company’s two-place night/adverse weather A-10 began flight tests at Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB in May 1979. It was converted by Fairchild from one of six pre-production single place . . . — Map (db m115111) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — YA-7D - "Corsair II"Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV)
The Corsair II was designed to meet a 1963 Navy requirement for a light attack plane to replace the A-4. The Navy’s A-7A made its first flight in September 1965. Two months later, the Air Force settled on the A-7 as a low-cost way to provide . . . — Map (db m115113) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — YC-15McDonnell Douglas
Two built by McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) as Advanced Medium STOL Transport (AMST) with Short Take Off and Landing ability. First flight 26 Aug 1975, landing at Edwards AFB. Pioneered supercritical wing on large aircraft; advanced airlift state . . . — Map (db m115466) HM
California (Kern County), Kernville — Bob PowersJune 7, 1924 – September 11, 2002
A fifth generation native of Kern River Valley, Bob is best remembered for the 9 history books he wrote. Without him much of what happened in our valley’s past would have been lost. He was a cowboy, cattleman, ranger, family man and historian. But . . . — Map (db m25238) HM
California (Kern County), Lebec — Camel Trail TerminusFort Tejon
Jefferson Davis, “Father of National Highways,” as Secretary of War 1853-57 sponsored the importation of 33 camels for transporting military supplies to the west coast. The camel trail survey ran from San Antonio, Texas to Fort Tejon . . . — Map (db m32823) HM
California (Kern County), Onyx — 99 — Walker's Pass
Discovered by Joseph R. Walker, American trail-blazer who left the San Joaquin Valley through this pass in 1834. This area was traversed by topographer Edward M. Kern, after whom the Kern River was named, while accompanying the Fremont expedition of . . . — Map (db m71071) HM
California (Kern County), Randsburg — D.T. Jones - Dry GoodsFirst Adobe Buidling In Town — 1895 Randsburg Centennial 1995
In October of 1897 Mr. Jones opened a dry good store in Randsburg. His building was wiped out in the great fire of May 1898, but saved most of his stock by placing it in a fireproof cellar. After the fire he immediately built a new adobe building . . . — Map (db m53854) HM
California (Kern County), Randsburg — The JointSteam Bakery – Randsburg Bakery — 1895 Centennial 1995
The Joint Ray and Olga Guyett purchased this building in the 1950’s and established The Joint, restaurant and bar. The Joint has been the center of Randsburg’s social life for over forty years and has the distinction of being the longest run . . . — Map (db m53853) HM
California (Kern County), Shafter — 923 — Site of Gossamer Condor Flight
This plaque at Shafter Airport commemorates the world's first man-powered flight to complete the Kremer Circuit, August 23, 1977. The circuit, a figure eight around two pylons one-half mile apart, was completed in six minutes, twenty-two seconds. . . . — Map (db m52057) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 16 — Arrastra at Railroad Park
The arrastra was a very primitive way of milling or crushing gold ore, using a mule walking in a circle and “drag” stones, a method brought to the New World by the Spaniards. The Tehachapi Heritage League moved the arrastra to this . . . — Map (db m50254) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 2 — Errea House
The Erra family occupied this dwelling for 75 years. The structure was built by a doctor in "Old Town" (or "Tehichipa") 4 miles west of Tehachapi between 1870 and 1875. It was moved to this location on log rollers about 1900. It is the only . . . — Map (db m52800) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 23 — Hitching Post Theatre
This building was contructed after the 1952 earthquake to house a post office, a department store, an electric shop, a variety store and a drug store. The photo shows the two-story frame hotel (formerly the Old Summit School, which was moved to this . . . — Map (db m52968) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 13 — Odd Fellows Hall
Built as the Odd Fellows Hall in the early 1930's, it was later used as a movie theatre, dance hall and labor union hall. It was once owned by St. Malachy Church and used as a church hall (1949-53). The structure survived the 1952 earthquake intact, . . . — Map (db m52892) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 27 — Tehachapi Loop Mural
The Tehchapi Loop put Tehachapi on the map when it was completed in 1876. Before that time there was no rail access across the Tehachapi Mountains. The historic Loop is pictured here, circa 1952, with a trompe l'oeil effect showing damage to the . . . — Map (db m53117) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 1 — Tehachapi Museum
This structure was built in 1932 as the Kern County Branch Library. When a new library was constructed in 1981, the County gave the old building to the City of Tehachapi with the stipulation that it be used as a public building. In 1982 the City . . . — Map (db m52668) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — The Great Flood of 1932 and Engine No. 3834
On September 30th torrential rains flooded Tehachapi Creek, undermining the tracks under Santa Fe Engine No. 3834 which was waiting out the storm about ½ mile east of Woodward Station. The engine disappeared into the raging water below. It . . . — Map (db m11912) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — The Legend of Avelino Martinez
Avelino Martinez was of Mexican, Indian and Chinese descent, four feet-four inches tall and thirteen years of age when he came with a group of drovers to the United States from Sonora, Mexico, searching for his father. He worked as a groom for . . . — Map (db m52918) HM
California (Kern County), Woody — 589 — Mountain House
One and one-half miles north of this point stood the Mountain House Station on the route of the Butterfield Stage. Operating through present Kern County during 1858-1861, this famous line ran from St. Louis, Missouri to San Francisco until the . . . — Map (db m95183) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Avalon, Catalina Island — Catalina Island Yacht ClubFounded 1924
The Catalina Island Yacht Club has been a welcoming landmark in Avalon Bay since the building was completed in 1924. One of the oldest and most unique yacht clubs in Southern California, it has a proud history rich in the lore and tradition of . . . — Map (db m49679) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Burbank — Burbank's First City Hall
Burbank's first City Hall was built here in 1916. The building housed the offices of the City Council and City Manager, and was also home to the Police and Fire Departments. In 1943, these offices were relocated to the present-day City Hall across . . . — Map (db m57665) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Burbank — Story Hardware
On this site in 1915, Thomas Story with sons Henry and Walter opened Story & Sons Hardware store. Thomas Story was one of Burbank’s earliest pioneers, arriving here in 1877. He opened Burbank’s first livery stable in 1899, and also farmed and sold . . . — Map (db m55761) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Hollywood — 12 — Warner Pacific Theatre
Built by Warner Bros. in 1928 to be the crown jewel of its West Coast theaters. Sam Warner oversaw construction but died before it was completed. His ghost is said to haunt the building. The Italian Renaissance exterior design theme is continued . . . — Map (db m125717) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Lancaster — Colonel Jack L. RidleyAerospace Walk of Honor
The Flight Test Mission Control Center at Edwards Air Force Base is named for Colonel Ridley who lost his life in 1957 in the crash of a C-47 aircraft while serving on the U.S. Military Assistance Advisory Group in Japan. Ridley was a pioneer . . . — Map (db m66504) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Lancaster — Joshua Memorial Park Veterans Monument
This monument is dedicated to the brave men and women that honorable served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America in time of peace, wars and conflict. The freedom of this great nation is only possible because of the sacrifice of . . . — Map (db m66336) WM
California (Los Angeles County), Lancaster — Lt. Gen. James H. "Jimmy" Doolittle, (USAF Retired)Aerospace Walk of Honor
Jimmy Doolittle played an important role in the development of Air Force research at Edwards AFB. He was one of the founding fathers of Systems Command (Air Force Research and Development Command). Through the late 1980's, Doolittle made annual . . . — Map (db m120207) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Lancaster — Thomas C. McMurtryAerospace Walk of Honor
Thomas McMurtry logged over 11,000 hours of flying time since earning his pilot's wings in 1958. A graduate of the United States Naval Test Pilot School, he flew the U-2, X-246, F-8A, AD-1, YF-12C, F-104, F-15 and NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. . . . — Map (db m66507) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Lancaster — 658 — Western Hotel
This buiding, erected by the Gilroy family in 1876, this building was purchased in 1902 by George T. Webber, who operated it as the Western Hotel. The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce was organized in its dining room. Between 1905 and 1913, . . . — Map (db m53028) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Long Beach — Evolution of a skylineLong Beach's history can be seen in its rooftops
In the early 1990s, Long Beach was world-famous as a visitor destination. Hotels and dance halls, trolleys and roller coasters lured tourist to the city. The mild climate and pristine beaches beckoned people to the water's edge. With daily train . . . — Map (db m71543) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Long Beach — In Their Honor
The Long Beach Navy Memorial pays tribute to the city naval heritage Long Beach's naval history dates back to 1908 with the arrival of President Theodore Roosevelt's 16-ship Great White Fleet. By the 1920s Long Beach established itself as a . . . — Map (db m71545) HM WM
California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Spring Street
Spring Street In Northern California, they panned gold in the mountain canyons. In Southern California, they made gold, in the concrete canyons of Spring Street.Map (db m121038) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Malibu — 966 — The Adamson House
Designed by Stiles O. Clements in 1929, this Spanish Colonial Revival home contains the best surviving examples of decorative ceramic tile produced by Malibu Potteries. During its short existence from 1926 to 1932, Malibu Potteries made an . . . — Map (db m118362) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Palmdale — F-101 VOODOO Escort FighterGENERAL INFORMATION
Left Panel

Manufacturer: McDonnell Aircraft (later McDonnell-Douglas and The Boeing Company) Production Period: 1957 to 1961 Number Produced: 885 total all sources Production Series: F-101A, B & C, RF-101A, B,C,G; EF-101B, . . . — Map (db m115298) HM

California (Los Angeles County), Palmdale — MK-20 Rockeye Cluster Bomb Unit
SN: Unkown Date Acquired: June 1, 2008 From: US Air Force Displayed: July 30, 2008

This Units History

Was used on the F-117 program as a test load.

The MK-20 Rockeye is a free-fall, unguided Cluster Bomb Unit (CBU) designed . . . — Map (db m115175) HM

California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — Bonham Alley
Named for Perry P. Bonham, a plumber who occupied 45 West Colorado Boulevard in the Hugus and Bonham Block. Today, the late nineteenth-century masonry buildings are grouped behind a two-story Spanish Colonial facade. Bonham served as a police . . . — Map (db m72695) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — Fraiser Alley
Named for Dr. J. Carvasso Fraser, Physician for the Raymond Hotel in the 1890s. The Raymond Hotel, perhaps the finest of Pasadena's early grand resort hotels, was located on South Raymond Avenue on Raymond Hill, two miles south of Colorado . . . — Map (db m72693) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — Mercantile Place
This well-named service road ran behind some of the most important retail merchants that fronted Colorado Boulevard from 1887 to the end of the 19th century. Among the retailers in this block were Hertel's Dry Goods, J.W. Woods (The Druggist who . . . — Map (db m71234) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — Mills Place
Named for Alexander Fraser Mills, a nurseryman who planted a citrus grove on 7 1/2 acres at the northwest corner of Colorado Boulevard and Fair Oaks Avenue in 1878. Mills Place was originally named "Ward Alley." In 1885, a fire at this site . . . — Map (db m72687) HM
California (Los Angeles County), San Gabriel — Lt. Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza
Lt. Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza by decree of Carlos III of Spain led an expedition to this site - the mission being to colonize the San Francisco Bay Area. De Anza Expedition 1775 - 1776 — Map (db m67293) HM
California (Los Angeles County), San Gabriel — Mission San Gabriel Archangel / El Camino Real Door
Founded September 8, 1771, by Franciscan Friars on Rio Temblores - due to flooding, the expedition moved to this 2nd site in 1774, where the Old Mission of stone and red brick was built with the help of Gabrieleno Indians. . . . — Map (db m66721) HM
California (Los Angeles County), San Gabriel — San Gabriel Veterans War Memorial
Be it known by all who read these words that this Veterans War Memorial is dedicated to those men and women from San Gabriel who so gallantly served their country in times of national peril. City of San Gabriel 50th Anniversary Seal . . . — Map (db m66584) WM
California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial Wall of Honor
American Merchant Marine Veterans Veterans Memorial Wall of Honor Dedication: National Maritime Day, May 22, 2003 [List of state and local government officials] Gene Frank Construction, Builder Randall B. Montgomery, Engraver . . . — Map (db m50928) HM
California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — Santa Catalina Island
Located approximately 20 miles from the mainland, Santa Catalina Island rises 2000 feet above sea level, approximately 500 feet higher than the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The island is over 20 miles long, making it the longest of the eight California . . . — Map (db m42129) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Santa Monica — Santa Monica PierSanta Monica Landmark
The Santa Monica Pier was built in phases between 1908 and 1916. It originally consisted of a Municipal Pier for strolling and fishing and a Pleasure Pier for amusements. The Hippodrome was constructed in 1916 to house the Pleasure Pier's carousel, . . . — Map (db m119675) HM
California (Merced County), Snelling — First Court Housein Merced County
Erected 1857 This monument commemorates the Seventy-fifth anniversary of the organization of Merced County and is dedicated to the memory our pioneers by Yosemite Parlor No. 24, N.S.G.W. Merced May 20, 1930 — Map (db m7325) HM
California (Mono County), Lee Vining — Sheriff James P. Dolan
In July of 1915, the peace and quiet of Mono County was shattered when Sheriff James P. Dolan died as a result of gunshot wounds received while attempting to apprehend two outlaws who had terrorized ranchers a short distance from this location. . . . — Map (db m11416) HM
California (Monterey County), Monterey — La Ida Café
The building historically contained Edith's Restaurant, the model for John Steinbeck's La Ida Café and the character of Wide Ida in The Novellas Cannery Row and Sweet Thursday — Map (db m81954) HM
California (Monterey County), Monterey — Monterey's Historic Railway -- from Passengers to Industry
The Monterey and Salinas Valley Railroad, established in 1874, was Monterey's first rail connection to the outside world. Purchased by Southern Pacific in 1879, passenger service soon began allowing the development of Monterey as a tourist . . . — Map (db m83320) HM
California (Monterey County), Monterey — Quarters of General William Tecumseh Sherman
Quarters of General William Tecumseh Sherman Lieutenant Quartermaster and Adjustant General 1847 • 1849 — Map (db m82097) HM
California (Orange County), Anaheim — Petrified TreeFrom the Pike Petrified Forest, Colorado
This section weighs five tons and measures 7 1/2 feet in diameter. The original tree, estimated to have been 200 feet tall, was part of a sub-tropical forest 55 to 70 million years ago in what is now Colorado. Scientists believe it to be of the . . . — Map (db m125080) HM
California (Orange County), San Clemente — 562 — La Cristianita
Two miles inland from this point, in Los Cristianitos Valley, the first Christian baptism in Alta California was performed by Padre Francisco Gómez, a member of the Portolá Expedition, in 1769. — Map (db m400) HM
California (Riverside County), Palm Springs — HSPB-11 — Site of First Community Church
This is the site of the first community church in Palm Springs. Welwood Murray donated the land in 1906 and the little church stood as a landmark in the village until 1934. The existing Carnell Building designed by Harold Williams was completed in . . . — Map (db m52736) HM
California (Riverside County), Riverside — National POW MIA Memorial
We honor here the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Americans held prisoner of war, and those still listed as Missing In Action since the time of the American Revolution. Some died from disease and starvation, some perished in death marches, . . . — Map (db m54380) WM
California (Riverside County), Riverside — Veterans Memorial
This memorial is dedicated to eulogize the sacrifices of American Veterans. It is to commemorate them, their comrades, their personal and emotional sacrifices, and to acknowledge those Americans who have lost loved ones in the service . . . — Map (db m54379) HM
California (San Bernardino County), Barstow — Knights of the RailsThe American Hobo
Around the time of the Civil War, railroads were being built at a frantic pace. By the early 1870s there were 60,000 miles of track in the U.S., increasing to 250,000 by the 1930s. The war had produced a generation of young men used to living under . . . — Map (db m114804) HM
California (San Bernardino County), Nipton — Movement in the Desert
To cross the dry and rugged Mojave Desert, early inhabitants developed foot trails traveling from spring to spring. These trails evolved from footpaths to pack routes and then wagon roads as Euro-Americans entered the desert. Railroad routes strayed . . . — Map (db m83462) HM
California (San Bernardino County), Nipton — Ranching and Mining
Gold and silver discoveries during the mid-1800s brought hundreds of prospectors trekking across the eastern Mojave. Ephemeral camps sprang up throughout the desert as miners discovered copper and silver in nearby mountains. Ranchers moving into . . . — Map (db m83927) HM
California (San Bernardino County), Rancho Cucamonga — Red HillCity of Rancho Cucamonga Historic Point of Interest
This site sits at the base of the prominent Red Hill Landmark. The early historic importance of the property stems from its proximity to a reliable water source, Cucamonga Creek, and to its location on the major roadway between Los Angeles and San . . . — Map (db m117911) HM
California (San Diego County), Coronado — Christmas TreeHotel del Coronado
Here stands the world's first electrically-lighted outdoor Christmas tree, unveiled at the Hotel del Coronado on December 24, 1904 — Map (db m70553) HM
California (San Diego County), Coronado — First Firehouse Site - 1892
Coronado Historical Landmark First Firehouse Site - 1892 — Map (db m125571) HM
California (San Diego County), Coronado — H-46 40 Years of ServiceJune 1964 - September 2004
Presented in tribute to over 40 years of flight operations logged in support of the Naval Service by the H-46 Sea Knight Helicopter. The Boeing Co. — Map (db m128485) HM
California (San Diego County), Coronado — Ships BellJapanese Aircraft Carrier Junyo
Presented on Behalf of Fleet Admiral C.W. Nimitz Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet by Rear Admiral W.L. Friedell Commandant, Eleventh Naval District 24 November 1945 H.I.J.M.S. Junyo Built Nagasaki Commissioned 6 May 1942 Length . . . — Map (db m123295) HM
California (San Diego County), Oceanside — Oceanside Pier
At an election held - June 19, 1926, to vote 100,000 bonds for the construction of this pier, the people of Oceanside voted 685 for, and 95 against. Contract awarded - December 8, 1926. Construction finished and Pier officailly dedicated to . . . — Map (db m62145) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — 70 — Casa de Pedrorena de Altamirano
Miguel Pedrorena Jr. built this adobe structure in 1869. It was the final adobe built in Old Town. In January 1871 Pedrorena gave the building to his sister Isabel de Altamirano, joining together two pioneer California families. Isabel and her . . . — Map (db m11777) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — 93 — Horton Grand - Kahle Saddlery – 1886Historic Building
San Diego’s oldest Victorian hotel, the Grand Hotel was renamed the Hotel Horton in 1907, and is now the Horton Grand. In 1981, the Horton and the Kahle Saddlery, both located at different sites and slated for demolition, were disassembled, moved . . . — Map (db m51358) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — 56 — Montijo Building 1881
This one-story building with 12-inch-thick walls was used as John Young's morgue from 1881 to 1885. John Young was the County Coroner, and claimed embalming to be his specialty. The basement vault was surrounded by ropes used to lower caskets into . . . — Map (db m109363) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — Old Fire Station Number SixThe Firehouse Museum
From 1915 to 1970, San Diego Fire Department's Original Fire Station 6 proudly served the community of Little Italy. In the workshop on this site some of America's most significant fire service innovations were created by the specialty trade-skilled . . . — Map (db m109341) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — 9 — Royal Pie Bakery 1884
Originally known as the San Diego Steam Cracker Factory, this brick structure has remained a bakery since its construction in 1884. During the first part of the 20th century, when the Gaslamp was deteriorating into a red-light district, the upper . . . — Map (db m109361) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — San Diego: Birthplace of Naval AviationThe Celebration
Over the next four days the city's reception committee, headed by William Kettner, who would one day become the region's representative in the U.S. Congress, welcomed the men of the Fleet with an endless series of balls, guided tours, dinners, teas, . . . — Map (db m114841) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — 61 — Yamada Building, 1869
Although this building was not originally built by or used by Oriental tenants, its has found its home in the Asian community due to a succession of Japanese owners beginning in 1920. Under various proprietors, the structure was used primarily as a . . . — Map (db m109356) HM
California (San Diego County), Santa Ysabel — 369 — Santa Ysabel Asistencia Site
Father Fernando Martin celebrated the first mass on Sept. 20, 1818 at a site nearby, an outpost of Mission San Diego. By 1822 Santa Ysabel had a chapel, cemetery, granary, many houses, and 450 neophytes. After secularization in the 1830s, priestly . . . — Map (db m51086) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Defending the Golden Gate
This level is called the "barbette tier" Cannon mounted "en barbette" have carriages which permit soldiers to fire them over a parapet (or wall). The parapet here is 7 feet 2 inches thick. Fort Point's barbette cannon could sink any wooden ship . . . — Map (db m102278) HM
California (San Luis Obispo County), McKittrick — Painted Rock
Rising above the Carrizo Plain is Painted Rock, an important cultural and spiritual site to California’s native peoples. Most of the pictographs, or painted images found on Painted Rock, are characteristic of the Chumash who lived on the Channel . . . — Map (db m126610) HM
California (San Luis Obispo County), San Miguel — 326 — Mission San Miguel Arcangel
Selecting this site because of the great number of Salinan Indians living hereabout. Fray Fermin Francisco de Lasuen, O.F.M., second president of the California Missions. Founded San Miguel Archangel on July 25,1797. The sixteenth in a chain of . . . — Map (db m64948) HM
California (Santa Barbara County), Santa Barbara — Cold Springs Tavern
In 1868 this tavern was known as "Cold Springs Relay Station". It was the half-way stop between "Mattei's Tavern" to the north, and Patrick Kinevan's "Summit House" to the south. In those days sturdy stagecoaches known as "mudwagons" traveled . . . — Map (db m125376) HM
California (Tulare County), Porterville — Time Marches On
Frank "Buck Shaffer was a man of music, integrity, inspiration, patriotism and discipline. Buck came to Porterville in 1953 to take a position as the Porterville High School band director. Thousands of young people have had the opportunity to learn . . . — Map (db m119156) HM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Father DamienThe Reverend Joseph Damien De Veuster, SS. CC. — Hawaii
Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. —John 15:13 Born a farmer’s son at Tremeloo, Belgium, January 3, 1840. Damien joined the Missionary Congregation of the Sacred Heart and was ordained a . . . — Map (db m13485) HM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — National Soaring Museum
An International Soaring Record was established here on December 18, 1931. William A. Cocke Jr. remained aloft in a glider called the Nighthawk for 21 hours 34 minutes. A new U.S. and World Endurance Record for motorless fight. Cocke’s . . . — Map (db m73556) HM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Reverend James KekelaKekela O Ka Lani
Born in 1824 at Mokuleia Oahu Educated by James Hunnewell at Lahainaluna First Hawaiian Christian Minister Ordained at Kahuku December 21 1849 In 1853 he went as a pioneer missionary to the Marquesas . . . — Map (db m74147) HM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Waikiki — Mahiole(Helmet)
Ancient Hawaii was governed by a sharply defined caste system. The kings were the highest authority. Chiefs, or Alii, ruled over sections of the land at the pleasure of the kings. At times there was a king for each of the major islands in the . . . — Map (db m75626) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Boulder City — Hoover Dam and Lake Mead
Since 1935, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead have provided flood control, irrigation, drinking water, and power to communities in the desert. These resources have transformed the southwest into production farmland and thriving communities. The dam was . . . — Map (db m31879) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Las Vegas — 13 — "Bugsy"Nevada Celebrates Filmmaking
Flashy end-credit sequence filmed here at the Flamingo Hilton Stars Warren Beatty, Annette Bening (1991) — Map (db m53375) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Las Vegas — Chief Hotel CourtCirca 1940 — Neon Museum
The Chief Hotel Court sign was originally installed around 1940 at the hotel located at 1201 E. Fremont Street. Hotel architect was A. Lacey Worshwick. Loaned and refurbished by the Tiberti Family. Installed as part of the Neon Museum on . . . — Map (db m64031) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Las Vegas — The "Bugsy Building"
On this site Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel's original Flamingo Hotel stood from December 26, 1944 until December 14, 1993. The hotel, which housed 77 rooms, including the notorious Mr. Siegel's “Bugsy Suite” or . . . — Map (db m53373) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Las Vegas — The First Telephone
At this site the first Telephone was installed in Las Vegas Dedicated during Las Vegas' Diamond Jubilee — Map (db m47744) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Las Vegas — The Red Barn
The Red Barn opened in 1958 as an antique store near Tropicana Avenue and Maryland Parkway. In 1961 the store was converted into a club that was the first coffeehouse in Las Vegas and a popular hangout among local college students. The Red Barn . . . — Map (db m112138) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Gold Hill — 36 — Liberty Engine Co. No.1
Gold Hill's first fire company was organized as Silver Hook & Ladd on Novemeber 18, 1863. It disbanded and re-organized as Liberty Hose Co. No.1 on August 19 1864, purchasing its first hose carriage from Folsom & Hiller of San Francisco in October . . . — Map (db m77695) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — 48 — Eagle Engine Co. No.3
At his location was the Eagle Engine Co.No.3. After organizing in August of 1863, Eagle Engine Co. No.3 purchased a Jeffers hand-pumped fire engine for $3,700 from San Francisco's Vigilante Engine Co. No.9, and initially housed the 4,000 pound . . . — Map (db m77703) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — Engineering Marvels on the Comstock
From the first recorded ore discoveries in 1859, the Comstock area was part of a global community. Arriving from places as diverse as the Germanies, Poland, Russia, and North America, Jewish immigrants with engineering backgrounds, entrepreneurial . . . — Map (db m40485) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — Life in Virginia City on the Comstock Lode
Virginia City, circa. 1880’s, was a bustling industrial community of about 25,000 people which included Gold Hill and the Silver City communities. Gold and silver mining was a corporate environment that was owned by either the bank of California or . . . — Map (db m81819) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — The Millionaires ClubHistoric Landmark
Millionaires Club and Oldest Saloon in Virginia City ͠ Since ͠ 1862 [Marker Located on Back Wall of Saloon] Millionaires Club of the Washoe This historic club was formed in the mid-1870’s by the elite gentlemen of . . . — Map (db m22466) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — The Pioneer Church
The first religious service in Nevada, officiated by a visiting Protestant Episcopal Reverend, was held in Virginia City's U.S. Courthouse on Sept. 11, 1861. A Parish was organized as St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal. In the following year the Rev. . . . — Map (db m77709) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — 30 — Young America Engine Co. No. 2No. C St., Virginia City
Young America Engine Co. No. 2 was organized in 1862, housing its Rodgers double end stroke hand engine in the Metropolitan Stables building just South of here, across from the Presbyterian Church. In 1867, the company built a masonry fire hall just . . . — Map (db m78129) HM
Nevada (Washoe County), Reno — "People thought I was crazy."~Alice Ramsey
In 1909, twenty-two year old Alice Ramsey became the first woman to drive across United States in an automobile. She and her three female companions are depicted here, in her 1909 Maxwell Briscoe, crossing the Nevada desert east of the Truckee . . . — Map (db m77623) HM
Nevada (Washoe County), Reno — 30 — Reno
Before the arrival of the European Americans, the Washoe and Paiute people inhabited the Truckee Meadows. The Stevens-Murphy emigrant party passed through the area in 1844, and settlement began in the early 1850s. Charles William Fuller established . . . — Map (db m94116) HM
Ohio (Erie County), Sandusky — Cooke-Dorn House
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historical Places" by the United States Department of the Interior. — Map (db m90652)
Ohio (Erie County), Sandusky — G.A. Boeckling Building
This building served as Cedar Point's winter offices from 1928 and after for Mr. Boeckling, the entrepreneur who first developed the resort into an amusement park. Because the Bay freezes in the winter, this site offered a convenient location to . . . — Map (db m117811) HM
Ohio (Erie County), Sandusky — Jay Cooke
Jay Cooke was born on this site August 10, 1821. Financier and promoter of The Northern Pacific Railroad, he sold bonds to finance the Union during the Civil War 1861-1865. — Map (db m117804) HM
Ohio (Erie County), Sandusky — 19-22 — Ohio Veterans HomeOhio Soldiers and Sailors home 1888-1979
Following the Civil War, many of Ohio's disabled and wounded veterans found inadequate provisions for their long-term needs. In response, the Grand Army of the Republic's Department of Ohio lobbied for a state-operated veterans' home. In 1886 . . . — Map (db m79102) HM
Ohio (Huron County), Norwalk — Huron County Court House 1913
This Property Has Been Placed on the National Register of Historical Places By The United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m117803) HM
Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — East Cemetery HillJuly 2, 1863 - Second Day
"The enemy stood with a tenacity never before displayed by them, but with bayonet, clubbed musket, sword and pistol, and rocks from the wall, we cleared the heights and silenced the guns." Maj. Samuel McD. Tate, C.S.A. 6th North Carolina Infantry . . . — Map (db m14146) HM
Tennessee (Benton County), Holladay — Parker's Crossroads“Charge ‘em both ways” — Forrest's First West Tennessee Raid
Late in 1862, the Union army Gen. Ulysses S. Grant threatened Vicksburg, Mississippi. Confederate Gen. Braxton Bragg ordered Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest to sever Grant's West Tennessee supply line, which extended from Columbus, Kentucky, via the . . . — Map (db m118580) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — Colonel John Donelson
In appreciation of the services of Colonel John Donelson Born in Delaware, 1718. Died in Kentucky 1786. Distinguished in early life in Virginia as a civil, industrial and military leader. Member of the House of Burgesses, iron . . . — Map (db m59376) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — Colonel Richard HendersonFounder and Promoter of the noted "Transylvania Land Company"
In recognition of Colonel Richard Henderson Born in Virginia 1735 Died in North Carolina 1785 ————— Founder and Promoter of the noted "Transylvania Land Company" Whose purchase from the Cherokee . . . — Map (db m24373) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — 3A 78, 95 — Downtown Presbyterian ChurchAmerican Presbyterian and Reformed Historical Site
From 1814 to 1955 this was the site of the First Presbyterian Church. President Andrew Jackson was received into the church in 1838. James K. Polk was inaugurated governor here in 1839. The building designed in the Egyptian style by William . . . — Map (db m121842) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — 26 — Marathon Motor Car
The Marathon Motor Car was manufactured here 1914-1916 by Southern Motor Works (later called Marathon). Four models, all touring cars, were powered by engines of 4 cylinders, 30/35 hp, & 6s of 50 hp, with wheelbases from 9'8" to 12'5". The plant . . . — Map (db m61654) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — Thomas Green Ryman1841 - 1904
A prominent riverboat captain and Nashville businessman, Thomas Ryman was known for his generous contributions of time and money to the construction of the Union Gospel Tabernacle. In 1904, the Tabernacle was renamed the Ryman Auditorium in his . . . — Map (db m61941) HM
Texas (Potter County), Amarillo — A Route 66 LegendBIG TEX-REX
The Big Texan Steak Ranch opened in 1960 on Route 66, ten years later Interstate 40 opened & Route 66 was bypassed. This created an immediate catastrophic drop in business, forcing founder Bob (RJ) Lee to move the Big Texan to I-40 or lose the Big . . . — Map (db m120441) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 19 — African-American History
The first African-American residents of Fort Worth were slaves who received the delayed news of their emancipation on June 19, 1865. Those who remained in the area began to build a community on the city’s east side. A blacksmith shop operated by . . . — Map (db m52500) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — AQHHMP #5 — Early Quarter Horse Shows
Prior to 1940, Quarter Horses, also called Steeldusts or Billys, did not have an official breed name. However, there were shows where horsemen brought their Quarter Horses to be judged. William Anson of Christoval, TX, sponsored and judged this type . . . — Map (db m53425) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 1385 — Eddleman-McFarland House
Designed by Howard Messer, this Victorian house was built in 1899 for Sarah C. Ball (1825-1904), widow of Galveston banker George Ball. William H. Eddleman (1850-1932), a local banker, bought the home in 1904 and in 1921 gave it to his daughter . . . — Map (db m53418) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — First Methodist Church Building
Initially a wood frame structure constructed in 1874, this “Fourth Street Church” was completed in 1887 of brick and limestone. Admired by many, the building was chronicled as “A very imposing structure in the Town of Fort Worth, . . . — Map (db m53217) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — First School1853
Site of the first school established by John Peter Smith Classes held in abandoned Fort Hospital in this block — Map (db m52517) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 14 — Flying Machines
Fort Worth residents got their first sight of flying machines in 1911 when the International Aviators National Tour was lured to town by Amon G. Carter, Sr. That same year the first “air mail” letter was delivered. During World War . . . — Map (db m52489) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 2026 — Fort Worth"Where the West Begins"
Founded June 6, 1849, as frontier post of Co. F, 2nd Dragoons, 8th Dept., U.S. Army. The commander, Maj. Ripley Arnold, named camp for his former superior officer, Maj. Gen. William Jenkins Worth. In 4 years of operations, the post had but one . . . — Map (db m52714) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — Fort Worth's First Telephone Exchange
On this site in September 1881 Fort Worth's first telephone exchange was founded by Southwest Telegraph and Telephone Company. It initially served 40 customers and employed three local employees. One hundred years later telephone service is supplied . . . — Map (db m53209) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 17 — JFK
On the evening of November 21, 1963, President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy arrived in Fort Worth to spend the night at the Hotel Texas. Early the next morning, President Kennedy made an unscheduled outdoor appearance and surprised a crowd that had . . . — Map (db m52499) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — Morris and Conn Buildings
Originally the notorious Wild West watering hole known as the “White Elephant Saloon”. Long-Hair Jim Courtwright who had been both Federal and City Marshall here was shot and killed by Gambler - King Luke Short, February 8, 1887 at the . . . — Map (db m53212) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — Mt. Gilead Baptist Church
Organized & Built 15th & Crump Sts. 1875. Rebuilt 13th & Jones Sts. 1883. Rebuilt 5th & Grove Sts. 1912. — Map (db m53421) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 4475 — St. Patrick's Cathedral
Erected 1888-1892 under the direction of the parish priest, the Rev. Jean M. Guyot, a native of France. Stone for walls was quarried locally. Improvised, horse-powered lathes were used to turn and polish the eighteen interior pillars. Ceilings and . . . — Map (db m52523) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 945 — The Coliseum
Until 1908, The Annual Fort Worth Fat Stock Show was held in a variety of locations. As interest increased in the event and its educational and promotional values were realized, livestock exhibitors sought a permanent home for the show. The coliseum . . . — Map (db m53426) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — The First Bulldogger
W.M. "Bill" Pickett (1870-1932) originated the rodeo event of Bulldogging, known today as steer wrestling. Native Texan Pickett developed a unique style of bulldogging, which made him world famous as a Wild West Show and Rodeo Performer. . . . — Map (db m52777) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — The Site of Camp Worth
This stone marks the site of Camp Worth, a United States Military Post named in Honor of General William J. Worth and Commanded by Major Ripley A. Arnold 1849-1853. The camp protected the frontier against Indians, and was the beginning of the City . . . — Map (db m52717) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 5465 — Thomas B. Saunders Family
A native of North Carolina, Thomas Bailey Saunders (1816-1902) migrated to Texas in 1850 and started a cattle ranch near Gonzales. After the Civil War he completed cattle drives to markets in New Orleans and Kansas before settling in Bexar County. . . . — Map (db m53413) HM
Virginia (Albemarle County), Charlottesville — Piney River Cabin
Virginia's virgin forest provided materials for the settlers' most basic shelter. Centuries ago, first growth trees were felled and the wood hewn to form this single-room log cabin in Piney River, Virginia, 45 minutes south of here. The structure is . . . — Map (db m53613) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington — Symbol of Friendship
Dedicated on May 5, 1960, the 15th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands, the Netherlands Carillon was presented "From The People Of The Netherlands To The People Of The United States" in gratitude for assistance given during and after . . . — Map (db m4898) HM
Virginia (Fairfax County), Chantilly — The Sully FarmsAlone in Dixie
At the time of the Civil War, the farms of Sully and Little Sully (no longer standing) were the homes of the Barlow and Haight families respectively. These families, connected by marriage, had come to Virginia from Dutchess County, New York, and . . . — Map (db m217) HM
Virginia, Williamsburg — George Wythe House and Gardens
This mid-eighteenth century building was the home of George Wythe, tutor and friend of Jefferson. Wythe was the first professor of law at an American college, and first Virginian signer of the Declaration of Independence. Washington used the house . . . — Map (db m60248) HM
Virginia, Williamsburg — Norborne Berkeley, Baron de BotetourtGovernor of the Colony of Virginia 1768-1770
Respected Friend of the Students and Faculty of the College Gordon S. Kray "73, Sculptor This statue, a re-creation of the original marble by Richard Haward (1728-1800) that stood here from 1801 until 1958, was given to the College of . . . — Map (db m62563) HM
Virginia, Williamsburg — Peyton Randolph House
For more than fifty years this was the home of Peyton Randolph (1721-1775), who served the Colony of Virginia in many of its highest governmental offices and became the first president of the Continental Congress. His father, Sir John Randolph, the . . . — Map (db m60247) HM
Virginia, Williamsburg — The Governor's Palace & Gardens
The Governor's Palace was the home of five Royal Lieutenant-Governors, two Royal Governors, and the first two Governors of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. An act by Virginia's General Assembly in 1706 authorized the . . . — Map (db m60245) HM
Virginia, Williamsburg — The Public Hospital of 1773DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Museum
In 1773, when Williamsburg's Public Hospital opened, it was the first facility in America dedicated solely to the care and treatment of the insane. The original building burned in 1885. Reconstructed by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in 1985, . . . — Map (db m61309) HM

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