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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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Sheriff James P. Dolan Marker - Wide Shot image, Touch for more information
By Andrew Ruppenstein, August 22, 2008
Sheriff James P. Dolan Marker - Wide Shot
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — "The Gandy Dancer"
Section crews were the laborers who built the railroads in the beginning and have continued throughout the years to maintain them. These crews were most efficient in moving heavy sections of rails when they all worked in unison. To accomplish this . . . — Map (db m33265) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — A Gathering Place
]Panel 1:] Between 1100 and 1200, more people lived in this area than ever before, or since. Located along routes linking large populations to the northeast and south, villages here were well situated for trade. As people, goods, and ideas . . . — Map (db m60079) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Aubineau / Andreatos Building1893/1952
Aubineau Building: The earliest buildings on this site were wood frame saloons, which burned in 1886 and 1888 and 1892. In 1892, ownership passed to Julius Aubineau, who later became Mayor of Flagstaff and is credited with installing the . . . — Map (db m33267) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Daily Life
Plaza An open area in the pueblo near the rim of the earthcrack is known as the plaza. In pueblos, the plaza was the center for many daily activities including grinding corn, making pottery, working obsidian into arrowheads, processing other . . . — Map (db m60110) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Downtowner1921 - 1935
The K.J. Nackard family came to Flagstaff in 1912 and opened a small general store at 106 E. Railroad Avenue. The store was successful. In 1921, Nackard built a home on this property, just a stone's throw from the store. Soon afterwards, . . . — Map (db m59499) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Dry Land Farming
Volcanic activity to the south produced giant fissures or earthcracks throughout the Wupatki area in the Kaibab Limestone. This formation covers most of the western half of Wupatki National Monument. The Sinagua and Anasazi Indians who inhabited . . . — Map (db m60098) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Methodist Episcopal Church1906-1916 — Flagstaff Federated Community Church 1916-Present
Flagstaff's first congregation was formed by the Methodists in 1883 and they raised the first church five blocks east of here in 1887. In 1906 they moved here and constructed this Gothic style building of locally quarried red sandstone. The . . . — Map (db m33337) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Raymond Building1911
As the keystone shows, this building was constructed in 1911. Its owner was R.O. Raymond, M.D., one of Flagstaff’s first doctors. Raymond came west for his health. After a short stay in Williams, he moved to Flagstaff in 1906. He was the doctor . . . — Map (db m59511) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Sunset Crater Volcano
The distant San Francisco Peaks would have looked much like they do today. To the east, however, Sunset Crater Volcano would still have been belching black smoke and cinders when the Sinagua and Anasazi lived here. The thick layer of cinders over . . . — Map (db m60107) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Telephone Exchange1909
This building was constructed in 1909 by John W. Weatherford, the man who earlier built the adjacent Weatherford Hotel. It was the headquarters for the Arizona Overland Telephone Company, housing its offices and physical plant. Construction . . . — Map (db m59966) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Flagstaff — Weatherford Hotel1898/1899
John Weatherford, who was raised in Weatherford, Texas, came to Flagstaff in 1886. He decided to stay here because he fell in love with the San Francisco Peaks at first sight. He tried his hand in several occupations, everything from saloon keeper . . . — Map (db m59507) HM
Arizona (Coconino County), Wupatki National Monument — Community
This area seems quiet and lonely today - but not 800 years ago. This valley was used for farming and hunting by the people living in Citadel, Nalakihu, and other nearby pueblos, all inhabited at about the same time. (You can see the ruins of at . . . — Map (db m41716) HM
Arizona (La Paz County), Quartzsite — The Last Camp of Hi JollyCamel Driver, Packer, Scout
. . . — Map (db m32201) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Meaning of Place
Puerco Pueblo means different things to different people. Visitors come here to learn about the past and make their own personal connections by walking within this ancient community. Artists have also found inspiration by spending time at this . . . — Map (db m68894) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Newspaper Rock
More than 650 images adorn the boulders below – one of the largest concentrations of petroglyphs in the park. People who farmed the Puerco River Valley 650 to 2,000 years ago pecked these petroglyphs onto the rocks, leaving a legacy etched . . . — Map (db m68874) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Painted Desert Inn
. . . — Map (db m68772) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Summer Solstice Marker
A solstice is an astronomical event that happens twice annually as the Sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, June 20th is usually the longest day of the year and is referred to as the summer solstice. . . . — Map (db m68888) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Village on the Rio Puerco
The village on the Rio Puerco (Puerco Pueblo) is a prehistoric settlement built of shaped sandstone blocks by ancestral Puebloan people. It was inhabited between A.D. 1250 and 1380. At its peak the pueblo had over 100 rooms, with a possible . . . — Map (db m68881) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Holbrook — Whispers from the Past
For thousands of years, indigenous people have used rock faces as means of communication. Petroglyphs are images, symbols, or designs scratched, pecked, carved, or incised on the surface of rock. These features are like whispers from the past and . . . — Map (db m68893) HM
Arizona (Navajo County), Overgaard — Can You Read the Rocks....?Stop 2
These pictographs were made by Native Americans some 800 to 2,000 years ago. How were they made? Paint was made from powdered minerals, charcoal or crushed plants and mixed with a binder such as saliva, blood or vegetable juices. A yucca . . . — Map (db m68674) HM
Arizona (Pima County), Tucson — Exchange at the PresidioThe Mormon Battalion Enters Tucson, 16 December 1846
Near this site on December 16 – 17, 1846, the U.S. 101st Infantry ("Mormon") Battalion under the command of Colonel Philip St. George Cooke peacefully occupied the Presidio San Agustin del Tucson. Organized in Council Bluffs, Iowa, to . . . — Map (db m73983) HM
Arizona (Pima County), Tucson — La Casa Cordova
This adobe house incorporates portions of one of the oldest standing structures in Tucson. The two west rooms are believed to have been built before the Gadsden Purchase of 1854. Four front rooms were added in 1879. The house was named for Maria . . . — Map (db m83202) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — Officer’s Garden
"The walls were almost hidden by a wealth of vines and foliage, and the enclosed space was as green as nature and care could make it. Beautiful flower beds were kept well tended by the soldiers and added greatly to the beauty of the grounds." . . . — Map (db m58615) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — Old Commissary
This building, on the N.W. bastion of the wall, was the commissary of the fort. Built in 1839, used until 1871 when the fort was abandoned as a military post. From 1861-65 it served as a hospital, guard house, and refuge, now a museum. Erected . . . — Map (db m57921) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — Old Federal Building
The old part of this building was the Barracks of the Fort, 1840-1871; Federal Court and Jail, 1872-1887; presided over by Judge I.C. Parker, 1875-1887. Erected as a public service by The Noon Civics Club — Map (db m57922) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — Reynolds - Davis Wholesale Grocery Company300 Garrison Avenue
This facade is all the remains of the five story building occupied from 1907 to 1955 by Reynolds - Davis Wholesale Grocery Company. The building subsequently served Checker Transfer & Storage Company from 1957 thru 1988 as well as other tenants . . . — Map (db m57919) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — The Bastion That Never Was
When army engineers originally designed the second Fort Smith in 1838, they planned for it to withstand attack. A key feature in achieving this goal was a stone wall about twelve feet high and from two to three feet thick. This wall surrounded the . . . — Map (db m58434) HM
Arkansas (Sebastian County), Fort Smith — The Women’s Jail, 1872-1888
After the U.S. Army closed Fort Smith in 1871, the guardhouse served the Federal Court for the Western District of Arkansas. It remained in use as a jail, detaining primarily women suspected or convicted of federal crimes until 1888. At that time, . . . — Map (db m58128) HM
California (Calaveras County), Murphys — Ebbetts Pass Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to honor and revere the sacrifices of all those who have served their country — Map (db m66146) WM
California (Fresno County), Kingsburg — George Boyle
Constable George Boyle died of gunshot wounds on November 18, 1924, after being shot four times in a gun battle with three fugitives. According to the Kingsburg Recorder, Boyle was shot four days earlier while attempting to apprehend three convicts . . . — Map (db m95380) HM
California (Fresno County), Kingsburg — The Historic Kingsburg JailBuilt in 1925
On October 20, 1924 the Kingsburg City Council authorized the city clerk to call for bids to construct a new jail to replace a dilapidated wooden jail built in 1874. Less than one month thereafter, the bids were received and opened, and the Anton . . . — Map (db m95340) HM
California (Inyo County), Big Pine — Big Pine Veterans Memorial
Marker 1: The Big Pine Veterans Memorial was established by the Big Pine Civic Club in the year 2000 to honor all veterans of the Owens Valley. The 80-foot tall pole proudly displays the "Stars and Stripes" with the California State flag . . . — Map (db m54427) HM
California (Inyo County), Bishop — History of "Dangerous Arrest"Inyo Register — Thursday, March 10, 1887
The Shooting For the first time in many months the peace and calm of the town were disturbed by a succession of pistols shots last Saturday night. The shots were fired by Officer Plumley in arresting one Phillip Staiger for disorderly conduct . . . — Map (db m78316) HM
California (Inyo County), Cartago — "Cottonwood Charcoal Kilns"
[Upper Main Marker:] In June 1873 Colonel Sherman Stevens built a sawmill and flume on Cottonwood Creek high in the Sierra’s directly west of this spot. The flume connected with the Los Angeles Bullion Road. The lumber from the flume was . . . — Map (db m52104) HM
California (Inyo County), Independence — Engine #18
An oil burning steam locomotive, built by Baldwin in 1911, was purchased by the Southern Pacific R.R. in 1926 to haul passengers and freight along the 300 miles narrow gauge line, known locality as the “Slim Princess”. Jim Butler of . . . — Map (db m52099) HM
California (Inyo County), Independence — 223 — Putnam’s Stone Cabin
One hundred thirty feet west of this site, Charles Putnam built the first cabin of permanent habitation in what is now Inyo County in August 1861. The building served as a home, trading post, hospital, and “fort” for early settlers, as . . . — Map (db m2957) HM
California (Kern County), Arvin — Arvin-Sierra Glider Port1937-1941
Located on the hills in front of you, on the historic Tejon Ranch, the Arvin-Sierra Glider Port was the site for the West Coast Soaring Championships. Many of America’s famous glider pilots made record flights from here, soaring over the mountains . . . — Map (db m80599) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Arlington House
Former site of two-story Arlington House opened December 26, 1874. Rebuilt to three stories after fire of 1889 and operated until 1915. Redesigned in 1916 to two-story business and store building. — Map (db m55122) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Bakersfield Californian
Home of The Bakersfield Californian Erected by Alfred Harrell 1925 — Map (db m55744) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Bank of Bakersfield
This site patented by Colonel Thomas Baker in 1867. Numerous individuals owned property until erection of Bank of Bakerfield in 1903. Replaced by present Bank of America buiding in 1930. — Map (db m55118) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Kern County Land Company Building
In 1894, four years after the formation of the Kern County Land Company, the firm built an office building that demonstrated its "Faith in the Future" of Bakersfield. The structure with outside walls of cream colored pressed brick, trimmed with gray . . . — Map (db m52573) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — 588 — Kern River Slough
Just south of this point stood the Butterfield Overland Stage site known as Kern River Slough. Operating through present Kern County during 1858 – 1861. This famous line ran from St. Louis, Missouri to San Francisco until the outbreak of . . . — Map (db m24946) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — 690 — Last Home of Alexis Godey
Near this site stood the home of Alexis Godey, frontiersman and scout, who lived here from 1883 until his death on January 19, 1889. Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1818, he acted as guide for John C. Frémont's expedition through the Kern area in . . . — Map (db m51676) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Livermore and Chester Store
Site of Livermore and Chester Store, first business establishment in Bakersfield, an adobe structure built in 1865. Purchased by H. H. Fish in 1886. Destroyed in the fire of 1889. Rebuilt in 1890. — Map (db m55119) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — 1 — Pablo Galtes - Union CemeteryHistorical Marker #1
Pablo Galtes facilitated the establishment of the Catholic community of Bakersfield in the early 1870's. The first Mass celebrated in Bakersfield was said in the back of Pablo's store located on 19th Street near Chester Avenue. (Eleven family . . . — Map (db m52546) HM
California (Kern County), Caliente — 757 — Caliente
Originally known as Allen's Camp after Gabriel Allen, who in the 1870s had a cabin and stock pasture near here, the settlement was named Caliente when railroad construction reached this point in April 1875. The town became a railroad terminal for . . . — Map (db m11935) HM
California (Kern County), California City — 20-Mule Team Trail
From 1883 to 1889, wagons hauled borax along this road 165 miles from Death Valley to Mohave. The route was laid out by J.W.S. Perry. He and a muleskinner named Ed Stiles designed the wagons to carry the heavy loads to the rail depot. The wagon . . . — Map (db m101998) HM
California (Kern County), Cantil — 476 — Desert Spring
This spring was on the old Indian Horsethief Trail and later (1834) Joe Walker Trail. The famished Manly-Jayhawk Death Valley parties (1849-50) were revived here after coming from Indian Wells through Last Chance Canyon. The was also a station on . . . — Map (db m50247) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — CT-39A - "Sabreliner"North American
Originally developed as a private venture to meet a USAF requirement for a twin jet utility trainer, the prototype T-39 made its first flight on 16 September 1958. In all, 143 T-39A’s and six T-39B’s were built for the USAF. Another 62 T-39’s were . . . — Map (db m64619) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — F-16B"Fighting Falcon"
When first flown at Edwards AFB on January 20, 1974, the YF-16 was the most advance fighter in the world. The F-16B is a combat-capable two-seat version of the production F-16A. To date, over 4,000 F-16s have been manufactured worldwide and 122 B . . . — Map (db m63609) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — N.F.-11 (T.T.-20) - “Meteor”Gloster Aircraft
The Meteor was Britain’s first operational jet aircraft and the only operational Allied jet to see service in World War II. The prototype, designated G.41, completed its first flight in March 1943 under the power of two de Havilland H-1 turbojets. . . . — Map (db m64595) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — NF-4C - "Phantom II"McDonnell
The Phantom II, first flown in May 1958, was developed as a fleet defense interceptor for the U.S. Navy. After entering Navy service in 1961, the USAF evaluated it at Edwards AFB to fill a fighter-bomber requirement. In 1963 production F-4Cs began . . . — Map (db m64623) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — PGM-17A • "Thor"Douglas Aircraft
Thor was the free world’s first operational intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM). It was 65 feet long, 8 feet in diameter and weighed 105,000 pounds. Douglas Aircraft was the prime contractor. The missile utilized a single stage North . . . — Map (db m64589) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — T-28B - "Trojan"North American
The T-28B was originally developed as a U.S. Navy basic trainer and completed its maiden flight on 6 April 1953. Nearly 500 were built. Early models of the Trojan were tested at Edwards beginning shortly after the plane’s first flight in 1949. A . . . — Map (db m64596) HM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — The Medal of HonorIn Memory of United States Air Force — Medal of Honor Recipients
Main Plaque: The medal of honor is the highest U.S. military decoration awarded to individuals who, while serving in the U.S. armed services, have distinguished themselves by conspicuous gallantry and courage at the risk of life, above . . . — Map (db m62138) WM
California (Kern County), Edwards AFB — YF-100A “Super Sabre”North American
The F-100 was the USAF’s first operational aircraft capable of flying faster than the speed of sound (760 mph) in level flight. The prototype YF-100A made its initial flight on 25 May 1953 and the first production aircraft was completed on October . . . — Map (db m62136) HM
California (Kern County), Havilah — First Catholic Church and Cemetery in Kern County
This is the site of the first Catholic Church St. Joseph's and Cemetery built in Kern County in August 1866. It was established by Father Francis Dade, the circuit priest headquartered in Visalia. The Catholic Church here in Havilah was moved to . . . — Map (db m89215) HM
California (Kern County), Kernville — Bob PowersJune 7, 1924 – September 11, 2002
A fifth generation native of Kern River Valley, Bob is best remembered for the 9 history books he wrote. Without him much of what happened in our valley’s past would have been lost. He was a cowboy, cattleman, ranger, family man and historian. But . . . — Map (db m25238) HM
California (Kern County), Mojave — United States Marine Corps Air StationMojave California — 1942 - 1947 • 1951 - 1959
In dedication to the pilots, air crews and personnel of Mojave, who trained, served and gave their lives in the service of this country, especially to those who valiantly fought for freedom in the great battles of World War II and Korea. Semper . . . — Map (db m53280) HM
California (Kern County), Onyx — Onyx Store - 1880

William Scodie, born in 1827 in Prussia, originally
 moved to Keyesville in 1856 and opened an 
eating establishment. He relocated to this area in 1861 
operating a way-station from his house. Stocking his 
front room with . . . — Map (db m51862) HM
California (Kern County), Onyx — 99 — Walker's Pass
Discovered by Joseph R. Walker, American trail-blazer who left the San Joaquin Valley through this pass in 1834. This area was traversed by topographer Edward M. Kern, after whom the Kern River was named, while accompanying the Fremont expedition of . . . — Map (db m71071) HM
California (Kern County), Randsburg — Randsburg Drug StoreRand Mining District Centennial — 1895 - 1995
Nicholas N. Miller – Randsburg Drug Store Nicholas Miller, a native of Michigan, came to Randsburg in December of 1896 and opened a drug store a month later. He was burnt out in both fires of 1898 losing $4,000 in the last fire and an . . . — Map (db m53851) HM
California (Kern County), Shafter — 1022 — Shafter Cotton Research Station
The Shafter Cotton Research Station, established here in 1922 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, developed the "Acala" varieties which were exceptionally well suited to the San Joaquin Valley. The quality of the acala cottons and the marketing . . . — Map (db m52055) HM
California (Kern County), Taft — The Fort, Taft
Built of native adobe, The Fort is a replica of Sutter's Fort in Sacramento, originally it was built to accommodate county, state, and federal officers, as well as be utilized as a town hall. The Fort was dedicated on May 22, 1940. — Map (db m54397) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 643 — "Old Town"
The oldest settlement in Tehachapi Valley, known as 'Old Town,' was established here during the 1860s. It was long an important station on the road between Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley, the community began to decline when residents . . . — Map (db m11913) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — Duty~Honor~Country
The Sacrifices of few ensured the freedom of many. A grateful community remembers those who served in the Armed Forces of the United States during time of war and peace, whose courage and personal sacrifices defended and preserved our freedom. — Map (db m79895) WM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 2 — Errea House
The Erra family occupied this dwelling for 75 years. The structure was built by a doctor in "Old Town" (or "Tehichipa") 4 miles west of Tehachapi between 1870 and 1875. It was moved to this location on log rollers about 1900. It is the only . . . — Map (db m52800) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 23 — Hitching Post Theatre
This building was contructed after the 1952 earthquake to house a post office, a department store, an electric shop, a variety store and a drug store. The photo shows the two-story frame hotel (formerly the Old Summit School, which was moved to this . . . — Map (db m52968) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 5 — McFarland House & Late 1880s House
McFarland House - Located on the northwest corner of "D" and Green Streets, this house was built in the late 1800s by the McFarland family, who operated a sawmill and box factory in Tehachapi, circa 1890. Late 1880s House - Located . . . — Map (db m52810) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 11 — Original site of the First Catholic Church in 1887
The present, remodeled bank building was constructed in 1936 as the second St. Malchy Church. In the early 1980's the structure was sold to the newly formed Sierra National Bank, which was acquired by the Bank of the Sierra in May 2000. — Map (db m52888) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 7 — Peery House
This house was built by Dr. Russell Peery in 1890. He owned a drug store in Tehachapi and was noted for having developed the "gold cure" for arthritis. It later became the residence of Albert Ancker, a long time banker who was a President of the . . . — Map (db m52812) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 25 — People of the MountainsThe Nuwa Tribe
In this village scene from before contact with the white man, women weave baskets and grind foodstuffs in bedrock mortars. Children play games, as the men make tools and weave rabbit pelt blankets. The border shows more recent members and elders of . . . — Map (db m52990) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 26 — Red Front Blacksmith Shop Mural
The original Red Front Blacksmith Shop was located directly across the street from this mural. The workers pictured represent many local ranching families. The images in the ovals next to the buildings show scenes from Tehachapi's ranching history. . . . — Map (db m53116) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 15 — Site of the Kessing Building
On this site, the first frame building in Tehachapi was built by Mary and Bernard Kessing. They replaced the original wooden building in 1905 with a beautiful brick building named the Kessing Building, which was destroyed in the 1952 earthquake. A . . . — Map (db m53123) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — 27 — Tehachapi Loop Mural
The Tehchapi Loop put Tehachapi on the map when it was completed in 1876. Before that time there was no rail access across the Tehachapi Mountains. The historic Loop is pictured here, circa 1952, with a trompe l'oeil effect showing damage to the . . . — Map (db m53117) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — The Tehachapi Museum
City of Tehachapi Respecting Our Past – Planning Our Future The Tehachapi Museum Dedicated On May 22, 2010 Built in 1931 in the Art Deco style, this building originally housed the Kern County Library and was later given to the . . . — Map (db m52829) HM
California (Kern County), Tehachapi — Why Tehachapi Pass? / Pioneers of the Wind / Hike A Mile or Two - Thousand
First Panel: Wind Development Why Tehachapi Pass? 1) Close to Energy Users The proximity of Tehachapi Pass to the Los Angeles Basin makes it an attractive location for wind power development, as it reduces the length, . . . — Map (db m63166)
California (Kern County), Twin Oaks — Walker BasinPoint of Historical Interest
Walker Basin was on the stagecoach route from Caliente to Keyesville. The Western Confederates were here during and after the Civil War 1861 to 1867. Abia T. Lightner came to the basin in 1858 and took up farming and raising cattle. In 1864, where . . . — Map (db m51829) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Avalon, Catalina Island — Catalina Island Yacht ClubFounded 1924
The Catalina Island Yacht Club has been a welcoming landmark in Avalon Bay since the building was completed in 1924. One of the oldest and most unique yacht clubs in Southern California, it has a proud history rich in the lore and tradition of . . . — Map (db m49679) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Burbank — Big Boy — State of California Point of Historical Interest
This restaurant was built in 1949 by locals Scott MacDonald and Ward Albert and is the oldest remaining Bob's Family Restaurant in America. It was designed by respected architect Wayne McAllister incorporating the 1940s Transitional design of . . . — Map (db m52246) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Burbank — Story Hardware
On this site in 1915, Thomas Story with sons Henry and Walter opened Story & Sons Hardware store. Thomas Story was one of Burbank’s earliest pioneers, arriving here in 1877. He opened Burbank’s first livery stable in 1899, and also farmed and sold . . . — Map (db m55761) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Glendale — Doctors House
The doctors house, a Glendale landmark, is named for the three prominent physicians Dr. G.V. Bogue, Dr. D.W. Hunt, and Dr. A.L. Bryant, and for DR. L.H. Hurtt chemist who made it their home. One of the few remaining residences of Queen Anne Eastlake . . . — Map (db m55764) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Glendale — El Miradero"A high place overlooking a wide view" — Constructed 1903
Known as Brand's Castle Home of L.C. Brand-Pioneer and Prominent developer in Glendale Design by Nathaniel Dryden Historical "City of Glendale California" Landmark — Map (db m56191) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Lancaster — Fred Wallace Haise 
Aerospace Walk of Honor
Fred Haise is best known as the Lunar Module Pilot who, in 1970, was a crewmember on the dramatic Apollo 13 aborted lunar mission. Due to an oxygen tank explosion, the crew had to utilize the Lunar Module "Aquarius" as a lifeboat. This mission will . . . — Map (db m69508) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Biscailuz Building1925-26
This building, located on the site of the Juan Sepulveda adobe, was designed as the United Methodist Church Conference Headquarters and the Plaza Community Center. Today it serves as the Consulate-General of Mexico. In 1968, the building was . . . — Map (db m54751) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Bradbury Building
Mining Tycoon L. Bradbury Makes His Mark His name endures in the eponymous town of wealth and horseflesh set against the San Gabriel Mountains, but mining tycoon Louis Bradbury made his loveliest mark on Southern California with the . . . — Map (db m92497) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Latino Blood, American Hearts
This site is dedicated to the Latino-American Heroes who received the Congressional Medal of Honor, our nation's highest award for bravery. For love of country, they performed above and beyond the call of duty. Heroes y compatriotas, con . . . — Map (db m74096) WM
California (Los Angeles County), Los Angeles — Oviatt Building
Paris Exposition Like the jewel-box that it is, the Oviatt Building husbands its treasures within its walls… yet even casual passerby can get a hint of the gorgeousness inside, from just a glimpse of the nymph-crowned gates, of the overhead . . . — Map (db m92506) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Malibu — Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo
On October 10, 1542 Famed Spanish Explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Discovered a large Chumash Indian Village close to the sea at which he first claimed possession of Alta California lands for the King of Spain. He was greeted by the . . . — Map (db m74707) HM
California (Los Angeles County), North Hollywood — 980000246 — Portal of the Folded WingShrine to Aviation
Dedicated To The Honored Dead Of American Aviation On The 50th Anniversary Of Powered Flight, Dec. 17, 1953, By Lt. Gen. Ira C. Eaker USAF (Ret.) - - - - - - - - - - - - Beneath The Memorial tablets in this sacred portal rest the . . . — Map (db m29365) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Palmdale — Palmdale School House
Built in 1886 Dedicated to the Citizens of Palmdale. October 16, 1986 On April 10, 1888 the Palmdale School District was formed and this building served as its first school. The school, located near 27th East & Ave R-8, was attended by the . . . — Map (db m53031) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — Bonham Alley
Named for Perry P. Bonham, a plumber who occupied 45 West Colorado Boulevard in the Hugus and Bonham Block. Today, the late nineteenth-century masonry buildings are grouped behind a two-story Spanish Colonial facade. Bonham served as a police . . . — Map (db m72695) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — Exchange Alley
Named for the "Exchange Block Building" at 13-27 East Colorado Boulevard whose most important business was the Carlton Hotel, a first-class business hotel established in 1886. On the first floor were Harper & Reynolds Hardware Company and Alexander . . . — Map (db m71145) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — Fenyes Estate
Built 1905 Been Placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m74140) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — Fraiser Alley
Named for Dr. J. Carvasso Fraser, Physician for the Raymond Hotel in the 1890s. The Raymond Hotel, perhaps the finest of Pasadena's early grand resort hotels, was located on South Raymond Avenue on Raymond Hill, two miles south of Colorado . . . — Map (db m72693) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — Martin Alley
Named for T.E. Martin who build The Webster Hotel in 1884 at the Southwest Corner of Colorado Boulevard and Fair Oaks Avenue. Later called The Grand Hotel, it was the scene of many social events in early Pasadena. — Map (db m72692) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — McCormick Alley
Named for E.L. McCormick, President of the American Bank & Trust Company from 1907-1910. The American Bank & Trust Company, organized in 1905, was located at the northeast corner of Colorado Street and Broadway at 135 East Colorado Street. A good . . . — Map (db m72691) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — Pasadena Robinson MemorialJackie and Mack Robinson — Bronze Scultpures, 9 ft by 6 ft by 7 ft, 2,700 lbs each
The Pasadena Robinson Memorial sculptures were created through a community effort spearheaded by the Board of Directors of Pasadena Robinson Memorial and the City of Pasadena. The monumental bronze portraitures of Mack and Jackie Robinson focus on . . . — Map (db m71143) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Pasadena — Vietnam Veterans MemorialCity of Pasadena
We remember those who gave their lives and those who remain missing. Vernon Brackins * Bruce Brogoitti * James Carter * David Cash * Dale Chamberlain * Michael D'Aiello * Walter Davis * Timothy Duncan * Mark Enari * James Fullerton * Charles . . . — Map (db m71146) WM
California (Los Angeles County), San Gabriel — Early CaliforniaOutdoor Mural by — Artist Donald "Putt" Putman
The 72 foot mural depicts life in early California with scenes of Native Americans, Francisan Padres and Senoritas. It was painted over a period of three months. Images projected against the wall at night provided the basic outline necessary to . . . — Map (db m67295) HM
California (Los Angeles County), San Gabriel — Lt. Colonel Juan Bautista De Anza
Lt. Colonel Juan Bautista De Anza by decree of Carlos III of Spain. Led an expedition to this site the mission being to colonize the San Francisco Bay Area. De Anza Expedition 1775 - 1776 — Map (db m67293) HM
California (Los Angeles County), San Gabriel — San Gabriel Veterans War Memorial
Be it known by all who read these words that this Veterans War Memorial is dedicated to those men and women from San Gabriel who so gallantly served their country in times of national peril. City of San Gabriel 50th Anniversary Seal . . . — Map (db m66584) WM
California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial
Panel 1: American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial The United States Merchant Marine has faithfully served our country in times of war and peace, hauling life and cargo to every corner of the world. This memorial is . . . — Map (db m67059) HM
California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial Wall of Honor
American Merchant Marine Veterans Veterans Memorial Wall of Honor Dedication: National Maritime Day, May 22, 2003 [List of state and local government officials] Gene Frank Construction, Builder Randall B. Montgomery, Engraver . . . — Map (db m50928) HM
California (Los Angeles County), San Pedro — World War II Memorial: Propeller from Heavy Cruiser U.S.S. Canberra CA-70/CAG-2Dedicated to the Gallant Men and Ships of the United State Navy
This exhibit made possible by the following firms and individuals: Propeller donated State of California, Dep't. of Education - pedestal design, Robert Blake - structural engineering, Moffatt & Nichol - pedestal steel from Todd Pacific Shipyards . . . — Map (db m71833) WM
California (Los Angeles County), Santa Monica — Rapp's Saloon
This building, the first brick structure in the city, was erected in October 1875 as a tavern by William Rapp. Known as Rapp's Saloon, it served as the town hall from May 1887 to January 1889. Designated as a landmark on August 20 1975 Santa . . . — Map (db m82035) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Sylmar — 653 — “The Cascades”
This is the terminus of the Los Angeles-Owens River Aqueduct, which brings water 338 miles from the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada to the City of Los Angeles. Begun in 1905, the great aqueduct was completed November 5, 1913. The Mono Craters . . . — Map (db m20089) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Sylmar — 753 — The San Fernando Pioneer Memorial Cemetery
This Cemetery, earlier known as Morningside Cemetery, is the oldest non-sectarian cemetery in San Fernando Valley. It was used from the early 1800's until 1939. It was legally abandoned in 1959. In this same year Mrs. Nellis S. Noble donated the . . . — Map (db m54544) HM
California (Mono County), Bodie — James Stuart Cain
Pioneer banker and mining man born in 1854 and moved to Carson City, Nevada, in 1875. Shortly thereafter he and Martha D. Wells of nearby Genoa were married and moved to Bodie where he engaged in lumber, freighting, banking, and mining operations. . . . — Map (db m54786) HM
California (Mono County), Lee Vining — Sheriff James P. Dolan
In July of 1915, the peace and quiet of Mono County was shattered when Sheriff James P. Dolan died as a result of gunshot wounds received while attempting to apprehend two outlaws who had terrorized ranchers a short distance from this location. . . . — Map (db m11416) HM
California (Monterey County), Carmel — Lone CypressPerched over the Pacific for Hundreds of Years
Even though Monterey cypress trees prefer this area's rugged bare granite headlands, the Lone Cypress is a testament to the hardiness of these trees. It has withstood Pacific storms and winds for roughly 250 years. Fences and cables now offer added . . . — Map (db m8476) HM
California (Monterey County), Carmel-by-the-Sea — Junípero Serra/Establishing the California Missions/The Ave Maria Bell
Junípero Serra Serra played a decisive role in the European settlement of the New World. He was born Miquel José Serra in Petra on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca on November 24, 1713. Though not an assuming figure and plagued by ill . . . — Map (db m63686) HM
California (Monterey County), Monterey — Edward Ricketts1897-1948
Marine biologist, philosopher, writer, ecologist, and friend to many. Immortalized as “Doc” of John Steimbeck’s Cannery Row, the real man had a profound influence on the thinking of writers, artists, and scientists through his . . . — Map (db m54904) HM
California (Monterey County), Monterey — Kalisa's La Ida Cafe1957-2007
Kalisa Moore, known as "Queen of Cannery Row," was born in Latvia and came to America after WWII. She bridged the eras, opening her gourmet restaurant when most of the canneries had closed. Over the years "Kalisa's" became a bohemian coffee . . . — Map (db m81817) HM
California (Monterey County), Monterey — Larkin House
This house was constructed in 1834 by Thomas Oliver Larkin, the only United States Consul in California under Mexican rule, it has been used as a private residence, the United States Consulate, City Hall, and served as Headquarters of General . . . — Map (db m82627) HM
California (Monterey County), Monterey — Local Railway Led the Way to America's Salad Bowl.
The Railroad was critical to the development of the Salinas Valley's agriculture industry. As depicted in John Steinbeck's East of Eden, the advent of refrigerated rail meant that lettuce grown in the Salinas Valley could be transported coast to . . . — Map (db m83322) HM
California (Orange County), Anaheim — Kate and Ella 1895"Katella Ranch"
Kate and Ella the daughters of the Rea Family were early settlers of Anaheim. The family named their ranch "Katella Ranch" after their daughters. The original Anaheim wagon track was later named after them and is now Katella Ave. Artist: . . . — Map (db m55371) HM
California (Placer County), Tahoe City — Tahoe City’s “Big Tree”
For over 125 years a grand pine tree known as the “Big Tree” stood in the centerline of Highway 28 in the heart of Tahoe City. In 1940 the Federated Women’s Club literally joined hands around the tree when the California Division . . . — Map (db m34524) HM
California (Placer County), Tahoe City — Tahoe City's Constables
In 1901 Tahoe City needed a constable. There was an influx of workers and summer visitors expected with the completion of a 15-mile railroad line from Truckee and the opening of the 400-room hotel, The Tahoe Tavern. Robert Montgomery Watson, an . . . — Map (db m55503) HM
California (Riverside County), Palm Springs — HSPB-10 — Oasis Hotel
The Oasis Hotel, constructed 1923-25, contained approximately 20 units and included the Tower Building, the only three story hotel building in Palms Springs for many years. The 40 foot tower, with its pyramidal roof, provided access to the . . . — Map (db m52742) HM
California (Riverside County), Palm Springs — HSPB-11 — Site of First Community Church
This is the site of the first community church in Palm Springs. Welwood Murray donated the land in 1906 and the little church stood as a landmark in the village until 1934. The existing Carnell Building designed by Harold Williams was completed in . . . — Map (db m52736) HM
California (Riverside County), Palm Springs — 31 — The Cork'n Bottle BuildingBuilt 1935-36
A rare example of a Depression Era Art Modern style building in Palm Springs. The double and triple bands of horizontal 'streamline' moldings, flat unembellished blocky wall surfaces, and symmetrical façade are characteristics of the Art Modern . . . — Map (db m52737) HM
California (Riverside County), Palm Springs — HSPS-13 — Welwood Murray Memorial Library
In 1938 George Welwood Murray donated this land to provide for a library as a memorial to his father, Welwood Murray, pioneer hotel operator. Cornelia white donated an additional strip of property on the eastern end of the site. The existing . . . — Map (db m52732) HM
California (Riverside County), Palm Springs — RIV-003 — Whitewater
Site of Cahuilla Indian Village of Wanapiapa, home of the Wanakik Lineage. Visited by Jose Romero Expedition exploring overland route from Sonora to California 1823. Eastern boudary of Rancho San Gorgonio. Adobe south of highway served as Stage . . . — Map (db m52744) HM
California (San Bernardino County), Victorville — Mormon Springs
In the 1860's, fresh water springs in this area were developed by Mormon freighters making the springs and surrounding cottonwood trees a popular campsite. — Map (db m63945) HM
California (San Diego County), Coronado — Christmas TreeHotel del Coronado
Here stands the world's first electrically-lighted outdoor Christmas tree, unveiled at the Hotel del Coronado on December 24, 1904 — Map (db m70553) HM
California (San Diego County), El Cajon — Historic El Cajon Hall̴ 1894 ̴
This building has also served as newspaper office, a bank, telephone company, a lodge, Farmers Institute and a meat market. Purchased by the Weinstock family and served as an appliance and radio store 1932 Purchased & restored by . . . — Map (db m54384) HM
California (San Diego County), Julian — F.L. Blanc Rental1899
This is one of the three rentals built near 3rd and "C" St. By F.L. Blanc, first resident preacher of Julian. This site still has the well drilled to provide running water for his mining tenants. They no longer had to carry it 2 blks up hill from . . . — Map (db m84773) HM
California (San Diego County), Oceanside — Andrew Jackson Myers(April 10, 1840 - February 28, 1907)
On this site is the former homestead of the founder of Oceanside, Andrew Jackson (A.J.) Myers. A native of La Salle County Illinois, A. J. Myers was born in 1840, and lived for a time in San Joaquin County, California in 1852. He served in the . . . — Map (db m54231) HM
California (San Diego County), Oceanside — Remember Pearl HarborKeep America Alert — December 7, 1941
Leslie Alford USS California • Melvin Allison USS Dobbin • John Anderson USS Widgeon • Earl S. Arneson USS New Orleans • Jack Arnold Ford Island NAS • Richard Aufmann 1st Defense Bn. • Lee Averett USS Tracy • Richard Baker USS San . . . — Map (db m62148) WM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — 70 — Casa de Pedrorena de Altamirano
Miguel Pedrorena Jr. built this adobe structure in 1869. It was the final adobe built in Old Town. In January 1871 Pedrorena gave the building to his sister Isabel de Altamirano, joining together two pioneer California families. Isabel and her . . . — Map (db m11777) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — 51 — Old Point Loma Lighthouse
This lighthouse built in 1854, was one of the first eight lighthouses on the Pacific Coast. It continued in use until 1891, when the new Pelican Point Lighthouse began operating. The Point Loma Lighthouse became the site of the Cabrillo National . . . — Map (db m36602) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — USS San Diego Memorial
Panel 1: USS San Diego (CL-53) Light Cruiser Crew: 756 Officers and Men Battle Record Guadalcanal to Tokyo Bay 1942 to 1945 34 Enemy Engagements – 18 Battle Stars Steamed 312,000 NM Second most decorated . . . — Map (db m52197) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — Defending the Golden Gate
The Army mounted twenty-one cannon here on the barbette tier. Soldiers could aim the cannon to defend against attack from land or sea. "Yesterday, Queen Emma and suite, of the Hawaiian Islands....visited fortifications of the harbor...The . . . — Map (db m102276) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Franscico — The Palace LagoonFrom Water-Filled Bog to Landmark
The lagoon fronting the Palace of Fine Arts is a relic of San Francisco's early landscape. It was once part of a slough on a tidal wetland stretching from present-day Divisadero Street well into the Presidio. Salt water from the San Francisco Bay . . . — Map (db m102286) HM
California (San Luis Obispo County), San Miguel — Mission Fields
On Aug. 27, 1795, Padre Buenaventura Sitjar reported to Padre Fermin de Lasuen, Presidente of the California Missions, that the low land on both sides of the river at the proposed site of Mission San Miguel was sufficient to grow 300 fanegas of . . . — Map (db m64681) HM
California (San Luis Obispo County), San Miguel — 326 — Mission San Miguel Arcangel
Selecting this site because of the great number of Salinan Indians living hereabout. Fray Fermin Francisco de Lasuen, O.F.M., second president of the California Missions. Founded San Miguel Archangel on July 25,1797. The sixteenth in a chain of . . . — Map (db m64948) HM
California (Santa Barbara County), Santa Barbara — 30 — Old Stagecoach Route1860-1901
This old stagecoach road was used by all traffic until the Cold Springs Arches Bridge was built in 1963. — Map (db m51857) HM
California (Tulare County), Fountain Springs — Old Stage Road
Running north and south, following an older Indian Trail is the route taken by many Spanish expeditions, American trappers, traders and parties of exploration. It was the major inland route of gold seekers to the northern and southern Mines and was . . . — Map (db m51868) HM
California (Tuolumne County), Columbia — Wilson/McConnell House
James Wilson, a Norwegian immigrant shoemaker, purchased the property and brick building to the right in 1869. The brick building housed his shop; living quarters were in the rear. Wilson died in 1876, leaving his widow, Rose, and 8 children. This . . . — Map (db m53297) HM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — 16 — Duke Kahanamoku — Waikīkī Historic Trail
Olympic swimming champion Duke Kahanamoku (1890–1986) spent much of his youth here in Kālia with his mother’s family, the Paoas. The family owned most of the 20 acres which the Hilton Hawaiian Village now occupies. It is said that it was . . . — Map (db m13188) HM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, USN
He was aggressive in war without hate; he never forgot that he was dealing with human beings, on both sides of the conflict. (E.R. Potter, 1976) Born to Frederickburg, Texas in 1885, Chester W. Nimitz was accepted into the United States naval . . . — Map (db m73127) HM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Reverend James KekelaKekela O Ka Lani
Born in 1824 at Mokuleia Oahu Educated by James Hunnewell at Lahainaluna First Hawaiian Christian Minister Ordained at Kahuku December 21 1849 In 1853 he went as a pioneer missionary to the Marquesas . . . — Map (db m74147) HM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — This Sacred SiteWorld War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument
This memorial honors the fallen crew of USS Arizona and all those who died in the attack on December 7, 1941. The remains of over 900 Arizona crewman rest beneath you within the sunken battleship. Just ahead is an open area where you . . . — Map (db m73230) HM WM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — 2 — WaikikiWaikiki Historic Trail
Waikiki means “spouting water” because it was a vast marshland fed by many streams. You are in fact standing on what was the mouth of an old stream, the Kuekaunahi. From ancient times Waikiki has been a popular surfing spot which is one . . . — Map (db m73119) HM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Waikiki — Mahiole(Helmet)
Ancient Hawaii was governed by a sharply defined caste system. The kings were the highest authority. Chiefs, or Alii, ruled over sections of the land at the pleasure of the kings. At times there was a king for each of the major islands in the . . . — Map (db m75626) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Boulder City — Frank T. Crowe
[ Front ]: "The Old Man" Francis Trenholm Crowe Born: October 12, 1882 Died: February 26, 1946 World's Outstanding Builder of Dams [ Right Side ]: "We had 5,000 men in a 4000-foot canyon. The problem was to . . . — Map (db m39485) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Boulder City — Hoover Dam and Lake Mead
Since 1935, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead have provided flood control, irrigation, drinking water, and power to communities in the desert. These resources have transformed the southwest into production farmland and thriving communities. The dam was . . . — Map (db m31879) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Las Vegas — 13 — "Bugsy"Nevada Celebrates Filmmaking
Flashy end-credit sequence filmed here at the Flamingo Hilton Stars Warren Beatty, Annette Bening (1991) — Map (db m53375) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Las Vegas — Chief Hotel CourtCirca 1940 — Neon Museum
The Chief Hotel Court sign was originally installed around 1940 at the hotel located at 1201 E. Fremont Street. Hotel architect was A. Lacey Worshwick. Loaned and refurbished by the Tiberti Family. Installed as part of the Neon Museum on . . . — Map (db m64031) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Las Vegas — The "Bugsy Building"
On this site Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel's original Flamingo Hotel stood from December 26, 1944 until December 14, 1993. The hotel, which housed 77 rooms, including the notorious Mr. Siegel's “Bugsy Suite” or . . . — Map (db m53373) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Las Vegas — The Las Vegas Mormon FortA Midpoint Way Station on the Mormon Road
In April 1855, Brigham Young, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, called thirty men to leave their families and possessions in the recently settled towns of Utah to serve a mission at the Las Vegas Springs. The verdant . . . — Map (db m1419) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — 601's
In the spring of 1871, a secret organization comprised of leading citizens and business men, was formed to combat lawlessness in Virginia City. This vigilance committee, known as the 601's, served to undesirables, notices to leave town. If they . . . — Map (db m77699) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — 48 — Eagle Engine Co. No.3
At his location was the Eagle Engine Co.No.3. After organizing in August of 1863, Eagle Engine Co. No.3 purchased a Jeffers hand-pumped fire engine for $3,700 from San Francisco's Vigilante Engine Co. No.9, and initially housed the 4,000 pound . . . — Map (db m77703) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — Founders of Julia C. Bulette Chapter
On January 11, 1963, 13 members of E Clampus Vitus met at the Bucket of Blood Saloon for the purpose of forming a new chapter of E Clampus Vitus. Those present were: Louie Beaupre, Marsh Fey, John Dufresne, Jim Lydon, Jack Cross, Ed Lydon, Bob . . . — Map (db m89508) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — Life in Virginia City on the Comstock Lode
Virginia City, circa. 1880’s, was a bustling industrial community of about 25,000 people which included Gold Hill and the Silver City communities. Gold and silver mining was a corporate environment that was owned by either the bank of California or . . . — Map (db m81819) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — The Millionaires ClubHistoric Landmark
Millionaires Club and Oldest Saloon in Virginia City ͠ Since ͠ 1862 [Marker Located on Back Wall of Saloon] Millionaires Club of the Washoe This historic club was formed in the mid-1870’s by the elite gentlemen of . . . — Map (db m22466) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — V & T Car No. 13Virginia & Truckee Railroad
The only railroad car ever designed expressively for transportation pf precious metals. Mail-Bullion Car No. 13 was built by the Oxford Car Company in 1874 to the order of the fabulous Virginia & Truckee Railroad. Until 1939 she transported her . . . — Map (db m21864) HM
Nevada (Washoe County), Reno — "People thought I was crazy."~Alice Ramsey
In 1909, twenty-two year old Alice Ramsey became the first woman to drive across United States in an automobile. She and her three female companions are depicted here, in her 1909 Maxwell Briscoe, crossing the Nevada desert east of the Truckee . . . — Map (db m77623) HM
Nevada (Washoe County), Reno — Spanish-American War Memorial 1898-1899Dedicated to — Nevada First Cavalry Volunteers
In 1908, the Reno Red Cross Society and the Woman's Christian Temperance Union gave to the City of Reno, a public drinking fountain to serve people, horses, and dogs. It was dedicated to the Nevada Veterans of the Spanish-American War, in . . . — Map (db m77707) WM
Nevada (Washoe County), Reno — Washoe County World War II Memorial
"God grants liberty to only those who love it and are ready to guard and defend it" - Daniel Webster Dedicated to the brave men and women who served their county at home and abroad from 1941 - 1945. Their efforts and sacrifices shall not . . . — Map (db m44526) HM
New Mexico (Quay County), Tucumcari — Fort Bascom1863 - 1870
Built under Brigadier General James H. Carleton. First Post Commander Captain Peter W.L. Plympton with Company F, 7th U.S. Infantry and Company 1st New Mexico Volunteer Cavalry. Named after Captain George N. Bascom, 16th U.S. Infantry. Officers . . . — Map (db m63510)
Ohio (Erie County), Milan — Edison Recalls Milan
My recollections of Milan are somewhat scanty as I left the town when I was not quite seven years old. I remember the wheat elevators on the canal, and Gay shipyard; also the launching of new boats, on which occasion the piece of land called the . . . — Map (db m90659) HM
Ohio (Erie County), Milan — Milan
Birthplace of Thomas A. Edison, February 11, 1847. A Moravian village, Peguotting, 1804-1809. First permanent white settlers came in 1816. Milan village platted, 1817; incorporated February 23, 1833. Ships canal to lake completed July 4, 1839 made . . . — Map (db m90658) HM
Ohio (Erie County), Milan — 4-22 — Milan Canal Basin1839-1867
Milan was a leading Great Lakes port after the completion of the 3-mile Milan Canal in 1839. Center of activity was the Milan Basin at this site where produce was brought from area farms for shipment to lake and world ports through 14 warehouses by . . . — Map (db m39910) HM
Ohio (Erie County), Sandusky — Cooke-Dorn House
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historical Places" by the United States Department of the Interior. — Map (db m90652)
Ohio (Erie County), Sandusky — 23-22 — Jury of Erie County Women / Erie County Courthouse
"Jury of Erie County Women, First to be Impaneled Under Federal Suffrage" proclaimed the headline of the Sandusky Register on August 28, 1920. One of the first female Court of Common Pleas juries in the nation was impaneled in Erie County on August . . . — Map (db m79097) HM
Ohio (Erie County), Sandusky — 19-22 — Ohio Veterans HomeOhio Soldiers and Sailors home 1888-1979
Following the Civil War, many of Ohio's disabled and wounded veterans found inadequate provisions for their long-term needs. In response, the Grand Army of the Republic's Department of Ohio lobbied for a state-operated veterans' home. In 1886 . . . — Map (db m79102) HM
Ohio (Erie County), Sandusky — Shoreline Park
Piers were in existence here as early as 1846. Later three long piers were built by the Baltimore and Ohio Railway for commercial use. Iron ore, grain, lumber, sand, crushed stone and packaged freight were shipped from this point. The B&O Railway . . . — Map (db m90708) HM
Ohio (Erie County), Sandusky — The Underground Railroad / Abolition Boats Provide an Escape to Freedom in Erie County
Marker Front: The Underground Railroad was neither underground nor a railroad, but a system of loosely connected safe havens where those escaping the brutal conditions of slavery were sheltered, fed, clothed, nursed, concealed, disguised, and . . . — Map (db m79108) HM
Pennsylvania (Adams County), Gettysburg — East Cemetery HillJuly 2, 1863 - Second Day
"The enemy stood with a tenacity never before displayed by them, but with bayonet, clubbed musket, sword and pistol, and rocks from the wall, we cleared the heights and silenced the guns." Maj. Samuel McD. Tate, C.S.A. 6th North Carolina Infantry . . . — Map (db m14146) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — John W. Thomas1830 - 1906
A native of Nashville. Forty-eight years in the service of the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway; President for twenty-two years. President of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, which resulted in securing to Nashville this . . . — Map (db m62864) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — 26 — Marathon Motor Car
The Marathon Motor Car was manufactured here 1914-1916 by Southern Motor Works (later called Marathon). Four models, all touring cars, were powered by engines of 4 cylinders, 30/35 hp, & 6s of 50 hp, with wheelbases from 9'8" to 12'5". The plant . . . — Map (db m61654) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — 88 — Tennessee Ornithological Society
On October 7, 1915, Dr. George Curtis, Albert F. Ganier, Judge H.Y. Hughes, Dr. George R. Mayfield, Dixon Merritt, and A.C. Webb met at Faucon's Restaurant, 419 Union Street, approximately 50 feet east of here, to found the Tennessee Ornithological . . . — Map (db m61939) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — The Parthenon
The world’s only replica of the Parthenon, epitome of Greek culture, was the central building at Tennessee’s Centennial Exposition, May 1 thru October 31, 1897. The original temple, dedicated to Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom occupied the most . . . — Map (db m81477) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 19 — African-American History
The first African-American residents of Fort Worth were slaves who received the delayed news of their emancipation on June 19, 1865. Those who remained in the area began to build a community on the city’s east side. A blacksmith shop operated by . . . — Map (db m52500) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 201 — Armour & Company
In 1901, local business leaders G.W. Simpson and L.V. Niles began negotiating with Armour & Co., one of the nation’s four largest meatpacking firms, to encourage establishment of a branch plant in Fort Worth. The Fort Worth Stock Yards Co. offered . . . — Map (db m56976) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — Car 25
Car 25 is one of four electric motorcars ordered by the Northern Texas Traction Company (NTTC) in 1913. The cars were manufactured by the St. Louis Car Company. These cars served on the interurban lines between Ft. Worth and Dallas and occasionally . . . — Map (db m53427) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 16 — Cynthia Ann Parker and Native Americans of North Texas
Native Americans hunted bison on the plains of North Texas in the 1800s. They traded freely with settlers, but conflicts did occur. Some tribal villages were attacked and some settlers’ homesteads were raided and captives taken. In January . . . — Map (db m52491) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — AQHHMP #5 — Early Quarter Horse Shows
Prior to 1940, Quarter Horses, also called Steeldusts or Billys, did not have an official breed name. However, there were shows where horsemen brought their Quarter Horses to be judged. William Anson of Christoval, TX, sponsored and judged this type . . . — Map (db m53425) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — First School1853
Site of the first school established by John Peter Smith Classes held in abandoned Fort Hospital in this block — Map (db m52517) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 14 — Flying Machines
Fort Worth residents got their first sight of flying machines in 1911 when the International Aviators National Tour was lured to town by Amon G. Carter, Sr. That same year the first “air mail” letter was delivered. During World War . . . — Map (db m52489) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 2026 — Fort Worth"Where the West Begins"
Founded June 6, 1849, as frontier post of Co. F, 2nd Dragoons, 8th Dept., U.S. Army. The commander, Maj. Ripley Arnold, named camp for his former superior officer, Maj. Gen. William Jenkins Worth. In 4 years of operations, the post had but one . . . — Map (db m52714) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 2033 — Fort Worth Stock Yards Entrance
Spanning Exchange Avenue, this gateway to the Fort Worth Stock Yards was completed in 1910. Constructed by the Topeka Bridge & Land Co. for the Fort Worth Stock Yards Co., it was a significant feat of concrete work for that era. The columns are 22 . . . — Map (db m53414) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 17 — JFK
On the evening of November 21, 1963, President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy arrived in Fort Worth to spend the night at the Hotel Texas. Early the next morning, President Kennedy made an unscheduled outdoor appearance and surprised a crowd that had . . . — Map (db m52499) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — Leonard Brothers Department Store1918 - 1967
(center panel) Obie Paul Leonard • John Marvin Leonard Two farm boys, with ingenuity, determination and 600 dollars, built a business empire. (outer panels) The history of John Marvin Leonard and Obie Paul . . . — Map (db m52790) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 9 — Opera Houses & Theaters
The Adelphi, Fort Worth’s first vaudeville theater, opened in 1876 at 3rd & Main but soon closed. Within a month, the “Theatre Comique” occupied the site, attracting audiences to its popular presentations of western-style variety . . . — Map (db m52274) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 4475 — St. Patrick's Cathedral
Erected 1888-1892 under the direction of the parish priest, the Rev. Jean M. Guyot, a native of France. Stone for walls was quarried locally. Improvised, horse-powered lathes were used to turn and polish the eighteen interior pillars. Ceilings and . . . — Map (db m52523) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 5167 — Swift & Company
A leading national meatpacking firm by the 1880s, Swift & Co. adopted a practice of opening branch plants nearer the source of supply. Attracted to Texas by the state’s vast livestock herds. The company chose this site for a new operation as the . . . — Map (db m56974) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 5278 — Thannisch Block Building
The eastern portion of this structure was built in 1906-07 by Col. Thomas Marion Thannisch (1853-1935), one of north Fort Worth's early developers. Designed for use as a hotel and office space to serve the Stockyards community and trade, the . . . — Map (db m53416) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — 3569 — The Neil P. Anderson Building
Neil P. Anderson (1847-1912) lived in Fort Worth by 1882. A talented broker, he helped this city set the pace for cotton trading in the inland markets of the southwest. His firm had Sanguinet & Staats design this “Cotton Exchange” with . . . — Map (db m52830) HM
Texas (Tarrant County), Fort Worth — The Site of Camp Worth
This stone marks the site of Camp Worth, a United States Military Post named in Honor of General William J. Worth and Commanded by Major Ripley A. Arnold 1849-1853. The camp protected the frontier against Indians, and was the beginning of the City . . . — Map (db m52717) HM
Virginia (Albemarle County), Charlottesville — The Monticello Graveyard
This graveyard had its beginning in an agreement between two young men, Thomas Jefferson and Dabney Carr, who were school-mates and friends. They agreed that they would be buried under a great oak which stood here. Carr, who married Jefferson's . . . — Map (db m80807) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington — Symbol of Friendship
Dedicated on May 5, 1960, the 15th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands, the Netherlands Carillon was presented "From The People Of The Netherlands To The People Of The United States" in gratitude for assistance given during and after . . . — Map (db m4898) HM
Virginia (Arlington County), Arlington — United States Marine Corps War Memorial
Dedicated to the Marine dead of all wars, and their comrades of other services who fell fighting beside them. Created by Felix de Weldon, and inspired by the immortal photograph taken by Joseph J. Rosenthal on February 23, 1945, atop Mt. . . . — Map (db m4914) HM
Virginia (Prince William County), Manassas — Stone House – Battlefield Landmark
This building links today’s landscape to the battlefield scene. The roadbeds have not changed; thousands of soldiers noticed the Stone House as they marched through this strategic intersection. During both battles Federals turned the former . . . — Map (db m846) HM
Virginia, Williamsburg — Charlton's Coffeehouse
Constructed as a store and residence in 1750, the building was converted into a coffeehouse and operated by Richard Charlton in the mid 1760s. In October 1765, the coffeehouse was the scene of resistance to the British Parliament's Stamp Act. — Map (db m60299) HM
Virginia, Williamsburg — James Anderson's Armoury
James Anderson, Blacksmith and Public Armourer, conducted his business on this site between 1770 and 1798. During the Revolutionary War, the Armoury employed as many as forty workmen -- blacksmiths, gunsmiths, tinsmiths, nailers, and gunstockers -- . . . — Map (db m60415) HM
Virginia, Williamsburg — The College of William and Mary in Virginia
A charter was granted by King William and Queen Mary in 1693, by fostering “good arts and sciences,” and by educating the youth in “good letters and manners,” the College has maintained its original mission as “a place . . . — Map (db m18165) HM
Virginia, Williamsburg — The Old Capitol
Here Patrick Henry first kindled the flames of revolution by his resolutions and speech against the Stamp Act May 29-30, 1765. Here, March 12, 1773, Dabney Carr offered and the convention of Virginia unanimously adopted the resolutions to . . . — Map (db m59791) HM

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