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By Syd Whittle, May 11, 2008
Peter Lassen Grave Marker
Arizona (Maricopa County), Chandler — Anderson Building72 San Marcos Place
Anderson Building, 1914 Chandler Historic Commercial District on the National Register of Historic Places Built by local Chandler rancher and early business investor John Anderson, this structure was home to Curry and Frye's Pool Hall, . . . — Map (db m72037) HM
Arizona (Maricopa County), Gilbert — Gilbert Elementary SchoolHeritage District
This is the third elementary school in Gilbert and was built in 1913. The first two schools were part of the Mesa School District. Everett Wilbur, who later became Gilbert’s first mayor in 1920, donated the land where this school was built. The east . . . — Map (db m94589) HM
Arizona (Mohave County), Chloride — Arizona and Utah / Western Arizona Railway
Originally built in 1899 as the Arizona and Utah Railway, this short-line reached almost twenty five miles from the siding at McConnico on the Sante Fe to the White Hills. In 1904, a storm washed out much of the route. In 1905, the Sante Fe acquired . . . — Map (db m48288) HM
Arizona (Pinal County), Apache Junction — Goldfield Mining District
This Historical Spot 1892 to 1898 was part of the Mammoth Mine claims known as the Montezuma in 1893. Then after 1910 became known as Calamity. In 1944 this claim became known as the Bluebird. The Bluebird Mine was found in 1893 and first . . . — Map (db m93130) HM
Arizona (Yavapai County), Prescott — Hassayampa Inn
After ten years of planning, community leaders of Prescott finally raised sufficient funds to build a modern hotel which catered to the "auto tourist" in downtown Prescott -- The Hassayampa Inn. On February 28, 1927, at the site of the former Conner . . . — Map (db m20621) HM
California (Alameda County), Alameda — 440 — Alameda Terminus of the 1st Transcontinental Railroad
[Center and Main Marker:] This plaque marks the terminus of the First Transcontinental Passenger train that started in New York City and terminated at Alameda Point Pier On September 6, 1869. Erected by the U.S. Naval Air . . . — Map (db m29447) HM
California (Alameda County), Dublin — Amador Valley Hotel(Later the Dublin Hotel)
For 86 years a favorite congregating spot. Built by John Green in 1860, with a balcony over the porch and a gabled roof. A famous cross-roads stop and transfer point on the Oakland-Stockton and Martinez-San Jose stagecoach routes intil the 1890's . . . — Map (db m59944) HM
California (Alameda County), Dublin — Dobbel Family
Margaret Tehan Dobbel, the granddaughter of Jeremiah and Ellen Fallon. She was born in Jeremiah Fallon’s home, Dublin, 1874. She married Julius Dobbel and had 13 children. They raised cattle and sheep at Rice, Camel, Dougherty and Donlon Ranches. — Map (db m26822) HM
California (Alameda County), Dublin — Heritage Park & Museums
This seven acre park is on the site of Dublin's original settlement that was established in 1850. Within the park are the 1856 Murray Schoolhouse, the 1859 St. Raymond Church, the 1880 Kolb Old House, the 1911 Kolb Craftsman Bungalow, the 1870 . . . — Map (db m59946) HM
California (Alameda County), Livermore — Livermore Southern Pacific Depot
This railroad station having been located about half a mile west of the old town of Laddsville, on land owned by Wm. M. Mendenhall. Established the location of the town Livermore. The first depot was a freight car that was soon replaced by a . . . — Map (db m19993) HM
California (Alameda County), Livermore — Sister City Program
“The Sister City Program is an important resource to the negotiations of governments in letting the people themselves give expression of their common desire for friendship, goodwill and cooperation for a better world for all” . . . — Map (db m19970) HM
California (Alameda County), Niles — “The Bankers Building”A Fremont Bank Building
This building was originally constructed as the Niles Branch of the Bank of Alameda County. Its doors opened on Monday, September 23, 1929. The construction was considered a “new modern building” that would be “a model of . . . — Map (db m24455) HM
California (Alameda County), Pleasanton — Meadowlark Dairy – Dairy BunkhouseAlviso Adobe Community Park
There were once many buildings on the Meadowlark Dairy complex. One important building was a place for the ranch hands and workers to sleep and socialize. This bunkhouse is a smaller version of the one that was at the dairy. The current Foothill . . . — Map (db m24665) HM
California (Alameda County), San Leandro — 285 — Peralta House
First brick house built in Alameda County. Constructed 1860 by W. R. Toler for Ignacio Peralta, early San Leandro Spanish settler, whose father, Don Luis Maria Peralta, received land grant from Spanish Governor Don Pablo Vicente de Sola, October 20, . . . — Map (db m100550) HM
California (Alameda County), Union City — 768 — Site of the Nation’s First Successful Beet Sugar Factory
The factory was built in 1870 by E. H. Dyer, “Father of the American Beet Sugar Industry.” Located on a corner of Dyer’s farm, the small factory began processing sugarbeets on November 15, 1870, and produced 293 tons of sugar during its . . . — Map (db m100556) HM
California (Alpine County), Markleeville — Markleeville General Store
On August 2, 1885, fire broke out in the Town of Markleeville destroying several buildings, including Harvey and Rask’s Bucher Shop and Smokehouse. Later on in the Fall, the building was rebuilt and reopened as Rask’s Butcher Shop. The building . . . — Map (db m11963) HM
California (Amador County), Drytown — Early Day Butcher Shop
One of Amador County's oldest buildings. Marble floor hauled by mule-team from Fiddletown quarry. — Map (db m10471) HM
California (Amador County), Ione — 867 — Preston Castle
The “castle,” built in 1890–1894, is the most significant example of Romanesque Revival architecture in the Mother Lode. It was built to house the Preston School of Industry, established by the State Legislature as a progressive . . . — Map (db m100594) HM
California (Amador County), Kirkwood — 28 — Maiden's Grave
Broken dreams and hope, carried 2000 miles through scorching deserts and over loft mountains. At last...the sight of the promise land. Those of you who visit this grave carry a torch of love and hope (which this young girl lost), and pass it on, to . . . — Map (db m100573) HM
California (Amador County), Sutter Creek — Sutter Creek Jail
The jail was built in 1908 to replace the original jail that was destroyed by a fire started when an unidentified inmate set his mattress on fire and burned to death. Sutter Creek and Amador County shared the cost of the new cement jail built by the . . . — Map (db m57980) HM
California (Amador County), Volcano — Carlo Andrea Dondero
Discoverer and Founder of the California Carrara Marble Quarry Located 3.49 miles southwest of this location on Sutter Creek Volcano Road several hundred feet above the river. This quarry produced high quality marble used in the . . . — Map (db m27809) HM
California (Calaveras County), Angels Camp — Independent Order of Odd Fellows Building1887
. . . — Map (db m19325) HM
California (Calaveras County), Angels Camp — The Hogarth Stamp Mill
Common in California after 1853, the stamp mill consisted from one to five heavy pillar-like stamps whose bottom, (or shoes), were cylindrical hammers made of iron, each weighing as much as one thousand pounds. Power to operate the stamps was . . . — Map (db m56556) HM
California (Calaveras County), Angels Camp — The MonitorCalifornia Hydraulic Mining
Hydraulic Mining was the largest and most destructive form of mining. Water, brought through flumes and ditches from high up in the mountains, was redirected into an ever-narrowing channel and out through a giant iron nozzle, called a . . . — Map (db m56649) HM
California (Calaveras County), Campo Seco — 257 — Campo Seco
Settled in 1849 by Mexicans who worked placers in Oregon Gulch. Rich copper deposits discovered in 1859. The largest living cork oak tree in California was planted here in 1858. Ruins of Adams Express Building still standing. — Map (db m10629) HM
California (Calaveras County), Copperopolis — The Copperopolis Bell and Cannon
[Displayed at the Copperopolis Elementary School are a bell and a cannon along with their accompanying markers:] The Bell This bell cast in 1860, the first school in Copperopolis in 1862. The bell yoke shows repair, break . . . — Map (db m19793) HM
California (Calaveras County), Mokelumne Hill — Emily Peek's Saloon
Built as a saloon and office by Samuel Peek for wife Emily 1897. Deeded to their daughter Estella Peek Bernardi in 1899. Operated by Severino Gobbi as “Club Saloon” into early 20th Century. — Map (db m15775) HM
California (Calaveras County), Murphys — 272 — Douglas Flat
Douglas Flat was a roaring mining camp of the early 1850s. In 1857 the Harper and Lone Star Claims produced $130,000 worth of gold. The so-called Central Hill Channel, an ancient river deposit from which vast quantities of gold have been taken, is . . . — Map (db m81717) HM
California (Calaveras County), Murphys — Old Sperry Hotel
This hostelry originally built in 1855 by J. L. Sperry of Sperry Flour fame and his partner John Perry. Among early guests whose names appear on old register are Mark Twain, Horatio Alger, Thomas H. Lipton, Henry Ward Beecher, the Rothchilds General . . . — Map (db m32742) HM
California (Calaveras County), Murphys — Thompson Building
Built soon after 1856 by John Thompson operator of Lime Kiln on Posky Hill and stone mason, who built adjoining Traver Building, and many other stone buildings. Occupied, circa 58, by Meyer & Friedlander, General Merchandise. Later Fred Sackett . . . — Map (db m13027) HM
California (Calaveras County), White Pines — White Pines History
White Pines was constructed by American Forest Properties, Inc. at the site of former White Pines operation of Blagen Lumber Co. The community of White Pines, which was founded by Frank Blagen, the company president, came into being during the . . . — Map (db m34571) HM
California (Contra Costa County), Martinez — IX — City Hall Apartment Building
Built in 1914 by Mayor John J. McNamara, George J. Winkleman and James E. McNarmara 1st apartment building in Martinez. Built during refinery boom. Unique because it sits astride Alhambra Creek. Retail stores were on 1st floor, . . . — Map (db m51307) HM
California (Contra Costa County), Martinez — 511 — The Vicente Martinez Adobe - 1849
Vicente Martínez was born in Santa Barbara on August 18, 1818, the second son of Don Ygnacio and Martina de Arellano Martínez who were married in the Presidio Chapel at Santa Barbara 1802. Don Ygnacio Martínez was a Spanish officer at San Diego and . . . — Map (db m50827) HM
California (El Dorado County), Coloma — “Gold Boys Gold”
On January 24, 1848, James Marshall set off early and alone to inspect progress in deepening the ditch that channeled water from the sawmill back to the river. Suddenly, he bent over and picked up a few particles gleaming in the icy water. . . . — Map (db m17241) HM
California (El Dorado County), Coloma — Coloma Breweries
In the 1850’s and 1860’s Coloma had two breweries – the El Dorado and the Coloma – between Brewery Street and the river. An 1853 advertisement in Coloma’s newspaper stated: “Mr. Joseph Wellman would respectfully inform traders, . . . — Map (db m12324) HM
California (El Dorado County), Coloma — Coloma Greys
This building, perhaps originally a livery stable, was the armory for the Coloma Greys, a local volunteer militia company. After the Greys disbanded in 1862, the building was used as a carriage house by Elias Weller, who lived in the large white . . . — Map (db m17222) HM
California (El Dorado County), Coloma — Coloma’s Law OfficesSite of
In the 1850s, the law offices of Thomas Robertson and the firm of Sanderson and Hews were at this site. The town alcalde also had his office here. Borrowed from Mexican government, the position of alcalde combined the roles of mayor, justice of the . . . — Map (db m17572) HM
California (El Dorado County), Coloma — James Wilson MarshallAnd the Coloma Valley
James Marshall arrived in the “Collumah”, valley home of the Nisenan, on May 8, 1847 to map the site for a sawmill he was to build in partnership with John Sutter. On August 18, Marshall returned with a crew, mostly Mormons, to build the . . . — Map (db m39013) HM
California (El Dorado County), Coloma — Metropolitan Saloon and Bowling AlleySite of
At this site was one of California’s first bowling alleys. It was actually three buildings, with single-lane bowling alleys in each of the side buildings. The establishment, also known as the Metropolitan Saloon and Sporting Hall, featured gambling . . . — Map (db m17598) HM
California (El Dorado County), Coloma — Pioneer Cemetery
This cemetery, also called “Coloma Protestant” Cemetery, “Sutter’s Mill” Cemetery, and “Vineyard House” Cemetery, is the final resting place for many ‘49ers. Among these graves are the remains of miners, farmers, . . . — Map (db m12279) HM
California (El Dorado County), Coloma — Wintermantel’s Miner’s HotelSite of
A large pentagon-shaped structure was built here in 1849. In 1850 it became the Roger’s Hotel, one of Coloma’s first major hotels. Ownership changed hands several times until 1852 when it became known as Wintermantel’s Miner's Hotel. A sign on the . . . — Map (db m15673) HM
California (El Dorado County), Coloma — Winters’ HotelSite of
The Winters’ Hotel was the most ornate building in town. It was one of the earliest hotels here and the best known. A forty-niner later described it as “the hotel par excellence of the town; one could easily perceive that by its long white . . . — Map (db m17221) HM
California (El Dorado County), Diamond Springs — Diamond Springs I.O.O.F. No. 09 Lodge Hall
The oldest fraternal edifice in continuous use on the West Coast. Built on this hillside, not on the main street as in the usual practice for the era. It avoided the ravages of fire which razed the town of Diamond Springs on several occasions. . . . — Map (db m19263) HM
California (El Dorado County), Georgetown — Miners Club
Built 1862 Operated as morgue during Civil War — Map (db m55077) HM
California (El Dorado County), Kyburz — 706 — Webster’s(Sugar Loaf House)
This was the site of Webster's Sugar Loaf House, well-known stopping place during the Comstock rush. Beginning in April 1860, it was used as a remount station of the Central Overland Pony Express. In 1861 it became a horse change station for pioneer . . . — Map (db m14177) HM
California (El Dorado County), Pilot Hill — 551 — California’s First Grange Hall
Pilot Hill Grange No.1, of 29 charter members: Master, F. D. Brown; Secretary, A. J. Bayley; was organized August 10, 1870. The Grange Hall, dedicated at this site November 23, 1880, was built by Alcander A. Bayley — Map (db m11607) HM
California (El Dorado County), Placerville — Fountain and Tallman Soda Works
This building erected in 1852 withstood the fire of 1856. Dedicated to the memory of of the PIONEERS — Map (db m13269) HM
California (El Dorado County), Placerville — Site of Placerville Drive In Market
Owned and operated by the Ray Gier Family From 1946 to 1955 Owned and operated by the Bing Peterson and Thomas C. Smith Families From 1955 to 1967 — Map (db m35510) HM
California (El Dorado County), Placerville — The Druid Monument
The Druids of California Erected This Memorial to Frederick Sieg Who Instituted the Order in this State A. D. 1859 Presented to the City of Placerville Sept. 5, 1926 — Map (db m16460) HM
California (El Dorado County), Placerville — The Old Vet’s Building
In 1852 Phillip L. Platt preempted a ½ quarter section here. He erected a log building for the lodging of miners. He named his hotel The Kossuth House. Dr. Platt died in 1853. His widow sold the property to Anna W. Clark for $200 in 1856. She . . . — Map (db m13165) HM
California (El Dorado County), Placerville — Thomas MaulSuperior Judge — 1885 – 1954
Lawyer This plaque is a memorial To our beloved citizen Who sponsored this park and many other civic improvements — Map (db m13172) HM
California (El Dorado County), South Lake Tahoe — Baldwin House & Tallac MuseumRustic Gem
In 1920, at age 19, Dextra Balwin ordered construction of her summer house. The architect created a picturesque summer residence that reflected the simple, natural style favored by the wealthy in the 1920s. The house was completed in 1924 and is an . . . — Map (db m34508) HM
California (El Dorado County), South Lake Tahoe — Da ow a ga – Lake Tahoe
A Sacred Gathering Place Many generations of Washoe people spent summers here, living near the shores of Lake Tahoe. Known as >i>da ow a ga by the Washoe, the lake provided a sacred meeting place, where summer gatherings were a focus of . . . — Map (db m35355) HM
California (El Dorado County), South Lake Tahoe — Tahoe By CarAutomotive Adventures
Imagine what an adventure it must have been for Tahoe’s early motorists. Traveling in open-air Model Ts and Oldsmobiles, vacationers began driving as roads connected the Lake’s recreation spots. Completed in 1913, a rough road around Emerald Bay . . . — Map (db m35112) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Cook Wagon
During the 1880s, this wagon was used by a cook as a portable kitchen to prepare meals for field hands employed by the Kern County Land Company. The wagon is equipped with a pantry for storing vegetables and bread, a sink, a work space . . . — Map (db m26973) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Gazebo
A gazebo is a common garden structure often found in warm climates to provide shade. Dairy owner Christian Mattly built this gazebo next to a dormitory for students enrolled in courses at the Kern County High School farm around 1905. . . . — Map (db m25369) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Kern County Korean War Memorial
[Center Panel:] Korea The Forgotten War June 25, 1950 – July 27, 1953 33,741 – Americans Killed in Action 2,835 – Non-Hostile Deaths 103,283 – Americans Wounded . . . — Map (db m25041) WM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — Miller and Lux Survey Office
Large scale farming and ranching was needed to supply the restaurants and grocery stores in fast-growing cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles in the late 1800s. Henry Miller and Charles Lux purchased large areas of land throughout . . . — Map (db m25309) HM
California (Kern County), Bakersfield — 278 — Rio de San FelipeCalifornia Historical Landmark
One mile north of here on May 1, 1776, Francisco Garces of the Franciscan Order, crossed Kern River in his search for a shorter route from Sonora, Mexico to Monterey, California. He was the first known explorer to describe this river, which he named . . . — Map (db m24984) HM
California (Kern County), Grapevine — 133 — Sebastian Indian Reservation
The Sebastian or Tejon Indian Reservation (headquarters 10 miles east of here) was established in 1853 by Gen. Edward Fitzgerald Beale as one of several California Reservations. The number of Indians quartered here varied from 500 to 2000. General . . . — Map (db m20161) HM
California (Lassen County), Susanville — Peter Lassen Grave
In memory of Peter Lassen the pioneer who was killed by the Indians April 26, 1859 Aged 66 years — Map (db m10261) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Newhall — Oak of the Golden Dream
In 1839, the Mexican Government granted to Antonio del Valle some 48,000 acres of The Santa Clarita Valley known as the Del Valle Rancho. On March 9, 1842, Francisco Lopez y Arbello, the brother-in-law of Antonio del Valle, visited the . . . — Map (db m20112) HM
California (Marin County), Novato — Old Novato City Hall901 Sherman Avenue
Originally built in 1896, this was the site of Novato's first Presbyterian Church. The church was built in the Victorian Gothic style of architecture. The building served as Novato City Hall from 1963 until it was closed for safety reasons in 2005. . . . — Map (db m64860) HM
California (Marin County), San Rafael — The Gate House
The Gate House, the Boyd's guest house, was completed in 1880 by Ira B. Cook, the great grandfather of Miss Louise A. Boyd. With the adjoining park, it was donated to the City of San Rafael in 1905 and has been Marin County Historical Society's . . . — Map (db m64886) HM
California (Marin County), Tomales — Tomales Town Hall
Erected and acquired in 1874 by the Tomales Temperance Social Club, this is one of the oldest continuously used public halls in California. Renovated after the 1906 Earthquake, maintained by town hall trustees and local volunteers, it has served as . . . — Map (db m88400) HM
California (Merced County), Gustine/Santa Nella — San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery
This cemetery is dedicated to the memory of all the patriotic men and women who answered their country’s call to service. Their inspiring contribution will help preserve in the hearts and lives of all Americans the spirit of patriotism, the love of . . . — Map (db m38731) HM
California (Modoc County), Alturas — Chimney Rock
Site of pioneer cabin built by Thomas A. Denson in 1871 This Marker is dedicated to the pioneers of Modoc County by Alturas Parlor 159 Native Duaghters of the Golden West September 21, 1932 — Map (db m10246) HM
California (Modoc County), Newell — 850-2 — Tule LakeMay 1942 - March 1946
Tule Lake was one of ten American concentration camps established during World War II to incarcerate 110,000 persons of Japanese ancestry, of whom the majority were American citizens. Behind barbed wire and guard towers without charge, trial or . . . — Map (db m10370) HM
California (Monterey County), Monterey — Vasquez Adobe
Former family home of Tuburcio Vasquez, colorful bandit . Originally a one-story adobe. — Map (db m63351) HM
California (Napa County), Calistoga — 82002211 — Mount View Hotel
This Property MOUNT VIEW HOTEL Has been placed on the NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORICAL PLACES By the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m18598) HM
California (Napa County), Calistoga — 684 — Sam Brannan Store
State Historical Landmark No. 684 California Registered Historical Landmark statement of significance: Sam Brannan arrived in Napa Valley in the late 1850s and purchased a square mile of land at the foot of Mount St. Helena. This is . . . — Map (db m18557) HM
California (Napa County), Yountville — 693 — Grave of George C. Yount
George Calvert Yount (1794-1865) was the first United States citizen to be ceded a Spanish land grant in Napa Valley (1836). Skilled hunter, frontiersman, craftsman and farmer, he was the true embodiment of all the finest qualities of an advancing . . . — Map (db m18632) HM
California (Nevada County), Grass Valley — Binkelmann Brewery
Born in Wurtenburg, Germany on January 2, 1828, David Binkelmann came to Grass Valley in 1853, after only a year as a new immigrant in New York. He mined for a time on Wolf Creek, then worked in a bakery. He became a renter of the business , but . . . — Map (db m48718) HM
California (Nevada County), Grass Valley — Grass Valley Library
Gift of Carnegie Corporation of New York Dedicated August 4, 1916 National Register of Historic Places March 26, 1992 — Map (db m48157) HM
California (Nevada County), Grass Valley — Historic Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Oldest Episcopal Edifice in California First services Sunday April 23, 1854 by Rt. Rev. William I. Kip, Bishop of Calif. This building opened for worship Aug. 1858. — Map (db m10827) HM
California (Nevada County), Grass Valley — Williams Stationery Store
This building is known as “The Brick Store of Silvester and Salaman”, it was built in 1854 and completed it 1855 by Henry Silvester and Abraham Salaman. It is both the first and oldest original brick (and stone) building in Grass Valley . . . — Map (db m48373) HM
California (Nevada County), Nevada City — N.C.N.G.R.R.(Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad)
Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad was dedicated May 20, 1876 one hundred feet east of this spot. Built by John Flint Kidder between 1874-76 it ran 22 miles from Nevada City to Colfax via Grass Valley. Rails taken up in 1942. Sara Kidder, widow . . . — Map (db m40287) HM
California (Nevada County), Nevada City — Nevada County War & Veterans MemorialMemorial Grove
Memorial Grove This plot of land set aside by the City of Nevada. These trees living tributes to our war dead. This plaque and flagpole erected by the citizens of Nevada City dedicated July 4, 1946 to the memory of our heroes who gave their . . . — Map (db m40373) WM
California (Nevada County), Nevada City — North Pine & CommercialSite of Former Nevada City Elks Lodge
After constructing a second-story meeting hall above two existing 19th century commercial buildings, the Nevada City Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks #518 dedicated its first lodge at this location on June 14, 1913. The lodge hall and . . . — Map (db m40269) HM
California (Nevada County), Nevada City — Pine Street Bridge1996
Third span of Deer Creek at this location. It is a replica of the single arch steel Gault Bridge (1908-1996) which replaced the suspension bridge (1862-1903) built by Andrew S. Hallidie, who later built the San Francisco Cable Car system. — Map (db m40275) HM
California (Nevada County), North San Juan — Old North San Juan School
The first school building on this site was moved from Flume Street in 1869. It burned in 1924, and this building was moved here from Lake Vera. This site operated as a school from 1869 until 1984. It is currently used as a community center and . . . — Map (db m39858) HM
California (Nevada County), Rough and Ready — Republic of Rough and ReadyApril 1850 - July 1850
This community of 3000 people seceeded from the Union to declare a free and independant state. Colonel E.F. Brundage was elected President. Congressional action on California statehood was pending at the time. — Map (db m57991) HM
California (Nevada County), Truckee — First Wagons Across the Sierras
The Stephens – Townsend – Murphy Party, with guidance from old Caleb Greenwood and Chief Truckee, brought their wagons up the Truckee River bed and on Nov. 25, 1844 191 days out of Council Bluffs, Iowa passed this point and crossed the . . . — Map (db m60305) HM
California (Nevada County), Truckee — Pollard's Station
On this site Joseph Delos Pollard constructed the first resort on the west end of Donner Lake. Between mid 1864 and early 1868 Pollard’s Station on the Dutch Flat and Donner Lake Wagon Road was office to the Pioneer Stage Co. and Wells, Fargo & Co. . . . — Map (db m60506) HM
California (Nevada County), Truckee — Rocking Stone
A natural glacier formation, or the work of an unknown tribe as a form of altar. It’s exact origin will never be known. The perfectly balanced stone until recently would rock at the touch of a finger. C.F. McGlashan built the original tower in . . . — Map (db m23527) HM
California (Nevada County), Truckee — The Gateway Cabin
This cabin was one of several built by Jack Wolert for Dick Joseph in 1939 on US Route 40. The cabin was constructed of lumber salvaged from houses being dismantled 3 miles north of Truckee at Hobart Mills and served as the Gateway Motel’s Office. . . . — Map (db m60318) HM
California (Nevada County), Truckee — TruckeeJewel of the Eastern Sierra
First known as Gray’s Toll Station, then Coburn’s Station, Truckee was established in 1863. Renowned for its lumber industry, Transcontinental Railroad, icehouses, saloons and red light district, Truckee has never been known for her laid back . . . — Map (db m23520) HM
California (Nevada County), Truckee — World War I Memorial / Victory Highway Monument
[Located on Front of Monument:] Dedicated to California’s Sons and Daughters Who Served Their Country In the World War 1917 -1918 And to the Memory of Those Who Gave the “Last Full Measure of Devotion” . . . — Map (db m23519) HM
California (Placer County), Auburn — Central Square
Central Square: After the Central Pacific Railroad built a Train Depot, over a mile away and up the hill from Old Auburn, civic leaders looked for a way to connect the two areas. The city planners took a map and located a halfway point . . . — Map (db m52312) HM
California (Placer County), Auburn — Gold Discovered Just Downstream in Auburn Ravine! - Why Daylight North Rich Ravine?
[Kiosk Side A:] Gold Discovered Just Downstream in Auburn Ravine! On May 16, 1848, just downstream in Old Town Auburn where North Rich Ravine meets Auburn Ravine, gold was discovered by a Frenchman named Claude Chana. After leaving . . . — Map (db m52355) HM
California (Placer County), Colfax — Colfax Freight DepotListed in the National Register of Historic Places — 14 Nov. 1999 NPS. 99001564-000
Built circa 1880 by Central Pacific Railroad Company. Constructed of wood using Standard S.P. design known as Freight House #2. Exhibiting the Victorian era stick style. This building is the only freight depot of this type remaining in Placer . . . — Map (db m10980) HM
California (Placer County), Granite Bay — 585 — Pioneer Express Trail
Between 1849 and 1854, Pioneer Express riders rode this gold rush trail to the many populous mining camps on the American River bars now covered by Folsom Lake. - Beals, Condemned, Dotons, Long, Horseshoe, Rattlesnake, and Oregon - on the route to . . . — Map (db m10202) HM
California (Placer County), Loomis — Loomis
Loomis Named After James Oscar Loomis 1830 – 1895 This community was founded in 1850 and originally named “The Grove” by gold miners who settled along Secret Ravine one mile east of here. Forming . . . — Map (db m91090) HM
California (Placer County), Rocklin — 780-2 — RocklinFirst Transcontinental Railroad
Central Pacific reached Rocklin, 22 miles from its Sacramento Terminus, in May, 1864, when the railroad established a major locomotive terminal here. Trains moving over the Sierra were generally cut in two sections at this point, in order to ascend . . . — Map (db m11088) HM
California (Placer County), Roseville — 3 — Roseville’s First City Hall
In April 1909, the newly incorporated City of Roseville leased the upper level of the historic two story J.D. Pratt, later William Sawtell, store building at the corner of Pacific and Lincoln Streets for use as the town’s first City Hall. Rent . . . — Map (db m37174) HM
California (Placer County), Tahoe City — A Safe Harbor
Business and tourists Outlet point is the location where the waters of Lake Tahoe find their only release from the lake basin along the Lower Truckee River at Tahoe City The sheltered inlet of the Truckee River mouth provided safe harbor . . . — Map (db m34932) HM
California (Placer County), Tahoe City — William B. Layton Park
This park was named for and dedicated to the memory of William B. Layton by the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society. North Lake Tahoe will miss the unselfish way the Bill worked for the community. Past General Manager of the Tahoe City Public . . . — Map (db m34532) HM
California (Sacramento County), Elk Grove — 719 — Elitha Cumi Donner - Wilder
This survivor of the ill-fated Donner Party was the daughter of George and Mary Blue Donner. Born near Springfield, Illinois, in 1832. She arrived in California in December 1846 with her sister, Leanna Charity Donner, and was rescued by the first . . . — Map (db m10521) HM
California (Sacramento County), Elk Grove — 817 — Site of the First County Free Library Branch in California
In 1908 Elk Grove acquired through the efforts of Miss Harriet G. Eddy, then principal of Elk Grove Union High School, the first county free library branch in California. Subsequently, California's county free library branch system has become one of . . . — Map (db m11868) HM
California (Sacramento County), Fair Oaks — In Memory of All American Veterans
This memorial honors all American veterans who, although separated by generations, shared a common, undeniable goal – to valiantly protect our country’s freedom. The memories of these American veterans will continue to live on whenever . . . — Map (db m57280) HM
California (Sacramento County), Folsom — Folsom Institute
“Education Doth Not A Scholar Make” Near here was the first and only college ever in Folsom. It lasted two years (1958-60). Then is closed for a lack of students. Folks probably figured they were smart enough (?). It was . . . — Map (db m22984) HM
California (Sacramento County), Folsom — Folsom Veterans Memorial
The Folsom Veterans Memorial honors those brave individuals who serve our country and those who have fallen in service to our country. The memorial is composed of several distinct elements. The Flag Court pays homage to all those who have served . . . — Map (db m15619) HM
California (Sacramento County), Folsom — Leidesdorff Plaza
Dedicated to the memory of WILLIAM ALEXANDER LEIDESDORFF Early California pioneer, civic leader, merchant, trader, and owner of 35,000 acre rancho “Rio de los Americanos” in the Folsom area. Born 1810 in Danish West . . . — Map (db m15617) HM
California (Sacramento County), Galt — St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Historic St. Luke’s Built 1884 ˜ organized as an Episcopal Mission 1901 100 yr. Celebration 12/16/84 — Map (db m90230) HM
California (Sacramento County), Locke — Locke Memorial Park
In memory of the industrious Chinese pioneers of California whose strength and sacrifice helped build the transcontinental railroad, construct the levees of the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta, and develop agriculture in the Central Valley. With . . . — Map (db m18234) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 1854 City Hall and Waterworks
The original building was completed in the spring of 1854 at a cost of $120,000. It housed the City Waterworks, its Superintendent, and Tapper, and the City offices for Mayor, Council, Secretary, Marshall, Police, Collector, Assessor, Surveyor, and . . . — Map (db m16948) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Blue Diamond Building
This building, the former California Packing Corporation Plant #11, was added to the NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES in 1984 for its architecture and its place in California’s agriculture history. It was one of the last operating . . . — Map (db m11865) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — California State Indian Museum
This museum dedicated to LOYALTY – COOPERATION – PROGRESS And to the Ideals of AMERICAN DEMOCRACY — Map (db m14078) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — 666 — Camp Union Sutterville
The 5th Infantry Regiment, California Volunteers, was organized here on 8 October, 1861 and trained by Brevet Brigadier General George W. Bowie for duty in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas against the Confederate forces. Since this was the year of the . . . — Map (db m10825) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Central Pacific’s Other Big Four
When the task of building the C.P.R.R. line over the Sierra provided too much for the Irish, Chinese laborers from Kwantung took over. Called Tze Yap or Four Districts Men, their hard work and perseverance earned them the nickname of “Cholly . . . — Map (db m16941) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Charles A. “Charlie” King1821 – 1857 — Actor – Comedian – Entrepreneur
A native of Jamaica Plains, near Boston, Charley King came to Sacramento in the early 1850’s. He was a member of the theatrical company that opened the American Theater on the evening of September 9, 1851, it’s owner-proprietor was Dr. Volney . . . — Map (db m14037) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — General Albert Maver Winn
. . . — Map (db m12455) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sacramento — Sutterville Brewery
Site of a two story brick building built for Robert H. Vance of San Francisco in 1853. One of five brick structures erected that year, it was first occupied as a store. Almost coincident with the founding of Camp Union in 1861, it was taken over by . . . — Map (db m58583) HM
California (Sacramento County), Sloughhouse — Jared D. Sheldon1813 - 1851
These millstones were brought from Mexico by water and oxcart in 1846 and were used by Jared D. Sheldon one of the earliest settlers in this valley in his grist mill near here, his Rancho Omochumne was granted him in payment for his work on . . . — Map (db m28312) HM
California (San Benito County), San Juan Bautista — Safety Follows Wisdom
Portland Cement Association Safety Trophy Award Ideal Cement Compamy San Juan Bautista, California for a Perfect Safety Record in 1960 — Map (db m15322) HM
California (San Bernardino County), Yermo — Calico Lives Again1881
Under the auspices of Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park, Calif. Buildings shall be rebuilt on their original sites. Walter Knott is dedicating Calico Ghost Town to the memory of the heroic silver miners who lived and toiled here. The . . . — Map (db m10576) HM
California (San Diego County), Escondido — An Incident of the Mexican War
The Army sent from Santa Fe to occupy California was met and defeated by the Mexicans at San Pasquale. The American forces were driven upon a butte in the desert, on which there was no water and there surrounded by the Mexican forces Edward F. Beale . . . — Map (db m12865) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — 538 — Mason Street School
First public schoolhouse in this county. Erected at this site in 1865 and known as “Mason Street School – District No.1” when San Diego County covered an area larger than three New England states. Restored by popular subscription . . . — Map (db m11587) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — Services of the Mormon Battalion
The historic march of the Mormon Battalion -- -- More than 2000 miles through the wilderness -- -- was made in fulfillment of official U.S. orders. Brigham Young, Prophet – Leader of the Mormons, personally recruited these troops. The . . . — Map (db m51990) HM
California (San Diego County), San Diego — 257 — Women of the Mormon Battalion
[Marker located on Front of Base:] Mormon women were anxious to reach the glorious West and any means offered seemed an answer to prayer to help them on their way. When it was learned four laundresses would be allowed each of the five . . . — Map (db m82280) HM
California (San Francisco City and County), San Francisco — 82 — Castillo de San Joaquin
The first ship to enter San Francisco Bay, the San Carlos (Captain Ayala), dropped anchor off this point August 5, 1775. Lieutenant-Colonel Don Juan Bautista de Anza planted the cross on Cantil Blanco (White Cliff) March 28, 1776. The first . . . — Map (db m10742) HM
California (San Joaquin County), Lathrop — 780-7 — Site of Completion of Pacific RailroadFirst Transcontinental Railroad
The construction of the San Joaquin River Bridge completed the last link of the Transcontinental Railroad. Building had simultaneously proceeded from the Bay Area and Sacramento and met at the San Joaquin River. The first train crossed the bridge on . . . — Map (db m11380) HM
California (San Joaquin County), Stockton — 35 — B & M Building1860’s and 1870
This building, situated near the head of the Stockton Channel evokes memories of early commerce when Stockton served as the main supply depot for the southern mines. Bearing remnants of Italienate Style, the structure is rich with history dating . . . — Map (db m23995) HM
California (San Joaquin County), Stockton — 765 — Temple Israel Cemetery
This hallowed ground was donated by Captain Charles M. Weber in 1851 for use as a cemetery by the Jewish community of Stockton. It is the oldest Jewish cemetery in continuous use in California and west of the Rocky Mountains. — Map (db m15960) HM
California (San Joaquin County), Stockton — The Sister City Story
Sister city affiliations between the United States and other nations began shortly after World War II, and developed into a national initiative when President Dwight D. Eisenhower proposed the “people-to-people” program at a White House . . . — Map (db m24224) HM
California (San Luis Obispo County), San Luis Obispo — 325 — Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa1772
A Spanish mission founded by Fray Junipero Serra, O.F.M., First president of the California missions. This was the fifth in a chain of 21 missions stretching from San Diego to Sonoma. Built by the Chumash Indians living in the area. Its combination . . . — Map (db m27237) HM
California (San Mateo County), Belmont — Len Turner1922 – 1976
. . . — Map (db m26969) HM
California (San Mateo County), Burlingame — 100th Anniversary of the Crystal Springs Dam
Chrystal Springs Dam continues to provide the critical link in the delivery of water to the people of the San Francisco Peninsula. Centennial Observation held on this spot by joint resolution of the [Column One] San Mateo County Board of . . . — Map (db m18447) HM
California (San Mateo County), Burlingame — Eugene A. Doran Memorial Bridge1922 – 1959 — One-Half Mile South
An officer for the Town of Hillsborough from April 1, 1956 until his untimely death on August 5, 1959, who made the supreme sacrifice at the hands of a criminal suspect whom he had apprehended. — Map (db m18330) HM
California (San Mateo County), Colma — Joe Cavalli – Historical Site
Historical Site 1883 – 1924 Adjacent to this site stood “Cavalli’s Blacksmith Shop” which served the truck farmers in the area. Joe Cavalli 1883 – 1946 Joe was the first and last sheriff of Lawndale (1924 . . . — Map (db m29134) HM
California (San Mateo County), Colma — Mount Olivet Cemetery Office and Streetcar Line
In 1896, the Abbey Land and Improvement Company established Mount Olivet Cemetery. During that year, the company also obtained a franchise from the County of San Mateo to run a street car line from the tracks of the “40 Line” to the . . . — Map (db m18345) HM
California (San Mateo County), Colma — Railroad Semaphore SignalCirca 1898
This type of railroad signal was introduced, circa 1898, to control the movement of trains and to prevent accidents. The blade moved up or down corresponding with green, yellow or red lights. (Donated by Southern Pacific Transportation . . . — Map (db m18389) HM
California (San Mateo County), Daly City — 19 — Broderick – Terry Duel
The famous duel that ended dueling in California was fought in a ravine east of here, near the shore of Lake Merced. In the early morning of September 13, 1859. The participants were U.S. Senator David C. Broderick and Chief Justice David S. Terry . . . — Map (db m18295) HM
California (San Mateo County), Half Moon Bay — Joseph Debenedetti Building
The decade of the 1870’s saw an influx of European immigrants into the Half Moon Bay area and over to the coast. Irish, German, Italian, and Portuguese made up the majority of the newcomers whose numbers included merchants, business people, dairy . . . — Map (db m13747) HM
California (San Mateo County), Hillsborough — The Last Stagecoach Hold-Up In San Mateo County
Near this location on Aug.17, 1905, a masked desperado described as "nine feet high and armed with a small canon" stopped the Half Moon Bay Stagecoach. He angrily demanded driver Ed Campbell to throw down the Wells Fargo Co.'s treasure box, Levy . . . — Map (db m34820) HM
California (San Mateo County), Menlo Park — 955 — Menlo Park Railroad Station
This building, constructed in 1867 by the San Francisco and San Jose Railroad Company, is the oldest railroad passenger station in California. The Victorian ornamentation was added in the 1890s when the station was remodeled to serve the . . . — Map (db m2483) HM
California (San Mateo County), Redwood City — Fox Theater
This property has been Placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior 1928 — Map (db m41621) HM
California (San Mateo County), San Mateo — Central Park Veterans Memorial - Screaming Eagles Grove
In honor of San Mateos adopted sons of the 101st. Airborne Division and native sons and daughters who served proudly in Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. — Map (db m29184) WM
California (San Mateo County), San Mateo — Pacific City
The idea to build an amusement park at this site was conceived by local civic leaders. This park would rival those at Coney Island and Atlantic City. The Pacific City site was 90 acres, stretching from Peninsula Avenue to Burlingame Avenue and . . . — Map (db m28780) HM
California (Santa Barbara County), Lompoc — 340 — La Purisima Mission - 1 Mile
Established, December 8, 1787, by Father Laseun. Damaged by earthquake, 1812; removed from control of Franciscans, abandoned 1834. State and National Park Service restoring major and many small structures, and water system. Only example in . . . — Map (db m11114) HM
California (Santa Barbara County), Solvang — Mission Santa Ines
Has been designated a NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK This religious complex possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United States of America. Mission Santa Ines, founded in 1804, is one of the finest examples of a . . . — Map (db m11673) HM
California (Santa Clara County), Campbell — Agricultural Heritage Plaques
The Agricultural Heritage Plaques located throughout Historic Downtown Campbell were installed in 1992 as part of the Downtown Streetscape Project. The fruits and blossoms commemorating Campbell’s agricultural heritage were selected as most . . . — Map (db m24742) HM
California (Santa Clara County), Campbell — Ainsley House
This Property Has Been Placed on the National Register of Historic Places By the United States Department of the Interior John Colpitts Ainsley, an Englishman, immigrated to California in 1886 and made his fortune in the canning of . . . — Map (db m24136) HM
California (Santa Clara County), San Jose — Bank of America Building
One of the San Jose's earliest skyscrapers, this building has served as a local landmark since its construction in 1925-6. The Bank of America, originally known as the Bank of Italy, was founded by San José native A.P. Giannini in 1904. Although the . . . — Map (db m30549) HM
California (Santa Clara County), San Jose — John Young House(Cottage No. 2)
This restored house is one of the original homes in the town of New Almaden, which was originally called Hacienda. The house was built in 1847 by Barron, Forbes Mining Co. and owned by the mining company until its bankruptcy in 1912. The cottage . . . — Map (db m41323) HM
California (Santa Clara County), San Jose — New Almaden’s Civil War Crisis
In March 1863 the Supreme Court adjudged that the original Castillero claim to the New Almaden Mine was fraudulent and invalid. President Abraham Lincoln, acting on this judgment, sent a writ to U.S. Marshall C.W. Rand in San Francisco. “I, . . . — Map (db m12916) HM
California (Santa Clara County), San Jose — Vichy Springs
A spring of carbonated water, locally known as Vichy, bubbled up here beside the Alamitos Creek. When the distant Buena Vista Shaft penetrated the 2100 foot level in 1882, the spring ceased flowing. San Francisco banker F.L.A. Pioche and others . . . — Map (db m41277) HM
California (Santa Clara County), Santa Clara — Santa Clara Depot
The Santa Clara Depot, built in 1864, was an original waystation on the San Francisco & San Jose Railroad Line. Originally built on the east side of the tracks, the depot was moved in 1877 to its present location so it would be on the same side of . . . — Map (db m24288) HM
California (Santa Clara County), Sunnyvale — 644 — Home of Martin Murphy, Jr.
Martin Murphy, Jr. arrived in California with his family in 1844 in the first wagon train to cross the Sierra Nevada. The founder of Sunnyvale, he constructed here his house of pre-fabricated lumber brought around the Horn in 1849. Members of the . . . — Map (db m30171) HM
California (Shasta County), French Gulch — 166 — French Gulch
Founded nearby by French miners in 1849, the town of Morrowville, relocated here, was the center of one of the state's richest gold producing areas. Total production was over $20,000,000. One of California's first stamp mills operated at the nearby . . . — Map (db m57823) HM
California (Shasta County), Whiskeytown — Toll Bridge
To cross Clear Creek in 1865 it would have cost you 10 cents to walk across, 25 cents to ride over on horseback, and $1.25 to cross by wagon. Charles Camden, the bridge owner, spent $20,000 to improve the road between here and the town of Shasta. He . . . — Map (db m12565) HM
California (Sierra County), Downieville — Downieville
Downieville, County Seat of Sierra County, was founded in 1849 upon discovery of gold near the confluence of the North Yuba and Downie Rivers. First called The Forks, it was renamed Downieville after Major Downie, who is said to have offered to . . . — Map (db m43899) HM
California (Sierra County), Downieville — Mackerman & Company Building
Constructed circa 1852. Joseph Mackerman used the building as home and brewery. Since that time the building housed a drug store, meat market and California’s oldest weekly newspaper - - - The Mountain Messenger. This fireproof building, with iron . . . — Map (db m43913) HM
California (Sierra County), Downieville — Masonic Building
The Mountain Shade Lodge No. 18 F. & A.M. received it’s charter on May 5, 1852. Prior to that date they operated under a dispensation. The Masons met originally in the Craycroft Building. Then erected their own building on this site in 1852. The . . . — Map (db m44242) HM
California (Sierra County), Downieville — 971 — Sierra County Sheriff’s Gallows
Sierra County Sheriff's GallowsOn November 27, 1885, 20 year-old James O’Neill was hanged from this gallows for the August 7, 1884 murder of Webber Lake dairyman John Woodward. That execution, conducted by Sheriff Samuel C. Stewart, . . . — Map (db m57828) HM
California (Solano County), Benicia — 174 — First Masonic Hall Built in California
The first Masonic hall built in California was begun in the summer of 1850, occupied by the lodge October 14, 1850, and formally dedicated December 27, 1850. This building served as the Masonic Temple for Benicia Lodge No. 5 until 1888, when the new . . . — Map (db m16317) HM
California (Solano County), Benicia — 153 — Old State Capitol
Erected in 1852, this historic building was ostensibly intended for Benicia City Hall, offered as the State Capitol and promptly accepted, it had that honor from February 4, 1853 to February 25, 1854. Deeded to state in 1951, it was one of the four . . . — Map (db m16375) HM
California (Solano County), Vacaville — The Andrew Carnegie Public Library1915-1965
The Ulatis Book Club initiated an early effort in 1905 to obtain a Carnegie Library Building Fund Grant. This effort was taken over in 1910 by the Saturday Club, which campaigned to establish a library district under the jurisdiction of the . . . — Map (db m16845) HM
California (Solano County), Vacaville — William Gordon HuffIn Expression of Gratitude
In recognition for his continuous dedication to the preservation of western history through his world – renowned artistic endeavors: for expressing his love of the Order through the sculptured likeness of the men who have labored to preserve . . . — Map (db m54590) HM
California (Sonoma County), Healdsburg — 893 — Walters Ranch Hop Kiln
This structure served the important hop industry of California’s North Coast Region, once the major hop-growing area in the west. Built in 1905 by a crew of Italian stonemasons, it represents the finest existing example of its type, consisting of . . . — Map (db m10352) HM
California (Sonoma County), Sonoma — 3 — Mission San Francisco Solano
On July 4, 1823, Padre Jose Altimira founded this northernmost of California’s Franciscan Missions. The only one established under independent Mexico. In 1834 secularization orders were carried out by military Commandant Mariano G. Vallejo. San . . . — Map (db m15273) HM
California (Sonoma County), Sonoma — 501 — Salvador Vallejo Adobe
Home of Captain Salvador Vallejo. He was the brother of General Mariano G. Vallejo, Sonoma’s founder. Built by Indian labor, 1836 – 1846. Occupied by Captain Vallejo and family until Bear Flag Party seized Sonoma, June 14, 1846. Cumberland . . . — Map (db m15256) HM
California (Sonoma County), Sonoma — Toscano Hotel
Original construction of store, library and dwelling which forms nucleus of this building in 1852 by Nathansons on land previously owned by Vallejo, this property was leased by Leiding to McKeague in 1877 and remodeled to become Eureka Hotel. 1886 . . . — Map (db m15287) HM
California (Sonoma County), Sonoma — Vasquez House
Built 1856 California Heritage Council Award of Merit Sonoma League for Historic Preservation Headquarters Dedicated May 1, 1976 — Map (db m15249) HM
California (Stanislaus County), Empire — 418 — Empire City
1 mile south of this spot is the site of Empire City. Founded 1850 by John G. Marvin . Head of navigation on the Tuolumne River, military supply depot and 2nd county seat of Stanislaus County. Destroyed by flood in 1861 – 62. Dedicated Oct. . . . — Map (db m19453) HM
California (Stanislaus County), La Grange — La Grange Saloon
The original saloon on this site burned on January 13, 1897 as a result of a fire in the adjacent Coulter Hotel. The saloon owner Louis Levaggi, erected the present building the same year for 13,000. It was known as the “Metropolitan”. . . . — Map (db m42575) HM
California (Stanislaus County), La Grange — LaFayette Historical Lodge #65
This is one of the oldest continuously occupied buildings in LaGrange. In 1857, Lodge #65 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of California was formed. The Odd Fellows purchased the two story jail from the County in 1862 and it was used for . . . — Map (db m94798) HM
California (Stanislaus County), Modesto — The McHenry Mansion
The McHenry Mansion, built in 1883 by Robert McHenry, prominent local rancher/banker, is a fine example of the Victorian Italianate Style of architecture. In 1923, it was converted into apartments and remained as such until 1976 when the Julio R. . . . — Map (db m19470) HM
California (Tehama County), Red Bluff — 12 — William B. Ide Adobe
This adobe house, built by William B. Ide reputedly about 1850, represents a typical frontier structure of the American Period. Ide, who came to California with his family in 1845, was the first and only President of the California Republic under . . . — Map (db m10346) HM
California (Tuolumne County), Chinese Camp — Don Pedro Lake
Created by Don Pedro Dam on the Tuolumne River near LaGrange. This project was completed in 1971 to provide irrigation, domestic water, flood control, electricity, recreation and fish enhancement. Constructed by City and County of San Francisco . . . — Map (db m13199) HM
California (Tuolumne County), Kennedy Meadows — Sonora Mono Toll Road
Oldest of the Trans-Sierra Emigrant Trails to California is spectacular Sonora Pass crossed by Highway 108, second highest (9,626 feet) of all the highway crossings of the range. The Bartleson-Bidwell Party, with mules, horses and oxen, made the . . . — Map (db m57989) HM
California (Tuolumne County), Sonora — Sonora Opera Hall
James Divoll and Joseph Bray, owners of the Bonanza mine constructed the Star Flouring Mills on this site in 1879. In August 1885 the mill burned, leaving the stone and brick walls. From the ruins they built the Opera Hall. The Hall was only active . . . — Map (db m31926) HM
California (Tuolumne County), Sonora — Sugg House
In 1857, William Sugg, a freed slave, built this three-room brick-faced adobe house. The adobe blocks were made in the front yard. The walls are up to 18 inches thick. A wood frame kitchen was at the rear. As Sugg’s family eventually grew to 11 . . . — Map (db m31861) HM
California (Tuolumne County), Sonora — Tuolumne County Albert N. Francisco Building
Constructed April 1981 – August 1982 Dedicated to the Citizens of Tuolumne County The Board of Supervisors Clyde D. May – Chairman Mildred Filiberti • Sidney H. Hatler • Steven C. Szalay • Billy H. Marr • William C. Davidson . . . — Map (db m32012) HM
California (Yolo County), Woodland — Main and Second Street 1920’sWoodland
. . . — Map (db m11756) HM
California (Yolo County), Woodland — Site of Byron Jackson’s First Machine Shop
Byron Jackson (1841-1921) was an inventor and manufacturer of farm equipment and pumps. His name endures on pumps used in agriculture, petroleum, mining, power generations and water supply. Born in Ohio, Jackson moved to Woodland with his parents in . . . — Map (db m24291) HM
California (Yuba County), Camptonville — William Bull Meek / ECV Redivivus-1932
[ Upper Plaque: ] To Clampatriarch William Bull Meek Stage Driver - Wells Fargo Agent - Mule Skinner - Treasurer - Merchant May 6, 1956 [ Center Plaque: ] ECV Redivivus 1932 First Grand Council pilgrimage. . . . — Map (db m39819) HM
California (Yuba County), Marysville — José Manuel Ramírez Rosales
The Chilean Community of Northern California and the Consulate General of Chile in San Francisco present this plaque in honor of José Manuel Ramírez Rosales A Chilean 49er, pioneer, artist, visionary and co-founder of the City of . . . — Map (db m55758) HM
California (Yuba County), Wheatland — Chinese Pyre
Chinese Pyre was used by the Wheatland Chinese Community during the 1870s – 1890s for funeral ceremonies. The pyre was used to burn precious paper believed to release the spirit to go on . Rebuilt in 1978 by the Wheatland . . . — Map (db m17715) HM
California (Yuba County), Wheatland — 1003 — Durst Hop RanchSite of Wheatland Hop Riot — August 3, 1913
Second major labor dispute in the U.S.A. Initiated by the I.W.W. Labor movement. — Map (db m57628) HM
Colorado (Weld County), Ault — Pvt Joe P. MartinezWorld War II Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient — July 27, 1920 - May 26, 1943
Private Martinez was mortally wounded on Attu Island after leading a successful charge to capture a mountain pass. He single handedly destroyed more than thirty enemy defenders. For this heroic efforts and supreme sacrifice he was awarded the . . . — Map (db m62783) WM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Twin Falls — Perrine Memorial Bridge
Lower marker: The structure you now see spanning the Snake River Canyon was completed in July 1976 at a cost of $9,700,000. It is 1500 feet in length with the roadway approximately 480 feet above the Snake River. This arch structure . . . — Map (db m62965) HM
Nevada, Carson City — Kit Carson 1843 – 44
Unveiled June 10, 1989 Artist: Buckeye Blake It was the winter of 1843-44 when Kit Carson along with the John C. Fremont expedition worked his way south from Pyramid Lake looking for an easy route across the Sierra Nevada. Carson, depicted . . . — Map (db m20897) HM
Nevada, Carson City — 72 — Nevada State Children’s Home
The Nevada Orphan’s Asylum, a privately funded institution, was opened in Virginia City May 1867 by Sister Frederica McGrath and two other nuns of the Sisters of Charity. By 1870, most of its functions were taken over by the Nevada Orphans’ Home at . . . — Map (db m20806) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — Hanging Tree
On this tree, early morning Nov. 26, 1897 occurred the blackest episode in the history of Nevada. Adam Uber of Calaveras Co. Cal. was forcefully taken from jail abused and hanged by an angry mob, for the pistol killing of Hans Anderson a local . . . — Map (db m20655) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — John A. “Snowshoe” Thompson
Born April 30, 1827 at Upper Tinns, Telemark District of Norway, John A. “Snowshoe” Thompson’s parents Tosten Olsen and Gro Johnsdotter baptized him as John Tostensen. At an early age he learned to “snow skate” (snow ski). In . . . — Map (db m20712) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — Old Genoa Bar
In 1863, Al Livingston built this building and called it Livingston’s Exchange. In 1884, Frank Fettic bought it and renamed it Fettic’s Exchange. He operated it as a “Gentlemen’s Saloon” allowing no rough stuff or excessive drinking. It . . . — Map (db m20661) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Genoa — The Pony Express1860 - 1960 ** 1861 - 1961
These plaques are near the site of the original Pony Express Station. The Pony Express passed through Genoa, the oldest city in Nevada, until the completion of the telegraph. Erected by the Nevada Pony Express Centennial Committee. . . . — Map (db m20711) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Minden — 123 — Cradlebaugh Bridge
The remains of Cradlebaugh Bridge, built in 1861 by William Cradlebaugh, stand ¼ mile westward. This bridge shortened the distance from Carson City to Aurora in the then booming Esmeralda Mining District. There were two routes from Carson . . . — Map (db m40100) HM
Nevada (Douglas County), Stateline — The Pony Express
In Commemoration of The Pony Express A fleeting but exciting epoch in the Winning of the West —————— Erected April 4, 1963 by Harrah’s William F. Harrah, President . . . — Map (db m46433) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Gold Hill — Gold Hill Hotel
[Main Marker:] This building is the original stone and brick edifice erected on the site of the first recorded claim on what became the Comstock Lode May 1, 1859. One of the earliest hotels it housed miners and notables offering lodging, . . . — Map (db m21946) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — Bank of CaliforniaHistoric Bank Site — 1864 – 1964
On this site, the Virginia City Agency of the Bank of California was established on September 6, 1864. Here miners obtained the capital that financed the most spectacular boom in mining history. Nearly one billion dollars in gold and silver was . . . — Map (db m21540) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — C. J. Prescott House
C. J. Prescott House 12 Hickey Street Has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior 1864 — Map (db m21621) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — Captain Edward Faris Storey
Cap’t Edward Faris Storey for Whom Storey County was named 1829 – 1860 — Map (db m22025) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — 4 — Combination ShaftChollar – Potosi, Hale & Norcross and the Savage Mines — Comstock Historical Marker No.4
The Combination Shaft began in 1875 when the owners of the Chollar-Potosi, Hale & Corcross and the Savage mines combined their efforts to sink a shaft to explore the Comstock Lode at a greater depth. The Combination was the deepest shaft ever . . . — Map (db m22842) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — 236 — Piper’s Opera House
This building, the most magnificent vintage theater in the West, was erected by John Piper in 1885. Third in a succession of theatres, which he operated on the Comstock, Piper’s Opera House, with its original scenery, raked stage, and elegant . . . — Map (db m37242) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — Site of International Hotels
Three International Hotels stood on this lot: The first hotel, a 14 room wood structure, was built in 1860 and dismantled in 1863. The second, a 100 room, 4 story brick building, was destroyed by the “Great Fire” of October . . . — Map (db m22066) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — The Fourth Ward School
Walk in Their Shoes On November 28, 1876, the excited residents of Virginia City christened their new monuments to education, the Fourth Ward School. The town was divided into “wards” for political and fire purposes. Built to . . . — Map (db m21883) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — The Nevada Bank of San Francisco
Built in 1862-63, this building was first the office of the private bankers Paxton and Thornburgh. After their move to Reese River in 1864-65, it was used sporadically until the Nevada Bank of San Francisco opened January 10, 1876. Owned by . . . — Map (db m22551) HM
Nevada (Storey County), Virginia City — William Sharon1821 – 1885
Managed the Bank of California during the Comstock’s Bonanza period. During this time, he was known as the “King of the Comstock.” William Sharon was the father of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad. He also formed the “Union . . . — Map (db m21555) HM

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