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W.W. I "A - L" - - LaGrange County Honor Roll image, Touch for more information
By Courtesy:: Marilyn S. Wolf, March 24, 2012
W.W. I "A - L" - - LaGrange County Honor Roll
Arkansas (Benton County), Avoca — Dunagin's Farm
Here on February 17, 1862, Brig. Gen. Rains with the Fourth Arkansas Regiment and the Third Louisiana, ambushed the advance of the Federal army under Brig. Gen. Curtis killing 20 of his men and some 60 horses in his advancing cavalry. The . . . — Map (db m99707) HM
Arkansas (Prairie County), DeValls Bluff — War on the White RiverThe Most Important Waterway in Civil War Arkansas
With a swift current and deep channel that allowed deeper-draft vessels to use it reliably as far north as Batesville, the White River was the most important river in Civil War Arkansas and was used extensively by both sides. The Confederate . . . — Map (db m96669) HM
Arkansas (Prairie County), DeValls Bluff — Why DeValls Bluff
DeValls Bluff was ideally situated to be an important location in the Civil War. The riverport was located at a point on the White River that was navigable at all seasons, a distinct advantage over Arkansas River sites that were frequently isolated . . . — Map (db m96667) HM
Arkansas (Saline County), Benton — Saline County Revolutionary War Soldiers
In honor of two Revolutionary War soldiers who chose Saline County, Arkansas as their home. After enlisting in the spring of 1777, they served through the winter at Valley Forge and to the end of the war in 1783. ASHER BAGLEY, Private . . . — Map (db m96595) WM
Arkansas (Saline County), Benton — The Gann Building
Built in 1893, the office of Dr. Dewell Gann, Sr. is the only known bauxite building in existence. The building was constructed by patients who could not afford to pay for services he had rendered them. The soft stone was dug from a farm nearby, . . . — Map (db m96597) HM
California (Amador County), Pine Grove — Chaw'seThe Grinding Rock
Chaw’se is the Miwok word for a mortar hole. The cup-shaped depression in a grinding rock was used to process acorns and other seeds into food by pounding and grinding with a cobblestone pestle.      The hole or chaw’se began as a . . . — Map (db m71895) HM
California (Santa Barbara County), Lompoc — Lompoc Carnegie Library1910 - 1968
Historical Landmark No. 1 — Map (db m67212) HM
California (Santa Barbara County), Lompoc — Lompoc's Mission Vieja
Mission La Concepcion Purisima de Maria Santisima (Mission of the Immaculate Conception of most Holy Mary) was founded by Father Presidente Fermn de Lasuen on Dec. 8, 1787 at what is now Locust Avenue and F Street. It was the eleventh of 21 . . . — Map (db m70318) HM
California (Santa Cruz County), Big Basin — 827 — The First State Park
A group of conservationists led by Andrew P. Hill camped at the base of Slippery Rock on May 15, 1900 and formed the Sempervirens Club to preserve the redwoods of Big Basin. Their efforts resulted in deeding 3,500 acres of primeval forest to the . . . — Map (db m2350) HM
Colorado (Kiowa County), Eads — Kiowa County Veterans Memorial
(Front Side) Kiowa County pays tribute to all men and women who served honorably in the armed forces to preserve America’s freedom (Rear Side) “All gave some Some gave all” “Freedom is not . . . — Map (db m107174) WM
Colorado (La Plata County), Hesperus — Dominguez and Escalante
In 1776, Franciscan Fathers, Francisco Atanasio Dominguez and Silvestre Velez de Excalante and eight companions, explored what is now southern Colorado, Utah, and northern Arizona, as men of peace. Between August and December, 1776, . . . — Map (db m71615) HM
Colorado (Mineral County), South Fork — History of a Road
Wolf Creek Pass! A romantic name - a beautiful but harsh setting.      Squatter-trapper Bill Wolf probably wasn't the first man across the pass, though it bears his name. Until the early 1900's, Cumbres and Elwood Passes opened the way to fertile . . . — Map (db m71659) HM
Colorado (Montezuma County), Mesa Verde National Park — Far View Reservoir
Imagine this mesa top in A.D. 1150 with fields of corn, beans, and squash; supplemented with wild plants such as amaranth, tubers, and sunflowers. Children could be seen watering corn with clay water jars (ollas), and young men could be seen cutting . . . — Map (db m71901) HM
Colorado (Otero County), La Junta — Welcome to the BorderlandsBent's Old Fort National Historic Site
In winters northers howled ... In summer temperatures climbed above the hundred-degree mark ... Spirits shriveled as respiratory organs dried; lips cracked and eyes burned ... it took a particular kind of spiritual iron to survive ... . . . — Map (db m71846) HM
Idaho (Gooding County), Bliss — Woody's Cove / The Hagerman Valley
Woody's Cove This deep, basalt canyon was formed similar to Malad Gorge – by a retreating cataract, a huge waterfall. About four million years ago, local volcanoes spewed enormous amounts of lava over the area. Then, about one . . . — Map (db m71593)
Illinois (Madison County), Collinsville — Grand PlazaHeart of the City
The heart of Cahokia was the Grand Plaza situated between Monks Mound and the Twin Mounds. Archaeological testing has confirmed that the plaza was, in part, artificially created by filling in low areas and reducing high points to create a flat, . . . — Map (db m74891) HM
Illinois (Pike County), Pittsfield — Pike County's Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln was a frequent visitor to Pike County. He left his judicial circuit and crossed the Illinois River to practice law with many of Pike County's leading attorneys, forming close associations with prominent Whig and . . . — Map (db m68918) HM
Indiana (Blackford County), Montpelier — 05.1989.1 — Godfroy Reserve
Reserved by U.S. to Chief Francois Godfroy of the Miami National of Indians by treaty at St. Mary's, Ohio, 6 October 1818, 3,840 acres on Salamonie River at La Petite Prairie, Harrison Township, Blackford County; reserve lands sold 1827, 1836. — Map (db m63825) HM
Indiana (Elkhart County), Benton — Jackson CemeteryCemetery Heritage
Jackson Cemetery Established 1827 A Historic Cemetery Listed in Indiana's Cemetery and Burial Grounds Registry of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Installed 2005 Indiana Historical Bureau and William Tuffs Chapter . . . — Map (db m68575) HM
Indiana (Elkhart County), Bristol — Trout Creek CemeteryCemetery Heritage
Trout Creek Cemetery Established circa 1850 A Historic Cemetery Listed in Indiana's Cemetery and Burial Grounds Registry of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Installed 2005 Indiana Historical Bureau and Elkhart . . . — Map (db m68638) HM
Indiana (Elkhart County), Bristol — William Tuffs Memorial
(Metal Tablet) In Memory of William Tuffs A member of The Boston Tea Party Erected by Improved Order of Redmen (Stone Tablet) William Tuffs Born June 11, 1750 Died September 5, 1847 Aged 97 Years His . . . — Map (db m68709) HM
Indiana (Elkhart County), Elkhart — Development of Diagnostic Test StripsElkhart, Indiana - 1956
A Miles Laboratories research team led by Alfred and Helen Free developed the first diagnostic test strip, Clinistix(R), for detecting glucose in urine. Reagent-impregnated strips changed color based on the concentration of glucose. This . . . — Map (db m64643) HM
Indiana (Elkhart County), Elkhart — Elkhart River Old Indian Trail
The old Indian trail which followed the Elkhart River, turned here to the northwest, and connected the “Miamis Fort” with “Fort St. Joseph”. From the time of the French and Indian War in 1755 to 1763, up to the . . . — Map (db m76258) HM
Indiana (Elkhart County), Elkhart — Island Park
Island Park was given to the City of Elkhart in the Year 1887 by James Rufus Beardsley It has been passed down through early Indian legions that the form of this island resembled an elk's heart - it is very probable, that from this source . . . — Map (db m69774) HM
Indiana (Elkhart County), Elkhart — Lou Criger
This memorial is dedicated to the life of Lou Criger Born in Elkhart, Ind., Feb. 6, 1872 to Charles J. and Lovina Stutsman Criger, the city's first major leaguer was known as one of the best catchers of his day and caught most of Cy Young's . . . — Map (db m67096) HM
Indiana (Elkhart County), Goshen — Madison Street School and Chandler SchoolCentral City Trail
The current Chandler School is located on the site of the former Madison Street School, one of Goshen's first schools, opened in 1849. Miss Emma Chandler was the first principal from 1871 to 1898. In 1874, a four room addition was completed, but the . . . — Map (db m69804) HM
Indiana (Elkhart County), Middlebury — Vernon H. Krider
In 1893 Vernon marched proudly off the rostrum with his high school sheepskin tucked under his arm. He was sure he was going away to school to become a physician. However, the country was in a depression, so his family could not afford to pay for . . . — Map (db m72767) HM
Indiana (Elkhart County), New Paris — Wyland Brothers Landing
. . . — Map (db m72735) HM
Indiana (Elkhart County), Waterford Mills — Waterford Elementary SchoolWinona Railway Trail
The history of Waterford School dates back to a log cabin one mile west of town in about 1830. The first school built in town was a frame building erected on the southwest corner of Egbert Road and South Main Street in 1836. A new one-story brick . . . — Map (db m69802) HM
Indiana (Franklin County), Brookville — 24.1995.3 — Intersection of Treaty Lines
One mile south is intersection of western boundary line of Treaty of Greenville, Ohio (1795) and Treaty of Grouseland, near Vincennes (1805), northeastern boundary line. By these treaties, Native American tribes ceded land to the United States . . . — Map (db m66866) HM
Indiana (Franklin County), Laurel — 24.2006.1 — Brigadier General CSA Francis Asbury Shoup
(Front Side) Remembered for service in Confederate States of America army, 1861-1865, and "Shoupade" fortification design; fought in battles of Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Atlanta. Advocated recruitment of African Americans for CSA army. . . . — Map (db m66860) HM
Indiana (Fulton County), Rochester — Joaquin Miller
Cincinnatus Heiner "Joaquin" Miller, who gained fame in Oregon as America's "Poet of the Sierras", lived from 1848-52 in Newcastle township of Fulton County. His family's home and the rude schoolhouse where he attended classes taught by his father, . . . — Map (db m72512) HM
Indiana (Grant County), Matthews — 27.1995.2 — The Village of Trask
Trask, like other pioneer villages, served an important commercial, social, and educational role for early settlers. The post office (1846-1901) marked the start and end of Trask's official existence. As travel improved, such villages disappeared or . . . — Map (db m63802) HM
Indiana (Henry County), Greensboro — 33.1976.1 — Underground Station
Seth Hinshaw, (1787-1865), well-known abolitionist, operated a station of the Underground Railroad on this site, prior to the Civil War. He also operated a store in which he refused to sell goods produced by slave labor. In 1843, Hinshaw helped . . . — Map (db m63804) HM
Indiana (Huntington County), Roanoke — 35.1997.1 — Wabash & Erie Canal Lock 4
First lock west of summit level of Wabash and Erie Canal (connected Lake Erie with Ohio River in 1853). Known as Dickey Lock. Built as Lock 1, 1834-1835, of wood construction; renumbered Lock 4 as result of canal completion to Ohio line (1840). . . . — Map (db m61119) HM
Indiana (Jackson County), Vallonia — Bartholomew Trail
On June 11, 1813, Col. Joseph Bartholomew, with Lieut. Col. John Tipton and Maj. David Owens as aides, and 137 mounted men of the Indiana Territorial Militia moved northward along this trail from Vallonia (Jackson county) through Tiptonia (now . . . — Map (db m74073) HM
Indiana (Johnson County), Franklin — Franklin
Founded in 1823, is the home of Franklin College, 1834 and the birthplace of two Indiana governors, Paul V. McNutt, 1891, at 599 E. Adams and Roger D. Branigin, 1902, at 205 Yandes. Johnson County Historical Museum at 150 W. Madison, Indiana Masonic . . . — Map (db m66837) HM
Indiana (Kosciusko County), North Webster — 43.1968.1 — Continental Divide
This divide separates the Great Lakes drainage system from the Mississippi River drainage system. — Map (db m44934) HM
Indiana (Kosciusko County), North Webster — The DixieIndiana's Oldest Sternwheel Paddle Boat
LENGTH: 76', WIDTH: 17.5', DISPLACEMENT: 35 tons, DRAFT: 14-22" Built by Captain Joseph Breeck and launched in 1929 Listed on the National Register of Historic Places Sept. 24, 2009 UNITED STATES DEPT. OF THE INTERIOR INDIANA . . . — Map (db m73267) HM
Indiana (Kosciusko County), Warsaw — The Lincoln HighwayThe Path of Progress
The Lincoln Highway was the first “Coast to Coast” transcontinental highway in the United States constructed from 1913 to 1928 beginning at Times Square in New York City and ending in Lincoln Park in San Francisco. The route spanned . . . — Map (db m72548) HM
Indiana (LaGrange County), LaGrange — LaGrange County Honor Rolls - W. W. I, Korea, and Other Service
( Plaque One ) Roll of Honor Citizens of LaGrange County who served our Country in World War I ( Names listed “A - L” ) ( Row One ) Floyd T. Aishe ▫ Clarence Virl Allen ▫ . . . — Map (db m53928) WM
Indiana (Lagrange County), South Milford — South Milford World War I Monument
Honor Roll Albright, Arnold • Albright, Earl • Austin, Emoral • Barber, Claude • Bell, Cecil • Bell, Charles • Bell, Kathryn - Nurse • Brainard, Milo • Bryant, Frank • Bryant, Walter • Burris, Leo • Castator, Delos • Cookerly, Archie • . . . — Map (db m72765) WM
Indiana (LaPorte County), La Porte — La Porte County Afghanistan–Iraq–Kuwait Memorial
(Front Side) Afghanistan Iraq     Kuwait A nation that forgets its defenders is a nation itself that will be forgotten (Rear Side) Fallen Heroes Sgt. David M. Heath Cpl. Sascha Struble Sgt. Kraig D. . . . — Map (db m78201) WM
Indiana (LaPorte County), La Porte — La Porte Korean War Memorial
. . . — Map (db m78167) WM
Indiana (LaPorte County), Michigan City — First Log Cabin in Michigan City
1833                         1933 In August 1833 Jacob Furman assisted by B.F. Bryant built on this site the first log cabin in Michigan City — Map (db m77447) HM
Indiana (LaPorte County), Michigan City — Michigan City Memorial Plaza
This Memorial Plaza Dedicated to All Veterans By a Grateful Community — Map (db m77365) WM
Indiana (LaPorte County), Rolling Prairie — Rolling Prairie School Honor Roll
Honor Roll Fallen Members of Rolling Prairie School James A. Brown • Edwin D. Buell III • Clyde E. Gourley • Donald R. Harley • Merle C. Hendricks • Dale D. Hicks • Michael E. Kelly • Jack B. Meyers • Billy Parker • Forrest M. . . . — Map (db m73878) WM
Indiana (LaPorte County), Westville — Pinhook Methodist Church and Cemetery
. . . — Map (db m75607) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Beech Grove — 49.1960.2 — Sarah T. Bolton1814 - 1893
A pioneer poet of Indiana, author of "Paddle Your Own Canoe" and "Indiana," crusader for women's rights, lived here at "Beech Bank" from 1871 to 1893. — Map (db m67185) HM
Indiana (Marion County), Indianapolis — 49.1983.1 — First Presbyterian Church of Southport"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations ...." (Matthew 28:19)
In recognition of its 150th year as a worshipping congregation, this sign marks the original location of the First Presbyterian Church of Southport, established March 30, 1833. Originally known as New Providence, the founding congregation met at . . . — Map (db m67187) HM
Indiana (Marshall County), Argos — Roberts CemeteryCemete Y Heritage
Roberts Cemetery Established 1849 A Historic Cemetery Listed in Indiana's Cemetery and Burial Grounds Registry of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Installed 2012 Indiana Historical Bureau and LaPaz Lions Club, . . . — Map (db m75824) HM
Indiana (Marshall County), Bourbon — Mount Pleasant North CemeteryCemetery Heritage
Mount Pleasant North Cemetery Established 1837 A Historic Cemetery Listed in Indiana's Cemetery and Burial Grounds Registry of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Installed 2012 Indiana Historical Bureau and LaPaz . . . — Map (db m75768) HM
Indiana (Miami County), Peru — 52.1992.1 — Burial Place of Francis Godfroy
Francis Godfroy (1788-1840) was last war chief of the Miami Nation. Owner Mount Pleasant trading post and one of the wealthiest and most influential merchants in the West. Burials in cemetery are restricted to persons of Native American ancestry and . . . — Map (db m61748) HM
Indiana (Monroe County), Gosport — 53.2000.1 — Ferry Bridge
(Side One) Pennsylvania through truss iron bridge built 1903 by Lafayette Engineering Co.; crosses West Fork of White River, spans 316 feet, and rests on concrete and stone abutments. One of longest single-span iron bridges in Indiana; . . . — Map (db m74167) HM
Indiana (Morgan County), Mooresville — Samuel Moore
In Memory of Samuel Moore Founder of Mooresville First Trading Post 1822-23 and First Store on this Site 1824 — 1924 — Map (db m99003) HM
Indiana (Morgan County), Waverly — 55.1957.1 — Whetzel Trace
A Trail from Whitewater River at Laurel terminated here at the Bluffs of White River. Cut in 1818 by Jacob Whetzel, it was the first east-west road into central Indiana. — Map (db m66830) HM
Indiana (Orange County), Orleans — Freeman Corner
Thomas Freeman surveyed the Vincennes Tract 1802-1803. The northeast corner of this tract is located 839 ft. N. and 48 ft. E. Placed by Lost River Chapter D.A.R. 1935. — Map (db m74118) HM
Indiana (Porter County), Beverly Shores — Century of Progress HomesIndiana Dunes National Lakeshore
"Century of Progress" homes at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair showcased innovative building materials and designs. Visitors marveled at modern features like dishwashers and air conditioners. In 1935, developer Robert Bartlett brought five . . . — Map (db m64158) HM
Indiana (Porter County), Town of Pines — 64.2009.1 — Edwin Way Teale
(Front Side) Born 1899 in Illinois, Teale became an influential naturalist, author, and photographer who won 1966 Pulitzer Prize for his book Wandering Through Winter. Teale wrote that boyhood summers and holidays spent near . . . — Map (db m64170) HM
Indiana (Putnam County), Russellville — 67.1972.1 — Portland Mills
This marker stands on the corner of four Townships on the Parke and Putnam Co. line, once the center of the thriving rural town of Portland Mills Settled in the early 1800's CHRISTIAN CHURCH Established 1838 - Relocated 1959 . . . — Map (db m69402) HM
Indiana (Ripley County), Holton — 69.1949.1 — Michigan Road
Extending from Michigan City to the Ohio River at Madison. Begun by the state in 1832 with funds obtained from sale of land granted by the Potawatomi Indians. Opened northern part of state to settlers. — Map (db m74032) HM
Indiana (St. Joseph County), Lakeville — 71.1998.1 — Huggart Settlement
First land purchased by Huggart brothers in 1834; area settled and farmed by their families and several other African-American households circa 1850-1890s. Settlement families attended nearby schools and churches and worked with neighbors in . . . — Map (db m61923) HM
Indiana (St. Joseph County), Mishawaka — 71.1997.2 — Battell Park
Mishawaka's oldest park, circa 1860s; given to city (1881) by members of Battell family. Features include Civil War soldiers monument (1884); neoclassical copper-domed, brick and limestone bandshell commemorating WWI (1927); exceptional Works . . . — Map (db m61835) HM
Indiana (St. Joseph County), New Carlisle — The Historic Lincoln HighwayMain Street Across America
—Lincoln Highway— The Nation’s First Coast-to-Coast Auto Road Once called the Main Street Across America, it all began on September 10, 1912, when a group of industrialists led by Carl Fisher of Indianapolis Motor . . . — Map (db m76388) HM
Indiana (St. Joseph County), South Bend — 71.1966.2 — Site of Home of Schuyler ColfaxMarch 23, 1823 - January 1, 1885
Prominent newspaperman and political leader; member of Congress, 1855-1869; Speaker, House of Representatives, 1863-1869; and Vice-President of the United States, 1869-1873. — Map (db m61798) HM
Indiana (St. Joseph County), Walkerton — Walkerton World War II Memorial
In Memory of the Valiant Sons and Daughters of This Area Who Served Their Country in the Armed Services in World War II — Map (db m75605) WM
Indiana (Wabash County), Lagro — Kerr Lock
Important Business Center on the old Wabash Erie canal this site presented to the town of Lagro by Charles Nottingham to be Presented as a Historical Monument — Map (db m68098) HM
Indiana (Wabash County), Wabash — Quarters of Major General John TiptonIndian Agent
A veteran of the Battle of Tippecanoe, General Tipton was apointed to the Indian Agency located in Ft. Wayne Indiana, by President Monroe. John Quincy Adams appointed Major General Tipton Indian Commissionder to oversee treaties with the Indians . . . — Map (db m76577) HM
Indiana (Washington County), Salem — 88.1995.1 — Illinoian Glacier Boundary
Nearby is the boundary of the Illinoian Glacier, which covered all but approximately 6,250 square miles in south, central area of Indiana. Most of Indiana's topography was affected by four separate glacial advancements during Pleistocene epoch, . . . — Map (db m74084)
Indiana (Wayne County), Centerville — Historic National Road / Make History, Drive ItThe Road That Built The Nation
(Side One) Historic National Road The Road That Built The Nation Pike Towns The National Road--along which you now stand—arrived here in Centerville in 1832. Centerville was an early "pike town". Regularly . . . — Map (db m69309) HM
Indiana (Whitley County), Columbia City — Whitley County Jail
The first public building in Whitley County was a log jail built in 1840 on the southeast corner on what is now the courthouse square. That jail cost $490. It was burned in 1855 by a prisoner awaiting trial. A second two story jail was . . . — Map (db m67237) HM
Kansas (Ford County), Howell — Santa Fe Trail Remains
has been designated a Registered National Historic Landmark under the provisions of the Historic Sites Act of August 21, 1935 This site possesses exceptional value in commemorating or illustrating the history of the United . . . — Map (db m65494) HM
Kentucky (Floyd County), Prestonsburg — The Battle of Middle CreekJanuary 10, 1862
Middle Creek was Eastern Kentucky's largest and most significant Civil War battle. It was fought during the first phase of the war, when it was still doubtful which government would control the region. The Confederates never regained the strategic . . . — Map (db m69136) HM
Kentucky (Green County), Greensburg — Home of Gen. Edward H. Hobson
Home of Union Gen. Edward Henry Hobson, the captor of Gen. John Hunt Morgan at Buffington Island, Ohio The Federal style house was originally built for Hobson’s father, Capt. William Hobson, in 1823. The house is a brick . . . — Map (db m96863) HM
Kentucky (Leslie County), Hyden — Finley Mine Disaster Memorial
In memory of Leslie County miners killed in Finley Coal Company mine disaster December 30, 1970 at Hyden, Kentucky This memorial donated by Justice and Lakes Monument Company McKee, Kentucky Lonnie Collins • Holt Couch • Howard Couch . . . — Map (db m84412) HM
Louisiana (Madison Parish), Delta — Freedmen Fight at Milliken's Bend
On June 7, 1863, black troops fought a vicious battle to defend the Union supply base at Milliken’s Bend, 15 miles northwest of here. Their victory proved black troops could fight well and helped ensure that the siege at Vicksburg would end in Union . . . — Map (db m84474) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Allegan — James E. Mahan Park
By resolution of the Allegan City Council, this park is dedicated to the memory of JAMES E. MAHAN, M.D. 1895–1984 Dr. Mahan ministered to the needs of the Allegan area -- both in the personal and public health fields -- from 1931 . . . — Map (db m69900) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Douglas — L1801 — Douglas Union School
Side 1 In 1866, faced with the growth of what were then separate villages of Douglas and Dudleyville, Saugatauk Township District No. 3 and 4 merged to form Union District No. 3. The Douglas Union School opened for classes in September . . . — Map (db m45325) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Douglas — The Old School HouseHistory Center and Back-in-Time Garden
The School House opened its doors in 1867, replacing a one-room school nearby. Known then as the Douglas Union School and part of a new public school consolidation movement in Michigan, the school offered classes at all grades—pioneering in . . . — Map (db m73644) HM
Michigan (Allegan County), Overisel — L1566 — Overisel / Overisel Reformed Church
(Side One) Overisel Seeking religious liberty and better economic opportunity in a new land, the Reverend Seine Bolks and a congregation of about two dozen families, left Hellendoorn, Province of Overisel, The Netherlands, on . . . — Map (db m73646) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Berrien Springs — 38 — Berrien County CourthouseMichigan's Oldest County Courthouse — Michigan Legal Milestone
The county courthouse is an iconic symbol of the American legal system. Its importance in Michigan is established in the Michigan Constitution of 1835, which authorized county courts and the laws that followed, requiring counties to provide suitable . . . — Map (db m69920) HM
Michigan (Berrien County), Niles — Parrott Civil War CannonRiverfront Park Historical Trail
Nearly 12,000 memorial cannons were donated by the U.S. Government, between 1872 and 1916, to local Posts of the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) and other civic and patriotic groups for the purpose of display as a veterans' war memorial. They . . . — Map (db m67883) HM WM
Michigan (Berrien County), St. Joseph — Commercial Shipping
Schooners rigged for sailing and steam-driven freighters were once common sights at St. Joseph and Benton Harbor. Fruit, lumber, and manufactured goods made up much of the port's early trade. By the 1870s, vessels were regularly carrying thousands . . . — Map (db m68217) HM
Michigan (Branch County), Coldwater — Coldwater Michigan National Guard Armory Memorial
The Michigan National Guard Armory was dedicated in 1917 and was the major information and gathering facility for Branch County's Military, Company A-32. These guns, known as the Maxim-Nordenfeldt Automatics, are anti-aircraft weapons, and they . . . — Map (db m66694) WM
Michigan (Branch County), Coldwater — L657A — First Presbyterian Church
Organized in 1837, the same year that Coldwater became a village, the local Presbyterian society held services in various quarters until 1844 when it erected its first church. It completed the present Romanesque Revival-style brick church in 1869 at . . . — Map (db m66767) HM
Michigan (Branch County), Coldwater — S275 — Michigan Library Association
The first formal step toward the founding of a state library association was taken by Mary A. Eddy, of the Coldwater Free Public Library, in a letter to Henry M. Utley of the Detroit Public Library on January 13, 1891. They had discussed this matter . . . — Map (db m66717) HM
Michigan (Branch County), Union City — L1835 — Union City Methodist Episcopal Church
(Side One) During 1836-37, cabinetmaker David Hull led the organization of the township's first religious society. Circuit-riding ministers held services for Union City's fledgling Methodist congregation on alternate Sundays. The group . . . — Map (db m65806) HM
Michigan (Cass County), Dowagiac — Dowagiac Civil War Monument
(South Side) Erected by H.C. Gilbert Post No. 47 G.A.R. Comrs. Fred E. Lee, Prest. J. Edwards, 1st Vice Prest. H. Goddings, 2nd Vice Prest. H.S. McMaster, Sec. Willis M. Farr, Tres. 1861-1865 (North Side) Cass . . . — Map (db m64761) WM
Michigan (Cass County), Marcellus — Honor Roll of War Veterans of Marcellus and Vicinity
War of 1812 John M. Bauder • Samuel Bridge • J. Haley Brown • Edward Littell • John Savage • Justus Sheffield • Fordice Sheldon Black Hawk War Joseph Bair Civil War Benj. F. Adams • Wm. P. Akerly • Hugh Anderson • . . . — Map (db m75288) WM
Michigan (Cass County), Pokagon — L668 — Methodist Episcopal Church / The Old Rugged Cross
(Obverse Side) Methodist Episcopal Church Circuit-riding Methodist ministers held religious services in Pokagon Township during the 1830s and 1840s. A class was organized in Sumnerville in 1840. In 1876 the Methodists purchased . . . — Map (db m64747) HM
Michigan (Cass County), Vandalia — Birch Lake Meeting House
Quakers from the mid-Atlantic region settled here during the 1830's. This is the site of the meeting house, built in 1856, which replaced a log cabin dating from 1837. The congregation contained many active Abolitionists, and this area soon became . . . — Map (db m68407) HM
Michigan (Kalamazoo County), Climax — Climax World War II Memorial
In memoriam World War II Max Bailey    Loyd Puffer Amos Force    Wesley Simmonds Wilford Gibson    Carrol Smoke Dallas Malone    Fred Truby — Map (db m68800) WM
Michigan (Kalamazoo County), Kalamazoo — 133 — Kalamazoo Celery
A Scotsman, named Taylor, grew the first celery in Kalamazoo in 1856. Diners at the Burdick Hotel regarded it with curiosity. Cornelius De Bruyn, a gardener, who came here from The Netherlands in 1866, developed the modern type of celery from the . . . — Map (db m74486) HM
Michigan (Saint Joseph County), Centreville — St. Joseph County Veterans Memorial1999
As They Died to Make Mankind Free, Let Us Live to Complete the Task Veterans of World War I Austin, Harold Darwin • Baer, Clyde Cicero • Becker, Gustav G. • Behan, William J. • Blood, Robert B. • Brown, Arthur Floyd • Cole, Harold . . . — Map (db m72997) HM
Michigan (Saint Joseph County), Constantine — John Stewart Barry
Here resided from 1835 to 1849 John Stewart Barry Governor of Michigan, 1843-46; 1850-52    He was born January 29, 1802, in Amherst, New Hampshire; came to White Pigeon in 1831; to Constantine in 1834; kept a general store and . . . — Map (db m73001) HM
Michigan (Saint Joseph County), Sturgis — Sturgis Prairie
Place of First Settlement Sturgis Prairie By Judge John Sturgis And Family August 1827 Donated by their Descendants Erected by the Womans Club 1915 — Map (db m75057) HM
Michigan (Saint Joseph County), Three Rivers — L1044A — Old Three Rivers Public Library
Built in 1904, this structure served as a public library for seventy-five years. Financed by an Andrew Carnegie grant, it was designed by A.W. Rush & Co. and built by H.V. Snyder & Son. Warren J. Willits donated the site. The exterior pink granite . . . — Map (db m64547) HM
Michigan (Saint Joseph County), Three Rivers — L400 — Sue Silliman House
(Front Side) Arthur Silliman deeded this property named “Riversbye” to his daughter Sue in 1914. Sue Silliman was Three Rivers librarian and historian for forty-two years. During that time she also served on national, state, . . . — Map (db m64541) HM
Michigan (Van Buren County), Lawton — L2017 — Houppert Winery
Grape growing began in Lawton in 1868 when A.B. Jones planted 100 vines. By 1900 many eastern Van Buren County farmers converted their land to vineyards. In 1903 the Lawton Vineyard Company built a winery on this site, which William C. Houppert . . . — Map (db m68432) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Natchez — Natchez
First settled by French, 1716-29. Lasting growth came with Britain, 1763-1779, and Spain, 1779-98. Cotton and trade made it commercial and cultural capital of Old South. — Map (db m4479) HM
Mississippi (Adams County), Stanton — Loess Bluff
This bluff shows a deep deposit of windblown topsoil known as loess (pronounced LOW–ess). It was formed during the Ice Age when glaciers covered the northern half of the United States.    At this time nearly continuous duststorms swept in . . . — Map (db m62182) HM
Mississippi (Chickasaw County), Houston — Chickasaw County Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the citizens of Chickasaw County who served our country in peacetime and war with honor Dedicated to the memory of all boys of Chickasaw County who gave their lives in service to their country World War I John . . . — Map (db m97569) WM
Mississippi (Hinds County), Raymond — Eyewitnesses in the Storm
     “One officer, not more than thirty feet from where I stood, quietly loaded up an old Meerschaum, lit a match, his pistol hanging form his wrist, and when he had got his pipe agoing, he got hold of his pistol again, and went on . . . — Map (db m85099) HM
Mississippi (Leake County), Carthage — Red Dog Road
The road to your left, running to Canton, Mississippi, was opened in 1834 and named for Choctaw Indian Chief Ofahoma or Red Dog. Like other Choctaw, he had accepted the way of his European neighbors and had become a farmer.      Chief Ofahoma . . . — Map (db m87488) HM
Mississippi (Lee County), Saltillo — Old TraceNational Park Service — Natchez Trace Parkway
Much of the Old Trace had been abandoned by the start of the civil war. However, the war did leave its mark on the Trace as it did upon the rest of the South, as soldiers marched, camped and fought along portions of this historic old road. A 5 . . . — Map (db m61803) HM
Mississippi (Lee County), Saltillo — Thirteen Unknown Confederates
Were they some of Shiloh’s wounded who retreated here in 1862 to die beside the Natchez Trace? Did they serve under the daring General Nathan Forest who passed this way in 1864? Or were they guarding the Tupelo headquarters of J.B. Hood’s Army of . . . — Map (db m84774) HM
Missouri (Christian County), Ozark — Christian County
Deep in the Missouri Ozarks, Christian County, organized 1859, was one of last 3 of the State’s 114 counties to be formed. At the request of pioneer “Mrs. Thomas Neaves” it was named for her native Ky. county honoring Rev. War Col. . . . — Map (db m99716) HM
Missouri (Iron County), Ironton — Battle of Pilot KnobSeptember 26-27, 1864
(Left Side):Battle of Pilot Knob September 26-27, 1864A section of Montgomery's Battery, two 3-inch Ordnance Rifles, under Lt. Simonton, helped drive the rebels back into Shut-In Gap and held them there until fighting ceased at sunset on the . . . — Map (db m38441) HM
Missouri (Iron County), Pilot Knob — The Union Church at Pilot Knob
You are standing near the junction of Maple and Lucas Streets where the Union Church once stood. Originally built around 1860, the non-denominational church was torn down in the 1920s. It served as a meeting place for Union troops during the Civil . . . — Map (db m99203) HM
Missouri (Texas County), Houston — Texas County War Memorial
Dedicated to Those Who Gave Their Lives in Defense of Liberty From Texas County Dedicated Nov. 11, 1987 World War I Agee, Lee F. • Arms, James W. • Bell, Ernest M. • Blankenship, Fred L. • Brown, Willie H. • Courtney, Charley . . . — Map (db m99418) WM
Missouri (Washington County), Caledonia — Bellevue Collegiate Institute1867 - 1902
First college owned by St. Louis Conference of the Methodist Church south — Map (db m99641) HM
Montana (Powell County), Avon — The Valley of a Thousand Haystacks
The Little Blackfoot Valley is filled with lush hay fields. You already may have noticed the rounded haystacks and commented on the strange lodgepole structures standing in many of the fields. This contraption that looks like a cross between a . . . — Map (db m71949) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — 202 — Fairview1905 - 1917 — 1-1/2 Miles South
Fairview was part of the renewed interest in mining. Triggered by the strikes in Tonopah and Goldfield. Discoveries in 1905 of a rich silver float led to a boom that lasted through 1906 and 1907. A substantial town that boasted 27 saloons, hotels, . . . — Map (db m67147) HM
Nevada (Churchill County), Fallon — Fairview Peak Earthquake Faults
When the energy from pressure built up underneath the Earth's thin crust is suddenly released, an earthquake occurs. At first the crust may just bend. But if the stress is great enough, the rocks will break and "snap" to a new position. This usually . . . — Map (db m62121) HM
Nevada (Clark County), Overton — Valley of Fire Behind the Camera
This ruin appears to be a symbol of ancient times but was actually built in 1965 for the movie “The Professional.” The main movie set, a Mexican hacienda, was located where the parking lot is now. Railroad ties can still be seen sticking . . . — Map (db m72358) HM
Nevada (Elko County), West Wendover — Where Did the Lake Go?
Imagine Lake Bonneville some 10,000 years ago as a vast lake larger than the present Great Salt Lake. Its eastern boundary would be the Wasatch Mountains at Salt Lake City and its western boundary the Toano and Goshute Mountains to your left. . . . — Map (db m67968) HM
Nevada (Pershing County), Imlay — 23 — Humboldt House
Humboldt House or Humboldt Station was originally the point of departure for Humboldt City, Prince Royal, and the mines in that vicinity. In September 1866, it became a stage stop for the historic William (Hill) Beachey Railroad Stage Lines. As . . . — Map (db m67378) HM
Nevada (Washoe County), Sparks — 29 — Chinese in Nevada1864 - 1964
This honors the heroism and hardihood of the thousands of Chinese who played a major role in the history of Nevada. From across the Pacific the Chinese came to California during the Gold Rush of '49 and on to the mountains and deserts of this state . . . — Map (db m73946) HM
Nevada (White Pine County), Ely — 184 — Ward Charcoal Ovens
These ovens were constructed during the mid 1870's and are larger and of finer construction than most other ovens found in Nevada. They are 27 feet in diameter and 30 feet high with a capacity of about 35 cords of wood which was burned for a period . . . — Map (db m62118) HM
Nevada (White Pine County), McGill — The Pony ExpressA Journey Across the American West
Mail From Coast to Coast: During the mid-1800s, American settlers were on the move, relocating from crowded Eastern cities to the untamed wilderness of the West. Many made their way to California. With the surge of settlers, California began . . . — Map (db m67130) HM
North Carolina (Transylvania County), Brevard — Looking Glass Rock
Like a gigantic mirror, Looking Glass Rock reflects a dazzle of sunlight when water collects on its granite face. This display is especially spectacular in winter when the water turns to ice. Looking Glass Rock is a pluton formed by underground . . . — Map (db m70420) HM
Oregon (Wheeler County), Mitchell — Pieces of the Puzzle
The ground before you is like a puzzle. A long streak of color breaks off, then seems to continue in the next hill, but at a different level. To connect the pieces, look for similar color, thickness, and sequence in a series of layers. Ash and . . . — Map (db m71699)
South Carolina (Lancaster County), Lancaster — Buford Monument
(South Face of Monument) Erected to the memory and in honor of the brave and patriotic American soldiers who fell in the battle which occurred at this place on the 29th May 1780 between Col. Abraham Buford who commanded a regiment of . . . — Map (db m71576) HM WM
Tennessee (Hickman County), Williamsport — Jackson Branch – A Stolen Stream
This trail descends to Jackson Falls, a beautifully sculptured cascade that seems ageless. But it isn’t. For thousands of years before the falls existed, Jackson Branch flowed into this high valley, isolated from the Duck River below. Then, in . . . — Map (db m84576)
Tennessee (Robertson County), Springfield — Robertson County World War II Tree Memorial
The Home and Community Department of Robertson County Farm Bureau plants this tree in memory and appreciation of Veterans of World War II — Map (db m84531) WM
Texas (Bell County), Temple — 5223 — Temple Public Library
On March 29, 1900, the Women’s Literary Club and the Self Culture Club formed a city federation for the purpose of organizing a public library. Soon the first library opened in a corner of the post office building and later moved to a book store. In . . . — Map (db m90017) HM
Texas (Brazoria County), Jones Creek — 9584 — Emily Margaret Brown Austin Bryan Perry(1795 - 1851)
Born near Austinville, Virginia, as was her brother Stephen Fuller Austin (1793-1836), Emily moved with her father Moses Austin (1761-1821) and mother Maria Brown Austin (1768-1824) to Missouri in 1798. The family operated lead mines there and . . . — Map (db m90628) HM
Texas (Brazoria County), Jones Creek — 9541 — Major James Peckham Caldwell(January 6, 1793 - November 16, 1856)
     Adjutant of the Texas army in Battle of Velasco, June 26, 1832. Wounded there, he was guarding civilians at time Texas won independence in Battle of San Jacinto, April 21, 1836.      A bosom friend of Stephen F. Austin, Caldwell . . . — Map (db m90590) HM
Texas (Caldwell County), Lockhart — 9760 — Caldwell County Courthouse
The first Caldwell County courthouse was erected on this site in 1848, when the county was organized and named for Mathew Caldwell, a Texas Ranger and signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. It was replaced in 1858 by a 2-story limestone . . . — Map (db m91553) HM
Texas (Callahan County), Baird — 360 — Belle Plain
First official county seat of Callahan County, 1877 - 1883. The first unofficial county seat was Callahan City where the commissioners court was organized, July 30, 1877, and several civil and probate cases filed. By an invalid election, October . . . — Map (db m79092) HM
Texas (Callahan County), Baird — Callahan County Airport
Shortly after WWII, the first official Callahan County airport opened. Baird businessmen Ralph Ashlock and Earl Johnson leased this land from William H. Hardy where two decades earlier Mr. Hardy operated a county poor farm. With help from local . . . — Map (db m79317) HM
Texas (Callahan County), Baird — Historic National Bankhead HighwayEst. 1924
The Baird area was the mid-point of the first all weather two land highway from Savannah, Ga. to San Diego, California. The Naval Division Branch connected Washington D.C. to Norfolk, Virginia. Named for Alabama Senator John Hollis Bankhead, . . . — Map (db m80819) HM
Texas (Callahan County), Baird — 5831 — William Jeff Maltby(December 7, 1829 - June 27, 1908)
A native of Illinois, William Jeff Maltby gained fame as a frontiersman, veteran of the Mexican War and American Civil War and Texas Ranger. Maltby began his Texas exploits about 1850, building frontier forts for the U.S. Army. He retired to . . . — Map (db m79083) HM
Texas (Callahan County), Clyde — Alexander Charles Garrett Memorial
(Front Panel) Alexander Charles Garrett 33 Inspector General Honorary Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry This tablet erected by the Scottish Rite Masons of Dallas as a loving tribute to the memory of a great and . . . — Map (db m78040) HM
Texas (Callahan County), Clyde — Judge Walter Raleigh Ely
Born April 3, 1878, in Somerset, Ky., Judge Walter Raleigh Ely came to Callahan County with his parents in 1895. Largely self-educated, he entered the profession of law and had a distinguished career. He served as County Attorney and County Judge of . . . — Map (db m79585) HM
Texas (Coke County), Blackwell — 2637 — Indian Rock Shelters
Throughout this area during the last several centuries, rock ledges gave protection to Lipan, Kickapoo, Comanche, and Kiowa Indians. In one typical shelter archeologists found evidence of 3 periods of occupation, plus numerous intricate petroglyphs . . . — Map (db m77615) HM
Texas (Coleman County), Novice — 232 — Atoka Cemetery
Settlement of this area began in the 1850s with the establishment of Camp Colorado, a United States Cavalry outpost. At the outbreak of the Civil War the camp was occupied by Texas state troops and Texas Ranger units. The existence of the camp . . . — Map (db m78265) HM
Texas (Coleman County), Santa Anna — 4371 — Route of Old Military Road
Opened in 1850s for supply trains and cavalry travel along line of U.S. forts from Belknap on the Brazos to Fort Mason and to Fort Clark near the Rio Grande.      Along this road passed great men, including Col. Robert E. Lee, later (1861-65) . . . — Map (db m94425) HM
Texas (Eastland County), Rising Star — 1893 — First United Methodist Church of Rising Star
Rising Star was only a sparsely settled community when schoolteacher James Irby organized this congregation in 1879. The Rev. L.S. Chamberlain of Sipe Springs led the first service, which was attended by Irby, his wife Sallie, and Dennis Bond, in a . . . — Map (db m89575) HM
Texas (Eastland County), Rising Star — Pioneer Cemetery War Memorial
In Memory Of The Men Of The Pioneer Community Who Gave Their Lives For God And Country World War I Sam Marshall • Noah Ross World War II Earl Botts • Foster Cash • Raymond Dillard • Buster Fleming • Billie Flippin • Marion . . . — Map (db m79951) WM
Texas (Gillespie County), Fredericksburg — 10017 — Cherry Spring Schoolhouse
School classes for the children of German immigrants in the Cherry Spring community were held in homes until 1885, when this limestone schoolhouse was completed on land donated by H. Bratherich. On dedication day, students formed a parade to the new . . . — Map (db m91632) HM
Texas (Gillespie County), Fredericksburg — 10080 — The Marschall - Meusebach Cemetery
Members of the families of two former German noblemen, related by marriage, are buried in this cemetery. John O. Meusebach (1812-97), who came to the Republic of Texas in 1845 as leader of the German Emigration Company, established (1846) the town . . . — Map (db m91647) HM
Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — A More Perfect SocietyLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
It is a Society where no child will go unfed, and no youngster will go unschooled .... Where no citizen will be barred from any door because of his birthplace or his color .... Where peace and security is common among neighbors and possible . . . — Map (db m91183) HM
Texas (Gillespie County), Stonewall — Low Water CrossingLyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
For many years this low-water crossing served as the primary access to the LBJ Ranch; for non-Texans, it served as a dramatic entry into LBJ’s world. The construction of this dam and crossing was the first improvement made to the ranch by Lyndon . . . — Map (db m91317) HM
Texas (Jones County), Abilene — 2004 — Fort Phantom Hill
Established November 14, 1851 Abandoned April 6, 1854 Repaired and Used by Southern Overland Mail, 1858-1861 Sub-Post of Fort Griffin in 1871 and 1872 A thriving village which grew up in its vicinity after the Civil War served as . . . — Map (db m74737) HM
Texas (Jones County), Abilene — 15905 — Round Mound Cemetery
Round Mound Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Jones County and is located near the site of the former Deadman Creek or Round Mound settlement. The name “Round Mound” may derive from the highest point in the area, which is . . . — Map (db m78430) HM
Texas (Jones County), Anson — Anson Jones
Born in Massachusetts January Twentieth 1798 was licensed to practice medicine in 1820. Came to Texas in 1833. Doctor Jones participated in the Battle of San Jacinto 1836 while a surgeon in the army of Texas. He was a member of the Congress of the . . . — Map (db m78967) HM
Texas (Jones County), Anson — 173 — Anson Opera House
Built 1907 by A.W. Johnson and Dr. D. Williams, with Thomas Vetch, contractor. House was site for diverse programs: stock company and Chautauqua productions such as “East Lynn” and “The Klansman” (for which Sheriff Tom . . . — Map (db m78915) HM
Texas (Jones County), Anson — 12415 — Jones County Courthouse
The Seventh Texas Legislature created Jones County in 1858 and named it for Anson Jones, the last president of the Republic of Texas. The Civil War, Reconstruction, and the area’s untamed wilderness combined to postpone the county’s formal . . . — Map (db m78964) HM
Texas (Jones County), Hamlin — 13406 — Boyd Chapel Community
Settlements began to develop in Jones County by the mid-1800s, first around the abandoned Fort Phantom Hill site and then around ranches founded in the 1880s and farms established shortly thereafter. At this site in 1895, Reese Davis, Joe Swent and . . . — Map (db m78764) HM
Texas (Jones County), Lueders — 2005 — 8.6 Miles South to Fort Phantom Hill
Established November 14, 1851 by the United States Army as a protection of the settlers against the Indians. Abandoned and burned April 6, 1854. Repaired and used by Southern Overland Mail, 1858-1861, sub-post of Fort Griffin, 1871-1872, temporary . . . — Map (db m78401) HM
Texas (Knox County), Benjamin — 2970 — Knox County
Formed from Young and Bexar Territories Created February 1, 1858 Recreated August 21, 1876 Organized March 20, 1886 Named in honor of General Henry Knox 1759–1806 Major General of the Continental Army, 1781 . . . — Map (db m81302) HM
Texas (Knox County), Benjamin — 3871 — Original Old Rock Courthouse Cornerstone
     Erected in Benjamin in 1891, when the officials of Knox County were: W.H. Benedict, T.P. Reeder, J.A. Spinks, G.B. Stewart. Commissioners T.D. Isbell – Sheriff.      Rock structure replacing wooden courthouse of 1886, was . . . — Map (db m81300) HM
Texas (Mason County), Mason — 17658 — Peter's Prairie School
During the 1850s and 1860s, Mason County landowner “Major” Joshua Peters, supplied cut prairie grasses from here to Fort Mason for their horses. The community which developed took the name Peter’s Prairie. In 1877, John Rhoads and W.H. . . . — Map (db m90947) HM
Texas (McCulloch County), Brady — 12961 — Fife Cemetery
Alexander (d. 1896) and Isabella (d. 1898) Mitchell came to this area in 1878 with their children. Alex, a surveyor, farmed and ranched. Daughter Elizabeth Mitchell Bradley, a widow, reared her sons on her parents' homesite and, in 1900, deeded the . . . — Map (db m90745) HM
Texas (Milam County), Buckholts — 7939 — Bryant Station
Pioneer village of Milam County Established as an Indian trading post by Major Benjamin F. Bryant, frontiersman who had commanded a company in the Battle of San Jacinto. Appointed Indian agent in 1842 by Sam Houston President . . . — Map (db m90647) HM
Texas (Mills County), Goldthwaite — 6034 — Center City Cemetery(One-Half Mile Southwest)
The Center City Cemetery began with the burials in 1874 of Julia M. Bishop and M.E. Hughes, the adult and infant daughters of W.C. and Caroline Hughes, early settlers of this area. Judge L.E. Patterson purchased 2.5 acres containing the Hughes . . . — Map (db m89943) HM
Texas (Palo Pinto County), Strawn — 393 — Bethel Strawn, C.S.A.
An 1858 settler and leading citizen of Palo Pinto County. Enlisted 1864 in Co. B, 1st Frontier District, Texas State Troops, in Maj. Wm. Quayle’s command. Saw service mainly in keeping down Indian depredations and protecting settlements that were . . . — Map (db m98439) HM
Texas (Runnels County), Ballinger — 1817 — First Presbyterian Church
On July 26, 1886, soon after the railroad town of Ballinger was founded, a Presbyterian church with nine charter members was organized at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Burt. A small frame sanctuary served the congregation until this structure was . . . — Map (db m95195) HM
Texas (Runnels County), Novice — 4195 — Ranger Campsite
One-half mile east of here, some twenty-five to thirty Texas Rangers of Company E were stationed in 1874, under the command of Capt. W.J. “Jeff” Maltby. They kept sentries posted on nearby “Ranger Peak” to guard against . . . — Map (db m78285) HM
Texas (Runnels County), Rowena — 5162 — Sweet Home School
The need for education in this rural area was met in 1902, when a two-room school was started on Emil Helm’s farm (1.5 mi. NW). The name “Sweet Home” was chosen by Henry Kriegel, one of the first trustees. In 1922 the school was moved to . . . — Map (db m96033) HM
Texas (Runnels County), Winters — 4061 — Poe Chapel
Named in honor of William Wyatt Poe, who came to Texas from his native Alabama in late 1870. Married Jerusha Evaline Cline in 1885; had ten children.      Moved family to Runnels County, 1904. Gave land for school and church buildings. Was school . . . — Map (db m77945) HM
Texas (Shackelford County), Albany — 557 — Bud Matthews Switch of the Texas Central Railway
In 1900, the Texas Central Railway extended a line northwest from Albany across this portion of Rose Ella (Matthews) Conrad’s cattle ranch. Ella and her brother John A. “Bud” Matthews, for whom this site is named, promptly constructed . . . — Map (db m79194) HM
Texas (Shackelford County), Albany — Georgia Battalion Memorial
In Honor of the Georgia Battalion Georgia was the only state in the Union to supply arms from its state arsenal when her sons came to Texas to join the fight for freedom. The Georgia Battalion of 5 companies of volunteers came as a . . . — Map (db m94068) HM WM
Texas (Shackelford County), Albany — Lieutenant Colonel William Edwin DyessDefender of Bataan
(Center Panel) Graduated John Tarleton College May 18, 1936 Graduated Advanced Flying School Kelly Field October 6, 1937 “I want you to know I love every one of you” Last words spoked to Albany friends . . . — Map (db m93987) HM
Texas (Shackelford County), Albany — 4648 — Shackelford County
First inhabited by nomadic Indian tribes, Shackelford County was created in 1858 and named for Dr. John Shackelford (1790-1857). The first permanent Anglo-American settlers in this area included J.C. Lynch (1828-1912), a native of Ireland who moved . . . — Map (db m85633) HM
Texas (Shackelford County), Moran — 3468 — Moran
Pioneers came to this area as early as the 1860s. During the Civil War (1861-65), they built the temporary fortress settlement of Mugginsville on Deep Creek. At one time, a branch of the Western Cattle Trail passed nearby. Population increased after . . . — Map (db m80100) HM
Texas (Stonewall County), Aspermont — 4203 — Rath City(4 mi. SW)
In 1876 during an international demand for buffalo hides, Charles Rath (1836-1902) founded this town. He opened the Rath, Lee & Reynolds mercantile store. He sold supplies and bought the hides from the buffalo hunters. On one occasion in 1877 there . . . — Map (db m95161) HM
Texas (Swisher County), Happy — 2383 — Harmon-Toles Elevator(¼ mile west)
Holland E. Toles (1894-1941) opened a grain elevator in this area in 1926, and was joined by Vernon Harman in 1938. After Toles' death, Harman formed a new partnership with John F. and Holl Ed Toles. World War II, increased . . . — Map (db m91349) HM
Texas (Taylor County), Abilene — Abilene African-American Schools
Historical Marker This marker honors Abilene’s educational era of Colored–Negro–Black schools from the 1890’s to 1969. The Abilene Public School Board moved the Abilene Colored School to this site at North 8th and Treadaway in . . . — Map (db m86152) HM
Texas (Taylor County), Abilene — 71 — Abilene Negro High School
The first public school for African Americans in Abilene was established in 1890. Located in the 200 block of Plum Street, the one-room school was named the Abilene Colored School. Its first class consisted of 22 students and one teacher.      In . . . — Map (db m78835) HM
Texas (Taylor County), Abilene — 15000 — Eugenia Pickard
A philanthropic African American woman greatly improved Abilene’s minority neighborhoods. Eugenia Pickard was born in Georgia about 1877. She moved to Texas in the early 1900s and settled in Abilene. Here she owned several properties and made them . . . — Map (db m79785) HM
Texas (Taylor County), Abilene — First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church Of Abilene Tex. Was Organized on This Spot Feb. 27 - 1881 W.A. Minter Elder — Map (db m85805) HM
Texas (Taylor County), Abilene — 16528 — Pine Street Shootout
When the young railroad town of Abilene incorporated in 1883, the first city officials desired to project a more civilized image to visitors and new settlers, as the new town had already developed a lawless reputation since its 1881 founding. Strong . . . — Map (db m85803) HM
Texas (Taylor County), Abilene — The Hardin-Simmons Bell
In the late 1890s, Mr. George Bennett, president of Acme Pressed Brick Company, donated funds for the purchase of this bell. For two decades, this bell swung from the bell tower of the Old Main building, serving as a timepiece for what was then . . . — Map (db m87071) HM
Texas (Taylor County), Buffalo Gap — 2626 — In Vicinity of Coronado's Camp
In 1541, the Spanish explorer Coronado is thought to have passed this way en route from New Mexico to the fabled Indian villages of “Quivira”, though his path across vast Texas plains is now difficult to determine.      Upon finding . . . — Map (db m77745) HM
Texas (Taylor County), Buffalo Gap — 12511 — The Civilian Conservation Corps at Abilene State Park
President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the U.S. Congress created the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1933 to provide jobs on public lands for unemployed workers, specifically young men and World War I veterans. Quick to recognize the benefits of . . . — Map (db m79332) HM
Texas (Taylor County), Dyess Air Force Base — 7th Bombardment Wing, Heavy
Activated 1 October 1919 at Headquarters, Park Field, Tenn. 9th Bombardment Squadron, which became a unit of the 7th Bomb Wing in April 1931, participated in three major battles during World War I - - Lorraine, St. Mihiel and the Meuse-Argonne . . . — Map (db m95827) HM
Texas (Taylor County), Merkel — 3503 — Mountain Pass Station(Site located 200 yards east)
Maintained from 1858 to outbreak of the Civil War in 1861 as a stage stop on the Butterfield Overland Mail route, which was the first mail and passenger line to link the east and west coasts of the United States. In 1870's this was a stop for branch . . . — Map (db m77765) HM
Texas (Taylor County), Merkel — 5646 — Vicinity of Indian Fight
On New Year’s Day, 1871, Indian raiders who had stolen horses in Coleman County were pursued and overtaken here by 18 Texas Rangers and cowboys. Leaders of the group were Captain James M. Swisher and rancher Sam Gholson.      The Indians took . . . — Map (db m77733) HM
Texas (Throckmorton County), Throckmorton — 15836 — Western Boundary of Peters Colony
In 1841, the Republic of Texas granted William S. Peters and others an empresario grant in north central Texas, including most of what is now Throckmorton County. The colony’s western boundary was three miles east of the current Haskell County . . . — Map (db m93270) HM
Texas (Tom Green County), Christoval — Historic Roadside Park
The picnic area on US 277 in Tom Green County is an early roadside park developed by the Texas Highway Department -- now Texas Dep't of Transportation. This 1935 park accommodated motorists attending Texas Centennial events in 1936. It was . . . — Map (db m104049) HM
Texas (Tom Green County), Water Valley — 12237 — World War I Peace Monument
At the close of “The Great War,” the citizens of Water Valley wanted to honor those of their community who had served overseas. They were inspired by a small family monument erected on the eastern ridge of Mount McLaughlin in 1902. . . . — Map (db m96065) HM
Texas (Van Zandt County), Van — 11413 — The Free State of Van Zandt
Pioneer nickname appropriate to this area’s many freedoms–particularly from want and fear. (Food was obtained with little effort; and although the Indians fought white men here as late as 1842, the settlers by 1847 slept in the open with no . . . — Map (db m84510) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 3375 — A Military Road (Fort Belknap - Fort Worth)
Past This Point Extended in 1851 A Military Road Connecting Fort Belknap and Fort Worth. Over it passed troops, travelers, and supplies for the frontier posts. — Map (db m93487) HM
Texas (Young County), Newcastle — 1085 — Colonel William C. Young1812 – 1862
County Named for Texas Confederate Colonel William C. Young 1812 – 1862 Tennessee lawyer, U.S. Marshal, Frontier Texas Ranger, Annexation Convention member 1845, Colonel Mexican War. During Civil War raised and commanded 11th Texas . . . — Map (db m93532) HM
Virginia (Smyth County), Saltville — Battle at Cedar BranchSalt Works Defended
You are standing on the Confederate battle line that stretched for more than two miles along the bluffs on this side of the North Fork of the Holston River. The Cedar Branch Creek flows into the Holston River near the ford on the North Road to . . . — Map (db m61984) HM
Washington (Lewis County), Packwood — The Palisades are Clues to the Past
The rock before you is a clue to a geologic mystery. Between 110,000 and 20,000 years ago, a volcano erupted about nine miles away. Dacite lava flowed here and stopped, forming an unusually deep pool. Geologists don’t know for sure what blocked the . . . — Map (db m71658)
Washington (Thurston County), Littlerock — Mima Mounds: A Special Prairie
What Makes a Prairie Grasslands thrive where dry soil and frequent drought or fires limit or exclude trees and shrubs. The soils and climate in each of North America’s grasslands support a unique mix of native grasses, flowers, and other . . . — Map (db m71780)
Washington (Yakima County), Tieton — The Story of Kloochman Rock
Kloochman Rock is a volcanic "intrusion" composed of what is called a "pyroxene-rich andesite." Intrusions are created when molten volcanic material is pushed up into a fissure or crack where it cools and hardens. Andesite is a relatively hard fine . . . — Map (db m71522)
West Virginia (Mingo County), Matewan — Matewan and the Railroad
The Norfolk and Western Railway (N&W, now Norfolk Southern Corporation) has played a crucial role in Matewan’s history. The railraod reached the Matewan area in 1892 as part of the N&W’s Ohio Extension, which provided a direct route from Bluefield . . . — Map (db m87950) HM
Wyoming (Carbon County), Sinclair — Fort Fred Steele
Fort Fred Steele U.S. Military Post June 30, 1868 to August 7, 1886 Marked by the State of Wyoming 1914 — Map (db m67989) HM
Wyoming (Fremont County), Jeffrey City — Pony Express
The need was there Competing with time, harsh climates, long distances, tough terrain and the hostility of numerous Indian bands, the Pony Express carried the mail 1600 miles across the West. From April 4, 1860 to October 24, 1861, . . . — Map (db m69604) HM
Wyoming (Fremont County), Jeffrey City — Split Rock Meadows
Shoshone, Arapaho, Crow and Sioux Indians occupied this pleasant valley long before the Oregon Trail, which changed their cultures and life styles forever. This led to tragic warfare and the eventual loss of country they had called their own. . . . — Map (db m69602) HM
Wyoming (Fremont County), Lander — Beaver Rim and the Wind River Range
Viewed from Beaver Rim, the Wind River Mountains, part of the Rocky Mountain chain, boast 53 granite peaks over 13,000 feet high. The Continental Divide runs the length of the Wind River Range. Water on the east side of the Continental Divide flows . . . — Map (db m67012) HM
Wyoming (Fremont County), Lander — Gold Flakes to Yellowcake Historic Mine Trail
The Historic Mine Trail and Byway Program designated the Gold Flakes to Yellowstone Historic Mine Trail in 2005. This trail links significant finds of gold, iron ore, and uranium, each of which played important roles in Wyoming's history. The . . . — Map (db m67015) HM
Wyoming (Sweetwater County), Farson — Death on the Trail
Death was a constant companion for emigrants headed west. It is estimated that 10,000 to 30,000 people died and were buried along the trails between 1843 and 1869. Cholera and other diseases were the most common cause of death. People didn't . . . — Map (db m67046) HM
Wyoming (Sweetwater County), Point of Rocks — Mama Sage
     Oh! "Mama Sage." It seems endless, the sage; the rolling sage-covered Wyoming hills. Sagebrush, the shrub that means survival to the world's largest populations of pronghorn antelope and sage grouse. Blown free of snow by the Wyoming winds, . . . — Map (db m67966) HM
Wyoming (Sweetwater County), Rock Springs — Rock Springs Coal
Buried under the streets of Rock Springs are seams of coal. In 1850 Howard Stansbury noted that coal could be found near the present town. When, in 1868, the Union Pacific Railroad built through the area, the large commercial mines opened. Number 1 . . . — Map (db m67812) HM
Wyoming (Uinta County), Evanston — Wyoming's Sagebrush Sea
Your trip across Wyoming takes you through vast expanses of shrublands made up mostly of sagebrush. To the casual observer this landscape may appear desolate, but sagebrush shrublands are diverse and home to a variety of wildflowers, birds, and . . . — Map (db m67971) HM

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