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By Don Morfe, July 21, 2013
Local Authoress Marker
Belgium, Wallonie (Leige), Malmedy — American Massacre MemorialBattle of the Bulge
To the memory of the soldiers of the United States Army who while prisoners of war were massacred by Nazi troops on this spot on 17 December 1944.

A la mmoire des soldats deliarmeedesetatsuni prisonniers de guerre massacres par des troupes . . . — Map (db m92232) WM

Alaska (Juneau Borough), Juneau — Liberty Bell Reproduction
This reproduction of the Liberty Bell was placed on permanent display at the Treasury by direction of Secretary of the Treasury John W. Snyder. It is a duplicate of the original Liberty Bell in tone as well as in structural details and dimensions. . . . — Map (db m70759) HM
Alaska (Skagway Borough), Skagway — Skagway's Historic Waterfront
Skagway had a deep-water harbor and was the starting point of the White Pass trail, which began in the river valley and let through the mountains. Skagway was the place where thousands of stampeders started their journey to the Klondike gold mines. . . . — Map (db m72782) HM
Arkansas (Newton County), Ponca — Beaver Jim VillinesBoyhood Home — Buffalo National River
Settling Along the Buffalo Abraham Villines and his children were among the earliest pioneer families in the Buffalo River valley. Abraham’s grandson William built this log house in 1850 for his new bride, Rebecca. Four years later their son . . . — Map (db m61752) HM
California (Inyo County), Independence — Weaving for the WarManzanar National Historic Site
America went to work for the war effort in 1942, and Manzanar was no exception. More than 500 young Japanese Americans wove camouflage nets here for the U.S. Army. Since citizenship was a job requirement, most saw weaving nets as a chance to prove . . . — Map (db m70551) HM
California (Los Angeles County), Rancho Palos Verdes — Brian "Cody" ProsserStaff Sgt. US Army — 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
July 17, 1973-Dec. 5, 2001 First Soldier from California Killed in Afghanistan "This monument has been dedicated not only to the memory of this brave young warrior, but to the memory of all those who put themselves in harm's way to protect . . . — Map (db m92602) WM
Colorado (Teller County), Cripple Creek — Old Homestead Parlour House1896
Situated just below Cripple Creek’s fashionable business district, the Old Homestead anchored Myers Avenue’s “entertainment trade.” On a street flanked by saloons and one-room “cribs” where individual “ladies” . . . — Map (db m51824) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Pensacola — Battery Langdon1917-1947 — Fort Pickens
Langdon was first built as two open firing platforms. During World War II, Langdon’s 12-inch rifles were roofed with a17-foot thick concrete casemates. But amphibious and missile warfare made harbor defense guns obsolete. — Map (db m61950) WM
Georgia (Muscogee County), Columbus — Columbus Museums
Created in the early 1950s as the city's first comprehensive museum, the Columbus Museum of Arts and Sciences, 1251 Wynnton Road, features permanent exhibits of fine and decorative arts, southeastern Indian artifacts, and regional history and . . . — Map (db m101324) HM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — Lost Submarine MemorialUnited States Submarine Losses-Prior To and After World War II- — USS Bowfin Museum and Park
He goes a great voyage that goes to the bottom of the sea, George Herbert, Jacula Prudentum, 1651 Throughout the history of submarine development, men have fought enemies just as lethal as any human foe. Those who brave the deep in . . . — Map (db m81389) HM WM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — The Honolulu Memorial at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
In these gardens are recorded the names of Americans who gave their lives in the Service of their Country and whose earthly resting place is known only to God *Indicates Medal Of Honor Award Map (db m4504) HM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — U.S. 105mm Howitzer M3Hawaii Army Museum — Fort DeRussy
With the emergence of airborne troops in 1941 came the need for an airborne howitzer. The M3 was created by shortening an existing 105mm howitzer barrel and mounting it on a modified 75mm carriage. The lightweight M3 proved to be an effective weapon . . . — Map (db m82125) WM
Hawaii (Honolulu County), Honolulu — USS Swordfish (SS-193)Bowfin Park — Pearl Harbor
CDR K.E. Montross, USN, Commanding Officer; Launched 1 April 1939; Lost at sea, January 1945. Less than two weeks after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Swordfish sank her first ship. So began the career of a submarine that not only sank . . . — Map (db m81419) HM WM
Hawaii (Maui County), Wailuku — Master NavigatorsMaui Ocean Center
Navigators! Visually, the open ocean is a featureless environment. This makes it difficult to use sight for navigation. Hammerhead sharks can travel vast distances across the ocean by detecting electromagnetic fields around the Earth. . . . — Map (db m71861) HM
Idaho (Twin Falls County), Twin Falls — Shoshone FallsThe History of Shoshone Falls Dam
Shoshone Falls Hydroelectric Project. In 1900 Ira B. Perrine began seeking investors for a hydroelectric plant at Shoshone Falls, ultimately forming the Shoshone Falls Power Company on March 9, 1904. In 1907, the site was sold to William S. . . . — Map (db m62971) HM
Illinois (Sangamon County), Springfield — Receiving Vault
The remains of Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) and his son William Wallace "Willie" rested in this receiving vault from May 4, 1865 to December 21, 1865. The receiving vault was built following Oak Ridge Cemetery's dedication made in 1860. The vault . . . — Map (db m82147) HM
Iowa (Pottawattamie County), Council Bluffs — Grenville M. DodgeMajor General United States Army — 1831-1916
Through the efforts of General Dodge, as Chief Engineer of the Union Pacific Railroad, and the foresight of Abraham Lincoln, Council Bluffs became the hub of the first Transcontinental Railroad. — Map (db m82165) HM
Kentucky (Breathitt County), Jackson — Willie Sandlin
Kentuckys only medal of honor winner in World War I. Born at the head of Freeman fork of Longs Creek, Breathitt County, KY. Jan. 1. 1890. Single handedly destroyed three German machine gun nests. Killed 24 enemy soldiers near Bois De Froges France . . . — Map (db m73884) WM
Kentucky (Garrard County), Lancaster — 1344 — Local Authoress
Eugenia Dunlap Potts, daughter of George Dunlap, US Congressman and lawyer, was born in Garrard County in 1840 and pursued her literary career here, where she died, 1912. The first of her nine works was "Song of Lancaster," a metrical history in . . . — Map (db m67849) HM
Kentucky (Greenup County), Greenup — Greenbo Lake State Resort Park
Tribute to the Founders of Greenbo Lake State Resort Park-The progressive citizens of Greenup and Boyd Counties, aware of the need for outdoor recreation, organized the Greenbo Recreation Association February 25, 1952. This organization appointed . . . — Map (db m73784) HM
Kentucky (Harrison County), Cynthiana — 1171 — County Named, 1793Harrison County
For Colonel Benjamin Harrison, who came to area, 1776. Served as Col. in Revolution from Penn. He was a member, 1787 and 1788 Kentucky Conventions, 1792 Constitutional Convention at Danville. Elected to Kentucky Legislature in 1793. County formed . . . — Map (db m67683) HM
Kentucky (Madison County), Richmond — 1685 — Grave of Hancock Taylor
On Taylor's fork of Silver Creek, .7 mi. east, is burial place of Hancock Taylor. This pioneer was at Falls of Ohio in 1769 enroute to New Orleans and surveying in Ky. by 1773. A deputy surveyor under Wm. Preston, he was near mouth of Ky. River when . . . — Map (db m67802) HM
Kentucky (Montgomery County), Mount Sterling — 1216 — Montgomery County. 1797
Named for Gen. Richard Montgomery, Revolutionary War officer. Born in Ireland, 1738. An advocate of colonial freedom, he commanded continental forces in the north, capturing first British colors in war, Fort Johns, 1775. Killed in Quebec attack, . . . — Map (db m73850) HM
Kentucky (Pendleton County), Butler — 953 — British Indian Raid
In countermove, 1780, to control northwest, British Capt. Henry Bird with 150 troops and 1000 Indians came from Detroit, by river in June. From here, they marched to Ruddle's and Martin's Station, to the south, captured 470 settlers. Returned here, . . . — Map (db m67666) HM
Kentucky (Pulaski County), Burnside — 1007 — First Boy Scout Troop
Before Boy Scouts of America was organized, 1910, a troop of 15 had been formed here, spring of 1908, by Mrs. Myra Greeno Bass. Using the official handbook of English scouting, she guided them hiking and camping, like scouting today. Known as Eagle . . . — Map (db m67875) HM
Kentucky (Rowan County), Morehead — 972 — Courthouse Burned
Twenty-two Kentucky courthouses were burned during the Civil War, nineteen in last fifteen months; twelve by Confederates eight by guerrillas, two by Union accident. Courthouse at Morehead burned by guerrillas March 21, 1864, the eastern most . . . — Map (db m79181) WM
Kentucky (Rowan County), Morehead — 1034 — Moonlight Schools
Established in Rowan County, Ky., in 1911, by Mrs. Cora W. Stewart, “to emancipate from illiteracy those enslaved in its bondage.” Because the people had to labor by day it was decided to have the schools on moonlight nights so the moon . . . — Map (db m73816) HM
Louisiana (East Baton Rouge Parish), Baton Rouge — 1 — Zachary Taylor Home Site
"Old Rough and Ready," America's 12th president, lived on this site in the home pictured above. He called the cottage Buena Vista after his famous 1847 victory in the Mexican War. The pale horse pictured was Taylor's favorite, "Whitey." It would . . . — Map (db m87824) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — Jeannette Arctic Exploring Expedition
Commemorative of the heroic officers and men of the United States Navy who perished in the Jeannette Arctic Exploring Expedition. 1881 — Map (db m61065) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Annapolis — Old Fashioned Anchors
These anchors known as “Old Fashioned” anchors were made for our Navy’s first armored cruiser “New York” the flagship of Rear Admiral William T. Sampson during the Spanish-American War and weigh approximately 10,500 lbs. — Map (db m97273) HM
Maryland (Anne Arundel County), Tracys Landing — Chesapeake Bay Wetlands
The marshlands you see around you play an integral part in keeping the Bay healthy. Besides acting as a nursery for fish, crabs, and other wildlife, marshes act as filters and sediment traps to protect the Bay's water quality. They also act as giant . . . — Map (db m79983) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Diversity in a Segregated CommunityPennsylvania Avenue Heritage Trail
The sudden rise of Old West Baltimore’s premier African American community occurred on a foundation of diversity. Even though it was segregated from many white areas, it was still made up of a variety of people. African Americans from all . . . — Map (db m101996) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Inspired WordsStar-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail — War of 1812
After 10 harrowing days aboard ship and witnessing the British bombardment of Fort McHenry, Francis Scott Key spent his first night ashore at the Indian Queen Tavern, September 16-17, 1814. The inn operated at this site until the 1830s.

Moved by . . . — Map (db m79849) WM

Maryland, Baltimore — James Cardinal Gibbons Monument
James Cardinal Gibbons Archbishop of Baltimore Devoted Churchman Exemplary Citizen Friend of Humanity July 23, 1834 March 24, 1921 Citizens of many faiths hereby honor a great American — Map (db m102377) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Mount Vernon Cultural Walk-Celebrating CultureThe Heart of the City
Mount Vernon Place celebrates Baltimore’s rich cultural heritage, offering an extraordinary array of historic architecture, monuments, sculpture and cultural Institutions. The Washington Monument set the stage for this area in 1829, becoming the . . . — Map (db m62437) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Pope John Paul II Monument
Pope John Paul II on the occasion of his visit to Baltimore October 8 1995 Maryland holds a special place in the history of American Catholicism, indeed in the religious history of the nation. It was here that religious freedom and . . . — Map (db m102379) HM
Maryland, Baltimore — Prelude to WarStar-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail — War of 1812
Events here October 4, 1808, known as “Gin Riots” were more rallies than riots. Some 1,300 horsemen, 400 sailors, and thousands of civilians paraded to Hampstead Hill to destroy 720 gallons of Dutch gin.

The British, intercepting . . . — Map (db m79651) HM

Maryland, Baltimore — Reflections29th Infantry Division
“Omaha Beach, however, was a nightmare. Even now it brings pain to recall what happened there on June 6, 1944. I have returned many times to honor the valiant men who died on that beach. They should never be forgotten, nor should those who . . . — Map (db m101517) WM
Maryland, Baltimore — Ruscombe
“Ruscombe” (meaning brown hill) was built in 1866 by James Wood Tyson, the younger brother of Jesse Tyson who built the nearby Cylburn Mansion. By the 1860’s, the Tyson dynasty, long one of Baltimore’s pre-eminent Quaker and . . . — Map (db m103096) HM
Maryland (Baltimore County), Towson — Hampton: An American StoryHampton National Historic Site
This land was once part of one of the largest estates in Maryland---and one of the most impressive. The Ridgley family owned Hampton Plantation for more than 200 years, and their home and many farm buildings have changed little since the mid-19th . . . — Map (db m78481) HM
Maryland (Calvert County), Lower Marlboro — Town RavagedStar-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail — War of 1812
A British force of about 160 Royal Marines and 30 Colonial Marines (former slaves) took Lower Marlboro on June 15, 1814, without and resistance. Occupying the town overnight, they burned warehouses full of tobacco, stole a schooner, livestock, and . . . — Map (db m80885) HM
Maryland (Calvert County), St. Leonard — Discovery of a Colonial PlantationKing’s Reach Site
For more than 300 years, farmers have grown crops in this field. In the 1980s, archaeologists noticed historic objects on the surface in one area of the plowed field. To learn more about early rural life in Maryland, they carefully collected the . . . — Map (db m80921) HM
Maryland (Caroline County), Denton — Caroline Courthouse-In the Shadow of JusticeHarriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway
Many facets of 19th century rural life focused on a county’s courthouse. Elected officials, lawyers, merchants, and ordinary citizens all had reasons to gather at the Caroline County Courthouse Square. For the enslaved and abolitionists, the square . . . — Map (db m79340) HM
Maryland (Carroll County), Manchester — ManchesterMeade's Pipe Creek Plan — Gettysburg Campaign
On June 29, 1863, Union Gen. George G. Meade ordered the Army of the Potomac to Pipe Creek to counter any move toward Washington or Baltimore by Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia and to engage the Confederates in battle. Meade was . . . — Map (db m75696) HM
Maryland (Dorchester County), Cambridge — Delmarva Peninsula Fox SquirrelBlackwater National Wildlife Refuge
A Species in Peril This squirrel is presently restricted to local populations found on the Delmarva Peninsula in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. It lives mostly in mixed strands of mature hardwoods. Habitats include groves of trees along . . . — Map (db m79139) HM
Maryland (Dorchester County), Madison — Madison-Preparing for FreedomHarriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway
Harriet Tubman spent her formative years in and around Madison, once called Tobaccostick. As a young woman, she worked for Joseph Stewart in his home and fields, until she joined her father Ben Ross in Stewart’s lumber harvesting operation. Tubman . . . — Map (db m78762) HM
Maryland (Frederick County), Burkittsville — Medal of Honor Recipients
In July 1862 Congress authorized the president to present medals to soldiers of the United States Army for gallant and meritorious service. On September 14, 1862, two soldiers so distinguished themselves during the fighting at Crampton’s Gap that . . . — Map (db m2152) HM
Maryland (Garrett County), Grantsville — New Germany LakeNew Germany State Park — Friends of New Germany
Long before 1930, thirteen acres of low-lying land in the village of New Germany was flooded and dammed. An earthen dam was constructed, largely through the efforts of John Swauger, to hold back the waters of Poplar Lick Run for the operation of his . . . — Map (db m61167) HM
Maryland (Harford County), Churchville — Churchville Presbyterian Church
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m64909) HM
Maryland (Harford County), Havre de Grace — River CrossingStar-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail — War of 1812
Little evidence remains of what was once the northernmost navigable deep-water port on the Susquehanna River. The “Upper Ferry” crossed between here and Port Deposit.

When the British attacked May 3, 1813, they helped themselves to a . . . — Map (db m80344) HM

Maryland (Prince George's County), Accokeek — Potomac HeritageThe National Colonial Farm — Accokeek Foundation at Piscataway Park
Before you flows the great Potomac River, a 390 mile stretch of water, forests, fields and wetlands that tells the story of ten thousand years of human habitation. The river begins as a spring at the Fairfax Stone in West Virginia, evolves to a . . . — Map (db m70615) HM
Maryland (Prince George's County), Accokeek — Welcome to the Visitor CenterPiscataway National Park
The Visitor Center can be a starting point for your visit. Inside, exhibits describe the people who have inhabited this part of Prince George’s County. You can learn about why Piscataway Park exists today and how the Accokeek Foundation preserves . . . — Map (db m96420) HM
Maryland (Queen Anne's County), Chester — Byway Destinations
Few places portray the intimate connections between land and water better than Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Each place has different stories to tell—present in the wetlands, wharves, fields, homes, shops and churches.

Stevensville Lovers . . . — Map (db m80838) HM

Maryland (Somerset County), Crisfield — J. Millard Tawes1894-1979
Born in Crisfield. Served Maryland for 37 years. Governor, 1959-1967; Comptroller of the Treasury, 1939-1947 and 1950-1959; First Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources, 1969-1971; Treasurer of Maryland, 1973-1975. Oversaw expansion of the . . . — Map (db m98701) HM
Maryland (St. Mary's County), Scotland — Maryland and the Confederacy
The U.S. Government, located in Washington D.C. was surrounded by Maryland and Virginia. Since Virginia had already joined the Confederacy, it was critical in the survival of the Union that Maryland not be allowed to secede. The State was quickly . . . — Map (db m60278) HM
Maryland (Talbot County), St Michaels — Tolchester BandstandChesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
On this Victorian bandstand, musicians played for holiday visitors at Tolchester Beach, in Kent County. In the mid 1800s people from Baltimore and other Mid-Atlantic cities traveled to Tolchester Beach and other Eastern Shore destinations on . . . — Map (db m62939) HM
Maryland (Washington County), Hancock — A Work of ArtChesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park
Looking at the remaining iron railings and graceful arch of the Tonoloway Aqueduct, it is easy to see why canal company officials referred to the eleven aqueducts along the canal as “works of art.” Built between 1835 and 1839, Aqueduct 7 . . . — Map (db m61165) HM
Massachusetts (Franklin County), Gill — Captain William Turner
Captain William Turner with 145 men surprised and destroyed over 300 Indians encamped at this place May 19, 1676. — Map (db m65762) HM
Massachusetts (Middlesex County), Lowell — Stele for the MerrimackPeter Gourfain — 1996
Site: Tremont Yard at Western Canal. Material: Bronze and granite. A stele is a standing stone or slab with textured or inscribed surfaces which serves as a monument. This sculpture commemorates the wide variety of life generated by the Merrimack . . . — Map (db m66211) HM
Massachusetts (Middlesex County), Lowell — The Rule of the Bell
High above the courtyard of the Boott Cotton Mills stands a clock tower, crowned by a street bell. The bells chimed six times each day, summoning workers to and from their machines. In the new industrial cities of America, the factory bell replaced . . . — Map (db m66203) HM
Mississippi (Lauderdale County), Meridian — Highland Park
Opened in 1909 as one of the South's premier streetcar pleasure parks, it consists of 32 informally landscaped acres and contains an 1890s Dentzel Carousel which is designated a National Historic Landmark. — Map (db m77218) HM
Montana (Powell County), Deer Lodge — Winter of 1886Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior
This area’s climate includes dramatic fluctuations. As you imagine yourself ranching here, consider the effects of one winter during the heydays of the open ranch.

The snowy winter of 1886-87 devastated the cattle ranches of Montana. Cattle . . . — Map (db m62050) HM

Nebraska (Nuckolls County), Ruskin — 330 — The Skirmish at Spring Creek
From April through October 1870 Company C of the second U.S. Cavalry garrisoned a temporary military post, Camp Bingham, located northeast of here on the Little Blue River, to protect nearby settlements from Indians.

On May 15 Sergeant Patrick . . . — Map (db m85665) WM

New Hampshire (Grafton County), Ashland — 163 — Boston, Concord, & Montreal Railroad
The Boston, Concord & Montreal Railroad was chartered in 1844. Construction of the main line began in Concord in 1846. The tracks were completed to Laconia in 1848, to Ashland in 1849, and to Wells River, Vermont in 1853. The B. C&M RR merged with . . . — Map (db m74567) HM
New Jersey (Atlantic County), Batsto — Wharton State ForestPinelands National Reserve
Wharton State Forest, located in the heart of the Pinelands, is the largest single tract of state-owned land in New Jersey, containing well over 120,000 acres. Important natural resources, historic villages and recreational opportunities can be . . . — Map (db m64192) HM
New Jersey (Atlantic County), Estell Manor — The Daniel Estell HouseEstell Manor Park
The Manor House was built n 1832 by Joseph West for his younger sister, Maria, and her husband, Daniel Estell, as a wedding present. Daniel Estell was the co-owner and operator of the Estellville Glassworks until his death in 1858.

The two and . . . — Map (db m92368) HM

New Jersey (Atlantic County), Northfield — Jeremiah Leeds Grave
Jeremiah Leeds settled on Absecon Beach in 1783. The first permanent settler in what is now Atlantic City. — Map (db m92426) HM
New Jersey (Atlantic County), Somers Point — Bay Avenue Night Life
Gateway Casino, Tony Mart’s Bay Shores, Steel’s Ship Bar were all located at this end of Bay Avenue. They made up the musical heart of the bay-front, from the big bands and marathon dances of the 30’s and 40’s to the rock and roll greats of the 50’s . . . — Map (db m64290) HM
New Jersey (Burlington County), Tabernacle — Cemetery
In 1805, this land was deeded by William and Sarah Wilkens to be used by residents of Tabernacle. "As long as Wheels of Time shall not cease to roll". — Map (db m79464) HM
New Jersey (Camden County), Haddonfield — Alfred Eastlack DriscollLawyer, Administrator, Statesman
Exponent of the Business of Government. Distinguished Citizen-Educated in the Haddenfield Public Schools, Williams College, Harvard University-with an imposing record of the achievement as a Public Servant in his Community, State, and Nation. Member . . . — Map (db m79615) HM
New Jersey (Cumberland County), Bivalve — Steps to Harvest Oysters and Bring to MarketMarker #1
1. Oystermen harvested oysters from the Maurice River Cove by a dredge or tongs. 2. Oysters were off-loaded from schooners into floats along the banks of the Maurice River where they were left to fatten and to remove impurities. 3. Oysters . . . — Map (db m64392) HM
New Jersey (Gloucester County), Swedesboro — Trinity ChurchProtestant Episcopal Swedesboro N.J,
Founded by the Swedes before 1700. First Church built 1703. Present Church built 1784. Admitted to the Convention 1792. — Map (db m79408) HM
New Jersey (Middlesex County), Cranbury — Parsonage Barn
This circa 1741 barn is the oldest in Cranbury and one of the oldest in New Jersey. It is a significant example of barn construction of the 18th century with its beams being hand hewn from white oak. Originally part of the Parsonage Plantation of . . . — Map (db m93829) HM
New Jersey (Middlesex County), South Plainfield — First Baptist Church of South Plainfield
The First Baptist Church, the oldest religious institution in South Plainfield, was founded by local Baptists in 1792 as the Samptown Baptist Church. The first church building was constructed in the same year outside the colonial hamlet of Samptown . . . — Map (db m93972) HM
New Jersey (Middlesex County), Spotswood — Spotswood’s 1832 Camden & Amboy Railroad Memorial
The Camden & Amboy Railroad reached Spotswood in 1832 being built from Bordentown to South Amboy.

Based on British practice, stone “sleepers” were used to act as the foundation for the rails; quarries near New York’s Sing Sing . . . — Map (db m93880) HM

New Jersey (Middlesex County), Woodbridge — Dr. Moses Bloomfield House
NJ Provincial Representative, US Army surgeon in Rev. War, Freed his slaves in 1783, Father of Gov. Joseph Bloomfield. Circa mid-1700s — Map (db m93957) HM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Manalapan — Mary Hays, nicknamed “Molly Pitcher"Women’s Heritage Trail — Monmouth Battlefield State Park
Mary Hays, nicknamed “Molly,” joined her husband as many wives of the time did, while he was serving in the artillery during the American Revolution. Her husband was a gunner in Captain Francis Proctor’s company of the Pennsylvania . . . — Map (db m93806) WM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Shrewsbury — Harriet LaFetra (1823-1906)Women’s Heritage Trail — Shrewsbury Friends Meeting and Cemetery
The settlement of Quakers in the colony of New Jersey is regarded as an important contribution to a progressive tradition in the state. Then as now, Quakers believed in equality and in granting women a unique role in their communities. Quakers . . . — Map (db m93753) HM
New Jersey (Monmouth County), Shrewsbury — Quaker Meeting House1936
The Historic American Building Survey Department of the Interior Department Washington D.C. has selected The Quaker Meeting House erected 1816 Shrewsbury New Jersey as being worthy of preservation. — Map (db m93755) HM
New Jersey (Morris County), Danville — Kitchel HomesteadCirca 1770
Original farmhouse owned by Abraham Kitchel, Revolutionary patriot.

New Jersey legislator and Morris County Judge. Dwelling enlarged and outbuildings built during 19th century. Kitchel family occupied property until 1927. — Map (db m94691) HM

New Jersey (Morris County), Mt. Arlington — Lotta Crabtree House1886
Summer cottage designed by architect Frank Furness for renowned 19th century actress. Located in Breslin Park, Lake Hopatcong’s fashionable section during its great resort years. — Map (db m91515) HM
New Jersey (Morris County), Pompton Plains — Jesse Van Ness Farm
This c.1900 farmstead, with barns, chicken coop, privy, and hand-pumped well, was owned by carpenter Jesse Van Ness, whose family farmed this land since 1713. The farmstead is typical of many others that once thrived in Pequannock. — Map (db m91564) HM
New Jersey (Morris County), Victory Gardens — Victory Gardens Borough
Youngest and smallest municipality in Morris County. Incorporated in 1951 after separation from Randolph Township. Originated as Federal Housing Project for local defense workers during World War II. — Map (db m91507) HM WM
New Jersey (Ocean County), Bayville — Welcome to Double Trouble State Park
Double Trouble State Park protects over 8,000 acres of distinctive pine barrens habitats and offers rare glimpses into local history. Come and explore the treasures and stories of Double Trouble.

Double Trouble State Park, located on the . . . — Map (db m92444)

New Jersey (Ocean County), Toms River — Anchor from the Aircraft Carrier USS Randolph CV-151944-1969 — 15 Ton
Served with distinction during Kamikazi attacks in the Pacific Theatre during World War II. It later joined fleets in the Atlantic and Mediterranean and played a part in America’s early space program. Returned John Glenn, the first American to orbit . . . — Map (db m92451) WM
New Jersey (Salem County), Daretown — Old Pittsgrove Presbyterian Church
Formally organized in 1741, through services had been held as early as 1720. The old church was built in 1767. School here came to be called “Pittsgrove College”, because of number of students prepared for college by the ministers. — Map (db m88458) HM
New Jersey (Salem County), Salem — Old Courthouse
1692 First Courthouse probably of logs. 1706 Earliest Court minutes known. 1735 Second Courthouse built facing Market Street. 1817 Courthouse expanded for $772,582. 1819 Election defeated moving County seat. 1908 Main entrance added facing Broadway — Map (db m88558) HM
New Mexico (Cibola County), Grants — El MalpaisNational Conservation Area — Bureau of Land Management
Created December 31, 1987-Dedicated August 24, 1991. The El Malpais National Conservation Area (NCA) was the first area so designated by Congress in New Mexico. Congress established the NCA to conserve and protect the important geological, . . . — Map (db m100422) HM
New York (Kings County), Brooklyn — Henry Bergh-MonumentHumility of Man Before A Group of Ageless Animals — ASPCA Sculpture
Humility of Man Before A Group of Ageless Animals, by Wilhelm Hunt Diederich (1884-1953) and John Terken (1912-1993)— This bas-relief, a tribute to the bond between man and animals, was given by it renowned artists to the ASPCA circa 1953 and . . . — Map (db m61552) HM
New York (New York County), New York — Flag of Honor
The Flag of Honor contains the names of all those who perished in the World Trade Center, at the Pentagon, and aboard United Flights 175 and 93 and American flights 11 and 77 on September 11, 2001 and in the February 26, 1993 bombing of the World . . . — Map (db m60370) HM
New York (New York County), New York — George Brinton McClellan, Jr (1865-1940)The 93rd Mayor of the City of New York (1904-1909)
During his administration, Mayor McClellan, son of Civil War General George McClellan, acquired 277 acres of park space, completed construction of the New York Public Library, built Grand Central Terminal, presided over the opening of the subway, . . . — Map (db m68379) HM
New York (New York County), New York — Welcome MessageNational September 11 Memorial
On behalf of the City of New York, it is an honor to welcome you to the National September 11 Memorial. From victims’ families to rescue workers, survivors, government officials, planners, architects, engineers, construction workers, community . . . — Map (db m60365) HM
North Carolina (Beaufort County), Washington — Tranter's CreekBrothers in Battle
After Union Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside’s army captured Roanoke Island in February 1862, Federal troops occupied New Bern the next month and then secured the undefended town of Washington on March 20. Although several weeks passed with only a few . . . — Map (db m70506) HM
North Carolina (Buncombe County), Asheville — Battery PorterNapoleons on Stony Hill
Near the end of the Civil War in 1865, Confederate Battery Porter was positioned uphill to your right on Stony Hill, at that time the highest point in Asheville. The battery included four 12-pounder field pieces known as Napoleons, a model 1857 . . . — Map (db m75505) HM
North Carolina (Cabarrus County), Concord — Adolph Nussmann Monument
side 1 Adolph Nussmann 1739-1794 Pioneer minister and founder of the Lutheran Church in North Carolina side 2 Born in German; educated in the University of Gottingen; called through commissioners Christopher . . . — Map (db m77377) HM
North Carolina (Caldwell County), Lenoir — N 24 — Collett Leventhorpe
Confederate general, physician, author. Born in England, settled in N. Carolina about 1847. Grave is 150 yds. north. — Map (db m77562) HM
North Carolina (Carteret County), Newport — Bogue Sound BlockhouseVermonters' Spirited Resistance
Company K, 9th New Jersey Volunteers, built the Bogue Sound Blockhouse here in the summer of 1862 to guard the junction of the Bogue Sound Road and Newport Road. Protected by a surrounding ditch and earthworks, the log blockhouse was armed with one . . . — Map (db m77094) HM
North Carolina (Cumberland County), Fayetteville — The Sandford HouseBarracks for Union Troops — Carolinas Campaign
Duncan McLeran constructed this two-story Federal-style dwelling in 1797. In 1820, the property was sold and remodeled to accommodate the Bank of the United States, the first federal bank in North Carolina. The house is named for John Sanford, a . . . — Map (db m70374) HM WM
North Carolina (Haywood County), Waynesville — Waynesville EngagementAmong the Last to Die
Col. William C. Bartlett’s 2nd N.C. Mounted Infantry (U.S.) occupied Waynesville early in May 1865. The Federals raided the surrounding countryside, relieving civilians of their horses and provisions. On May 6, a company of Confederate Col. . . . — Map (db m75490) HM
North Carolina (Johnston County), Smithfield — The Town of SmithfieldRiverwalk Gives Founder's Commons New Life
The Town of Smithfield was founded ten months after the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Its origins, however, date back to the 1750s with the arrival of John Smith, one of the area’s earliest settlers. Neuse River Ferry . . . — Map (db m70389) HM
North Carolina (Lenoir County), Kinston — F 15 — CSS Neuse
Confederate ironclad, built at Whitehall and floated down the Neuse. Grounded and burned by Confederates in 1865. Remains one block N. — Map (db m70451) HM
North Carolina (Lenoir County), Kinston — Kinston Battlefield ParkHarriet's Chapel and Starr's Battery Site
This site was the center of the Confederate’s final line of defense during the Dec. 13-14, 1862 Battle of Kinston. It occurred as Union General John G. Foster’s Division was enroute from New Bern to Goldsboro to destroy the Wilmington-Weldon . . . — Map (db m70408) HM
North Carolina (Macon County), Franklin — Macon County Confederate Memorial
(front) In memory of The Sons of Macon County who served in the Confederate Army during the War Period 1861-1865 Co. H, 16th Regiment, N.C.T. Infantry (side) Co. I, 39th Regiment, N.C.T. Infantry Co. E, . . . — Map (db m75454) WM
North Carolina (Macon County), Franklin — Q 50 — Silas McDowell1795-1879
Botanical and historical writer; horticulturist. Originated concept of a temperate "thermal belt." Home stood 1/5 mi. W. — Map (db m75473) HM
North Carolina (Martin County), Williamstown — Asa Biggs HouseHome to a Politician & Jurist
Asa Biggs (1811-1878), a prominent North Carolina politician and jurist, and his wife, Martha, built this Federal and Greek Revival—style house and lived here from 1835 to 1862. Biggs practiced law from his office just across Smithwick Street. . . . — Map (db m76860) HM
North Carolina (New Hanover County), Wilmington — D 96 — North Carolina Shipbuilding Co.
Constructed 243 vessels at shipyard one mile west, 1941-1946. Its first Liberty Ship, the S.S. Zebulon B. Vance, launched Dec. 6, 1941. — Map (db m77135) HM
North Carolina (Pitt County), Winterville — Haddocks CrossroadsConfederate Camp
After Union forces occupied New Bern in March 1862, Confederate Maj. John N. Whitford established a camp here at Haddocks Crossroads, the intersection of the main roads from Greenville to New Bern and to Kinston. Whitford’s Battalion of Partisan . . . — Map (db m70459) HM
North Carolina (Warren County), Warrenton — E 36 — Warrenton Male Academy
Stood here. Chartered 1787, named Warrenton High School, 1898. Since 1923 a public school. — Map (db m69940) HM
North Carolina (Wayne County), Mount Olive — Mount OliveGarrard's Raid — Foster's Raid
(preface) Late in 1862, Union Gen. John G. Foster’s garrison was well entrenched in New Bern and made several incursions into the countryside. On December 11, Foster led a raid from New Bern to burn the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad Bridge . . . — Map (db m77311) HM
Ohio (Montgomery County), Dayton — Joseph Calvin Paul Memorial BoulevardCongressional Medal of Honor Recipient
This Boulevard is dedicated to the memory of L/CPL. Joseph Calvin Paul, U.S. Marine Corps who died from wounds received in action near Chu Lai Republic of Vietnam on 19 August 1965. Greater love hath no man than this.That a man lay down his life for . . . — Map (db m62803) WM
Ohio (Portage County), Rootstown — 4-67 — Ephraim Root
Ephraim Root (1762-1825), a wealthy Connecticut lawyer, was one of 57 investors in the Connecticut Land Company and served as its secretary and agent. In 1795, this group purchased three million acres of land in the Western Reserve. Root held . . . — Map (db m67457) HM
Pennsylvania (Berks County), Boyertown — Jeremiah Sweinhart and Successors
The evolution of the business located here mirrors America's changing transportation scene. In the factory begun by Mr. Sweinhart in 1872, horse-drawn carriages, farm and delivery vehicles, and sleighs were built. After 1914, bus and truck bodies, . . . — Map (db m84546) HM
Pennsylvania (Berks County), Reading — Union Canal
This canal was operated from 1828-1884. It connected the Schuylkill at Reading with the Susquehanna at Middletown. Remains of tow path can be seen .3 mile southeast of here, along the Tulpehocken Creek. — Map (db m84506) HM
Pennsylvania (Carbon County), Summit Hill — Switchback Railroad
A gravity railroad was built along this mountain in 1827 to carry coal from the mines near Summit Hill to the Lehigh Canal at Mauch Chunk. A back-track and two planes were added in 1844 for the return trip by gravity. Railroad crossed the highway . . . — Map (db m86835) HM
Pennsylvania (Carbon County), Weissport — Jacob Weiss Memorial
In memory of Jacob Weiss, born in Philadelphia Sept. 16, 1750. Pioneer, Patriot and Colonel in the American Revolution. This monument is situated 334 yards east of the spot where he built his log cabin in 1783, on the east bank of the Lehigh River. . . . — Map (db m86888) HM WM
Pennsylvania (Chester County), West Chester — Down by the Water’s EdgeStroud Preserve
Even small creeks are part of huge interconnected watersheds. Water from the East Branch Brandywine Creek, which meanders through Stroud Preserve, flows into the Christina River on its way to the Delaware Bay. The Brandywine-Christina water shed . . . — Map (db m84973) HM
Pennsylvania (Columbia County), Benton — Fishing Creek Confederacy
Alarmed about draft resistance, the federal government deployed 800 troops to the Fishing Creek Valley in August 1864 to suppress the opposition. Peace Democrats suspected of Confederate sympathies were questioned at the Christian church near this . . . — Map (db m89911) HM
Pennsylvania (Cumberland County), Shippensburg — Shippensburg
Founded 1730 by Edward Shippen. Second oldest town in the state west of the Susquehanna River. Important community on colonial frontier. Temporary seat of Cumberland Co., whose first courts were held here in 1750-51. — Map (db m84019) HM
Pennsylvania (Delaware County), Fernwood — All U.S. War Veterans Memorial
Lord, God of Hosts, be with us yet, lest we forget-lest we forget.

Dedicated to the memory of all U.S. War Veterans, who here rest in peace, awaiting the call of the supreme commander to their justly earned reward of eternal glory.

The . . . — Map (db m81587) WM

Pennsylvania (Delaware County), Wayne — St. David's Church
Erected 1715 by Welsh Episcopalians, renovated 1871. Commemorated by Longfellow's poem. Final burial place of Gen. Anthony Wayne, whose remains were brought from Erie in 1809. — Map (db m81489) HM
Pennsylvania (Franklin County), Chambersburg — Fort McCord
Built by the settlers; named for John McCord. Burnt April 1, 1756, by Indians, who killed or carried into captivity 27 persons. The site is marked, about 500 feet away. — Map (db m84012) HM
Pennsylvania (Huntingdon County), Marklesburg — Martin G. Brumbaugh
Governor of the State, 1915-19, outstanding educator, was born near here April 14, 1862. Superintendent county schools, 1884-90. Juniata College president, 1895-1906; 1924-30. Died Mar. 14, 1930. Buried in Valley View Cemetery — Map (db m90789) HM
Pennsylvania (Lackawanna County), Scranton — Oil HouseSteamtown National Historic Site
To run smoothly, machinery requires lubrication—and the steam locomotive was no exception. Before a locomotive could leave the yard, dozens of its moving parts had to be greased and its oil cups filled to the brim. While the fireman tended the . . . — Map (db m89258) HM
Pennsylvania (Lehigh County), Coplay — Discovery of Portland CementSaylor Cement Museum
The modern cement industry began in 1756 when John Smeaton, an English engineer succeeded in producing a hydraulic cement that would harden under water. In 1824, Joseph Aspdin, an English bricklayer, produced a new cement by burning chalk and clay . . . — Map (db m85450) HM
Pennsylvania (Lehigh County), Slatington — First School Slate Factory
The first factory to produce blackboard and school slates common in U.S. classrooms opened nearby in 1847. Slate production peaked at over one million pieces early in the 20th century, leading to Slatington’s distinction as the nation’s top slate . . . — Map (db m85565) HM
Pennsylvania (Montgomery County), Lafayette Hill — St. Peter's Church
Lutheran, founded 1752 by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. From steeple of original church, May 20, 1778, Gen. Lafayette gave orders for battle against British in old churchyard. Here he organized his famous retreat to Matson Ford, saving himself and 2200 . . . — Map (db m84855) HM
Pennsylvania (Northampton County), Easton — The Declaration of Independence in Easton
The first proclamation of the American Declaration of Independence took place on the Court House steps in this Circle in Easton at 12:O’Clock noon in July 8, 1776, simultaneously with similar proclamation at that appointed hour in Philadelphia and . . . — Map (db m86216) HM
Pennsylvania (Northampton County), Raubsville — Delaware Canal
The canal channel, which parallels the Delaware River, lies just below the highway. Here are Locks No. 22 and 23, the last lift locks in the 60 miles of canal from Bristol to the Lehigh River at Easton. — Map (db m86092) HM
Pennsylvania (Perry County), Newport — St. Paul’s Lutheran ChurchListed on the National Register of Historic Places — Newport Heritage Park
This Newport Heritage Park location was made possible in 2015 by the generous community spirit of the congregation of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

First recorded Lutheran services were held in Newport homes and school houses by the Rev. John W. . . . — Map (db m89726) HM

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Henry O. Tanner(1859-1937)
While living here, Tanner studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. His earlier works portrayed the ordinary lives of African-Americans. After moving to Paris, Tanner painted religious subjects and won international acclaim. — Map (db m82491) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Hershey's First Candy Store
Milton Snavely Hershey opened his first candy business here on June 1, 1876, at eighteen years of age. The confectionery shop produced and sold candies, nuts, and baked goods. Although initially successful, credit issues led to its closure. . . . — Map (db m82642) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — The Penn Relays
Founded 1895 on this site. Officially named The Penn Relay Carnival and hosted annually by the University of Pennsylvania. It gained recognition as the world's first and largest track and field relay meet and the nation's longest uninterrupted . . . — Map (db m82474) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — The Salvation Army
The first U.S. corps was opened here on Oxford St. by 17-year-old Eliza Shirley in 1879. She came from England, assigned by the founder, William Booth. This organization would become the largest private charity in the U.S., giving spiritual and . . . — Map (db m82908) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — U.S.S. United States
First vessel completed for new U.S. Navy. Frigate was launched near here May 10, 1797. Flagship of Capt. John Barry; builder was Joshua Humphreys. In 1812, under Capt. Stephen Decatur, Jr., occurred its celebrated capture of H.M.S. Macedonian. . . . — Map (db m83452) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Walter Golaski(1913-1996)
Polish-American engineer and inventor. In the 1960s Drexel graduate Golaski perfected the Dense Knit Dacron Vascular Prosthesis, the first practical artificial blood vessel replacement, a life-saving medical advance. He began his career designing . . . — Map (db m82476) HM
Pennsylvania (Pike County), Milford — Old Stone Courthouse
Built 1814-15, Courts of Pike County 1815-1874. First Church service of First Presbyterian Church 1823, The Methodist Church 1826, The Episcopal Church 1866, Pike County Jail 1816. — Map (db m89643) HM
Pennsylvania (Schuylkill County), Ashland — Whistler Mother Painting in Bronze
This is a reproduction in bronze of Whistlers famous painting. It honors all mothers past and present and is the only one of its kind in the country. Erected by the Ashland Boys Association and dedicated on Sept 4, 1938. Designer: Emil Siebern, . . . — Map (db m93187) HM
Pennsylvania (Sullivan County), Forkville — Harold "Red" Grange(1903 - 1991)
Legendary football player, nicknamed " The Galloping Ghost," born in Forksville. Member, College Football Hall of Fame . Career began at Wheaton (Ill.) High School; scored 75 touchdowns. Played 1923-25 for the University of Illinois; an All - . . . — Map (db m90013) HM
Pennsylvania (Tioga County), Wellsboro — Pine CreekGrand Canyon of Pennsylvania
The Indians called Pine Creek “Tiadaghton,” which meant river of pines. These now-gone pines brought drastic changes to Pine Creek.

Logging began in the 1800s. Before the logging, the thick soil held rainwater like a sponge. It . . . — Map (db m93076) HM

Pennsylvania (Tioga County), Wellsboro — Soldiers and Sailors Memorial1861--1865
In memory of the Soldiers and Sailors of Tioga County who died that the nation might live. — Map (db m90043) WM
Pennsylvania (Wayne County), Honesdale — World War II Memorial1941 • Roll of Honor • 1945

In honor of the men and women of Wayne County, Pennsylvania who served their country in World War II and in memory of the following who made the supreme sacrifice

Forrest K. Ames • Joseph G. Andres • John W. Armstrong • . . . — Map (db m101309) WM

Pennsylvania (Wayne County), White Mills — The White Mills Community TrailFrom Alsace, France to White Mills — The Dorflinger Families Left an Important Legacy
Eugene A. Dorflinger Sr., Christian Dorflinger’s cousin who had also emigrated from Alsace, established a general store in White Mills in 1869. The family home was behind the store on Charles Street across from the St. Charles Hotel. Eugene’s . . . — Map (db m89494) HM
Pennsylvania (Wyoming County), Nicholson — Galusha Grow

Father of the Homestead Act, opening western lands to free settlement in 1862, Speaker of the House, 1861-63. Returned to Congress 1893-1903. Retired to his home, which stood on this site, until his death in 1907. — Map (db m89343) HM

Puerto Rico (San Juan Municipality), San Juan — In Defense of San Juan
At this site you can sample a few of San Juan’s historic fortifications. Features seen here date from the 1760’s through the 1960’s, the latter part of San Juan’s military history.

The concrete blocks scattered on the lawn were left by the U.S. . . . — Map (db m60046) HM

South Carolina (Cherokee County), Blacksburg — "Huzzah for Liberty!"Kings Mountain National Military Park — National Park Service, U.S. Department of the Interior
“Huzzah for Liberty!”-The hour is 3 o’clock, October 7th, 1780. Atop the ridge are 1100 British-Americans under Major Patrick Ferguson. Surrounding the mountain are about as many American Patriots gathered from far and near. Within the . . . — Map (db m62103) HM
South Dakota (Custer County), Custer — Life in a Prairie Dog TownWind Cave National Park
Whether they know it or not, black-tailed prairie dogs are wildlife managers. These ground squirrels are intricately connected to numerous plant and animal species and play a key role in the health and stability of the prairie. The eating . . . — Map (db m71076) HM
Tennessee (Davidson County), Nashville — No. 91 — St. Patrick Catholic Church
Erected in 1890 and named for Ireland's patron saint, this Second Empire style church was built to serve South Nashville's growing Irish Catholic population. Until 1954, the Sisters of Mercy taught a grade school here. Since the 1890s, the Irish . . . — Map (db m74367) HM
Tennessee (Dickson County), Charlotte — Fighting for FreedomPromise Land Civil War Heroes
The Emancipation Proclamation, issued January 1, 1863, authorized the recruiting of African Americans as United States soldiers. It inspired men, like brothers John and Arch Nesbitt, to join the U.S. Colored Troops and fight for their freedom. John . . . — Map (db m81504) HM
Tennessee (Gibson County), Trenton — Fighting for TrentonRaid on the Depot — Forrest's First West Tennessee Raid
(preface) Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest led his cavalry brigade on a raid through West Tennessee, Dec. 15, 1862-Jan. 3, 1863, destroying railroads and severing Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's supply line between Columbus, Kentucky and Vicksburg, . . . — Map (db m74603) HM
Tennessee (Giles County), Pulaski — General John Adams, CSA(1825-1864)
Adams was born on July 1, 1825, in Nashville, Tennessee, of Irish immigrant parents. Having entered the U.S. Military Academy in 1841, he graduated 25th in his class and was commissioned 2nd lieutenant in the 1st Dragoons/U.S. Regular Army. He . . . — Map (db m75178) HM
Tennessee (Greene County), Greeneville — Andrew Johnson and Eliza Johnson Grave MarkerAndrew Johnson National Cemetery
Andrew Johnson Seventeenth President of the United States. Born Dec. 29, 1808, died July 31, 1875. His faith in the people never wavered. Eliza Johnson, born Oct. 4, 1810, died Jan. 15, 1876. In memory of our father and mother. — Map (db m93079) HM
Tennessee (Greene County), Mosheim — Pottertown Bridge BurnersUnionists Pay the Ultimate Price
When Tennessee left the Union in June 1861, Greene County was a hotbed of divided loyalties. Several Unionists, who crafted multi-colored earthenware pottery which is still highly valued, were among the occupants of the nearby community named . . . — Map (db m81629) HM
Tennessee (Jackson County), Gainesboro — Cumberland River CampaignBurning of Old Columbus
North of this marker lies the site of Old Columbus, once an important landing on the Cumberland River. In the winter of 1863–1864, the war had disastrous consequences for this river village. Late in December 1863, Gen. Ulysses . . . — Map (db m68344) HM
Tennessee (Jefferson County), Jefferson City — Mossy Creek EngagementBending but not Breaking
(preface) In November 1863, Confederated Gen. James Longstreet led a force from Chattanooga to attack Union Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside’s army at Knoxville. The campaign failed, and in December Longstreet’s men marched east along the East . . . — Map (db m70659) HM
Tennessee (Loudon County), Lenoir City — Lenoir Cotton Millc. 1821 — A National Register Landmark
The Lenoir Cotton Mill, built by Major Wm. Ballard Lenoir between 1810 and 1821, is one of several structures that made up Lenoir's Station. Lenoir and his sons also built Lenoir Inn (family home which also served as stagecoach station and hotel, a . . . — Map (db m69438) HM
Tennessee (Loudon County), Philadelphia — Battle of PhiladelphiaBivouac of Reconciliation
During the autumn of 1863, Union Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside's forces occupied Knoxville and much of the surrounding countryside. Philadelphia, a station on the East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad, was the southernmost Union-held town. Col. Frank . . . — Map (db m82223) HM
Tennessee (Maury County), Columbia — Road to NashvilleColumbia Artillery Duel — Hood's Campaign
(preface) In September 1864, after Union Gen. William T. Sherman defeated Confederate Gen. John Bell Hood at Atlanta, Hood led the Army of Tennessee northwest against Sherman’s supply lines. Rather than contest Sherman’s “March to the . . . — Map (db m75035) HM
Tennessee (Maury County), Spring Hill — Confederate Movements After SunsetNovember 29, 1864
After the sun set, Confederate plans began to quietly fall apart. Hood appeared confident that Forrest held the pike north of Spring Hill, and thus was not unduly concerned with cutting the pike south of town. Hood’s orders suggest an unfamiliarity . . . — Map (db m75071) HM
Tennessee (McMinn County), Niota — Niota DepotNot "quiet and cozy"
Railroads played a significant role in the Civil War in East Tennessee. Commanders on both sides viewed the railroad as an important asset, not only as a carrier of military supplies, but also as the means of rapidly concentrating their forces. This . . . — Map (db m69361) HM
Tennessee (Robertson County), Adams — 3C 45 — Port Royal
One mile N. at confluence of Red River and Sulphur Ford Creek is Port Royal, early center of commerce and manufacturing. It was settled in 1784 and nearby was Weld, the first court in Tennessee County, N.C. established in 1788. The Red River Baptist . . . — Map (db m68619) HM
Tennessee (Robertson County), Cedar Hill — 3C 41 — Camp Cheatham
Named for Benjamin Franklin Cheatham, who was in 1861 appointed brigadier general in the Provisional Army, Independent State of Tennessee, and its first camp commander, the training camp established in this area in June, 1861 was used by numerous . . . — Map (db m68594) HM
Tennessee (Robertson County), Springfield — Guarding SpringfieldThe Federal Occupation
Early in the war, townswomen met at the Henry H. Kirk house, just north of here, to sew uniforms and blankets for Confederate soldiers after Kirk bought sewing machines and patterns in St. Louis, Missouri. When the 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry hoisted . . . — Map (db m82330) HM
Tennessee (Rutherford County), Murfreesboro — Architecture on the SquareRutherford County, Tennessee
Almost all of the buildings that surround the courthouse now date from after the Civil War. Constructed in a restrained frugality more than stylistic choice, these structures replaced the earlier stores and warehouses that composed the . . . — Map (db m69155) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — Overton Park
The 342 acre Lea Woods was bought in 1901 as the first project of Memphis Park Commission on advice of Olmsted Brothers, noted landscape and architects. By popular vote it was named for Judge John Overton, a city founder. Naturalistic landscaping . . . — Map (db m82857) HM
Tennessee (Sullivan County), Blountville — Battle of BlountvilleConfederate Position
You are in the former schoolyard of the Masonic Female Institute, where Confederate troops stood as they defended Blountville on September 22, 1863. Col. James E. Carter's 1st Tennessee Cavalry withdrew that morning of 1863 from the Watauga River to . . . — Map (db m69806) HM
Tennessee (Sumner County), Castalian Springs — Thomas Sharpe Spencer Memorial
On this spot stood the hollow sycamore tree in which Thos. Sharpe Spencer spent the winter of 1778-79., deserted by his companions for fear of Indians. Spencer helped build at Bledsoe’s Lick, 50-yds. south of this spot, the first cabin in middle . . . — Map (db m68468) HM WM
Tennessee (Sumner County), Gallatin — 3B 75 — Rose Mont
Catherine Blackmore (1806-1888) and her husband Josephus Conn Guild (1802-1883) built Rose Mont circa 1842 here on their 500-acre plantation. Descendants occupied it until the City of Gallatin acquired the property in 1993. A grove of trees 150 . . . — Map (db m68404) HM
Tennessee (Tipton County), Covington — 4E 87 — Charles B. Simonton
A lifelong resident of Tipton County, Charles Bryson Simonton (1838-1911) was educated at Erskine College and, while serving as Captain, 9th Tennessee Infantry, C.S.A was wounded at the Battle of Perryville, Ky. He was an educator, lawyer, state . . . — Map (db m74696) HM
Tennessee (Tipton County), Covington — Last Speech of General Nathan Bedford ForrestSeptember 22, 1876, Covington, Tennessee
Soldiers of the Seventh Tennessee Cavalry, ladies and gentlemen: I name the soldiers first because I love them the best. I am extremely pleased to meet with you here today. I love the gallant men and women with whom I was so intimately . . . — Map (db m74659) HM
Tennessee (Warren County), McMinnville — Elisha Pepper IIPioneer — 1777-1869
First white settler to Warren County Tennessee-1800. Son of Elisha Pepper I, a Revolutionary Soldier killed in the Battle of Kings Mountain, South Carolina, 7 October 1780 — Map (db m69204) HM
Tennessee (Williamson County), Franklin — Natchez Street Community
After the Civil War, Natchez Street became Franklin’s primary African-American community. Black businesses included: Undertakers J.T. Patton, Maggie Betsy Prince, Henry Ewing; Plumber Morton Thomas; Plasterer Bud Cheatham; Bricklayers Son Scruggs, . . . — Map (db m69021) HM
Tennessee (Williamson County), Franklin — Original St Philip Catholic ChurchBuilt In 1871
James Woods, a local farmer, sold this property in 1847 to Bishop Miles of Nashville. He purchased the land with $400 in gold donated by the Franklin Female Academy for the purpose of building a church. Thus was begun the St. Philip Catholic . . . — Map (db m83184) HM
Texas (Comal County), Gruene — 2296 — Gruene's Hall
Built in 1878 as a saloon and social hall for area cotton farmers, this is believed to be one of the oldest dance halls in Texas. Christian Herry (1854-1917) built the hall under the direction of town developer Henry D. Gruene, for whom many of the . . . — Map (db m71559) HM
Texas (Kinney County), Brackettville — 4638 — Seminole Indian Scouts' Cemetery(Founded on Fort Clark Reservation, Sept. 1, 1872)
Burial site of heroic U.S. Army men, families, and heirs. These Seminoles came mainly from Florida about 1850; lived in northern Mexico or Texas; joined Lt. (later a general) John L. Bullis and Col. Ranald S. Mackenzie in ridding Texas of hostile . . . — Map (db m55358) HM
Texas (Nueces County), Corpus Christi — Rising SunUSS Lexington (The Blue Ghost)
On the aft side of the island you see a Japanese Rising Sun flag with a black border. This flag indicates the exact location where in November 1944 a Japanese Kamikaze plane (code name Zeke) crashed into USS Lexington, killing 50 of her crew. . . . — Map (db m96280) WM
Utah (Washington County), New Harmony — Collapsing SceneryKolob Canyons-Zion National Park
The cliffs appear solid and motionless. But the visible scars tell a different story. In July 1983 a huge slab broke off the opposite cliff, leaving a buff-colored scar and tons of rubble at the base. The entire even was over n moments. These . . . — Map (db m92553) HM
Virgin Islands (St Croix), Frederiksted — Oscar E. Henry Customs House
Eighteenth Century Danish Customs House with nineteenth century addition of the 2nd story gallery. Owner is V.I. Government. Little Altered and in good condition. Placed by St. Croix Historic Preservation Commission 2006 — Map (db m60873) HM
Virgin Islands (St John), Cruz Bay — Philanthropy in the National Park Service
Private philanthropy has a long history and important role in the development of America’s National Park system.

Charitable donations by the Rockefeller family, notably by Laurance S. Rockefeller, helped to establish, enlarge or improve . . . — Map (db m60716) HM

Virginia (Amelia County), Jetersville — Hillsman HouseLee’s Retreat — April 6, 1865
Union forces assembled along this ridge while Confederate troops prepared on the opposite slope. Federal forces crossed Little Sailor’s Creek for a fierce battle which compelled many Southerners to surrender. The house served as a hospital for both . . . — Map (db m11795) HM
Virginia (Essex County), Tappahannock — Bountiful MarshesCaptain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail
(panel 1) Bountiful Marshes Meandering stretches of area rivers, such as this section of the Rappahannock, produce large freshwater marshes. Virginia Indians valued them as rich sources of food, often locating settlements nearby. . . . — Map (db m97182) HM
Virginia, Fredericksburg — Fredericksburg National Cemetery — The Battle of Fredericksburg
Approximately 20,000 soldiers died in this region during the Civil War, their remains scattered throughout the countryside in shallow, often unmarked, graves. In 1865 Congress established Fredericksburg National Cemetery as a final resting place for . . . — Map (db m8740) HM
Virginia (James City County), Jamestown — DelawareQuadricentennial Plaza — Jamestown Settlement
One of the thirteen original colonies. Capital-Dover

Delaware was explored by Henry Hudson for the Dutch in 1609, but was named for Lord De la Warr, an early English governor of Virginia. In 1638 Peter Minuit established the first . . . — Map (db m97831) HM

Virginia (James City County), Jamestown — MassachusettsQuadricentennial Plaza — Jamestown Settlement
One of the thirteen original colonies Capital-Boston

A group of zealous Puritans known as the Separatists or “Pilgrims” left England and established a colony at Plymouth in New England in 1620. In 1626, a Puritan settlement was . . . — Map (db m97856) HM

Virginia (James City County), Jamestown — TexasQuadricentennial Plaza — Jamestown Settlement

Spain established several missions and controlled the region until 1821 when Mexico gained its independence. At that time, the United States reached agreement with Mexico allowing Americans to colonize the territory, and Stephen . . . — Map (db m97414) HM

Virginia (Lancaster County), Lancaster — Trade RoutesCaptain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail
(panel 1) Trade Routes Virginia Indians at the time of Captain Smith’s explorations were part of a vast commerce and communications network that extended to the Gulf Coast, New England, and the Great Lakes. Native people on . . . — Map (db m97199) HM
Virginia, Newport News — W 230 — Endview
This traditional farmhouse was probably built for William Harwood around 1769. His great grandson, Dr. Humphrey Harwood Curtis, acquired the plantation in 1858. In May 1861, Dr. Curtis organized the Warwick Beauregards (Company H, 32d Virginia . . . — Map (db m59727) HM
Virginia (Northampton County), Cape Charles — Chesapeake BayKiptopeke State Park
The Chesapeake Bay, vital to the survival of many species of shorebirds and birds of prey, provides fish, mollusks, and crabs as well as a variety of nesting habitats along the Eastern Shore. Many of these birds can be seen gliding along the hulls . . . — Map (db m98669) HM
Virginia, Portsmouth — Seaboard Air Line Railroad
The Portsmouth & Roanoke Railroad was incorporated in March 1832 and began operations in July 1834 when the first train, pulled by horses, ran a full circuit from Portsmouth to Suffolk. A locomotive replaced the horses later that year. By late 1836, . . . — Map (db m20387) HM
Virginia (Prince William County), Woodbridge — Seasonal Encampments
Seasonal Encampments for river fishing were set up at this place the Native Americans called Yosocomico, meaning “within the enclosure”. These temporary villages were situated on the shoreline at good fishing spots that the Indians . . . — Map (db m98101) HM
Virginia (Spotsylvania County), Chancellorsville — Chancellorsville Campaign
May 3-6, 1863. About noon on May 3, Hooker’s army fell back to a new position covering the roads to Ely’s and United States fords. With the center here, the right of his line rested on the Rapidan and the left on the Rappahannock. On May 4, Hooker’s . . . — Map (db m93538) HM
Virginia (Washington County), Abingdon — POW*MIAYou Are Not Forgotten
At the end of the Vietnam War (1959-1975), there were more than 2,000 servicemen and women missing in action in Vietnam, Laos and other countries in Southeast Asia. The National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast . . . — Map (db m67351) HM WM
Virginia (Westmoreland County), Montross — Tempting TargetStar-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail — War of 1812
Virginia’s Northern Neck was an attractive target for the British. Its many tobacco plantations—spread over more than a thousand miles of shoreline—were vulnerable to invasion from the water. Launching raids from the Potomac River and . . . — Map (db m97046) HM
Washington (Hood River County), Cascade Locks — This Old Turbine
For nearly 60 years this turbine helped make power at Bonneville Dam. Throughout these years it has meant different things to different people at different times. During installation, it meant jobs to help people recover from the Great Depression. A . . . — Map (db m92685) HM
West Virginia (Berkeley County), Martinsburg — Civil War MartinsburgFocus of Contention
Martinsburg, strategically located on the Valley Turnpike, (present day U.S. Route 11) and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, was a major transportation center and the northern gateway to the Shenandoah Valley. Both sides contested for it frequently . . . — Map (db m88507) HM
West Virginia (Braxton County), Napier — Battle of Bulltown"Come and take us"
On the hill in front of you are two fortifications that Union Gen. George B. McClellan ordered constructed late in1861. They guarded the wooden covered bridge located here on the Weston and Gauley Bridge Turnpike. In October 1863, Capt. William H. . . . — Map (db m58727) HM
West Virginia (Greenbrier County), Lewisburg — Battle of LewisburgA Brief Fight
Early in May 1862, Union Col. George Crook, 36th Ohio Infantry, led his command from Charleston to raid the Virginia Central Railroad near Covington. After tearing up track and burning a bridge, he and his men arrived in Lewisburg on May 17, with . . . — Map (db m59344) HM
West Virginia (Jackson County), Ripley — Ripley
Established in 1832 on land which was settled by William John and Lewis Rogers in 1768 and later acquired by Jacob and Ann (Staats) Starcher. Near here lived Capt. William Parsons who was active in the early life of Jackson County. — Map (db m73650) HM
West Virginia (Jefferson County), Harpers Ferry — Storer College 1867-1955Harpers Ferry National Historic Park
Thousands of blacks seeking refuge from slavery and protection behind Union lines fled to Harpers Ferry during the Civil War. Recognizing the importance of education for former slaves, the government’s Freedmen’s Bureau began a school here in . . . — Map (db m96461) HM
West Virginia (Monroe County), Union — Salt Sulphur
Opened as a resort in 1820. Main building erected about 1823. Martin Van Buren, Clay, and Calhoun among prominent guests. General Jenkins and other Confederate leaders made headquarters here during several campaign. — Map (db m59259) HM
West Virginia (Morgan County), Berkeley Springs — Campaign in the SnowJackson Captures Bath and Romney — Jackson's Bath-Romney Campaign
The summer of 1861 had been disastrous for Confederate arms in western Virginia (present day West Virginia) and by the New Year the Virginia counties west of the Alleghenies were on the road to statehood. On January 1, 1862, Confederate Gen. Thomas . . . — Map (db m58633) HM

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