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Marker with the Ethel McDonald Castellow Building (Old Main) in the background. image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, May 5, 2018
Marker with the Ethel McDonald Castellow Building (Old Main) in the background.
Alabama (Autauga County), Prattville — Autauga Creek
Side 1 Water has always played a significant role in the history of Prattville. Daniel Pratt chose the location for his new town because of the proximity to Autauga Creek and the Alabama River. This area was referred to as an . . . — Map (db m70815) HM
Alabama (Autauga County), Prattville — Sidney Lanier/Prattville Male and Female Academy Site
Side 1 Sidney Lanier 1842-1881 The poet and musician, born in Macon, Georgia, was Academy principal in 1867-68. He married Mary H. Day of Macon in December 1867. In Prattville, they lived at the Mims Hotel and later in Dr. S.P. . . . — Map (db m70802) HM
Alabama (Autauga County), Prattville — The Prattville Dragoons
This boulder erected by The Merrill E. Pratt Chapter U.D.C. April 26, 1916, marks the spot where The Prattville Dragoons assembled in April, 1861, on the eve of their departure to the war, and is commemorative of their . . . — Map (db m70819) HM WM
Alabama (Baldwin County), Orange Beach — Perdido Pass
Before 1906, Perdido Pass was located three miles east of today's Pass. It was all a part of Point Ornocor with a short river at its end curving to the west. The pass was narrow and very dangerous. Alabama Point and Ono Island did not exist. . . . — Map (db m122442) HM
Alabama (Barbour County), Eufaula — World War I Doughboy
To Those Who Made The Supreme Sacrifice 1917 — World War — 1918 John Asbury Boswell Robert W. Brannon-Hinton W. Holleman Porter R. Doughtie-Daniel T. Tully Lest We Forget. — Map (db m101350) WM
Alabama (Butler County), Greenville — Bartram's Trail
Front William Bartram, America's first great naturalist, passed through northwest Butler County in July 1775. He described the "limestone rocks" and "banks of various kinds of sea shells" left by oceans that covered this area millions of . . . — Map (db m120937) HM
Alabama (Chambers County), Valley — West Point Manufacturing Company
Cornerstones of Chattahoochee Mfg. Co., Langdale, Ala., and Alabama & Georgia Mfg. Co., River View, Ala., were laid on August 1, 1866. Mills used Chattahoochee River water power for operation of spindles and looms. Planters and businessmen of . . . — Map (db m71637) HM
Alabama (Crenshaw County), Glenwood — New Providence Primitive Baptist Church Site
Constituted in 1833 about 1 mile northwest of this location with 10 charter members. The Church was admitted to the Conecuh River Baptist Association in November 1833. In 1863, the Church moved to this location on land bought from Benjamin Dorman . . . — Map (db m72055) HM
Alabama (Dallas County), Cahaba — Major Hiram Solon Hanchett — 16th Illinois Cavalry - U.S. Volunteers
On January 20th, 1865, Major Hanchett lead a daring, but unsuccessful escape from the military prison that was located on this spot. He was then moved to the dungeon of the county jail, located on First North Street. In March the other Union . . . — Map (db m22669) HM
Alabama (Dallas County), Cahaba — Old Cemetery
This site was set aside by the 1820 General Assembly, burials here date from 1818 to 1847. Interred are some of the state's earliest figures. There is no record of names, many handsome tombs have been destroyed, seven marked ones remaining, six are . . . — Map (db m23355) HM
Alabama (Dallas County), Selma — Interior Redoubt No. III — Wilson's Cavalry Charge — Battle of Selma
By 6pm General James H. Wilson had moved the 4th U.S. Cavalry, down Summerfield Road through the outer works and had ordered Captain Robinson of the Chicago Board of Trade Battery to do the same. After the main assault most of the regiments of . . . — Map (db m81930) HM
Alabama (Dallas County), Selma — Memorial Stadium — Selma Alabama
Erected and dedicated to the memory of those of Dallas County who fought and died in two world wars that we may retain our great heritage of freedom, justice and democracy World War I April 6, 1917–November 11, 1918 . . . — Map (db m82029) WM
Alabama (Houston County), Dothan — Dothan Dixie Standpipe — Houston County
One hundred feet tall and sixteen feet in diameter, this structure embodies the significance of "pure and plentiful" water resulting in the city's early growth and development as the hub of the Wiregrass region. Through the careful stewardship of . . . — Map (db m115022) HM
Alabama (Houston County), Kinsey — Mallalieu Seminary
Side 1 Organized in 1882 at nearby Rocky Creek Methodist Church for educational purposes. This school, which occupied approximately seven acres surrounding this marker, was supported by the Methodist Episcopal Church North. This school . . . — Map (db m73374) HM
Alabama (Houston County), Pansey — Liberty Baptist Church
The church was organized in 1867 under a brush arbor very near the present sanctuary. The brush arbor was replaced by a log building and services were conducted in the log building until approximately 1895. It was in 1895 that Liberty Baptist Church . . . — Map (db m83787) HM
Alabama (Houston County), Rehobeth — Big Creek United Methodist Church / Joseph Watford Revolutionary War Veteran
(side 1) Big Creek United Methodist Church One of the oldest churches in southeast Alabama and reportedly the oldest church in Houston County. The first church structure was a log building constructed about 20 yards north of the . . . — Map (db m73356) HM
Alabama (Jefferson County), Mountain Brook — America's First Office Park
In 1955, Ervin Jackson and Newman H. Waters developed the first office park in the United States. Since 1871 office buildings had been located in downtown Birmingham so the concept of thousands of workers coming to a suburban work-place was a . . . — Map (db m83252) HM
Alabama (Lee County), Auburn — Auburn WWI Memorial
In memory of The Auburn Men who gave their lives in the World War — Map (db m106948) WM
Alabama (Lee County), Auburn — Dillard-Lawson House
Built by Auburn merchant A.L. Dillard in 1894, the home was once part of the old Scott Plantation. It was one of the first homes in Auburn to have an indoor bath and electricity. An unusual feature of the house is the gray stone, for which Dillard . . . — Map (db m74445) HM
Alabama (Macon County), Notasulga — Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church - Church Privies
The Church Privies are located behind the church. There are mens and womens, each with three toilets. The toilets are original, and are made of solid metal, with attached closable lids. According to the wording on the lids, they were . . . — Map (db m95115) HM
Alabama (Macon County), Tuskegee Institute — Booker T Washington — 1856   1915
[Center] He lifted the Veil of Ignorance from his people and pointed the way to progress through education and industry [Far left] We shall prosper in proportion as we learn to dignify and glorify labor . . . — Map (db m100163) HM
Alabama (Macon County), Tuskegee Institute — Up From Slavery — Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site
I determined when quite a small child . . . I would in some way get enough education to enable me to read common books and newspapers. —Booker T. Washington, Up From Slavery Booker T. Washington changed the . . . — Map (db m101932) HM
Alabama (Marion County), Hamilton — History of Marion Territory and Marion County Courts
Side 1 February 13, 1818 — Gin Port - west of Amory, MS on Tombigbee River December 16, 1819 — Henry Grier House, near Columbus, MS - first designated courthouse Late 1820-1822 — Military Ford Court - under . . . — Map (db m96791) HM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — 14 — Dave Patton — (1879-1927)
Patton began his hauling business with two mules and grew to become a prominent real estate entrepreneur and contractor, building many area roads and schools. Patton purchased this site in 1900. According to oral tradition, he commissioned architect . . . — Map (db m111313) HM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — 24 — John L. LeFlore — Non-Partisan Voters League
After the NAACP was outlawed in 1956, LeFlore and the Non-Partisan Voters League took a more active role in civil rights in Mobile. LeFlore served as its director of casework. He was a plaintiff in Bolden vs. Mobile and the judgement changed . . . — Map (db m86391) HM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — Old Church Street Cemetery - 1819 — ←—«
Established 1819 by city of Mobile for yellow fever victims. Buried in raised tombs are Spanish and French citizens of early Mobile, and many pioneer Americans. — Map (db m86409) HM
Alabama (Mobile County), Mobile — 35 — St. Louis Street Missionary Baptist Church
The church was organized in 1853 by ten African-Americans who were former members of Stone Street Baptist Church. It is the second oldest Missionary Baptist Church in Alabama. The first three pastors were Caucasian; however, following passage of the . . . — Map (db m86578) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base — Award of Air Force Cross to Dustin H. Temple
Citation to Accompany the Award of The Air Force Cross to Dustin H. Temple Senior Airman Dustin H. Temple distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism in military operations against an armed enemy of the . . . — Map (db m95434) WM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base — Combat Skyspot — Phou Pha Thi, Laos — Lima Site 85
Dedicated to the brave men who served at Lima Site 85 Lt Col Clarence F Blanton ♦ MSgt James H Calfee + SSgt John Daniel SSgt James W Davis + CMSgt Richard L Etchberger ♦ SSgt Henry G Gish + TSgt . . . — Map (db m117079) HM WM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base — Gunter Annex / Gunter Basic Flying Training School
(obverse) Gunter Annex On 27 Aug. 1940, the AAF leased the Montgomery Municipal Airport for use as a military airfield. During WW II, the field was the home of the AAF Basic Flying Training School and was named in honor of Mayor . . . — Map (db m68111) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Confederate Military Prison / Civil War Military Prisons
Side 1 Confederate Military Prison Near this site, from mid April to December 1862, a Confederate military prison held, under destitute conditions, 700 Union soldiers, most captured at Shiloh. They were imprisoned in a foul, . . . — Map (db m71369) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — First Baptist Church
Side 1: Founded November 29, 1829, with four charter members. English-born Lee Compere, a missionary to the Creek Indians, was the first pastor. Services initially were held monthly in a building shared by other denominations. In 1833, the . . . — Map (db m71251) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Janney Foundry Co. — 1844     1928
Munitions of war furnished by this foundry to the Confederate States of America 1861 — 1865 — Map (db m101746) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Major Lemuel Purnell Montgomery — 1786 - 1814
Brilliant lawyer, valiant soldier, in whose honor Montgomery County, Alabama was named — Map (db m94029) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — Naval Heroes of the War of 1812 — Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama
Side 1 The six streets which cross Dexter Avenue between Court Square and the State Capitol are named for Oliver Hazard Perry, James Lawrence, Thomas Macdonough, Issac Hull, Stephen Decatur and William Bainbridge, all naval officers of . . . — Map (db m99545) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — The Domestic Slave Trade/Slave Transportation to Montgomery
Side 1 The Domestic Slave Trade Beginning in the seventeenth century, millions of African people were kidnapped, sold into slavery, and shipped to the Americas as part of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. In 1808, the United States . . . — Map (db m86427) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — The Montgomery Slave Trade/Warehouses Used in the Slave Trade
Side 1 The Montgomery Slave Trade Montgomery had grown into one of the most prominent slave trading communities in Alabama by 1860. At the start of the Civil War, the city had a larger slave population than Mobile, New Orleans, or . . . — Map (db m70715) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Montgomery — 'Washington' Elm Tree
Washington took command of the American Army under grandparent of this elm Cambridge, Mass., July 3, 1775 ———— Raised and given by Maryland D.A.R. and Alice Paret Dorsey as part of 200th . . . — Map (db m94934) HM
Alabama (Montgomery County), Waugh — Lucas Tavern — Circa 1818
Stood 2800 feet north of this point, just west of Line Creek on the Federal Road. Moved to Montgomery in 1978 to serve as the Visitor and Information Center for the Old North Hull Historic District, it is the oldest remaining building in Montgomery . . . — Map (db m60906) HM
Alabama (Perry County), Marion — Honoring: Reverend James Orange
Jailed as a leader in the struggle for voting rights Perry County, Alabama - 1965 - "Hey Leader!" SCLC/W.O.M.E.N., INC. Women's Organizational Movement for Equality Now Evelyn G. Lowery, . . . — Map (db m117076) HM
Alabama (Pickens County), Aliceville — Alabama, Tennessee & Northern Railroad Depot
The Carrollton Short Line Railroad, authorized by the legislature in 1897, connected the Mobile & Ohio Railroad at Reform with the Pickens County seat. John Taylor Cochrane of Tuscaloosa, working with Carrollton citizens, completed that line in . . . — Map (db m92644) HM
Alabama (Pike County), Orion — Orion Institute
Founded 1848 by legislative act and donations of citizens. Excellent instruction made it only school of kind for youth in area. Later used as public school until 1929 school consolidation. Orion settled about 1815, by 1830 saw arrival of . . . — Map (db m71791) HM
Alabama (Russell County), Fort Mitchell — Pokkecheta, or the Ball Play — Creek Heritage Trail
Pokkecheta, or the ball play, was an ancient and vital part of the social life of the Creeks and a popular game among many groups of Southeastern Indians. The game enhanced interaction between towns and provided highly ritualized sport and . . . — Map (db m101817) HM
Alabama (Russell County), Hurtsboro — Joel Hurt House
(obverse) The home was built in 1857 by the founder of Hurtsboro, Joel Hurt, Sr. (1813-1861) and his wife, Lucy Long Hurt (1822-1915). Their saw mill, constructed near Hurtsboro Creek, provided lumber for the home and surrounding . . . — Map (db m69415) HM
Alabama (Russell County), Phenix City — "Emperor" Brims, Mary Musgrove and Chief William McIntosh — Creek Heritage Trail
Coweta was the home of many influential Creek leaders, including three individuals who figured prominently in the history of the Creek people; "Emperor” Brims, Mary Musgrove, Chief William McIntosh. The Coweta chieftain Brims, who . . . — Map (db m101336) HM
Alabama (Sumter County), Livingston — Sumter County's Covered Bridge
1860 Captain W. A. C. Jones of Livingston designed and built the bridge of hand-hewn yellow pine put together with large pegs, clear span 88 feet, overhead clearance 14 feet, and inside width 17 feet, across the Sucarnoochee River on old State . . . — Map (db m92661) HM
Alabama (Washington County), Wagarville — The Sullivan Cabin
The Sullivan Cabin was built on the east side of Bassett Creek, in 1874 by Gibeon Jefferson Sullivan, a Confederate soldier who served in Co. A. 32nd Ala Infantry, an all-volunteer company made up of men from Washington County. The cabin is a . . . — Map (db m122341) HM
Alabama (Wilcox County), Camden — Camden Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
This building was constructed c. 1849 as a Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The Camden Associate Reformed Presbyterian congregation was organized in September 1890 in the parlor of the William Joel Bonner home. There were twelve charter . . . — Map (db m68161) HM
Arkansas (Cross County), Wittsburg — 28 — Wittsburg in the Civil War
After Arkansas seceded from the Union in May 1861, Confederate officers began to recruit in the Wittsburg area. Companies B, D, F and K of the 5th Arkansas Infantry Regiment were organized at Wittsburg June 12-14, 1861. David Cross, for whom Cross . . . — Map (db m116179) HM
Arkansas (Little River County), Alleene — Original Site of Little River County Seat
Little River County was formed 1867 out of lands taken from Hempstead and Sevier Counties by Act 104 of the Arkansas Legislature approved March 7, 1867. The Act fixed the temporary county seat at the home of William M. Freeman, which was ½ mile . . . — Map (db m121273) HM
Arkansas (Phillips County), Helena — "We shall never be the same"
The Civil War changed the lives of Southern women in ways they could not have imagined. They lived with anxiety, fear and loneliness. As the war ground on, many felt an increasing sense of desperation and depression. The lives they had known were . . . — Map (db m107998) HM
Arkansas (Phillips County), Helena — Battery A
Union forces entrenched on this hill held off repeated assaults by Confederate troops under CSA General Marmaduke on the morning of July 4, 1863, in their attack on Helena. CSA General Marsh Walker's Cavalry Brigade, consisting of the 5th Arkansas . . . — Map (db m107784) HM
Arkansas (Phillips County), Helena — Becoming Soldiers
As soon as the Civil War began, black men volunteered to serve in the United States Army. They were denied. In the spring of 1863, the Federal government finally began enlisting Freedmen. Within months, thousands in Helena had . . . — Map (db m107884) HM
Arkansas (Phillips County), Helena — Flags over Fort Curtis
When the Union army built Fort Curtis in 1862, the 34-star flag flew over the fort. The day the Battle of Helena was fought, July 4, 1863, the 35-star flag became the official U.S. flag. The new star represented West Virginia, admitted to the . . . — Map (db m109134) HM
Arkansas (Phillips County), Helena — The 33rd Missouri Spikes the Guns
During the Battle of Helena on July 4, 1863, less than 300 men with two cannon held this battery for several hours against 3,000 Confederates. Infantry Mans the Guns The 33rd Missouri Infantry (U.S.) defended Battery . . . — Map (db m107966) HM
Arkansas (Phillips County), Helena — The Battle of Helena — July 4, 1863
Confederate General Theophilus Holmes wanted to regain control of Helena, an island of Union control in Confederate Arkansas. His attack failed. Miscommunication, lack of information, and the determined resistance of the Union troops, who vowed not . . . — Map (db m107937) HM
Arkansas (Phillips County), Helena — The Irish Immigrant — A Part of the Civil War Discovery Trail
Patrick Ronayne Cleburne, the son of Dr. Joseph and Mary Anne Ronayne Cleburne, was born March 17, 1828. At the age of twenty-one he immigrated to the United States. He settled in Helena in 1850. The Son of . . . — Map (db m109138) HM
Arkansas (Prairie County), DeValls Bluff — 2 — DeValls Bluff in the Civil War
DeValls Bluff was strategically important to both the Union and Confederate armies as a major White River port and as head of the Memphis and Little Rock Railroad. It became a key Union supply depot after its fall 1863 occupation, as well as a haven . . . — Map (db m96455) HM
Arkansas (Pulaski County), Jacksonville — A Gallant Charge — The First Iowa Cavalry Charges Burning Reed's Bridge
As Gen. John Davidson saw flames erupting from the only bridge across Bayou Meto, he ordered Lt. Col. Daniel Anderson to take his First Iowa Cavalry Regiment and save the bridge, if possible. Anderson and his men thundered down the Memphis to Little . . . — Map (db m116543) HM
Arkansas (Pulaski County), Little Rock — A Piece of the Rock, a Piece of History — La Petite Roche Historical Walk
The Little Rock was not always as it is now. To support the Junction Bridge and ensure an adequate channel for river traffic, much of the Rock was removed in 1872 and 1884. No one knows how the Point of Rocks looked before progress took its . . . — Map (db m116557) HM
Arkansas (Pulaski County), Little Rock — United Spanish War Veterans Tribute — The Boy's of 1898
A Tribute to the United Spanish War Veterans The Boy's of 1898 The Only 100% Volunteer Army of the United States — Map (db m116176) WM
Arkansas (Pulaski County), Little Rock — Witness to Removal — La Petite Roche Historical Walk
In 1818, the U.S. policy on Indian Removal restricted the Quapaw to a reservation in Arkansas. The western boundary, or Quapaw Line, began at "the Little Rock." This was perhaps the first official use of the name Little Rock. In 1824, a new . . . — Map (db m116565) HM
Arkansas (White County), Searcy — 39 — Searcy Landing in the Civil War / Guerrilla War on the Little Red
Searcy Landing in the Civil War Searcy Landing was a steamboat stop with cotton warehouses before the war. On May 9, 1862, Col. P.J. Osterhaus's 3rd Division of the Union Army of the Southwest built a bridge across the Little Red River, . . . — Map (db m116325) HM
Arkansas (Woodruff County), Augusta — "It Was a Hard Little Fight" — The Battle of Fitzhugh's Woods, April 1st, 1864
As Maj. Gen. Frederick Steele's Union army marched into southwest Arkansas in the spring of 1864, Col. C.C. Andrews was ordered to lead an expedition to Woodruff County. The column's orders were to keep Brig. Gen. Dandridge McRae from recruiting . . . — Map (db m116643) HM
Colorado (Boulder County), Lafayette — City Hall — 201 East Simpson Street — Historic Lafayette Walking Tour
1907 - 1985 Construction Complete February, 1907 Cost - $1555.00 — Map (db m120673) HM
Colorado (Delta County), Delta — Western Slope Agriculture / Delta County
Western Slope Agriculture According to an 1888 U.S. Department of Agriculture report, western Colorado's thin soils, high altitude, and lack of rainfall rendered the region totally unfit for cultivation. The document’s author apparently . . . — Map (db m120123) HM
Colorado (Garfield County), Glenwood Springs — Hotel Denver
In the late 1800's to the early 1900's, saloons, restaurants, and rooming houses occupied this block. In 1904, Frank Walter constructed two buildings - one three-story - in the block. Walter leased the ground floor of the three-story building (406 . . . — Map (db m120084) HM
Colorado (Garfield County), Glenwood Springs — McCoy-Armory Building
This current address has incorporated numbers 827 and 829 Grand Avenue. The earliest maps show buildings on this site since 1888, but the year 1913 has J.F. McCoy constructing his building. In 1917, the State of Colorado purchased the building for . . . — Map (db m120087) HM
Colorado (Grand County), Rocky Mountain National Park — People of Kawuneeche Valley
This miner's cabin is one of the oldest buildings left standing in the Kawuneeche Valley. In 1902, Joseph Fleshuts homesteaded 160 acres here with the intent to live on the land for at least five years. Life must have been hard. In 1911 he abruptly . . . — Map (db m89117) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Ludlow — Celebration & Sorrow
A day of festivity was followed by one of the darkest in American Labor history. The state militia was on guard Because tensions between the strikers and the company had been steadily escalating, the state militia was stationed on . . . — Map (db m100513) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Trinidad — The Santa Fe Trail
This memorial is the Property of the State of Colorado The Santa Fe Trail 1840 - 1878 Two roads or forks of the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe Trail-Bent's Old Fort to Taos and Santa Fe-joined . . . — Map (db m104912) HM
Colorado (Las Animas County), Trinidad — Women & Children's March, 1914
During the miners' strike that began in September 1913, when the United Mine Workers of America was trying to unionize the coal mines of Colorado, their most effective public speaker, organizer and morale-booster was nationally famous Mary Harris . . . — Map (db m100500) HM
Florida (Escambia County), Pensacola — Our Confederate Dead
South Facing Side (Main Side) A.D.1861. - A.D.1865. The Uncrowned Heroes of the Southern Confederacy. Whose joy was to suffer and die for a cause they believed to be just. Their unchallenged devo- tion and matchless . . . — Map (db m72273) WM
Florida (Escambia County), Pensacola — Rough Riders
June 1, 1898, Col. Theodore Roosevelt and 170 of his Rough Riders (Indians, cowboys, policemen, clubmen, millionaires, etc.) welcomed here en route to Spanish-American War. There were 6 trains with men, horses and equipment of 1st U.S. Volunteer . . . — Map (db m72270) HM
Florida (Escambia County), Pensacola Beach — Battery Worth — Hold Your Ears — Fort Pickens
Battery Worth's guns were deafening. The gun crews were told to "stay loose and keep your mouths open." Cotton was available, but most soldiers did not use it and developed "artilleryman's ear." Gun pits on the left and right housed eight 12-inch . . . — Map (db m80057) HM
Florida (Gadsden County), Quincy — F-630 — Pat Munroe House
Mark Welch, "Mr. Pat Munroe" built the Pat Munroe House for his first wife, Edith Adelaide Walker, in 1893. The couple had 10 children before her death in 1896. Mr. Pat later married Mary Frances Gray in 1912. Eight children were born from this . . . — Map (db m79622) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Graceville — F-484 — When The Lights Came On
This structure is a symbol of progress and a testament to those determined rural residents who, through electricity, helped bring this area into the 20th century. On May 30, 1936 President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945) signed into law the Rural . . . — Map (db m74210) HM
Florida (Jackson County), Marianna — F-506 — Gilmore Academy - Jackson County Training School — 1922-1970
In 1922, Robert T. Gilmore (1879-1948), born in Monticello, founded Gilmore Academy, one of Jackson County's first African-American high schools. Trustees of Marianna's African-American community purchased this three-acre site in 1907 and raised . . . — Map (db m74191) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-395 — De Soto Winter Encampment Site 1539~1540
In 1539, a Spanish expeditionary force led by Hernando de Soto landed in the Tampa Bay area. Nearly 600 heavily armed adventurers traveled more than 4000 miles from Florida to Mexico intending to explore and control the Southeast of North America. . . . — Map (db m79522) HM
Florida (Leon County), Tallahassee — F-88 — Lewis Bank
Founded in 1856 by B.C. Lewis as a private banking business, the oldest bank in Florida has grown with the city and section, in size and services rendered. Since its founding, sons have followed fathers in the profession. — Map (db m79525) HM
Florida (Liberty County), Bristol — F-46 — Torreya Tree
In this vicinity on the Apalachicola River, Hardy Bryan Croom, pioneer Florida planter and botanist, discovered one of the rarest of coniferous trees, Torreya taxifolia circa 1835, and named it for Dr. John Torrey, prominent American botanist. Only . . . — Map (db m17753) HM
Florida (Okaloosa County), Auburn — Confederate Park — Uncle Bill Lundy
Dedicated to Uncle Bill Lundy Florida's Last Confederate Veteran 1848 — 1957 And All Confederate Veterans of Florida — Map (db m86845) WM
Florida (Okaloosa County), Crestview — F-233 — Okaloosa County
Okaloosa County, created by the Florida State Legislature in 1915, was formed from parts of Santa Rosa and Walton Counties. The influence of W.H. Mapoles, Sr., then a legislative representative from Walton County, was an important factor in the . . . — Map (db m72555) HM
Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — AC-130 Spectre — "The Ultimate End"
The AC-130 Spectre gunship evolved into the most heavily armed aircraft in history. It has a distinguished history and was used extensively in a multitude of roles during the Vietnam conflict. The AC-130 also flew combat during the USS . . . — Map (db m99831) HM
Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — Air America Memorial
  Air America's origin dates back to the secret CIA purchase of Civil Air Transport (CAT) assets in August 1950. Air America/CAT operations were initiated in response to covert transportation requirements during the Chinese Civil War and Korean . . . — Map (db m99746) HM WM
Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — Lieutenant Colonel Joe Madison Jackson — 311th Air Commando Squadron
Lieutenant Colonel Jackson was the aircraft commander of an unarmed C-123 transport flying a tactical emergency evacuation mission to rescue three remaining survivors at the Special Forces camp at Kham Duc, Republic of Vietnam, on 12 May 1968. The . . . — Map (db m99813) HM
Florida (Okaloosa County), Hurlburt Field — Operation Uphold Democracy
  Operation Uphold Democracy was the name given to the restoration of the democracy in Haiti. The US, expecting civil unrest and military opposition, deployed a large force to the area, which could overcome any opposition and restore order to . . . — Map (db m99778) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Bagdad — The Longleaf Pine
Longleaf or yellow pine forests once dominated the South and spread 90 million acres from the Atlantic Coastal Plain of southeastern Virginia to the West Gulf Coastal Plain of Texas. Longleaf pine developed in close association with periodic . . . — Map (db m100332) HM
Florida (Santa Rosa County), Gulf Breeze — F-96 — Site of Pensacola - St. Augustine Road
Begun by a military detachment from Pensacola in 1824, the first federal highway in Florida was designed to connect the two principal cities of the new territory. Construction was later contracted to John Bellamy, wealthy Jefferson County planter, . . . — Map (db m120487) HM
Georgia (Jefferson County), Louisville — 081-1 — Market House
This Market House was built between 1795-1798 as a publicly owned multi-purpose trading house. Louisville newspapers record sales of large tracts, household hoods, town lots and slaves by sheriffs, tax collectors, marshals and people of the . . . — Map (db m15900) HM
Georgia (Jenkins County), Millen — R19 — Millen Junction — "...its destruction was a brilliant spectacle." — March to the Sea Heritage Trail
Millen Junction was founded in 1835 as an inn owned by Robert Hendricks Gray. Originally named Brisonville, it is located approximately 80 miles from Savannah on the Central Railroad of Georgia. Thus the town was also called "The 80 Mile Depot" . . . — Map (db m103275) HM
Georgia (Muscogee County), Columbus — Creek Agriculture — Creek Heritage Trail
Cusseta lay on the rich flood plain of the Chattahoochee River, making it a fertile area for agriculture. Like Creeks throughout the Chattahoochee River valley the Cussetas grew a variety of vegetables, especially corn, squash, beans, and pumpkins. . . . — Map (db m113718) HM
Georgia (Muscogee County), Columbus — Gertrude "Ma" Rainey — 1886 – 1939 — "Empress of the Blues"
. . . — Map (db m101400) HM
Georgia (Muscogee County), Fort Benning — 87th Infantry Division Monument — "Golden Acorn"
Stalwart and Strong World War II Rhineland   Ardennes-Alsace Central Europe Dedicated to the memory of the 87th Infantry Division soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice to secure victory over Nazi Germany and in honor of . . . — Map (db m114067) WM
Georgia (Paulding County), Dallas — 17 — Armstrong's Advance — The Battle of Dallas - Logan's Counterattack — Atlanta Campaign Heritage Trail
By Saturday, May 28, 1864, fierce Confederate resistance at New Hope Church (on May 25th) and Pickett's Mill (May 27th) had convinced Union Major General William T. Sherman to move his armies eastward back to the Western and Atlantic Railroad to . . . — Map (db m118180) HM
Georgia (Randolph County), Cuthbert — Hood Hospital
This memorial marks the site of Hood Hospital Named for General John B. Hood of Texas who commanded The Army of Tennessee in the campaign around Atlanta, July 1864 - January 1865. Andrew Female College proffered her buildings and grounds . . . — Map (db m117129) HM
Kansas (Ellis County), Hays — Gospel Hill
The Armes Dance Hall, originally named the Globe Theater, was built on this site in 1867 by Major George Armes with money raised by his younger brother in Leavenworth, ostensibly to erect an Episcopal church. Later the building was moved to Fort . . . — Map (db m96491) HM
Kansas (Sumner County), Caldwell — Shooting Up Main Street
On July 7, 1879, in the Moreland Saloon, Deputy Constable John Wilson and a citizen, George Flatt, cornered two cowboys named Woods and Adams. They had been firing their guns outside in celebration of being paid for a Texas cattle drive earlier in . . . — Map (db m96538) HM
Kentucky (Adair County), Columbia — 1599 — Adair County Courthouse
On June 28, 1802, court ordered permanent seat of justice on the public square. First courthouse built in 1806. Present structure was designed by McDonald Bros., Louisville, and built by Wm. H. Hudson and Columbus Stone in 1887. A unique . . . — Map (db m83384) HM
Kentucky (Butler County), Morgantown — 1781 — William S. Taylor (1853-1928)
William S. Taylor (1853-1928) This Republican governor from Butler Co. was declared winner over William Goebel and inaugurated Dec. 12, 1899. When Democrats contested the election, controversy and extreme bitterness led to Sen. Goebel's . . . — Map (db m123445) HM
Kentucky (Grayson County), Leitchfield — Grayson County WWI War Memorial
In memory of the men of Grayson County who gave their lives for our freedom. Martin Alvoy, Verna Anderson, Edgar Baker, Oscar Boone, Malcolm Bozarth, Brooks, Andrew Cannon, Miles Dennison, Robert Downs, Willis Duggins, Herbert Givens, Ira Goff, . . . — Map (db m125032) WM
Kentucky (Logan County), South Union — 716 — The Shaker Tavern
Built 1869, nine years after the completion of the Louisville and Nashville railroad thru South Union land. Members approved tax to build line thru here, furnished material and constructed depot. Visitors increased and trustees built the hotel, . . . — Map (db m123413) HM
Kentucky (Marshall County), Aurora — 2320 — Cherokee State Park
Side 1 Proposed in 1946 & opened in 1951, the only state park in Kentucky developed for African Americans. Closed by 1964. after Gov. Combs 1963 Exec. Order ended segregation in public facilities. 300 acres, beach, rental cottages, kitchen . . . — Map (db m105930) HM
Kentucky (Mason County), Mayslick — 124 — Charles Young Birthplace — 1864 - 1922 →
Third Negro to graduate from West Point Military Academy. Colonel, United States Army. Distinguished for his service in Haiti and Liberia as a military organizer, map maker and road builder. — Map (db m83552) HM
Kentucky (Metcalfe County), Edmonton — 799 — County Named, 1860
For Thomas Metcalfe, 1780-1855. Born Va. Capt. Ky. Vol. War 1812; Congress 1819-28; Governor 1828-32; Ky. Senate 1834-38; U.S. Senate 1848-49, completing Crittenden's term. "Old Stone Hammer'' laid the foundation, 1797, of Governor's Mansion, now . . . — Map (db m83383) HM
Kentucky (Pulaski County), Nancy — Gen'l Felix K. Zollicoffer
On this spot fell Gen'l Felix K. Zollicoffer of Tennessee, Jan. 19, 1862. Lieuts. Bailie Peyton Jr., H.M.R. Fogs and more than 150 of their Confederate associates in the Battle of Fishing Creek, here died with Gen'l Zollicoffer for right as they saw . . . — Map (db m43876) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — 1369 — Goodnight Memorial Library / Isaac Hershel Goodnight
Goodnight Memorial Library Mrs. Goodnight (1858-1935), wife of I.H. Goodnight, in her will made possible the erection of this municipal building containing library, auditorium, assembly room, museum, kitchen. With aid of federal funds, . . . — Map (db m83301) HM
Kentucky (Warren County), Bowling Green — 1191 — Pioneer Surveyor
General Elijah M. Covington of the Kentucky Militia came here from North Carolina in 1795 to farm and survey. Acquired 23,000 acres in Warren, Logan, Edmonson counties. He became Warren County's first sheriff and surveyor. Helped to select the early . . . — Map (db m83352) HM
Louisiana (Bossier Parish), Barksdale AFB — 1999 Omar N. Bradley Spirit of Independence Award
. . . — Map (db m109806) WM
Louisiana (Bossier Parish), Barksdale AFB — Berlin Airlift Memorial
In memory of the United States military personnel who served on the Berlin Airlift 28 June 1948 to 30 September 1949. — Map (db m109809) HM
Louisiana (De Soto Parish), Old Pleasant Hill — Stage Coach Station
The Stage Coach station was at this point, near the center of the Village of Pleasant Hill. — Map (db m105393) HM
Louisiana (De Soto Parish), Old Pleasant Hill — Welcome to Old Pleasant Hill
Front You are standing on the corner of Main and 1st Streets downtown. The stores and shops were mostly to your left and behind you along Main Street. Some were along 1st Street. About 150 feet to your left was 2nd Street etc. Houses . . . — Map (db m105979) HM
Louisiana (Jefferson Parish), Avondale — Avondale~Waggaman
Named for George Augustus Waggaman, prominent politician, planter and War of 1812 veteran. His plantation, Avondale, was built north of here in 1839. Home consumed by Miss. River in early 1900s. — Map (db m81061) HM
Louisiana (Morehouse Parish), Mer Rouge — "Ben and the Boys" — 1856   Ben V. Lily   1936
Like Esau, Jacob's brother of Bible times, Ben Lilly was the ultimate hunter...but never on Sunday. Not one to focus on acquiring "things" and money, Ben acquired knowledge, knowledge about the outdoors and the four-legged challenges he found . . . — Map (db m110174) HM
Louisiana (Saint James Parish), South Vacherie — Notre Dame de la Paix
Mission chapel and cemetery served by St. James Catholic Church from 1854. Became separate parish in 1864. Our Lady of Peace parish church completed 1900 and consecrated May 12, 1902. — Map (db m81080) HM
Louisiana (West Carroll Parish), Pioneer — Mound C — Poverty Point Earthworks
Mound C measures today about 260 feet long by 80 feet wide, but some of its original width has been lost through erosion into Bayou Macon. It appears to be about 6 feet tall, but its true base is about 2 feet lower than the current height of the . . . — Map (db m109491) HM
Mississippi (Bolivar County), Cleveland — David R. Bowen
A Cleveland High School graduate, Bowen (D-Miss.) served five terms in Congress (1973-1983). As chair of the Cotton, Rice, and Sugar Subcommittee and a member of the House Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, and Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committees, . . . — Map (db m89935) HM
Mississippi (Bolivar County), Cleveland — 173 — The Enlightenment of W. C. Handy
Front In W.C. Handy's famous account of his "enlightenment" in Cleveland, a ragged local trio was showered with coins after Handy's orchestra of trained musicians had been unable to similarly excite the crowd. In early manuscripts of . . . — Map (db m90071) HM
Mississippi (Claiborne County), Grand Gulf — Confederate Rifle Pits — Battle of Grand Gulf
During the April 29, 1863, bombardment of Grand Gulf, these rifle pits were held by the 6th Missouri (Confederate). — Map (db m104293) HM
Mississippi (Claiborne County), Grand Gulf — This XIII-inch Mortar — Grand Gulf Historic Tour
This XIII-inch Mortar was probably used by the Union in the fight for Vicksburg. In the early 1900's it was seen partially buried in the levee on Davis Island. These mortars were mounted on schooners or box-like boats. . . . — Map (db m104294) HM
Mississippi (Claiborne County), Port Gibson — Temple Gemiluth Chassed — Port Gibson Historic Tour
706 Church. 1891-92 Victorian Moro-Byzantine Revival. The architects of Temple Gemiluth Chassed, which means gift of the righteous, combined Moorish, Byzantine and Romanesque styles to produce a building unique in Mississippi. — Map (db m104343) HM
Mississippi (Clay County), West Point — Chickasaw Burial Ground
Excavated June 1934 by Mississippi Department of Archives and History Dunbar Rowland, LL.D., Director Jordan B. Chambers, Archeologist — Marked 1934 by — Horseshoe Robertson Chapter Daughters of the American . . . — Map (db m107820) HM
Mississippi (Coahoma County), Clarksdale — Dr. Aaron Henry
Born near Clarksdale, Aaron Henry was an American civil rights leader, politician, and head of the Mississippi branch of the NAACP. He was one of the founders of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, which tried to seat their . . . — Map (db m90389) HM
Mississippi (Coahoma County), Clarksdale — 81 — Sam Cooke
Front The golden voice of Sam Cooke thrilled and enchanted millions of listeners on the hit recordings “You Send Me,” “Shake,” “A Change is Gonna Come,” “Chain Gang,” and many more. . . . — Map (db m90050) HM
Mississippi (Coahoma County), Lula — 31 — "Livin' at Lula"
Front The Lula area has been home to legendary Mississippi blues performers Charley Patton, Son House, Frank Frost, and Sam Carr. Patton immortalized Lula in the lyrics of his recordings “Dry Well Blues” (1930) and . . . — Map (db m107619) HM
Mississippi (Harrison County), Biloxi — Biloxi Lighthouse — Historic Biloxi
In 1848, the United States Lighthouse Service erected the South's first cast-iron lighthouse, in Biloxi on a low sandy bluff overlooking the Mississippi Sound. The tower was fabricated by the Murray and Hazelhurst Vulcan Works of Baltimore, . . . — Map (db m102221) HM
Mississippi (Harrison County), Biloxi — Pleasant Reed House
Originally located at 306 Elmer St., the Pleasant Reed House was completed ca. 1887 by prominent African American carpenter and community leader Pleasant Reed. The earliest portion was a one-story, three-room, frame “shotgun" type . . . — Map (db m122360) HM
Mississippi (Harrison County), Gulfport — Mississippi City Courthouse
Constructed in 1893 as part of the Harrison County Circuit Clerk's office, the "Old Courthouse," located here, was a two-story, red brick edifice. It was the last remaining structure associated with a complex of courthouse buildings in Mississippi . . . — Map (db m81011) HM
Mississippi (Harrison County), Long Beach — Hurricane Katrina / Storm Recovery
Hurricane Katrina Considered one of the three most intense hurricanes to hit the United States. On Sunday, August 29, 2005, the Category 3 storm nearly devastated the City of Long Beach. Storm surge exceeded 28 feet. Six lives lost and 60 . . . — Map (db m122391) HM
Mississippi (Harrison County), Pass Christian — The Flag of the United States of America
The Stars and Stripes originated as a result of a resolution offered by the Marine Committee of the Second Continental Congress at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and adopted June 14, 1777. — Map (db m81111) HM
Mississippi (Harrison County), Pass Christian — The Liberty Bell
The bell bears the inscription "Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." — Map (db m81112) HM
Mississippi (Hinds County), Clinton — East Clinton Historic District
Composed largely of residential structures built ca. 1870-1940, this district includes E. College, E. Main, Landrum and New Prospect Streets. Parts of the district were included in the 1829 town plan. Listed in the National Register of Historic . . . — Map (db m115389) HM
Mississippi (Hinds County), Clinton — The Cedars
Built ca. 1835, this Greek Revival house is one of the oldest in Hinds Co. U.S. Grant passed by enroute to Civil War siege of V'burg, 1863. This structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. — Map (db m115290) HM
Mississippi (Itawamba County), Fulton — The Cedars
Also known as the Cates~Gaither House, this one-story Greek Revival~style planters cottage was built in ca. 1859 by ship builder and merchant Pleasant Cates. The heavy framing includes original pegged joints. Named for the cedar trees on the . . . — Map (db m96773) HM
Mississippi (Itawamba County), Fulton — Underground Railroad Bicycle Route
Front The 2,006.5-mile Underground Railroad Bicycle Route (UGRR) was created by the nonprofit organization Adventure Cycling Association. From Mobile, Alabama, to Owen Sound, Ontario, the trail memorializes the Underground Railroad, a . . . — Map (db m102972) HM
Mississippi (Jackson County), Moss Point — Military Service Monument
In tribute to all who have served this country with honor and distinction Memorial Day May 30 1997 Msgr. P. J. Carey Assembly #0561 4th Degree Knights of ColumbusMap (db m81030) WM
Mississippi (Lafayette County), University — Society Of Professional Journalists Historic Site in Journalism — The University of Mississippi
Agence France-Presse journalist Paul Guihard was one of more than 300 journalists who watched the chaos surrounding the admission of James Meredith to the University of Mississippi. He was murdered on campus near the student union around 9 P.M., . . . — Map (db m102889) HM
Mississippi (Leflore County), Greenwood — First United Methodist Church
Built 1898-99, in spite of a yellow fever quarantine which hampered construction. J.H. Mitchell was its first pastor. 1500 people attended the 1899 North Miss. Conference to hear Bishop Warren Candler speak. — Map (db m77186) HM
Mississippi (Panola County), Como — 82 — Otha Turner
Front The African American fife and drum tradition in north Mississippi stretches back to the 1800s and is often noted for its similarities to African music. Its best known exponent, Otha (or Othar) Turner (c. 1908-2003), presided over . . . — Map (db m102872) HM
Mississippi (Panola County), Sardis — Sardis
The home of John W. Kyle, state Supreme Court Justice, and Andrew Johnson, noted architect; Sardis began ca. 1844 as a tiny log school and preaching house. Incorp. in 1866, it became the seat of Panola County in 1871. — Map (db m102672) HM
Mississippi (Rankin County), Brandon — Centenary College — (1841-45)
Original site 2 mi. NW. Methodist College, opened Nov. 1, 1841, with the Rev. T.C. Thornton as president, followed by the Hon. D.O. Shattuck. Removed to Jackson, La. as Centenary College of La., 1845. — Map (db m111009) HM
Mississippi (Sunflower County), Moorhead — 22 — Johnny Russell
Front John Bright “Johnny” Russell (1940-2001) was born and raised in Moorhead and went on to become a star of the Grand Ole Opry and a popular country recording artist, with such hits as “Catfish John” and . . . — Map (db m77168) HM
Mississippi (Tallahatchie County), Sumner — Tallahatchie County Confederate Monument
Front 1861–1865 Our Heroes Rear "For truth dies not and by her light they raise the flag whose starry folds have never trailed; and by the low tents of the deathless deed they left the . . . — Map (db m90268) WM
Mississippi (Tate County), Senatobia — 9 — O.B. McClinton
Front Country music singer and composer O. B. McClinton, born and raised here in Senatobia, found his first musical success as a songwriter for 1960s Memphis soul labels. When Stax-Volt founded the Enterprise imprint for release of his . . . — Map (db m102890) HM
Mississippi (Union County), New Albany — Union County, Mississippi
Union County was established on July, 7, 1870, during the post—Civil War Reconstruction era, from portions of Tippah, Lee, and Ponotoc counties. Governor James L. Alcorn appointed Union County's first officials and set New Albany as the county . . . — Map (db m96777) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg — Alpha Kappa Alpha National Presidents
Both former residents of Vicksburg, B. Beatrix Scott and Ida L. Jackson served as the fifth and eighth national presidents of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 1925-1927 and 1933-1936, respectively. During her presidency, Scott helped establish . . . — Map (db m97074) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg — President McKinley Visits the "Land of Cotton"
When William McKinley, the 25th president of the United States (1897-1901), visited Vicksburg on May 1, 1901, cotton was “king” in Vicksburg and Warren County, as is evidenced by this arch of cotton bales (each weighing about 450 pounds) . . . — Map (db m104143) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg — 32 — Speed Town — Vicksburg Heritage Walking Trail
In 1881 Frederick Speed and Thomas Foster purchased the 210-acre Lonewood Plantation in this area. They divided the land into lots that sold for about $600 each. Both partners wanted to name the newly formed town after the other. The final decision . . . — Map (db m115540) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg — The Vicksburg Garden Clubs and Planters Hall
Vicksburg's first Garden Club was founded by Hester Craig Flowers in 1931 to "further the interest in home flower gardens and general beautification of the city." By 1943, membership had grown to a point that the members were divided into twelve . . . — Map (db m104125) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg — Warren County War Memorial
{Front-South} Lest We Forget Here are recorded the names of Mississippians from Warren County who gave their lives in order that we, trusting in God, shall not fear the power of adversaries. Grant unto them, O . . . — Map (db m109891) WM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Military Park — C.S. Company E, — 1st Mississippi Light Artillery; — Maury's-Forney's Div.; Army of Vicksburg.
Capt. Newit J. Drew; Lieut. W.J. Duncan. The company, under Lieut. W.J. Duncan, served pieces, number, kind and caliber unknown, on the line of Lee's brigade in undetermined positions from May 18 to the end of the defense, July . . . — Map (db m109592) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Military Park — C.S. Hudson's (Mississippi) Battery; — Stevenson's Division; Army of Vicksburg.
Lieut. J.R. Sweaney; Lieut. M.H. Trantham. The battery was engaged in the battle of Port Gibson, May 1, casualties, wounded 20. One section, under Lieut. E. S. Walton, served two 12-pounder howitzers in this position, railroad . . . — Map (db m109595) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Military Park — U.S. Battery H, — 1st Illinois Light Artillery; — 2D Div.: 15th Corps; Army of the Tennessee.
. . . — Map (db m109742) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Military Park — Assault on the Confederate Line of Defense, May 19. — Campaign, Siege, and Defense of Vicksburg; 1863.
The Union Army under command of Maj Gen. U. S. Grant was composed of three divisions of the 13th, the 15th, and the 17th Corps. The Confederate Army, under command of Lieut. Gen. John C. Pemberton, was composed of Stevenson’s, Forney’s, Smith's, and . . . — Map (db m110827) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Military Park — Boomer's Brigade: Assault, May 22, 1863. — Second Position — Union Position Tablet
This brigade moved from its first position, on the left of 
Stevenson's brigade of Logan's division, about 3 p.m., reported
 to Gen. Carr about 4 p.m. and was ordered to assault the Confederate
 curtain between the lunette on the . . . — Map (db m109552) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Military Park — Campaign, Siege and Defense of Vicksburg, 1863. — Operations of the River Batteries, March 29-July 4. — *C*S*
The river batteries, under command of Colonel Edward Higgins, C.S. Artillery, were served by six companies of Tennessee Heavy Artillery on the right, four companies of the 8th Louisiana Heavy Artillery Battalion in the center and eight companies . . . — Map (db m89100) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Military Park — Defending Graveyard Road
You are standing next to Stockade Redan, one of nine large Confederate forts built to guard routes into Vicksburg. The massive outer wall of the redan, made of packed earth faced with logs, originally rose more than 14 feet high. A seven-foot deep . . . — Map (db m115407) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Military Park — Explore the Defenses
In order to guard Vicksburg from Union attack, the Confederates built a ring of forts around the city's north, east, and south sides. You are standing at the northernmost point of those defenses. From here, the tour road travels east then south . . . — Map (db m110173) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Military Park — Iowa 21st Infantry
2D Brig. 14th Div. 13th Corps Casualties Killed 16 wounded 87 missing 10 Total 113 Lieut. Col. Cornelius W. Dunlap killed Lieuts. Samuel Bates and William A. Roberts mortally wounded — Map (db m109924) HM WM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Military Park — Iowa 5th Infantry — 3D Brig. 7th Div. 17th Corps
Assault May 22 1863 (Afternoon position) Casualties Killed 2 wounded 16 total 18 Map (db m110591) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Military Park — Michael K. Lawler
Brig. General U.S. Vols. Commanding 2nd Brigade 14th Division 13th Corps May 2 – July 4, 1863 _____ Capt. 3rd Ill. Inf. June 29, 1846 Hon. Mustered out May 21, 1847 Capt. Ind. Co. Ill. Mtd. Vols. July 19, 1847 . . . — Map (db m110741) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Military Park — Rhode Island 7th Infantry
Col. Zenas R. Bliss 1st Brig.: 2nd Div. 9th Corps. — Map (db m109791) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Military Park — Serving with Honor
Many former bondsmen and free black men enlisted when the United States Colored Troops was formed in 1863. By war's end, over 220,000 black soldiers and sailors had served in Union forces. About 40 percent of the burials at Vicksburg National . . . — Map (db m109473) HM
Mississippi (Warren County), Vicksburg National Military Park — West Virginia 4th Infantry
Assault May 19, 1863 Killed 27 Wounded 110 Total 137 Major Arza M. Goodspeed killed Lt. Findley D. Ong Mortally wounded Map (db m115775) HM
Mississippi (Washington County), Greenville — Charley Patton — King of the Delta Blues
1891 - 1934 b. Heron's Place Hinds Co. d. Heathman-Dedham Plnt. Sunflower Co. Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues. — Map (db m108687) HM
Mississippi (Wayne County), Clara — Wayne County Agricultural High School
Open here from 1911 to 1938 offering education, work, and practical experience to the rural youth of the county. Boasted classrooms, boys' and girls' dorms, dairy herd and barn, and cultivated fields. — Map (db m80376) HM
Mississippi (Yazoo County), Little Yazoo — Tinsley Oil Field
Discovered 5 miles west of here on Sept. 5, 1939, Tinsley was the first oil field east of the Mississippi River in the Gulf Coast region. During first 50 years, 220,000,000 barrels of oil were produced. — Map (db m121105) HM
New Mexico (Union County), Capulin — Building a Cinder Cone
Cinder cones experience a single eruptive period, and then die. Several explosive eruptions created Capulin Volcano, during a period as short as one year or as long as nine or more years. Today Capulin Volcano is extinct. Volcanic ash, . . . — Map (db m89235) HM
North Carolina (Cherokee County), Murphy — Nuya Saligugi — (Cherokee for Stone Turtle)
Carved and left by ancient man in a soapstone quarry near Nottely River, 4 miles west of Murphy. Moved here for protection and study. — Map (db m99009) HM
North Carolina (Swain County), Cherokee — Long Hair Clan
Ani-Gilohi—(Cherokee language translation) People in this clan wore their hair long. They walked with confidence and were often leaders. (Cherokee language translation) CLAN FACTS: Throughout the large . . . — Map (db m73920) HM
North Carolina (Swain County), Great Smoky Mountains National Park — Spared the Saw
Look out across the forested mountains of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The mountains are ancient, but much of the forest is young. Very little is old-growth, or ancient—never cut. But the time the park was established, as much as 80 . . . — Map (db m99067) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Williamsburg — 30 — Charles B. Huber Farm — Clermont County, Ohio Freedom Trail — National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom
{Titles are marker text}Map (db m108587) HM
Ohio (Clermont County), Williamsburg — In Recognition of 200 Years of Freedom and Dedication — Williamsburg, Ohio Bicentennial — 1796-1996
This monument is dedicated to the pioneers who early in the year 1796 braved many dangers and suffered numerous hardships in order to establish the small settlement of Lytlestown, later to be named Williamsburgh, along the banks of the East Fork of . . . — Map (db m108602) HM
Ohio (Meigs County), Portland — The Battle of Buffington Island — July 19, 1863
Dedicated to the Men and Women of the Portland community who braved the atrocities of the Battle of Buffington Island fought in the Portland bottom lands on July 19, 1863, and to the generosity of these people in feeding and caring for the wounded . . . — Map (db m35741) HM
Oklahoma (Kiowa County), Snyder — Quanah Parker, the Last Comanche Chief, / Comancheria
Quanah Parker, the last Comanche Chief, was born in Elk Creek just below the Wichita mountains circa 1850. Quanah, the son of Petah Nocony and Cynthia Ann Parker who was captured by the Comanches, became a fierce warrior and skillfully . . . — Map (db m120069) HM
Pennsylvania (Philadelphia County), Philadelphia — Moyamensing Prison
Opened in 1835, Thomas U. Walter designed it with elements of Egyptian Revival style and following the revolutionary principle of isolated confinement. With later additions, it could house nearly 5000 inmates - African Americans and women in . . . — Map (db m83469) HM
Tennessee (Montgomery County), Clarksville — 3C 73 — Clarence Cameron White
Dr. Clarence Cameron White, born in Clarksville, Tennessee, rose to international prominence as a violinist, composer, educator and conductor. He studied composition with Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and violin with Michael Zacherewitsch. White taught at . . . — Map (db m88867) HM
Tennessee (Montgomery County), Clarksville — Freedmen's Camp and the USCT
Wars generate refugees, and the Civil War was no exception. After Union forces took control of Clarksville and New Providence in early 1863 many escaped slaves and a few uprooted white Unionists came here for protection and assistance. They . . . — Map (db m92026) HM
Tennessee (Robertson County), Coopertown — 3C 4 — Battle Creek Massacre
2 miles S.E., along Battle Creek in Jan. 1780, settlers fleeing from Renfro's Station on Red River about 17 miles away, were caught by Indians and massacred. The sole survivor was a widow named Jones who made her way 4 days later into a Settlements . . . — Map (db m123306) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 4 — Cotton Exchange Building
The Memphis Cotton Exchange, was first organized in 1873 and is still operating today, though cotton trading is now done by computers. In the early 1950s a seat on the Exchange could cost a new member $17,000. Memphis was the largest spot cotton . . . — Map (db m116725) HM
Tennessee (Shelby County), Memphis — 4E 149 — Russwood Park
Originally Red Elm Park, Russwood Park was home to Memphis professional baseball from 1899 to 1960. Primarily home to the Memphis Chicks, a charter member of the Southern Association, Russwood hosted nearly 70% of all players and managers enshrined . . . — Map (db m116293) HM
Texas (Bowie County), Texarkana — 9471 — Central Christian Church
Founded in 1883 with the Rev. J. C. Mason as first pastor, the Central Christian Church congregation built this structure in 1932. Construction was supervised by architect and church member E. C. Seibert (1878-1941), who used carefully placed bricks . . . — Map (db m96569) HM
Texas (Clay County), Henrietta — 1343 — Cambridge — Early County Seat — (Located 3.5 miles to the East)
Founded 1860, but abandoned to marauding Indians, 1863. Settlers returned in 1870 and installed a grist mill. Developers surveyed townsite in 1874; school, church, shops, and hotel were built. Post office was established and Fort Sill-Fort . . . — Map (db m98010) HM
Texas (Cooke County), Oak Ridge — 2097 — Gainesville
Founded 1850. Named for Gen. Edmund P. Gaines, who in 1836 aided Republic of Texas. Military supply headquarters during Civil War. Important in defense against Indian attacks and invasion. Center for agriculture, industry, oil. Home of famed . . . — Map (db m97591) HM
Texas (Eastland County), Eastland — 13618 — First Christian Church
First Christian Church organized in Eastland in 1878 under the Rev. Cyrus Scarborough. There were a number of important Eastland leaders, including city founders, among the church’s early membership. In 1886, the congregation moved from the county . . . — Map (db m105243) HM
Texas (Fannin County), Bonham — 8872 — Fannin County
This area was first settled by Anglo - Americans who traveled up the Red River by steamboat in 1836. Fannin County was created in 1837, organized 1838, and named for James W. Fannin (1805-36), who was massacred with his soldiers at Goliad (March 27, . . . — Map (db m96688) HM
Texas (Gregg County), Longview — A Railroad Boom Town Settles Down — 1870s
  Like the oil boom 60 years later, the railroad boom of the 1870s was a rowdy, colorful period that resulted in lasting improvements. Longview consisted of about 60 hastily built frame buildings near Center and Tyler Streets. Almost half of the . . . — Map (db m89186) HM
Texas (Gregg County), Longview — First Came the Railroad — 1870
The original site of Longview lay on the western outskirts of Earpville, a pioneer Upshur County community along the old Marshall-Tyle Road (today known as U.S. Highway 80). Founded around 1850 by James Earp, (pronounced "Arpville") consisted of . . . — Map (db m89150) HM
Texas (Hardeman County), Quanah — Quanah Parker Trail Arrow — Texas Plains Trail Region
The legendary Quanah Parker, railway icon and town namesake, blessed Town of Quanah in 1890 Arrow sculptor: Charles A. Smith — Map (db m96823) HM
Texas (Hopkins County), Sulphur Springs — 7333 — Sulphur Springs Volunteer Fire Department and Fire Bell of 1889
Volunteer fire fighters, organized soon after Sulphur Springs was incorporated (1870), used a "bucket brigade" and hand-drawn equipment to control blazes before the city purchased a steam fire engine in 1888. To summon firemen, this 500-pound brass . . . — Map (db m119752) HM
Texas (Lamar County), Paris — 17903 — Paris Cotton Compress
In the early 1880s, cotton began to dominate Texas agriculture as a principal cash crop, with over two million cultivated acres producing 800,000 bales of cotton per year. With the 1876 arrival of the first railroad line to Paris, local businessmen . . . — Map (db m96687) HM
Texas (Lamar County), Paris — 8216 — The Paris Fire, 1916
Although Paris was founded in the mid-1840s, many of its historic structures were lost in a fire that destroyed almost half the town in 1916. The blaze started about five o'clock on the afternoon of March 21, 1916, at the S. J. Long Warehouse near . . . — Map (db m97609) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 8019 — Brown Building
Old home of Jefferson "Jimplecute" and other newspapers, and the Chesterfield Social Club. Now Brown Building. Recorded Texas Historic LandmarkMap (db m119833) HM
Texas (Marion County), Jefferson — 13696 — Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
This parish began in 1863 when Father Jean Marie Giraud held mass for Catholic residents of Jefferson. Immaculate Conception grew as a church and by 1867, members completed the first building. In 1869, the church opened a school and the next year . . . — Map (db m119834) HM
Texas (Montague County), Saint Jo — 5133 — Stonewall Saloon
Built 1873 as saloon and trail drivers rest stop. After county prohibition, 1897, housed offices and bank. Named after Gen. "Stonewall" Jackson. Town's first permanent building, originally of native stone. Stuccoed in 1930's; wooden facade added in . . . — Map (db m96756) HM
Texas (Panola County), Carthage — 13056 — International Boundary Marker
In the early 1700s, France and Spain began disputing their New World international boundary that included this area; each nation claimed what is now Texas. When the U.S. purchased the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803, the boundary was still . . . — Map (db m105262) HM
Texas (Scurry County), Snyder — 4897 — Site of The MacKenzie Trail
  Following the Civil War, the Texas frontier pushed westward, giving rise to renewed hostilities as the white man once again invaded Indian lands.   Foremost in the campaign to calm the frontier was Col. Ranald S. MacKenzie, who blazed . . . — Map (db m88835) HM
Texas (Wilbarger County), Vernon — Napoleon 12 Pounder Bronze Field Gun Model 1857
Napoleon 12 Pounder Bronze Field Gun Model 1857 Bore: 4.62 ". Tube Weight: 1225 lbs. Tube Length: 66" . Maximum Range: 1660 Yards Ordnance Inspector: T.J.R. 1863 (Thomas Jackson Rodman, Union Officer) U.S. Stamped (Tested and . . . — Map (db m97992) HM WM
Texas (Wilbarger County), Vernon — The Great Western Trail
The largest, longest, and lasting the most years, is often called by its Hollywood famous cousin's name, the Chishom Trail. The two trails ran parallel to each other approximately 90 miles apart. The Chisholm Trail did not run through . . . — Map (db m98009) HM
West Virginia (Monroe County), Union — Civil War Monument
On Aug. 21, 1901 this 20 ft. monument with 6 ft. statue depicting typical Confederate soldier was dedicated to the Monroe County men who served the lost cause. Hinton Marble Works produced the Italian marble statue, standing on granite pedestal, . . . — Map (db m76649) HM WM

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