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By Keith L, September 2, 2007
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Iowa (Clayton County), Marquette — Old Military Trail
This rock marks the beginning of the Old Military Trail first used in the summer of 1840 by troops from Fort Crawford in Wisconsin when building Fort Atkinson in Iowa. It served as a highway for the movement of troops and supplies from Fort Crawford . . . — Map (db m44190) HM
Iowa (Clayton County), McGregor — McGregor / Ringling Brothers
McGregor "Royal is my race," was the motto of Clan MacGregor of which McGregor's founder, Alexander MacGregor, was a descendant. It was 1837 when Alexander began a ferry boat operation on "MacGregor's Landing" that became a thriving town of . . . — Map (db m44758) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — Bridging the Mississippi
The Mississippi River was an obstacle to overland travelers attempting to cross to the other side. From1855 to 1884 a flat bottomed cable ferry was maintained between Anoka and Champlin. For a time two ferry companies operated at this . . . — Map (db m70875) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — Highway of Exploration
The Rum and the Mississippi were highways for the earliest recorded European explorers of Minnesota. Many explorers traveled past The Point and some may have camped here including Radission, Hennepin, Du Luth, Pike, Faribault and Nicollet. . . . — Map (db m70569) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — Logbooms Meet Sawmills
The white pine forests fell to the logger's ax in the northern Rum River pineries, "Seventy mills in seventy years could not exhaust the white pine I have seen on the Rum River" predicted Daniel Stanchfield, a lumber-wise timber cruiser . . . — Map (db m70937) HM
Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — Arbeiter Hall1873 — Historic Downtown New Ulm
The town gained a new venue for public events in 1873 with the opening of Arbeiter Hall. The local Arbeiterverein, or Workers' Association, organized in 1871, primarily as a workers' insurance association. The two-story brick building had a . . . — Map (db m67093) HM
Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — City Meat Market1927 — Historic Downtown New Ulm
Rosa Schnobrich opened the City Meat Market in 1907 with the advertising slogan, "Better Meats, Cleaner Meats, and Quicker Service." Her sausages, in particular, proved popular, and soon her shop began supplying a network of wholesale dealers . . . — Map (db m68267) HM
Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — Erd Building1861 — Historic Downtown New Ulm
Frank Erd and his wife, Louise, came to New Ulm from Cincinnati. Frank, whose father was an architect, erected a substantial store, one of the few brick buildings in the city. The Brown County supervisors kept their offices in Erd's building, . . . — Map (db m66897) HM
Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — Guardians of the Past
By the end of the fighting in New Ulm, the U.S.—Dakota War of 1862 had taken a heavy toll on the town. More than 50 settlers had been killed and 36 wounded, along with an unknown number of Dakota. In addition, at least 190 of the . . . — Map (db m74136) HM
Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — Roebbecke Mill
On this site in 1859 Frederick Roebbecke built a seventy foot high wooden windmill for grinding corn and grain. Situated on a prominent ridge, it commanded an excellent view of the scattered settlement. Barricaded with sacks of flour and grain, the . . . — Map (db m65400) HM
Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — The Wallachei
This neighborhood dates back to the early days of New Ulm. Oral history suggests the borders shown above. The origin of the name “The Wallachei” is obscure. The most likely translation is “low land horse pasture.” Or, legend . . . — Map (db m65396) HM
Minnesota (Chisago County), Taylors Falls — Taylors Falls United Methodist Church
This is the oldest Methodist Church building in continuous use in Minnesota. Methodist circuit riders of the Sunrise Mission served the Taylors Falls area 1852-59. On March 27, 1859, the Rev. Sias Bolles organized the Taylors Falls Methodist . . . — Map (db m44571) HM
Minnesota (Dakota County), Hastings — American Legion Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to Those Who Have Made the Ultimate Sacrifice for Their Country World War I United States Army Pvt Lucking George J Pvt Nelson William G E 1Lt Russell Thomas Lyle World War II United States . . . — Map (db m78480) WM
Minnesota (Dakota County), South Saint Paul — Kaposia Village
Here on the Mendota Trail from 1839 to 1852 stood the Sioux village of the Little Crow family. An attempted Chippewa attack in 1842 precipitated the Battle of Kaposia across the river. After the Treaty of Mendota in 1851 the band moved up the . . . — Map (db m31186) HM
Minnesota (Goodhue County), Cannon Falls — 1888 Cannon Falls Fire Hall
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m46837) HM
Minnesota (Goodhue County), Frontenac — Wakondiota Park
In the 1857 town plat of Frontenac (then called Westervelt), Wakondiota Park was designated as two blocks long, one block wide, and located at what is now the Christ Episcopal Church site. When the town was renamed in 1859, the park was moved one . . . — Map (db m47877) HM
Minnesota (Goodhue County), Red Wing — Geology of MinnesotaRed Wing Region
     During the great ice ages the landscape of Minnesota was profoundly altered by continental glaciers in four major epochs of glaciation. In this area, as elsewhere, the closing stage of each epoch was characterized by the release of floods of . . . — Map (db m45869) HM
Minnesota (Goodhue County), Red Wing — The Sea Wing Disaster / Victims of the Sea Wing Disaster
On July 13, 1890 the steamer Sea Wing, heavily loaded with 215 passengers and crew, left the steamboat landing here for a Sunday excursion down the Mississippi River to Lake City. The Sea Wing, based in Diamond Bluff, Wisconsin, . . . — Map (db m49445) HM
Minnesota (Goodhue County), Zumbrota — First Congregational Church
[cross] This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior In memory of Laura Schlasner — Map (db m49215) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Bloomington — Bloomington Town Hall
The Bloomington Town Hall was built twenty feet from this site in 1892 on land given to the Township by the Baillif family. The building was moved to the current location in the 1930's in the first of a number of remodelings the building has . . . — Map (db m15357) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Edina — Minnehaha Grange Hall
[west side] Minnehaha Grange No. 398 was organized on December 12, 1873. Its members came from Edina Mills, Richfield Mills, St. Louis Park and the surrounding area. At first, the Grange met in the homes of its members. Then in . . . — Map (db m55450) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Minneapolis — Changing the Shape of the Falls — Saint Anthony Falls Heritage Trail
When Europeans first saw the falls, the crest was well below Hennepin Island. Natural erosion caused the line of the falls to move steadily upriver at about four feet a year. By the 1850s, the cataract was approaching the upper limit of the . . . — Map (db m28025) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Minneapolis — Eliza Winston — Saint Anthony Falls Heritage Trail
By 1860 St. Anthony had become a favorite summer resort for wealthy southerners who traveled on steamboats up the Mississippi. Often they and their black slaves stayed at the Winslow House. One such slave was Eliza Winston. Slavery was illegal in . . . — Map (db m42714) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Minneapolis — Joseph N. Nicollet — Saint Anthony Falls Heritage Trail
Nicollet Island bears the name of a French scholar and scientist who explored the headwaters of the Mississippi for the US government in 1836. Accompanied by some Ojibway friends and two hired voyageurs, Joseph Nicollet camped by the falls for . . . — Map (db m38455) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Minneapolis — The Ard Godfrey House
Built in 1848, the Ard Godfrey House is the earliest frame house still standing in Minneapolis. An example of Greek Revival architecture, it originally occupied a site in the vicinity of Main and Second Streets Southeast. Ard Godfrey, a . . . — Map (db m37774) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Mound — 9/11 Memorial
Dedicated to the victims who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 "Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America." . . . — Map (db m59394) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Richfield — Colonel Josiah Snelling1782 – 1828 — Soldier · Pioneer · Builder
An Appreciation He served with distinction in the Indian wars of the old northwest border and in the War of 1812. In August, 1820, he assumed command of the Fifth United States Infantry at Camp Coldwater on the site of Fort Snelling. Selecting . . . — Map (db m17240) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Richfield — Fort Snelling 1861–1946
This historical ground was a pivotal place in the development of the Northwest. With the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, Fort Snelling expanded its limestone walls into this area, formerly a part of the U.S. Indian Agency and the location of the . . . — Map (db m42180) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Saint Paul — Wokiksuye K'a WoyuonihanRemembering and Honoring
This memorial honors the sixteen hundred Dakota people, many of them women and children, who were imprisoned here at Fort Snelling in the aftermath of the 1862 U.S.-Dakota Conflict. Frightened, uprooted, and uncertain of the fate of their missing . . . — Map (db m50817) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), Atwater — Diamond Lake Community Park
   When Daniel Delaney and a man named McLeod camped on the shores of the lake in 1855, they became the first white men of record to visit the area. John Masters, a land developer who came in 1856, gave the body of water its name.    Diamond . . . — Map (db m76925) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), Lake Lillian — Tromso Norsk Evangeliske Kirken(Tromso Norwegian Evangelical Church)
  On August 16, 1885 thirty people met at the home of Erik and Anette Larsen located in Section 26 of Fahlun Township and under the direction of Rev. A.N. Kleven, a new Lutheran congregation was organized by the name of "Tromso Lutheran Church," . . . — Map (db m78263) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), New London — This Historical Inclosure
This historical inclosure and all of its adornments constitute a memorial to Victor E. Lawson (1871–1960) the pioneer historian of Kandiyohi County. It has been provided by the Tribune Printing Company, Inc. publishers of the West Central . . . — Map (db m79397) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), Sunburg — The Old Log Church1868
Until 1868 the rapidly growing Norway Lake settlement had no regular place of worship. In the fall of that year a church of logs was hastily constructed. It would serve as the Norway Lake church until 1875 with Rev. L.J. Markhus as the pastor. . . . — Map (db m78357) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), Willmar — 37 — C.C.C. Worker1933 - 1942
. . . — Map (db m79461) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), Willmar — Whitefield Town Site
In the fall of 1856, a party of land speculators, organized by Edwin Whitefield, projected a town site on the west shore of Lake Wakanda. As a real estate agent and artist, Whitefield did much to impress the merits of the Minnesota frontier upon . . . — Map (db m79336) HM
Minnesota (Meeker County), Forest City — Forest City War Memorial
In Grateful Memory of Those Who Served in World War II • 1st Lt. Donald I. Booth Born Dec. 8, 1921 Died June 5, 1944 • P.F.C. Robert Caswell Born Mar. 13, 1925 Died July 23, 1944 • S/Sgt. Edward O. Johnson Born Nov. . . . — Map (db m78680) WM
Minnesota (Meeker County), Greenleaf — St. Columban CemeteryGreenleaf Township
         This monument marks the site of St. Columban Church and Cemetery. Beginning in 1858, mass and sacraments were celebrated in the homes of the early settlers by Benedictine Monks from St. Cloud friory, who came periodically on horseback. . . . — Map (db m70775) HM
Minnesota (Meeker County), Grove City — 12 — Acton State Monument
This marks the spot where the first blood was shed in the Sioux Indian Outbreak Aug. 17, 1862 Victims: Robinson Jones • Ann Baker-Jones • Howard Baker • Viranus Webster • Clara D. Wilson Bodies of these Victims are buried in Ness . . . — Map (db m70373) HM WM
Minnesota (Meeker County), Litchfield — 3 — Ness Cemetery State Monument
First Blood In memory of the first five victims of the great Indian massacre of August 1862, and buried here in one grave Robinson Jones • Viranus Webster • Howard Baker • Ann Baker • Clara D. Wilson Erected by the State in 1878 . . . — Map (db m70407) HM WM
Minnesota (Mower County), Austin — The Paramount Theatre
. . . — Map (db m16839) HM
Minnesota (Mower County), Austin — William Baudler
This land and the surrounding land was settled by William Baudler on May 8, 1855 — Map (db m16874) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Fairfax — A Minority in Their Homeland / U.S.-Dakota Conflict
A Minority in Their Homeland For generations, the land stretching out around you was the homeland of the Dakota Indians. Through treaties in 1851, the Dakota sold all of their land in southern Minnesota. The treaties disregarded Dakota . . . — Map (db m71126) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Fairfax — 16 — Chief Mou-Zoo-Mau-Nee State Monument
Erected by the State of Minnesota in recognition of, and to commemorate the loyal and efficient services rendered to the State by Chief Mou-Zoo-Mau-Nee and the Chippewa Indians during the Sioux out-break and the civil war. — Map (db m70730) WM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Fairfax — Five Days and Nights on the River
Elden Lawrence writes about a daring rescue led by his great-grandfather, Lorenzo Lawrence: The Dakota were divided about whether to go to war with the whites. After attempts to avert the fighting proved futile, many Dakota decided to . . . — Map (db m72934) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Fairfax — 8 — Fort Ridgely State Monument
In memory of the fallen; in recognition of the living; and for the emulation of future generations.     Erected A.D. 1896, by the State of Minnesota, to preserve the site of Fort Ridgely, a United States military post established in . . . — Map (db m70741) HM WM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Fairfax — Powder Magazines
This original log powder magazine, and another one similar to it, stood across the road in front of you when Fort Ridgely was an active military post. These buildings were used for storing ammunition and unused weapons. During the 1862 battles, a . . . — Map (db m71726) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), St. Peter — A River Crossroad
For centuries animals and people used the solid footing and shallow water at Traverse des Sioux as a natural river crossing. In time the crossing became a place for people to meet and trade goods. European fur traders were quick to see the . . . — Map (db m73945) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), St. Peter — Ministering to the Dakota
The Reverend Stephen Riggs and his wife, Mary, arrived at Traverse des Sioux in 1843 to establish a Protestant mission for the Dakota. He and other missionaries believed they had a duty to convert Indians to Christianity. Their efforts . . . — Map (db m78112) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), St. Peter — Old Traverse Cemetery
March, 1856 – Traverse des Sioux and St. Peter organized a cemetery Assoc. purchasing 10 acres. Early Missionaries, pioneer, and Civil War Veterans are buried here. Rev. T. C. Williamson, first Missionary in this area and Rev. Stephen . . . — Map (db m66414) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), St. Peter — The Rush for Land
The signing of the 1851 treaty was the signal for settlers and speculators to rush into the new territory. Here, between 1852 and 1855, several town sites were laid out for sale. The first outfit to offer land was the Traverse des Sioux . . . — Map (db m75224) HM
Minnesota (Pine County), Hinckley — 9 — The Great Hinckley Fire
This Monument is erected by The State of Minnesota under an Act of the Legislature Approved April 7th, A. D. 1899 To the Memory of Four Hundred and Eighteen Men Women and Children who perished in the Great Hinckley Forest Fire of September First A. . . . — Map (db m2802) HM
Minnesota (Ramsey County), Saint Paul — The New York Life Eagle
In 1890, architect Stanford White gave the commission for The New York Life Eagle to Augustus Saint-Gaudens on behalf of The New York Life Insurance Company. Augustus sketched its conceptual form and the sculpture was carved in marble by his brother . . . — Map (db m41946) HM
Minnesota (Redwood County), Belview — Boiling Spring
Historic Boiling Spring, 250 yards northwest, was long an Indian camping place and later a watering spot on the Fort Snelling–Dakota Road built in the 1850's. The road turned here to pass the spring, then called Big Spring. Settlers renamed it . . . — Map (db m69605) HM
Minnesota (Redwood County), Morton — Lower Sioux Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to All Lower Sioux Veterans Raymond Coursolle Norman Dow Louis Hemminger George Wabasha — Map (db m70124) WM
Minnesota (Redwood County), Morton — Mdewakanton Ehdakupi Wanagi MakoceMdewakanton Repatriation Burial Site
  De oyanke ed Mdwakanton Dakota wicantancan ehdakupi kin hena wicaliapi.   Hena 1862 U.S. - Dakota okicize iyohakab tamakoce etan wicakaliapi.   Dena oyate wicatancan ehdakupi he, he Dakota tona waniyetu ota, Minisota Makobaspe . . . — Map (db m70158) HM
Minnesota (Redwood County), North Redwood Falls — Richard Sears Memorial Park
Richard Warren Sears a 22-year-old Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway agent, first sold a shipment of watches from North Redwood in 1886. His mail-order enterprises eventually grew into Sears, Roebuck and Co., the nation's largest retailer and now a . . . — Map (db m70526) HM
Minnesota (Renville County), Delhi — Vicksburg CemeteryThe Historic Village of Vicksburg
* Vicksburg was approximately in existence from 1869 until 1878. The small village was located close to the Minnesota River (10 miles south of Renville in Flora Township or a half mile south of this sign). Within the town was a a general store, . . . — Map (db m68969) HM
Minnesota (Renville County), Morton — Surrounded at the Coulee
This monument was dedicated in 1894 as a testament to U.S. soldiers and civilians who fought and died in the Battle of Birch Coulee. The U.S.–Dakota Conflict of 1862 started when Dakota Indians, frustrated over broken treaty . . . — Map (db m70848) HM
Minnesota (Renville County), Sacred Heart — A Family's Proud HeritageThe Enestvedt Seed Corn Company
This land was first tilled in 1867 by Ole Enestvedt and a pair of oxen with a single bottom plow. The early years were hard, back-breaking years as homesteading usually was. In 1900, Ole and Anna's youngest son, Engebret started the . . . — Map (db m71275) HM
Minnesota (Rice County), Northfield — Sesquicentennial Legacy Plaza2008
This Sesquicentennial Legacy Plaza, with the sculpture "Harvest" as its centerpiece, commemorates with an enduring presence Northfield's sesquicentennial year 2005. In 1855, John Wesley North founded the town of Northfield and built a dam and . . . — Map (db m55167) HM
Minnesota (Sibley County), Henderson — The U.S.–Dakota War of 1862
The Minnesota River Valley was ripe for conflict in 1862. Tensions between the Dakota people and the U.S. government had long been brewing over broken treaty promises and dramatic changes to Dakota traditional lifestyles. Focused on . . . — Map (db m73545) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Duluth — Duluth–Superior Harbor
Duluth-Superior harbor is the westernmost terminus of the St. Lawrence Seaway and the world's most inland seaport. Harbor commerce began when Daniel Greysolon Sieur Du Luht portaged across Minnesota Point in 1679 where the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge . . . — Map (db m4827) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Duluth — Enger Observation Tower
To the memory of Bert J. Enger 1864 – 1931 Native of Norway Citizen of Duluth From Common Laborer to Merchant Prince, he demonstrated in his own life that America is a land of opportunity for the immigrant, and that her . . . — Map (db m4807) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Duluth — Jay Cooke
Perhaps no individual in the history of Duluth had such a dramatic influence on the port's infant development than Jay Cooke, a Philadelphia financier. Cooke's reign at the Head-of-the-Lakes was brief, but all-encompassing for commercial . . . — Map (db m6379) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Duluth — Lewis G. Castle
Honoring Lewis G. Castle in recognition of his part as a volunteer leader in gaining the seaway and as the administer of the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation. The seaway, completed in 1959, represented decades of dreams, . . . — Map (db m2910) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Eveleth — John Mariucci
A tribute to John Mariucci ATHLETE–COACH–LEADER Who through the force of his unique personality and determination, laid the foundation for the great U. S. Olympic hockey championships. His belief in the . . . — Map (db m2872) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Hibbing — Marion 1150 Dragline Bucket
In the 1950's the Pierce, South Agnew and Morton mines utilized a Marion 1150 Dragline to strip off the glacial till from above the iron ore body. This stripping bucket was on that Hanna Mining Company dragline. Several of the mining companies took . . . — Map (db m8009) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Lake City — A Very Old Fish Story — Great River Road Minnesota
Ten thousand years ago, as the Ice Age was drawing to a close, Wisconsin's fast-flowing Chippewa River carried vast quantities of sand. But where the Chippewa entered the Mississippi, ten miles downstream from here, its current slowed and the . . . — Map (db m52074) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Lake City — WB-LKC-093 — Historic Lake Pepin: Birthplace of Waterskiing
"I decided that if you could ski on snow, you could ski on water." In 1922, after first trying barrel staves, then snow skis, eighteen year old Ralph W. Samuelson succeeded in waterskiing on eight foot long pine boards, steamed in boiling water to . . . — Map (db m45308) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Lake City — The Sea Wing Disaster
On July 13, 1890, the steamer "Sea Wing", with covered barge alongside, and 215 passengers aboard was returning from a Sunday excursion down the Mississippi River to Lake City. At 8 p.m., Captain D.N. Wethern had guided the steamer 5 miles up Lake . . . — Map (db m45462) HM
Minnesota (Washington County), Marine on St. Croix — Minnesota's First Commercial Sawmill
Sawmilling began here on August 24, 1839, when the Marine Lumber Company cut its first pine log. In the autumn of 1838 two lumbermen from Marine, Illinois, David Hone and Lewis Judd, arrived in the St. Croix River valley, attracted by it's . . . — Map (db m51703) HM
Minnesota (Washington County), Marine on St. Croix — The Marine Township Hall
The Marine Township Hall was constructed in 1872 as a meeting hall and jail. The building was erected on property donated by Orange Walker. Its construction was financed by Morgan May who took the town's bonds for the necessary $2,000. Members of . . . — Map (db m45939) HM
Minnesota (Washington County), Stillwater — Site of the Stillwater High School
This was the site of the Stillwater High School from 1887 - 1994. The Stillwater Veterans Memorial was built on this historic site and dedicated on Memorial Day 2004. The plaques on the Wall of Honor spire list the names of veterans who . . . — Map (db m72045) HM
Minnesota (Washington County), Stillwater — The Warden's House
In 1849, the Governor of the new Territory of Minnesota, Alexander Ramsey, urged the Territorial Legislature to provide for a "proper and safe place of confinement" for prisoners of the territory. Because of Ramsey's request, the Legislature . . . — Map (db m43747) HM
Minnesota (Winona County), Winona — Stephen Taylor1757 – 1857 — In Memory Of
A courageous soldier and member of Ethan Allen’s immortal band of 83, who took part in the surprise attack on the British garrison at Fort Ticonderoga, and the only Revolutionary soldier known to be buried in the State of Minnesota. . . . — Map (db m56101) HM
Minnesota (Wright County), Hanover — Historic 1885 Hanover Bridge
This property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m74670) HM
South Dakota (Pennington County), Keystone — Peter Norbeck
Norbeck Wildlife Preserve Created by Act of Congress, 1949 Peter Norbeck 1870 – 1936 Well driller, Statesman, first native Governor of South Dakota, U.S. Senator, founder of Custer State Park, sponsor of Mount Rushmore . . . — Map (db m4395) HM
Wisconsin (Brown County), Green Bay — Vincent T. (Vince) LombardiHead Coach/G.M. 1959-67; General Manager 1968
Vince Lombardi directed the Green Bay Packers to five NFL championships in seven years (1961-62, 1965-66-67) – a feat without parallel in pro football history. His 1966 and '67 teams also won the first two Super Bowls. Lombardi forged an . . . — Map (db m77461) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Boyd — 36 — Edson Union Cemetery
Edson Union Cemetery was dedicated in 1887 by Maria and Edson Chubb, as a memorial to their only child Joseph. Buried here are Civil War veterans, victims of the 1880 diphtheria epidemic, and soldiers of the Spanish and American War. Edson . . . — Map (db m42597) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Chippewa Falls — 49 — Bear Den Road Bridge
The Bear Den Road Bridge was an example of a Pratt bridge construction, which was a design used in Wisconsin from 1895-1910. The Milwaukee Bridge and Iron Company fabricated the bridge, and it was moved to this site in 1940. The original site and . . . — Map (db m43065) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Chippewa Falls — 37 — Oldest Commercial Building in Chippewa Falls
The building to your right is the oldest commercial building in Chippewa Falls. It was built (Circa 1859) by Peter Morie (Morey) and was used originally as a Saloon and Boarding House for lumberjacks and others. In 1861 at the start of the Civil . . . — Map (db m55299) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Chippewa Falls — Ronald P. Anders1943 to 1973
He gave his life to the Jaycees and to his community, in the belief that service to humanity is the best work of life. We shall not forget... Ronald P. Anders Memorial Pure Water Fountain was constructed by the Chippewa Falls Jaycees and . . . — Map (db m41525) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Chippewa Falls — 9 — The Marsh Rainbow Arch Bridge
The City of Chippewa Falls was organized around two moving bodies of water, the Chippewa River and its tributary Duncan Creek. Bridges soon became necessary with rapid expansion of the transportation system in the late 19th and early . . . — Map (db m38806) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Eagleton — 8 — Stanley's Mill
This is the former site of a dam, a grindstone and an electrical power plant, locally known as "Stanley's Mill." It was also used as a log sluiceway and popular recreation area. First used on December 26, 1877, the electrical plant furnished power . . . — Map (db m48998) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Lake Hallie — G. A. R. Monument
G. A. R. In Memory of Our Heroes From '61 to '65 Erected by the W. R. C. No. 113. — Map (db m62219) WM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Dorchester — Dorchester Veterans Memorial
. . . — Map (db m47677) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Loyal — Loyal Veterans Memorial
All Gave Some Some Gave All This memorial is dedicated to our Loyal area veterans of the past and present for their bravery, service, and sacrifice in times of peace and war while protecting the principles of our United States of America. . . . — Map (db m49534) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — Neillsville Post Office
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Neillsville Post Office 1937 Henry Morgenthau Jr Secretary of the Treasury . . . — Map (db m47630) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Stanley — The Worden Church of the Brethren
Site of The Worden Church of the Brethren Erected in 1904 Destroyed by tornado in 1958 Dedicated Sept. 28, 1975 by members and friends — Map (db m22324) HM
Wisconsin (Columbia County), Merrimac — 187 — The Merrimac Ferry
Merrimac’s first permanent settler, Chester Mattson, obtained a territorial charter in 1848 to provide ferry service across the Wisconsin River. The State Legislature of 1851 authorized a road, subsequently to become State Trunk Highway 113, to . . . — Map (db m1932) HM
Wisconsin (Columbia County), Pardeeville — 423 — Historic Pardeeville / Belmont Hotel
Historic Pardeeville In 1848, New York native and Milwaukee merchant, John S. Pardee hired agents to oversee his Fox River land holdings and to establish business operations from this location. Yates Ashley, the most notable of Pardee's . . . — Map (db m22896) HM
Wisconsin (Columbia County), Portage — Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet
This tablet marks the place near which Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet entered the Wisconsin River June 14, 1673 Erected by Wau-Bun Chapter D. A. R. 1905 — Map (db m2342) HM
Wisconsin (Columbia County), Poynette — 178 — The Circus
Wisconsin has a unique heritage as the birthplace of circuses. More than a hundred had their beginnings in Wisconsin, with Delavan providing winter-quarters for twenty-six between 1847 and 1894. New York brothers Edmund and Jeremiah Mabie brought . . . — Map (db m41793) HM
Wisconsin (Columbia County), Rio — Samuel & Chloe Leonard Doud1793 – 1860 · 1791 – 1874
In memory of Samuel & Chloe Leonard Doud 1793 – 1860 · 1791 – 1874 Donors of Ohio Cemetery First burial their grandson Winfield Doud 1848 – 1955 – — Map (db m25656) HM
Wisconsin (Columbia County), Wyocena — Dickason Park / Toppe FieldMajor Dickason / Erhardt Toppe
Major Dickason Major Elbert Dickason founded Wyocena in 1843. He platted and named the village in 1846. He was instrumental in Wyocena being temporarily named the county seat. He died in 1848 and is buried in the Wyocena Cemetery. Erhardt . . . — Map (db m37115) HM
Wisconsin (Crawford County), Gays Mills — Cliff Swallows(Petrochelidon pyrrhonota)
In the spring of 2003, after the old bridge on Hwy 171 over the Kickapoo River was replaced with this new one, Cliff Swallows started breeding under the concrete structure. Cliff Swallows are one of 6 species of swallows breeding in Wisconsin. . . . — Map (db m40391) HM
Wisconsin (Crawford County), Gays Mills — Gays Mills Sesquicentennial1848 – 1998
In the year 1847 James B. Gay, a civil engineer and native of Indiana, journeyed to the unsettled Kickapoo Valley. Here he was impressed by acres of untouched forest which covered the hills and valleys. Finding a good rock bottom in the river and . . . — Map (db m40057) HM
Wisconsin (Crawford County), Prairie du Chien — Prairie du Chien Veterans Memorial
Prairie du Chien Veterans Memorial [emblems of the military service branches]Map (db m53014) HM
Wisconsin (Crawford County), Rising Sun — 10 CVP — Black Hawk Trail
700 Sac Indians July 31, 1200 Soldiers Aug. 1, 1832 followed this ridge west into Vernon County over this ground. _____________________ Two human skeletons were found at a spring west of Wilder's Hotel, Rising Sun in 1852. . . . — Map (db m32003) HM
Wisconsin (Door County), Fish Creek — Eagle Bluff LighthousePeninsula's Maritime Heritage
Sailing vessels used two channels when navigating this part of Green Bay. The first was the western passage on the far side of Chambers Island. The second lies before you: the treacherous passage between the shore and the Strawberry Islands. . . . — Map (db m75285) HM
Wisconsin (Door County), Fish Creek — Life on the LedgeThe Niagara Escarpment
Welcome to Peninsula State Park, a diverse and dramatic place. Two features dominate this landscape: rock and water. At Peninsula, rocky bluffs ascend over 150 feet. They are part of the Niagara Escarpment, a 650-mile geologic formation. This . . . — Map (db m79261) HM
Wisconsin (Douglas County), Poplar — 64 — Major "Dick" Bong"America's Ace of Aces"
It was here that Major Richard I. Bong was born, received his education, and grew to manhood. After attending Superior State College where he received his first pilot training, he joined the U.S. Army Air Corps on May 29, 1941. Assigned to the New . . . — Map (db m72259) HM
Wisconsin (Douglas County), Poplar — Major Richard Ira Bong1920 – 1945
This Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter, through the efforts of General George C. Kenney, was donated by the United States Air Force in memory of Major Richard I. Bong. Major Bong a native of Poplar, was credited with destroying 40 Japanese aircraft in . . . — Map (db m43433) HM
Wisconsin (Dunn County), Menomonie — 199 — Chippewa Valley White Pine
Here and northeast of here lies the vast Chippewa Valley. At the start of lumbering in Wisconsin it held one-sixth of the nation’s white pine. Surveyors estimated the total pine stand in the state at 136 billion board feet of prime lumber. Lumbermen . . . — Map (db m2059) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — Carson Park Baseball Stadium — City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission
Historic Building The Carson Park Baseball Stadium is a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project constructed in 1936-37. The stadium was built at a cost of $60,000. The sandstone used for the stadium was quarried at . . . — Map (db m45571) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — 2 — Daniel Shaw Lumber Company
"I had no idea there was so much business done here. In just one mill where Charley is at work, they saw one hundred thousand feet a day. It keeps Charley pretty busy. He don't get any time to rest except Sunday."       From the letters . . . — Map (db m76025) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — Demmler House — City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission
Historic Building Otto and Lina Demmler built this in 1887. Otto, a German immigrant started a floral business in 1885 with his brother Edmund and built six greenhouses for the business, which were located south of the house. Otto died in 1927 . . . — Map (db m76106) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — 15 — Luther Midelfort: A History of Caring
Its doors are open to every sufferer, with no shadow of restriction as to the color of their skin or of their money, or the shade of their religious belief."                                        Dr. Hans Christian Midelfart . . . — Map (db m75336) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — Old Abe of Co. C8th Wis. Regt.
In the spring of 1861, an eaglet was found in a tree on the Flambeau River by Sky Chief, a Flambeau Indian who later sold him to Mrs. Dan McCann of Jim Falls for a sack of corn. In August, 1861, Dan McCann tried to sell the bird to a Civil War . . . — Map (db m43484) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — Orlando Brice House — City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission
Historic Building Built in 1918, this house is the most significant example of Georgian Revival architecture in Eau Claire. Orlando Brice was the treasurer and manager of the Wisconsin Refrigerator Company. Designated District February . . . — Map (db m75728) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — 7 — Owen's Gift to the City
  John S. and Mary Owen's gift of land for a city park in 1913-14 came as Eau Claire's reputation as a "sawdust city" was already fading into memory. The Owen's came to Wisconsin in 1873 seeking opportunities in lumbering. John was hired as a . . . — Map (db m74531) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — Roy Wilcox House — City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission
Historic Building Built in 1915-1916, this residence combines elements of Prairie School and Georgian Revival architecture. Roy Wilcox practiced law in Eau Claire from 1897-1946. He was elected state senator in 1917. Designated District . . . — Map (db m75674) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — 5 — Water StreetGrowing Up Along the River
   As a frontier town, Eau Claire relied on the river to transport people and products. The Water Street Business District grew up convenient to the steamboat landing, where twice weekly the "Jennie Whipple" unloaded passengers opposite the . . . — Map (db m74588) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — Spanish–American War Memorial
. . . — Map (db m77527) WM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to all veterans who have served our country past – present – future. We shall not forget. 1995 Second Ward Honoring those who answered their countries call in World War II. These gave their . . . — Map (db m61245) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Ripon — 135 — Birthplace of Republican Party
In 1852 Alvan Earle Bovay of Ripon met with Horace Greeley in New York and advocated dissolution of the Whig Party and formation of a new party to fuse together anti-slavery elements. At the same time he suggested the name "Republican" because he . . . — Map (db m3225) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Ripon — 184 — Ripon College
Incorporated January 29, 1851. The first College building, East Hall, was staked out that spring by Ripon city founders David Mapes and Alvan Bovay. Chartered as Brockway College, it was renamed Ripon College in 1864 and graduated its first class, . . . — Map (db m3596) HM
Wisconsin (Forest County), Laona — 207 — Laona School Forest
In 1927 this tract of land was purchased for the Laona School Forest, the first in Wisconsin and the United States. It was dedicated April 22, 1928. Motivated by the suggestion of Dean H.L. Russell, of the College of Agriculture, University of . . . — Map (db m33539) HM
Wisconsin (Grant County), Boscobel — 80 — The Gideons
"And they stood every man in his place round about the camp." Judges 7:21 One night in September 1898 two salesmen, John H. Nicholson and Samuel E. Hill, shared room 19 in the Central Hotel, Boscobel. They wondered if some organization could . . . — Map (db m43533) HM
Wisconsin (Green Lake County), Princeton — Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to the American Veterans Past, Present, Future God Bless America 1994 V.F.W. Post 10452 — Map (db m65693) WM
Wisconsin (Iowa County), Spring Green — 404 — Military River Crossing
In this vicinity, during the Black Hawk War of 1832, General Henry Atkinson and approximately 1,000 soldiers crossed the Wisconsin River in pursuit of Sac Indian leader Black Hawk and his followers. On July 26th, at the old abandoned Village of . . . — Map (db m19150) HM
Wisconsin (Jackson County), Millston — 203 — Winnebago Indians
Winnebago Indians call themselves “Hochunkgra.” A Siouan people, they once occupied the southern half of Wisconsin and the northern counties of Illinois. The Black Hawk War of 1832 and a series of treaties forced the Winnebago out of . . . — Map (db m3425) HM
Wisconsin (Juneau County), Mauston — 95 — Orland S. Loomis (1893–1942)Governor–Elect 1942
A Mauston native, lawyer, and World War I veteran, Loomis served in the state legislature (1929-1934), was first state director of the Rural Electrification Administration (1935-1936), represented Wisconsin at the World Power Conference (1936), and . . . — Map (db m20386) HM
Wisconsin (Juneau County), Necedah — Soldiers Monument
Erected to the Memory of the Heroes of the War of 1861–65 by Post 245 G.A.R. Dept. of Wis. the W.R.C. No. 90 Dept. of Wis. and by the Citizens of Necedah. ____ Dedicated . . . — Map (db m32788) HM
Wisconsin (Kewaunee County), Algoma — Door-Kewaunee County College / Henry Diefenbach Sculptures
Door-Kewaunee County College      Around the turn of the previous century, it became apparent that the state normal schools were unable to supply an adequate number of teachers to meet the demand, especially in rural areas.      . . . — Map (db m77444) HM
Wisconsin (Kewaunee County), Algoma — The Kewaunee County Farm
     The Kewaunee County Farm was operated on this site starting in 1879. Nicknamed 'The Poor Farm' it was a place for the county's elderly who were unable to provide for themselves financially. Tenants enjoyed keeping busy by helping with the . . . — Map (db m77278) HM
Wisconsin (Kewaunee County), Algoma — The Kewaunee County Piers
This was once the site of a small, bustling, waterfront community typical of many others in Kewaunee County. By the mid-1800's, as large numbers of settlers moved into the rural areas of the newly formed county, efficient transportation became a . . . — Map (db m17468) HM
Wisconsin (Kewaunee County), Casco — Decker House
On this site Edward Decker, Kewaunee County's most influential early political and business leader, erected his impressive home. Nicknamed "The White House", it was built from lumber that was cut from some of the 10,000 acres of timber he owned in . . . — Map (db m77359) HM
Wisconsin (Kewaunee County), Kewaunee — 136 — Car – Ferry Service
Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western Railroad ferry slip No. 1, to your right, is the point where car-ferry service across Lake Michigan began. On Sunday, November 27, 1892, Ann Arbor Railroad car-ferry No. 1 loaded 22 cars of flour which originated at . . . — Map (db m11760) HM
Wisconsin (Kewaunee County), Kewaunee — Civil War and Cuban Veterans Monument
. . . — Map (db m77963) WM
Wisconsin (Kewaunee County), Kewaunee — Courthouse Square
The jail was designed by Oshkosh, Wisconsin architect William Waters and built in 1876. The building served a dual purpose of being both the sheriff's home and also the county lock-up. It was in use continuously until 1969. That year a county . . . — Map (db m77344) HM
Wisconsin (Kewaunee County), Kewaunee — Father Marquette
Father Marquette offered the Holy Sacrifice of Mass on this spot November 1, 1674. — Map (db m11679) HM
Wisconsin (Kewaunee County), Kewaunee — Kewaunee County Lime Kilns
     Before modern cement came onto the market, lime was used in the making of mortar for brick and stonework. Lime was also used for whitewashing wood instead of painting. Large furnaces used heat to reduce nearby limestone rocks into lime. . . . — Map (db m77521) HM
Wisconsin (Kewaunee County), Luxemburg — Bank of Luxemburg
Bank of Luxemburg was founded in 1902 by a group of prominent farmers and busnessmen. In 1903 a state charter was granted and the bank formally began operations in what was known as the Wisconsin House. On June 20, 1904, the bank proceeded to . . . — Map (db m74985) HM
Wisconsin (La Crosse County), La Crosse — Losey MemorialJoseph W. Losey
He found this cemetery neglected and desolate. He transformed it into a place of charm and beauty. He made the wilderness to blossom as the rose. To commemorate the character and virtues of one who endeared himself to all by an unbroken record . . . — Map (db m16461) HM
Wisconsin (La Crosse County), Rockland — 272 — The Driftless Area
Several times during the ice ages, glaciers flowed out of Canada, sometimes reaching as far south as the Ohio and Missouri rivers. During recent glaciations, southwestern Wisconsin was untouched, because the glaciers were diverted to the east or . . . — Map (db m24032) HM
Wisconsin (La Crosse County), West Salem — 101 — Hamlin Garland
Gifted author of this region, Hamlin Garland was born at West Salem September 14, 1860, and died March 4, 1940. His ashes rest in the Garland family plot in Neshonoc cemetery, heart of the Coulee Country immortalized in his books, “Trailmakers . . . — Map (db m8918) HM
Wisconsin (Manitowoc County), Maribel — 263 — Wisconsin's Dairy Industry
The growth of the dairy industry in Wisconsin is a story of remarkable transfer of scientific knowledge to practical use. As dairy farming developed, Wisconsin's agri­culture underwent transformation in less than 50 years. Proposed as an . . . — Map (db m10709) HM
Wisconsin (Menominee County), Keshena — 127 — Spirit Rock
One night long ago a Menominee Indian dreamed that Manabush, grandson of Ko-Ko-Mas-Say-Sa-Now (the Earth) and part founder of the Mitawin or Medicine Society, invited him to visit the god. With seven of his friends the Indian called on Manabush who . . . — Map (db m13602) HM
Wisconsin (Monroe County), Sparta — Civil War Cannon
This Civil War cannon was captured from Confederate forces by Wisconsin troops on Island Number 10 near Vicksburg. Brought to Sparta by Mr. W. H. Farnham in 1867. — Map (db m8611) HM
Wisconsin (Monroe County), Sparta — 490 — Sparta Free Library
Prior to the construction of this building in 1902, the Sparta Free Library had several homes in the community. Schick and Roth, a LaCrosse architectural firm, designed the library building. Steel magnate Andrew Carnegie provided construction . . . — Map (db m9054) HM
Wisconsin (Oconto County), Lakewood — 179 — Holt & Balcom Logging Camp No. 1
Generally called "Depot Camp," it is the oldest standing lumber camp in Wisconsin. It remains where originally built in 1880, in what was one of the greatest white pine regions of the middle west. Expert woodsmen built the camp as is evidenced by . . . — Map (db m36898) HM
Wisconsin (Oconto County), Oconto — 25 — First Church of Christ, ScientistOconto, Wisconsin
This church was organized June 10, 1886. The first service was held here October 31 of the same year. Seven years earlier Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, had founded the Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, . . . — Map (db m13164) HM
Wisconsin (Outagamie County), Appleton — 9-11 Memorial
In memory of those who lost their lives in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania on 11 September 2001 — Map (db m47062) HM
Wisconsin (Outagamie County), Appleton — 51 — Hearthstone
On September 30, 1882 this Victorian home became the first residence electrified from a centrally located hydro-electric plant. Henry J. Rogers, pioneer industrialist, built and lighted this home as a showplace for his wife, using the same power . . . — Map (db m43367) HM
Wisconsin (Outagamie County), Appleton — 87 — Lawrence University
Lawrence University, chartered January 15, 1847, has admitted women to its student body from the day classes started November 12, 1849, in the original Academy or Institute. The first collegiate class of seven students -- four men and three women -- . . . — Map (db m10247) HM
Wisconsin (Outagamie County), Appleton — Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Bridge
——— Built by the City of Appleton as a lasting monument to the memory of the soldiers and sailors of the Civil, Spanish-American and World Wars. ——— 1924 The above plaque dedicated the . . . — Map (db m46912) HM
Wisconsin (Pepin County), Pepin — Anchor from the "Phil Scheckel"
A steamboat which was run on the Chippewa River for many years during the last half of the 19th century. Captain Scheckel was perhaps the best known pilot that ever put his hand to a wheel of a Chippewa River steamboat. — Map (db m10077) HM
Wisconsin (Pepin County), Stockholm — 22 — Site of Fort St. Antoine1686
Nicholas Perrot was a daring adventurer, fur-trader and able diplomat. The handsome Frenchman built Fort St. Antoine on the shore of Lake Pepin near here in 1686. Alarmed by the aggressions of the English, the French government felt it was necessary . . . — Map (db m10056) HM
Wisconsin (Pierce County), Maiden Rock — 35 — Lake Pepin
This beautiful lake is twenty-two miles long, varies in width from one to two and a half miles, and covers about thirty-eight square miles. It was caused by the delta of the Chippewa spreading across the gorge of the Mississippi at the southeastern . . . — Map (db m10026) HM
Wisconsin (Polk County), Saint Croix Falls — 132 — The Battle of St. Croix Falls
Here at the head of St. Croix Falls in about 1770, a war party of Chippewas led by Chief Wau-bo-jeeg prepared for battle against their traditional enemies, the Fox and Sioux. The two parties met on the portage below this point in a fierce and . . . — Map (db m14421) HM
Wisconsin (Portage County), Rosholt — Rosholt War Memorial
In Memoriam World War II Luther J. Bestul Leonard L. Dahlen Onufry Dzwonkoski Emory J. Nelson Nick C. Ostrowski Korea Joseph S. Berna David E. Halverson Ernest M. Kaminski The whole earth is the tomb of heroic men . . . — Map (db m33083) WM
Wisconsin (Portage County), Stevens Point — Casimir Pulaski
Born in Poland 1747 organizer of the American cavalry during the Revolutionary War. Erected in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of his death 1779, at Savannah, GA. — Map (db m29661) HM
Wisconsin (Portage County), Stevens Point — 49 — First Public Building
Here, for 110 years, stood District School No. 2, the oldest public building in Stevens Point. Completed in 1850, its appearance reflecting its New England heritage, it served the pioneer community as school, recreation, and civic center, and . . . — Map (db m20969) HM
Wisconsin (Portage County), Whiting — Whiting Village
A sawmill was built here in 1852 by Luther Hanchett and Amos Courtwright. It was purchased in 1864 by Alexander and Thomas McDill who later added a grist mill. The site was occupied after 1902 by Wisconsin Graphite Company and from 1916 to 1951 by . . . — Map (db m20924) HM
Wisconsin (Portage County), Wisconsin Rapids — 323 — Wisconsin’s Greater Prairie Chicken(Tympanuchus cupido pinnatus)
These open grasslands in the Buena Vista Marsh, Portage County, were one of the last remaining strongholds of the Greater Prairie Chicken in Wisconsin. Once abun­dant in the state, this impressive bird nearly disappeared when its grassland habitat . . . — Map (db m1151) HM
Wisconsin (Price County), Fifield — 495 — Historic Fifield
At this site on the South Fork of the Flambeau River was a sorting pond where logs were separated by logging company brand marks. By unleashing a wall of water 20 miles upstream at the Round Lake Logging Dam, loggers flushed millions of logs to . . . — Map (db m47223) HM
Wisconsin (Richland County), Rockbridge — Pier Park
The dedication of this property for park purposes is the fulfillment of William Francis Pier's desire to preserve the beauty of this natural rock bridge as a lasting memorial to his father William Henry Pier Erected by The State . . . — Map (db m18750) HM
Wisconsin (Richland County), Rockbridge — The Little Rock
Early explorers of the driftless area noted this "small, isolated vertical rock." The first settlers removed the easily available rubble for building foundations and chimneys. Soon horses and buggies cut between the rocks and established the . . . — Map (db m20269) HM
Wisconsin (Rock County), Clinton — 2 — Jefferson Prairie Settlement
Ole Knutson Nattestad, first Norwegian settler in Wisconsin, came to Clinton Township, July 1, 1838. In his native Numedal, Nattestad had been a farmer, peddler, and blacksmith. In 1836 he and his brother Ansten visited Stavanger and there . . . — Map (db m22794) HM
Wisconsin (Rock County), Clinton — The Skavlem–Williams Log Cabin
This structure of hand-hewn oak stood on the farm of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Williams. It was erected during the 1830's by Erick and Ragnhild Skavlem. It now stands as a visible reminder of the sacrifices made by early pioneers as they settled this area. — Map (db m25349) HM
Wisconsin (Rock County), Edgerton — 109 — Wisconsin's Tobacco Land
Wisconsin's first commercial tobacco was raised in Dane and Rock counties by cousins Orrin and Ralph Pomeroy in 1854. Grown as a cash crop to supplement dairy income, Wisconsin tobacco is used as a binder in making cigars. Because of the large . . . — Map (db m36216) HM
Wisconsin (Rock County), Milton — 107 — Milton House
Erected in 1844 by Joseph Goodrich, this frontier inn is constructed of grout -- a mixture of gravel, lime, and water. An important stagecoach stop and transfer point, it was also a pre-Civil War station in the underground railroad, and is still . . . — Map (db m22728) HM
Wisconsin (Rusk County), Bruce — 444 — Apollonia
Originally called Verona Junction, this settlement was established at the intersection of the Chippewa River and Menomonie railway and the Soo Line railway. Like many Wisconsin communities, it was established as a railroad crossroads serving the . . . — Map (db m45094) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — 441 — Civilian Conservation CorpsCamp Devil's Lake
In an effort to get the economy moving during the Great Depression of the 1930s, the Federal Government initiated a number of work projects. One of these was the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC was for males, ages 18 to 25. Men were . . . — Map (db m19986) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Baraboo — Warner Memorial Road
This enduring highway connecting Baraboo with Devils Lake was made possible through the generosity of Wilbur William Warner (1850 – 1916) Whose boyhood home was here. To his cherished memory this tablet is gratefully . . . — Map (db m20251) HM
Wisconsin (Shawano County), Bowler — Mohican Veteran's Memorial
A Memorial Before The Great Spirit To All Veterans Who Served - Who Fought - Who Died - Who Returned And Carry On Dedicated by the Mohican Veterans 2002 — Map (db m66593) WM
Wisconsin (Shawano County), Navarino — Navarino Area Veterans Memorial
. . . — Map (db m77997) WM
Wisconsin (Shawano County), Shawano — 47 — Shawano
Shawano is both a Chippewa and a Menominee Indian term signifying "to the South." Shawano Lake first was given this name because it was the southern boundary of Chippewa tribal territory. The city and county later were named after the lake. Like . . . — Map (db m8201) HM
Wisconsin (Sheboygan County), Elkhart Lake — 6 — 1950 Start/FinishHistoric Race Circuits of Elkhart Lake
Four races were held on the 1950 circuit. First place in the sixty-mile main event went to Jim Kimberly driving a Ferrari Tipo 166. Marker donated by: Augie Pabst in honor of Briggs Cunningham and Alfred Momo. Historic Race . . . — Map (db m46187) HM
Wisconsin (Sheboygan County), Elkhart Lake — 5 — Dickens' DitchHistoric Race Circuits of Elkhart Lake
Named for Robert "Sid" Dickens who raced in an MG-TC. Ted Boynton lost concentration here in 1952 resulting in an excursion into a blueberry patch. Marker donated by: Tom and Bea Hollfelder · Tiger Racing. Historic . . . — Map (db m41110) HM
Wisconsin (Sheboygan County), Elkhart Lake — The Broughton Sheboygan Marsh Park & Wildlife AreaA Brief History — The Marsh, The Tower, The Friends & The Mission
The Mission: Promote the Increased Use and Appreciation of the Unique Beauty of the Broughton Sheboygan Marsh Through Education and Recreation The Marsh The Broughton Sheboygan Marsh Park and Wildlife Area is the prominent . . . — Map (db m46360) HM
Wisconsin (Sheboygan County), Elkhart Lake — 14 — The Hard LeftHistoric Race Circuits of Elkhart Lake
The first sharp corner on the 1951-52 circuit where the road sloped away from the apex making it one of the most dangerous and challenging turns. Marker donated by: Siebkens Resort in memory of Ollie Siebken Moeller Historic Race . . . — Map (db m46258) HM
Wisconsin (Sheboygan County), Sheboygan — 516 — Revolutionary War Veteran
Fourteen-year-old David Waldo joined the Revolution in 1779. Waldo was born on September 21, 1764, in Dover, New York. He served under Colonel Sherwood at Fort Edward (north of Albany, New York) for three months and completed his first tour . . . — Map (db m32403) HM
Wisconsin (Sheboygan County), Sheboygan Falls — The Mill House Restoration Project
In 1837 Silas Stedman had this structure built as a boarding house for his sawmill workers. It became known as the Mill House, and later the Temperance House, when it served as a hotel. By 1860, the structure was enlarged by Charles Cole for use as . . . — Map (db m32576) HM
Wisconsin (St. Croix County), Hudson — Louis Massey
On this site in 1840, was erected the home of Louis Massey, Hudson's first white settler. Marked by Woman's Club of Hudson May 1930 — Map (db m13100) HM
Wisconsin (St. Croix County), River Falls — 165 — Edgar Wilson Nye1850 – 1896
"Bill" Nye, journalist, lecturer, author, and humorist, grew to manhood in this quiet valley of the Kinnickinnic, which flows southwesterly through River Falls. The tall-tales of frontier humor were popular regionally before 1860. Samuel Clemens . . . — Map (db m9860) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Galesville — 529 — Downtown Galesville Historic District
First platted in 1854, the commercial district surrounding the public square is still the heart of downtown Galesville. Most buildings date from the 1880s to the early 20th century and feature a two-story brick facade, tall narrow windows and . . . — Map (db m55979) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Galesville — 543 — Galesville Bridge
The Galesville Bridge was erected in 1925, replacing an earlier bridge that was difficult for automobiles to access. For 86 years, the 1925 bridge carried traffic across Beaver Creek. Constructed by the Guaranty Construction Company of Minneapolis, . . . — Map (db m66182) HM
Wisconsin (Vernon County), De Soto — 33 — Battle of Bad Axe
After holding off his pursuers at the Battle of Wisconsin Heights (about 1½ miles south of present Sauk City) Black Hawk led his people over unfamiliar country toward the Mississippi. In the meantime, the Army alerted Fort Crawford at Prairie . . . — Map (db m23630) HM
Wisconsin (Vernon County), Hillsboro — 79 — Admiral Marc A. Mitscher, U.S. Navy
Admiral Marc A. Mitscher, U. S. Navy, pioneer in naval aviation and Commander of Naval Air Task Force 58, famed for its destruction of Japanese sea power in World War II, was born in Hillsboro, January 26, 1887. A 1910 graduate of the U. S. Naval . . . — Map (db m18729) HM
Wisconsin (Vernon County), Red Mound — 5 CVP — Black Hawks Outpost
August 2 1832 twenty picked Sacs were station- ed here to decoy the US Army northward and per- mit the Indian main body with women and children to escape across the riv- er. Fourteen of the out- post were shot here wh- ile . . . — Map (db m32171) HM
Wisconsin (Vernon County), Viroqua — 83 — Governor Rusk
Jeremiah McLain Rusk, who owned and lived on this farm, was born June 17, 1830 in Deerfield, Ohio. In 1853 he moved to Viroqua. He served with distinction in the Civil War and in the United States Congress. As Governor (1882-1889) Rusk gained . . . — Map (db m31729) HM
Wisconsin (Vilas County), Boulder Junction — Devils Lake Vista Subcontinental Divide
Devils Lake, seen here, is a glacial pot-hole on top of a sub-continental divide, waters on its northeast side flow north via the Ontonagon River to Lake Superior and thence east to the Atlantic, while waters on its south side flow via High Lake and . . . — Map (db m36047) HM
Wisconsin (Vilas County), Lac du Flambeau — Veterans Memorial
In Memoriam. To all who served America in time of need. — Map (db m36091) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Clintonville — Clintonville Veterans Memorial
On these bronze plates are the honored names of those courageous men and women from the Clintonville area, who died while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States. They gave all their tomorrows so that we can have our today. We shall . . . — Map (db m78963) WM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Iola — 518 — Iola Mills
Colonel J.W. Chandler, S.S. Chandler, and S. Miller built Iola's first dam and sawmill in 1853. The partners then constructed a grist mill, adding a flour mill two years later. In 1860, Henry Wipf purchased a controlling interest in the Iola . . . — Map (db m32951) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), King — 283 — Grand Army Home
The Grand Army Home was established in 1887 by the Wisconsin Department of the Grand Army of the Republic, a nationwide organization of Union veterans of the Civil War (1861-1865). The Home provided care for indigent veterans and their wives in a . . . — Map (db m4272) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Waupaca — Waupaca County War Memorial
Korea • Vietnam Erected to honor those of Waupaca County Wisconsin who answered their country's call and gave their lives for the great cause of liberty 1917 – 1919 Erected to honor those of Waupaca, . . . — Map (db m47077) WM
Wisconsin (Waushara County), Wautoma — Waushara County Civil War Memorial
W·R·C· Erected in memory of the defenders of our country 1861·1865 by the G·A·R: W·R·C· & the citizens of Waushara County G·A·R· — Map (db m39357) HM
Wisconsin (Waushara County), Wautoma — Waushara County World War I Memorial
Lest We Forget Waushara County's memorial to its sons and daughters who served as soldiers, sailors, marines and nurses in the World War. 1917 · 1919 — Map (db m39457) HM
Wisconsin (Winnebago County), Oshkosh — Oshkosh World War II Memorial
Let none forget they gave their all, and faltered not when came the call. 1941 — 1945 Honoring all who served and dedicated to the noble deeds of the men and women of Oshkosh who served their country and especially to . . . — Map (db m41731) HM
Wisconsin (Winnebago County), Oshkosh — Smith–Buckstaff
This site donated by John and Lois Smith and the heirs of John and Sarah Buckstaff Erected by the Smith School Parents and Teachers Association 1933.Map (db m35262) HM
Wisconsin (Winnebago County), Winchester — 225 — Samuel N. Rogers, Sr.Soldier of the American Revolution
Born on June 3, 1760, at Branford, Connecticut, Samuel N. Rogers, Sr., served several terms of enlistment with Captain Peck’s Company, Col. Roger Enos’ Regiment of the Connecticut Militia from 1777 to 1781. Following the war, he moved to New York . . . — Map (db m11043) HM
Wisconsin (Wood County), Marshfield — Columbia Park Band Shell1931
. . . — Map (db m77161) HM
Wisconsin (Wood County), Marshfield — Governor William H. Upham House
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior December 12, 1976 Governor William H. Upham House This Victorian mansion was built in . . . — Map (db m48113) HM
Wisconsin (Wood County), Marshfield — 295 — Prisoners of War
Prior to World War II, few Americans had ever been held as prisoners of war on foreign soil. But the surrender of U.S. forces in the Phillippines in the spring of 1942 suddenly swelled the number of POWs into the thousands, and soon a network of . . . — Map (db m3193) HM
Wisconsin (Wood County), Port Edwards — 13 — John Edwards Jr.1831 – 1891
A native of England, John Edwards Jr. settled in this area in 1859 to assume operation of his father’s sawmill, the nucleus around which the village of Port Edwards developed. Founded in 1840, the Edwards Sawmill was incorporated in 1890 into the . . . — Map (db m1221) HM
Wisconsin (Wood County), Wisconsin Rapids — Elizabeth Daly House
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior 1909 — Map (db m76357) HM
Wyoming (Weston County), Newcastle — Camp Jenney
Camp site of the first authorized military expedition into the Black Hills. On September 12, 1857 Lt. G. K. Warren of the U. S. Topographical Engineers and his party, camped here and erected a log corral. (17 years before the famous Custer . . . — Map (db m4304) HM

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