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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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By Keith L, September 2, 2007
Footprints in the Sands of Time Marker
Iowa (Worth County), Northwood — Worth County Courthouse Cannon
. . . — Map (db m16572) HM
Michigan (Cheboygan County), Mackinaw City — Island-Hopping the Straits
In 1920 the need for extensive highways in Michigan was becoming evident and Horatio S. Earle, highway commissioner, suggested a submerged, floating tunnel. A counter-proposal was made by C. E. Fowler, a consulting engineer from New York City. . . . — Map (db m1987) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Anoka — The Gathering Place
The square of land on the east side of the Rum River just south of Main Street has been a place for Anoka citizens to gather since the town began in the mid-1800's. Known as Bridge Square, it was a place to share news, to hear speeches and . . . — Map (db m70586) HM
Minnesota (Anoka County), Ramsey — AN-RMC-008 — Itasca Village Townsite
Itasca grew up around an Indian trading post which was established 800 feet east of here in 1849 by Thomas A. Holmes and James Beatty. At the suggestion of Territorial Governor Alexander Ramsey, the settlement was named in honor of Lake Itasca, the . . . — Map (db m69908) HM
Minnesota (Brown County), Essig — Junior Pioneers TabletMilford Monument
This tablet was erected by the Junior Pioneers in memory of the following men, women and children of the town of Milford who were massacred by the Indians during the Indian outbreak in 1862. John Martin Fink. • Monika Fink, his wife. • Max . . . — Map (db m67952) WM
Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — Brown County Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to All Brown County Veterans This memorial is a lasting tribute to past, present and future veterans who served during peacetime and the following conflicts: Indian Wars 1817 - 1898 · Mexican War 1846 - 1848 · American Civil War . . . — Map (db m65526) WM
Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — Buenger Store1892, 1902 — Historic Downtown New Ulm
This three-story building is a fine example of Queen Anne commercial architecture. The original southern section was erected in 1892 for the Buenger Furniture Store, while the corner building was constructed in 1902. Louis Buenger Sr. . . . — Map (db m68117) HM
Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — John Lind Home
This home was built by John Lind in 1887 and was a significant cultural, social and political center built on a prominence above early New Ulm. Swedish born Lind came to America and Minnesota in 1867 at age thirteen. While very young he was a rural . . . — Map (db m65399) HM
Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — Kiesling House(1861)
The Kiesling House is one of the three downtown buildings in New Ulm to survive the Dakota War of 1862. Frederick W. Kiesling, blacksmith and ferrier, had built the modest frame house ($125) the year before the outbreak of the war. In August of 1862 . . . — Map (db m65497) HM
Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — Lest We Forget
In 1914, two four-inch naval cannon barrels, each with a pyramid of balls, were placed on the courthouse grounds as a tribute to all Brown County citizens who served their nation in time of conflict. The United States Government reclaimed them in . . . — Map (db m66967) HM WM
Minnesota (Brown County), New Ulm — U.S. - Dakota War Memorial
In Memory of All Who Suffered U.S. - Dakota War of 1862 2012 — Map (db m68348) WM
Minnesota (Brown County), Searles — Cottonwood Twp. Evangelical Church and Cemetery
     In 1857, Rev. August Huelster held the first Evangelical church service at the home of Charles Lauer in Cottonwood Township. In 1865, two acres of land were purchased in Cottonwood Township by John Mohr, Philip Pfisterer & Carl Schreyer, . . . — Map (db m78463) HM
Minnesota (Carver County), Carver — Minnesota Valley Oil Co.1925
Carver Historic District has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Minnesota Valley Oil Co. 1925 — Map (db m75255) HM
Minnesota (Carver County), Carver — Van De Veire Knoll
Last Homesteaded 1986 Larry & Betty Van De Veire — Map (db m79203) HM
Minnesota (Carver County), Waconia — Civil War Monument
To the Memory of the Defenders of the Union, 1861 to 1865. Erected by the Citizens of Carver County in 1892. F. Anthony, S.M. Alexander, Ch. All, A. Arneson, L. Anderson, C.F. Anderson, S. Anderson, A.G. Anderson, J. Anderson, . . . — Map (db m71715) WM
Minnesota (Chippewa County), Granite Falls — A Witness to Time
The Minnesota River Valley is a witness to time. Rocks formed 3.8 billion years ago — some of the oldest in the world — lie exposed on the valley floor. These grey, pink and red granite rocks are memorials to a fiery young earth when . . . — Map (db m69039) HM
Minnesota (Dakota County), Hastings — Native Cultures
For more than 10,000 years, people have lived near the Mississippi River. The first cultures relied on hunting, fishing, and gathering for survival. As early as 1,000 years ago, however, Indian peoples were farming portions of the river valley near . . . — Map (db m49801) HM
Minnesota (Dakota County), Mendota — Mendota / Sibley House
[symbol of the Daughters of the American Revolution] Mendota In the language of the Sioux means the mouth of a river. Was the earliest permanent white settlement in southern Minnesota. A pioneer center of the fur trade. . . . — Map (db m37534) HM
Minnesota (Goodhue County), Cannon Falls — 20 — Colonel William Colvill Monument
William Colvill, Col. 1st Regt. Minn. Vols. Born April 5, 1830. Died June 12, 1905. In Memory Of Colonel William Colvill and the 1st Reg. Minn. Vols. which he commanded at the Battle of Gettysburg on July . . . — Map (db m46813) HM
Minnesota (Goodhue County), Red Wing — Barn Bluff
"The most beautiful prospect that imagination can form," wrote 18th century explorer Jonathan Carver about the view from Barn Bluff. "Verdant plains, fruitful meadows, and numerous islands abound with the most varied trees.... But above all, . . . — Map (db m24816) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Champlin — Louis Hennepin
On July-1-1680 Louis Hennepin left this place to discover the St Anthony Falls ——— Marked by the Daughters of the American Colonists – 1929 – — Map (db m69738) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Excelsior — Soldiers Memorial
[The Grand Army of the Republic Badge] In memory of our soldier dead. — Map (db m60849) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Minneapolis — Big Water / Stairway of Water
Big Water The Mississippi River, paramount among North American rivers, along with its tributaries, forms the world's fifth largest drainage system in area – 1,244,000 square miles. The Indians called this river "Father of Waters", . . . — Map (db m106852) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Minneapolis — Col. John H. Stevens
Born June .13. 1820 Died May .28. 1900 First settler in the City of Minneapolis. — Map (db m17234) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Minneapolis — George Washington Bi-Centennial Tree
Planted April 27 1932 This tablet placed Americanization Day April 27 1934 By Halvarson-Bowers Aux' 187 Veterans of Foreign Wars — Map (db m17227) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Mound — Veterans Monument
Army • Navy • Coast Guard • Marines • Air Force [military service seals] This monument is dedicated to all the men and women who served in times of peace and war. All gave some... some gave all Mound Post #5113 . . . — Map (db m60833) HM
Minnesota (Hennepin County), Richfield — The Prairie
A Sea of Grass In its early days Fort Snelling was surrounded by a sea of head-high grass. The vast Minnesota prairie was broken only by small groves of trees—willows, cottonwoods, and oaks that grew near creeks, lakes, and marshes. . . . — Map (db m17259) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), Atwater — Diamond Lake Camp
At the start of the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862 settlers around Columbia (now Spencer) hastily formed an oxcart train and started for the stockade at Forest City. On the way to Diamond Lake, the refugees ran into other settlers fleeing from the Eagle . . . — Map (db m77228) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), Kandiyohi — Carrie Johnson
Mrs. Carrie (Pehrson) Johnson, the first white person buried in what is now Kandiyohi County, came here with her husband, John, and six month old son in the fall of 1857, from Sweden. She died in April 1858, and was buried near her new house. After . . . — Map (db m78311) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), New London — Robert lhlang Post 537, The American Legion
1946    Forty-two veterans met and signed the petition for a charter. The post was given its name in memory of Robert Ihlang who was killed in Italy during World War II. The charter was granted, and the officers were: commander, Victor Suneson; . . . — Map (db m79634) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), New London — The West Lake Massacre
Rev. Andrew Jackson had two services arranged in his Norway Lake Swedish Lutheran Parish for Wednesday, the 20th of August, 1862. In the forenoon a meeting was held at the Lundborg cabin at West Lake, now known as Monson Lake in Swift County. Here a . . . — Map (db m79405) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), Spicer — Green Lake Mounds
   During the Woodland period, about 1000 B. C. to A. D. 1650, Indian peoples began constructing earthworks or "mounds." Many if not most of these mounds functioned to visibly define and demarcate burial areas, much . . . — Map (db m78079) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), Spicer — How Irving Township Got Its StartHold it Holden!
The first settlers in Kandiyohi County arrived in 1856 eager to stake a real estate claim on the shores of Green Lake. Early pioneers were hopeful that this place would soon become home to a thriving new city. Two men from . . . — Map (db m77865) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), Spicer — Lake Florida Mission Covenant Church
First Church in Minnesota Organized by Mission Friend Immigrants from Sweden 1870-Organized on J.A. Skoglund Farm 1873-Built                   1910-Enlarged 1870-1955 Served this Rural Parish 1961-Perpetual Care Fund Raised . . . — Map (db m77844) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), Sunburg — U.S. Military Post
A Response To Conflict In 1865, a military post was established here in response to the U.S.-Dakota Conflict of 1862. During the conflict, twenty-five settlers and an unknown number of Dakota were killed in what is now Kandiyohi . . . — Map (db m76774) HM
Minnesota (Kandiyohi County), Willmar — "Kandiyohi"An Idealized Statue Typifying the Meaning of the Word
   This Indian image first became part of Willmar in 1915, when it appeared as the Kandiyohi County Bank symbol. That same year, artist Eben E. Lawson, commissioned by the bank, created "Kandiyohi," a smaller sculpture which was the basis for . . . — Map (db m76191) HM
Minnesota (Lac qui Parle County), Montevideo — Maza sa Protected His Village
Experience showed Dakota Chief Maza sa (Red Iron) that it did little good to stand in the way of the U.S. government. He had opposed the 1851 Treaty of Traverse des Sioux but, in the end, had little choice when he and other Dakota . . . — Map (db m71425) HM
Minnesota (McLeod County), Glencoe — Glencoe Veterans Memorial
. . . — Map (db m70243) WM
Minnesota (Meeker County), Kingston — Kingston Veterans Memorial
(POW/MIA Logo ) (Military Service Emblems) Coast Guard • Navy • Marines • Army • Air Force — Map (db m75066) WM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Fairfax — A Doctor's Life
The Post's surgeon lived here. In addition to treating the sick and injured, the post surgeon was himself a commissioned officer, in charge of enforcing proper sanitary measures. The regular inspection of living quarters, the water supply, . . . — Map (db m71677) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Fairfax — Bakehouse
Large wood-burning ovens emitted so much heat that they were housed in a special structure on this site, remote from the other fort buildings. Minnesota Historical Society Fort RidgelyMap (db m72596) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Fairfax — Fort Ridgely
Fort Ridgely both contradicts and fits the popular culture stereotype of a frontier fort. Following its 1855 completion, the Fort’s primary role was to assist the federal government with an orderly transition of land ownership from American Indians . . . — Map (db m70107) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Lafayette — Bernadotte Co-op Creamery
Creamery, organized as "Riverside" in 1895 - changed to "Bernadotte" in 1944 - New creamery built 1936 - cost $10,518. It handled whole milk at all times. Patorns delivered cream over 40 years. Co-Op dissolved in 1959. Building sold and used as . . . — Map (db m73900) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Lafayette — Bernadotte Lutheran Church Monument
This Monument Erected by the Bernadotte Lutheran Church in memory of pioneers who settled here by and before 1870, and who organized and became members of same. Church was organized May 4, 1866. ——— The first resident . . . — Map (db m79799) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Lafayette — Lafayette Township and Village
First settler in township was Louis Sharro. John Bush and family came in 1854 and kept an Inn for travelers. Township organized in 1858. First post office 1859 - moved to Village 1897. Village platted 1896; Incorporated Feb., 1900. Minneapolis & St. . . . — Map (db m66615) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), Norseland — Norseland Community
The name Norseland was originated by community spirited settlers - 1858-Norseland Store was built by John Burke 1896-Patrons built Norseland Co-op Creamery next to the Burke store which had a post office 1922-Emil Swenson became a partner . . . — Map (db m73868) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), St. Peter — Archaeology
Archaeology is the recovery and study of material evidence, such as remainders of pottery, to help us learn about people and places of the past. In 1994 the Minnesota Historical Society conducted a survey to map and excavate the . . . — Map (db m78179) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), St. Peter — Ecakensdonyapi
Here, for countless generations, Dakota people followed the traditional ways of their ancestors. Living close to the land, they learned how to read nature's signs and developed an intimate understanding of the habitats and growth cycles of . . . — Map (db m77896) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), St. Peter — Fur Trader Louis Provencalle
Because of its importance as a river crossing, Traverse des Sioux was a major distribution point for the fur trade. As early as the 1770s, the Dakota were trading here for guns, blankets, and kettles. One prominent local trader was the . . . — Map (db m76158) HM
Minnesota (Nicollet County), St. Peter — Treaty of Traverse des Sioux Site
. . . — Map (db m66310) HM
Minnesota (Ramsey County), Saint Paul — The Hamline PlazaBishop Leonidas L. Hamline — 1797 - 1865
Bishop of the Methodist Church in Ohio who donated a substantial portion of his estate in 1854 for the establishment of Hamline University with the following prayer: O Lord, render me cheerful in giving, happy in the hopes of doing good, and . . . — Map (db m65933) HM
Minnesota (Redwood County), Morton — Forbes' Trading Post Site
400 feet north stood Forbe's trading-post, Aug. 18, 1862. — Map (db m67880) HM
Minnesota (Redwood County), Morton — The Remains of Hon. J.W. Lynde
Here lie the remains of Hon. J.W. Lynde Killed by Sioux Indians Aug. 18, 1862. — Map (db m67769) HM
Minnesota (Redwood County), Redwood Falls — Civil War Monument
The Grand Army of the Republic Badge Erected 1913 by W. R. C. Sacred to the Memory of our Civil War Veterans 1861 - 1865 Gideon Richardson · Co. D. 195 Ohio Inf. • A.L. Gale · Co. H. 14 N.H. Inf. • Andrew G. . . . — Map (db m71094) WM
Minnesota (Renville County), Delhi — 18 — Schwandt State Monument
Erected by State of Minnesota 1915 In Memory of Martyrs for Civilization Johann Schwandt Christina Schwandt & Their Children Fredrik & Christian John Walz Karolina Schwandt Walz & John Frass Murdered by Sioux Indians . . . — Map (db m69572) HM WM
Minnesota (Renville County), Fairfax — A Second Wave of Attacks
The Dakota plan of attack on August 22 was the same as on the 20th—a volley of three shots from the north, followed by a rush of warriors from the east, south, and west. The plan was disrupted again when a mail carrier was spotted on the . . . — Map (db m71646) HM
Minnesota (Renville County), Morton — Battle Tactics
"It was concluded to surround the camp that night and attack it at daylight. We felt sure we could capture it."                                                 Wamditanka After the Dakota scouts spotted Anderson's men . . . — Map (db m71510) HM
Minnesota (Renville County), Morton — Caught Unaware!Settlers in the Area of Birch Coolie Creek
  In 1862, settlers in the area of Birch Coolie Creek were living peaceful lives, having come to this area to take up new homesteads. They were in large part recent immigrants to this country. When they settled here they were mostly unaware of . . . — Map (db m69354) HM WM
Minnesota (Renville County), Morton — The Battle of Birch Coulee
Just before sunrise on September 2, 1862, the sharp crack of a warning shot signaled the start of the Battle of Birch Coulee. One of the bloodiest battles of the U.S.-Dakota War was fought here. For a day and a half, this place echoed . . . — Map (db m71159) HM
Minnesota (Renville County), Morton — The Battle of Birch Coulee
. . . — Map (db m71795) HM
Minnesota (Renville County), Morton — The Story of the Land
Before the Battle When glaciers receded from this region thousands of years ago, they left behind huge rivers and lakes in a broad valley. Over time, the valley became filled with tallgrass prairies, small lakes, and the waterway known . . . — Map (db m71445) HM
Minnesota (Renville County), Morton — Two Men, One War
The story of Birch Coulee is told vividly by the men who fought here. As you move along this trail, you will follow the stories of two men: Joseph Anderson, a captain in the U.S. Army, and Wamditanka (Big Eagle), a Mdewakanton chief. . . . — Map (db m71459) HM
Minnesota (Renville County), Sacred Heart — The Enestvedt Marker
This memorial to Ole O. and Anne Enestvedt and their children is near the location of the log and dugout home of these Norwegian immigrants. This pioneer family staked their homestead claim in the spring of 1867, shortly after the "Indian . . . — Map (db m71288) HM
Minnesota (Rice County), Northfield — A Flour Milling Revolution
In the 1870s and 1880s, important changes took place inside several small flour mills in southeastern Minnesota. Those changes laid the groundwork for a technological revolution that made Minnesota's milling industry the largest in the world. . . . — Map (db m26200) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Duluth — Daniel De Gresolon, Sieur Du Lhut
The near-by canal marks the site of Little Portage on Minnesota Point crossed on June 27, 1679 by Daniel De Gresolon, Sieur Du Lhut, a gentleman of the Royal Guard of Louis XIV on his way to explore the Upper Mississippi. — Map (db m2876) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Duluth — Edgar A. CulbertsonBM1
This plaque is dedicated by the people of Duluth to the memory of a fellow citizen, Coast Guard Boatswains Mate First Class, Edgar A. Culbertson, who on the night of April 30, 1967 gave his life attempting to rescue three teen-age brothers stranded . . . — Map (db m2758) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Duluth — Glensheen, A Family Legacy
Campus Heritage Marker University of Minnesota Duluth Glensheen, A Family Legacy Glensheen estate was built between 1905 and 1908 for attorney Chester Adgate Congdon, his wife Clara Bannister Congdon and their . . . — Map (db m6603) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Duluth — United States Merchant Marine / U.S. Navy Armed Guard
The United States Merchant Marine In recognition of those who serve their country in war and peace time to those 250,000 who served in world war II to those 670 who were taken prisoner to those 6,700 plus who gave their lives . . . — Map (db m5433) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Eveleth — Paul Wellstone Memorial and Historic Site
“Politics is not just about power and money games, politics is about the improvement of peoples lives, about lessening human suffering in our world and bringing about more peace and justice.” Near this site on October 25, . . . — Map (db m2891) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Hibbing — Early Finnish Pioneers
1892. Dedicated to the memory of the early Finnish pioneers who helped to build this community. The Minnesota Finnish-American Historical Society, Chapter 14, Hibbing, Minnesota. 1957 — Map (db m3108) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Hibbing — Finnish Workers Hall
The Finnish people were one of the first ethnic groups to arrive in this area in the late 1890's and early 1900's. They built this building on this site in 1909. It was used for stage plays, dances and other social events put on for the Finnish . . . — Map (db m5144) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Hibbing — Frank Hibbing
Frank Hibbing was a German immigrant who came to Minnesota from Wisconsin, arriving on the Mesaba Range in 1892. He had heard that iron ore was discovered in Mt. Iron in 1890. He recognized the possibilities of iron ore further to the west. . . . — Map (db m5146) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Hibbing — George R. Stuntz
Born in Pennsylvania, 1820; Died in Duluth, 1902. First permanent settler. In 1852 resided and traded on Minnesota Point. Government surveyor. Discovered iron ore before 1870 on Vermilion. Discovery of Missabe Range followed in 1890. Built . . . — Map (db m2840) HM
Minnesota (St. Louis County), Hibbing — In Abiding Love
In abiding love, gratitude, and honor, the people of Hibbing dedicate this memorial to the men and women who served their country in all wars. Erected 1956 A.D. by the Veterans Memorial Fund Committee • Robert J. . . . — Map (db m26554) HM
Minnesota (Wabasha County), Wabasha — Veterans Memorial
Dedicated to those who Served and Sacrificed — Map (db m45488) HM
Minnesota (Washington County), Bayport — World War Memorial
Dedicated by The American Legion and Auxiliary to Hesley Jensen Neil Moen & Hans Nelson Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice in the World War 1914–1918 — Map (db m72024) WM
Minnesota (Washington County), Lakeland — The St. Croix River Valley / Welcome to Minnesota
The St. Croix River Valley Forming a long stretch of the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin, the St. Croix is one of America's most scenic Wild Rivers. Its valley is sometimes referred to as the "New England of the West." Along with the . . . — Map (db m3093) HM
Minnesota (Washington County), Marine on St. Croix — Marine
In 1857 these millstones were installed at Marine in one of the early flour and grist mills of Minnesota Territory. Water from a stream south of this site was conveyed by a race or flume to furnish power for the overshot mill wheel. Later, rollers . . . — Map (db m28509) HM
Minnesota (Washington County), Marine on St. Croix — The Pineries are Gone
A Great Pine Forest The St. Croix River valley's sandy loam soil is ideal for growing pine. In the 19th century its forests were filled with white pines. Many of them were two to three hundred years old, four to five feet in . . . — Map (db m55015) HM
Minnesota (Washington County), Stillwater — WA-SWT-004 — St. Croix Boom Site
Center of log and lumbering activities in this region for over half a century prior to 1914. Here millions of logs from the upper St. Croix and tributaries were halted, sorted, and rafted, later to be sawed into lumber and timber products. More . . . — Map (db m44673) HM
Minnesota (Winona County), Dresbach — Theodore Foss Memorial Highway
Dedicated to State Trooper Corporal Theodore "Ted" Foss 1965–2000 Corporal Ted Foss was killed August 31, 2000 on I-90 near Lewiston, Mn while making a traffic stop — Map (db m8687) HM
South Dakota (Pennington County), Wall — Jungle on a Seabed
A jungle grew here. Before that, a shallow sea covered the land. Both are gone now, but both left evidence of their passing. The sea's signature is ammonites, baculites, and clams, pearly fossils entombed in a fossil mud called the Pierre . . . — Map (db m4399) HM
Wisconsin (Adams County), Arkdale — East Arkdale Cemetery
On July 11, 1859, Mr. Halvor Olson offered this 1/2 acre of his land to be used as a cemetery for the members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (Hauge Synod) here in the Roche a Cree (Arkdale) settlement. People of the community outside the . . . — Map (db m7368) HM
Wisconsin (Adams County), Monroe Center — Monroe Cemetery
Ira and Ransom Gleason, father and uncle to Charlotte and Francis Marion Rous set aside the original acre of land for this cemetery, from the land they obtained through the Public Lands Act of 1820. This plaque in memory of Edna Rous Russell and . . . — Map (db m7534) HM
Wisconsin (Ashland County), Glidden — Glidden State Bank
Glidden State Bank Circa 1905 has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior Nominated by Jerry Hellenbrand - 2006 — Map (db m47483) HM
Wisconsin (Brown County), Allouez — 239 — Heritage Hill State Park
This park, built to portray and preserve Wisconsin's beginnings, is located on a site that is itself a part of history. On this 40-acre site stood Camp Smith--a temporary location of Fort Howard--part of the pioneer settlement known as Shantytown, . . . — Map (db m10544) HM
Wisconsin (Brown County), Green Bay — Elvis Favorite RideThe Zippin Pippin
The Zippin Pippin was Elvis Presley's favorite ride. The "King" rented Libertyland August 8, 1977 from 1:15 a.m. to 7 a.m. to entertain a group of about 10 guests. Decked in a blue jumpsuit with black leather belt, huge belt buckle with turquoise . . . — Map (db m66565) HM
Wisconsin (Brown County), Green Bay — 62 — Red Banks
Many of the explorers who followed Columbus were more interested in finding an easy route to Asia than they were in exploring and settling this continent. In 1634 Jean Nicolet, emissary of Gov. Samuel de Champlain of New France, landed at Red Banks . . . — Map (db m22457) HM
Wisconsin (Brown County), Oneida — 502 — Revolutionary War Veteran
James Powlis, whose Oneida name Tewakatelyλ·thale! means "I'm Worried", was born around 1750, probably in New York State. In 1777, after the disintegration of the Iroquois Confederacy's neutrality, Congress sought to offset the allegiance of . . . — Map (db m11097) HM
Wisconsin (Buffalo County), Alma — 230 — Beef Slough
The Beef Slough was a sluggish branch of the Chippewa River that provided an excellent storage pond for the logs floated downstream by numerous logging companies. Here loggers were employed to arrange the mixed-up logs into orderly rafts to be towed . . . — Map (db m10103) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Chippewa Falls — In Memory of Old Abe1861 • 1881
The soldier bird who was captured in Chippewa County by Chief Sky and taken to Eau Claire by Daniel McCann of Eagle Point. With Company "C" of the Eighth Wisconsin Regiment, he participated in twenty-five battles of the Civil War and was afterwards . . . — Map (db m38223) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Chippewa Falls — 222 — Nation's First Cooperative Generating Station
On Sunday, May 2, 1937, Wisconsin Power Cooperative was organized by an assembly of farmers for the purpose of developing a generating and transmission facility to provide low-cost electric service for the rural areas of Buffalo, Chippewa, Clark, . . . — Map (db m13798) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Chippewa Falls — 330 — Northern Wisconsin Center for the Developmentally Disabled
Before the 19th-century social reform movement, developmentally disabled people were relegated to almshouses and county poor farms where the “indigent, insane, epileptic and “idiotic” were housed together without regard to . . . — Map (db m13297) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Chippewa Falls — 2 — Notre Dame Church
Notre Dame was Chippewa County’s first church, the Mother church of all area Catholic Churches. Originally called St. Mary’s (“Our Lady of the Pines”) was a 16' x 18' foot log structure erected in 1856. A carpenter’s bench served as . . . — Map (db m39975) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Chippewa Falls — Old McDonell High School
This building has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior — Map (db m41964) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Chippewa Falls — 38 — Site of the Hiram S. Allen Home
This Columbia Street site was the location of the ornate pioneer mansion built by Hiram Stores Allen. Called the founder of Chippewa Falls, Hiram built the first grist-mill, the first flour-mill, and the first hotel in Chippewa Falls. He operated . . . — Map (db m38891) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Chippewa Falls — 22 — The Chippewa Valley Electric Railway Co.
This waiting shelter at the northern most point of service is the only physical structure remaining of what was once the 12½ mile long Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls interurban electric streetcar line. In 1897, Boston financier Arthur Appleyard . . . — Map (db m39822) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Chippewa Falls — 27 — The Norway House & the Birthplace of Alexander Wiley
Built in 1871 by Alexander Wiley Sr. and Nels Elikson, the rooming house over the years was home for hundreds of immigrants, lumber jacks, mill workers, farm hands and log drivers (known as river pigs). In 1887 Wiley Sr. became the sole owner and . . . — Map (db m42697) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Chippewa Falls — 5 — Trinity United Methodist Church
As early as 1846, Methodists were meeting in Chippewa Falls, with Thomas Randall preaching to his neighbors in a boarding house owned by the Chippewa Lumber and Boom Company. On March 10, 1860, Reverend Thomas Harwood, the first assigned . . . — Map (db m42615) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Cobban — 278 — The Cobban Bridge
The Cobban Bridge, constructed in 1908 by the Modern Steel Structural Company of Waukesha, is a two-span Pennsylvania overhead truss type bridge and is the oldest of its kind in Wisconsin. Originally it crossed the Chippewa River just upstream from . . . — Map (db m12761) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Cornell — 42 — Ezra Cornell
Ezra Cornell was the man who founded the City of Cornell, Wisconsin, but actually never lived here. Cornell was born in 1807 in New York State of Quaker parents. He was a farmer, inventor, businessman, statesman, and a philanthropist. He . . . — Map (db m46026) HM
Wisconsin (Chippewa County), Stanley — M-1900 Seacoast Ordnance
A 1928 act of Congress made obsolete World War I weapons available to municipalities and veteran's organizations for commemorative purposes. The Stanley American Legion Post requested this 5-inch bore artillery piece and it was dedicated on Memorial . . . — Map (db m42131) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Colby — 161 — The Home of Colby Cheese
At his father's cheese factory about one mile south and one mile west of here, Joseph F. Steinwand in 1885 developed a new and unique type of cheese. He named it for the township in which his father, Ambrose Steinwand, Sr., had built northern Clark . . . — Map (db m9189) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Curtiss — History of The Big White Pine
This tree was a landmark near the Iron-Ashland Co. line northeast of Glidden, Wis. The first section of 20 ft. is in Glidden. Les got the next cut of 12 ft. The tree measured 6 ft. on the stump. The tree was 144 ft. high. The first limb was 65 . . . — Map (db m22327) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Loyal — Castner–Mack CemeteryEst. 1855
1st Cemetery in the Loyal Township Child of Daniel & Mary Mack 1858 Daniel Mack 1866 13th child of Erastus & Maria Mack 1860 Mary Benedict Mack 1874 Frank Castner 1877 Infant child of John & Lydia Castner 1880 Twin infants of . . . — Map (db m21947) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Loyal — Samuel HartfordSoldier of 1812 — 1798 – 1884
When a lad of 14 he went as a substitute for his brother in law that his sister and her 7 little ones might not be deprived of a husband and father’s care. Served as Private in N. Y. Militia. Was in Battle of Niagara. Honorably discharged . . . — Map (db m9691) HM
Wisconsin (Clark County), Neillsville — National Native American Vietnam Veterans Memorial"The Forgotten Warrior"
This memorial statue was envisioned to serve as a touchstone where the quiet tears of unresolved grief from mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, relatives and friends could be shed in an honorific setting and be strengthened by the groundswell of . . . — Map (db m29599) HM
Wisconsin (Columbia County), Columbus — Columbus Public Library
The Prairie Style Library was designed by Louis W. Claude (former associate of Louis Sullivan) and Edward F. Starck of Madison, Wisconsin, and built with funding from Andrew Carnegie and the Columbus Women's Club. The library was dedicated November . . . — Map (db m28344) HM
Wisconsin (Columbia County), Portage — Site of Fort Winnebago
1828 — 1845 Surrender of Red Bird Noted Winnebago Chief 1827 Erected by Wau-Bun Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution 1924 — Map (db m4609) HM
Wisconsin (Columbia County), Wisconsin Dells — First Evangelical Lutheran Church
This marks the site of the First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Moe Settlement 1863 — 1892 — Map (db m8172) HM
Wisconsin (Columbia County), Wisconsin Dells — H. H. Bennett StudioKilbourn Landmark — America’s Oldest Photographic Studio ·  Established in 1865
This building was constructed in 1875 by Henry Hamilton Bennett, pioneer landscape photographer, nationally known for his artistry, technical excellence and inventive genius. His views of this area brought the earliest tourists to his beloved Dells . . . — Map (db m7851) HM
Wisconsin (Columbia County), Wisconsin Dells — 447 — Stroud Bank
Perry G. Stroud, a young attorney from New York, established this early bank in Kilbourn City, now Wisconsin Dells, in ca. 1870. Over his thirty-year career as the town's first attorney, Stroud preserved much of the city's early documentary history. . . . — Map (db m7850) HM
Wisconsin (Crawford County), Lynxville — 149 — Rafting on the Mississippi
After 1837 the vast timber resources of northern Wisconsin were eagerly sought by settlers moving into the mid-Mississippi valley. By 1847 there were more than thirty saw-mills on the Wisconsin, Chippewa, and St. Croix river systems, cutting largely . . . — Map (db m23456) HM
Wisconsin (Crawford County), Rolling Ground — Beauford T. Anderson
Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army, 381st Infantry, 96th Infantry Division, was born at Eagle, WI. on July 6th, 1922. He entered the service at Soldiers Grove, WI. in October, 1942. While serving his country in Okinawa, . . . — Map (db m32769) HM
Wisconsin (Crawford County), Soldiers Grove — 112 — James Davidson
Product of a small American community, James 0. Davidson's life illustrates the romance of citizenship in a democracy. Born 1854 in Norway, where he received little formal education, he emigrated in 1872 and was a farmer and tailor before coming in . . . — Map (db m31671) HM
Wisconsin (Dane County), Sun Prairie — 481 — Georgia O'Keeffe
This world-renowned artist was born in the Town of Sun Prairie on November 15, 1887. She was the second of seven children born to Francis and Ida O'Keeffe. Georgia grew up on the family farm south of the city of Sun Prairie. As a child, she received . . . — Map (db m22692) HM
Wisconsin (Dodge County), Fox Lake — 220 — Bernard R. "Bunny" Berigan(1908–1942)
This was the hometown of famed jazz trumpeter and band leader, Bunny Berigan. As a child he played in the Fox Lake Juvenile Band directed by his grandfather, John C. Schlitzberg. In his early teens, he began his professional career with the . . . — Map (db m22989) HM
Wisconsin (Door County), Fish Creek — A State Park System is FormedPeninsula Leads the Way
"One by one," Assemblyman Tom Reynolds told the Wisconsin Legislature, "all the places of scenic beauty and historical interest are passing away. Before it is too late, it is well to pause and consider whether it is not befitting that some of them . . . — Map (db m79015) HM
Wisconsin (Door County), Jacksonport — Halfway to the North Pole
The 45th parallel (45 Degrees North Latitude) runs through a point one half mile south of this wayside (intersection of Hwy. 57 and Logerquist Road). This is the geographical midpoint between the equator and North Pole. But, because the earth is . . . — Map (db m26671) HM
Wisconsin (Door County), Jacksonport — 493 — Jacksonport United Methodist Church
Also known as “The Little White Church by the Lake,” the Jacksonport United Methodist Church was completed in 1892. Its simple design is attributed to George Bagnall Sr., one of the original builders. Alex Halstead, Harry Wilson Sr. and . . . — Map (db m12114) HM
Wisconsin (Door County), Sturgeon Bay — Bradley Crandall Sawmill Site
This sawmill led to the founding of Sturgeon Bay 1853 The Founding of Little Lake Sturgeon Bay's first major settlement was founded in 1853 with the construction of the Bradley-Crandall Sawmill. The original mill was located on a . . . — Map (db m26859) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — 12 — "Haymarket Square"Where Two Rivers Meet
   When Ojibwa Indians ceded their Chippewa Valley lands to the United States in 1837, Yankee and Canadian lumbermen rushed westward to explore the region's vast white pine forests. At this meeting plasce of two rivers, Eau Claire provided an . . . — Map (db m74636) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — Charles Ingram House — City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission
Historic Building Built in 1899, a significant Colonial Revival style designed by architect Cass Gilbert. Charles Ingram was the son of one of Eau Claire's prominent lumbermen, O. H. Ingram. He held a number of positions in his father's Empire . . . — Map (db m43503) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — Eichert - Pscheidt — City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission
. . . — Map (db m77697) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — Eliza Parrant House — City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission
Historic Building This Queen Anne style house was built by Eliza Parrant in 1881. Several houses in the vicinity replicate many stylistic features of this house, which was sold to Thomas McDermott in 1899. McDermott was a timber scout for the . . . — Map (db m43502) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — John Pinkum House — City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission
Historic Building This residence is an eclectic example of Queen Anne and Second Empire architecture. Constructed in 1859, the present house was almost completely rebuilt in 1889. John Pinkum was a partner in the Empire Lumber Company. . . . — Map (db m76290) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — Legend of Paul Bunyan
The legend of Paul Bunyan is the creation of lumberjacks from Canada to the United States and from Maine to the Pacific Northwest. It probably had its roots in a real person. There was a soldier, named Paul Bunyan, who fought with Papineau in the . . . — Map (db m57620) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — Mrs. Dewitt Clark House — City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission
Historic Building Built in 1897, the Clark house is a combination of Colonial Revival and Neo Classical architecture. Nancy Clark was the widow of dewitt Clark, a banking partner of lumberman O. H. Ingram. Designated District . . . — Map (db m43499) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — Sumner Moon House — City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission
Historic Home Sumner Moon built this Georgian Revival house in 1904. Moon, a prominent businessman in Eau Claire, was president of the Northwestern Lumber Company and later served as president of the Gillette Rubber Company. Designated . . . — Map (db m75793) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — Thomas McDermott House — City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission
Historic Building Thomas McDermott, a local lumberman, built this Queen Anne style house in 1887. McDermott served in the Sixth Minnesota volunteer infantry in the early 1860s. After serving in the military, he worked as an explorer and scout . . . — Map (db m43500) HM
Wisconsin (Eau Claire County), Eau Claire — Woltersdorf House — City of Eau Claire Landmark Commission
Historic Building This Queen Anne style house was built by Frederick and Mary Woltersdorf in 1893. Frederick moved to Eau Claire in 1874 from Germany. He worked in a book bindery and a barbershop before becoming a partner in cigar . . . — Map (db m76526) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Fond du Lac — Pier Cemetery 1838Resting Place of Fond du Lac's First Pioneer Family
(engraving) First Fond du Lac Home Fanna Pier 1838 Daughter of Nathan and Betsey Kendell, wife of Colwert Pier, died March 1, 1838 aged 30. Being the first white female resident and the first death in the County of Fond du Lac. . . . — Map (db m71325) HM
Wisconsin (Fond du Lac County), Johnsburg — Father Caspar Rehrl / St. John the Baptist Parish
Father Caspar Rehrl A priest, missionary, teacher, founder of churches and schools, and organizer of parishes, Father Rehrl was born in Salzburg, Austria, in 1809. He became a mission­ary to North America, arriving in the new diocese of . . . — Map (db m3293) HM
Wisconsin (Forest County), Crandon — 55 — Northern Highland
Sugarbush Hill which you see across the valley is one of the highest points in the northern highland geological province. This province, which includes some 15,000 square miles in northern Wisconsin, is underlain by the crystalline rock on an . . . — Map (db m33686) HM
Wisconsin (Grant County), Boscobel — Crossing the River
With the growth of Boscobel as a shipping point for products from the region, a dependable crossing of the river became an economic necessity. The city was incorporated in 1864 so it could issue bonds for the construction of a bridge. . . . — Map (db m46758) HM
Wisconsin (Iowa County), Arena — 7 — Village of Dover
Beginning in 1844, nearly 700 settlers were brought into this area by the British Temperance & Emigration Society, organized the previous year in Liverpool, England. By 1850 Dover boasted a hotel, post office, cooper, blacksmith, shoemaker, wagon . . . — Map (db m6780) HM
Wisconsin (Iowa County), Mineral Point — 5 — Shake Rag
In the 1830’s, tin miners from Cornwall, England started coming to S. W. Wisconsin to work the newly discovered lead ore deposits. In certain localities they built their stone cottages similar to the ones of their homeland. Shake Rag, the . . . — Map (db m2968) HM
Wisconsin (Jackson County), Alma Center — 240 — Silver Mound
This large, isolated hill is a famous site where prehistoric Indians gathered to quar­ry a particularly attractive quartzite for the manufacture of chipped stone tools. Several aboriginal quarries are scattered along the rimrock of this mound. . . . — Map (db m3195) HM
Wisconsin (Jackson County), Black River Falls — 228 — Black River Valley
White pine trees were growing here when Columbus made his voyage to America. In 1819 the first attempts to saw lumber were unsuccessful, but in 1839 Jacob Spaulding founded Black River Falls by erecting the first permanent sawmill and settlement on . . . — Map (db m3322) HM
Wisconsin (Jackson County), Black River Falls — Lunda Construction Co. — Historic Jackson County
    In the late 1920's Sam Swensen, uncle of Cliff Nelson & Milt Lunda, started the construction co. in Mt. Horeb, WI. It was relocated in 1938 to its present location in Brockway, WI. In the mid 1940's the company was named Nelson . . . — Map (db m80453) HM
Wisconsin (Jefferson County), Lake Mills — 257 — Drumlins
This is glaciated country. Here, as you approach the western edge of Wisconsin’s kettle moraine, you see many land features created by glacial ice some 15,000 years ago. Among the most interesting of these are long, oval hills known as drumlins. . . . — Map (db m37215) HM
Wisconsin (Juneau County), Mauston — 270 — The Sand Counties – Aldo Leopold Territory
“There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot.” For those who cannot, Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac helps reveal the unsuspected natural riches hidden in these sand counties of Wisconsin. At . . . — Map (db m4227) HM
Wisconsin (Kewaunee County), Algoma — Bruemmerville
     Henry Bruemmer, a native of Mecklenburg, Germany, learned the milling trade in his native land before emigrating. After spending a few years on the East Coast, he invested in a flourmill in Mishicot before operating a mill at Tisch Mills. In . . . — Map (db m77474) HM
Wisconsin (Kewaunee County), Pilsen — George Halada Farmstead
     The brick veneer residence, built by George Halada circa 1878, is an excellent example of an Italianate style building popular with Bohemian settlers in this area. Several of the horizontal log farm buildings are in near original form and . . . — Map (db m77629) HM
Wisconsin (La Crosse County), New Amsterdam — 350 — The McGilvray "Seven Bridges Road"
In the early 1850s Scottish immigrant Alexander McGilvray established a small settlement and ferry service, both known as "McGilvray's Ferry," along the Black River. For the next forty years the ferry made seasonal river crossings despite frequent . . . — Map (db m54581) HM
Wisconsin (Manitowoc County), Manitowoc — 53 — First Landing
This Spot Marks the Landing of the First White Settlers in Manitowoc May 5, 1836 ________ Manitowoc County Historical Society 1939 — Map (db m32581) HM
Wisconsin (Marathon County), Wausau — Wausau Water WorksServing Wausau since 1885
Clean drinking water has always been important, but in 1885, Wausau Water Works was built for a different reason — to supply water for fighting fires. 1885 was an especially bad fire year in Wausau. There were 23 alarm fires, including a . . . — Map (db m48064) HM
Wisconsin (Marquette County), Pardeeville — 169 — John Muir Country
It was over this road that John Muir traveled to such early settlements as Kingston and Pardeeville. Muir was eleven when he came here from Scotland with his father, brother and sister in 1849. His mother arrived with her other children after a home . . . — Map (db m4029) HM
Wisconsin (Marquette County), Westfield — Footprints in the Sands of Time
The remarkable crisscrossing pattern on this sandstone was formed by an extinct animal. It crawled across moist, ripple-marked sand at the edge of a shallow tropical ocean, which covered Wisconsin about 520 million years ago during the Cambrian . . . — Map (db m2791) HM
Wisconsin (Marquette County), Westfield — 294 — Korean War
On June 25, 1950, Communist North Korea invaded the Republic of Korea. Backed by Soviet Russia, the North Koreans quickly overran most of the peninsula. South Korea appealed to the United States for assistance, and President Harry Truman immediately . . . — Map (db m2788) HM
Wisconsin (Menominee County), Keshena — 69 — Menominee Reservation
When Nicolet in 1634 stepped ashore not far from the present site of Green Bay, the Menominees were living in peace with their neighbors on both sides of the Menominee River, on the present sites of Menominee, Michigan, and Marinette, Wisconsin. . . . — Map (db m13622) HM
Wisconsin (Monroe County), Camp Douglas — Ice Age National Scientific Reserve
[graphic of] Prominent Glacial Features Deep winter in Wisconsin lasts about three months. But during the last two million years, dramatic shifts in climate produced periods with longer winters. These cold spells lasted thousands of . . . — Map (db m40197) HM
Wisconsin (Monroe County), Kendall — 253 — Elroy – Sparta State Trail
This 32 mile state trail was formerly the mainline of the Chicago and North Western Railway. The conversion from “rail to trail” represented a new concept in recreational development. Utilizing the abandoned railbed, it was the first . . . — Map (db m18710) HM
Wisconsin (Monroe County), Sparta — 198 — Coulee Country
From the hills all around, rugged valleys collect for rivers that feed the mighty Mississippi. The early French called such a valley a coulee. These many valleys, large and small, still are known as coulees, a regional name for a regional landscape. . . . — Map (db m8921) HM
Wisconsin (Monroe County), Sparta — 489 — Monroe County Courthouse
Monroe County was created in 1854, and Sparta became the county seat. The present building is the third Monroe County courthouse and replaced an 1863 courthouse. It was constructed in 1895 at a cost in excess of $50,000. Chicago architect Mifflin E. . . . — Map (db m8960) HM
Wisconsin (Monroe County), Sparta — Wisconsin Child Center Cemetery
On the 223 acres which surround this peaceful place, many hundreds of children whose young lives were touched by tragedy and misfortune lived here at the Wisconsin Child Center, formerly known as the State Public School for Dependent and Neglected . . . — Map (db m26634) HM
Wisconsin (Oconto County), Oconto — 78 — Mission of St. Francois Xavier
On December 2, 1669, the Eve of St. Francis, Father Claude Allouez arrived at Oconto, then a village of about 600 Indians. Here Allouez founded the Mission of St. Francois Xavier, the first mission in north eastern Wisconsin. Six French fur traders . . . — Map (db m13440) HM
Wisconsin (Oconto County), Oconto — 53 — Old Copper Culture Cemetery
At this site approximately 4,500 years ago, Wisconsin Indians gathered to bury their dead. Because of their use of copper tools, weapons and ornaments, this group became known as the Old Copper people. They fashioned spearpoints, knives and . . . — Map (db m58143) HM
Wisconsin (Oneida County), Woodruff — Veterans Memorial
World War I • World War II This monument erected in memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice for their country. Trapp-Gehrke Post 292 · 1946 In honor of all veterans who came to the aid of their country. By the Trapp Gehrke . . . — Map (db m36083) HM
Wisconsin (Outagamie County), Appleton — 556 — Vulcan Street Plant Replica
On November 25, 1882, the Vulcan Street Hydroelectric Central Station began operation. The Vulcan Street Plant featured a direct-current Edison “K”-type dynamo and lit the homes of A. L. and H. D. Smith, five or six mills, a blast . . . — Map (db m84645) HM
Wisconsin (Outagamie County), Kaukauna — 236 — Revolutionary War Veterans
In this area, part of the Statesburg settlement, are the graves of Hendrick Aupaumut and Jacob Konkapot, Stockbridge Indians of Massachusetts. Captain Aupaumut won the notice of George Washington. Able tribal counselor, he served as envoy to western . . . — Map (db m22449) HM
Wisconsin (Outagamie County), Little Chute — 77 — Treaty of the Cedars
The Treaty of the Cedars was concluded on the Fox River near here September 3, 1836. Under the treaty the Menominee Indian nation ceded to the United States about 4,000,000 acres of land for $700,000 (about 17 cents per acre). The area now contains . . . — Map (db m2490) HM
Wisconsin (Pierce County), Hager City — 258 — "Bow and Arrow"
The rock outline you see on the distant bluff is an archeological curiosity. Jacob V. Brower, a Minnesota archeologist, observed this formation in 1902 and interpreted it as a bow and arrow. In 1903 he wrote, "Some of the stones representing the . . . — Map (db m9943) HM
Wisconsin (Polk County), Osceola — Cascade Falls
On May 14, 1884, William Kent and 12 companions stopped on their journey from St. Croix Falls to explore a creek that rippled through the glen and emptied into the St. Croix River. A beautiful 25-foot waterfall burst upon their vision and they . . . — Map (db m17546) HM
Wisconsin (Polk County), Osceola — Geiger Brewery
From 1867 to 1878 master brewer Veit Geiger operated the Geiger Brewery at this location. The artesian springs assured an abundant source of pure water, and the nearby caves provided a constant 50-degree storage cellar. The brewery, was just one of . . . — Map (db m17699) HM
Wisconsin (Polk County), Osceola — Osceola "Soo" Depot
This depot was built in 1916 replacing a smaller wooden structure that was destroyed when two engines collided in front of it. Constructed of red, wire cut brick with white sandstone trim, the depot was very modern for its time, boasting both a . . . — Map (db m17591) HM
Wisconsin (Polk County), Osceola — Osceola Bluff
For thousands of years, this limestone bluff has been an area landmark. Chippewa Indians camped here along the "ginseng trail" that stretched from Balsam Lake in Polk County to New Richmond in St. Croix County. Overlooking the St. Croix National . . . — Map (db m17667) HM
Wisconsin (Polk County), Saint Croix Falls — St. Croix Falls Lions Park
Lions Park marks the site of an historic battle between the Chippewa Indians and their traditional enemies, the Fox and Sioux. Circa 1770, the two war parties met on the portage area below in a fierce fight that raged among the crags and crevices of . . . — Map (db m18113) HM
Wisconsin (Polk County), Saint Croix Falls — 453 — Where Are The Falls of the St. Croix?
The Falls of the St. Croix River, a series of turbulent cascades that dropped 55 feet in less than six miles, were impounded in the early 1900s by this hydroelectric dam. The potential manufacturing power of the falls drew developers who settled . . . — Map (db m14223) HM
Wisconsin (Portage County), Amherst — Amherst Fire District
Original Fire Bell Established 1902 — Map (db m8274) HM
Wisconsin (Portage County), Junction City — 121 — Du Bay Trading Post
In 1834 John Baptiste Du Bay established a trading post on the Wisconsin River one mile east of here for the American Fur Company. His wife was Princess Madeline, daughter of Oshkosh, Chief of the Menominee Indians. According to tradition, Du Bay’s . . . — Map (db m1770) HM
Wisconsin (Portage County), Stevens Point — 418 — The Historic Southside Railroad Complex of Stevens Point
Once the rail hub of central Wisconsin, Stevens Point’s Historic Southside Railroad Complex still contains buildings, engines and tracks that evoke the time when the railroad was the dominant means of transportation in the country. The first train . . . — Map (db m1033) HM
Wisconsin (Richland County), Boaz — 402 — Ocooch Mountains
During the Black Hawk War of 1832, Black Hawk's band and the pursuing military ventured into this unknown terrain of steep ridges and valleys. Following nearby Mill Creek, some of the band headed over these rugged hills known as the Ocooch . . . — Map (db m43534) HM
Wisconsin (Rock County), Janesville — 271 — Rock River Industry
Flowing through rich agricultural land, the Rock River provided needed water power for local Wisconsin industries. Among the earliest in the 1840s were flour and lumber mills, followed in the 1850s by woolen and paper mills and, later, cotton mills. . . . — Map (db m22725) HM
Wisconsin (Rock County), Milton — 229 — Storrs Lake Milton
On July 1, 1832, here beside Storrs Lake, Brigadier General Henry Atkinson and 4,500 soldiers camped overnight in their pursuit of Black Hawk, Sac Indian chief, who was fleeing northward up the east side of Rock River with 400 warriors and 1200 . . . — Map (db m22727) HM
Wisconsin (Rusk County), Ladysmith — Sweet 'Soo'
Locomotive 500-A, nicknamed Sweet 'Soo', was the first passenger diesel on the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railway ("Soo Line"). The 1,500 h.p. FP7 heavy passenger engine was built in November of 1949 by the Electro-Motive Division of . . . — Map (db m55110) HM
Wisconsin (Sauk County), Lake Delton — 26 — Dawn ManorSite of the Lost City of Newport
Here on the Wisconsin River the village of Newport was begun in 1853, planned for a population of 10,000. Assuming that the Milwaukee & LaCrosse Railroad would cross the river here, over 2000 settlers quickly came to Newport, causing a lively land . . . — Map (db m7984) HM
Wisconsin (Shawano County), Wittenberg — Bethany Indian Mission & School
The Norwegian Lutheran Synod dedicated an Indian mission and boarding school on this site in 1887, the same year Congress passed the Dawes Severaty and General Allotment Act. The school boarded as many as 159 children at a time from the Indian . . . — Map (db m29131) HM
Wisconsin (Sheboygan County), Plymouth — 76 — Site of Winooski
In 1875 this was a thriving village with a post office, sawmill, grist mill, general store, village hall, cooper, blacksmith and woodworking shops, a cheese factory and a dozen houses. James and Lucinda Stone of Winooski, Vermont were the . . . — Map (db m31831) HM
Wisconsin (Vernon County), Genoa — 223 — La Crosse Boiling Water Reactor
In 1961, the Joint Congressional Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) approved Dairyland Power Cooperative's proposal to construct and operate Wisconsin's first nuclear-fueled power plant. This reactor was part of a pilot program to demonstrate the . . . — Map (db m36397) HM
Wisconsin (Vernon County), Hillsboro — 383 — African American Settlers of Cheyenne Valley
The Cheyenne Valley area near Hillsboro was Wisconsin’s largest rural African American settlement in the 19th century. The State’s early defiance of the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act and the later demise of the slavery system after the Civil War . . . — Map (db m36398) HM
Wisconsin (Vernon County), Hillsboro — Mt. Vernon Cemetery Civil War Memorial
Erected To The Memory Of The Boys Of 1861—1865 — Map (db m41996) HM
Wisconsin (Vernon County), Liberty Pole — 1 CVP — John McCulloch
Near here John McCulloch in 1844 Erected the First Permanent Cabin in this County. He Sold in 1852, went to Calif.; died on Plains 1853. ________________________ Sept. 4, 1848 Democratic Nominating Conven– tion . . . — Map (db m31919) HM
Wisconsin (Vernon County), Ontario — St. Patrick Parish
In 1867-68, at this site, on land donated by Patrick Donohoe in 1861, early Irish immigrants built a white frame church dedicated to St. Patrick. The location was called "Bad Axe" the original name of Vernon County. The Church was dedicated in . . . — Map (db m39239) HM
Wisconsin (Vernon County), Ontario — The Kickapoo River Valley
The Kickapoo River Watershed covers four counties in Wisconsin: Monroe, Vernon, Richland and Crawford. The Kickapoo River flows through many towns from Wilton to Wauzeka on its way to the Wisconsin River. Its tributaries cover over 500 miles. This . . . — Map (db m40208) HM
Wisconsin (Vilas County), Sayner — 212 — Snowmobile
Wisconsinites experimented with over-snow vehicles before 1900, trying bicycles on runners with gripping fins, steam-propelled sleighs and later Model T Fords converted with rear tractor treads and skis in front. In the first races held near Three . . . — Map (db m35948) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), Iola — Iola Veterans Memorial
In Memory of our Veterans [names] Dedicated to Veterans of the Iola Scandinavia Area Erected 1976 Post 14Map (db m33143) HM
Wisconsin (Waupaca County), King — 422 — General Charles King1844 – 1933
Charles King, one of America's most illustrious soldiers, was born in New York and came to Milwaukee in 1845. His father was Rufus King, editor and publisher of the Milwaukee Sentinel and first commander of the famed Civil War Iron Brigade. . . . — Map (db m4961) HM
Wisconsin (Winnebago County), Menasha — 30 — Wisconsin Central Railroad
Wisconsin Central Railroad was formally organized in the National Hotel on this site by Judge George Reed and his associates, Feb. 4, 1871. Here the contracts were let for its construction and the first general office was located. The road secured a . . . — Map (db m22444) HM
Wisconsin (Winnebago County), Oshkosh — 347 — Edgar Sawyer House
Oshkosh lumberman, banker and financier Edgar P. Sawyer hired noted local architect William Waters to design this Tudor Revival style house in 1907. Constructed of brick and limestone with parapeted gables and fluted chimneys, the house featured . . . — Map (db m20885) HM
Wisconsin (Winnebago County), Oshkosh — Rainbow Memorial Park
The 42nd Division composed of National Guard units from 26 states and the District of Columbia including Co. "F" Oshkosh, Co. "G" Appleton, Co. "E" Fond du Lac was formed August 1917. The 42nd Rainbow Division was named by Colonel Douglas MacArthur, . . . — Map (db m26153) HM
Wisconsin (Winnebago County), Oshkosh — The 32d Red Arrow Division
In Honor of the Members of The 32d Red Arrow Division Formed 18 July 1917 World War I 6 April 1917 – 11 November 1918 Campaigns "France" Alsace • Aisne-Marne • Oise-Aisne • Meuse-Argonne Casualties: . . . — Map (db m40307) HM
Wisconsin (Wood County), Arpin — Geological History of Powers Bluff
Powers Bluff is a worn down peak of an ancient mountain range which once covered northern Wisconsin. In geology it is known as monadnock. It is comprised almost entirely of solid metamorphic rock called quartzite. Powers Bluff originated eons . . . — Map (db m6109) HM
Wisconsin (Wood County), Arpin — Indian Bill Cemetery
These Indian burial sites are believed to be from descendants of the Winnebago and Prairie Band Potawatomi People. The Potawatomi tradition was to build a grave house over the burial site. These grave houses are meant to deteriorate naturally . . . — Map (db m6103) HM
Wisconsin (Wood County), Arpin — Powers Bluff
The Indians named Powers Bluff Tah-qua-kik, and was for some years the home of three tribes of Indians; the Chippewa, the Potawatomi, and the Winnebago. Local historians say that some of the Potawatomi lived here as early as 1866. They lived on the . . . — Map (db m6110) HM
Wisconsin (Wood County), Hewitt — Slidre Evangelical Lutheran Church and Cemetery
Historical Marker Slidre Evangelical Lutheran Church and Cemetery On January 13, 1906, forefathers from Norway established the church. The first pastor to serve was Reverend J.C. Hougum. The church building was constructed in 1907 by . . . — Map (db m5045) HM
Wisconsin (Wood County), Marshfield — Engine 2442
In Service 1911-1954 Presented to City of Marshfield by Wisconsin Central- Soo Line RR in 1956. Marshfield Historic Register — Map (db m75938) HM
Wisconsin (Wood County), Nekoosa — Veterans Memorial
[seal of The Liberty Tree] All Gave Some Some Gave All Nekoosa Veterans of Foreign Wars Domtar Industries Inc. Dedicated 11 November 2004 — Map (db m50257) HM
Wisconsin (Wood County), Wisconsin Rapids — 27 — Dr. Byron Robinson1855 – 1910
Byron Robinson, born in southern Wisconsin, worked his way through Mineral Point Seminary and the University of Wisconsin from which he received a degree in 1878. In 1882, following graduation from Rush Medical College, Dr. Robinson located in Grand . . . — Map (db m1887) HM
Wisconsin (Wood County), Wisconsin Rapids — Winnebago Indians
Ah-Dah-Wa-Gam Chapter D. A. R. In recognition of the Loyalty & Patriotism of the Winnebago Indians ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Corporal Foster DeCorah Robert DeCorah · Jesse Thompson Mike . . . — Map (db m17748) HM

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