“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

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To view this website, you do not need to identify yourself.

But if you wish to leave information on this site, you will have to identify yourself. For example, to add information and photographs to this site, or to correct errors. We also need an identity in order to create customized lists you may request, like tag lists, and to enable your use of resource-taxing features like viewing lists longer than 500 entries.

To identify yourself, you initially need to register. Subsquently you just need to sign in.

Registration is at no charge. It simply establishes an identity.

When you register you provide your name (can be fictitious, but see below), the town and state or province you live in (can also be fictitious), and an email address.

The email address will be used to

So while you can enter a fictitious email address, you may regret it later, especially if you forget your password. If you do use a fictitious email address, please choose one that you are sure is invalid so you do not accidentally cause us to harass someone else when we try to send you an email message.

The name and town you enter will be used to acknowledge your contributions to the database, except that for every submission you will be given the choice of using the word "Anonymous" in its place if you prefer. So you are encouraged to use your real name because you will always have the option of remaining anonymous.

The identifying information discussed above (name, town, state or province, and email address) will not be used for any other reason. It will not be sold or given to anyone else. And we will not email you unless you ask us to or we have a question pertaining directly to a submission you made to this site.

Finally, you may accidentally or on purpose provide other identifying information in the information or photographs you upload to the database. All data you upload to the database, when approved by the editor, becomes public information visible by any and all visitors to this site. And the information on this site could find itself elsewhere. When you submit information to this database you give a perpetual and irrevocable license for its use. So be careful, because you can't retract it.

If you have questions or a dispute regarding the use of personally identifiable information please contact the Editor.



To view this site, you do not need to have "cookies" enabled.

But if you need to identify yourself to this site for the reasons listed in the previous section, this site will attempt to leave a "cookie" on your computer and if it can't, those particular pages will not work correctly.

"Cookie" is the technical term (believe it or not) for a small piece of information that a web page can request to leave on your computer. Some pages on this site attempt to leave a cookie on your computer. This cookie has no personal information in it. It has a randomly generated Session ID number, the current date and time, and other brief pieces of data we use to improve page-to-page continuity.

Pages that allow you to upload information, and pages that show information you previously deposited on our site, ask to see that cookie before they display. If the cookie is missing, the session ID is invalid or if the date and time in the cookie is stale, you will be asked to sign in again.

If you have configured your browser to prohibit cookies in general or our cookie in particular, then our site can never show you the pages that require you to identify yourself.

So if our site seems to be "broken" because it repeatedly asks you to sign in and does not give you any error message (such as "your password is invalid"), it most likely means that you are not allowing cookies to be stored.

A second cookie is used for the optional "next/previous" page navigation system. If cookies are enabled, Next and Previous buttons will appear on each marker page to take you from one marker page to another without your having to return to the search results page repeatedly. If you do not allow that cookie, then the page navigation shortcuts will not show and you will have to return to the search results in order to navigate to the next or previous page.


Advertising and Analytics

Advertising. This website sells advertising space to Google AdSense,, and others. They in turn decide what ad to show you in the space we have allotted to them. Because they control the space we provide, they can and do affect your privacy. They have privacy policies that you should also read, and privacy options you should understand, and if you wish, adjust. Because they advertise on our pages and have been known to track certain internet pages you visit, it is highly likely that they may track what pages on our website you are reading. They may also leave cookies in your browser.

When an advertisement has the capability to affect your privacy, the advertiser should provide a small button somewhere on their ad to link to their privacy terms. This is typically a blue right-pointing triangle.

We may also sell space to other advertisers that may or may not have the capabilities to affect your privacy. When we simply place a display ad, then such capability is not available to them and an advertising terms button will not be present.

Advertising defers some of the costs of operating this website. While we regret that we may unintentionally be providing our advertisers the capability discussed in the previous paragraphs, this capability is inherent in the technology and—short of not accepting any advertising—we cannot control, block or otherwise deny them that capability.

Analytics. Like most websites on the internet, we use Google Analytics to count the number of pages that are accessed and provide us with other usage counts and statistics. To do this we place Google-provided code on our pages to count usage in the aggregate. Google Analytics has optional capabilities for more aggressive usage tracking but we have not enabled those features. All the information collected is presented to us is in the aggregate (i.e., “12 browsers are displaying this particular page at this time” and “this page has been viewed this many times in the last so many days”). There is no way to view your specific activity. Google Analytics may also leave cookies on your browser. Their cookies are NOT labeled as coming from

Tracking prevention. If you wish to prevent possible tracking and other potential privacy compromises enabled by advertising and analytics on our website, and on any other website, we recommend you look into the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Privacy Badger browser add-on. This application is available at no charge and can block and/or alert you to things our advertisers and analytics are doing that you may not wish to allow, and give you the capability to block them. There is more information at Similar applications from other providers are available.

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Sep. 22, 2023