“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Danbury in Fairfield County, Connecticut — The American Northeast (New England)

Danbury Veterans Monument

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By Michael Herrick, September 24, 2009
1. Danbury Veterans Monument
[ Center Panel ]
Center Marker:
In Honor of
The Men and Women
of Danbury
who served in the World War
1917 – 1919
In Memory of these men who
made the supreme sacrifice
for liberty

Toby Asmar
Co. M. 325th Infantry Killed In Action October 11, 1918
Martin J. Brennan
Headquarters Co. 138th Field Artillery Died in France October 26, 1918
George A. Byrnes
Merchant Marine Service Died at Brookline, Mass. September 21, 1918
Joseph T. Cassidy
Co. I. 115th Infantry Killed In Action October 8, 1918
Terrence S. Coffey
Co. F. 74th Infantry Died at Camp Devens January 25, 1919
James De Paolis
Battery F. 10th Field Artillery Died in France November 25, 1918
George A. Fairchild
Co. E. 102nd Infantry Killed In Action April 20, 1918
Stephen J. Feeley
Engineer Corps Died at Washington, D.C. October 4, 1918
John F. Gilbert
Headquarters Co. 327th Infantry Died in France August 12, 1918
George B. Hawley
Danbury Veterans Monument image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, September 24, 2009
2. Danbury Veterans Monument
Co. 307th Infantry Died in France October 7, 1918

Philo J. Hawley
Engineer Corps Died at Ft. Benjamin Harrison October 11, 1918
Walter Henebry
Co. I. 304th Infantry Died at Camp Devens October 14, 1917
Avery Hinkley
Musician, 77th Field Artillery. Band Killed In Action November 11, 1918
Iver Holmes
Co. G. 307th Infantry Killed In Action September 15, 1918
George W. Hyatt
Co. A. 327th Infantry Died in France October 3, 1918
James F. Kelly
Merchant Marine Service Died at Rotterdam, Holland August 2, 1919
Reuben J. Knapp
24th Co. 152nd Depot Brigade Died at Camp Upton October 13, 1918
Alfred M. Layman
Radio Department Died at Ebbetts Field, Arkansas September 30, 1918
John E. Lobdell
Co. F. 74th Infantry Died at Camp Devens September 30, 1918
Ronald S. Luke
United States Navy Died at New York May 17, 1918
Fred Gregory Lyon
Sanitary Detachment, 56th Artillery Died at Allerey, France December 3, 1918
Anthony J. Mancuso
Co. L. 325th Infantry Died in France January 9, 1919
Paul Manent 37th
Co. 151st Depot Brigade Died at Camp Devens September 24, 1918
Emil Marasco
Far Left Panel image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, September 24, 2009
3. Far Left Panel
K. 326th Infantry Killed In Action August 4, 1918

Joseph McHugh
24th Co. 152nd Depot Brigade Died at Camp Upton October 4, 1918
Frank A. Morgan
Co. M. 102nd Infantry Killed In Action June 20, 1918
Joseph Russo
316th Supply Co. Q.M.C. Died in France September 19, 1918
Charles A. Schoonover, Jr.
Co. C. 305th Infantry Killed In Action October 10, 1918
Albert C. Smith
Co. A. 101st Infantry Killed In Action July 23, 1918
G. Winthrop Standish
Co. H. 107th Infantry Killed In Action September 29, 1918
Edward N. Street
Co. B. 4th Military Police Died at Their, Germany December 10, 1918
Gustav Streibig
Co. L. 325th Infantry Died in France October 17, 1918
Philip Tomanio
Co. A. 11th Machine Gun Battalion Died in France October 11, 1918
Raymond A. Walling
Battery F. 56th Artillery Killed In Action August 31, 1918
George H. Woods
Co. B. 307th Infantry Died in France September 20, 1918

Far Left Marker:
In Honor of
The Men and Women of Danbury
Who Served in World War II
1941 – 1945
The Memory of These Departed
Heroes Always Lives

Stanley J. Balazy, T/4 Army • Alex
Left of Center Panel image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, September 24, 2009
4. Left of Center Panel
Baran, M/Sgt. Army • Richard M. Bassett, 2nd Lt. Army • Richard E. Baur. S/Sgt. Army • Edward Belorit, PFC Army • Kenneth R. Berggren, PFC Army • Arthur Bloomberg, S 1/C Navy • Joseph P. Bradley, PFC Army • Thomas E. Brady, PFC Army • Joseph F. Breznicky, PFC Army • Malcolm A. Carrara, CS 1/C Navy • William J. Casazza, PFC Army • Joseph F. Cassidy, Q M 3/C Navy • Chester J. Chelso, PFC Marine Corps • Rinaldo Chiavuzzi, S/Sgt. Army • Edgar P. Coury, 1st Lt. Army • Thomas D. Critelli, PFC Army • Henry W. Davis, F/O Army • Robert A. Davis, PFC Army • Thomas S. Dunn, PFC Army • Andrew R. Durkin, R D 2/C Navy • Vincent Farioly, Pvt. Army • Richard P. Finadli, Cpl Army • Francis J. Gaffney, ACK Marine Corps • George R. Garavel, Sct. Army • Thomas Davenport, PFC Army • Joseph F. Garavel, Jr., PFC Army • George A. Gerstenmaier, Pvt. Army • Frederick R Gervasoni, PFC Army • James F. Gould, Sgt. Army • Charles Hajj, Pvt. Army • Ludwig A. Halas, PFC Marine Corps • Samuel Hamad, Pvt. Army • Andrew D. Hliva, PFC Army • John Holick, PFC Army • Joseph C. Hubbard, Cdr Navy • Nicholas A. Hugyo, MM 1/C Navy • Chester E. Jednack, PFC Army • Frank E. Johnson, S/Sgt. Army • Stephen Jurik, PFC Army • Frederick W. Kane, CBM Navy • William J. Kasperwicz, PFC Army • Francis S. Kellogg, PFC Army • Philip E. Kelly, CYN Navy • Robert J. Kent, Pvt. Army • Andrew A. Koperno, Pvt. Army • Stephen W. Kosack, Sgt.
Right of Center Panel image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, September 24, 2009
5. Right of Center Panel
Army • Arthur H. Koslow, 2nd Lt. Army • Sidney M. Kotok, Pvt. Army • John Krizan, T/5 Army • Archibald L. Lake, PFC Army • Eugene A. Lamy, PFC Army • Elmer F. Lauf, Cpl. Army • Angelo M. Lavelle, S/Sgt. Army • Emile R. LeBlanc, S 2/C Navy • John M. Leonard, Sgt. Army • Vincent A. Light, Pvt. Army • Nelson R. Linster, T/5 Army • Adolf M. Loorman, Cpl. Army • Fred G. MacDonadl, PFC Army • William T. McCarthy, Pvt. Army • Harold E. McFarland, PFC Marine Coprs • Edward P. McGee, Pvt. Army • Robert J. McNamara, 2nd Lt. Army • Joseph E. Mead, 2nd Lt. Army • Moses C. Michael, PFC Army • Michael W. Mockovack, PFC Army • John F. Mooney, Lt. Navy • James N. Nash, S 1/C Navy • Leo Null, Cpl. Army • Luther M. Onerheim, PFC Army • Anthony G. Palermo, A/C Army • John S. Pearl, S 2/C Navy • Stephen Plisko, Sgt. Army • Robert Pollick, S/Sgt. Army • Anthony R. Ragaini, PFC Army • Donald F. Schmeltz, Sgt. R.C.A.F. • Robert L. Shea, HM 1/C Navy • Joseph Silver, T/4 Army • Fred G. Simon, Pvt. Army • George H. Smith, T/Sgt. Army • Vernon W. Smith, BM 2/C Navy • Sidney C. Spencer, Sgt. Army • John A. Stavola, T/5 Army • Peter Stec, WOJG Army • Benjamin Steinfeld, Pvt. Army • William R. Stolzenberg, Cpl. Marine Corps • Carl W. Strait, 1st Lt. Army • Ray G. Thieman, Pvt. Marine Corps • Walter C. Tilford, PFC Marine Corps • Fred M. Underhill, PFC Army • Vincent J. Vigna, Pvt. Army • Harry M. Waldron, Cox
Far Right Panel image. Click for full size.
By Michael Herrick, September 24, 2009
6. Far Right Panel
Navy • Charles T. Ward, Pvt. Army • William H. Waterbury, EM 1/C Navy • Edward J. Waytaszik, Sgt. Army • Leroy A. Wixted, AD 1/C Navy • Willis A. Woodin, PFC Army • John F. Zimmerman, Capt. Army • Stephen Zotos, Pvt. Army •
This plaque
Erected by the City and Town of Danbury

Left of Center Marker:
Richard Q. Braman, PFC. • Donald J. Cunha, Cpl • Francis W. Dwyer, S/Sgt • James Harrison, PFC • Lee R. Hartell, 1st Lt. • Leonard C. Hull, Sgt • Kenneth R. Mahon, Sgt • Laurence D. Myers, 2nd Lt. • Richard C. Newton, PFC • Albert W. Plumb, Pvt • Ernest B. Richard, PFC • Gerald D. Troccola, Cpl

Right of Center Panel:
Charles W. Allison, 1st Lt. • Francis A. Azzarito Jr., PFC • Richard C. Benicewicz, 1st Lt. • Henry J. Brett, Airman • Robert E. Berry, LCpl • Roger V.P. Burke, Cpl • Vernon H. Baker II, Cpl • Robert H. Braathe • Richard O. Bickford, 1st Lt. • Legrand Cole Jr., Lt. Commander (MIA) • Christopher G. Cocks, Airman • David L. Carlson, PFC • John K. Clarke, LCpl • Joseph Cayer Jr., Sp4 • Michael J. Fratto, Cpl • James G. Flynn, Sgt • Samuel D. Freeman III, Capt. • Michael Farmer, Cpl • Frederick Gerlach Jr., Y/1/C • John L. Gedghegan, 2nd Lt. • Charles M. Goetz, Atran • Gary C. Griswold, PFC • Harold F. Gentile, Cpl • John M. Halas, 1st Lt. • Richard M. Hope, Sp4
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• Robert M. Iller, F3/C • Guy F. Johnson, Warrant Officer • William H. Keeler, Sp4 • Barney, J. Kelly, Sp4 • Richard Kolesar, Airman • David, G. Loeb • Geradl McKinley, Lt. • Edward J. Monahan, LCpl • Arthur J. Morris, Lt. • Robert P. Marhan, Pvt • Stephen T. Perry • Charles V. Penn, Capt. •Frank A. Peterson • John T. Orrico, Warrant Officer • Richard G. Repole, 1st Lt. • Michael A. Reihard, Capt. • John C. Reitwiesner, Sp4 • Russell J. Rotko Jr., PC • Jack Rodrigues, Engineman 2/C • Peter E. Sipp, Lcpl • Thomas J. Tyrell, Sp4 • Robert J. Thompson, S/Sgt • Dennis G. Taylor, PFC • Lynn M. Travis, Lt. • Philipp R. Vollhardt, 1st Lt. • Lawrence G. Visconti, PFC • Warren D. Vought Jr., Cpl • Douglas A. White, S/Sgt • Donald M. Wayman, PFC • Thomas C. Williams • William J. Zaborowski, Cpl

Far Right Panel:
Honor Roll
Erected by the Danbury High School Alumni
Association in honor of those members who answered
the call of our country during the World War

Dewey Ahearn • Alfred Andrews • Earl Andrew • Willard Allen • Robert Austin • Charles Baker • William Barbarito • Dudley Beers • Thomas Belden • Robert Belden • Legrand Benedict • Arthur Blackburn • John Blake • George Bradley • William Brown • Helen Brundage • Linton Bulkeley • Dana Burgess • Orano Capellaro • George Chase • Harold Chichester • Joseph Cistero •
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Frank Condron • John J. Corbett • John F. Culhane • John J. Culhane • Joseph Daragan • Leslie A. Davis • Benjamin Decker • Leonard Dibble • Caleb Diedrickson • Morris Downs • Joseph Durkin • Joseph Dyas • Edward Ellis • Douglas A. Evans • Anthony Favorinski • Arthur Foster • Francis Foster • Stillman Foster • Thomas Gallagher • A. Leroy Gerry • Henry Gilbert • George Gilch • Emil J. Goos • Philip Goos • John T. Green • George E. Hamilton • Earl Harkness • Harry Hefferan • Joseph Hefferan • Gerald Heinzelman • Walter Henebry • Alfred Hodson • Linda Hollaway • Dwight E. Holley • N. Thompson Hooper • John E. Horan • E. Millard Howard • Frank Hoyt • Lawrence Hoyt • Leon G. Hoyt • Preston S. Hoyt • Joseph Hubbard • William Hubbard • Florence Hurlburt • Dominic Hunt • Francis Keane • Frederick Keating • David Keeler • Arthur Kellner • Harold Kilcoyne • Kenneth Kinner • Leon Klinzing • Dwight Knapp • William Kneizner • Frank Kovacs • Dwight Kyle • Dominic La Caya • Walter Lambe • George Lee • George Lemmer • Ivan Lord • John Lynch • Fred G. Lyon • Roger A. Lyon • John Mahoney • Ambrose McCarthy • John McHugh • Joseph McHugh • Allan McKay • Harry McLachlan • Duncan McLean • Donald McLean • Charles Meaney • Leon Meaney • Vincent Meaney • Louise Merritt • Fred D. Mills • Howard D. Moore • Raymond Nelson • F. Alton O’Connor • Elliot Parmalee • Benson Pattison • Clark Peck • Harold Peffers • Philip Peffers • Jason N. Pierce • E, Clifford Pierson • Avery Pike • Kenneth Porter • Richard Porter • James Post • Albert Rathgeb • Carlton Reynolds • Ralph Reynolds • William Rider • Henry Rocano • Platt Rogers • Harold Ruffles • James A. Ryan • Leon Ryan • Louis Schmidt • Charles F. Scofield • George L. Scofield • Harold Scofield • Thomas Settle • George Sherman • Horace L. Shepard Jr. • Morton Shepard • Roy W. Shepard • Melvin Simon • George Smith • Laurence W. Smith • Linder C. Smith • Robert Smith • Walter Smith • Charles Soderberg • R. Oscar Soderberg • Lowell Starr • Samuel Stebbins • Kenneth Stevens • Jeffrey A. Stone • George H. Stott • Crispell Sturdevant • Anthony Sunderland • William Sunderland • Earl E. Targett • Elmer Teagarden • Frank K. Thompson • Patrick Torraca • Donald N. Tweedy • Irving Vail • Walter Van Nostrand Jr. • Francis Vaughn • Henry Vaughn • Charles H. Voegele • Conrad Wile Ward • Frank S. Ward • William C. Ward • Burling Wells • Frank Wittland • Leonard D. Wildman • Ellis Wilson • Henry Wilson • Clifton Wright

In Memoriam
* Walter Henebry * Fred Gregory Lyon * Joseph McHugh
“For our tomorrow they gave their today”.

Topics. This memorial monument is listed in these topic lists: War, KoreanWar, VietnamWar, World IWar, World II.
Location. 41° 23.142′ N, 73° 26.572′ W. Marker is in Danbury, Connecticut, in Fairfield County. Memorial is at the intersection of Memorial Drive and South Street, on the left when traveling south on Memorial Drive. Located in front of the Danbury War Memorial. Touch for map. Marker is in this post office area: Danbury CT 06810, United States of America. Touch for directions.
Other nearby markers. At least 8 other markers are within walking distance of this marker. Danbury Area Korean War Memorial (within shouting distance of this marker); Danbury Area Vietnam War Memorial (about 300 feet away, measured in a direct line); Historic Site (about 500 feet away); Danbury World War II Memorial (approx. Ό mile away); John W. Leahy (approx. Ό mile away); Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route (approx. Ό mile away); Danbury During the Revolutionary War (approx. Ό mile away); Danbury 9-11 Memorial (approx. 0.4 miles away). Touch for a list and map of all markers in Danbury.
More about this monument. The Danbury War Memorial Association, Inc. is a non-profit recreational and educational facility, located in Rogers Park.
Also see . . .  War Memorial, Danbury. (Submitted on October 14, 2009.)
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