“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
Lester Prairie in McLeod County, Minnesota — The American Midwest (Upper Plains)

Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial

Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial image. Click for full size.
Photographed By K. Linzmeier, July 16, 2014
1. Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial
(panel A)
Ray Kirkpatrick
Post #463
"In Honor of All Who Served"

United States Army • United States Navy • United States Marine Corp • United States Merchant Marines • United States Air Force • United States Coast Guard

Ray Kirkpatrick
Army KIA in France
Argonne Forest Nov. 1918

First Soldier From This Area That
Lost His Life in Combat in WWI

Dedicated 2011


Lloyd E Groenke Seaman First Class Navy WWII 1945-46 • Cpl Allen R Kuenzel Army Peace Time 1953-55 • A1C Eugene Rennells US Air Force Vietnam • Sgt Gary Jungclaus Air Force Vietnam • Richard Barfnecht Army France Germany WWII 1941-45 • Terry R. Barfknecht Army Nat Guard 1967-73 • E-4 Herbert J Bloom Army 478th Aviation Vietnam 1970-73 • Clarance Will US Navy WWII • Edgar Senne US Army WWII • Cpl Donald E Heuer US Marines Vietnam 1965-68 • E-5 Troy D Heuer USN USNR USANG Terrorism 1990-2003 • SSgt Jerry Jerabek 54th ARMD Inf Btn Army WWII 1942-45 • Sp3 Oria Brinkmeier
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Army Korea 1955-57 • PFC Larry G Ardolf 14 Arm Cav Germany Army Korea 1954-56 • Major Chad Wendolek Army 1993 to 2013 plus • Sgt Noel Guggemos 2nd Bn 48nd Inf Vietnam 1965-67 • Sp4 Gary Gatz National Guard Vietnam 1967-73 • Walter John Weise Tech Sgt OSS Army WWII 1941-45 Germany • Sgt E-5 Paul Weise 94th Artillery Army Vietnam 1965-68 • Lowell F Johnson MSgt Air Force Korea 1955-69 • PO3 Roger M Lepel Navy Vietnam 1961-65 • SpC4 Darvin Heldt Army 3rd Bn 3rd Div Peace Time 1984-93 • Sgt Glenard Prehn Marines Korea 1953-57 • Lt Barry R Kyllo USN - Submarines USNA - Class of 1982 • Cpl Henry Schelhaas 7th Div Mil Police Korea 1952-54 • Sp5 Robert Kruschke Army Vietnam 1966-69 • Sgt Robert W Green Army Korea DMZ • Scott V Christenson Cpl Marines 1985-91 Desert Shield Storm

Post 463 is Honoring the Following Deceased
Veterans from the Donations Received

Willard Adams • Donald Berry • Emil Ernst • Willard Fenske • Donald Hall • Robert Kelly • Lawrence Kutz • Clara Milbrath • Arthur O'Neil • Rell Packer • Robert Pfeifer • Fred Schamburg • Ernst Schubert • Karl T Spellum • Amandus Tonn • George Amundson • Arnold Birkholz • Howard Ernst • Millard Gow • Joe Halloran • Leonard Kohls • Paul Lange • August Nimz • Delmar Packer • Rell Packer Jr • Arthur Quast • Martin
Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial image. Click for full size.
Photographed By K. Linzmeier, July 16, 2014
2. Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial
(reverse side)
Schamburg • Herman Seefeldt • Theodore Spellum • Samuel Truewe • Glen Bathen • George Daly • Myron Fenske • John Gennrich • Fred Heneman • Kenneth Kulhmann • Curtis R Lind • Otto Norenberg • John Packer • Wayne Packer • Paul Richter • A Schmidt • Herman Seeman • John Stacy • David Warren • Arthur Bettcher • Ferdinand Emme • Vernan Fenske • Carl Gilster • Clarence Hultgren • Fred W Kuenzel • Dennis Menth • Phil Olson • Mirriam Packer • Christian Pfeifer • William Ristow • Theodore Schmidt • Henry Slanga • Wilfred Thiel • Howard Weiner


Lt Co David G Weise MN NG Army Ranger AB Vietnam 1956-88 • Henry Hoof Army WWI • PFC Harold J Hoof Army Infantry WWII Italy • SSG Larry C Hoof Air Force Vietnam • SPC Donald R Hoof Reserve 32nd ICC Vietnam 1967-73 • Donald Briesemeister M Sgt Army National Guard Korea 1950-56 • Gary J Breidenbach Sp4 Army Vietnam BSM Am ARCON • Cpl Stanley R Ernst Army WWII 1944-48 • Cpl Harold Lemke Army 593 Engr Co C WWII South Pacific • Sgt E5 Leon V Krone Army Co C 4th Inf Div Vietnam 1965-67 • Sgt Harold E Latzig Army 244 Ord Bep Co Korea 1954-52 • Carl Klaustermeier Army - Germany Korea 1954-56 • Ralph Prehn Army Vietnam 1965-67 • Pvt Jerry Koerschen Army WWI 1918-19 WIA • PFC Henry A Ristow Army WWII • August F Ristow Army
Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial · Panel B image. Click for full size.
Photographed By K. Linzmeier, July 16, 2014
3. Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial · Panel B
WWII 1942-46 • Pvt Edwin A Ristow Army Germany POW 26 MO WWII 1941-45 • Cpl Ervin A S Hoof Marines Korea 1951-52 • PFC Hilbert Hoof Army USAH 5025 SU Korea 1953-61 • Sp E-5 Orlin E C Hoof Army Vietnam 1959-64 • EN3 Kerry Wuetherich Navy USS Recovery Vietnam • Henry Schmidt Army WWI France • Roland J F Schmidt Amm3C Navy Korea • Kenneth Schmidt HM3 Navy Korea • Erland O Raduenz Army Vietnam 1964-66 • Earl William Emich Navy WWII • Chester Hoernemann MSG US Army Retired ARNG-USAR 1957-99 • Cpl Mark Detlefsen Marine Corps 3rd MAW Peacetime 1972-74 • Pvt Harold Birkholz Army Med Dept WWII • PFC Melvin Birkholz Army Korea KIA • Cpl George Birkholz Army Korea • SFC Leroy H Birkholz Army Korea 1953-61 • E5 Louis T Rolf Army Korea 1952-54 • Albert Bahr Army WWII • PFC Emmert Gebhardt Army Korea • Reuben William Roos Army Korea • SpF4 Ortwin J Heldt Army Korea 1951-55 • PFC Roy J Landin Army Air Corps WWII • Elmer E Dierfeldt Army WWII 1943-45 • David A Schwarze Lt Col Air Force Leb-Guf 1988-2010 • Royal Ray Sheppard Dr Army WWI 1917-19 • Clarence G Schwartz Cpl Army WWII 1942-45 • Raymond C Schwartz BT2 Navy Vietnam 1966-70 • Leslie F Schwartz Sgt Army Field Arty Peacetime 1980-84 • Clifford Gueningsman Army Korea 1953-55
Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial · Panel C image. Click for full size.
Photographed By K. Linzmeier, July 16, 2014
4. Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial · Panel C
• Jonathan Gueningsman Army Res 367 EnBn Iraq-Kuwait 2006-14 • PFC August J Voss Army WWII 1941-43 • CPO Richard G Voss Navy Seabees 24 Yrs MCB25-MCB1 1961-95 • Sgt Roger V Voss Air Force Vietnam 1974-78 • SFC Tom Voss WIA Army 5th SFCA Iraq Bronze Star 1995-09 • SRA Gary L Starkson Air Force Peacetime 1977-81 • CPO Jesse B Almquist Navy 1944-65 WWII Korea Vietnam


SFC Edward L Mlynar Army HQ Co 578 Engr 40 Div Korea 1950-53 • Cpl Willard Parpart Army Korea 1953-55 • Sgt Hillard C Staple AAF 405th Sig Co WWII 1942-46 • SSgt James A Thiel Air Force Vietnam 1967-70 • Edward G Ekdahl AX1 Naval Air VP816 Vietnam • Arvin W Birkholz Cpl Army Peacetime • Sgt Ronald Stibal National Guard Peacetime 1956-64 • Hilard Klaustermeier Cpl Army 129 Inf Reg 2nd Div Korea 1953-55 • John Klaustermeier SFC Army Infantry Iraq 2005-08++ • Sgt Reuben Schmalz Army India Burma China WWII 1941-46 • ASM2 Charles Ernst Navy USS Ranger Persian Gulf 1985-89 • ADR2 Paul Trebil Navy Vietnam War • SN-3 Barry C Trebil Boswain Mate Navy Peacetime • Major Deroyce Monroe MN National Guard Vietnam 1956-76 • LtC Micheal Monroe Army Special Services Persian Gulf 1989-11 • Cpl Murl A Kletscher Army Korea • Cpl Clarence Ehrke Army Air Force Korea 1953-54
Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial · Panel D image. Click for full size.
Photographed By K. Linzmeier, July 16, 2014
5. Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial · Panel D
• PFC Roland B Rolf National Guard Korea 1953-60 • Sp5 Devan Stoltenow Army 538th Engr Bn Thailand 1965-67 • William G McGowan Navy Korea • Sgt Melvin B Ostlie Army Co H 291st Inf WWII 1942-45 • Sp4 Donald R Litzau Army Vietnam 1966-68 • Vernon Briesemeister PFC Air Force WWII 1944-46 • Lloyd Weisenburger US Marine Corps Korea 1953-56 • Cpl Ivan H Lampher Army 5th Army Co Korea 1951-1953 • Theodore H Banke Reservist Oakland CA Vietnam 1964-70 • Arthur B Kolbe Army WWI • Elizabeth Kolbe Army Nurse WWI • Elmer Hoernemann Army 42 Rainbow Div WWII Purple Heart • Fred C Baumann Army WWI • Lt Leslie P Baumann Army Air Corp Nav WWII • Sp5 Gary P Baumann Army Signal Corp Vietnam • Verndale F Selchow Airman First Class Korea 1952-56 • Wayne H Selchow Sp/4 Army Korea 1957-59 • G "Jake" Bandermer Nat. Guard Peacetime 1957-62 • PFC Ben Lewandowski Army Korea • Cpl Dennis Kuenzel Army Korea 1951-53 • Sgt Orville Foust Army Arty HQ Korea 1952-54 • Sgt Roger Krienke Air Force Vietnam 1966-70 • Melvin H Kroells Army WWII • Robert Warzyiak Army Korea • SSgt Junior Ostlie Air Force Korea 1952-56 • 1st Sgt Joel Ostlie Army Retired Panama-Gulf 1982-06 • SpC5 Dwaine Zebell Army Co E 682 En Bn Vietnam • PFC Roland Zuehl Army WWII • Anthony M Radtke Sr Pvt Army Infantry WWI • Quintin J Radtke Army WWII • Raymond B Radtke Army WWII • Sgt
Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial · Panel E image. Click for full size.
Photographed By K. Linzmeier, July 16, 2014
6. Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial · Panel E
Francis A Radtke Army Air Force WWII South Pacific • Anthony A Radtke National Guard Engr Peacetime 1953-61 • Norman F Stender Cox Navy WWII 1945-46 • Rollin Fenske Army WWII


Sgt Roland Birkholz "Sonny" Air Force WWII • Orval Birkholz "Bud" Navy WWII • Byron G Workmann SSgt Air Force WWII 1942-45 • 2-GM Gilbert E Rolf USS Indianapolis Navy WWII 1942-45 • Cpt Dr John Klobe Air Force Peacetime 1956-58 • Roland Bruckschen Cpl Army Korea 1953-55 • Sgt Lewis J Heigl Reservist Korea 1954-60 • Jonathan D Schwartz National Guard Iraq 2005-06 • Norman Venske 74th Combat Engr Army Korea • Earl Machemehl 74th Combat Engr Army Korea • Ralph Machemehl Sp4 Army 1956-63 • BM3 Fred Holasek Jr Navy Korea 1948-52 • Alvin Emil Kappes Army Korea • Don W Splettstazer US Marine Corps WWII • Lloyd W B Larson Navy Aviation Cadet WWII 1945-47 • Earl H Dibb Jr 3rd Class Navy CB WWII 1944-46 • Douglass W Dibb US Army WWII 1946-47 • Sgt David D Dibb Air Force Vietnam 1967-72 • A1C Dean A Dibb Air Force Vietnam 1975-76 • SSgt Lyle D Dibb Army 1/10 Cav Vietnam 1965-70 • SPC Kraig W Dibb Nat Guard Army Vietnam 1963-73 • SFC Keith W Dibb Navy-Army Vietnam-Desert Storm • PFC Norwin T Thiel Army WWII • Alvin Albert Lueck Army WWII • Sgt Larry D Kutz Army Vietnam • Sgt Nicholas Fiecke Army National Guard
Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial · Panel F image. Click for full size.
Photographed By K. Linzmeier, July 16, 2014
7. Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial · Panel F
Iraq Freedom • Ronald Baumann Sp5 Army Vietnam 1970-76 • Sgt Charles Parpart Army National Guard Iraq Freedom • T/4 Vernon Parpart Army WWII 1942-45 • Paul Parpart Army WWI France • SP5 John C Parpart Army Vietnam 1966-70 • PFC Melvin Burandt Army Vietnam 1958-61 • Timothy E Burandt Navy Lebanon 1984-04 • Torrance E Burandt Sgt Army Old Guard Wash DC 1991-98 • PFC Larry D Burandt Army Inf Peacetime 1957-59 • Sgt Wes W Lampher Army 249th Spec Ser Europe 1957-59 • SSgt David H Karels Air Force Vietnam 1969-73 • Sgt Edward B Lester Army RCN 744 WWII 1942-45 • Melvin F Artmann Sp3 Army Peacetime 1953-55 • Arnold Klaustermeier Army Cook WWI 1918-19 • Victor Klaustermeier Cpl Army Korea 1951-53 • Allen Klaustermeier Navy Const Seabee's Vietnam 1970-72 • Jacob Klaustermeier Sgt Army Afghanistan 2003-04 • Mark Klaustermeier Army Signal Corp Vietnam 1974-76 • Elton Klaustermeier SFC Army Korea 1953-55 • Donald Klaustermeier Cpl Army Reservist 1954-62 • Duane Klastermeier PNT3 Navy Peacetime 1955-57 • Larry Klastermeier Lt Jg Navy Vietnam 1965-69 • SPC Glen H Templin Army 69th Engr Bn Vietnam 1965-67 • ATR2 Douglas Shrode Navy Vietnam • Sp-5 Roger Jakobitz 747 HQ Main Bn Army Vietnam 1966-72 NG • Karl J Hoernemann Army Air Force WWII


Arthur Schwichtenberg
Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial · Panel G image. Click for full size.
Photographed By K. Linzmeier, July 16, 2014
8. Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial · Panel G
LtJG Navy 1936-40 WWII 1942-45 • Marian Schwichtenberg Ens Navy Nurse Corp WWII 1942-44 • Thomas Schwichtenberg AMH2 Navy Vietnam 1966-70 • Linda Schwichtenberg Cdr Navy Nurse Corp Vietnam-Panama 1969-90 • Jon Schwichtenberg 11th Airborne Korea 1954-56 • Marvin J Tonn Army Korea 1954-55 • Sgt Michael D Tonn Air Force Desert Storm • SSgt Duayne Heimerl Co A 682 Eng ArNG Vietnam 1965-71 • Roland "Red" Miller Army 3rd Inf Div WWII 1944-46 • Tec5 Dennis H Ide Army WWII • Loren E Jilek National Guard 1957-65 • Sgt James D Wilson Marine Corps Vietnam 1965-69 • AG2 James A Molier Navy Peacetime • CPO Peter J Smyth Navy Peacetime 1905-15 • Dr John J Smyth Navy Med Corps WWII 1943-48 • Lt Peter T Smyth Navy Med Corps Vietnam 1973-75 • William A Scrimgeour II Airman Air Force WWII • William A Scrimgeour III Army Vietnam • Richard Scrimgeour Army Vietnam • Sgt Emmert Jenneke Army WWII 1944-46 • RN3 Gary Jenneke Navy Vietnam 1961-64 • Louis R Jenneke Army WWII 1941-46 • Sp4 Joseph Casavant Army Purple Heart Vietnam 1966-67 • Sgt Steven Casavant Army National Guard Peacetime • Sgt Neal Dossett Army Trans Corps WWII 1943-45 • PFC Hillard H Latzke Army HQ Battery 17th WWII 1944-47 • Sgt Luke M Otto 1st Div Marines WWII 1942-45 • LCdr Chris C Otto Navy Vietnam-Gulf 1971-92 • Vernon Kruschke Army WWII • Orland Kruschke Army
Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial image. Click for full size.
Photographed By K. Linzmeier, July 16, 2014
9. Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial
Central Square Park
WWII • QM3 Ardin Kruschke Navy WWII 1944-46 • Marvin Kruschke Army WWII • Ronald Ziemer Navy Vietnam • Byron R Zellmann Tec5 Army WWII Europe • Stanley M Ehrke AZ3 USS Randolph CVS-15 US Navy 1963-65 • ADJ1 Glen Ehrke Sr Navy VF-13 & MNANG 1965-71 & 1980-90 • Cpl Arduin A Rolf Army Korea • YN2 Roger Nawrocki Navy Vietnam • James Daly Army Vietnam • Herbert Hoen Jr Army Vietnam 1965-67 • LtCol Cathy Bergdahl Air Force Gulf War 1989-2010 • Cpl Harlow H West Army 576 Trans Co Korea 1951-53 • PFC Earl A Strey Army 596 Sig Supt Co Korea 1953-54 • MSgt Alton Hovern Army 3rd Inf Div WWII 1941-45 • Cpl Warren Anderson Army 5th Arty Btry Korea 1951-52 • SFC Thomas A Stapel Army National Guard Peacetime 1969-2007 • Loren Ernst Army Korea • Darwin R Leaf Navy Vietnam 1972-75 • William G Berry Army World War I • Vernon Carl Roepke Navy WWII • Sgt Edward Dammann Army National Guard Peacetime 1956-64 • Joseph Friauf Army WWI


Harold Milbrath Navy USS Maine Ship WWI 1918-19 Atlantic • Harry Mibrath Navy USS Maine Ship WWI 1918-19 Atlantic • Roger E Behning Army National Guard Vietnam 1966-72 • Robert J Seemann Navy Air Force Persian Gulf War • LtC Desmond Sveiven Army Korea • August Schroeder Army WWI • Glover Dohman Marines So Pacific WWII
Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial Information image. Click for full size.
Photographed By K. Linzmeier, July 16, 2014
10. Lester Prairie Veterans Memorial Information
In 2009, the Ray Kirkpatric Legion Post #463 of this community, started this Veterans Memorial. Today we have 7 monuments, that contain the names of 349 Veterans that have served our Country.
As a 'Perpetual' program, we continue to take the names of Veterans and active Service Persons serving our Country....
1942-45 • Waldo M Dohman Marines So Pacific WWII 1942-45 • Walter A Mahlstedt SFC Army WWII 1942-45 • Sgt David A Wilmot Marines WWII 1945 Korea 1950-52 • Arthur F Kuhlmann Army WWI • Melinda Burtman Register Army Nurse WWI 1918-19 • SSgt Edwin H Scheer Army Air Corps WWII 1941-45 • PFC Orlando Gebhardt Army Co C 368 Engr WWII 1943-45 • Alexander Gebhardt Cpl Army Korea 1951-54 • Clyde F Kuenzel Navy WWII 1944-46 • 1st Lt Randell Tonn Reserve Chaplain Peacetime 1959-65 • E4 Daryl G Dressler Air Force Vietnam 1967-71 • GM3 Elton G Quast Navy WWII • Cpl Ralph A Wolter Army Cook Korea • PFC Emil Tonn Army Provost Guard WWI 1918-19 • Pvt Herman Kuhlmann Army WWI • Pvt Edward Zastrow 2nd Bn 80 Fld Art Army 1989 • Gloria Jean Westphal SSg E6 Army Reservist 1979-2001 • Sp5 Leonard Zastrow Army Reservist 1965-68 1980-92 • SSgt Arlen Westphal US Air Force 1977-92 Just Cause Panama • Tec5 Mark F Krueger Army Co E 273 Rd Inf WWII 1942-45 • Austin D Maetzold Navy WWII 1943-45 • Robert A Lorence Sr Sgt Co D 1935th Inf Peacetime 1923-25 • Sp6 Robert A Lorence Army HQ 47th Inf Div Peacetime 1957-63 • FN LeRoy D Mueller Navy Korea 1955-57 • Virgil S Fruetel Navy WWII 1943 • Leroy Rattenstetter Army Tank Corps WWI 1918-19 • Spec5 Gene Birkholtz Army Vietnam 1966-69 • Chester E Dammann Navy 1957-59 • Sgt Virgil Kegler Army
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National Guard Peacetime 1956-64 • Sp5 Stephen Rosckes Army Vietnam 1966-69 • PFC Dennis Rolfzen Army Germany 1957-59 • Victor C Ide CM 3rd Class Navy WWII 1945-46 • LtC Eugene R Monroe Army Engineer Corp 1961-1992 • Maj Michael W Hasz US Air Force Desert Storm 1983-95 • Sp4 Daryl D Krienke Army Vietnam 1966-68 • Cherry Llynn Krienke RM3 Navy Vietnam 1967-70 • Pvt Clifford W Beise Army WWI 1917-18 • Ensign Clyde Beise Navy WWII 1942-45 • Spc Larry F Pavlish Army Honor Guard Co Vietnam 1963-66 • MSgt Travis Zellmann Navy Army Grn Beret Bosnia Persian Gulf • Tec4 Vern C Weegman Army Bronze Star WWII 1942-45 • Deane L Conklin Jr TSgt Marine 1st Div WWII 1942-45 • PFC Mary A Conklin USMC Womens Reserve WWII 1944-45 • Travis Maesse National Guard Operation New Dawn • Cpl Andrew Lyrek Marines Infantry Afganistan 2007-11
Erected 2011 by Ray Kirkpatrick American Legion Post #463.
Topics. This memorial is listed in this topic list: Military.
Location. 44° 53.059′ N, 94° 2.506′ W. Marker is in Lester Prairie, Minnesota, in McLeod County. Memorial is at the intersection of Central Avenue (County Highway 109) and Juniper Street South, on the left when traveling west on Central Avenue. Memorial is in Central / Downtown Square Park. Touch for map. Marker is in this post office area: Lester Prairie MN 55354, United States of America. Touch for directions.
Other nearby markers. At least 8 other markers are within 12 miles of this marker, measured as the crow flies. Dakota Rail History in Mayer (approx. 7½ miles away); Silver Lake Auditorium (approx. 7.8 miles away); St Joseph's Church and School (approx. 8.7 miles away); Glencoe Veterans Memorial (approx. 10.3 miles away); Lewis Avenue North Historic District (approx. 11.1 miles away); Watertown Pioneer Days (approx. 11.1 miles away); People & Places in Our History (approx. 11.1 miles away); Early Watertown History (approx. 11.1 miles away).
Also see . . .  LP Legion seeks additional names for veterans memorial. 2013 Herald Journal article. (Submitted on December 16, 2014.) 
Additional keywords. Harry Milbrath
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