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Add a New Marker to the Database (Step 1 of 3)
Guidelines and Suggestions
Adding a Marker is a three step process.
    1. Enter the title and location of the marker (this page)
    2. Enter more information about the marker
    3. Upload photographs
The marker will not be visible in the database until it is published by an editor. They may email you if they have any questions. Check your "My Markers" page for the status of any markers you've added.
Title of Marker Examine your photograph and enter the title exactly as shown on the marker.
Location of Marker Nearest City or Town
State or Province USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia: you may use the official postal abbreviation. For countries without States or Provinces, please provide the postal district, prefecture, county, shire, or whatever you would put on a letter you were mailing to this city or town. If there is none, please repeat the city's name.
Submission Type Anonymous Even if you submit this marker anonymously, you yourself will still be able to see it in your "My Markers" page, but your name will not appear on the public pages.

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