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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Virginia, Lexington, Righteous and Rascals of Rockbridge Historical Markers

These markers are set in pavers on the sidewalk downtown in Lexington.
"Big Foot" Wm. A. Wallace Marker image, Touch for more information
By Devry Becker Jones, August 14, 2021
"Big Foot" Wm. A. Wallace Marker
1Virginia, Lexington — 9 — "Big Foot" Wm. A. Wallace
Legendary Texas ranger. Born Lexington 1817.Map (db m179482) HM
2Virginia, Lexington — 45 — Admiral Richard Byrd
Youngest of his rank 1926 Medal of Honor for polar flight VMI 1904 - 1906Map (db m172899) HM
3Virginia, Lexington — 55 — Alben W. Barkley
KY Congressman 35th V.P. USA died while speaking 1956 W&L mock conventionMap (db m108021) HM
4Virginia, Lexington — 43 — Benjamin Borden, Sr.
Obtained royal land grant 1739 for early settlement of Rockbridge Co.Map (db m172905) HM
5Virginia, Lexington — 44 — Benjamin C. Moomaw — Brethren Minister
Founded Buena Vista industrial city on Maury River 1889Map (db m172909) HM
6Virginia, Lexington — 7 — C.M. Figgat — Cashier / Embezzler
Broke the Bank of Lexington; fled on the C&O west 1895.Map (db m179479) HM
7Virginia, Lexington — 8 — Col. J.T.L. Preston — Lawyer & Professor
Founder of VMI 1839. The "Town Speaker" Lexington 1811-1890.Map (db m179480) HM
8Virginia, Lexington — 48 — Col. James McDowell — VA Governor 1843-46
Sought free schools Congressman Built Col Alto 1827Map (db m172924) HM
9Virginia, Lexington — 53 — Cy Twombly
20th c. artist of international acclaim. Student of P. Daura. Lexington resident.Map (db m179477) HM
10Virginia, Lexington — 35 — Cyrus H. McCormick
Pat. grain reaper 1834 A farming revolution Walnut Grove Farm Raphine, VAMap (db m172877) HM
11Virginia, Lexington — 31 — Dr. Ephraim McDowell
1st non-lethal ovariotomy 1809. Removed 22 lb tumor no anestheticMap (db m172872) HM
12Virginia, Lexington — 3 — Edward Tarr
1st Black landowner west of Blue Ridge. Founding member 1753 Timber Ridge ChurchMap (db m172920) HM
13Virginia, Lexington — 13 — Francis Henney Smith
1st Supt. VMI 1839-89. Mathematician. Rebuilt VMI after Hunter's 1864 raid.Map (db m179487) HM
14Virginia, Lexington — 34 — Frank Padget — Boatman, Slave, Savior
Rescued 49 men from James River Flood of 1854 before drowningMap (db m172875) HM
15Virginia, Lexington — 49 — Gen. "Bull" Paxton CSA
His secessionist view angered Gen. Jackson Given command of the Stonewall Bgd. 1862Map (db m172931) HM
16Virginia, Lexington — 40 — Gen. David Hunter
Formed Carolina 1st African-Am Regiment. Burned VMI in 1864 in Hunter's RaidMap (db m172901) HM
17Virginia, Lexington — 33 — Gen. George S. Patton — "Old Blood and Guts"
1912 Olympian. Cdr. 3rd Army WW2. 3rd generation VMIMap (db m172874) HM
18Virginia, Lexington — 37 — Gen. Jackson CSA — "Stonewall"
Teacher & Gardener Laid to rest in Lexington 1863Map (db m172932) HM
19Virginia, Lexington — 30 — Gen. John Lejeune
1st Marine Cmdr. Army forces 2nd Inf. WWI. Decorated by Fr & US. Superintendent VMIMap (db m172871) HM
20Virginia, Lexington — 12 — Gen. Robert E. Lee — Soldier & Leader
Educator & Gentleman. Pres. Washington Col. Lexington 1865-1870.Map (db m179485) HM
21Virginia, Lexington — 38 — Gen. Samuel Houston
Brought TX in to U.S. Gov. TN, President TX. Opposed secession. Rockbridge Co. nativeMap (db m172883) HM
22Virginia, Lexington — 19 — George C. Marshall — WWII 5-Star General
Marshall Plan 1947. Nobel Peace Prize. VMI 1897 - 1901Map (db m172858) HM
23Virginia, Lexington — 20 — George Washington — Nat. Brdg. Survey 1750
His 1796 gift led to Liberty Hall renamed Washington CollegeMap (db m172864) HM
24Virginia, Lexington — 22 — George Wm. Crump
Congressman 1826-27. Ambassador to Chile. Washington College 1st 'streaker' 1804.Map (db m172855) HM
25Virginia, Lexington — 27 — Harry Lee & Eliza Walker
Harry Lee Walker Af-Am merchant Lex. meat market 20 c Activist wife, Eliza owned Blandome, Lex. Map (db m179493) HM
26Virginia, Lexington — 47 — James Ward Wood
Chief founder Kappa Alpha Order 1865. "…Let us cling to all that is good…"Map (db m172896) HM
27Virginia, Lexington — 11 — John Chavis — Minister, Educator
1st African American student Liberty Hall Academy 1795Map (db m179484) HM
28Virginia, Lexington — 10 — John Letcher — Editor & Congressman
VA. Governor 1860-64. Union burned his home. Lexington 1813-1884.Map (db m179483) HM
29Virginia, Lexington — 51 — John Robinson — "Jockey" John
Gambler/benefactor. Buried on W&L front campus 1826Map (db m172927) HM
30Virginia, Lexington — 29 — Jonathan Daniels
VMI '61, civil rights & Episcopal martyr Took bullet to save Alabama girl in 1965Map (db m172866) HM
31Virginia, Lexington — 6 — Jordan and Darst — Noteworthy Builders
Shaped Lexington's historic district early 1800's.Map (db m179478) HM
32Virginia, Lexington — 23 — Keigh-Tugh-Qua — Chief "Cornstalk"
Shawnee warrior killed by local militia 1777Map (db m172859) HM
33Virginia, Lexington — 28 — Lewis Watts — "The Rhythm Makers"
Armless musician and athlete; lifelong Lexington residentMap (db m172930) HM
34Virginia, Lexington — 36 — Little Sorrel — CSA War Horse
General Jackson's steadfast steed Buried at VMI 1997Map (db m172933) HM
35Virginia, Lexington — 32 — Lt. Gen. L.B. Puller
"Chesty" US Marine given 5 Navy Crosses. Left VMI 1918 "to go where the guns are"Map (db m172873) HM
36Virginia, Lexington — 57 — Margaret J. Preston — Poetess of the South
Wrote "Beechenbrook". Father W&L President. Married VMI founder.Map (db m172914) HM
37Virginia, Lexington — 5 — Mary McD. Greenlee — 1st Woman Settler
Feisty tavern keeper. Regarded as a witch. Died 1809 at 102 yrs.Map (db m172923) HM
38Virginia, Lexington — 50 — Mary Moore Brown
Seized by Indians. Sold into slavery. Married Rev. Brown Brownsburg 1798.Map (db m172926) HM
39Virginia, Lexington — 54 — Matthew F. Maury — "Pathfinder of the Seas"
Physics Chair, VMI 1868 - 1873Map (db m172929) HM
40Virginia, Lexington — 15 — Mel Greenburg
Confidence man. Hoodwinked locals. Lexington 1974.Map (db m179489) HM
41Virginia, Lexington — 17 — Meriwether Lewis — 1774 - 1809
Commander of the Lewis & Clark expedition.Map (db m179491) HM
42Virginia, Lexington — 1 — Michael Miley
Groundbreaking photographer of post-war life in R.E. Lee's RockbridgeMap (db m172919) HM
43Virginia, Lexington — 2 — Mike Seeger
Nominated 6 Grammys. Lost City Ramblers. Musician, Folklorist. Lexington 1981 - 2009Map (db m172921) HM
44Virginia, Lexington — 21 — Moses Jacob Ezekiel — VMI 1st Jewish Cadet
Battle of New Market. Famous sculptor "Va. Mourns Her Dead"Map (db m172856) HM
45Virginia, Lexington — 52 — Pamela H. Simpson — Preservationist, Author & Leader
1st female tenured prof at W&L 1973Map (db m172928) HM
46Virginia, Lexington — 25 — Patsy Cline — Country Music Legend
Lived at Wood's Creek Lexington, 1930's Map (db m172863) HM
47Virginia, Lexington — 39 — Phil "Old Dixie" Nunn — The "Gentle Giant"
Born a slave; sold postcards of self at McCrum's Drugs LexMap (db m172885) HM
48Virginia, Lexington — 24 — Pierre Daura — Modernist Painter
Cercle Et Carr E" 1930. Home and studio in Rockbridge BathsMap (db m172861) HM
49Virginia, Lexington — 41 — Rev. A. Alexander
1772-1851 President Hampden-Sydney Coll. 1st Prof. Princeton Theological SeminaryMap (db m172908) HM
50Virginia, Lexington — 58 — Rev. Lylburn Downing
T.J. Jackson taught his enslaved parents. Native & namesake of Lex Af-Am School 1927Map (db m172915) HM
51Virginia, Lexington — 14 — Rev. William Graham
Est. W&L in Lex. as Liberty Hall Academy. Principal 1774-1976. Buried by Lee Chapel.Map (db m179488) HM
52Virginia, Lexington — Ruth McCulloch — B. 1876
Co-founded Rockbridge Historical Soc. 1939. Started 'Ignorance' & Bl. Rdg. Garden ClubsMap (db m172882) HM
53Virginia, Lexington — 46 — Samuel Zenas Ammen
Practical founder transformed Kappa Alpha Order 1866-67 at Washington CollegeMap (db m172898) HM
54Virginia, Lexington — 57 — Soldier John Grisby
Patriarch of 7 Hills Houses of Rockbridge. 1st buried at Falling Spring Church 1794Map (db m172913) HM
55Virginia, Lexington — 4 — Thomas Jefferson
VA Gov; 3rd US Pres. Buys Natural Bridge 1774: "Most sublime of nature's works"Map (db m172922) HM
56Virginia, Lexington — 26 — Traveller — CSA War Horse
R.E. Lee's companion in war & peace. Buried at W&LMap (db m173860) HM
57Virginia, Lexington — 18 — William Clark
Of the Lewis & Clark expedition; at Shield's Tavern 1809.Map (db m179492) HM
58Virginia, Lexington — 42 — William E. Wilcher
Last man hanged in Lexington, VA, Aug. 3, 1906Map (db m172903) HM
59Virginia, Lexington — 16 — Wm. Nelson Pendleton — Rector Grace Church
Lee's artillery gen. 'Baptised' cannons. Lived in Lex. 1853-83.Map (db m179490) HM
60Virginia, Lexington — 56 — Zachariah Johnston
State Delegate 1785. Promoted religious liberty. Lived at Stone House, Lex.Map (db m172911) HM
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