“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Berlin, Berlin Historical Markers

Aerial view of the Glienicker Bridge image, Touch for more information
By Don Morfe, July 6, 2008
Aerial view of the Glienicker Bridge
Germany, Berlin — "Berliner Mauer"1961-1989
English: Length 43.1 km East-Berlin/West Berlin, 119 km GDR/ West-Berlin Height 3.60 m.

On the 13th of August, 1961 the SED leadership ordered the closure of the border to the sectors of West Berlin. For 28 years this border divided . . . — Map (db m94130) WM

Germany, Berlin — Baudenkmal Berliner Mauer[Berlin Wall Monument]
German Text: … English Text: The Berlin Wall became an international symbol of the division of Germany after the Second World War and also of the Cold War between East and West. The construction of the Berlin Wall began on . . . — Map (db m57785) HM
Germany, Berlin — Baudenkmal Berliner MauerThe Berlin Wall as a Historical Monument
(English text) In July 1990, East German border guards began systematically demolishing the Berlin Wall. The great majority of Berliners were glad to see this much-hated structure disappear from the centre of the city.

Only the initiative of . . . — Map (db m94149) HM WM

Germany, Berlin — Berlin Airlift
Dedicated to the people of Berlin who endured the pain of war, gained hope through the Air-Lift, and experienced the rise and fall of the Berlin wall, culminating in their new found freedom with reunification of East/West Berlin.

And to the . . . — Map (db m94191) HM WM

Germany, Berlin — Charlottenburg PalaceSchloß Charlottenburg
Text in German... Text in English: The baroque Lietzenburg palace completed in 1699 was built by Arnold Nehring as a summer residence for Sophie Charlotte, the wife of Elector Friedrich III. After her death in 1705, the palace was . . . — Map (db m56273) HM
Germany, Berlin — Checkpoint Charlie Site
[Panel 1:] During the time Germany and Berlin were divided by THE WALL, the sign which symbolizes world history was standing here: The victorious powers of World War II and the two Germanies confronted each other here, and the Western powers . . . — Map (db m56213) HM
Germany, Berlin — Glienicker BruckeBerliner Gedenktafel
English translation: The Glienicker Bridge was built between 1904 and 1907 and was destroyed in World War II and reopened in 1949 as Union Bridge. For decades the leaders of East Germany who chose this name fought against unification of . . . — Map (db m94132) WM
Germany, Berlin — Max Planck
In diesem Hause lehrte Max Planck der Entdecker des elementaren Wirkungsquantums h von 1889 — 1928 English translation: In this building Max Planck, discoverer of the elementary quantum of . . . — Map (db m83175) HM
Germany, Berlin — Pariser Platz
English: Pariser Plaz (Paris Square) is one of Berlin’s most distinctive squares and occupies a unique place within the groundplan of the city. Its planning is attributed to Philipp Gerlach (1697-1738), the architect commissioned by . . . — Map (db m56361) HM
Germany, Berlin — Passenger Car of the French Military Train
From 1945 on the Western Powers activated military trains for the link between Berlin and the West Zones. The French, with the route Berlin-Straßburg, possessed the only direct connection to the homeland for which three times a week a military train . . . — Map (db m94196) WM
Germany, Berlin — Remains of the Berlin Wall
(English text) The Berlin Wall was a worldwide symbol for the division of Germany after World War II and for the injustice and inhumanity of the communist system.

Construction began on August 13, 1961, on the orders of the GDR leadership. It . . . — Map (db m94136) HM WM

Germany, Berlin — Soviet War MemorialTiergarten
Вечный славу героев, которые входят в . . . — Map (db m57182) HM
Germany, Berlin — The Legend of Hitler’s BunkerMythos und Geschichtszeugnis »Führerbunker«
English: The Legend of Hitler’s Bunker Some of the greatest legends of our time are intertwined with the so-called Fuehrer’s Bunker. At the same time, this bunker was just one of many in the government quarter around Wilhelmstraße . . . — Map (db m83473) HM
Germany, Berlin — Topography of Terror
The grounds of the “Topography of Terror” were made accessible to the public in 1987 on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the city Berlin. The excavated remains of buildings, the post-war relics and the exhibition . . . — Map (db m94139) WM

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