“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
St Matthews in Calhoun County, South Carolina — The American South (South Atlantic)

“Lest We Forget”

To the memory of The Confederate Soldiers of Calhoun County 61 ~ 65

"Lest We Forget" Marker image. Click for full size.
By Anna Inbody, January 15, 2012
1. "Lest We Forget" Marker
Inscription. Col. A.P. Amaker; J.B. Amaker; Henry Arant; Morgan Arant; Mike Arant; David Arant; Dr. J.C. Arant; Allen Arant; Jas. Arant; Jno Arant; J.H. Arthur; H.M. Assman; W.J. Assman, Sr.; W.J. Assman, Jr.; D.A. Ayers; W.H. Baker; Jacob Bailey; J.J. Bair; J.W. Bair; M.S. Bair; Valentine Bair; Russell Barber; Emanuel Barber; Jno. Barber; O.D. Barber; Jas. Barber; Wm. Barber; W.T. Barsh; Dr. W.T.C. Bates; Dr. L.B. Bates; J.D. Baxter; Capt. W.M. Beckham; D.B. Bookhardt; D.P. Bookhardt; Russell Braddy; E.W. Braddy; Derrill Braddy; Wm. Braddy; Lawrence Bradham; J.M. Brandenburg; T.P. Brandenburg; Lewis Brandenburg; Jno. Brandenburg; W.D. Brandenburg; R.W. Browning; Capers Bull; Irvin Burke; Wm. Burkett; F.J. Buyck; J.W. Buyck; E.J. Buyck; Jack Byrd; W.P. Cain; J.N. Carr; Ed. Carr; W.B. Carr; Madison Carr; Richard Carr; B.J. Carson; D.T. Carson; David Cameron; T.J. Crider; W.B. Crider; Jacob Crider; D.J. Crider; Adam Crider; Geo. Crider; Conrad Crider; J.B. Criderí Thos. Crim; D.W. Crook; J.M. Crosswell; W.D. Cofer; David Culclasure; Rev. N.W. Culclasure; J.J. Culclasure; D.J. Culclasure, Col. O.M. Dantzler; I.P. Dantzler; Ed. Dantzler; C.M. Dantzler; J.A. Dantzler; Dartas Dantzler; Abram Dantzler; Jas. Dantzler; Jno. Dantzler; Dr. J.T. Darby; Dr. A.T. Darby; Dr. C.S. Dantzler; Dr. J.B.Darby; F.R. Darby, Sr.; F.R. Darby, Jr.; I.G. Darby; W.J. Darby;
Calhoun County Courthouse image. Click for full size.
By Anna Inbody, January 15, 2012
2. Calhoun County Courthouse
Marker is in vestibule outside the front door.
Serj. J.K. Davis; Mike Dolin; Rev. G. Dufford; Allen Ezekiel; Aaron Ezekiel; Chas. Furtick; Geo. Furtick; J.B. Furtick; Joe Furtick; J.A. Furtick; Joe Felkel; Jno. Felkel; Boyd Felkel; Ovediah Felkel; Gabriel Felkel; Assolum Felkel; Nicholas Felkel; F.R. Felder; M.W. Felder; S.F. Felder; Capt. Alfred Frederick; W.J. Fralic; W.A. Fogle; D.R. Fogle; N.W. Fogle; W.S. Gaffney; Wm. Gaffney; F.I. Gates; S.W. Gates; W.P. Gates; Jeff Gates; Aaron Gates; J.P. Garick; Dr. R.J. Geiger; N.H. Geiger; J.W. Geiger; R.B. Geiger; W.N. Geiger; J.D. Geiger; R.M. Geiger; R.M. Glaze; Florence Glover; Wm. Glover; J.P. Golson; J.W. Golson; J.D. Golson; O.H. Golson; Jno. Graves; Rev. S.H. Graves; F.G. Haigler; F.M. Haigler; Esau Haigler; Joshua Haigler; Jesse Haigler; Sam Haigler; J.A.M. Haigler; Peter Haigler; N.A. Haigler; Henry Haigler; Breck Haigler; S.S. Haigler; W. Haigler; W.T. Hair; J.K. Hane; W.O. Hane; Jno. Harmon; Jake Harmon; Robt. Harmon; Geo. Hair; David Hair; Jake Hair; Lewis Hair; T.N. Heape; Andrew Heckle; J.N. Hook; Frank Hook; Jas. Hooker; Geo. Hooker; P.M. Houser; Andrew Houser; Madison Houser; Felder Houser; J.D. Houser; David Houck; Robt. Houck; Calvin Houck; Jesse Houck; J.T. Hungerpeler; Lewis Hungerpeler; Swarts Hungerpeler; Sheck Hungerpeler; Jim Hungerpeler; J.J. Hungerpeler; Jno. Humphreys; Wm. Huffman; Andrew Huffman; P.M. Huffman; David Huffman; W.R. Huffman; Jno. Huffman; Thos. Hinton; D.L. Hildebrand; D.N. Hildebrand; Jacob Herlong; N.F. Herlong; Capers Holman; Adam Holman; S.H. Holman; Sam Inabinet; I.J. Irick; J.I. Irick; Robt. Irick; Wm Irick; R.G. Irick; D.A. Irick; J.K. Irick; L.M. Irick; J.F. Jones; L.G. Jones; - - Jocey; Jno. Jackson; J.D. Kaigler; J.A. Kaigler; T.M. Kaigler; Lieut. G. F. Kaigler; J.M. Kaminer; J.W. Kaminer; D.D. Karick; Jake Karick; Emanuel Karick; Artimus Karick; Adam Karick; D.W. Kennerly; D.N. Kennerly; J.R. Kennerly; Capt. Sam Kemmerlin; Shedrack Kemmerlin; S.M. Kemmerlin; W.H. Keller; M.J. Keller; Dr. J.A. Keller; Dr. T.K.K. Keller; W.R. Keller; R.L.A. Keller; J.W. Keller; Col. L.M. Keitt; J.D. Keitt; J.A. Keitt; D.A. Kind; J.A. Laws; W.M. Livingston; Josh Lucas; J.W. Mack; L.G. McCode; Jno. McGrill; Richard McGrill; David McIver; D.A. McIver; R.C. McMicken; Lawrence McKinzie; Ladson McKinzie; Jno. McKinzie; Taylor McKinzie; J.A. Mitchell; J.M. Moss; Frank Moorer; W.N. Muller; Maj. W.G. Murray; J.G. Murph; J.W. Murph; N.H. Murph; T.W. Murph; Jake Myers; Tom Myers; Samíl Oliver; T.W. Oliver; J.P. Ott; W.F. Ott; D.F. Ott; F.A. Ott; Henry Ott; Samíl Ott; Wm. Ott; H.G. Paullino; Wm. Paullino; E.J. Peck; Dr. W.L. Pou; J.S. Pou; J.W. Prickett; J.H. Prickett; D.J. Rast; J.T. Rast; J.L. Rast; Isaac Redmon; Wm. Reeves; Wm. Reese; J.N. Reid; J.V. Reid; Samíl Reid; F.N. Reid; Capt. J.F. Riley; D.B. Riley; D.A. Riley; J.W. Riley; Wm. Rickenbaker; Jake Rickenbaker; Tallapheur Rickenbaker; Harmon Rickenbaker; R.W. Riser; David Ross; Amos Rooks; Amos Roof; F.J. Roof; U.S.L. Rucker; W.A. Rucker; A.D.P. Rucker; Addison Rucker; J.M. Rucker; Henry Rucker; W.J. Rucker; Gerdard Rucker; J.W. Rucker; David Rucker; D.H. Rush; Ben Rush; Jim Rush; Lewis Rush; Fred Rush; Paul Rush; Jacob Searight; A.C. Searight; Henry Sellers; M.H. Sellers; J.W. Sellers; G.D. Sellers; H.J. Seibles; Mack Stabler; H.S. Stabler; D.V. Stabler; Geo. Stabler; Sam Stabler; N.C. Stabler; Jacob Stabler; W.D. Stabler; J.W. Stabler; W.G. Stabler; C.A. Staley; H.N. Staley; Henry Staley; Malcolm Slagle; Jno. Slagle; Tom Stillinger; Frank Stillinger; Albert Shumaker; Marion Shumaker; Morgan Shumaker; Lon Shulnight; Warren Shuler; J.W. Shuler; Thos. Sherlock; Wm. Shirer; Dr. J.M. Shirer; Capt. J.R. Shirer; J.R. Shirer; J.N. Shirer; Henry Shirer; J.D. Stoudmire; D.O. Stoudmire; N.S. Stoudmire; David Stoudmire; Lewis Stoudmire; Jas. Stoudmire; Chas. Strowman; M. Strowman; Wm. Smith; Albert Smith; Ballentine Smith; G.L. Smith; A.M. Snyder; J.P. Spigener; Jno. Spigener; Dr. J.W. Summers; Geo. Smoak; J.R. Smoak; Andrew Smoak; Wesley Smoak; Dr. C.R. Taber; Dr. A.P. Taber; Geo. Tilley; Isaac Tiley; G.O. Tindal;Capt. J.D. Trezevant; Jake Troutman; Dr. Chas. Thomson; Dr. T.S. Thomson; Wm. Thomson; Chas. Thomson; J.B.Thomson; Fred Ulmer; Tom Ulmer; David Ulmer; J.D. Vice; C.P. Vice; Jas. Vice; Capt. F.M. Wannamaker; Dr. W.W. Wannamaker; I.W. Wannamaker; N.E. Wannamaker; J.J. Waltz; A.L. Waltz; J.L. Watt; J.L. Watt; W.R. Watt; G.L. Wactor; J.T. Walsh; Robt. Walling; Joe Walling; Ben Walling; Jas. Walling; Artimus Walling; W.R. Wise; Wm. Wise; D.H. Wise; A.J. Wise; R.G. Wise; J.M. Wise; W.W. Wise; Gerhard Wise; V.P. Wise; C.M. Whetstone; G.W. Whetstone; David Wolfe; D.W. Wolfe; Caliway Wolfe; Richard Wolfe; W.H. Wolfe; Maj. J.C. Wolfe; J.D. Wolfe; J.F. Wolfe; A.H. Wolfe; Martin Wiles; W.W. Wiles; Henry Wiles; L.W. Weeks; Jabe Weeks; Jos. Weeks; Fred Zeigler; Watty Zeigler; H.H. Zeigler; M.C. Zeigler; C.J. Zeigler; Jno. Zeigler; C.F. Zeigler; A.S. Zeigler; K.K. Zeigler; Mall Zeigler; Geo. Zeigler; W.C.L. Zeigler; D.W. Zeigler; Lewis Zeigler; Jacob Zeigler; R.D. Zimmerman; W.C. Zimmerman; Dan Zimmerman; S.W. Mack
Erected 1914 by The St. Matthews Chapter U. D. C. No. 958.
Location. 33° 39.798′ N, 80° 46.741′ W. Marker is in St Matthews, South Carolina, in Calhoun County. Marker can be reached from Railroad Avenue (State Highway 9-48). Touch for map. On the North wall of the Courthouse vestibule just outside the main entrance. Marker is in this post office area: Saint Matthews SC 29135, United States of America.
Other nearby markers. At least 8 other markers are within 8 miles of this marker, measured as the crow flies. Patriots of Calhoun County (here, next to this marker); Calhoun County (within shouting distance of this marker); First Land Granted in Calhoun County Area (approx. 4.6 miles away); Honoring a Pioneer Woman (approx. 4.6 miles away); John Adam Treutlen (approx. 4.7 miles away); Miller Cemetery (approx. 6 miles away); St. Matthew's Lutheran Church (approx. 6.9 miles away); Mount Pleasant Baptist Church (approx. 7.7 miles away). Touch for a list and map of all markers in St Matthews.
Additional comments.
1. Historical Event
The St. Matthews Chapter, U.D.C., under the direction of its president, Mrs. G. V. Cannon, placed this four-foot bronze tablet in 1914 at a cost of $350. Appearing on the plaque are the names of 462 men who served in the Confederate Forces from the part of South Carolina that became Calhoun County in 1908.
    — Submitted January 17, 2012, by Anna Inbody of Columbia, South Carolina.

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