“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
Danville in Vermilion County, Illinois — The American Midwest (Great Lakes)

World War II Memorial

Vermilion County, Illinois

Upper - Center Panel of Marker image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Al Wolf, August 20, 2008
1. Upper - Center Panel of Marker

Upper - Center Panel

Honor and Glory to our Fighting Heroes
Condolence to those who’s loved ones have fallen in battle, and a proud though regrettable chapter in Vermilion County’s History of World War 2.

Lower - Center Panel

Reflections on Victory
No more the vicious mortars wine,
Nor deadly bombs go screaming down;
another river, now, the Rhine,
and Tokyo another town.

The bayonet now safely sheathed
that glinted once at Kasserine;
in Normandy are softly wreathed
shell-shattered trees in garlands green.

The V-2 bombs no longer fly
Nor air raid sirens blast the air.
No Mitsubishis take the sky
and Mars is driven to his lair.

A million Mothers kneel to pray,
a million lights gleam ever bright
to rival dawning of the day
that ends the long and hideous night.

But while the World gives happy voice
to bursting hearts O’erflowing. Yet
give pause awhile as we rejoice,
And soulfully pray. Lest we forget:

A ship once known as Reuben James.
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ammunition and the prayer:
Pearl Harbor, Wake, and other names.
Like Kelly, Wainwright, and O’Hare:

Manila and the March of Death
that crowned Carregidor. Bataan:
the Indies. And the fevered breath
of Burma jungles. And the man

who, when the days were dark,
spoke the words, “I Shall Return !”
Feeding tinder to the spark
that saw all Asia swiftly burn.

Midway, Tarawa, and Guam.
New Guinea and the Bismarck Sea:
Saipan, the Marshalls and the calm
Marines who paid a dreadful fee

For blood-soaked grains of sand.
Whose epitaph was well begun
“The situation is ... in hand !”
To thus eclipse the rising sun.

The sailors who won deathless fame.
Atlantic, Arctic, Solomons.
and helped enscroll each famous name
Like Nimitz, Halsey, and the ones

Who rest in countless ocean graves
far from the soil that gave them birth.
Their Requiem the ceaseless waves
that buffet all the shores of Earth.

The airmen, masters of the blue.
Doolittle, Spaatz - - and Richard Bong,
whose wings reshaped the World anew
with deeds for legend and for song.

The doughfoot slogging through the mud
of France and Luzon, mile on mile,
giving his tears and sweat and blood.
Chronicled by a man named Pyle. .
Lower - Center Panel of Marker image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Al Wolf, August 20, 2008
2. Lower - Center Panel of Marker

Old Glory flies O’er Iwo’s Peak
and floats above each ocean deep.
Eternal Peace. The Nations seek:
Americans ‘Neath Crosses Sleep !’

Bob Wright

September 19, 1945
Names of Vermilion County's fallen heroes of World War II follow on several panels

Outer - Left Panel

- - Column One - -

Homer H. Abbott • David R. Allen • Donald H. Anderson • Robert W. Anderson • Samuel W. Anderson • Herman F. Antonini • Anthone Ark • Jack W. Ashbo • Earl W. Ashcraft • Justin C. Attutis • Frank Baer • Floyd D. Bailey • *Kenneth D. Bailey • Charles Barker, Jr. • Lewis E. Barrick • Paul E. Bartley • William C. Baumgart • Lowell R. Bennett • Peter Bessarab • Mario L. Biava • Arthur W. Birchfield • Clyde J. Blair • Jerome G. Bohland • Billy J. Bradfield • W. Lyman Brandenburg • Wilbur L. Brewer • Russell A. Brown • Glen L. Burner • Alvin G. Burr • William H. Bush • Raymond Butler • Dewey F. Butterworth • William H. Byram • Howard E. Callaway • Frank L. Calvert • Glen Carder • Eugene C. Carlson • Donald Carpenter • Ralph R. Carpenter • Billie E. Carrigan • Charles V. Carter • Harold R. Casner • Leo C. Cebulski • Charles E. Chandler • Walter R. Chandler
*Medal of Honor (Posthumous)

- - Column Two - -
Robert B. Chapman • Donald J. Cheffer • William E. Cherry • Wilbur K. Chester • Glen D. Chew
World War II Memorial Marker image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Al Wolf, August 20, 2008
3. World War II Memorial Marker
Note small plaque in grass to the left of this marker. It is in Memory of Major Kenneth D. Bailey (Congressional Medal of Honor). See link in other nearby markers for more detail.
• Cecil R. Childs • James V. Chittick • George E. Cisco • Joseph E. Clark • William T. Clearwater • John B. Clodfelder • William O. Coe • Orville A. Colby • Francis X. Collignon • Clifford J. Collins • William E. Colvin • George R. Connor • Rufus G. Cook • Stephen W. Cope • Jack T. Corley • Donald G. Cornell • Robert L. Cory • George P. Cosgrove • Ralph W. Cox • Raymond N. Cox • Wilbur G. Cox • R. D. Crawford • Harry Cronkhite • William R. Crooks • George E. Crowder • Harold E. Crowder • Charles N. Cummins • Ben Davis • Paul G. Davis • Owen L. Day • Robert L. Day • Achille Delanois • Harold F. Delanois • Archie Delay, Jr. • Eugene W. Demlow • Jack V. Dengler • Clay Devins • Virgil E. Devoss • Frank H. Dickson • Everett Dietrich

Inner - Left Panel

- - Column One - -

Richard E. Doggett • William J. Dolan • Clarence E. Donaldson • William F. Donnell • Rezin J. Dougherty • Richard D. Dowiatt • Richard I. Downey • Burton Downing • Charles M. Downs • John I. Driver • William J. Dukes • George I. Dyar • Dean P. Edgington • John T. Edwards, Jr. • Walter O. Edwards • William P. Edwards • Robert R. Egnew • Wilbert R. Elder • Clarence J. Elliott • Jack D. Elliott • Eldon E. Emory • John M. Endzelis • Wendell A. Erskine • Ernest M. Falls • Theodore V. Filicsky • Carl W. Fliermans • Herman J. Foehrer • Lowell H. Ford • Donald W. Forein • John H. Foulk • George Fowler • Kenneth D.
Outer - Left Panel of Marker image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Al Wolf, August 20, 2008
4. Outer - Left Panel of Marker
Franklin • Harry C. Fredericks, Jr. • E. O. Friese • George H. Gardner, Jr. • James Geades • Billy J. Gerkin • Thomas Gibson • Eugene E. Gilbreath • Ferris R. Gillen • Charles M. Glaze • Emil C. Golubic • Roger A. Gooch • Donald V. Gooden • Lewis Gray

- - Column Two - -
Ralph E. Gray • William Gray • Russell M. Green • Raymond R. Greene • James L. Griffin • Manfred C. Grimes • Robert D. Griner • Joseph E. Gritton • Mack J. Groner • Lewis E. Grubb, Jr. • Alfred B. Guadagna • Harry C. Guiltner • Gene A. Guthrie • Russell Guthrie • Raymond R. Haas • Wesley C. Hall • William A. Hardesty • Max C. Harry • Roy Hayes • Newton J. Heaton • Everett L. Henderson • John E. Hendrick • Amasa J. Hendricks • Carl C. Hendricks • W. C. Hendrickson • Harvey J. Henry • Robert W. Hess • Ronald W. Hiatt • Marion O. Hickman • Raymond C. Hill • Thurman G. Hill • Clyde D. Hillery • John G. Holstine • Victor E. Howard • Ernest B. Howell • Ernest Hubner • George M. Huckstadt • Kenneth D. Huffman • Robert S. Huffman • Homer G. Hughes • Wilbur Hughes • Robert D. Hunt • Marion Hurst • Gene Huskinsson • Samuel Huskinsson

Inner - Right Panel

- - Column One - -

Gerald D. Ingle • Leslie Irvin • Robert L. Jinkins • Franklyn R. Johnson, Jr. • Harry M. Johnson • Horace A. Johnson • Howard V. Johnson • Robert Johnson • Woodrow C. Johnson • Roger E. M. Jones • Robert K. Jones • Edward
Inner - Left Panel of Marker image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Al Wolf, August 20, 2008
5. Inner - Left Panel of Marker
J. Jonikas • George R. Jordan • Charles Kaneen • Kenneth L. Keller • Henry P. Kerkes • Robert E. Kerns • Maxie E. Kessler • Henry W. Ketzle • Joseph R. Kietzman • Carl H. Kilbury • John V. Klacik • Ralph G. Knight • Joseph Kotcher • Eugene E. Kuehner • Harold L. Lackey • Pete Laitas • Charles A. Lane • Thomas E. Lane, Jr. • Norman H. Larrance • Leroy S. Law • Robert Lawrence • Henry E. Lee • Norwood Lee • Reed A. Lewis • Robert G. Liggett • Donald R. Lucas • Robert E. Lucas • Roy J. Macklin, Jr. • Fred Malo • Howard D. Marshall • Daniel L. Martin • George K. Martin • Ralph A. Martin • Ralph I. Martin

- - Column Two - -
Jerome Mattingly • Donald E. Mattocks • Wayne V. Mauck • Alexander Mazeikas • Leo W. McCoy • Norman R. McDaniel • Donald O. McKee • Richard W. McLain • Harry N. McLaughlin • Ernest L. McNeese • Kenneth W. McVicker • Frank L. Mead • Herbert Menestrina • Daniel H. Metcalf • Leon H. Miller • Julian G. Mitchell • Ernest W. Moore • Mitchell Moore • Ambrose D. Morgan • Herman M. Morris • Paul Morris • Russel Moser • Ralph Mount, Jr. • Herschel Mullins • Frederick E. Murray • Charles E. Nix • Wayne M. Noblitt • William P. Nolan • John Nowling • William H. Offutt • Lambert L. Olson • Perry Lee Olson • Harold R. Oyler, Jr. • Robert L. Palmer • George H. Parrish • Horace Payne • Robert F. Phillips • Eugene Pickett • John H. Pitcock • Amos H. Poland • Harold H. Poland
Inner - Right Panel of Marker image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Al Wolf, August 20, 2008
6. Inner - Right Panel of Marker
• Charles E. Ponder • Robert C. Potter • Louis Poullos • Robert B. Powell

Outer - Right Panel

- - Column One - -

William V. Powell • Robert W. Pribble • Harry D. Proffitt • James L. Pruitt • Fred A. Pugh • Charles W. Quigle • Otis E. Randall • David F. Reagan • Ralph P. Regan • Lawrence E. Reitz • John Revello • Albert C. Reynolds • Francis J. Reynolds • Daniel J. Ribbe • Anthony P. Ringus • Ralph Ritter • Todd Roberts • Carl N. Rogers • Paul W. Rogers • Frank Rojas • Robert J. Rothwell • Charles F. Russell • Frank E. Sallee • Carl V. Schermerhorn • David L. Scott • Harold R. Scott • Ralph J. Seianas • William D. Sells • Charles C. Shaffer • Deloss H. Shambis • Scott J. Shank • Glen D. Sharp • Robert Shea • William Shelato • Harvey M. Shields • William Silverman, Jr. • Orville B. Singleton • Richard M. Small • Harry L. Smith • Milton H. Smith • Freddie T. Snodgrass • Phil Snyder • Robert F. Songer • Russell F. Sprouls • Robert Stamey

- - Column Two - -
Robert G. Stamos • George E. Stark • Harlan F. Steele • Archie L. Stice, Jr. • Curtis L. Stine • William Strainis • William H. Swisher • Richard C. Syers • Alfred B. Talbott • Thomas G. Tate • Max A. Tevebaugh • Eugene F. Tillotson • James O. Thomas • Ralph L. Thomas • Jarrel F. Tuttle • Homer E. Utterback • Charles J. Valesky • Marvin W. Van Dorn • Harry E. Van Tuyle, Jr. • Jack B. Vanzandt
Outer - Right Panel of Marker image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Al Wolf, August 20, 2008
7. Outer - Right Panel of Marker
• Berah T. Vibbeart • Billy C. Virgin • Curtis N. W. Vogt • Charles S. Voyles • William J. Walter • Robert A. Ward • Wilbert C. Waterstredt • William R. Watters • Frank E. Waymire • Preston Weathers • George D. Weaver • Thomas Wiant • Charles E. Williams • Charles E. Williams, Jr. • George Williamson, Jr. • Forrest L. Wimsett • Alfred Wise • Ethan A. Wise • Raymond C. Withers • Lamoine D. Yager • Edward J. Yarusinsky • John C. Youhas • John W. Zander • William E. Zimmerman • Robert Zorns

Dedicated December 7, 1991
(50th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Bombing)
Erected 1991 by Vermilion County.
Topics. This historical marker and memorial is listed in this topic list: War, World II. A significant historical month for this entry is September 2001.
Location. 40° 7.912′ N, 87° 37.733′ W. Marker is in Danville, Illinois, in Vermilion County. Marker is on North Hazel Street south of Cherry Street, on the right when traveling south. Touch for map. Marker is in this post office area: Danville IL 61832, United States of America. Touch for directions.
Other nearby markers. At least 8 other markers are within walking distance of this marker. Workers Memorial (a few steps from this marker); Major Kenneth D. Bailey (within shouting distance of this marker); Vermilion County Korean and Vietnam War Memorial (about 400 feet away, measured in a direct line); Two Trees Reach for Heaven (about 400 feet away);
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Women's War Memorial (approx. 0.2 miles away); American Revolutionary War Memorial (approx. Ό mile away); Lindley Sign Post Forest (approx. Ό mile away); The Temple / Danville USA (approx. 0.4 miles away). Touch for a list and map of all markers in Danville.
Additional commentary.
1. Oda Don Huffman is missing from the WWII inscriptions
Oda Don Huffman (US Navy,WWII)--his name is missing from the World War II memorial. He fought in the South Pacific throughout WWII and was stationed in China after the war (Tsingtao).
    — Submitted August 27, 2012, by Kathleen Huffman Christensen of Baldwin Park, California.
Credits. This page was last revised on June 16, 2016. It was originally submitted on August 22, 2008, by Al Wolf of Veedersburg, Indiana. This page has been viewed 5,387 times since then and 27 times this year. Last updated on August 25, 2008, by Al Wolf of Veedersburg, Indiana. Photos:   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. submitted on August 22, 2008, by Al Wolf of Veedersburg, Indiana. • Craig Swain was the editor who published this page.

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