“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
Lititz in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania — The American Northeast (Mid-Atlantic)

Lititz Wall of Remembrance

In recognition of those who built our community

Lititz Wall of Remembrance image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Devry Becker Jones (CC0), July 7, 2019
1. Lititz Wall of Remembrance
[Left panel:]
Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzedorf

In 1742, Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf of Saxony, the leader and organizer of the modern day Moravian Church, preached at the tavern of Jacob Huber, north of Lititz, while searching for a tract of land in which to establish a religious community. Through Count Zinzendorf's preaching, John George Klein was inspired to turn over his tract of land. The tract consisted of 491 acres that meandered along Carter's Run (today known as the Lititz Run), which became the new settlement.

On June 12, 1756, a letter from Europe addressed to the Moravian Brethren, was received from Count Zinzendorf, in which he named the new settlement Lititz. "Litiz" was the German spelling. The name that was given was in commemoration of the castle of Litice nad Citadelou, located in northeastern Bohemia near the Silesian/Moravia border where the early Moravian Brethren found refuge in 1456.

[Center panel:]
In honor of those from Lititz who paid the supreme sacrifice on the battlefield of freedom.

American Revolution
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- 1783
Abraham Frederick

Civil War
1861- 1865
Pvt. John Bear, Sgt. Jacob Christ, Pvt. Levi G. Deckert, Pvt. William Frymoyer, Pvt. Israel H. Grosh, Pvt. George Kittle, Pvt. David Miller, 1st Sgt. Henry Miller, Pvt. Daniel M. Ressler, Pvt. Martin M. Stark, Pvt. Uria Wallace, Saddler Jacob Young, Pvt. Peter Young, Sgt. Benjamin G. Zentmyer

World War I
1917 - 1918
(American involvement only)
Pvt. Hiram G. Helman, Pvt. George E. Irvin, Pvt. Raymond L. Webber, Sgt. Monroe K. Witmer, Pvt. Elmer C. Wyman

World War II
1941 - 1945
(American involvement only)
Pvt. William H. Dewald, Pfc. Harry Eckenrode, Staff Sgt. Gilbert V. Enck, 2nd Lt. Henry E. Haines, Pfc. Robert E. Kline, Pfc. Richard J. Neidemyer, Staff Sgt. Harry E. Pfautz, Jr., Pvt. Samuel Reichstein, Cpl. Joseph Roth, Sgt. Clyde W. Stauffer, Cpl. Paul R. Studenroth, Tech 4th Grade Edwin M. Walters

Korean War
1950 - 1953
Pvt. Robert Bushong

"If we forget what we did, we won't know who we are."
President Ronald Reagan

1742 - 1749
Hans Jacob Huber - Tavern owner where Count Zinzendorf first preached
Anna B. Klein - Generously provided 491-acre farm for the new settlement
John George Klein - Generously provided 491-acre
Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Devry Becker Jones (CC0), July 7, 2019
2. Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf
farm for the new settlement
Rev. Daniel Neibert - First Moravian minister
Rev. Laurence T. Nyberg - Lutheran minister of St. James Church
Rev. Christian Henry Rauch - Second Moravian minister
Elizabeth Schnell - First educator of girls
Rev. Leonard Schnell - First ordained Moravian minister and educator of boys

1750 - 1759
John Baumgaertner - First child to be born in Lititz
John Bender, Sr. - Built the first sawmill in 1757
Lewis Cassler - Built first private home in new settlement
Hans Christopher Christensen - Engineer who built sawmill and gristmill
Claus Coelln - Master carpenter of most of buildings in new settlement
Nicholas Henry Eberhard - Pfleger of single Brethren
Henry Frey - First miller and master carpenter in new settlement
George Wenzelous Golkowsky - Surveyor who drew 1759 map of Litiz
Anna Maria Haller - Mid-wife who assisted in the birth of 500 children
Henry Haller - Charge of the congregation farm and early transportation
Bishop Mattheas Godfrey Hehl - Theologian, preacher and hymnologist
Dr. John Frederick Otto - First village physician and apothecary shop
Rev. Gottlieb Petzold - Architect of the Single Brothers'
Center panel, 1st plaque image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Devry Becker Jones (CC0), July 7, 2019
3. Center panel, 1st plaque
John Christian Reuter - Assisted in the layout of Litiz Main Street
Philipp Christian G. Reuter - Assisted in laying out the new settlement of Litiz
Barbara Bort Ricksecker - First marriage by the "lot system" in new settlement
Peter Ricksecker - First marriage by the "lot system" in new settlement
Johannes Schweishaupt - First teacher of non-Moravian children
Bishop Nathaniel Seidel - Assisted in laying out the new settlement of Litiz
Bishop Augustus Gottlieb Spangenberg - Guided the development of Litiz
Anna R. Steinman - Boarded settlement builders
Christian Frederick Steinman - Boarded settlement builders
John William Woerner - Bleeder and tooth drawer
Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf - Named new settlement Litiz in 1756

1760 - 1769
Andreas Albrecht - Gunsmith and riflemaker
John Antes - Maker of the viola and other instruments
Elizabeth Burstler - One of first teacher in Single Sisters' House
John Christian Fenstermacher - Operated first general store in Litiz
Albert Glotz - First tobacconist in Litiz
Johann Valentine Grosch - First Chief Sacristan and Steward of the Moravians
Rev. Bernhard A. Grube - First Musical Director
Center panel, 2nd plaque image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Devry Becker Jones (CC0), July 7, 2019
4. Center panel, 2nd plaque
who organized choir and orchestra
Andreas Hoeger - Designed plans for the Litiz Gemeinhaus and Main Street
Andrew Horn - First inn keeper, "Zum Ankler" Inn
Anna Maria Kohn - One of first teachers in Single Sisters' House
Magdalena Meyer - "Pfleger" first overseer of the Single Sisters' House
Jasper Payne - First manager of congregational store
John Henry Rauch - Blacksmith and spurrier, made the first screw auger
Jacob Ricksecker - Village shoemaker
David Tannenberg - Builder of organs and pianos
Rev. David Zeisberger - The Great "Apostle to the Indians"

1770 - 1779
Maria Magdalena Augustine - Superintendent of the Single Sisters' House
Dr. William Brown - Surgeon General who wrote first pharmacopeia while in Litiz
John Christopher - First chairman of the "Aufseher Collegium" and first warden
William Henry - Drew the architectural plans for the Moravian Church
Tobias Hirte - Musician and educator for combined Warwick and Litiz boy
Brother Hopsc - First night watchman
Martha - Mohican Indian who taught in Single Sisters' House
Dr. Adolph Meyer - Litiz physician and surgeon
Mary Penry - "Schreiber" writer of the diaries
Godfrey Roessler
Center panel, 3rd plaque image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Devry Becker Jones (CC0), July 7, 2019
5. Center panel, 3rd plaque
- Educator for combined schooling of Warwick and Litiz boys
Rev. John Jacob Schmick - Assistant pastor who preached to convalescing soldiers
Nicholas Stroh - First innkeeper in the Village of Warwick
Conrad Westhoefer - Appointed "Fremdemdiener" first "Tour Guide" of Litiz

1780 - 1789
Peter Kreiter - Gravedigger and inspector
Henry Van Vleck - Hatter and accomplished musician

1790 - 1799
Bishop Johan Ludwig Herbst - For 20-years cataloged and composed music
Johannes Mueller - Dyer of linen, woolen cloth and yarn
Rev. Abraham Reinke - Warden of married men
Christian Schropp - Nail-smith, teacher, musician and church organist

1800 - 1809
Johann Philip Bachman - Organ builder, cabinetmaker and raised silk worms
Christian Hall - First postmaster
Abraham Levering - Town warden and responsible for corporation of the church
Matthias Tshudy - Weaver who manufactured chip-hats and bonnets

1810 - 1819
John Beck - Founded Academy School for Boys and broke the "lot system"
John Martin Beck - Educator and practiced in medicine
Peter Bricker - First store in Village of Warwick
Center panel, 4th plaque image. Click for full size.
Photographed By Devry Becker Jones (CC0), July 7, 2019
6. Center panel, 4th plaque
- Storekeeper and Pennsylvania State Representative
J. B. Hertzler - Wholesaler in rye whiskey
Jacob Hibshman - Laid out lots for the Village of Warwick
Charles Monteluis - Laid our lots for the Village of Warwick
Christian H. Rauch - Operated a lime kiln in the Village of Warwick
John William Rauch - Baker, confectionary who made first bretzels

1820 - 1829
Bishop Johann C. Bechler - Wrote belowved "Sing Hallelujah - Praise the Lord"
Michael Greider - Built first malting house
George D. Thomas - Shoemaker and Chief Sacristan for 43 years
Jacob B. Tshudy - Owned first non-Moravian store and treasurer of R. & C. Railroad

1830 - 1839
David Brickler - Reclaimed properties for owners in Village of Warwick
John Kreiter - First brewery for beer or malt liquors
Frederic B. Zitzman - Purchased entire track of land of Village of Warwick

1840 - 1849
Francis W. Christ - Organizer of First July 4th candle illumination in 1843
Jacob Greider - Leading shoe dealer
Rev. Eugene Frueauff - Named "Linden Hall Seminary"
William H. Hall - Teacher and painted portraits and signs
Dr. Levi Hull - Village
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of Litiz physician
James Henry Miksch - Tismith, school and church leader
John Rickert - Surveyor, geometrical planned gardens and built "Putz"
Captain John Seaber - Ran daily stagecoach between Litiz and Lancaster
Dr. W. A. Shelly - Physician in Village of Warwick
Lizette Hamm Weitzel - Made candles for the first July 4th illumination
Bishop Peter Wolle - Minister who organized first Moravian Sunday School
Nathaniel S. Wolle - Purchased the congregational store as a private enterprise

1850 - 1859
George R. Barr - Teacher and writer of Litiz history
J. Augustus Beck - Artist and sculptor who carved the lion's head in Lititz Spring Park
Samuel Lichtenthaeler - Owner of Litiz Srpings Hotel and Wabank House

1860 - 1869
Abraham Reinke Beck - Started Beck Family School for Boys
Rev. Julius Theodore Beckler - Founder of Sunnyside College in 1862
George W. Hepp - Teacher who continued the John Beck Academy for Boys
Levi Kemper - Owner of Kemper House and businessman in Village of Warwick
Ferdinand Daniel Rickert - Teacher who continued John Beck Academy for Boys
Edwin S. Sturgis - Built Hotel Sturgis in 1867
Julius F. Sturgis - Founder of the first commercial bretzel bakery in America in 1861
Richard Rush Tshudy - Chairman of the Democratic Party of Lancaster County

1870 - 1879
Rev. Dr. Hermann Brickenstein - Principle of Linden Hall Seminary and Historian
David R. Buch - First class leader, Jerusalem Church of the Evangelical Association
J. Frank Buch - Founder and editor of the Litiz Record
William H. Enck - Furniture dealer and undertaker
Jesse R. Pennebaker - First drum major of the Litiz Cornet Band
Gen. John A. Sutter - Discovered gold and founder of Sacramento, California
Hayden H. Tshudy - Pennsylvania State Representative
John G. Zook - Founder and editor of Sunbeam and the Litiz Express

1880 - 1889
Note: In 1880 the Postmaster General of the United States changed the spelling from Litiz to Lititz
Dr. James C. Brobst - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1889, operated Lititz Sanitarium
John B. Erb - First President of Lititz National Bank
Hiram H. Helman - First Lititz Borough Constable
George L. Hepp - Noted jeweler, optometrist, leader in Moravian Church affairs
Emanuel S. Kauffman - Operated coal, lumberyard, quarry in Village of Warwick
Johnson Miller - Sworn in as first Lititz Burgess in 1888
Peter S. Reist - President, Lititz Plow Company first incorporated business
Dr. John H. Shenk - First President of Lititz Borough Council in 1888
Angelica Miksch Wolle - First president of Woman's Christian Temperance Union

1890 - 1899
William M. Amer - One of the founders of Lititz Power and Electric Company in 1893
Wilson Baum - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1897
Dr. Weidler Bender First Lititz Veterinarian
Frank B. Buch - Made miniaturized Ferris Wheel for 1896 Fourth of July
Henry B. Buch - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1890
William C. Enck - Manufacturer of W.C.E. Cough Drops
Israel G. Erb - Organized the Keystone Underwear Mills
Samuel B. Erb - Organized the Keystone Underwear Mills
Eli L. Garber - Began the Garber-Reist Dairy, later known as Penn Dairies, Inc.
Henry R. Gibbel - Established the Hershey and Gibbel Partnership
Henry "Billy" Greek - Named Lititz Hi-Constable in 1894
C. William Grosh - Grosh's Carriage Works
John W. G. Hershey - Established the Hershey & Gibbel Partnership
Dr. J. Lincoln Hertz - First President of Lititz Fire Company No. 1 in 1894
Elmer E. Kautz - Chief Hose Director of Lititz Fire Company No. 1 in 1894
Albert T. Littch - First Noble Grand, Lititz Lodge No. 1050, I.O.O.F., in 1892
Adam B. Long - Organized the Keystone Underwear Mills
Haydn N. Miksch - Lititz Borough Council President in 1898
C. Walter Miller - Operated first Lititz Water Company
Henry C. Miller - First President of Lititz Y.M.C.A. in 1893
C. Fred Regennas - Candy manufacturer
Dr. Peter J. Roebuck - Physician and donated Lititz Memorial Foutain in 1895
Samuel C. Seaber - Lititz Borough Council President in 1890
Henry H. Snavely - Owned Warwick House and held livestock/household goods sales
Nathan O. Sturgis - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1892
Jacob B. Young - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1894

1900 - 1909
Paul E. Beck - Director of Beck's Concert Band
Elmer Eby - Established Eby's Feed Mill
David M. Graybill - First President of Lititz Springs National Bank
Samuel M. Huber - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1900
John B. Leib - Lititz Borough Council President in 1907
Calvin S. Leoffler - Businessman, teacher and director of "Belshazzar's Feast"
Wayne L. Longenecker - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1901
John Mumma - Lititz Borough Council President in 1905
William H. Muth - Organized first Board of Trade
Lemon S. Neidermyer - Established Lititz Planning Mill
John M. Pfautz - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1906
Jospeh Pierson - Pioneered motion pictures in Lititz
Miles H. Rudy - Built Rudy's Hall
Dr. Martin J. Steiner - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1909
Horace E. Sturgis - Elected first Lititz Fire Chief
Louisa A. Weitzel - Wrote poetry and historian

1910 - 1919
Norman Badorf - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1918 and shoe maker
Dr. Elizabeth Brickler - First female medical doctor in Pennsylvania
Lillie Brubaker - First President of Society of Farm Women in 1917
G. Graybill Diehm - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1918, Lancaster Co. Commissioner
Homer F. Hackman - Co-first Eagle Boy Scout in Lancaster County
Howard F. Hackman - Co-first Eagle Boy Scout in Lancaster County
Rev. Earnest S. Hagen - Formed the first Boy Scout Troop of Lititz
John F. Leisey - Elected Lititz Fire Chief in 1912
John F. Longenecker - Leading Lancaster County automobile dealer
Milford Marks - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1914
Miss Anna K. Miller - Principal, Lititz Public School during building of new school
John M. Miller - Lititz Borough Council President in 1914
Hiram C. Reedy - Established Y.M.C.A. Men's Chorus of Lititz

1920 - 1929
Paul Badorf - First Commander of Lititz America Legion Garden Spot Post No. 56 in 1920
Dr. Herbert H. Beck - Educator and historian
Henry H. Bomberger - Lititz Borough Council President in 1920
J. Clayton Brubaker - Organized First Lititz Community Show Association in 1920
Frank C. Dengate - Organized the First Lititz Community Chest in 1928
August C. Fleckenstein - Owner of Lititz Spring Beverage Company
Maurice E. Fry - Elected Lititz Fire Chief in 1924
William B. Fry - One of the first Pontiac dealers in the United States
Henry B. Gibbel - Partner, Lititz Mutual Insurance Company
Henry C. Hackman - Well known orchestra leader
Rev. Jacob Hershey - General Mgr. of Hershey-Lehman Co. and Mennonite Minister
John G. Hershey - Partner, Lititz Mutual Insurance Company
Owen Hershey, Esq. - Partner, Lititz Mutual Insurance Company
Charles K. Keith - Builder of homes throughout Lititz
Claude E. Marble - First president of Lititz Rotary Club in 1925
Barbara Snyder Musser - Church lay and civic leader, newspaper correspondent
Henry J. Pierson - Lititz Borough Council President in 1924, Pennsylvania State Senator
Arthur Rosenberg - Started Rosey's Lunch Wagon
Elizabeth Stoner - First President of Lititz Fire Company NO. 1 Ladies Auxiliary in 1926
Emory P. Wagner - Elected Lititz Fire CHief in 1921 and in 1924
Harry R. Wertsch - First President of Lititz Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Mahlon H. Yoder - Well known family physician

1930 - 1939
Dr. Harry E. Bender - Nanticoke Indian preservationist
Dr. J. Richard Bender - Local historical preservationist
John C. Breneman - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1930
Herbert K. Cooper, Sr. - Founded Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic
Maurice C. Demmy - Lititz Public School Supervising Principle and community leader
Alfred L. Douple - Lititz Borough Council President in 1936
Elser Gerhart - Owner of Hershey & Lehman Company and community leader
Florence Baker Gibbel - Educator and civic leader
Margaret Hower - Outstanding Home Economics teacher and seamstress
Sara K. "Auntie" Jenkins - First Lititz Community Nurse
John W. Keehn - Publisher and Editor of Progressive Weekly Newspaper
Clarence Kissinger - Famous Lititz photographer during 1930's and 40's
Clarence "Boss" Kreider - Appointed first Lititz CHief of Police in 1932
James F. Maize - First Commander of Lititz V.F.W. Post No. 1463 in 1932
Levi H. Rudy - Lititz Borough Council President in 1932
Harry C. Seldomridge - Community leader, donated Lititz Public School Fountain
Joseph L. Snyder - Lititz Borough Council President in 1934
Paris F. Snyder - Businessman and civic leader
Rev. Dr. F.W. Stengel - Headmaster, Linden hall and started Junior College
E.B. Weber - Lititz Borough Council President in 1930

1940 - 1949
Elmer H. Bomberger - Lititz Borough Council President in 1942
Paul H. Bomberger - Banker and Businessman
Omar K. Bushong - Established the Queen of the Candle Pageant in 1942
Eugene S. Deckert - Educator, coach and Trinity E. C. Church leader
Harry Gorton - Lock and safe business known as "Safe Man"
Floyd F. HAckman - Founder of Lititz Art Association in 1949
Floy Heistand - First President of Lititz Womean's Club in 1940
Mary Augusta Heubener - Lititz historian
Rev. Dr. Byron K. Horne - Historian, Headmaster Linden Hall and civil leader
Dr. Charles A. Landis - Established Lititz Midged Baseball
Robert C. Longenecker - Radio, film and television producer
Benjamin F. Lutz - Civil leader and composer
Abraham R. Miller - Research chemist who invented water proofing compound
Christian H. Nissly - Organized Lititz Salvage Committee during WW II
Samuel H. Nuss - Developer, businessman, civic and political leader
William B. Oehme - Founder of Oehme Bros. Bakery in 1946 and philanthropist
Donald E. Rannels - First Lititz Jaycees President in 1948
Raymond S. Reedy - First Lions Club President in 1941, sworn in as Lititz Mayor in 1974
Harry P. Regennas - Candy manufacture and Boy Scout leader
Menno B. Rohrer, Esq. - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1942 and 1950
Raymond Runk - Elected Lititz Fire Chief in 1943 and in 1957
Bessie E. Searle - Lititz Public School Librarian and preserved Lititz Public Library
Harry J. Sheffy - Early television pioneer
Ralph M. Spaght - Businessman and established the Lititz Recreation Center
Victor Wagner - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1940
Harry R. Way - Sworn in as Lititz Council President in 1946
Joseph B. Wissler - President Judge, Lancaster Court of Common Pleas
William N. Young - Publisher and Editor of Lititz Record-Express and local artist

1950 - 1959
Leroy Bare - Elected Lititz Fire Chief in 1956
Elmer H. Bobst - Chairman of the Board of Warner-Lambert and philanthropist
Paul F. Diehm - Surveyor and Justice of the Peace
Albert S. Ebbert - First President of Lititz P.T.A. in 1951 and Lititz Ambucs in 1954
Hiram M. Eberly - Lititz historian
Selina Cox Eshleman - Lititz poet
Frank S. Ford - Saved Downtown Lititz for restoration
Benjamin G. Forrest - Sworn in as Lititz Burgess in 1951 and named First Mayor in 1961
John R. Helter - Sportsman and columnist "Of Plug and Shell"
J. Lloyd Hess - Lititz Sewer Authority
Lloyd J. Hoffman - Appointed Lititz Chief of Police in 1955
Christian B. Koehler - Lititz Fire Police Captain and volunteer of many organizations
Jacob M. Leed - First president of Lititz Springs Park Board of Trustees in 1956
Paul W. McCloud - Architect of Lititz Landmarks
Warren L. Newcomer - President of Wilbur-Suchard Chocolate Company
Orville Over - First Lititz Borough Manager in 1951
Charlie H. Regennas - U.S. Postman and Boy Scout Leader
Lynn Reidenbaugh Schaffstall - 1956 Lititz Bicentennial Queen
Barton L. Sharp - Boy Scout leader, photographer, sportsman
Lloyd C. Smith - Community leader
Kathryn "Cookie" Steffy - Educator and saved Lititz Public Library
John H. Steffy - President of the Lititz Bicentennial Foundation, Inc.
Russell L. Templeton - Lititz Borough Council President in 1958 and Mayor in 1966
Herbert R. Wagaman - Lancaster County Commissioner
Chester L. Wertsch - Optometrist and civil leader

1960 - 1969
D. Curtis Amidon - Lititz Borough Council President in 1962
Blanch Deperrot - Structured Lititz Historical District and Girl Scout leader
W. Roy Enck - Lititz Borough Council President in 1960
Dr. Arthur S. Griswold - Lititz Mayor in 1962, established first community ambulance
Marvin E. Miller, Sr. - Newspaper reporter/editor, Pennsylvania State Representative
Richard A. Snyder, Esq. - Lawyer, Pennsylvania State Senator
Ammon H. Shelly - Elected Lititz Fire Chief in 1962
Edwin S. Stroble - Lititz barber extraordinar
Edwin S. Stroble - Appointed first policewoman in Lancaster County in 1961

1970 - 1979
William Bell - Organized the Lititz Rotary Club Craft Show in 1968
Dennis J. Craig - In 1975 started campaign to place a crèche at Lititz Memorial Square
Dr. Joseph W. Grosh - Pioneer in sports' medicine
Robert "Ike" Kauffman - Columnist, "Mid the Turmoil"
Henry T. Muth - Lititz historian
Donald C. Stauffer - Lititz Borough Council President in 1978
Albert W. Taft - Local artist
Ruth Bender Todd - First woman Vice President of Lancaster General Hospital
James H. Yerger - Lititz Borough Council President in 1976

1980 - 1989
Lester G. Bingeman - Civic affairs, businessman and Lititz Borough elected official
Clyde W. Tshudy - Lititz Borough Council President in 1986

1990 - 1999
David R. Brumbach - Local artist
Douglas A. Shertzer, Sr. - Appointed Lititz Chief of Police in 1994

Elizabeth Siegrist - Donated land for the Lititz Public Library

[Right panel:]
"Wall of Remembrance"

From the beginning to present day the community of Lititz has been rich in history. The strength of any community lies within the people. As citizens, we all share the belief that we are justly proud of our heritage. May we all reflect on the past, continue with the present, and look to the future.

In commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of the Naming of Lititz, this "Wall of Remembrance" has been dedicated in honor of all who contributed to the development and growth of Lititz.

Dedicated September 17, 2006

Erected 2006 by Lititz 250th Anniversary Executive Committee; Wall of Remembrance Committee; Borough of Lititz; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Community and Economic Development.
Topics and series. This historical marker is listed in these topic lists: Churches & ReligionSettlements & SettlersWar, US CivilWar, US Revolutionary. In addition, it is included in the Former U.S. Presidents: #40 Ronald Reagan series list. A significant historical date for this entry is June 12, 1756.
Location. 40° 9.456′ N, 76° 18.543′ W. Marker is in Lititz, Pennsylvania, in Lancaster County. Marker can be reached from North Broad Street (Route 501) south of West Kleine Lane, on the right when traveling south. Touch for map. Marker is at or near this postal address: 15 North Spruce Street, Lititz PA 17543, United States of America. Touch for directions.
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