“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Greater Walkway Experience, Poughkeepsie, New York
Marker detail: Poughkeepsie waterfront mid-19th century, prior to the railroad bridge image, Touch for more information
Marker detail: Poughkeepsie waterfront mid-19th century, prior to the railroad bridge
1New York (Dutchess County), Poughkeepsie — Poughkeepsie WaterfrontAn economic engine. A renewed source of Pride. — Greater Walkway Experience —
Long before locomotives and automobiles, the Hudson River was like a super highway attracting intrepid explorers, settlers, and businessmen. As such, the area's earliest economic development dotted the lush banks of the waterfront. This is where . . . Map (db m140324) HM
2New York (Dutchess County), Poughkeepsie — City DowntownA Notable Industrial and Civic Center — Greater Walkway Experience —
As "Queen City of the Hudson River Valley," Poughkeepsie has been a beehive of activity since settlers first established riverfront industries here in the early 1700s. Geography helped fuel the transformation from town to city. The Fall Kill Creek . . . Map (db m141937) HM
3New York (Dutchess County), Poughkeepsie — Union Street Historic NeighborhoodCommunity-driven Urban Renewal on a Human Scale — Greater Walkway Experience —
In many ways, the city's oldest neighborhood follows the meandering history of Poughkeepsie itself. Starting as a mere footpath that connected the early hilltop settlement to the Union Store on the riverbank, this major artery was officially . . . Map (db m144740) HM
4New York (Dutchess County), Poughkeepsie — Southside Historic DistrictSentinels to Poughkeepsie's Gilded Age — Greater Walkway Experience —
Standing witness to the city's stature, this manicured mix of distinctive homes recalls the aspirations of the inventors, industrialists, and civic leaders who called Poughkeepsie home over a century ago. Comprised of four national historic . . . Map (db m144741) HM
5New York (Dutchess County), Poughkeepsie — Little ItalyThe Heart of the Old World at the Foot of the Walkway — Greater Walkway Experience —
Vibrant immigrant enclaves steeped in old world values and ethnic food are part of the American landscape. However, the locomotive age made Poughkeepsie’s Little Italy, sprouting in the shadow of a train trestle, truly distinct. The neighborhood’s . . . Map (db m144742) HM
Oct. 18, 2021