“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Trempealeau County Wisconsin Historical Markers

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By K. Linzmeier, May 7, 2014
Veterans Memorial
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Eleva — Veterans Memorial
In Memory of Those Who Served Our Country Donated by Eleva Broiler Festival ClubMap (db m78656) WM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Galesville — 81 — Decorah Peak
The rock-crested hill to the east was named after One-Eyed Decorah, a Winnebago chief who, according to tradition, took refuge in a cave near the peak after being wounded in a Chippewa attack on his village. He remained in hiding throughout the . . . — Map (db m23186) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Galesville — 529 — Downtown Galesville Historic District
First platted in 1854, the commercial district surrounding the public square is still the heart of downtown Galesville. Most buildings date from the 1880s to the early 20th century and feature a two-story brick facade, tall narrow windows and . . . — Map (db m55979) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Galesville — 531 — Gale College Historic District
Founded in 1854, Galesville University (later known as Gale College) was one of the earliest institutions of higher education in Wisconsin and a notable attempt to bring higher education to the newly recognized state. Affiliated with four different . . . — Map (db m66184) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Galesville — Galesville
. . . — Map (db m25830) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Galesville — 543 — Galesville Bridge
The Galesville Bridge was erected in 1925, replacing an earlier bridge that was difficult for automobiles to access. For 86 years, the 1925 bridge carried traffic across Beaver Creek. Constructed by the Guaranty Construction Company of Minneapolis, . . . — Map (db m66182) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Galesville — John F. Cance / Galesville Area Veterans Memorial
Memorial John F. Cance 1870 — 1953 Civic leader and benefactor who provided a permanent charitable trust to the City of Galesville and the surrounding area for education, beautification, and charitable endeavors for the . . . — Map (db m49932) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Galesville — 530 — Ridge Avenue Historic District
The Ridge Avenue Historic District includes a nearly three-block long section of Ridge Avenue featuring a concentration of the most architecturally and historically significant residences in the City of Galesville. The district was developed by . . . — Map (db m43213) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Strum — Strum Veterans Memorial
We salute all the men and women in our armed forces, to those who have served and to those that have given the altimate sacrifice. God bless you and God bless these United States of America. Donated by Glenn & Lue . . . — Map (db m42620) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Trempealeau — 486 — Brady's Bluff
Brady's Bluff was designated a State Natural Area in 1952 to preserve the high quality ecological systems found here. This uncultivated 65 acre remnant is characterized by steep, dry prairies, exposed cliffs, and oak woodland. The bluff, a favorite . . . — Map (db m56007) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Trempealeau — French Post
Probably site occupied by Nicolas Perrot 1685 – 86 Reoccupied by Godefroy de Linctot Remains discovered in 1887 by Judge B.F. Heuston and Georege H. Squier aided by Antoine Grignon Dedicated September 6, 1926 by State . . . — Map (db m23234) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Trempealeau — James Allen Reed / Trempealeau
James Allen Reed 1798 - 1873 First Permanent Settler in Trempealeau County & Founder of Trempealeau James Reed was a man of medium height, with broad shoulders and a large chest. He had light brown hair and grayish blue eyes. He was . . . — Map (db m71940) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Trempealeau — 133 — Perrot's Post
One of the leading early French traders and diplomats among the Indians of the upper Mississippi region was dark and handsome Nicholas Perrot. After building Fort St. Nicholas at Prairie du Chien in the summer of 1685, Perrot moved north and spent . . . — Map (db m23224) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Trempealeau — The Geology of Perrot State Park
Millions of Years Ago [drawing] Millions of years ago, Trempealeau Mountain, the bluffs of Perrot State Park, and the Minnesota upland across the river were all one continuous rock mass. Over time, Cedar Creek, Big Trout Creek, and . . . — Map (db m46673) HM
Wisconsin (Trempealeau County), Trempealeau — 8 — The Mississippi River Parkway:First Project
The first 5-mile-long section of the Great River Road project, or the Mississippi River Parkway as it was originally named, was built near here in 1953 and extend­ed east across the Black River. Eventually, the Great River Road would follow the . . . — Map (db m33948) HM

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