“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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El Morro National Monument
Welcome to El Morro Marker image, Touch for more information
By Cosmos Mariner, May 20, 2016
Welcome to El Morro Marker
1New Mexico (Cibola County), Ramah — Welcome to El MorroEl Morro National Monument
Carved into the soft sandstone cuesta before you is a lingering history of the American Southwest. The names of the celebrated, the infamous, the legendary, and the unknown are immortalized side by side where they would otherwise be separated by . . . Map (db m163198) HM
2New Mexico (Cibola County), Ramah — Visitors Through the AgesEl Morro National Monument
From the early Puebloan people who built their homes atop this rock, to the many explorers and adventurers who carved their names, to modern visitors who travel here looking for the evidence of those who came before, El Morro reflects the history of . . . Map (db m163199) HM
3New Mexico (Cibola County), Ramah — Monumental ChangesEl Morro National Monument
Living and working at El Morro in the early 1900s was an adventure in itself. The duty station was remote, the dirt roads leading in and out were often impassible during wet weather, and a lack of running water or electricity made living conditions . . . Map (db m163200) HM
4New Mexico (Cibola County), Ramah — OasisEl Morro National Monument
Before the days of interstates and automobiles, a journey from Albuquerque to Zuni (about 150 miles) typically took 9 or 10 days. Imagine the relief travelers must have felt when they reached this shady little oasis after walking or riding a horse . . . Map (db m163216) HM
5New Mexico (Cibola County), Ramah — Preserving Our HeritageEl Morro National Monument
The inscriptions and petroglyphs at El Morro are an important link to the past. Although they are very old, they will not be here forever. Sand grains are washed away, rocks crumble and fall, and lichens and clay deposits cover the historic . . . Map (db m163201) HM
6New Mexico (Cibola County), Ramah — AtsinnaEl Morro National Monument
Atsinna, which means where pictures are on the rock, was occupied from roughly 1275 to 1400 by ancestors of today’s Zuni people. Eighteen rooms were excavated in 1954, 1955, and 1961. Today, however, the focus at El Morro has shifted from . . . Map (db m163205) HM
7New Mexico (Cibola County), Ramah — El Morro National Monument Inscription Rock
Until it was by-passed by the railroad in the 1880’s, its waterhole made El Morro an important stop for travelers in the Acoma- Zuni region. Numerous inscriptions carved in the sandstone date from the prehistoric, Spanish, Mexican, and . . . Map (db m14129) HM
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