“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Racine, Wisconsin Historical Markers

1888 Bohemian School House Marker image, Touch for more information
By Paul F, July 28, 2009
1888 Bohemian School House Marker
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — 376 — 1888 Bohemian School House
In 1850, Czech immigrants from Bohemia and Moravia, now regions in the Czech Republic, established a rural settlement between Five Mile and Seven Mile Roads in Caledonia Township. This early settlement known as “Ceska Betlemska” or . . . — Map (db m34224) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — 32nd Division Memorial Highway
Tuscania • Buna • Haute–Alsace • Saidor • Aisne-Marne • Aitape • Oise-Aisne • Driniumor • Morotia • Meuse-Argonne • Leyte • Luzon Detached Units • Africa • Sicily • Italy "Les Terribles" Germany • Japan • Army of . . . — Map (db m38203) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — 32nd 'Red Arrow' Infantry Division MemorialLes Terribles
[Title is text] Dedicated by the City of Racine November 15, 2012 — Map (db m69163) WM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Capstan
The deck capstan (or windlass) was used on 19th Century schooners to raise the anchor or sails, and to load & unload cargo. By the 1880's, some schooners were equipped with a steam-powered donkey engine to speed the work. — Map (db m69199) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Civil War Memorial
. . . — Map (db m68647) HM WM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Civil War Memorial
In memory of Racine's loyal and noble sons who enlisted to defend and perpetuate the union of these United States in the War of 1861-1865 — Map (db m69196) WM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — 392 — Cream Brick Cottages / Cream Brick — (Two Sided Marker) —
Cream Brick Cottages Racine’s rapid and diversified industrial growth after the Civil War attracted a large working population to the city. Desiring their own homes, many workers built modest cottages of similar design in wood or brick. A high . . . — Map (db m34263) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Engine House No. 3
The Building The City of Racine purchased the site in 1869 for $1,000, but deferred the actual construction of a new building for over a decade. After several unsuccessful bids for an engine house, Alderman Lucius Blake convinced the . . . — Map (db m69162) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Fog Horn House
1880: Two wooden buildings 1900: Replaced with brick structure Signal Equipment: Browne 1st Class Auto Compressed Air Siren driven by Hornsby-Akroyd engine Two Copper Trumpets (still in place above doors) Crosby Automatic Time . . . — Map (db m69211) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Fuel House(Also known as the Oil House) — Constructed in 1910 —
Flammable liquids were stored here, away from the Keeper's House which has wood burning stoves. Lamp oil was carried from here to the tower top in five gallon cans. Note the vents on the front and rear walls to carry away flammable fumes. Oil . . . — Map (db m69198) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Gilbert Knapp Park
This memorial is dedicated in memory of Capt Gilbert Knapp who founded Racine, Wisconsin in the year 1834 This memorial is a bequest to the City of Racine by Herman C. Menge — Map (db m69197) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Green Bay Road
Green Bay Road —— Pioneer Road —— Chicago to Green Bay —— Established by the Federal Government 1832 — Map (db m66622) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Jerome Increase Case / Mascot and Trademark
[Front] Jerome Increase Case Inventor, developer and manufacturer of mechanized threshing machines and steam traction engines; business leader, mayor of Racine, state senator; president of Racine County Agricultural Society, founder of . . . — Map (db m69185) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Joe
John M. Anderson, elephant trainer with the Great Wallace Circus Show, died in Racine on June 3, 1898 at the age of 54 when he was killed by his elephant. — Map (db m109266) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Joshua Glover Commemorative Marker
Haymarket Square. On March 10, 1854, the largest crowd that had ever assembled here met to protest the capture of Joshua Glover, a fugitive slave who had lived and worked in Racine for two years. A committee of 100 then took a boat to . . . — Map (db m69183) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Mound CemeteryRacine, Wisconsin
Mound Cemetery derives its name from the fourteen prehistoric Indian mounds found here. On February 3, 1851 this land was purchased by Norman Clark and James Kinzie of the village of Racine, from Joseph Ouilmett the Indian of Wausau, . . . — Map (db m68645) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Pier and Boat Rails
East of the oil house are the remains of a T-shaped pier which jutted into the lake. The "Hyacinth", a Coast Guard tender, would dock there periodically to bring supplies, kerosene, the "library book box" and a welcome visit from . . . — Map (db m69212) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Racine City Hall
The Building In 1929, the Racine Common Council began the process of creating a new City Hall. The council received two design proposals: one from local architect J. Mandor Matson and another from a Chicago firm. The mayor and aldermen . . . — Map (db m69164) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — 112 — Racine County Historical Museum
Erected in 1904 with a Carnegie grant and the efforts of dedicated local people, this Bedford stone structure was Racine’s first specifically designed library building. The architect was John Mauran of St. Louis and the builder was A.H. Harcus of . . . — Map (db m47727) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Racine, Wisconsin
This block of land was known as Market Square when Racine was laid out as a village in 1837. This area was covered with shade trees, was the location of the town pump, and was used by the early settlers as a place to by and sell produce. The . . . — Map (db m69195) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Racine's Underground Railroad Maritime Link
In the mid-1800s, fugitive slaves traveled to Racine, hid in local sanctuaries, and embarked on the maritime connection of the Underground Railroad. Ships of abolition-friendly Great Lakes captains took them to Canadian ports and their freedom. The . . . — Map (db m134929) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — 492 — Soldiers of the American Revolution
Three American Revolution patriots rest in this cemetery. A fourth soldier is also recognized here. Elisha Raymond was born in 1761. In 1776, at age 15, he enlisted in the Rhode Island Militia and completed seven tours of duty. In 1835, he . . . — Map (db m34298) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — 393 — Southside Historic District/ Southside Historic District Parks — (Two Sided) —
Southside Historic District Extending west from Lake Michigan to Park Avenue and south from Eighth Street to DeKoven Avenue, Racine’s Southside Historic District contains one of Wisconsin’s highest concentrations of grand historic houses. . . . — Map (db m34265) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Spanish-American War Memorial
. . . — Map (db m68650) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Surf Boat Rail
This rail was used to carry the surf boat from in front of the oil house to the end of the pier where the surf boat was lowered into the lake by jib hoist. — Map (db m69200) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — 532 — The Blake House / Lucius S. Blake
(side A) The Blake House Italian Villa in style, this cream brick house was built in 1868 for George and Roxilana Bull. Lucius and Caroline Blake purchased the house in 1873 and it remained in the family until 1926. Most . . . — Map (db m47801) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — The Racine HarborLake Michigan Pathway
Racine's Harbor has gone through many transformations since the city's first settlers arrived. In 1836 the Root River entered the lake near the center of today's Gaslight Pointe. While the river channel was as much as 15 feet deep, the entrance . . . — Map (db m69181) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — 72 — The Spark
In 1873 the Rev. Dr. J.W. Carhart of Racine designed and operated the first light self-propelled highway vehicle in the United States, and probably the first in the world. He named it the Spark. It was driven by a two cylinder steam engine, steered . . . — Map (db m34220) HM
Wisconsin (Racine County), Racine — Veterans Memorial
The City of Racine dedicates this flagpole to the veterans of our community who have served with honor in the Armed Forces of the United States of America Veterans Day - November 11, 2000 — Map (db m69160) HM

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