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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Larrys River

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By Steve Stoessel, August 27, 2019
Building the Dykes Painting
1Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — 4 — Acadian Dyke Building Along the Bay of FundyConstruction de digues le long de la Baie de Fundy
The first settlers of Port Royal must have been aware of the extraordinary fertility of the immense salt marshes that surrounded them The height of the wild grasses alone would have been a clear sign of very productive soil. Until the . . . — Map (db m141244) HM
2Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — 9 — Chezzetcook, Tracadie and Havre Boucher
Many of the Acadians who escaped, or survived the Great Upheaval of 1755 to 1763, either died of exposure, or were captured and imprisoned as "Prisoners of War". Makeshift detention centers were often old trading posts such as Fort Edward . . . — Map (db m141399) HM
3Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — Founding Families of the Acadian Communities Along Tor Bay 1797-1900Familles fondatrices Acadiennes dela Région de Tor Baie 1797-1900
This monument is the creation of Raymond Delorey of Larrys River and the idea was conceived by members of "la Société des Acadiens de la Région de Tor Baie” under the direction of its Executive, President, Jude Avery, Vice President, . . . — Map (db m141175) HM
4Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — 1 — French Expeditions Aimed At Settling North AmericaExpéditions françaises destinées à s'établir en Amérique du Nord
In 1603, Henry IV, King of France, granted Pierre Dugas, Sieur de Monts, the right to colonize lands in North America between the 40th and 60th degree north latitude. Along with the right to colonize that extensive region, his company was . . . — Map (db m141181) HM
5Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — 5 — Grand-Pré
Grand Pré (large meadow) settlement began in 1682 when a few families from Port Royal moved there. It is situated near the shores of Minas Basin, an inlet that empties into the Bay of Fundy. By 1707, the population had grown to 580 . . . — Map (db m141256) HM
6Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — Le Parc de nos AncêtresThe Park of Our Ancestors
Welcome to our Commemorative Park! This development is a direct result of a cultural awakening following local festivities in 2004, in conjunction with the World Congress of Acadians, which was celebrated throughout Nova Scotia. Our people . . . — Map (db m141146) HM
7Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — 3 — Samuel de Champlain Meets Captain Savalette On Shores of Tor BayChamplain rencontre le Capitaine Savalette sur les Côtes de Tor Baie
French cartographer and geographer, Samuel de Champlain met Basque fisherman and fishery entrepreneur, Captain Savalette, on the north shores of Tor Bay in 1607. According to authenticated records, Champlain and a group of explorers, . . . — Map (db m141209) HM
8Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — 2 — Settlement of l’Acadie 1604/1605L’établissement de l’Acadie, 1604/1605
Arriving in 1604, the French settlers built a fort on a small island named Ile Ste Croix at the mouth of the Ste. Croix River, which separates present day New Brunswick and Maine. After a disastrous winter, where 35 of the 79 men died of . . . — Map (db m141190) HM
9Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — 10 — Settlement of the Tor Bay Area circa 1797
After many visits to this eastern coastline region of mainland Nova Scotia between the years 1763 and 1797, a determined group of Acadian families from Chezzetcook, who were once again searching for peace and freedom, decided that the . . . — Map (db m141401) HM
10Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — 6 — The Great Upheaval 1755-1763Le grand dérangement
With the founding of Halifax in 1749 as a British naval base, the Acadians became the target of concern and possible displacement. Demands on them to accept and sign an "oath of allegiance” to the British crown were made several . . . — Map (db m141258) HM
11Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — 8 — The ResettlementRétablissement
The Deportation began in 1755 and ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1763. This Treaty not only ended what was perhaps the greatest human atrocity committed in British North America but it also gave Acadians the right to . . . — Map (db m141389) HM
12Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — 7 — The Scattering of a PeopleLa dispersion d’un peuple
Over the next eight years, or until the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1763, the Great Upheaval continued in what has become known as the first act of "ethnic cleansing” in North America. In an ill-conceived and desperate plan . . . — Map (db m141274) HM
13Nova Scotia (Guysborough County), Larrys River — Tor BayFirst Successful Direct Commercial Cable Landing
To commemorate the landing at Tor Bay (Port Faraday) on September 15, 1875, of the first direct commercial cable to successfully transmit messages from England to the mainland of North America — Map (db m138590) HM
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