“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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Historical Markers and War Memorials in Kansas

Bandstand in Humboldt City Square image, Touch for more information
By William Fischer, Jr., September 11, 2011
Bandstand in Humboldt City Square
1 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — 50th Anniversary of Humboldt
Bandstand erected 1907 commemorating 50th Anniversary of Humboldt Plaque presented to City of Humboldt July 4, 1976 "Bicentennial"Map (db m57434) HM
2 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Abel Secrest
Farmer Abel Secrest was shot by Confederates Oct. 14, 1861 after refusing to give up his mules.Map (db m57471) HM
3 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Aunt Polly Crosby's Cabin Site
Aunt Polly Crosby, First Mother of the Church, Poplar Grove Baptist. Site of her cabin.Map (db m57483) HM
4 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Block House Recruiting Station
A Block House was built here, used as a recruting station, part of Log Town.Map (db m57482) HM
5 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Civil War Monument
Dedicated to the Citizens of Humboldt, Kansas, past and present, who believe the strength of a community lies in its faith in God and each other, its integrity, and its commitment to freedom for all. Humboldt, Kansas "A Delightful Place" . . . Map (db m57436) WM
6 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Colonel Irvine
Confederate Col. Irvine invited himself to supper at the Wakefield's, sparing the house from burning.Map (db m57480) HM
7 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Colonel Orlin Thurston
Commanded Allen County Troops Found dying Secrest Saw Mill Owner. State Senator. Founded Newspaper. Abolitionist.Map (db m57472) HM WM
8 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Confederate Soldier
Confederate Soldier was shot here Oct. 14, 1861, as he tried to remove Union flag.Map (db m57465) HM WM
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9 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — George Alexander Sweatt
George A. Sweatt Park is named for Humboldt native, George Sweatt, born December 12, 1893. He graduated from Humboldt High School in 1912. Following military service in World War I, he attended Pittsburg State University from 1920 to 1922. A good . . . Map (db m57489) HM
10 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — German Evangelical Church, 1860
Under the brick veneer is the framework of the original German Evangelical Church, 1860.Map (db m57473) HM
11 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Humboldt Underground Railroad
On the East Bank [of the Neosho River], escaped slaves traveled through caves and tunnels to secret Underground Railroad stations.Map (db m57486) HM
12 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — J. A. Coffey
Founder of Humboldt 1857 and Coffeyville 1869Map (db m57469) HM
13 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Kate Burnett
Kate Burnett saved $25,000 in land warrants by hiding them in tall grass behind Land Office.Map (db m57463) HM
14 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Neosho River Log Town
Among scrub oaks along the Neosho [River], log town housed soldiers of the Kansas 9thMap (db m57466) HM
15 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — O'Brien's Mill
Home Guard quartered at O'Brien's Mill. Confederate soldiers burned the mill.Map (db m57487) HM WM
16 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Rev. D. D. Payne1844 - 1918
First Pastor Poplar Grove Baptist ChurchMap (db m80597) HM
17 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Sad Saga of Vegetarian Creek — .7M South Turn Left —
In Mid-March, 1856, the first emigrants of the Vegetarian Settlement Company set out for the Neosho River Valley in Kansas Territory. Henry S. Clubb promoted Kans. Terr. as a permanent home for believers in Vegetarianism, hydropahty, and . . . Map (db m57499) HM
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18 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Safety Follows WisdomPortland Cement Association Safety Trophy
. . . Map (db m128641) HM
19 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Sophia Fussman
During burning of Humboldt, Sophia Fussman saved valuables on a feather bed thrown down her well.Map (db m57470) HM
20 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Veterans Memorial
Lest we forget those who serveMap (db m57430) WM
21 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Veterans Memorial
Memorial to Veterans of All Wars In Memory of Vicksburg Post No. 72 Grand Army of the Republic 1861 - 1865 Lawton Circle No. 97 Ladies of the G.A.R.Map (db m66605) WM
22 Kansas, Allen County, Humboldt — Walter Johnson Birth Site
On November 6, 1887, Hall of Fame baseball pitcher Walter Perry Johnson was born on this farm site. In 1901, he moved with his family into the town of Humboldt. During a career with the Washington Senators from 1907 to 1927, he became famous for . . . Map (db m57497) HM
23 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — A.W. BeckNovember 10, 1845 - June 18, 1931
A.W. Beck was responsible for the development of the buildings on east Madison from Jefferson to South Avenues (viewed on the other side of this sign). Mr. Beck was an instrumental business leader from 1870 to 1928. He brought many new ideas and . . . Map (db m83701) HM
24 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Andrews Auto Stores
This building was located at the corner of North Street and Jackson Avenue. It was torn down to accommodate the construction of a new City Hall. Although it says Andrews Auto store, it was said that he had everything, if he could find it.Map (db m83602) HM
25 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — 53 — Boyhood Home of General Funston
Frederick Funston, five feet four and slightly built, went from this farm to a life of amazing adventure. Youthful exploring expeditions in this country were followed by two years in the Arctic from which he returned down the Yukon river 1,500 miles . . . Map (db m53285) HM
26 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Cornstalks at Shannon's
This (circa 1900) photo was taken in front of TB Shannon's business. Note the size of the cornstalks.Map (db m83609) HM
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27 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Doctor O.L. Garlinghouse(1870 - 1949)
Dr. O.L. Garlinghouse was believed to be ahead of his time in his medical practice. His office was equipped with x-ray and electrotherapy and was located in the building in the photo on the other side of this sign.Map (db m83549) HM
28 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — East Jackson Street Businesses
[Top photo caption reads] Notice Iola's 1st horse-drawn ambulances and hearse in front of Culbertson's building. The top floor, as well as the west entrance on the bottom was used for Culbertson's mortuary business, and the east side was an art . . . Map (db m83588) HM
29 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — East Jackson Street Businesses
[Top photo caption reads] The YMCA was built in this block in 1907. It featured an indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, and various sporting amenities. The cost of upkeep led to the building being torn down. [Bottom photo . . . Map (db m83599) HM
30 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — East Madison Avenue Businesses
[Top photo caption reads] This picture was taken in the early 50's looking east from the Madison Avenue and South Street intersection. Businesses on the block at that time were Cooksey Drug, JC Penney Co., Hoover Drug, Dr. Philip W. Waugh, . . . Map (db m83699) HM
31 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — EP Brigham05/19/1859 - 08/14/1937
EP Brigham was an entrepreneur in Iola in the late 1800s. He owned various businesses throughout Iola that sold anything from hay, to hardware, to groceries, to china. Brigham started his first business as a fresh butcher where he sold quail that . . . Map (db m83543) HM
32 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Founders of the Iola Public Library
These women were some of the first ladies of Iola. In the 1800s, they established the first Iola Public Library, located on the second floor of the L.L. Northrup Banking House. Pictured front row: Mrs. A.W. Beck, Hazel Bowlus (Tom's sister) . . . Map (db m83612) HM
33 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Fred Horton10/31/1864 - 11/15/1940
At the request of L.L. Northrup, Fred Horton came to Iola to drill the oil and gas wells of Allen County. Horton's office was located in the back of what is now the Allen County Historical Museum at the south end of this block.Map (db m83650) HM
34 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — General Frederick FunstonIn Memory Of
This tablet placed by the Frederick Funston Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Humboldt, Kansas 1928Map (db m94956) WM
35 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — George A. BowlusMay 1, 1841 - July 14, 1908
George A. Bowlus started the Bank of Allen County which was the second bank in Iola, located on this block between South Street and Washington Avenue. George was one of several business men who was instrumental in paying for the trolley tracks that . . . Map (db m83672) HM
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36 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Granny Cowden(1814 - 1896)
Granny Cowden was believed to have been the 1st white woman in Kansas. You can visit her grave in the Civil War section at the Iola Cemetery west of town on Highway 54. You can also find out more about her in the Allen County Historical Museum at . . . Map (db m83584) HM
37 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Intersection of Madison and Washington
[Top photo caption reads] This photo was taken in 1910 when the Ringling Bros. Circus performers and animals paraded around town. At that time, the circus drew a huge crowd. [Bottom photo caption reads] This is the intersection of Madison . . . Map (db m83665) HM
38 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Iola Colborn1/13/1832 - 1/25/1911
Iola Colborn was the wife of Josiah Colborn, one of the founders of Iola. During a town meeting, a nomination was made to name the town after her. Mr. and Mrs. Colborn owned land from the town square to the river. Iola gave birth to the first . . . Map (db m83517) HM
39 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Iola Kiosk
This 1907 picture of the old Iola Kiosk, located on the southeast corner of the courthouse lawn, displayed weather data for many years and was also used as a town bulletin board. The structure contained about 3,300 pounds of cast iron and about 250 . . . Map (db m83716) HM
40 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Iola Police Department
The Iola Kansas Police Department formed in 1880. These are photos of officers from the early 1900s.Map (db m83603) HM
41 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Iola State Bank and Madison Avenue
[Top photo caption reads] Looking west on Madison Avenue, you can see the street trolley cars and the horse and buggies. The architecture of the buildings remains the same 110 years later. [Bottom photo caption reads] The Iola State Bank . . . Map (db m83519) HM
42 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — John Walter Scott8/29/1823 - 1/1/1899
1859 was a monumental year for John Walter Scott. He was elected president of the 1st Iola Town Company, was a county commissioner, and was a member of the legislature. Each of the 60 plus town company members had to make a substantial . . . Map (db m83554) HM
43 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Josiah Colborn02/07/1829 - 06/16/1904
Josiah Colborn was one of the founding fathers and first businessmen of Iola. He was the husband of Iola Colborn, Iola's namesake.Map (db m83596) HM
44 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — L.L. Northrup(1819 - 1896)
L.L. Northrup owned the first Iola bank and a huge lumber company. These businesses encompassed almost the entire block. He was instrumental in getting the railroads and financing the growth of Iola.Map (db m83608) HM
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45 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Madison Avenue and the Allen County Courthouse
[Top photo caption reads] This picture was taken standing in the intersection of South Street & Madison Avenue, looking west. Notice all the different forms of transportation represented in the picture: walking, bicycle, cars, tracks from . . . Map (db m83681) HM
46 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Major General Frederick FunstonSeptember 11, 1865 - February 19, 1917
Frederick Funston was born in Ohio and moved to Kansas with his parents in the spring of 1868 at the age of 2. Nicknamed "Fearless Freddy," he was of slight build - be sure to check out the life size statue in front of the Funston Home and Museum . . . Map (db m83656) HM
47 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — McCook Post No. 51 G.A.R. Civil War Memorial
This memorial in memory of Union soldiers who fell in battle was dedicated on May 31, 1909, and maintained by McCook Post No. 51, G.A.R. In 1998 the statue was refurbished and a new pedestal was erected. On June 2, 2001 this Monument . . . Map (db m34600) WM
48 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Nimrod HankinsMarch 1, 1831 - Feb 22, 1905
Nimrod Hankins came to Cofachique, Allen County's first settlement and county seat, in 1855 when KS was still a territory. Enlisted into Company E the 9th KS Calvary [sic - Cavalry] when the Civil War broke out and rose to the rank of 1st Lieutenant . . . Map (db m83657) HM
49 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — North Jefferson Avenue Businesses
[Top photo caption reads] This building was owned by Dr. O.L. Garlinghouse who had a medical practice on the second floor. Notice the awnings are on the side of the building facing the afternoon sun. Air conditioning was non-existent at this . . . Map (db m83548) HM
50 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — North Jefferson Avenue Businesses
[Top photo caption reads] These buildings were developed after 1910. During this period, there were a number of meat markets throughout Iola. With the lack of refrigeration, people had to buy fresh meat daily. [Bottom photo caption reads] . . . Map (db m83551) HM
51 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Northrup Bank
[Top photo caption reads] On the corner is Northrup's second bank building, which replaced Northrup's Lumber Yard that encompassed most of the block. Fire destroyed the bank in January of 1949. [Bottom photo caption reads] On the east side of . . . Map (db m83606) HM
52 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Northrup Bank and North Washington Street Businesses
[Top photo caption reads] Pictured here is Iola's 1st bank: L.L. Northrup Banking House. It was one of the 1st buildings on the square. The second story housed the 1st Iola Library. [Bottom photo caption reads] An early 1900s view of . . . Map (db m83617) HM
53 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — South Jefferson Avenue Businesses
[Top photo caption reads] East Side Cafe became Harts Lunch by the 1940s and was a local teenage hangout. Both restaurants were a favorite for homemade hamburgers and pies. [Bottom photo caption reads] Originally, this building had a carriage . . . Map (db m83545) HM
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54 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — South Jefferson Avenue Businesses
[Top photo caption reads] This photo was taken looking north on Jefferson Avenue. The building on the corner was the 2nd building for the Allen County Courthouse in Iola. Notice the brick streets. Iola housed numerous brick plants during this . . . Map (db m83715) HM
55 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — South Washington Street Businesses
[Top photo caption reads] This view is looking north on Washington Avenue from Madison Avenue. These buildings are made of stone and wood, as many buildings were prior to the many brick plants of Iola. Notice the wood plank sidewalks. This gave . . . Map (db m83648) HM
56 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — T. B. Shannon General Merchandise
[Top photo caption reads] T.B. Shannon is pictured on the left. He was a very innovative businessman of the times. His first business was a hardware store, which sold merchandise of all kinds. Through the years, his inventory included everything . . . Map (db m83610) HM
57 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Town of Iola
When the town of Iola was organized in January, 1859 Josiah E. Colborn was one of the founders who named the town after Mrs. Colburn whose given name was Iola She and her husband rest here This tablet is . . . Map (db m34607) HM
58 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — Views of Madison Avenue
[Top photo caption reads] This photo was taken in the 1800s of the 2 block area on the south side of the square before the first courthouse was constructed in the center. [Bottom photo caption reads] 1900 photo is taken of a pre-celebration . . . Map (db m83651) HM
59 Kansas, Allen County, Iola — World Wars Memorial
1917 - 1918 The American Legion In memory of those whose final resting place is known to God alone U.S. Army James E. Cook 1944 • Rex L. Johnson 1944 A. W. Redding Jr. 1943 • Joseph H. Wood 1942 U.S. Navy Howard N. Belvoir 1942 . . . Map (db m72039) WM
60 Kansas, Allen County, Moran — Civil War Memorial
In memory of Our Fallen Comrades May 30, 1893Map (db m71279) WM
61 Kansas, Anderson County, Garnett — Anderson County Courthouse
National Register of Historic Places A Bicentennial Gift of Four Winds Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, 1974 ————————— The Anderson County Courthouse 100 Year . . . Map (db m89198) HM
62 Kansas, Anderson County, Garnett — Civil War Memorial
In memory of our soldiers who fought in the Great Rebellion of 1861 and 1865Map (db m72040) WM
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63 Kansas, Anderson County, Garnett — Garnett Caboose
This ATSF caboose was located in a rail yard in East St. Louis, Illinois. It was owned by the Kansas City Southern Lines and was given to the Garnett, Kansas Lions club. The Lions with financial assistance from the Lake Garnett Racing Assn. . . . Map (db m89209) HM
64 Kansas, Anderson County, Garnett — Replica of the Statue of Liberty
Presented to The Citizens of Garnett by Ben and Lena Kay honoring Garnett Boy Scout Troop No. 126 July 4, 1950Map (db m89195) HM
65 Kansas, Anderson County, Garnett — World War Veterans Memorial
In memory of our World War Veterans from Anderson Co.Map (db m89199) WM
66 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — "Grand Village des Canzes"Atchison County Historic Site — Lifeways of the Kanza —
Independence Creek was noted as the main settlement of the Kanza Tribe as far back as 1673. By the time French explorer Etienne Veniard de Bourgmont arrived in 1724 this was considered an old village and the capital of the Kanza nation. This . . . Map (db m52993) HM
67 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — "the water…contains a half…Glass of ooze"
"The water we drink or the Common water of the missourie at this time, contains a half a Comm Wine Glass of ooze or mud to every pint-" William Clark June 21, 1804 The Missouri River of Lewis and Clark's era was wild and unpredictable. It . . . Map (db m44801) HM
68 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — "this day being…the 4th of July"
The U.S. Army expedition led by Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark camped in this vicinity on July 4, 1804. In honor of the nation's 28th birthday, expedition members fired the swivel cannon on the bow of their keelboat once in the morning . . . Map (db m52994) HM
69 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — "walked on Shore above this Creek"
"…Capt. Lewis walked on Shore above this Creek and discovered a high moun from the top of which he had an extensive view, 3 paths Concentering at the moun..." William Clark July 4, 1804
The U.S. Army expedition led . . . Map (db m44812) HM
70 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — 4th of July, 1804 Creek
July 4, 1804 William Clark recorded in his journal that on this date, the Corps of Discovery "Passed a Creek 12 yrs. wide...comeing out of an extensive Prarie reching within 200 yeards of the river, as this Creek has no name, and . . . Map (db m44786) HM
71 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum
Amelia Earhart was born July 24, 1897 in the home of her grandparents, Alfred G. and Amelia Harres Otis. The home was constructed circa 1860. The Birthplace Museum is owned by The Ninety-Nines, Inc. International Organization of Women . . . Map (db m44630) HM
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72 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Amelia Earhart Historic District
Listed on the National Register on Feb. 1, 2002. It reflects the varied architectural tastes of Atchison's early residents. It contains a collection of architecturally significant building types dating from 1860 - 1928.Map (db m44633) HM
73 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Astronauts of the Shuttle Columbia
In honor of these astronauts who perished serving their country in space on the Shuttle Columbia, February 1, 2003 Rick D. Husband, Commander Wiliam C. McCool, Pilot Michael P. Anderson, Mission Specialist David Brown, Mission . . . Map (db m47686) HM
74 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — 11 — Atchison
On July 4, 1804, Lewis and Clark exploring the new Louisiana Purchase, camped near this site. Fifty years later the town was founded by Proslavery men and named for Sen. D. R. Atchison. The Squatter Sovereign, Atchison's first newspaper, was an . . . Map (db m77888) HM
75 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Atchison County Courthouse
On the Register of National Historic PlacesMap (db m44653) HM
76 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Atchison County Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall
On the Register of National Historic PlacesMap (db m44776) HM WM
77 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Atchison County World War I Memorial
Let us hold in grateful memory the Atchison County men who gave all for God, Country and Humanity in the World War 1917-1919 [Roll of Honored Dead] Private Bryan Amend Co. C., 140th Inf., 35th Div. Died at Ft. Sill, Okla., Feb. . . . Map (db m44728) WM
78 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Atchison Post Office
On the Register of National Historic PlacesMap (db m52975) HM
79 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Atchison Veterans Memorial
. . . Map (db m44815) WM
80 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Atchison WWI Factory Supported FreedomAtchison County Historic Site
At this site Atchison Leather Products operated a grease factory that filled a vital need to keep the world free. Before World War I the only factory producing a certain grease needed in munitions production and packing was in Italy. With the war . . . Map (db m44639) HM
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81 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Atchison, KansasBirth Place of Amelia Earhart — July 24, 1897 —
Dedicated May 21, 1982 In memory of A.E. 50th anniversary of her first trans-Atlantic flightMap (db m52974) HM
82 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — B. P. Waggener House
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m52984) HM
83 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Birthplace of the Santa Fe Railway Company
To commemorate the birthplace of The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company in Atchison, Kansas February 11, 1859 From this small beginning - a rail line connecting Atchison and Topeka, Kansas - a great transportation system . . . Map (db m44788) HM
84 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Butterfield's Overland Dispatch
Text on the Front of the marker: (picture of Concord Coach) Butterfield's Overland Dispatch 1865 Text on Reverse of marker: Butterfield's Overland Dispatch Established 1865 by David A. Butterfield . . . Map (db m99332) HM
85 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Founding of the Santa Fe Railway
This marker commemorates the founding of The Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway in Atchison, Kansas September 17, 1860Map (db m44778) HM
86 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Frank Howard House
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m44632) HM
87 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Frank R. Firth
Born in Leicester, Mass. May 25, 1847 Died June 19, 1872 from the effect of a railway accident. Faithful unto death Wisdom is the gray hair unto men and an unspotted life is old age. Erected by the men in the service of the . . . Map (db m77749) HM
88 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Homeland of the Kanza Indians
As early as the 1600s, the Kanza (or Kaw) Indians migrated from their home east of the Mississippi River and up the Missouri River into what is now northeastern Kansas. In the 1700s, the Kanza occupied two villages on the west bank of the Missouri: . . . Map (db m44816) HM
89 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — John Alexander Martin
In memory of a soldier and statesman. John A. Martin Born at Brownsville, Pa. March 10, 1839. Died at Atchison, Kas. Oct. 2, 1889. Colonel of the 8th Kansas Volunteers, and Brevet Brigadier General of U.S. Volunteers. Editor & . . . Map (db m77740) HM WM
90 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Lewis Discovers a High Mound
. . . Map (db m44794) HM
91 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Lincoln Address
To commemorate an address given near this corner by Abraham Lincoln on "The Issues of the Day" the night of December 2, 1859 Erected October 2, 1917Map (db m44652) HM
92 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Lincoln SchoolAtchison County Historic Site
"Put the children together, leave them alone, and they will work it out." Dave Carey, Sr. 1955, on integrating Atchison Public Schools The Lincoln School in Atchison, Kansas began in 1921 as the school for all African-American students . . . Map (db m44691) HM
93 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — 5 — Massasoit HouseCompany and Division Headquarters, Added Station — Sep. 14, 1861 - Nov. 20, 1861 —
On September 14, 1861 the "Central Overland California and Pike's Peak Express Co." who were the original owners and operators of the Pony Express moved their offices from the Patee House in St. Joseph, Missouri to here at the "Massasoit House." It . . . Map (db m44626) HM
94 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — 117 — Mormon GroveThe City that Disappeared
Near here, located in a grove of young hickory trees, was an important rallying point in 1855 and 1856 for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon), then emigrating to the Rocky Mountains. The campground, really a . . . Map (db m55363) HM
95 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Mount Saint Scholastica Monastery
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m77884) HM
96 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Muchnic House
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the InteriorMap (db m52976) HM
97 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — The Bridge Over 4th of July 1804 Creek
This stream was named by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark when they stopped at the present site of Atchison, Kansas on July 4, 1804. The following is an excerpt from Clark's logbook: " this creek has no name, and this being the 4th of . . . Map (db m44784) HM
98 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — The Lewis and Clark Expedition
In 1804-06, Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led about 40 soldiers and boatmen on an epic journey. President Thomas Jefferson commissioned this "Corps of Discovery" to find a route to the Pacific Ocean through the newly acquired . . . Map (db m44807) HM
99 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — Under a large Cottonwood…Atchison County Historic Site
Near this site the Atchison Town Company was formed in early July of 1854 under a large Cottonwood tree on the river. The Lewis and Clark expedition rested and dined on corn July 4, 1804 near this same spot. This new Cottonwood tree dedicated . . . Map (db m44635) HM
100 Kansas, Atchison County, Atchison — USS Arizona Memorial
Dedicated to the 1,177 men who gave their lives on the U.S.S. Arizona and all those who have bravely served the United States of America. Billy Edwin Gibson of Atchison County is entombed in the U.S.S. Arizona. Air raid! Pearl Harbor! . . . Map (db m44640) HM WM

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