“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Moose, Wyoming Historical Markers

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By Bill Coughlin, July 27, 2015
“Mean and Menor” Marker
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — “Mean and Menor”Menor’s Ferry General Store
Store owner Bill Menor, prone to swearing and a surly attitude, ran this general store in the early 1900s. Menor and is brother, Holiday, painted this building with whitewash from Holiday’s lime-kiln. Referring to Bill, Holiday was known to say: . . . — Map (db m88073) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — A Lake Named Jenny
Jenny Leigh, a Shoshone Indian, assisted the 1872 Hayden Survey. The expedition named this lake in her honor. Jenny and her husband Richard were expert guides who knew Jackson Hole well from summers spent hunting, trapping, and gathering native . . . — Map (db m123283) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — A National Park Takes RootMaud Noble Cabin
On July 26, 1923, Maud Noble hosted a landmark meeting in this cabin. Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Horace Albright joined a small group of locals here. They launched a plan that planted the seed for the creation of Grand Teton National . . . — Map (db m88072) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — A Once Vibrant CommunityMormon Row Historic District — Grand Teton National Park
Homesteaders, who settled here near the turn of the 19-century, clustered their farms to share labor and community. As you walk imagine 33 homesteads surrounding a church and school. Structures from six homesteads remain here. Settlement . . . — Map (db m88280) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — A Spiritual Heart in the Park
This rustic Episcopal chapel, constructed in 1925, held the first services on July 26 of that year. Prior to its construction, worshippers traveled 12 miles over rough roads to the town of Jackson. Today, that is just a short car ride away, but in . . . — Map (db m97628) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Capturing Nature in a BoxGrand Teton National Park
Ansel Adams stood here in 1942 and took this photograph of the vast unspoiled beauty of the Snake River and jagged Teton Range. The National Park Service hired Adams in 1941 to capture nature as exemplified by national parks. At the time local . . . — Map (db m88258) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Fire and Ice
Two of the most powerful forces in nature created these unique boulders. Millions of years ago, lava filled with gas bubbles erupted, cooled, and crystallized. Later Ice-Age glaciers carried rocks south from the Yellowstone plateau into today’s . . . — Map (db m88198) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Foundations of a CommunityGrand Teton National Park
Geology shapes the ecosystem. Jagged mountains harbor the alpine community and glacial outwash plains support the sagebrush community. Beginning two million years ago, ice-aged glaciers repeatedly covered this landscape carving valley lakes, . . . — Map (db m88713) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — From Rancher to ConservationistGrand Teton National Park
J. Pierce Cunningham settled here in Jackson Hole in the 1880s despite the hardships of winter. He initially opposed the expansion of Grand Teton National Park but later became an advocate. He teamed up with neighbor Josiah “Si” Ferrin . . . — Map (db m88087) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Geologic DramaGrand Teton National Park
The Teton Range towers over Jackson Hole. Powerful geologic forces began stretching this area less than 10 million years ago cracking the Earth’s crust to form the 40-mile long Teton fault. Movement on this fault generates massive earthquakes up to . . . — Map (db m88711) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Making it LastMenor’s Ferry Smokehouse
Bill Menor cured game and livestock in this smokehouse to keep the meat from spoiling. Before smoking, he salted the meat to preserve it. — Map (db m88079) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Meandering SnakeGrand Teton National Park
The Snake River twists and turns as it flows over 1,000 miles from Yellowstone National Park through Grand Teton National Park and ultimately to the Pacific Ocean. From Jackson Hole the Snake turns west into Idaho and eventually joins the Columbia . . . — Map (db m88237) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Menor’s FerryGrand Teton National Park
Bill Menor recognized this single channel of the Snake River offered an ideal crossing point. This “reaction ferry” design dates back to ancient times, using the river current to propel the boat. The ferry you see here is a replica. < . . . — Map (db m88075) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Moose HabitatGrand Teton National Park
Moose thrive in wetlands abundant with willow, marsh grasses, and aquatic plants. Solitary by nature, some moose stay in this habitat year-round. Others migrate seasonally, traveling into mountain canyons to feed on summer vegetation and return to . . . — Map (db m88297) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Shrinking Teton GlaciersGrand Teton National Park
In the past 40 years the Teton, Teepee, and Middle Teton glaciers on the peaks in front of you have lost 25 percent of their total surface area. Glaciers show us that our climate changes. They serve as icy reservoirs, accumulating snow and ice . . . — Map (db m88088) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Staying CoolMenor’s Ferry Storehouse
Bill Menor safeguarded food here from animals and the elements. Under this storehouse Menor preserved root crops cooled by ice he cut during the winter. — Map (db m88078) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Stephen Tyng MatherJuly 4, 1867 - Jan. 22, 1930
He laid the foundation of the National Park Service, defining and establishing the policies under which its areas shall be developed and conserved, unimpaired for future generations. There will never come an end to the good that he has done. — Map (db m46370) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Tetons Inspiring CreativityGrand Teton National Park
Thomas Moran found the Tetons awe-inspiring even though he, unlike you, was facing the range’s western slope. Moran created a series of watercolor field sketches in 1879 and later used them with William H. Jackson’s photographs to compose large . . . — Map (db m88261) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — The Maud Noble Cabin
      This cabin, erected on its present site in 1917 by Miss Maud Noble, has been preserved and renovated to commemorate a meeting held here on the evening of July 26, 1923, at which Mr. Struthers Burt, Dr. Horace Carncross, Mr. John L. Eynon, . . . — Map (db m87555) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Walk Back in Time
View Bill Menor’s original 1892 homestead along the Snake River. Follow the loop trail and learn about the early days of Jackson Hole. In 1969, the National Register of Historic Places designated this place an historic district. < Sidebar . . . — Map (db m88071) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Walk to the Murie RanchGrand Teton National Park
Enjoy a meandering footpath to the Murie Ranch, a National Historic Landmark. Pick up a trail guide to learn how the Muries changed American history. Walk one mile roundtrip and connect with the forest, meadow and sagebrush communities that . . . — Map (db m88199) HM
Wyoming (Teton County), Moose — Water FilterMenor’s Ferry Well
Around 1895 Bill Menor dug a well here next to the Snake River to filter muddy water during spring runoff. — Map (db m88076) HM

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