“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Manistee County Michigan Historical Markers

Harriet Quimby Childhood Home Marker (Side B) image, Touch for more information
By William Fischer, Jr., August 24, 2016
Harriet Quimby Childhood Home Marker (Side B)
Michigan (Manistee County), Arcadia — S0662 — Harriet Quimby / Childhood Home

(Side A) Harriet Quimby Early aviatrix Harriet Quimby (1875-1912), was inspired to learn to fly when she covered the October 1910 Belmont Park international aviation meet for Leslie's Illustrated Weekly newspaper in New York. She . . . — Map (db m97460) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Arcadia — Restoring Arcadia Marsh and Fish Passage within Bowens Creek

Historic landscape changes within Bowens Creek watershed have severely altered and greatly reduced the quality of its stream and wetland habitats. These impacts are apparent from its unnamed tributaries downstream through Arcadia Marsh to . . . — Map (db m97462) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Arcadia — L2118 — Trinity Lutheran Church

In 1880 many Germans left Milwaukee and settled in Manistee County. Among them was lumberman Henry Starke, who vowed to return to Wisconsin if no Lutheran church could be found. Instead he helped to organize this congregation in 1881, and he . . . — Map (db m97463) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — Explore the Heritage and HistoryExplore the Shores — Manistee County, Michigan: Where Life Meets Water

As early as 10,000 years ago, nomadic people were following the bountiful harvests of fish and game the Manistee River provided. By 500 B.C., natives began settling this land, setting up camps and farming.

The lands were controlled by the . . . — Map (db m97439) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — L0253 — First Congregational Church

Willian Le Baron Jenney, eminent Chicago architect known as the "father of the skyscraper," designed this beautiful Romanesque church. Completed in 1892, it features vibrant stained glass windows, two of which are of Tiffany design. The soaring . . . — Map (db m97363) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — Furniture FactoriesHistoric Manistee, The Victorian Port City

It is a popular misconception that Nineteenth Century lumbermen believed the timber would last forever. In reality the exact opposite was true; every lumberman in Manistee could readily tell you the amount of timber he owned and the year it . . . — Map (db m97433) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — Historic Manistee

(Side A) The Manistee Harbor Pictured is the Manistee Harbor in 1880 with intense activity of pleasure boating, commercial fishing, schooners, steamers and lumber freighters.

The Manistee Water Works 540 First Street The old . . . — Map (db m97438) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — Improving JusticeMichigan Legal Milestone

One lazy summer day in 1911, Manistee residents Herbert Harley and Charles Ruggles discussed reform of the American justice system while floating in a skiff on Lake Michigan near here. That conversation led to the birth of the American . . . — Map (db m97436) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — L1950 — Manistee City Library

In 1885 a group of Manistee Ladies formed the Lakeside Club, whose primary goal was to create a library. In 1902 the club joined forces with the local literary society and successfully campaigned for a public library. The Andrew Carnegie . . . — Map (db m97376) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — Manistee County War Memorial

In memory of those from Manistee County who gave their lives

in the Civil War [Roll of Honored Dead]

in the Spanish American War [Roll of Honored Dead] . . . — Map (db m97377) WM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — L1647 — Manistee Fire Hall
In early October 1888, the Manistee City Council hired Frederick Hollister of Saginaw, the architect of Manistee’s principal school, to design a fire hall to replace the original station, which was constructed in 1872–1873 on Filer Street. . . . — Map (db m1191) HM
Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — L0119 — Our Saviour's Lutheran Church

Organized as a Scandinavian congregation in 1868, Our Saviour's became a Danish church in 1875 and served the American Evangelical Lutheran Synod until 1962. First used for worship in 1869, the building escaped damage in the Fire of 1871 and . . . — Map (db m97378) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — Pere Marquette Line SteamersHistoric Manistee, The Victorian Port City

The last firm to service the Manistee passenger and package freight business was the Pere Marquette Line Steamers. The companies engaged in this business required extensive dockside facilities to service their clientele. These facilities lined . . . — Map (db m97400) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — L0124 — Ramsdell Theatre

Thomas Jefferson Ramsdell—pioneer lawyer, state legislator and civic leader—built this theatre between 1902 and 1903. Many traveling companies played here and praised the features that made it unique among the playhouses of the era. . . . — Map (db m1192) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — The Gardner Building

In the summer of 1878, this building was constructed by John Mee and leased to Clark D. Gardner. The building measures 24 X 50, described following its construction as "without exception the finest of its kind north of Grand Rapids". It was . . . — Map (db m97402) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — The Haley Block

The "Haley Block" was the last of a succession of buildings in this area beginning sometime prior to 1871. These buildings were built and rebuilt to house the Haley Sisters Millinery Shop. Five successive structures burned, the first being . . . — Map (db m97409) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — The Lyman Building

A prominent Manistee jeweler, who's place of business was two doors west at the corner of River and Oak Streets, contracted to have the structure at 427 River Street (the west half of the current building) built in the summer of 1883. . . . — Map (db m97407) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — The Maple Street BridgeHistoric Manistee, The Victorian Port City

For the first 25 years after lumbermen settled in Manistee the river divided the community. People who later became prominent citizens spent their youth ferrying an occasional passenger across the river in canoes. After the Civil War, private . . . — Map (db m97382) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — The Thompson Building

Originally built by John Thompson, the first floor housed the Russell & Ramsdell Hardware Store. The second floor was especially constructed with two large skylights to accomodate [sic] the studio of a photographer by the name of Miller. . . . — Map (db m97404) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — The TunnelHistoric Manistee, The Victorian Port City

For nearly a hundred years a small building stood across the River which looked like a Dutch windmill without a vane. The building was not a windmill at all, but instead the entrance to a utility tunnel which runs under the River. Today the . . . — Map (db m97399) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Manistee — U.S.S. MichiganHistoric Manistee, The Victorian Port City

An 1818 Treaty allows the United States and Canada to each maintain one warship of limited armament on the Great Lakes. For most of a century the U.S.S. MICHIGAN served as the U.S. warship.

The MICHIGAN was built on the frontier in 1843 at . . . — Map (db m97434) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Onekama — Paul P. HarrisService Above Self He Profits Most... Who Serves Best.

Dedicated to the memory of Paul P. Harris Founder of Rotary Feb. 23, 1905 -------------------------- This Park Is Dedicated to the Memory of Paul P. Harris 1868 – 1947 Founder of Rotary International Spent Summers . . . — Map (db m97447) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Onekama — The Portage Lake RegionHistorical Marker

Following the fur traders into this region came a few adventurous lumbermen looking for saw-mill sites. Interested by what he saw in 1840, Joseph Stronach built a dam and water mill on the swift, natural outlet of Portage Lake.

Soon . . . — Map (db m97445) HM

Michigan (Manistee County), Onekama — War Memorial

"Dedicated in memory of those who lost their lives in the service of their country." — Map (db m97443) WM

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