“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”

Simpson County Kentucky Historical Markers

"Bringing in the Sheaves" Mural image, Touch for more information
By Mark Hilton, May 7, 2015
"Bringing in the Sheaves" Mural
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — "Bringing in the Sheaves"1865-1900
Farming was a way of life in days gone by; harvesting wheat with a steam-powered thresher; laborers at work under the hot sun in corn and tobacco fields; rows of tobacco speared on sticks and corn gathered into shocks. — Map (db m83904) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — "Drive-Time"1950-2000
The road to prosperity is lined with signs announcing a boom in manufacturing. Franklin's half century of success in recruiting good-wage factory jobs has mom and dad punching the clock and more people eating out. — Map (db m83900) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — "Duel at Sunrise"1819-1830
Two frontier gentlemen fight a duel with pistols at dawn in a forest glade. In the background is a carriage on the Louisville to Nashville Pike at the Sandford Duncan Inn, a popular stagecoach stop of the day. — Map (db m83909) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — "Frontier Portraits"19th century heroes
Born near here were two famous men. Jim Bowie invented the Bowie knife. He died at the battle of the Alamo in Texas. Alexander Majors was co-founder of the Pony Express and hauled freight all over the West for the U.S. Cavalry. — Map (db m83905) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — "High Noon for a New Century"1900-1925
Surrounding the 1882 Courthouse and its clock tower are Franklin's devious first well; the fire that destroyed an earlier courthouse; the jail and jailer's quarters; portraits of Congressman I.H. Goodnight and his wife, Ella Hoy. — Map (db m83903) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — "Mule Day Afternoon"1925-1950
Mule Day in Franklin was so popular before World War II that it attracted a movie star and a national radio broadcast. Franklin was once the second largest mule market in the U.S. This painting has 120 mules and 230 people. — Map (db m83902) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — "Riding into The Sunset"2000 and beyond
A higher standard of living means more leisure time. Local attractions include the drive-in, Kenny Perry's golf course, and horse racing at Kentucky Downs. Interstate 65 spurs commerce and travel. A tech school bolsters education. — Map (db m83899) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — "School Days, School Days"1940-2000
City and county schools consolidated in the 1940s and integrated in the 1960s. Actress Annie Potts was a cheerleader in the early 1970s. Dr. David Patterson was valedictorian a decade later. School teams have won many championships. — Map (db m83901) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — 562 — "Sue Mundy's" Grave
Marcellus Jerome Clarke enlisted in Confederate Army, 1861, at age 17. Attached to Morgan's Cavalry, 1863. Captured on March 12, 1865, taken to Louisville, hanged three days later, court-martialed as guerrilla "Sue Mundy." His last words: "I believe . . . — Map (db m83303) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — "War Clouds"1860-1864
Confederate guerillas raid an L&N freight train on an April morning in 1864. Nearby is Octagon Hall, an 8-sided brick home built by slaves. Both Rebel and Union troops camped on the grounds. The cupola was used by spies. — Map (db m83908) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — 1271 — Beverly L. Clarke
Born in Virginia, 1809. Came to Simpson County in 1827. Studied law under noted Kentucky lawyer George Robertson. Served in the Kentucky legislature, 1841-42; US Congress, 1847-49. Delegate to Kentucky Constitutional Convention, 1849. US Minister to . . . — Map (db m83319) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — 2132 — Birthplace of T.O. Chisholm / Noted Hymn Writer (1866-1960)
Birthplace of T.O. Chisholm Thomas Obadiah Chisholm, born in log house, Lake Spring community, taught in local school at age 16. Became associate editor of Franklin Favorite; later edited Pentecostal Herald, Louisville. . . . — Map (db m83296) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — Captain Thomas F Mantell, Jr.
Born in Franklin, Ky., 30 June 1922. Graduated Male High School, Louisville. Joined army Air Corps, 16 June 1942. Graduated Flight School, 30 June 1943. During WWII, Mantell assigned to 440th Troop Carrier Group, 96th Troop Carrier Squadron, 9th Air . . . — Map (db m143228) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — 912 — County Named, 1819 / Franklin
County Named, 1819 For Capt. John Simpson, one of the nine officers killed at Battle of River Raisin, Jan. 22, 1813, for whom Ky. counties named. Fought under "Mad Anthony" Wayne, Battle of Fallen Timbers, 1794. Settled in Shelby Co., . . . — Map (db m83318) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — 1369 — Goodnight Memorial Library / Isaac Hershel Goodnight
Goodnight Memorial Library Mrs. Goodnight (1858-1935), wife of I.H. Goodnight, in her will made possible the erection of this municipal building containing library, auditorium, assembly room, museum, kitchen. With aid of federal funds, . . . — Map (db m83301) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial
"But the child's sob in the silence curses deeper than the strong man in his wrath" –Elizabeth Barrett Browning The Cry of the Children ----------------------------- Dedicated to the victims of the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City . . . — Map (db m83291) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — Replica of Stone #38
Replica of Stone #38 set nearly 30 miles east of here during the 1859 Cox/Peoples survey of the KY/TN line. This survey resulted in markers set at 5-mile intervals along the line originally determined by Walker and Smith in 1780. Surveyors from both . . . — Map (db m83290) HM
Kentucky (Simpson County), Franklin — 1850 — Triangular Jog
The Simpson County jog in Kentucky-Tennessee boundary was error of Dr. Thomas Walker's 1780 survey party. Luke Munsell and James Bright resurveyed region fifty years later, but the controversy continued until survey by Austin P. Cox and Benjamin . . . — Map (db m83298) HM

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