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“Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”
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This series of markers follow the walking trail of the Paoli Battlefield.
Site of the Paoli Massacre Marker with Map image, Touch for more information
By Bill Coughlin, November 6, 2008
Site of the Paoli Massacre Marker with Map
1Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Site of the Paoli Massacre20 September 1777
These Memorial Grounds commemorate the engagement in the Revolutionary War known as the Paoli Massacre, an attack by the British Army on American troops, that took place near this spot toward midnight of September 20, 1777. About 150 American . . . — Map (db m13505) HM
2Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Paoli
Front of Monument: Sacred to the memory of the patriots who on this spot fell a sacrifice to British barbarity during the struggle for American Independence on the night of the 20th September 1777. Left Side of Monument: The atrocious . . . — Map (db m13399) HM
3Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Paoli Massacre Monument
(front of monument) Sacred to the memory of the patriots who on this spot fell, a sacrifice to British barbarity during the struggle for American Independence on the night of the 20th September 1777. (left side of monument) The . . . — Map (db m13444) HM
4Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — This Wall
This wall reconstructed in 1964 under the supervision of Raymond S. Cox and J. Gilmore Wilson. The wall contains some stones taken from the old foundations of the Ezekial Bowen log cabin which was standing and occupied by some American officers on . . . — Map (db m16348) HM
5Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Battlefield Site Map
Other local historic sites of interest 1. General Warren Inn (Formerly the Warren Tavern) 2. Waynesborough Restored home of General Wayne 3. Valley Forge National Historical Park 4. St. Peter’s in the Great Valley Episcopal Church 5. Great . . . — Map (db m13623) HM
6Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — The Paoli Battlefield — Placed on the National Register of Historical Places ~ 1997 —
The Battle of Paoli, also called “The Paoli Massacre”, occurred at midnight on September 20-21, 1777. After their defeat at Brandywine on September 11, Washington’s forces retreated toward Philadelphia, regrouped, and returned to Chester . . . — Map (db m62398) HM
7Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — “A Dreadful scene of havock”
In 1782, five years after Paoli, this picture was painted in London for a British officer who participated in the battle. Although the artist, Xavier della Gatta, never saw the Paoli Battlefield, this rare contemporary image of Revolutionary War . . . — Map (db m13507) HM
8Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — “…The most dreadful scene I have ever beheld.”
“The Shrieks, Groans, imprecations, deprecations, The Clashing of Swords and bayonets &c&c&c, was more expressive of Horror than the Thunder of the artillery &e on the Day of action.”Lieutenant Martin Hunter You are now facing . . . — Map (db m13614) HM
9Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Camp Life
While on campaign, the armies tried to keep their baggage to a minimum, and tents required wagons. The British left most of their tents on their ships, so they built shelters called “wigwams” out of brush, leaves, cornstalks, sod, straw, . . . — Map (db m13617) HM
10Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — The Land on Which the Battle of Paoli was Fought
The land on which the Battle of Paoli was fought has been farmland and woodland since the mid-18th century. Ezekiel Bowen, a farmer of Welsh descent, purchased this land in 1764. County records note that he sold it to Richard Mason of Philadelphia . . . — Map (db m13619) HM
11Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — “Remember Paoli!”
Because of a heroic rear guard action, Wayne was able to escape the Battle of Paoli with 1900 men. The survivors of Paoli never forgot the horror of that night. Indeed, it inspired them to fight with a vengeance at the Battle of Germantown, where . . . — Map (db m13621) HM
12Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Rear of the Camp
You are standing at the rear of the camp where the wagons were parked. The steeple of the Baptist Church marks the approximate location of Picket Post #3, which guarded the right flank. Lieutenant Samuel Brady was with Picket #3: “Brady . . . — Map (db m13640) HM
13Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — General Wayne’s EncampmentSept 19-29 1777
“At about 12 o’clock Genl. Wayne came riding along in the rear of the 2nd Brigade Calling out ‘Turn out my Boys, the Lads are Comeing, [we’ll give] them a push with the Bayonet through the Smoak.’ The Troops turned out as quick as Could be . . . — Map (db m13509) HM
14Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — "We bury’d our Dead next day in the field of Battle, All kill’d by the sword and Bayonet."
On the morning after the battle, Colonel Adam Hubley of the 10th Pennsylvania wrote, “I sent my Major [Caleb North] with 4 of our Horsemen on the field who counted our Dead bodys, the enemy’s were taken off…” The two or three . . . — Map (db m13662) HM
15Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — “Remember Paoli!”
During the early 1800’s the cry “Remember Paoli!” stirred the hearts of listeners with personal memories of the harsh realities of war and lost loved ones. There was still an abiding desire to gather together on the anniversary of that . . . — Map (db m13661) HM
16Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — Malvern Memorial Parade
In 1817, nearly 40 years after the Revolutionary War, the first parade commemorating the anniversary of the Paoli Massacre was held. More than 400 volunteer troops participated “in a slow solemn march.” Three years after the Civil War . . . — Map (db m13680) HM
17Pennsylvania (Chester County), Malvern — The Paoli Memorial Association
Since 1896, the 22-acre tract that is the final resting place for the victims of the Paoli Massacre has been under the watchcare and protection of the Paoli Memorial Association. In 1896, a small group of citizens petitioned the Court of Chester . . . — Map (db m13664) HM
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